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Singed Build Guide by Tactical_Hitman

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tactical_Hitman

Singed - The Kite Master

Tactical_Hitman Last updated on September 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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WELCOME to my Singed guide. This is my very first guide and I decided to pick Singed because he is my favourite champ.

Why I like Singed:
Singed is a mobile and viable tank
Singed is a great laner
Singed is an epic chaser and kiter
Singed is great to have on any team

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Patch History

Basic attack range increased to 125 from 100.
Fling range increased to 125 from 100.

^ Seems like an alright buff for Singed. Easier to fling to enemies and last hit.

Insanity Potion:
No longer gives attack speed and attack damage, but now gives magic resist and 10/20/30% crowd control reduction.

^ Not good nerf/Not so bad buff. Singed cannot auto attack towers that great anymore. But the CC reduction seems great!

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Pros and Cons


Mobile tank
Constant harassment throughout team fights
Good escaper/ganker/chaser
Easy farming
Great solo top


Mana dependent
Susceptible to movement cc
Team reliant
No so tank early

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As a tank (I build him tank), you want to pick the best runes suitable for Singed.
My Rune page setup:
Greater Seal of Vitality

Magic Pen Reds because Singed applies magic damage (Poison Trail and Fling) Armor Pen is simply useless (unless you feel like building AD Singed)

Health per level Yellows because it gives a small boost Early game and a good increase late game. Alternatively you may want to switch these runes for Greater Seal of Evasion as Dodge runes can greatly assist Singed (Dodge Runes can be expensive so I prefer Greater Seal of Vitality)

Magic resist per level Blues because Singed is already strong against many melee and ranged champs. Magic resist will help him survive from those strong AP burst.

Singed is a fast and mobile champ. Speed quints (one of the best choices for quintessence runes) will assist him in quick ganking, escape and chasing (you want to be fast so you can toss em up)

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My masteries are 0/14/16. They work the best for me.

Defence: Taking Strength of Spirit, Evasion and Nimbleness, and 2 points in Veteran's Scars (good HP boost early game)
Utility: Taking Good Hands (Perserverence isn't that great), Awareness, Meditation, Utility Mastery and Quickness (extra speed boost with the Speed quints, lessens the need for Boots of Swiftness)

I also like 0/21/9 or 0/9/21. Both work well.

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Summoner Spells


- to teleport to a ward and gank or simply teleport back to protect a lane.
- Ghost and Insanity Potion go great together.


- Singed is susceptible to crowd control. Cleanse and Ghost both go well together.
- Flash is a good spell for any Champion. However Singed has high mobility and Flash isn't really needed.
- If no one on your team has Exhaust then you can grab this spell taking over Teleport.
- Great spell, good against Dr. Mundo and Vladimir but not necessary for Singed because he has Poison Trail.
- Great spell, always good to protect those towers. But not recommended on Singed.


- Use wards instead. IMO, it's a waste of a spell on Singed.
- AD Singed???
- You shouldn't really die...
- Jungle Singed? Wtf...

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PASSIVE: - Increases Singed's health by 25 for every 100 mana he has.
Works great with Frozen Heart and Rod of Ages. However don't just build mana for health.

FIRST ABILITY: - Toggle: Lays a poisonous trail behind Singed which deals 22/34/46/58/70 (+30% of ability power) magic damage per second.
Great for farming and harassing. However, remember not to use it too long early game or you'll find yourself out of mana quickly. Try not taking Blue unless no one on your team needs it.

SECOND ABILITY: - Singed throws a vial of mega adhesive on the ground causing all enemies who touch it to be slowed by 35/45/55/65/75% for 5 seconds.
Great for blocking an enemy's escape route. Mega Adhesive makes Singed a great escaper as well as a great chaser. Use this after you use Fling to slow them in your Poison Trail . Or you can use this to slow minion waves when attacking a tower.

THIRD ABILITY: - Singed flings an enemy over his shoulder, dealing 100/150/200/250/300 (+100% of ability power) magic damage.
This is why I love Singed. Fling annoys the **** out of the enemy. Singed can quickly start/intiate team fights; popping Insanity Potion and Ghost, chucking Mega Adhesive and using Fling on the squishy carry. Fling works well with Rocket Grab and Headbutt causing good surprise attacks to a single champion as your team cleans them up effectively making it 5v4. Be careful as Fling can sometimes backfire and cause your whole team to die. Make note that Fling uses alot of mana combined with Poison Trail early game.

ULTIMATE: - Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting him 35/50/65 enhanced ability power, armor, magic resistance, movement speed, health and mana regeneration per 5, and 10/20/30% crowd control reduction for 25 seconds.
Use it at the perfect time to start team fights or effectively escape a gank. The cooldown is relatively quick and using it to just sustain lane can be a good option.

