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Ashe Build Guide by Gusicles

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gusicles

Support Ashe: Tickle Me Harder

Gusicles Last updated on April 23, 2014
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Ashe Support

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey! I'm Gusicles and I'm a Support Ashe player. I have to say that I've tried all the ins and outs of Support Ashe, so I know what works and what doesn't. I've made this for other support players or aspiring support players to inspire them to try Support Ashe. The potential for plays is large, and the viability is huge. I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions you have. Thank you!

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Pros / Cons

These are the pros and cons there are to playing Support Ashe. Make of them what you will!

+ Good Harass
+ Long Range
+ Good CC
+ Good Utility
+ Versatile

- Quite Squishy
- No Escape
- No Heal
- No Buffs

Ashe has many strengths and weaknesses, but knowing how to make the best of them is essential for successfully tickling your opponents with Support Ashe. Lets get into more detail now.

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Summoner Spells

The usual summoner spells for Support Ashe should be:

Exhaust and Flash

Exhaust is taken because even though Ashe already has many innate slows, the added CC is great to secure a kill. I find that many times your slows just aren't enough to shut down champions with leaps such as Kha'Zix or Aatrox. Flash is taken because Ashe is very squishy and otherwise has no escapes. Plus, it can be used to catch up to champions too far to slow or tickle. However, there are other alternatives.

Viable Alternatives


Ignite can be used to reduce healing effects on a champion, which can be used to secure a kill if against a champion such as Soraka or Sona. Additionally, it can be used to secure a kill if the carry is unable to.


Heal can be useful since Ashe has no innate heal. It can be used in clutch situations to save the carry or yourself. However, I feel that it is overshadowed by Exhaust in usefulness.


Teleport can be a great spell, if used correctly. It can be used to quickly get back to lane and not lose experience or gold. Additionally, it can be used to join your team if they're in a bad situation.


Ghost can work to catch up to champions running away from you, or to run away yourself. It is probably better for gap closing than Flash if you're not afflicted by CC.

Don't Take These


Clairvoyance should not be taken because Ashe already has Hawkshot, which with enough cooldown reduction serves the same purpose.


Clarity should not be taken because Ashe should not have any problems with mana due to Tear of the Goddess and Manamune.


Revive should not be taken because it is greatly overshadowed by the other summoner spells. I don't think there are any situations in which it would be useful anyways.


Barrier should not be taken because Support Ashe has no use for this other than soaking up damage. While it is true you are squishy, it is hugely outclassed by other summoner spells.


Smite should not be taken because isn't viable at all. You can only tickle minions with this. Don't ever even think about using it.

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Gold Quints

Greater Quintessence of Gold lets you accrue 3 gold per 10 seconds. Along with Greed , it becomes 4.5 gold per 10 seconds. This adds up fast, and lets you buy core items early. Many argue that Support Ashe should take Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage, but I find that the poke damage is sufficient with the Greater Mark of Attack Damage.

Armor Seals

Greater Seal of Armor gives you 13 armor. This is enough to not suffer from the opposing carry's attacks as much. It is essential for Support Ashe, because you'll often find yourself taking damage when you try to harass and tickle the enemy.

Magic Resist Glyphs

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist gives you 12 magic resist. This is enough to lighten the opposing support's harass and some of the carry's skills. Like Greater Seal of Armor, it is needed because you might take damage when you try to inflict damage.

Attack Damage Marks

Greater Mark of Attack Damage gives you 9 attack damage. This is enough to increase your poke and tickle damage to the opponent. Coupled with your passive Focus, you can inflict some major harass. This is completely essential for any Support Ashe.


Greater Quintessence of Gold

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

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Ashe has a very interesting kit, that used to its full potential can turn out amazing as a support. She has great harass damage, crowd control, and utility; all great attributes to have in a support. Many question her viability but her abilities speak for themselves! So let's discuss her abilities in more detail.


The passive, Focus, is excellent for Support Ashe. It gives Ashe stacks that accumulate if Ashe is out of combat; once they reach 100, her next auto attack is certain to critically strike. Since you shouldn't be in combat much, the stacks add up quickly and give you 100% critical chance for one auto attack. In the laning phase, it is crucial to attack the opposing carry when Focus is up. The damage is huge, especially at early levels.

