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Teemo Build Guide by krishtNA

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League of Legends Build Guide Author krishtNA

Summoning Satan : All Roles (Guide+Build)

krishtNA Last updated on June 23, 2017
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Threats to Teemo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Darius Rush MS Boots and keep poking him . Dont let him heal of his Axe
Garen Start Boots + Pots . Do NOT let him get near you . Play hyper aggressive . Start Zhonyas

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Who am I and what does this build focus on ?

2. Pros & Cons
What are the Pro's and Con's of playing Teemo ?

3. Masteries
Worthless and not upto date :(

4. Runes
Explanation of runes

5. Abilities
Explanation of abilities

6. Builds Explanation

7. Teamfighting
How to teamfight with Teemo

8. Shrooming
Locations for placing shrooms

9. Shroom Baits
Clever Usage of Shrooms and Baits

10. Item Analysis
Situational Items and etc.

11. Rabadon's Deathcap vs Void Staff
Some math about the confusion on what item to choose

12. Controlling Tilt / Manipulating
Reducing tilt and using your opponent's tilt to your advantage

12. Summary
Summary of the guide

Hello my name is krishtNA and im another one of those Teemo lovers out there (Not in the enemy team T_T ) and Teemo was my first main and will always be my favorite.
I play at Garena (Pfft...) and you may catch me playing some normals as im always testing new builds.
Enough said about me ,
This Teemo guide focuses a lot on the build and less on the skill (Since Teemo is just easy to play and doesn't have much of combo's or such. You Blind + Shroom + Auto and you wreck people)

PS:The items/build guide is no longer accurate(since I have stopped playing LoL). However one can grab the idea of playing and building items on Teemo by reading this guide and the explanations that have been given . You do not need to follow this build to the heart .It is you who will play the game and your decision to build however you want .This guide is only a suggestion that will help you play Teemo in a more effecient manner along with a few tips that can greatly affect matches.


+ Extremely Effective On-Hit Build with insane sustain

+ Shrooms are good for health.

+ Insane Map Control with shrooms

+ Has a Global Taunt can be used to bait towards shrooms

+ Cute.


- Squishy early game

- Requires some knowledge and skill on Kiting , Poking and Zoning

- Has a Global Taunt that can lead to level 1 cheese ganks from the enemy jungler

- No real escape mechanism (W is not so OP)

- Can be CC'ed real hard




Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

  • Greater Seal of Armor: The Armor Seals are standard on any champion and Teemo is a champion who needs to survive the early game .These are essential no matter what
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: Teemo is a ranged champion , thus having only 30 MR through out the game . Without building any MR items and Mages running rampant with 30+ Mr Pen , you will be taking true damage from mages and will be deleted in many scenarios .
  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed: Gives a good 13.5 Attack Speed . You may take AD Quints if you feel you need those to last hit easily .
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Allows you to last hit creeps easily .

Alternative Mark Runes

CamouflageCamouflage : You turn invisible
This passive is a tricky one to use. You can use this to escape ganks and cheese kill junglers in their camps.It gives you up to 80% AS on coming out of invisiblity which can really be used to surprise - assassinate people

Blinding Dart : Makes the enemy miss their AA's
The blinding dart allows you to turn the tides of the battle . It makes champions like Master Yi and Tryndamere useless lategame for 2.5s . If used precisely , it can be used to win 1v1 battles early game . It also resets your AA timer

Move Quick : Well , its called Move Quick :/
Grants % Movement Speed passively until taking Champion or Turret Damage . When activated gives 2x % Movement Speed for 3 seconds . This skill is powerful late game allowing you to escape fights and chase enemies down . The passive is a huge bonus but you need to avoid getting damaged to not lose it .

Toxic Shot : Adds a DOT to your AAs
This ability is the reason why most toplaners (Fk u pantheon) are afraid of Teemo . It applies a DOT that deals damage and provides exceptional harass early game . Late game it might just be enough to kill enemies escaping with a sliver of HP

Noxious Trap : Satanic Shrooms
I dont think there is any expalantion I need to give about this ability . Im pretty sure all of us have died walking over a Shroom while escaping . These traps or shrooms give so much map control for Teemo allowing him to control Epic Monsters like Dragon , Baron and Rift Herald . It can also be used to protect yourself from ganks by shrooming the lane entrance .

Jungle Teemo

! Teemo Jungle is a Huge Risk !

  • Start with gromp smite it , then lvl your Q , go and kill the blue.
  • Next , do your Red (When you reach the red , you must have another smite charge so use that to get your Health back up). If you are on low health recall and continue to farm and Gank with Stalker's Blade .
  • Some people think clearing Camps with mushrooms is good but NO
    do not do it.You will be better of placing the shroom somewhere else to provide vision.

Satan can Tank

  • Although Teemo has no natural tankiness , with this build Teemo can go a Semi-Tank Shredder with lots of mobility from his W
  • In teamfights you just do your job and tank most of the damage.