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Skill Sequence


- Get Poison Trail to level 5 as soon as possible! The damage is too good.

- Grab this a level 3. Start levelling Mega Adhesive after Poison Trail.

- Get this at level 1! Level this last! You only need the Fling for one purpose and that is to fling an enemy. Poison Trail can do that continous damage for you.

- Level this whenever possible.

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Singed is a viable tank who excels in movement. Buiding him shouldn't be an issue. He is a quick farmer and good laner. You want to build Singed survivability to utilise and make the most of his ultimate.


Getting boots to increase your movement speed furthur and it helps to pull off those annoying Fling


Catalyst the Protector

Helps increase your survivability in lane.


or or

RoA is the core item for Singed boosting his HP, Mana and Ability Power (for Fling and Poison Trail. The choice of boots are situational.)


Basically granting Singed more movement and survivability.

Situational Items!!!

Now that you have your core items, you may/should start building according to your enemy. Although the choices that you make are up to you; Singed is a viable tank, building him shouldn't be hard

Against AP:

or or
All are great to have. I prefer to have Guardian Angel and Abyssal Mask for magic resist, armour and extra AP

Against AD:

or or or

Good choices for armor. If the enemy has 1-2 strong AD/DPS carries buy Thornmail or Frozen Heart. If the enemy has a relatively weak DPS carry, I prefer Guardian Angel first, then getting Thornmail. But the choice of items are up to you.

Extra Survivability:

Good item to have on Singed. Synergizes well with and Insanity Potion
Be careful if the enemy dps carry has OR DO NOT even get this if the enemy has Kog'Maw on their team


You may think, oh yeah Poison Trail and Sunfire Cape are a great combo... But Sunfire Cape is not a good item to have on Singed, better items are listed ^above^. Sunfire Cape is not worth spending.

The health, ability power and slow seem great... Poison Trail may do quite some damage along with Fling but this item will make enemies run away and not chase you. You want them to chase not run! This is expensive to get and isn't worth it. The choice is yours though, but mainly you should just focus buying tank items.

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Early Game

Find a good laning partner, preferrably someone with Exhaust or someone who can do good burst. At level 1, you basically just last hit and farm using Poison Trail. Make sure you're not taking all the gold! Try and zone out your enemy by using Fling. Do not try and make your Fling so obvious by running to them. Try using the brush or pretend to last hit then unleashing a surprise Fling.[/colour
TIP: If you health falls below half and the enemy suddenly becomes greedy and chases you, turn your Poison Trail on and start running towards your tower, slowly and effectively (do not use Ghost) bringing them closer; auto attack and juke, auto attack and juke. If they continue to chase, make sure they are close enough to be flung to your tower. I've killed a greedy Pantheon for first blood (I had less than 10HP afterwards). Most of the damage came from my Poison Trail until he realised he was down about half health I flung him to tower before he could turn around. Trololol!

Mid Game

You should already/almost finishing your core items. Push empty lanes and quickly switch lanes pressuring different towers. Distract the enemies by kiting/juking them out of lanes so a team mate can backdoor towers/lanes. Ward certain places on the map for quick entry to ganks using the Teleport spell. When you reach a tower by yourself, run forward and poison the next minion wave to effectively stack your minions on that tower! Remember you have Ghost and Insanity Potion to escape! And don't be late to a team fight. If you have to leave a lane for a team fight then do so. Finishing a team fight is more important than trying to finish a tower; you don't want to be the only one on your team alive against a full team of enemies!

Late Game

Your job now is to be as annoying as your can. You shouldn't be dying at this point. Mega Adhesive and Fling can effectively seperate the enemy team. Tower diving with your ultimate is effective, but do not overextend. Stop tower diving when your team mates back off, you're not invincible. In a team fight you want to run around spreading your poison trail everywhere! Make sure to constantly Fling enemies who are doing the most damage or simply running away.

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Who Do I Fling?

This section is to discuss who and who not to fling. You may think you have the power (and you do) to Fling anyone but as I said, Fling can sometimes backfire. You can fling a champ towards or away from your team. Example, Do not Fling Dr. Mundo towards your Ashe but if he gets close, simply Fling him away.
You can Fling to isolate and juke an enemy champion away from the team fight and have them focus you. Example, flinging a Xin Zhao to make him misguided and focus you.

Who to fling in a team fight:
Ashe, Ezreal, Caitlyn or any squishy carry to have your team focus down first.
Fling can also disrupt ultimates, flinging Katarina, Warwick, Nunu, Karthus, Miss Fortune, Ezreal etc...
Flinging Fiddlesticks may not be an excellent choice, but you may want to Fling him away from the rest of your team.