Frost Shot

The Q, Frost Shot, is Support Ashe's bread and butter. It is a toggle that adds a slowing effect to Ashe's auto attacks. Once you get Tear of the Goddess, you should leave this Q on at all times. Early game, it can be used catch up to an enemy that's running away, deny the carry farm, and kite the enemy while running away. Later game, you can toggle it on in teamfights to disrupt enemy carries from engaging or running away. It is truly what makes Support Ashe so great at tickling your opponents all game long.


The W, Volley, is a great for Support Ashe. It sends 7 arrows in a cone, dealing damage to each enemy hit. It can be used to harass the opponent or further slow a fleeing enemy. Early game, it is a method for harass that's relatively easy to hit. However, it loses its damage mid game, but can be useful for slowing enemies and causing minor damage in teamfights. Late game, the damage is increased once you have damage items. It is enough to almost be like a normal carry; just don't steal any kills!


The E, Hawkshot, is a great utility ability for Support Ashe. It sends out a scouting hawk to a location, revealing the path it takes for 5 seconds. It can be used to check a suspicious area in the fog of war, much like Clairvoyance, but with range. Its usefulness is consistent all game long; your enemies will never be able to sneak up on you.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow

The R, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, is a marvelous skill for Support Ashe. It sends out an arrow of global range, that on hit stuns the enemy for 1.5 to 3.5 seconds; depending on how far it has traveled. Along with Frost Shot, this is what makes Support Ashe wonderful. It can be used to secure a kill or to stun an enemy chasing you. Early game, it does enough damage to chunk an enemy and ensure a kill for your carry. Late game, it is amazing in teamfights to shut down bursty enemy carrys such as Graves or Lux.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Volley is maxed first because you want to be able to harass the enemy all throughout the laning phase, and this provides enough damage to do so. Frost Shot is maxed second to increase your slows and therefore make you more effective in securing kills. Hawkshot is maxed last because it is good enough with one point and isn't as important as on Support Ashe as harass or crowd control.

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Starting Items

Since the start of Season 4, Support Ashe has become a lot stronger with the addition of Ancient Coin. It grants you 2 gold for every minion death in lane, and coupled with Scavenger , it ends up being 3 gold per minion death. This is huge! It allows you to get gold and build up Focus to later harass the enemy. Stealth Ward is crucial for any support to ward and gain vision in the fog of war. It can be used to get awareness of enemy ganks or objective attempts such as baron nashor or dragon . Health Potion is needed to regenerate back some health when you've taken enough damage. However, if you play smart, you cans start with Mana Potion and increase your harass early in the lane.

Alternative Starting Items

This is the alternative start for Support Ashe, and can work just as well or better in certain situations than the normal start. Faerie Charm is taken over Rejuvenation Bead because of the mana regen it gives; good for when you are spamming Frost Shot and Volley. This start also allows you to get more Stealth Wards, which can be used to more appropriately ward the map than the normal start. Additionally, the extra Health Potions and Mana Potions give you unmatched sustain. However, the gold accrued by Ancient Coin is what overshadows this starting build.

First Items

These are the items you should take first when playing Support Ashe. Nomad's Medallion is the upgraded version of Ancient Coin. Along with greater regeneration, it increases the gold accrued per minion death to 4. Therefore, you will gain 5 gold per minion death. Boots of Speed is a simple item; it lets you move faster. You will need this to get to lane faster, run away from enemies, or catch up to enemies that are escaping. Tear of the Goddess is a great item for Support Ashe. It lets you spam Frost Shot and Volley all you want without worrying about mana. It's a great item for her kit.

Alternative First Items

Chalice of Harmony serves the same purpose as Tear of the Goddess, but gives you nice magic resist as well. You could take this against a carry with hybrid damage such as Varus or Ezreal or against a support with magic damage such as Lulu or Sona. Boots of Speed is again, a given, due to the speed it gives you. And Sightstone is nice for the small but decent amount of health it gives you, but more importantly the 4 Stealth Wards it gives you that recharge with every visit to the shop.

