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Singed Build Guide by Panther84

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Panther84

Singed, The Fresh Prince of Zaun

Panther84 Last updated on June 11, 2013
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Hi Summoners, welcome to my Moba guide named “Singed – The Fresh Prince of Zaun”, showing the way I play Singed and giving you in my opinion one of the best paths to itemize this champion with my “Singed - The Unfollowed build”. So, I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to post any constructive comments and suggestion for me to improve this guide and please before you decide to down vote or post any bad criticism give it a try and I’m sure that will change your opinion.

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Pros / Cons

Singed is a very strong champion and is not easy to counter but as all other champions he has weaknesses.


    1 - Nobody wants to chase you.
    2 - Hard to counter.
    3 - A lot of tankiness.
    4 - Fun to play.

    1 - Was recently nerffed.
    2 - Hard to use against hard CC.
    3 - Early mana hungry.
    4 - Only to damage spells.

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Skill Sequence

Let's take a look on the Singed's arsenal...!!!

Ok, what we can find there is that Singed has only two spells to deal damage Poison Trail and Fling, the slow from Mega Adhesive deals no damage at all and Insanity Potion is basically a mega buff providing a lot of stats to Singed.

Now after we have clear the tools Singed has to kill someone we can decide how to level them.

You will find below a brief description of each ability and how to level them up.

Empowered Bulwark: This passive is awesome in a tank champion as Singed. The way it works is that you will receive a 25% of your total mana as a bonus health.
If you get Seraph's Embrace it will gives you 1,000 mana to your mana pool so, Empowered Bulwark will transform the 25% of that mana into a bonus health giving you 250 HP more.

Poison Trail: This is one of the reasons why you must not to chase Singed. This is a Toggle ability what means that it will remain active if you don't cast it again to stop it. Once you activate this ability you poison will be going out poisoning all the way you walk through and it will take 13 of your mana each second until you decide to stop it.

I recommend to put a point on this spell at level 1 to farm easily and reach level 2 in just a few seconds and then max it first at level 9.

Mega Adhesive: This is the best slow spell in the game, it will take the 75% of the movement of any enemy unit walking through it. As long an enemy unit stays inside the AoE of Mega Adhesive they will receive the debuff of it and they will keep it for 1 more second after they leave it.

Even if we know now that this is the best slow in the whole game I recommend to put a point on it at level 3 and max it at last.

Fling: Have you ever thought how could be to fling a big Cho'Gath away even with his great size..???...well Singed can do it..!!!!. This spell in particular is the only spell that deals massive magic damage, it makes Singed quite annoying because it helps you to scape or just to put someone back into your poison.

I recommend to put a point on it at level 2. You have to max it second.

Insanity Potion: I think that a lot of Summoners would like to have this spell on the arsenal of their carries of bruisers. This ability was recently nerffed by Riot. The way they did it is that they removed the section of this spell that said: Singed gains 40% of CC (Crowd Control) reduction.
In my opinion this wasn't needed but any way that's the reason why you saw the Spirit of the Ancient Golem as a core item on this guide.

For 25 seconds you will receive a mega buff with a lot of good stats:
60 - AP
60 - Armor
60 - Magic Resist
60 - Movement Speed
60 - Health Regeneration per 5
60 - Mana Regeneration per 5.
Awesome, doesn't it...????
You have to max this ability every time you have the chance to do it.

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Summoner Spells

Well, in this section of the guide I will explain why I choose Ghost and Teleport as the Summoner Spells for Singed.


One of the things that have always characterized Singed is the way he runs away to being chase, this allows you to use your Poison Trail better leaving it behind you or to surround your enemies with it. If Singed can be stop or reached he can non be that strong as you need.

This Summoner Spell provides an amazing lane and gank potential, the way you use it is the way you skill will shine in the lanning phase or in team fights or supporting a lane ganking it.

Other Good Options


This is always an amazing summoner spell with a lot of versatility and utility use. You can pick it if you feel better going through walls instead of being running.


As I wrote before with the Ghost, the capabilities to run away or chase someone with Singed are very important, so this is a good pick as well.

Ignite and Exhaust:

Nice options, just keep in mind how hard can they impact your early, mid and late game to secure kills or scape from a gank.

Always try to get the summoner spells that make you feel comfortable and the ones that can change the fights back under your control.

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As all other initial stats on a champion the runes are very important since the beginning till the end of the game.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power:Ability power since the beginning of the game is a great tool, your Poison Trail and your Fling will do extra damage without AP items.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed:Those two Quintessence will provide and increase amount of movement to our Singed allowing you to have extra movement since the beginning and super movement speed in mid and late game.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration:
Standard Marks for an AP champion, but in the Singed case you can also take Greater Mark of Mana allowing you to spam your spells more often on the early game and with the Passive Empowered Bulwark you will get extra health.

