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Skarner Build Guide by Endon122

Skarner, I choose you!!! SKA-SKA-SKARNER!

Skarner, I choose you!!! SKA-SKA-SKARNER!

Updated on August 13, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Endon122 Build Guide By Endon122 4,636 Views 1 Comments
4,636 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Endon122 Skarner Build Guide By Endon122 Updated on August 13, 2011
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Hi all and welcome to my Skarner guide! I have found that a decent number of people think that Skarner is UP! DONT TRUST THEM! Play for Skarner and smack your good score into their face! Also some people play jungler skarner. I dont like jungling just cuz, if you are playing against intelligent people they will know you will start as most of the jungling chammps at ancient golem. And jungling is slow method with skarner. Champs have cleared jungle in 4:00, while skarner can do it at the minimum 5:30. Ofcourse, blue buff is VERY important to you, but you dont need it at the start. At level 5-6 just kill golem and take the sweet buff.
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Runes? Runes are kinda tricky for Skarner. You have tooooooo much possibilites. Greater Mark of Attack Speed is one, Greater Mark of desolation is another, Greater Mark of Attack Damage is YET another, and Greater Mark of Magic Penetration is also good idea. Greater Seal of Health adds you some survivalibity, Greater seal of replenishment adds you mana regen which is needed, Greater seal of resilence adds you some tanky ability. Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction makes yours abilities even MORE spammable, Greater Glyph of Mana is your mana problem solver, Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is almost the same as glyph of resilence, while Greater glypf of force or Greater Glyph of Ability Power adds you some nice ap. For quints you cant take almost any combination of these, but i prefer mana quints instead of mana glyphs. Whew.
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I take 5/0/25 which is not usual, but! all these utility points are REALLY great. mana and mana regen are a must, flash and ghost upgrade are also important, 6% CDR isnt small number and that mvm speed is GREAT(really).
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hate describing items. it is always SO long :P
Doran's Blade-I know, you might think why, for the love of god I take THIS. Better choices would be for sure Doran's Ring or Sapphire Crystal and some Health Potions. Maybe Doran's Shield could be the best, but I just prefer Doran's Blade. Choose one.
Next item, Mobility Boots are also discussable. Ofcourse, if their team have 2+ heavy or 3+ easy CC champs, take Mercury's Treads. You can also take Boots of Swiftness if you dont trust items like this. But i just love gank boots. It have saved my *** and *** of my teammates and have kicked *** of many enemies( :D ) so i just fell in love with these. You can also take Berserker's Greaves if you like.
Next item, Sheen is my favorite. It allows you to deal huge damage even in early game with abilities spammable like THAT. les go for another one.
Zeal is a must for every good skarner. Some crit, some atk speed and MOVEMENT SPEED.
Trinity Force id NOT a must. You can also build Phantom Dancer if you like and your HP are just enough for you. It is your decide.
Hextech Gunblade is one of my favorite items. Spellvamp+spammable skills are deadly, lifesteal is also nice bonus if you use shield when minion wave coming, you can just heal by attacking them. Also some decent AP and AD. Nice active, too. This makes your chasing abilities even MORE useful.
Guinsoo's Rageblade is a MUST for skarner(and jax)(and almost any hybrid). AP, AD and AS if you attack or use an aility is really good. I put it sometimes before Gunblade. Again, your decide.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter have good slow, big bonus in HP and some AP. Really good. Now your Q will slow even in non energized form and in energized form it will slow for whole 55% which is almost as strong as Singeds slow is.
Rabadon's Deathcap is really nice item. MATH ( oh NOOOOO!!!) says that it will increase your AP from 230 to 230+155+30%=500.5 AP!
Ezreal says:Its all about skill.
Ashe says:FREEZE!
You say: I have hexdrinker, moth******ers! LOOOL WTF ROFL LULZ!
So one alternative is Hexdrinker which is REALLY overlooked item with BIG potencial.
Moonflair Spellblade or Cloak and Dagger(also overlookedd) are good items if your opponents have REALLY hard CC champs.
Nashor's Tooth is also good. Put it in if you have enemies that arent DPS meelee(jax, xin zhao, yi, tryndamere...)
Thornmail, Atma's Impaler, Warmog's Armor or Randuin's Omen are really good tanky items.
Yomuu's ghostblade:I love this item. Armr pen, CDR, mvm s, atk s and crit are good for every1
Frozen Heart:good if you are heading against yi, Xin, Trynda or Jax(have you noted that these are the biggest problems?)
Frozen Mallet:chasing chasing, chasing. Be the best chaser in the game!
Archangel's StaffI dont like thi item so much. Yeah its your mana problem solver and adds some AP, but i think if you wont waste mana in early game, you can survive.
Manamune AD version of Archangel's Staff
Zeke's Harbinger good if you have teammates like(again) Trynda, Jax, Xin or Yi.
Quicksilver SashIS SOOOOO GREAT! But also, overlooked. It is EVEN BETTER than cleanse, cause it removes suppressions like Nether Grasp or Infinite Duress or Hyper-kinetic Position reserver, Poppys Diplomatic imunity bonus, Nocturnes Paranoia vision debuff, all DoT, Hemoplague, Time Bomb, Destiny vision, Ignite (!!!), Executioner's Calling or Children of the Grave. Really. great. item.(source:
Banshee's Veil:also good item, HP, MP, MR and of course, life saving, nice looking spb(spell protection bubble).
Zhoyna's ring:really good item! FAST! BUY IT!
before you get banned
Blue pill:rather press B.
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Summoner Spells

Ghost:chase and escape, pull with ulti and so on.
Exhaust:nice spell. I like it.
Clarity: meh spell. Good for noob skarners.
ClairvyoanceIf your team is so dumb and dont have it.
Ignite: I loved this spell on low levels.
Heal:You are not a tank or support
Fortify:You are not a tank or support
Teleport:You are not a tank or support
Cleanse:You are not a tank or support. You are a man with quicksilver lash.
Smite:You are not a tan- wait. You are not a jungler.
Rally:Just NO!
Revive:Dont touch it in any game.
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Skill Sequence

Energize:Your passive. This is 1 of the best passives in the game.
Shattered Earth: I maximize this along with Seismic Bastion, cuz it have REALLY good slow (25% is big number on 1st level), it is spammable and also deals some damage
Seismic Bastion:Gap-closer, escaper, tower destroyer, universal skill. REally good skill.
Ixtal's Impact:Meh. Low numbers. Take only 1 point on lvl 4 to keep you on full health with E Q combo when pushing in lane with no champion.
Impale:this is the best spell. It is so fun to drag somewhere escaping champ. It have many uses. Supress a tower diving champ or it can even save if your teammates are near you with using this and activating zhoynas hourglass. You can also hold champs somewhere in AoE ultis like Grand Skyfall or Vengeful maelstorm.
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Team Work

Never, but NEVER go alone until on level 18 and at least with rageblade.
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Thanks for reading!

No, really, thx! Enjoy my guide and please write some tips how to improve my guide. Please try it before you vote.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Endon122
Endon122 Skarner Guide
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Skarner, I choose you!!! SKA-SKA-SKARNER!

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