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Teemo Build Guide by Thraximus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thraximus

Splitpush Tankmo Top

Thraximus Last updated on August 29, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 6

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 6

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

Threats to Teemo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Aatrox Playing vs. Aatrox is a piece of cake his low hp + your high early game poke = no farm for him,and he is heavily AA oriented so for him rankling Q a bit more than usual is ok.
Vayne Playing vs. Vayne is a practically free lane,you outrange her so you will be able to poke her more than she can you you can blind her so she can prock her silver arrows ,just be careful not to stay near walls and the lane should be yours.(as a small addition you can buy a pink for when she ults)
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Cheat sheet

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Hey guys,welcome to my tank teemo guide.I playtested this build in over a hundred games,and after a lot of success with it i'v decided to make a guide on it.Its my first guide so any feedback is appreciated.With this build Teemo is a slippery split pusher whose job is to mainly get towers and keep the enemy team occupied(which he can do because the enemy team would need at least 3 champions to catch you if you play properly).
FYI to pull this build off you need to be able to kite efficiently.

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Pros / Cons


+ Easy escape with proper setup
+ Good trading early game
+ Immense slows late game
+ Hard to kill
+ Can kite
+You aren't useless when behind
With this build Teemo excels in split pushing(because of the Zz'Rot Portal and the Banner of Command),and he has fairly good dueling due to his high kiting capabilities(after Rylai's Crystal Scepter).If properly set up with his Noxious Trap's he has an easy escape route so he can afford to push towers deeper in enemy territory,and your high health/resists let you survive a surround of 2 or 3 enemy champions long enough to get away.


+ Easy to get ganked pre-LVL6
+ First power spike after 2 items
+ Low damage if not ahead
+ Not the best at team fights
The enemy team will be able to gank you fairly easily before you get your Noxious Trap because of the lack of dash-like spells.Many top laners will get their power spike before you.You will probably have lower damage than the enemy top laner unless you are way ahead.In a team fight you wont have much impact unless the enemy focuses you or you manage to lure them throw your Noxious Trap's because of your lack of damage.

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Mastery choice

6 in Offense 6 in Defense and 18 in Utility

sp E
//You use this mastery setup in order to increase your sustain and survivability because Teemo doesn't have any innate tank stats,and to help out with kiting by getting the tenacity and attack speed increase.

Q: Why don't you go 12-0-18 or 0-12-18?
//I don't think that 0-12-18 is worth getting.
Spoiler: Click to view
As for 12-0-18 its valid mastery as well but the focus of this one is to give you more lane sustain using Feast and Secret Stash together so you can push/farm for longer periods and push out your lane rather than using the bonus spellvamp and damage from Vampirism and Oppressor from the ferocity tree in order to fight


In the Ferocity tree you take

tier 1 mastery Fury This masterygives you bonus attack speed witch in turn increases your overall damage output
tier 2 mastery Feast helps with sustain because every 30 seconds when you kill a minion you get 20 hp.

In the cunning tree you take

tier 1 mastery Wanderer for a little boots it out of combat speed
tier 2 mastery Secret Stash for more lane sustain as it replaces Health Potion with a Total Biscuit of Rejuvenationwitch has a longer heal duration and gives 15 instant health and 15 bonus mana for a little extra lane sustain.

In the resolve tree you take

tier 1 mastery Unyielding because it gives you bonus armor and magic resist
tier 2 mastery Tough Skin ,its useful in the early game because it blocks 2 damage from every auto attack your enemy hits you with.
tier 3 mastery Veteran's Scars this one is very simple,it gives you a 50 Hp increase.
tier 4 mastery Insight This one is very useful since it lowers the cooldown of your summoner spells by 15%.
tier 5 mastery Swiftness This one increases your tenacity (crowd control lasts less),and your slow resist.
tier 6 mastery Grasp of the Undying This mastery applies an on-hit effect on your next basic attack after you spent 4 seconds in combat.The on hit deals damage equal to 3% of your max hp and heals you for 1.5 % of your max hp.So the more health you have the more damage you don and the more you get healed.

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Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
  • *You use the AP Quints to be dominant early game, since you are a ranged champion and most other top laners aren't you will be able to get a lot of free damage on the enemy laner forcing him to play more and more passive thus losing a lot of farm,and be able to trade later since the enemy top laner usually hits his power spike earlier than you.
  • *The explanation above applies here as well.
  • *First off:Why take seals of scaling armor instead of the normal armor seals?Well that's because the scaling ones equalize with the ordinary ones at LVL6 after that they get stronger and stronger compered to the ordinary ones every level.As for why do you take armor seals at all ,its pretty simple,with this build your main goal is to zone your opponent,farm up and take the towers,so you want to be able to survive and stay in lane for as long as possible,and the second reason is that if you want to fight,since your damage is pretty low,you have to kill them rather slowly witch means you have to be able to survive a prolonged fight.
  • *The point of these runes is to make the most of the AP that you do have since you wont have much.