Tank Item Analysis

Simply destroys other tanks and active also steals movement speed.

Gives you some kiting potential and a slow so you can chase more easily

Whats a shredder build without Wit's End.Note that it STEALS 5 Magic Resistance on-hit

If you need more attack Damage and want to become a full Shredder.

Get this if they have AA based champions like Yasuo or Jax .

This item simply gives you more HP and 10% CDR and you are sure to get Warmorg's Heart with the tank build.If you get low , just step out with your W and heal of using the Warmorg's Heart and step back in again.

AD Carry Teemo

This might be problematic since people will tell you to go APC and not ADC.

NOTE : Teemo has low range and he is squishy and has relatively low range so you may have to play passive early levels.

But then since we have a blind and enough Magic Damage from auto's (50 at max rank On-Hit) why not play ADC.

Here is one of the matches:

You have to pick between 2 items for this build which are : Runaan's Hurricane and Frozen Mallet

If you want 2 extra bolts , Attack Speed and more Crit Chance

If you can Kite people down , then get THIS.If you can't kite then dont get this.But if you get this you can just Kite the opponent down very easily

Satan is now Support

Note : If you do plan on playing support your ADC might flame you as he "might" have had some bad experiences AGAINST a Teemo. So you have to do your best.

Why play Support Teemo ?

  • Well its simple , Teemo has a BLIND with him that completely shutdowns ADC's and post 6 he has shroom's that give so much Vision through out the game.

How to play support Teemo

  • Don't just spam your Q on the enemy ADC , wait for the right moment and Q when you want to engage.
  • Shroom all entrances to you lane first so you can ensure that ganking becomes hard.
  • Now with this setup , we have 45% CDR and 290 AP. This means you get a mushroom every 11 seconds that deal 600 DMG (at max rank ) a.k.a an exploding ward that stays for 5 mins EVERY 11 secs . This is the key to getting Vision on almost the whole map . On top of this your blind is a 2.5s CC and goes on a 4.4s cooldown !

    Another important matter is that through out the laning phase you will have to poke the enemy down so as to get gold from you Frost Queen's Claim

Here is another screenshot to show you the result of this build :

(Note that I have more money than Swain who has more kills and cs as I abused my Frost Queen's Claim )

Some people say Teemo is useless in team fights but with the Runaan's Hurricane and Hextech Gunblade , You now can focus multiple targets apart from blinding the adc and also have some sustain .
With this AP build carrying hard as Teemo is no problem

Although there are a few things that you can also do in teamfights
  • You can shroom the lane of the team fight so your team mates can escape safely after a team fight.
  • You can try to throw or bounce a shroom into the enemy team if they stick together
  • If they are pushing as a team , shroom the sides of the lanes


For "Only Blue Team" shrooms, that indicates you are pushing out as blue team and spending time on their side of the map. If instead you are defending more as blue team (purple is in your jungle), use the "Only Purple Team" shroom setup instead.

All credits goes to EV UTDZac for making this map.
PS:Only for beginners who dont know where to shroom.

The more shrooms you have one the map , the more you can lure your opponents into.
If your opponent is smart he will not chase you but if he is raging / underestimates you , just lure him into some shrooms turn back and Q and AA and there you go another kill.

Inhibitor Lure

If your team has an inhibitor that is not destroyed and you know that the enemy team is pushing to come and get it , You can Shroom near the inhibitor(3-5 shrooms) and go INVISIBLE.Once they step on it they will lose chunks of their HP , then you pop out and start attacking them and get some kills.
Please do note that you may lose the inhibitor in this process

Base Defense Lure

If the enemy team is pushing down a lane where the inhibitor has been destroyed and is hoping to end the game , Shroom the entrance to the base and go invisible in the entrance . When the Tanks , Bruisers and Supports etc of the enemy team go in the frontline and engage , the ADC stays at the backline (which happens to be near the entrance where you went invisibly) and dishes out damage on your team . During this period of time , you get out of camouflage and kill the ADC down with AA-Q-AA-AA-... along with Hextech Gunblade .
Your team thus receives a major advantage and will win the teamfight .

Pink Ward Lure

Place a pink ward at the border of the bush in such a way that the ward is not inside but its outside the bush but on the border and Shroom heavily around the ward and go invisible inside the bush.

When a enemy sees the ward , he will try to destroy it and will go near it but then boom your shrooms explode and you can pop out and kill him.

Please do note that you have to predict your opponents movements / bait him.
Also note that this trick may not work more than once.
This trick is also useless against ranged champion T_T

Dealing with Gap Closers

Are you annoyed by blinks and gap closers ?
Feel annoyed when that Lee Sin Q's you and gets back to safety without getting hit ?.
To counter this , you will have to shroom the place you are standing in so that when they reach you , they get rekt by the shrooms.
Repeat this 3-5 times and from then on , they will think there is a shroom at your location and wont blink to you thinking there is a mushroom at that location.