Core Items

Talisman of Ascension is the upgraded version of Nomad's Medallion. It adds a hefty 20% cooldown reduction, greater regeneration, gold regeneration, and has an active effect that increases nearby allied champion's speed by 40% for 3 seconds. This is great for catching up to enemies or running away, and works great with Frost Shot and Volley. Berserker's Greaves increase your attack speed by 20%, which increases the amount of Frost Shots you can shoot at an enemy per second. Manamune is the upgraded version of Tear of the Goddess, which gives you attack damage equal to 2% of your maximum mana. This item is great because while you spam your abilities, your attack damage also goes up to inflict more harass damage to your enemies. Locket of the Iron Solari gives nearby allies 20 magic resist and 10 health regen, and has an active that shields nearby allies for a decent amount. It is a must on any support for the extra stats it gives to your teammates, cooldown reduction, and tankiness.

Alternative Core Items

Mikael's Crucible is the upgraded version of Chalice of Harmony. It adds magic resist and has an active that removes debuffs and heals an allied champion. This item is amazing for saving an ally in a dire situation. Using its active and Frost Shot to slow an enemy will most likely save a fleeing ally from certain death. Boots of Swiftness greatly increase your speed and give you a 25% resistance to all slowing effects. It can be used to chase or run away faster than ever, making sure no one can run or catch Support Ashe. I take this instead of Boots of Mobility because the speed isn't lost once entering combat and the reduction on slows makes you better for running and chasing anyways. Ruby Sightstone is the upgraded version of Sightstone that gives more health and increases the amount of Stealth Wards to 5. Again, it's a great item to ward key locations and grant vision to your team. As I mentioned earlier, Locket of the Iron Solari is a must have on nearly every support, so be sure to take it.

Finishing Items

The Black Cleaver is an amazing item for Support Ashe. Not only does it give her some health, damage, and cooldown reduction, but it gives her an armor pen debuff that your whole team can take advantage of. You need to make sure to use this during teamfights; where it could make or break the outcome. Infinity Edge is a great damage item that increases your critical chance. The only reason behind this is to increase your damage enough to almost match a carry, which gives your team an advantage in teamfights because your damage output will mot likely be higher than the opposing support's damage.

zeke's herald
Alternative Finishing Items

As I mentioned beforehand, The Black Cleaver is a good item because of the armor pen debuff it gives. zeke's herald is a great item for Support Ashe because it gives nearby allies 20 attack damage and 10% life steal, as well as having 20% cooldown reduction and a bit of health. zeke's herald really helps your carry by giving them an extra boost, which gives them a more powerful presence in lane and in teamfights. Overall, a great item for Support Ashe.

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  • Areas marked in red are spaces you should definitely ward, at all costs. These include the bush in river, dragon , and baron . Most junglers will go through the bush to gank, so putting a ward there will alert you of their arrival. dragon and baron must be controlled to alert your team if the enemy is attempting to gold or buffs, respectively.
  • Areas marked in yellow are spaces you should think about warding. These include the tribush and both bushes at mid. Many junglers gank through tribush to avoid going into the river bush, however, if you've warded tribush as well you can still be alerted of the gank and escape in time. The bushes at mid should be warded if enemies are missing in action when your team is pushing the lane. It can alert you of enemies waiting to close in on your team.
  • Areas marked in blue are spaces you might want to ward. They are at ancient golem and elder lizard . You can ward here to protect your buffs and keep track of the enemy's buffs; knowing their status can give your team an advantage.
  • Areas marked in green are spaces that are situational to ward. They are the two bushes at bot lane. You should definitely ward these if the enemy support or carry is hiding in them, especially champions such as Blitzcrank, Thresh, and Leona.

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Varus is a great champion to play alongside Support Ashe. He has a long auto attack range and great harass; coupled with Ashe, the poke damage will be unbearable to the enemy team. His ultimate, Chain of Corruption goes really well with Enchanted Crystal Arrow, and can almost guarantee a kill.


Ezreal is a great champion to play alongside Support Ashe. He relies on harass but can also be very bursty; which is a playstyle magnificently aided by Ashe. A quick Mystic Shot coupled with a Volley is enough to keep the enemy on their toes. Additionally, you can use Enchanted Crystal Arrow to let Ezreal aim a perfect Trueshot Barrage.


Corki is a great champion to play alongside Support Ashe. He is very bursty and has high mobility; which is paired up great with Ashe's crowd control. You could fire an Enchanted Crystal Arrow and attack with Frost Shot while Corki catches up with Valkyrie and bursts them down.


