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Zac General Guide by Crazy_moe123321

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crazy_moe123321

Small Zac Guide

Crazy_moe123321 Last updated on February 8, 2014
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Hello and welcome to this guide. I hope you'll learn from this guide, and improve your ganking skills.

(A little bit about myself) I'm an EU west player my account name is Wanchancie, I'm a danish player with lots of nicknames (Crazy Joe) cuz yeah i am an odd bold, and btw sorry for my bad gramma.

I useually play fun games with friends and stuff, but when that's said i also do judge them when they jungle and doesn't gank proberly. So i decided to make a guide on how i think you should gank as a jungler.

IMPORTANT: Do keep in mind that every jungler have a diffrent playstyle, and can therefor, be diffrent on how and when to gank.

IMPOTANT: Do keep in mind this is my opinion and I have made this guide through my experience through all my years as a Lol player.

IMPORTANT: This guide also have focus on WORK WITH YOUR TEAM. I see so many players who just dont give an rats a** about other situations around the map. It's very important that you want to be the responsible one and tell what the f*** is happening around the map, and you should demand others to buy wards, which you should also do, just a heads up.

But here is some music you can listen to, to feel relaxed:

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Jungle Routing / Ganks

The useual route I prefer to use is, (Blue, Wolf, Red, Wraiths, Gank, Wolf and so on.)

But with some junglers it might be better if you go this route, (Red, Golem ~ give Golems to adc, Wraiths, Blue, Wolf ~ Gank And gank for rest.)
The targeted junglers for the secound route is, (Dr. Mundo, Shyvana, Tryndamere, Lee sin and Yasuo)

The reason in between get golems or give it to adc is (Only give to your adc if it's on your side). Better advantage for bot lane since they have more farm, gold and EXP, so good for letting your adc snowball, or take it for your self if you just don't trust the adc.


When you have taken wraiths you useually gank mid, but you should ask your team if they need gank, if they don't and every lane is pushed fully up DO NOT GANK! Unless the other team ganks that lane.

Demand your team to buy wards to prevent gank from the enemy, and to see if that lane is warded so you can gank.

It's okay if you want to gank when ever you want to, as long you make sure that lane you're about to gank is 100% ready for your engage.

You should also be calculating how much damage you can take and deal while ganking, you're only an tank not imortal and a murdere, but you should be able to take a lot of hits from the enemy, and do serious damage to them might even help/killing them.

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How a Gank Should Look Like/ Ain't Nobody Got Time to Read All This Sh*t

You're Bugs bunny, the rest does not exist or they are your team mates.

Early game gank: (Girl of the golden vest). Come, do stuff, go again.

Mid game gank: (Wearing of the grin). Come, do stuff, go again.

Late game gank: (Rosie's cheeks). Come, do stuff, go again.
IMPORTANT: In team fights stick with team no matter what.

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Quick Zac Guide/Example on how it's done

Zac in my opinion is the best ganker, next after comes Nautilus. Zac's route for jungle is, (Blue, Wolf, Red, Wraiths, Gank, Wolf and so on). The raeson i go blue first is bacause of the CDR which is important on Zac early on.

While ganking you can stay in brush and wait for enemy to come close enough, and then jump in on them doing a lot of CC, you can even tower dive/bait! As long you know how to get out of turrent range in time.

Your skill order when you gank should be (E, W, Q, W, auto attack, W, E) if the lane you gank is with you, you two should properly have a kill right there.

I take W first in jungle for better DPS. It also scales with HP which is naturelly good on Zac. I max E out for the extra range, CDR, and damage for ganks. I take a point in Q at the point befor that it becomes my only choice because better slows, damage and CDR.

You should take Zac if you need magic damage, CC or more tanky.

A nice team comp should look like this:

Example: (Lulu support, Ezreal adc, Kassadin mid, Renekton top, and Zac jungle).

The reason this is a good comp is:

Lulu on support, is good because of her, (polymorph, slow, knock up, health bonus and her shield).

Ezreal on adc, is good because of his, (mobility, poke, global ult and damage).

Kassadin on mid, is good because of his, (high damage, mobility at level 6 and silence).

Renekton on top, is good because of his, (tankieness, no mana use, sustain, damage, lots of AOE and mobility).

So, now that we have this example team, it's time to find some combos you can make with that team. "How to lockdown the enemy, how to poke the enemy and how to kill/escape the enemy".

You're Zac as an example:

The enemy team is in mid, you and your team is on your way mid, you and Renekton should go in and tank as much as you can.
While you and Renekton is takeing hits for days, the other should come in from behind as a suprise attack, and try and kill the enemy carrys.
If the rest of the enemy team should try and come to protect them, you and Renekton should try and stop them.
When the carrys is dead, then do not chase after tanks/high mobility characters that just ran away.
You and your team should push or take baron instead, abuse what you just gained through that fight as much as you can.


