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Syndra Build Guide by DJ Potato Bread

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DJ Potato Bread

Syndra - Wreck Everything in Sight

DJ Potato Bread Last updated on January 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Yo, whasup guys and gals (everyone loves a gamer girl ;D) This is DJ Potato Bread, bringing you my first ever guide on mobafire. I'm fairly new and this guide was a pain in the arse to make, so enjoy at my expense! After you read this, comment, like it (hopefully), share it (with good intentions in mind) tell me if i did anything wrong or if i need more.

I picked up Syndra a while back, thinking her as a mediocre mid-lane tramp. Then as I started practicing her, she really started to shine. Honestly one of the most fun champs ever in League of Legends if (emphasis on IF) played correctly.

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Pros / Cons


-very good early game (using my runes and assorted masteries)
-amazing farm with a quick Dark Sphere and Force of Will combo
-excels at disrupting in teamfights and picking off squishies
-You smash noobs on the head with your great black balls...'nuff said


-Squishy early game (using my runes and masteries)
-Sometimes focused if the other team is smart enough
-mana hungry early game
-relies on dark sphere for everything

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My runes are set for optimal wreckage of faces from Alistar's ugly *** mug to Ziggs and his weird googly-eyes.

IF the rune page is all completed, you should have

-26 Ability Power
- + 17 Ability Power (at level 18)
-7.8 Magic Penetration

this is good early game if you pick up a Sapphire Crystal and need to make up for any AP that you might of had if you picked a Doran's Ring

Runes are always and entirely interchangeable, other possibilities are:

-Magic Resist (per level)
-Mana (per level)
-Mana Regeneration (also per level)

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Very standard 21/0/9 for an AP mid champ. Not a lot to say here really. The Offense tree is just a little icing on the cake of your early game pimping and the other 9 in utility is mainly just for mana...again, not much to say.....moving on

You could also go 9/0/21, if you want to get an advantage in the laning phase. The Utility skill tree offers many experience buffs that could aid your passive

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Skill Sequence

Your main focus for Syndra is to get your passive Transcendent ( <--i hate this passive, remind me to tell you about it later, ok?) Max Dark Sphere as fast as possible because it is the (i'll go so far as to say) essence of Syndra. As the Dark Sovereign of all genitalia, you have to use all black, spherical, flaccid objects at your disposal. Force of Will and Scatter the Weak are only ways to manipulate the dark spheres, so you can interchange them to your hearts content. Depending on how you play, you could max either one last. I'm a fan of Force of Will Because it gives you early farm, the leisure of harassing, and the fact that if you get Tear of the Goddess You have to spam to get Seraph's Embrace. And if you're not brain-dead stupid like most people, you'll get Unleashed Power at levels 6, 11, and 16.

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If you're new to Syndra, of you haven't been paying the slightest attention to the guide because you'd be thinking "oh, hes just another tool trying to make a guide" or "this guys a f*cking idiot, who'd get Archangle's Staff" or some other blatant remark that i don't and wont care about, tune in about now; If you are new to Syndra nd you care about the opinions of others, you will heed my warning that Syndra is HARD AS SH*T TO PLAY AS, IF YOU DON'T PRACTICE AND COME *****ING BACK TO ME, I WILL ASK "DID YOU PAY ANY ATTENTION TO MY GUIDE?" So pay attention....

Rule 1: THE DOCTOR LIES Syndra is 999.2% dependant on her Dark Spheres to be of any importance to the team.

Rule 2: Read over Rule 1 until it is dug into that thick skull of yours

Rule 3: Syndra's abilities revolve around manipulation and control of Dark Spheres

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Skills (Actually)

Passive: Transcendent is one of the worst, most boring passives I've ever seen in League of Legends. Basically if buffs all your skills when at Rank 5:

-Dark Sphere- dishes out 15% more damage to enemy genitalia-wielding champions
-Force of Will- Increased slow duration by 33%
-Scatter the Weak- Width increased by 50%

Transcendent gives no advantages early game, and sometimes you will neglect to get a point in another skill just to get that Dark Sphere up to rank 5 (True Story)

Q Skill: Dark Sphere is a fairly mid-ranged spell that conjures a large, black ball sack on that targeted location. An Area Of Effect (A.O.E.) spell, damaging anyone in the vicinity of the spell when cast. This skill can be used in the Fog of War or over walls but doesn't grant sight vision

W Skill: Force of Will is one of the more in skills in League, and really separated the good from the bad when it comes to Syndra. You can grab enemy minions, neutral monsters (GOLEM SMASH) or an existing dark sphere and allows you to slam that ball in more peoples faces for a short period of time.

