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League of Legends Build Guide Author antimatter

Slow Tanks: Extra CC? Why not!

antimatter Last updated on August 1, 2011
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Hello all to my first guide. This is not a "best fit" guide that is suited for a specific champion. Rather this guide is idea that can be utilized by many champions if the player wished. There is hard cc and soft cc. Hard cc is only available in abilities (stuns, snares, taunts, knockups, knockbacks). However soft cc (slows) is available in items (Frozen Mallet and Rylai's Crystal Scepter.) Fortunately those two items also happen to have a tanky aspect of a lot of bonus HP to them. That is why I believe a tank could be able to wield an additional slow without having their tankyness suffer.

The theory is that many champions in the game that can tank can greatly benefit from this strategy. Nunu with a frozen mallet can keep the enemy slowed after iceball, Shen's vorpal blade is a perma-slow after getting Rylai's, Morde as a tank lacks any cc and with Rylai's increases his disruption by a lot, etc.

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Runes are up to the player as always. For me i focus on HP per level, mana regen for that early game, and some dodge for those pesky AD carries. yea i'm talking about you Caitlin. The items ill buy will give me sufficient physical and magic resist. We all know after 200 its diminishing returns anyways so investing in resists after 200 instead of HP is a waste.

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22 0 8. Max resists in def and magic for some early game tank. Evasion and nimbleness for that nice synergy with dodge runes. Defensive mastery and Harden skin for blocked damage. Veteran's scars for early health. Willpower for your cleanse spell and Tenacity because we all love reduced damaged when tanking. We also like reduced death time, improved ghost, and increase xp as a tank.

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Tanks don't get as much money as the carries do. This means that they need to buy their items in pieces. Here is my opinion for how a tank should be equipped throughout the game:

Early game:

Mid Game:

Late Game:

Early to mid game go for that piece by piece build. Get the pieces that apply for your lane first too. Getting a negatron cloak before a chain vest against a caitlyn is a no-no obviously. After you get that giant's belt, that is when you go for the slow item. Then continue with your tank items.

Of course late game there will two more items to fill your slots, buts that is for you to decide. Is the team AP heavy? force of nature and more HP. AD heavy? tThormail and HP. Got both? Sunfire and force of nature is my personal finsh for a general tank.

Now im sure some questions are arising when looking at the builds:

Q:First I see qQuicksilver, then I see Banshee's... what happened?
A: Quicksilver is a good early game magic resist item. However i still consider it a transition to banshees. yes you are shelling out a little extra gold, but that fancier null-magic mantle can save your life. Late game however, Banshee's is the stronger item for that spell block without having to activate it and some tanky health. But that's only if you have to pick between the two.

Q: Banshees? On my manaless tank?
A: More likely than you think. Banshees on a tank is important for its magic resist, spell block, and health. The mana is just... there. It is a worthwhile item on any tank.

Q: Why get the slow proc early?
A: The point of these builds is to have that slow for the ganks. You want that slow fairly soon to have that extra impact the other team's tank won't have.

Q: Where is my aegis?
A: NEVER put aegis on a tank. Ever. It's a support item at best and is only worthwhile early to mid game. You have more important items to buy.

Any other questions, ask in the comments section.

As a tank you want to counter the other team. After you get your slow proc, determine what is best for the situation.

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Summoner Spells

A tank should have summoner spells that help the team, and not just themselves:

If anyone on a team were to get fortify, the tank should. there's no need to escape a teamfight and if you do, you did something wrong. you either engage and win, or die trying.

Exhaust is for the teamfight. Since you are going in first you engage and pop that exhaust on their most dangerous carry.

Other viable options are cleanse and flash. I would suggest either in place of fortify if you choose not to use it.

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Tanks do two things. Take damage and disrupt. You should be the one initiating Teamfights, not your carries, not your offtanks. You. Depending on your character here are some options.

If you have only single target CC, go for an enemy carry. For example; Rammus should taunt or singed should throwback.

If you have a multi-target CC, like Ammumu or Leona, try to get in the center of their team. Champions like Ammumu and Leona have good teleport spells to accomplish that.

When you do engage dont forget to pop your exhaust and use randuins.

After that your team should be able to take some enemies out and dish out their own CC to finish the job. Late game when these fights happen more often, your slow will be able to nail that carry trying to run away, or slow down the lone survivor trying to run to his turret. As always to tank well you need to have a competent team playing with you.

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That extra slow can mean saving a life or getting that runaway kill. Now getting to that slow can be hard. Both items are expensive being around 3k, but you got your HoG and Philosopher stone for that. And you should be assisting your team and racking up those assists.

P.S. If you are judging this build for high - elo play, don't. It's not meant for that. Most people playing aren't high elo anyways :).

One more thing. The item start of rejuvenation beads, faerie charm, and a health potion - i got that from Dufftime. It was something i thought was stupid until i tried it, now i utilize that for most of my characters. You would be surprised how useful that early setup is. Just giving some credit where it is due.

Enjoy. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think.


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