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Sion Build Guide by Gigamanr

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gigamanr

Sion 3v3 Guide

Gigamanr Last updated on January 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello guide readers this is my guide on how to play in a 3v3 I am not sure as to whether or not this works on Summoner's Rift or not, but do not downvote if you tried it on Summoner's Rift and it doesn't work, this guide is intended for Twisted Treeline. This guide demonstrate just how I play how to get all the perks of early game that we have all come to know and LOVE about AP Sion, and all the late game CARNAGE of AD . One of my favorite things about this build is the fact that when you're fully decked out your stun and bubble still hit nice chunks (Or you can opt to keep the 500 extra health from the bubble if you feel as needed) while being able to crit 1000 damage on enemies, and all the while healing yourself on your auto attacks for about 1200 health a hit!

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I don't really know too much about runes, nor do I own that many (other than critical chance runes) but those are the stats that I find myself mostly needing so if you guys could be kind in the comments and suggest useful runes, that'd be kinda cool of you.

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I chose the Masteries I did (being 19/0/11) is because I got all the late game things from the offensive tree and all the early game benefits from support. And here is the reasoning behind all of said Masteries; For the Offensive tree we have: Deadliness (3/3) because that 1% critical strike chance can actually help a lot when you say "dang he got away with 1 health" you never know if a critical strike would have killed him. Improved Exhaust because I picked up the exhaust summoner spell. I get alacrity because it is kind of a free half of a dagger. Sunder because who doesn't like to hit people with less armor. I got offensive mastery because getting that extra 4 damage to minions might just help you last hit and get that one minion that straggles away with 1-4 health. Brute Force, well I guess this is kinda obvious but MOAR DAMAGE = MOAR DEATH. Lethality is practically 3 Critical Strike Damage runes. In the Utility Tree we have got: Improved Ghost because I picked the ghost summoner spell and why not upgrade it. Good Hands because I'm pretty sure every guide explains why Preservation isn't all that great the 3% of 100 HP5 and blah blah blah so I won't bother writing it here unless this guide gets really popular. I got Expanded Mind because I tend to have mana issues early on with Sion, maybe I'm using his moves wrong of something but I tend to run out of mana a lot so the extra mana helps. Utility Mastery, some might disagree with this one but seeing as this is a 3v3 guide, I strongly recommend it, the longer duration on red buff, white buff, and green buff helps a lot as well as the buff from dragon so I take that over the mana regeneration but it is interchangeable. Lastly I pick up Greed because I like money :D and greedisgood

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A great starter choice for Sion, gives 100+ Health a nice chunk of AP and mana regen overall a great choice.

I don't usually get these but if you feel you really need them, just on Twisted Treeline it's so easy to move around, and ghost is enough mobility for me, it is all preference, if you do get these upgrade them to Mercury Treads

A great transitional item because of it's amazing passive and the fact that it gives Ability Power and Mana! Overall a great item for

Such a great hybrid/transitional item because it's cost isn't as high as the but it's just enough to the point where it is at the right amount of AD damage output and helps you sustain your AP burst.

Not surprisingly such a nice way to finish off your Ability Power items with a 75 extra Ability Power boost and 25% spell vamp while also giving you 60 Attack Damage and 20% Life Steal, this starts the AD Carnage and not to mention it's amazing active that slows the enemy and does 300 damage (DON'T FORGET TO USE!!!)

Just a monstrous weapon overall, 25% Critical Strike Chance, 80 Attack Damage and it's passive 250% CRITICAL STRIKE DAMAGE!!!! ... When you buy this item so starts the crits you should do around 600-700 on minions with this then it will just keep up-scaling from there on out, and not too mention the fact that with your ult on (At level 16) you get a whopping 400-ish health per hit at around 1.8ish attack speed, just a crazy item around 30 minutes which is usually when I obtain it.

I usually get this around the 4th item at around 35 minute or so mark (In a 3v3 which is what this guide was intended for) and it helps quite a bit, with the slow and extra health from the phage part of it. The attack speed, move speed, and critical strike of it is probably the least useful and that's still really useful especially the move speed since I don't normally get boots, but you may prefer such, and it's all preference in my opinion. And lastly the upgraded sheen portion for that moment for after you stun them the nice big ol' 1000 crit on the face.

A really good item on because of his which passively increases his health whenever he kills a unit so you should be getting around 50 damage as well as the 45 armor and 18% critical strike chance from it which is always nice.

Just to finish it off, A TON of life steal and damage, if you weren't already invincible you are now, 'cause this baby will give you 150% life steal or so in conjunction with your ult and other items and that is just destructive, 1k crits = 1k heal every hit.. just domination, why I love so much.

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Skill Sequence

Your priority for leveling up skillwise should usually be > > >

I chose the to level up first because of the bigger shield allowing you to stay in top lane longer, where is the ideal place to be for seeing as his gives him extra health whenever he kills a minion.

For the second skill to level I chose for more burst, that's purely the only reason, it's just such a nice move, its range is nice, it's a 2 second stun and it does around 400 damage with all your Ability Power items, just a really good move to have

Lastly I level up because the bonus Attack Damage which is 65 at level 18 (HOLY ****!!! That's more than a B.F Sword!)which is usually when you should have the and some Attack Damage stuff so it all works out.

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Summoner Spells

My choices

Because without boots this helps so much and it's only on a 210 second (3 and a half minute) cooldown!!! and it is very versatile as well you can use it for running, catching up with someone, or simply just heading back to lane which shouldn't be as needed in a 3v3 but if you need to do that, you gotta do what you gotta do.

This one helps a lot in 1v1's that level one gank, and just eliminating a single persons damage output, it helps in 1v1's because of the lower damage the other person does allowing you to exceed his damage with ease, and just lifestealing all your life back to full while he hits like a puny babby compared to you.

Other Valid Choices

A good choice for a flash stun or to escape I just prefer the mobility from ghost, will probably need boots if you do choose flash

An alright choice for early kills or if your a person constantly slapping yourself on the head for letting them getting away with 1 health, just don't forget to use it!!

Good if you think the enemy team will have a lot of Crowd Control because when you're stunned you're pretty squishy

The Nonononono

The only ones here that are disputable in my opinion are fortify and teleport and in 3v3 those are virtually useless because you're so close to the fountain already.

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Farming is extremely important and easy on , all you have to do with him is hit a w then, hit it again in the middle of a giant minion wave and boom 6 free last hits and that's about 18 more max health for you so free health on a champion that's easy to farm with.

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Team Work

Usually you shouldn't initiate a fight, but if you are the only melee on the team, you need to not stay Crowd Controlled against 3 different people so you might want to think about picking up a , but if you aren't initiating or tanking, you should always stun the carry or if they have someone using a suppress such as or , and using your stun on these channeling abilities is very useful too, might even win you a team fight some channels include , , or . And otherwise from that just be an overall nice guy and hit your ultimate and give the team a nice beefy heal, I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

A very good guide to Twisted Treeline is:

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Proof of the guide

Here is some of my match history, and yes does look like Lord Marrowgar from World of Warcraft, I have that custom skin, if you'd like to download it here is a link

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So if you do try this guide leave some constructive criticism below and upvote it if you could. You can also send me pictures of your match history and I'll post them up here as well, have fun with Sion!