- Can fail if enemy gets gank, have wards, have flash or is not close enough to your side of the map -

*Should be a kill everytime is the enemy is pushed up to your side or if flash is used*

Top gank (Early): "Zac jumps in with elastic slingshot and do use unstable matter as much as you can, Renekton slice and dice in. Zac slows with stretching strike, Renekton waits until slow is done, then stuns. That should be a kill there".

Mid gank(Early mid should be level 6): "Zac jumps in with elastic slingshot, Kassadin riftwalks in and fire of the up saved force pulse and null sphere, you wait until that slow is done and then use you stretching strike to slow, do use unstable matter as much as you can, that should be a kill if Kassadin uses ignite".

Bot gank (Early): "Zac jumps in and knock up the enemeis with elastic sling shot, Lulu and Ezreal should be ready with burst and CC, Lulu polymorphs the enemy adc, Ezreal should auto attack that adc, Zac must use everything he has on the support so the support can't help the adc. That should be a kill right there".

Ganks the rest of the time (Mid and late): "Zac jumps in with elastic slingshot, use your let's bounce and remeber to use unstable matter in between, your team should come and do the rest, if the enemy does flash away or something like that, then just use Elastic slingshot and slow them with streching strike. Should be a kille everytime".

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Different Types of Gankers

Okay there are 4~5 kinds of junglers in my opinion:

(Those who share there jungle with the team, those who invade enemy jungle, those who gank a lot, those who farm a lot in the jungle ~ those who cannot gank befor they are level 6).

Those who share there jungle with team
Okay, every jungler should be able to share their jungle in my opinion, and i mean not only blue and red buff, but also Wraith, Golem, Wight and Wolfs.

If you want to be the share type of jungler, then in my opinion you should also gank a bit more then useual so you do not fall behind.

Those who invade enemy jungle
Okay, first of for my opinion on this type of jungler, i do not quite understand why you would consider doing this, and this is my least favorite type of junglers.

But if you really do desire doing this then be careful as your team to invade and if one says no you shouldn't do it, in my opinion.

If you succeed doing this, then you should focus making that game the living hell for the enemy jungler, by taken almost anything they own and gank them! Tell your team that so they can maybe come and help. If the enemy jungler can't gank proberly and you can, then your team should be gaining such a huge advantage over the opposing lane.

Those who gank a lot
In my opinion these are the best kind of jungler, right after level 2 or 3 they want to gank, I personally let the enemy push if I am in another lane, just so i can get good gank in on my lane.

Those who gank a lot also give other lanes lots of advantages against enemy lanes, which can give courage psychologically to your team mates.

And through ganking a lot, it will give a better chance of having someone on your team to snowball later on in that game.

Those who stays in jungle to farm
This type of jungler is acceptable for some junglers/champions in my opinion, but i still think you should gank a lot to win a game.

Now to know which junglers there is this type of junglers:
(Warwick, Yasuo, Evelyn, Hecarim, Fiddlestick, Fiora, Rengar and Shyvanna)

Warwicks: best ganking ability is his ult Infinite duress.

Yasuo: isn't that great of a ganker he should just stick farming and wait until he has his items ready.

Evelyn: I will admit yes, she can gank earlier, but her gank isn't as powerful as if she is level 6.

Hecarim: Hecarim without a doubt a nice ganker at level 6, but his ganks befor does not have that great consitensy, yeah sure you have a knockback to knock back the enemy, but they will just use flash or kite and it's k for them. So i would rather wait ganking until level 6 as Hecarim.

Fiddlestick: Fiddlestick has a great teamfight ult (Crowstorm), but his ganks befor that is absolutly horrible. The only good thing is his fear, and that's only good when maxed out.

Fiora: She can also gank early on, but her ganks is much safer if she has her ult (Balde waltz)

Rengar: Do i really need to say anything? *Sigh*, okay so Rengar is a fine jungler to take but he needs to either lane gank, or have ult, Rengar can't really lane gank bot because that brush he should stand in is proberly warded. On top There are 3 brushes you can hide in, but also more openings to be seen and top will get the f*ck away, mid not enough range to jump in. The only best option in my opinion is to farm in jungle until you get level 6, or invade the enemy jungler. Rengar is one of the few I recommend you to do invade with, since he is a great 1v1 duelist.

Shyvanna: Her best gank ability is for gank lies in her Dragon form, so farm that jungle like it was BBQ day.



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