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Summoner spells

You take teleport for top lane so you can keep pressure on the enemy top laner and keep zoning them from their farm,and the second use for teleport is global presence eg. teleporting to the dragon to turn the tables of a fight in your teams favor or something along those lines.

Flash is one of the best escape tools available in league of legends,it can help you survive a tough gank or it can secure you a kill that you otherwise wouldn't be able to get.

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Champion Abilities

Ability order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Toxic Shot is the ability you max first to compensate for the lack of damage due to the lack of AP in early game,and with that increase your bully potential.

Move Quick is the ability you should max next,because of the movement speed you get out of it its a perfect escape(in combination with Noxious Trap)when split pushing but be careful to always make and escape route because when caught it might be hard to get out.

Blinding Dart is the ability you max last in most cases because it wont be dealing very high damage due to the lack of AP in this build,and its used mainly for disruption.(In some cases you should consider adding a few points to Blinding Dart early to prolong the blind,but that should only be done when A:very behind to give you some more safety, and B:if your opponent is someone who's whole damage output is based around auto attacks)

Noxious Trap is Teemo's ultimate ability and it should be leveled whenever available to enhance its throw range,lower recharge time and increase its slow.

Ability explanation

camouflage Teemo's passive is camouflage,if you stand still for 1.5 seconds without taking damage or atacking you become invisible.If you move you become visible again and get bonus attack speed for the next 3 seconds.If you are in a bush you can move freely without losing stealth.
//You can use your passive to ambush your opponent on your lane,or stealth in your teammates bush to turn the tides on a battle your enemies might think favourable for them.

Teemo's Q is Blinding Dart,its a lock target projectile that blinds its target upon impact rendering the enemies auto attacks useless for a short while and dealing damage in the process.
//It can be used to stop on-hit effects other champions have,like Renekton's or Leona's stun.

Teemo's W is Move Quick.It passively grants him movement speed if he hasn't taken damage from enemy champions or turrets in the last 5 seconds.When activated the bonus is doubled for the next 3 seconds and is not lost when taking damage.

Teemo's E is Toxic Shot,it gives you bonus magic damage on your basic attacks, and applies a poison on the target dealing damage each second for 4 seconds.
//Its very useful versus Illaoi as it lowers the duration of your soul if she manages to take it constantly.
]// it can stop Malphite's passive from forming if you time your attacks well.

Teemo's R is Noxious Trap,you place a mushroom at a target location that becomes armed and invisible after 1 second ,when an enemy champion or minion walks on it,it explodes poisoning and slowing all enemies in the blast radius for 4 seconds.
//Its a great tool for getting vision as it reveals an area around it and lasts for 5 minutes.
//It can save you from otherwise deadly ganks by slowing incoming enemies and alerting you to their presence.

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Starter items

Why do you take Cull?
Cull is a pretty underrated item in my opinion.Its very useful for builds/play styles that focus on farming/pushing more than fighting. Admittedly the stats aren't too good (7 damage and 3 health on hit)but in the long term you will have more gold than the enemy laner since every minion kill gets you +1 gold and after 100 minions you get +350 so at that point it payed itself off then you can sell it and everything you get from selling it is a profit. Alternatively you could start with ether a Doran's Shield or Cloth Armor and Health Potion's.i just found that this works best for my playsyle.

Core items

The Zz'Rot Portal, Boots of Swiftness and Rylai's Crystal Scepter are the core items of this build,in this segment i'l explain why used these items.

First the Zz'Rot Portal this item is the first item you get because its great for pushing OR holding your lane and gives you a lot of tank stats(magic resist,armor,health regeneration),another up side for starting this item is you can start building it with Chain Vest for armor or Negatron Cloak for magic resist depending on the enemy in your lane.

The Boots of Swiftness are the best boots for this build because they are the boots that give the highest movement speed of all boots (not counting Boots of Mobility because you need speed while under fire).Alternatively you can get Mercury's Treads instead but i prefer these ones for kiting purposes.

The Rylai's Crystal Scepter is the item in this build that gives you high kiting capability with the slows,lots of HP and give you damage to fight with your enemy laner.

Situational items

You should get this item when you really want to focus on pushing it gives you decent defensive stats as well. Don't get this item if you are behind because the enemy laner probably wont let you use it.

