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Soraka Build Guide by Audio Tuned

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Audio Tuned

Soraka - Will the real Cleric, please stand up?

Audio Tuned Last updated on January 9, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Info & Intro


This guide is updated as soon as possible, but since I'm also a person who is busy at times, I can only do so much, I apologize if it's not to your standards, however giving feedback to help improve it for others would be appreciated.


12/9/2012: Since the Season 3 Patch, which caused many changes, including new items & removing items such as Force of Nature, many things have needed to be redone, so please be patient while I edit the guide to fit.

The Intro

Hello, & thank you for taking the time to read & check-out my first guide. I'm Audio Tuned, & I consider myself a utility player (someone who covers multiple positions, & fills in the spots that need to be filled.) I chose Soraka as my first build to publish because I found her to be amazingly useful for early game support, & great at annoying the enemy. She has many useful characteristics & I am here to cover them all with you, to the best of my ability. Please feel free to give me any feedback & criticism.

Although after all the patches that effected Soraka, losing her ability to restore her own mana from Infuse, the doubled cooldown for Astral Blessing, you can still find her to become the loathed thorn in the side of the enemy.

In an attempt to find many different paths to build Soraka, I've stumbled across a few routes & endings I personally favored, so allow me to share as much as I can with you all, in hopes you can (not just copy, but) build off & find your own favored paths.
So here you'll see me cut up many chapters into sections that describe that chapters relation to each build. This is so that I can give out the specific information pertaining to each build properly. I'll be sure to break them up into visible sections in case you want to skip certain sections that aren't directed towards what you seek.

What I'll be covering

Invisible text!
The areas I plan to cover are:
Masteries: The paths I enjoy using, & the ones I suggest, along with alternative routes that can be used. Including detailed explanations.
Summoner Spells: Which summoner spells I suggest bringing along, & the ones I really think you should avoid, & why.
Skills: An informative section about each of Soraka's skills & the sequences I suggest investing points into.
Runes: The painfully expensive tier 3 runes that I believe should be invested in, for dedicated Soraka users, & more in-depth talk on the subject.
Pro's & Con's: The ups & downs to using Soraka
Items: A long section about items... Got to love that section
Supporting 101: The basics about Supporting
Early Game Laning: Helping take care of that early game lane control

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Pros& Cons

Quick Note

Yay for this
Here are some details I need to give out before you continue on. As far as pro's & con's go, there are many of both, but I'm just highlighting a few I know well. Don't use these as a guideline to decide if you should or shouldn't choose this character. If you'd like, at the end I'll give detailed Pro's & Con's at the end of the guide.

Pro's & Con's

+ Extremely strong early game support & sustain
+ Best Healer in the game
+ Ability to give mana to allies (without using mana to cast) makes early laning easy on partner
+ Infuse has low CD, restores ally MP, silences enemies, no MP cost
+ Starcall debuff, & CD can annoy enemies
+ She is very annoying to the enemy, & that's just fun
- Low damage early game, & if full support, won't be expected to cause much damage
- Terrible farmability without Starcall (expect almost zero farm for a while)
- Lacks CC that's often looked for in support
- Easy to gank if left alone
- Easier to chase down than others
- Cooldowns are pretty long until higher level with good CDR gear
- Often focused, even more so when extra squishy

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Spells

Flash is just a necessity spell, its useful for all characters. In the case of Soraka its found most useful escaping the enemy. I'd always consider bringing this along just in case. Remember if you're using it, chances are the enemy is too, so know when to flash & where.

Dem Heals
Make Rage
A support's common spell, Exhaust is used for many purposes. Mostly to keep the enemy from getting away when you & your ADC is are going in for the kill.

A debatable spell; Clarity can be found useful during the early game, when you want to control your lane by outlasting the enemy. Soraka uses a decent amount of mana, so having this as a safeguard can even become helpful late game, although not as likely.

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Here's a pretty tricky section to write about. Mainly due to the fact that there are so many different ways to look at how you set up your mastery. Nevertheless this is a crucial point in building not only Soraka but all other characters.

One of the few characters I use that has a focus in Utilities, Soraka is really reliant on the CDR bonus as well as the starting gold & gold gained over time, that is awarded from focusing points into this category. In short: Utility gives Soraka's much needed Cooldown Reduction + Gold Gained Per 10 Seconds (since a supporting Soraka won't be seen farming much, this is crucial for building)

However a Soraka playing Mid can take the utility route, but I strongly suggest focusing 21/0/9 instead. Due to the problem with Soraka's early game, her damage is pretty pitiful at the start, however Starcall is a formidable foe.

Build 1


I don't feel like going too deeply into this section, just because it's something I feel like I'm repeating over & over, but here goes:
Summoner's Insight in build 1 is pretty important, sure its seen in tons of builds, but I don't think it's appreciated as much as this build uses. The 15 second reduced cooldown time on Flash, can come in handy for those life or death, kill or be killed, moments you see so often, it's pretty well-known already, & I had already explained Flash in the previous section. However here's a kicker to having this mastery, the 20% increased mana restoration it gives Clarity, can become very useful (not just you, but your allies as well.)
I'll breeze through the masteries from here on out, just to give you all a break from my extensive typing.
Having Expanded Mind & Meditation can become really under-appreciated at times. As Soraka you'll find the amount of mana used, can really add up fast, so having some increased regeneration & max MP are an appreciative part of this build.
Here comes a big one, Greed & Wealth are a core piece of this build. The fact is, you won't see much farming (thats putting it lightly) when supporting as Soraka. The starting gold gained from Wealth may not seem like much, but when you're starting with 475, & given 40 more, thats a 12% increased start amount, which helps buy the Regrowth Pendant, & a pot/ward on the side. I don't think I need to go into much detail about Greed since gold per/10 seconds (or GP/10) is crucial if someone cannot gain gold from farming. Here's some math, 2 GP/10 alone will earn you 12 gold a minute, thats alone, without counting in the gold per second amount, or the amount from equips like Philosopher's Stone. Trust me it'll come in handy.
Now for Awareness , this one's simple, & I love it, you gain an increased % of Exp, & since Soraka needs to level fast to be able to heal more, & become a larger pain in the rear for the enemy, it's a useful mastery. Obviously the dent won't be large enough to be really noticeable by others, but it can always be the difference between saving a teammate or not being able to heal them enough to keep them alive.
Intelligence & Mastermind , at first I got Mastermind confused for giving 15% CDR (period.) However it turns out when I inspected it further, it was to summoner spells, which obviously is useful for those long CDs on Flash/ Clarity. Now here's the annoying part, Intelligence gives 2/4/6% increased CDR. The crown of all Soraka builds, is her CD, and I'll have said this over and over throughout this entire guide, so yeah, no surprises in that matter. The goal is 40% CDR, since that's the cap (no exceptions,) its vital to reach that number. Having an increased 6% means from equips, all you need to do is reach 34%. You'll understand soon enough why I am so picky about this.

Build 2


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Skill Sequence

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