Graves is a great champion to play alongside Support Ashe. His burst damage is insane, and is heavily aided by crowd control. Buckshot and Volley are both cones able to hit multiple people, which can be used to your advantage. A nice Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Frost Shot, Quickdraw, Buckshot, Collateral Damage combo will shut down any enemy for sure.


Caitlyn is a decent champion to play alongside Support Ashe. With Caitlyn's and Ashe's ranges being so high, the opposing team will have trouble tickling you. You can also land an Enchanted Crystal Arrow to make sure Ace in the Hole hits.


Lucian is a decent champion to play alongside Support Ashe. His damage is very high and can deal a surprising amount of burst. You can fire Enchanted Crystal Arrow and Frost Shot to make sure your enemies can't get out of The Culling.


Sivir is a decent champion to play alongside Support Ashe. Her damage is huge with Boomerang Blade, which can be easier to hit when the enemy is slowed by Frost Shot or Volley. Talisman of Ascension coupled with On The Hunt will make you faster than a speeding Teemo.


Tristana is a decent champion to play alongside Support Ashe. Her range is large and she has good harass, much like Ashe, as well as having good mobility from Rocket Jump. With enough Volley and Explosive Shots, you can go in for the kill with an Enchanted Crystal Arrow and Buster Shot.


Twitch is a poor champion to play alongside Support Ashe. He has little to no synergy with Ashe and is greatly overshadowed by other carries. Hope that you can harass enough with Volley and expunge.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a poor champion to play alongside Support Ashe. She has little to no synergy with Ashe. You could probably send an Enchanted Crystal Arrow to keep enemies in the range of Bullet Time.


Vayne is a poor champion to play alongside Support Ashe. She has not much harass or burst. Just hope you don't feed.

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Laning Phase

During the laning phase, your objective as Support Ashe is to harass the carry, disrupt the enemy's farm, and secure kills. If you successfully reach these objectives, your experience as Support Ashe is certain to be a success. There are many ways to harass the enemy carry, and you should know when to use what to deal some good damage.


This is the basic harass method with Support Ashe. Toggle on Frost Shot and wait for Focus to guarantee a critical strike to attack the enemy carry. It can also be used to disrupt the enemy's farm by slowing them enough to miss creep score.

-> ->

This is the best harass method you can pull with Support Ashe. Toggle on Frost Shot and wait for Focus to guarantee a critical strike to attack the enemy carry and immediately after shoot a Volley. Try to position yourself in a way where the enemy cannot respond with harass of their own. Again, it can also deny farm by slowing them enough to miss creep score.

-> -> -> ->

This is the best method for securing a kill that Support Ashe has. Toggle on Frost Shot and continue to hit the enemy carry. Send out a Volley to further slow them and follow up with an Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Once they are out of stun, once again toggle Frost Shot and send Volley to slow the enemy down to secure the kill for your carry.

-> -> ->

This is the best method for securing a kill if you're somewhat far away. Use Enchanted Crystal Arrow to stun the enemy and Flash to be in range of Volley and Frost Shot. Continue to use Frost Shot and Volley until the kill is secured. You also don't have to waste flash if you feel you can get there on time.

A great thing about Support Ashe is that she can secure a kill from anywhere on the map. Carefully aim an Enchanted Crystal Arrow and let your carry do the rest.


During the teamfighting phase, your objective as Support Ashe is to single out enemy carrys, deal decent damage, and slow anyone you can. If you successfully accomplish these objectives, your team will have a great advantage in the teamfight.


It is important to remember that if you take The Black Cleaver, it is crucial to use Frost Shot as much as you can on important targets. With five auto attacks, they are debuffed for -25%% armor; a very significant amount.

Volley is a cone, so it can hit multiple targets at once. Try to position yourself in a way that it would hit multiple people, for maximum effectiveness. It has a low cooldown and mirrors the slowing effects of Frost Shot, so it can also be used to slow fleeing/chasing enemies.

-> ->

Enchanted Crystal Arrow stuns the first target it hits and slows nearby champions for 50%. It is crucial to aim this at important enemy carries to shut them down. Nearby enemies will be slowed, so you should follow up with a few Volleys and Frost Shots.

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Well, that was my first guide ever. I really hope you learned something from this, and I appreciate any constructive criticism and suggestions you might have! Special thanks to Tan, Boris, Poke, Hocan, and jhoijhoi.

Remember, play Ashe and get cash.