Greater Seal of Armor:
Standard Seals in almost all champions for the extra armor at the beginning of the game and for Singed this is not an exception.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist:
I decided to take scaling glyphs but always flat Greater Glyph of Magic Resist are very good options.

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We all know that Runes and Masteries are very important since the beginning of the game until it ends.
I decide that combination of masteries on Singed because he is a natural tank and because the Season 3 new masteries on Defense are awesome. I will describe a bit the most important masteries for Singed after the Insanity Potion nerff.

Relentless : The CC reduction is not a part of the mega buff on the Singed's Ulti so the slows reduction is needed.

Tenacious : As Relentless this mastery is needed now for Singed the 15% of CC reduction will proc with the Tenacity on Spirit of the Ancient Golem giving you a total of 50% of CC reduction.
Expanded Mind : You will get 180 mana at level 18 so, it becomes in a bonus health because of the Singed's passive Empowered Bulwark and will give you extra mana on early game.

You can always go 9/21/0 for the AP section on the offensive tree but is up to you.

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This part of the guide will help you to understand the reasons why I decided to take those items on my bulild.

1x - Mana Potion
1x - Crystalline Flask
2x - Health Potions

This will give you a great sustained Singed in the laning phase, the passive of the Crystalline Flask will allows you to stay in lane more time. You can get a Sight Ward instead of the two Health Potions to prevent dying in a well-played gank.

1st. Time Shop
1x - Tear of the Goddess
1x - Boots of Speed
2x - Sight Ward
The passive of Tear of the Goddess will stacks if you keep your Poison Trail active so once you get it feel free to keep your Poison Trail active when you're recalling and when you are at the fountain. Boots of Speed are definitely needed to do not being reach when someone is chasing you. And finally two Sight Wards to avoid ganks.

2nd. Time Shop
1x - Boots of Mobility
1x - Catalyst the Protector
2x - Sight Ward
Those boots are designed to give you an increased movement speed when you are out of combat so basically if you are Singed you will be always running in and out of combat, so if someone is chasing you basically you will be out of combat so because the passive of the Boots of Mobility they will deist because they won't be able to reach you. Catalyst the Protector provides an incredible sustain because it's passive from that point your mana is no longer an issue and you can almost keep your Poison Trail active all the time.

Mid-Game Shopping
1x - Rylai's Crystal Scepter
1x - Liandry's Torment
1x - Spirit of the Ancient Golem
The awesome passive on the Rylai's Crystal Scepter will slow all the enemies who walk through your Poison Trail and if you use your Fling on someone it will slow them too. Liandry's Torment It procs with the slow of the Rylai's Crystal Scepter, allowing you to Poison, Slow and Burn all the enemies on your path. I know you're asking about the Spirit of the Ancient Golem thinking that this is a jungler item but let me tell you that this item is a very powerful tool on Singed not only to last hit minions whit the Butcher passive, this is an exceptional item on Singed because the Tenacity it provides, it procs with the Tenacious mastery giving you a total of 50% of Tenacity and that’s what you need to don't being caught.

Late-Game Shopping
1x - Banshee's Veil
1x - Seraph's Embrace
Still thinking about CC vs. Singed with Banshee's Veil Singed will win that battle and also with the activated ability of Seraph's Embrace you will be almost unkillable.

Check more itemization on the next chapter named SITUATIONAL ITEMS.

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Situational Items

Other Enchantments:
The Enchantment on the tier 2 boots are something new on Season 3, they have some benefits that can help you depending of your team situation. Below you will find some suggestions about them.

When Winning:

Enchantment: Alacrity:

This is an exceptional enchantment for Singed because it provides more movement speed for him.

Enchantment: Distortion:

Cooldown reduction for the summoner spells that Singed uses provides a great utility.

When Losing:

Enchantment: Homeguard:

To defend you nexus and your base this is an amazing enchantment, or it can be helpful also in the lanig phase to go back faster.

Enchantment: Captain:

You will be the tank of the team and is very important for your team to have you close to them when the enemy team engages so if they are running away from the team fight to you this enchantment will help them to reach you faster so you'll have the chance to respond and support.

Against AP and CC:

Banshee's Veil:

Great amount of MR, awesome passive to block the next incoming spell and just 25 seconds cooldown, health and mana (Mana means more health for Singed because his passive Empowered Bulwark.

