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Shyvana Build Guide by Reaver328

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reaver328

Terror of the Lane Build

Reaver328 Last updated on October 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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There are those few dragons in Runeterra who have mastered the intense magical energies that course through their unique anatomies, evolving into an elusive Celestial Dragon. These powerful and enigmatic creatures spend most of their time hidden away from the lands of men. However, there are those who find themselves drawn to civilization and who take on human forms to immerse themselves in the world of humans. Occasionally, one finds itself drawn to the spirit of a human and they have relations. Sometimes, in the slimmest of odds, the union will bear fruit and that offspring will be one of the few half-dragons to have graced Runeterra. Shyvana is one such creature, born to a simple Demacian farm-girl and her Celestial Dragon father. Left to be raised by her mother, her oddities were something that couldn't be hidden from her community, though she was protected by her family. Once her family had perished in disaster, she was left alone for the first time - truly alone. Shyvana quickly became an outsider and it wasn't long before the community's fear began to put her in danger. Facing mortal danger at the business end of an angry mob, she was rescued by the traveling noble, Jarvan Lightshield. The noble was a man who strangely knew exactly what she was and took her under his wing. It wasn't long before she was offered a chance to use her natural skills in the service of Demacia, as Jarvan initiated her as one of the elite guard. Following Jarvan into the League of Legends was only natural.

Shyvana is a fierce warrior, with the blood of one of the most powerful magical predators in all creation flowing through her veins. Unlike some of her fellows, she is a subdued personality - somber, cool, and collected. However, when the moment strikes, her draconian heritage manifests and there are few that can stare her in the eyes and not feel the primal urge to flee.

''By the blood of my father, I will end you!''
- Shyvana

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Special Thanks


- Thank you for the fist comment and the creative criticism. It was a great help.

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I am Dovahkiin !

Hi, this is Reaver328 and i hope to explain and show you the way i play Shyvana as well as some of the tricks and tactics that you can use to better your play-style. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question (: I'll do my best to explain my reasoning or improve any suggestions to the page with full credit given.

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Pros / Cons


    Versatile Ult. that can be used for ganks, esacape, assassination, and team fights.
    Good armor and magic resistance
    High AoE damage
    Attacks grant extras to abilities
    Good maneuverability


    Very little crowd control
    Little harass
    Gets targeted quickly when using ult. (go figure...)
    Horrible against ranged Champions


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I play Shyvana offensively.


Greater Mark of Attack Speedx 6
This will give you an extra 5.1% attack speed

Greater Mark of Attack Damagex 3
This will give you an extra 5.7 damage


Greater Seal of Attack Speedx6
This will give you 4.56 attack speed

Greater Seal of Attack Damagex3
This will give you 1.29 damage


Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reductionx9
This will give you 8.1% Cool-down Reduction at level 18


Greater Quintessence of Life Stealx3
This will give you 6% physical life steal

Every attack Shyvana makes with her basic attack, the more buffs her abilities get. This is why i go with the mix of attack speed and damage. The Vampirism when paired alone with the Wriggle's Lantern gives you an early 18% life steal a hit.

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This mastery build will give you:
3 damage
4% Cool-down Reduction
4% Attack Speed
10% Armor Penetration
.5 Damage a Level
10% Critical Damage
3% Lifesteal
1.5% Damage
6 Armor Penetration
6% Damage increase to champions under 40% health
Reduced time on Recall by 1sec.

This build helps to stack both with the runes and with the item build that is advertised in this guide.
Things to note are the:
9% lifesteal now granted from start.
Damage increase to injured targets, this makes assassination easier if played well.
Armor penetration

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Item Sequence

Boots of Speed

Cloth Armor

Madred's Razors


Wriggle's Lantern

Berserker's Greaves


Phantom Dancer

Regrowth Pendant

Force of Nature


Long Sword


B. F. Sword

The Bloodthirster
Doran's Shield:475$
The extra health is nice and the regen will come into play for holding your lane and not having to recall as often. Just remember that without the boots you WILL BE slow. Play defense and farm over going for the kill yet.

