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Team Guide by TehBirri

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TehBirri

Some builds on some champions

TehBirri Last updated on March 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my build. This is the builds of the champions that i play most. I usally go with these builds. Im in Silver V at the moment, but im on my way up because of this guide!

I really enjoy playing these four champions because i like having much carry potencial and i really enjoy getting wins :)

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I recently started playing Akali ranked. I have won some games and i have gathered some elo with her. Shes a pretty easy champ with allmost none difficulty.

Combo's: W - Q - R - E for engage or Q - R - E - W for pokes and getaways.

Pros and Cons:
Pros: Easy to play, great escapes, insanely high burst damage, easy to get fed with, high sustain farm and can get played both top and mid, such as Kennen and Rumble.
Cons: Gets focused much, not the best early game, can have a hard time at lanes.

Lategame is where Akali really shines. When you get your Gunblade, Rylais and Warmogs you can pretty much one-shot the ADC and have a ****load of health points. With this build, you can one shot example ad carries and ap carries and if you get really fed, you can easily get pentas with her.

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I have played Garen a whole lot of games, and i have allmost won every of them. Garen is a great champion! Like really, i started playing him at level four and i really enjoyed him. Garen is not much banned at lower elo such as myself, but hes pretty much played.

Combo: Spin to win: Q - W - E as you start spinning - Ignite - R.

Pros and Cons:
Pros: Great catchups, unslowable(Q), great damage early, great damage late, high sustain damage, high farm possibility, easiest champion ingame.
Cons: Hard to get away with, easily kited down.

I dont know any more cons about Garen because he's so ****ing OVERPOWERED. Garen is the easiest champ ingame and hes insanely much played.

Garen's R: Use this to execute an enemy that you see are low on health on about 400 hp. Garen's ultimate is allmost the greatest ultimate ingame.

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I have played Renekton for a while and i have mastered him. He's pretty hard to play but hes really good when you have learned him. Renekton can be played as a bruiser on midlane and a bruiser at toplane. I really fear when i meet a Renekton at ranked.

Combo: Renekton has no special combo but i use to do the: R - W - E - E - Q combo for some insane damage.

Pros and Cons:
Pros: Great escapes, can solo and mid, high farming ratio, high sustain damage, can carry an game.
Cons: Hard to master, can fall off lategame if you dont have enough kills on him.

I really enjoy playing Renekton because he is funny and a bit challenging. Sometimes i can do some bad games with him, but when i do good games, they are really good.

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I have played Nocturne pretty much since i started playing league. When i started i looked at the shop and said: Oh ****! That guy looks cool. Then the next week he was free to play. So i started playing him as a top bruiser but when i came to above level 20 and bought him, i started playing him jungle.

Combo: R - Q - E - AA - AA - AA Nocturne needs a ****load of AA's.

Pros and Cons:
Pros: Can both jungle and top, sweet ganks, paranoia is great, can carry an entire game, never falls off, fast jungle, great getaways.
Cons: Nocturne can be very squishy, pretty easy to counter with a spellshield.

Nocturne is a really skilled champion which can carry games and gather elo. Nocturne is realllllyy funny and can play both my favorite roles: Solo top and Jungle.

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All these champs is great champs. All of them can carry games and win games. Feed one of these champions is a good game. I really enjoy playing these champions in ranked games and gather elo with them.

-Thanks for reading and welcome back to my account to follow some builds ;)
Im out! Peace!


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