When buying this item make sure you have the minimum Hp required for the passive to activate or it isn't worth so fast(you need 3000 when the item is finished).This item is very useful when pushing or sieging because you can afford to poke the enemy champion that is under the tower fall back a bit, regenerate your health and repeat eventually you can drain their mana,and poke their hp down.It can help when defending as well since the enemy would want to do the same thing to you but your health wont be a problem so you wouldn't have to go back to base as much.

This is an item that you get when you are ahead,it lets you take down an enemies armor for your carry and gives you move speed for kiting,its not an item you should get early game with this build.

Buy this item if the enemy team is heavy AD or one of their AD champions is fed in order to shut him down.It gives you a lot of armor, is fairly cheap and returns damage from enemies.(be sure to buy more for health for Thornmail to be more effective)

Take this item if the enemy team has a fed AP champion or a team with many AP champions(Example:Top Malphite,Jungle Elise and Mid Viktor),as it gives you a lot of magic resist and can block an incoming spell.You don't need to buy it if they have nether of these to.

This item gives a good bit of health and armor and is useful when chasing down opponents because of its AOE slow and it lowers enemy attack speed.

It gives you nice nice stats but the best part about it is the kite potential it provides.It is good for chasing, and it might be good for players who don't set up a lot of shrooms to fall back to because you can kite with basic attacks.

It gives you a lot of Hp but you shouldn't get it unless the enemy is always on top of you since the point of the build is not to let the come that close,but it can be good for when you are behind.

They are a viable alternative if the enemy team has a lot of hard CC.

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Laning phase

During the laning phase your job is to be as annoying as possible try to zone your enemy by punishing him every time he tries to farm and make sure not to miss your farmthey way you get fed with this build/play style is to have a BIG CS lead over your enemy 20-30 + at least .If you are in a favorable matchup aftery level 6 you should shroom the river and secure an escape route and then push his tower (for 2 reasons first,obviously you will get a turret at some point but most importantly the denying him farm and gaining a bigger and bigger lead).On the flip side if you are in an unfavorable matchup you should freeze the lane if you can,try not to fall behind in farm and wait for a gank.
If the enemy goes to roam you should do one of two things
1: start hard shoving his lane and make him come back or lose a tower
2: if you think you can get there in time and you are ether as strong OR stronger you can follow him.


In the part below i'm going to explain where to shroom in order to be safe while pushing.

Outer turret

When pushing the outer turret you should consider where to place your zz based on if you are ahead or behind. You should place shrooms in case an enemy tries to gank.If you are pushed right to the enemy tower its a good idea to put shrooms behind you on the lane so you can escape if something happens.
(the red are the usual shroom locations and the blue are for when you pushed up a lot)
For red side just reverse the zz locations ,shrooms still apply

Inner turret

When trying to push the inner turret you have to be even more careful and create an escape route for yourself,and when placing a ZZ'rot decide if you want an aggressive one or a safe one based on if you can defend the aggressive one since it does have a 90 sec cooldown.

For Blue side

(the red are the shroom locations)These are just some locations where its good to place the shrooms you don't have to put on on every spot i marked.

For Red side

(the red are the shroom locations)These are just some locations where its good to place the shrooms you don't have to put on on every spot i marked.

inhibitor turret

Finaly the inhibitor turret when trying to push this one play safer than ever since its the most important one and has the highest chance of enemies contesting/ganking it ,especially since its in their territory .

For Blue side

There is no real "safe" place to put the zz this time so put it where you are more comfortable with.
(the red are the shroom locations)These are just some locations where its good to place the shrooms you don't have to put on on every spot i marked.

For Red side

There is a safe zz on this side but it isn't gonna push a lot on its own because by the time the voidspawn will be very low by the time they get to the inhibitor turret.
(the red are the shroom locations)These are just some locations where its good to place the shrooms you don't have to put on on every spot i marked.

Mid/late game

Generaly during the mid/late game your focus will be on split pushing your or your teammates lanes.By doing that you will divert the attention of the enemies so your team can take other objectives effectively making them choose between the too so for you its a win/win scenario.When it comes to team fighting Teemo isn't the best the best way to ensure you are useful in a fight is to preemptively place shrooms so the enemies step on them, take up as much damage as you can and if you can zone out the enemy adc from the fight by harassing him and blinding him.Or if you cant reach the adc then try to defend your own adc by blinding,and engaging anyone trying to go after him.

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As i said this was my first guide and i hope it was a good one.I would like to again encourage anyone to give me any feedback(by feedback i mean something constructive please just saying "its bad" or "it sucks" wont help me at all)

I'd also like to thank jhoijhoi and her "Making a Guide"it helped a lot.