Madred's Razors:1000$
This gives you better farm with its passive ability as well as damage and armor. I go Cloth Armor first but the Long Sword would work too. Now from here you can rush into the Wriggle's Lantern for the early Sight Ward and lifesteal or build into...

All attacks of Shyvana use attack speed for bonuses. Zeal gives a boost to the attack speed as well as a slight increase in movement speed and builds in the Phantom Dancer

Berserker's Greaves or Ionian Boots of Lucidity:902$/1050$

Berserker's Greaves: The cheap increase in attack speed is useful as well as the movement bonus.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity: Because of Shyvana's abilities use no manna they are easy to spam. The Cool-down Reduction helps for an all around purpose. When Paired with Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reductionx9 you end up with 15% + .45% per level. If you jungle blue buff will give you an additional 20% resulting in a 43% Cool-down Reduction at level 18.
15%+8.1%(lvl. 18)+20%=43.1%

Negatron Cloak:740$
+48 Magic resist can be traded with Chain Vest for +45 armor.

Wriggle's Lantern:600$
Build was explained earlier as to why. If you didnt rush it earlier buy it here or wait some more to buy Madred's Bloodrazor. Waiting though can leave you vulnerable and without the benefits of the lantern. Generally, only get this if your fairly ahead and sandwich the Blood razor in somewhere ahead.

Phantom Dancer:1650$
Amplifies the effects of Zeal drastically. The 12% movement speed makes assassination easier when paired with her Dragon's Descent. The massive ATS. helps alot(55%) and the 30% Critical Chance can allows you to deal massive damage.

Force of Nature:1870$
Built from the Negatron Cloak. This gives a solid Regen boost giving her back over 17 hp/sec. The Movement bonus allows her to chase down almost ever character in the game with over 250 movement speed. When coupled with her Burnout you will reach past 350 movement and if amplified with the Cool-down Reduction will allow rapid movement across the map.

This is the first damage item you really get with her. The damage +50 coupled with splash 50% will catapult your farm and it stacks with her Twin Bite too dealing extra splash damage to every enemy around. Also extra hp/sec.

The Bloodthirster:3000$
Biggest damage item she gets. Buy the B. F. Sword sword first. This will give an extra 12%-20% lifesteal depending on stacks and an extra 60-100 damage which also depends on stacks. When combined with everything else this gives you 33%-41% lifesteal
6% Greater Quintessence of Life Steal+ 3% Vampirism Mastery+ 12% Wriggle's Lantern+ 12%-20% The Bloodthirster


Thornmail: 2000$
Builds off of the Chain Vest. This would be useful against a heavy AD team with the 30% magical return of damage.

Madred's Bloodrazor:2800$
This is best for mid to late game. The passive bonus to your attacks is a god send especially paired with the high attack speed of this build. Every hit does 4% of the targets health. This will quickly rip a tank or high health character to shreds; Because it takes percents of the characters health magic res. items do not effect it.

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Skill Sequence

Twin Bite: This will be the second thing that you put a point onto. Her q can be used quickly after a basic attack to reset the strike counter giving you another free attack. Stacks with Tiamat splash damage.
After Burnout this is the second skill you will max out.

Burnout: The is her bread and butter move. The very first ability you get and max out. You get attack speed and a nice movement bonus that can be extended for 6 seconds with her basic attack to a maximum of 9 secs for the duration. This skill is also useful for farming and for escaping a gank or enemy as well as locomoting the map quickly.
Max this ability first with respect to her ult.

Flame Breath: This is Shyvana's "poke". It is able to harass enemies and lower their armor and magic resistance. I do not build into this at all. The is an Ability Power fueled ability of Shyvana her others rely on the damage to up their power. Neat tip: when you basic attack an enemy that has been hit with flame breath it does Damage Over Time based on a percent of the damage delt.
This is the last skill you max.

Dragon's Descent: This is what makes Shyvana Dovahkiin and unique. Her ult. hurtles you in a set direction upping your armor and mag. res. bonuses x2 as well as giving your abilities new powers. Her Twin Strike hits everything in a wide arch in front of her, her Burnout leaves a trail of fire on the ground damaging enemies touching it and her Flame Breath pierces through everything in a wide arc in front of her marking all of them.