E skill: Scatter the Weak can either be a mediocre escape mechanism or a long range stun and/or epic escape mechanism. You send a pulse in a cone (similar in size to Mordekaiser's Siphon of Destruction that pushes enemy minion/champions or neutral monsters back a short ways. OR, remembering Rule #1, if a dark sphere is present in the are of the pulse, it will shoot out, damaging and stunning anything in its path. It takes a lot of practice to get good at this technique

Ultimate: Unleashed Power takes your default 3 dark spheres and all those on the field at the time and barrages the target. A good thing to remember is that unleashed power does more damage depending on how many dark spheres are out on the field.

helpful combo: Dark Sphere -> Force of Will -> another Dark Sphere -> (for the fancy advanced tactical people) Scatter the Weak -> Dark Sphere -> Unleashed Power

there are many different types of combos for Syndra, just go out there and experiment for the best one!

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Summoner Spells

Ugh... Summoner spells are a pain...fine

Most people (including me from time to time) will use Flash and Ignite because its basic and does the job well. Yet there are always alternatives

The Good

Basic summoner spell, useful for mostly any champion (always exceptions) Good for running away or securing a kill

Good for (again) most champions, personally not my forte for syndra but whatever, its still a great spell

I dont know why, but this is a very underrated spell, a personal favorite for mid-lane mages, if you run low on mana and getting pushed, gives a significant amount of mana in emergency situations

The Bad

It would be a good spell for Syndra as it lets you line up for a good combo, but Force of Will is already a significant slow and fairly easy to land + its a wider range

a very underrated spell but not that bad, grants about 5 seconds of sight anywhere, has only a 55 second cooldown, and is basically unlimited sight wards. Though should only be used by supports

I've never used this spell in my entire time playing League so I know next to nothing about it, though since you're ranged, with flash, you shouldnt need to have it

Not a bad spell, but you really dont need it with an ap mid, there are better spells

Basically the same as teleport, not bad, but there are better, its not as good as flash and both allow you to secure kills

The Ugly
*in orange because orange is one of the worst colors ever....personal vendetta*

.....seriously? i hope to god that no one uses this, hell, i dont even know what it does. Its a terrible spell, never should be used by anyone, end of story

smite is only for junglers, if you have this and you're an ap mid, your a dumbass...

only good for trolling, not a bad spell (unless youre taking the game seriously) but definitely not for a mid

the same for revive, i will find and kill the one who says that surge is good...

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-Sapphire Crystal + 2 potions of you're choosing (recommend hp)
-Doran's Ring
-Amplifying Tome + potion
-Boots + 3 potions


- Tear of the Goddess

Good for early game to start up on getting those stacks up

- Kage's Lucky Pick

Gives some Ability Power along with bonus gold gain

- Hextech Revolver

Good for that Spell Vamp.

Other options:

- Blasting Wand

Basically you will need a lot of these...

- Giants Belt

A bit of extra health and a start for Rylai's Crystal Scepter

- Chalice of Harmony

Only good for its passive, good for mana regen.



basic boots for mages, gives some magic pen. along with the runes and masteries


A must have for any AP Mid champ, great passive, allows for combos and catching up to secure kills


A great item for casters, gives more mana for spells cast, allows for spamming :D, and transforms!



Good defensive item if they have some tough AD champs, pretty cool active effect



such a great item, gives so much AP


Decent item, sizable amount of AP, but i get it for the Cooldown Redux


Great item, lots of AP and a good amount of Spell Vamp + Spell Vamp Aura



Great item, gives AP and Magic Resist while reducing Magic Resist of all enemies around you


Its an o.k. item, gives some health and AP along with some magic pen. Very impressive passive, a mix of Brand's Blaze passive and Talon's Mercy passive

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Early Game

So early on, you basically want to farm. Use Dark Sphere (hopefully this is your first pick) near the back of the wave(s) so that you can [hopefully] get the enemy mid in the A.O.E. repeat process. Hopefully you will farm enough and harass he enemy mid so you have some time to buy sh*t. Early game must-haves are Tear of the Goddess and Kage's Lucky Pick. Get some boots if you have the cash but you dont need them yet. Once you have some AP on you and hopefully 3 (if not all 4) spells. Start harassing more with a Q -> W combo or stun with a Q -> E combo. When you get all 4, the rest is history.

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So, I hope you liked the guide, Like this sh*t and share it with yo friends. Get everyone to see it...EVERYONE. Again, its only me first build, so if you see flaws, tell me or if you just wanna chat, put an entry in the discussion column. If you want more, tell me and ill add more. Hope you start to like Syndra, or if you're looking for a new AP mid, look no further.