The item is one of the best items for Teemo.
Now you can heal massive amounts of your autos , Q and Shrooms. You can rush this first if you need Lane Sustain

If you get a big lead ahead , buy this item to completely faceroll on your enemies . This is one of the best items that gives you a huge spike but It shouldnt be picked up early when not snowballing due to its price .

Pick if you need both Ability Power and Magic Resist and some CDR
If the enemy ADC is doesnt build MR , with Liandry's , Sorcs and the abyssal scepter you are literally going to deal True Damage.

If they have heavy burst champions and you need Armor

Gives you some burst and makes your shrooms more effective

Gives you more DPS from your Auto's .Recommended

Gives you some burst , mana and CDR

Get this if the enemy has lot of life steal and Healing (Ex:Mundo,Tryndamere and basically anyone who has 30%+ life steal)

R.I.P Enchantments .

Rabadon's Deathcap vs Void Staff

There is a lot of confusions / opinions about choosing one item over the other . However there is no clear instance where one item deals more damage than the other

Here is a table comparing 2 scenarios of the enemy having 150 and 100 Magic Resistances.

  • If your build is heavily based on Shroom placement and you rely on your Shrooms to deal significant damage , then Void Staff is the perfect item for such a build .

  • For the Semi-AP On Hit build Rabadon's Deathcap is preferred over Void Staff . Only get Void Staff if 2 or more enemies have 150+ MR .

  • From the chart , it is safe to assume that Rabadon's Deathcap and Void Staff produce the same damage output at 100-150MR (disregarding shrooms) .

  • So prefer Rabadon's Deathcap over Void Staff as Rabadons gives you more AP thus helping with Waveclear and enables you to take down turrets faster (50%AP is dealt to towers ).

NOTE : Data taken on the table has been modified accordingly with +30mpen from Sorcerer's Shoes , Liandry's Torment.

NOTE2 : Most tanks disregard MR (except Galio) and build usually 1 MR Item giving them around 150 MR .

Handling Tilt

Tilt is something common among st almost all LoL players .Everyone gets tilted in a while.

In my opinion ,tilt only pulls you down more as it clouds your ability to think .Remaining tilted will help nobody but the enemy .Do not blame anyone or any event and minimize the tilt no matter what happens .

If you want to play LoL ,you need to keep on thinking logically to bring on the maximum out of the situation(whether losing or winning) you are in .

How to deal with Tilt ?

  • Meditate (No seriously ,it helps a LOT when trying to concentrate. If you are going to do meditation ,do it properly .Just closing your eyes and thinking about LoL will not help you )
  • Play a different gametype/game, do something fun that will help you forget about what you are tilted until you are ready to dive back in.
  • Play with a friend
  • Get off your computer; watch TV, sit outside for a bit, eat something and take your mind of LoL.
  • Take a nap .
  • Exercise. Probably the best way. You’ll feel great about yourself, and it will take your mind off of League for a bit. Even if it’s only for a few minutes it will work .
  • Literally anything besides playing League will also help .
  • Keep your team together ,do not let them fight . If A calls B a noob , remind A that he too was once a noob and B is also learning the game.Applies to you too.If someone actually better than you calls you a noob ,accept it (it will be hard to accept it,however it is worth it) remind him that he too was once a noob and did not magically turn into a good player .

Using tilt* as a weapon ?

*The enemy's tilt

  • If tilting is bad ,letting your opponent know that you are tilted is the worst .
  • If your opponent is making stupid or unreasonable decisions then you your opponent might is tilted .
  • If your opponent whines about his (or) her teammates ,it is a clear indication of tilt .
  • To make your opponent more tilted ,use taunts and laughs(more effective on teemo than any other champion) and sometimes chat taunts .
  • Inducing tilt in your opponents will enable you to lure them into your shrooms more easily.They wont think and will step into any trap that you have planned in advance .

Playing it dirty ?

/all chat is the key here

This part might be against the ethics of many people but it is very effective .

Stirring up fights in the enemy team can help you in unimaginable ways .

  • Finding the victim is the first part of this process .The victim is someone who is usually tilted .
  • The perfect victims are players who uses /all chat to blame their teammates and to justify that they are better and are being pulled down by their teammates .
  • You can stir up fights by pointing out mistakes the enemy team makes .Eg :Pointing out mistakes made by the enemy support to a tilted adc who is tilted(or) feeding will turn the
    adc into a perfect victim .
  • Stirring up fights within the enemy team will make more players tilted .
  • Try your best to manipulate the enemy team in any way possible given the opportunity .

Teemo is one of the champions out there who is flexible enought to play at any lane.
Some people think Teemo is toxic but Teemo is fun to play.

If you are fed as Teemo and you know to shroom effectively then there is pretty much no way the enemy team can win.

NOTE:Don't Always stick to this build , sometimes you have to modify the build accordingly to your lane match-ups