The versatility of this ability is invaluable. To start it is powered by rage which is passively gained slowly at 1 per 1.5 sec or at 2 an attack. This is where the attack speed is the most useful. Try to save it in a battle till you either A. actually need it to secure the kill B. have to escape quickly C. Team Fight/ PvP.
You can use this as an assassination tool. As they are running away from you low on health, Dragon's Descent can be used to quickly catch up and mop up the kill for the team that would have been lost otherwise The damage of the leap is decent and upped by a percent of your bonus damage and along with the Executioner will make for easy turret dive before dashing away with Burnout with little damage taken.
When escaping use Burnout to leave a fiery trail that quickly discourages would be pursuers. You can also use this ability to jump over walls just like Flash.
The Descent of the Dragon has knock back which can free up suppressed party members from attacks like Infinite Duress. When in a team fight you can use Burnout before over the entire team dealing damage to all and pushing them back at the same.
There is also a unique taunt that can be used while in this form. When in game press enter then type /t this will display the animation.

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Summoner Spells

I take the straight offensive route with both Ignite and and Exhaust


The damage is great for those last moment kills that are getting away without having to resort to Dragon's Descent. True Damage is not blocked by any resistances so it will do the amount of damage that it says on the ability.
The slow is essential for ganks and support and the damage reduction is great against AD characters. I generally take this along with Ignite


Great for laning. You are able to recall home and teleport back before they even knew you were missing giving you an advantage as well as allowing you to assist teammates across the map.
This is an absolute for jungling with anyone. I would pair this with Exhaust to allow you to gank an enemy without them running away before you can make the kill.
Would be a great escape or movement tool. The Speed bonus would put her to almost 600 movement speed when paired with Burnout and Force of Nature. This is unnecessary for the most part although removing the unit collision is always helpful. You could use this along with Smite to let you close in and chase down an enemy champion during a gank if you don't have exhaust.
Never ever ever a bad idea to have. It teleports your character a set distance in the direction your mouse if facing. You can either initiate or escape with this move and you can move through walls.

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When farming without worry your Burnout is amazing. Go behind the row of melee minions and activate Burnout to hit bot the melee and the ranged minions simultaneously. Twin Strike can be used to almost instantly kill a minion that has been already damaged by your attacks and Flame Breath is great for siege minions. The armor and mag. penalty will make them take more damage and paired with the bonus for her basic attack on marked targets the minions will quickly provide the extra gold.
Be careful with using Burnout when there are enemy champions around as it is crucial to her pvp power.

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Tips and Tricks

Burnout works with her 33%-41% lifesteal to give you back health and damage to give the ability extra DPS. At max build and level this will give back 85+5 (259*.02)* 33% = 27.9 health/second/enemy - resistances. This is without either the damage or life-steal stacks given to The Bloodthirster per kill

Burnout should be activated before using your ult. This will put fire over the distance she leaps effectively allowing you to napalm an entire team with the fire that lasts 5 seconds as well as damaging them with the leap itself which does 200/300/400. Without resistance this is equal 850 damage withing 5 seconds without a single Auto-Attack.

Tiamat's splash damage applies to twin strike allowing you to do solid damage to any enemies grouped near you.

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When starting from Blue get a leash and go for Blue Buff. Getting a leash helps ALOT. From here travel to the wolves then to the other Golems and after to Lizard Buff from here either Recall or go for the Wraiths.
From here you need to either Gank or Counter-Jungle.
When setting up for the gank Make Sure your team-mate knows you are there. There is nothing worse than a failed gank because you were to hasty or the target wasn't set up properly. Pressing G then clicking your map target will set off a target ping while V will set a caution/fall back ping. These signals are invaluable.

Setting up wards is essential to survival when both Jungling and Counter-Jungling as well as preparing for/ preventing ganks. Make sure to place them along your path to show you when either a creature has spawned or if an enemy is preparing an ambush, both of which are the key to winning or failure. For ganks the bushes along all lanes are the best bet and offer the best sight range. If applicable it is also a smart idea to ward both Dragon and Baron to prevent any nasty surprises.