Runic Bulwark:

You’ll get armor, health, magic resist and the awesome aura to support your teammates. Just check if your support does not have it before you get it.

Mikael's Crucible:

Magic resist needed, more mana to stack with the Empowered Bulwark passive, mana regeneration and the activated ability is awesome on Singed just don't get it if you choose Cleanse also your support can get it too.

Guardian Angel:

Awesome stats and incredible passive, This item can make a difference in a team fight.

Abyssal Mask:

As we are assuming you are against an AP champion the MR is always helpful and the amount of AP it provides is useful, check first your team composition before you get this item.

Against AD

Frozen Heart:

Awesome amount of armor mana to stack with Empowered Bulwark and the passive can help you against auto attackers and in team fights is awesome.

Iceborn Gauntlet:

Armor, CDR, AP and more mana to for the Singed's passive. The passive of this item also can helps you to keep your enemies more time inside your Poison Trail.

Sunfire Cape:

Fire around you, health and armor, those are stats for a great tank as Singed.

Randuin's Omen:

This is another great item against auto attackers, health and armor. You can use the activated ability to chase someone or simply to scape.

Zhonya's Hourglass:

You will get armor, AP and an incredible activated ability to survive the team fights.

Try always to get your full combo with Rylai's Crystal Scepter first and Liandry's Torment before you get any other item. The Spirit of the Ancient Golem can be considered a core item because the Tenacity it provides, I recommend to get it as soon as you can after the combo.

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Strategy and Team Work

Singed is a very hard to kill champion but don't rely on that never...!!!

When Farming:
Your Poison Trail is a farming machine; just have an eye on your mana to have enough to use your Mega Adhesive or your Fling

Your base combo is Q - W - E - Run..!!!
With your Poison Trail Q active use your Mega Adhesive W over the enemy champion and then chase them to use your Fling E to put them into your poison and then RUN..!!! to the enemy tower because that's the only way the enemy has to scape and then run back over the minions wave.

After you get your Catalyst the Protector you will have the advantage in lane.
Watch when you are close to level up to engage because if you level up the passive of Catalyst the Protector will work as a Crystalline Flask charge giving you back 150 Health and 200 Mana over the next 8 seconds and you can stack a charge of the Crystalline Flask so if your enemy thinks he can beat you he will get a surprise when you kill him.

If you are at level 6 wait for a bit of damage before you use your ulti because it can turn back the why the fight is going onto your favor.

If you got Ganked:
I will give you some steps to survive good and bad gank over you.

1 - Active your Poison Trail.
2 - If you have Ulti active Insanity Potion.
3 - Use Mega Adhesive on the closest bush or in front of you in the direction you will try to scape.
4 - Run to the place where you launched your Mega Adhesive and if is a bush leave all the poison you can inside of it and then juke to the opposite direction of your tower to expose your enemies to more poison.
5 - Identify the enemy with the lowest amount of HP and Fling him into your poison.
6 - Use your Ghost to scape if needed or your Flash if you have it.

I know it looks like a lot of steps but you'll see that they will happen automatically if you practice them a bit.

Singed has the capacity to zone a lot of champions because his annoying Poison Trail so use it in your advantage, when your minions get close to the enemy tower you can pass it through and go behind the enemy tower and farm the incoming minions wave and scape using the bushes.

Just by using your Mega Adhesive over an enemy champion when is trying to go close to you will make them think that you will Fling them into your poison.

Team Fights:
You are the Tank so you can try the steps below.

    1 - Active your
Poison Trail.
2 - Launch your Mega Adhesive over the enemy team.
3 - Active your Insanity Potion.
4 - Fling the closest enemy over your team.

You must to have an eye on your carry always because the other team will always focus him so you can launch your Mega Adhesive over your carry allowing him to escape and then Fling the enemy back into his team away from your carry. Always check your teammates health because if you Fling someone close to a teammate with low health that could be an easy kill for the enemy team and for any reason no matter what NEVER Fling A TANK OVER YOUR TEAM...!!!!

More Advices:
The best thing you can do in game is Poison, Slow and Burn with your strong itemization using Poison Trail, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Liandry's Torment. Get the slow passive from Rylai's Crystal Scepter before the Liandry's Torment burning damage because the amount of health and the movement speed debuff is better on team fights and is helpful to escape or keep your enemies inside the Poison Trail.

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Singed Is a very fun to play champion, his skill set result quite annoying for a lot of players fighting against him so take that in your favor to win the lane without a risk using you mind.

More information will be added to this guide later this month so wait for it.

I challenge you to try this guide because I'm sure you won't be disappointed.