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Sejuani Build Guide by NbClKaiZer

Jungle The cold does not forgive! - Sejuani Jungle Guide

Jungle The cold does not forgive! - Sejuani Jungle Guide

Updated on April 12, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NbClKaiZer Build Guide By NbClKaiZer 52 4 117,467 Views 3 Comments
52 4 117,467 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NbClKaiZer Sejuani Build Guide By NbClKaiZer Updated on April 12, 2020
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Font of Life

Zombie Ward
Ultimate Hunter

+8 ability haste
+8 Magic Resist
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Jungle Role
Ranked #45 in
Jungle Role
Win 51%
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Jungle Role Ranked #45 in
Jungle Role
Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

The cold does not forgive! - Sejuani Jungle Guide

By NbClKaiZer
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
    About my humble self and my deep OTP connection to Sej.

  2. Pros & Cons
    General summary of Sejuanis strenghts and weaknesses.

  3. Runes
    Metadiscussion about why I picked these specific runes and which others are viable.

  4. Items
    Comprehensive explanation of the presented items and possible adjustments to their build order.

  5. Abilities
    In-depth spotlight on Sejuanis abilities.

  6. Jungle Pathing
    How to start and move around on the rift.

  7. Conclusion & Credits
    Well... conclusion and credits sums it up pretty much...

  8. Changelog
Hi, I'm ΚαΐΖεř from EUW and recently made my way into Plat 3, so that I'm willing and confident to start writing guides on the champions I've been playing alot. Welcome to my very first attempt at that.

Since I've started playing League of Legends around the time it became free to play, I spent most of my competitive days as Marksman , Support and Jungle .

While I only started maining Sejuani in Season 7 I've found alot of success on her, striking a well above average KDA and a great winrate in Season 8. I generally feel very comfortable on her, making her my primary champion whenever I have to more or less blind pick.


great engage tools
great kite and peel tools
mobile and built-in slow resist
very tanky
decent base damage


outduelled by most bruisers
relies on teammates damage
no tools to avoid vision
average clearing speed
no built-in sustain
  • Aftershock: Pretty much a straight forward choice for Sejuani. It augments her tankyness by further buffing up her armor/mr and basically our whole ability kit can procc it.

  • Font of Life: Another easy choice here that also proccs with all our abilities. Since both our Winter's Wrath and our Glacial Prison have area of effect slows, we can easily mark multiple enemies and hence help our team sustain when stuff gets serious.
  • Conditioning: Another rune I consider straight forward, synergizing well with our passive and our keystone. Bone Plating just doesn‘t seem rewarding for a tank, as it only reduces three attacks from one isolated enemy and has a high cooldown. It might help in jungle duels, but we really want to focus on teamfighting.
  • Overgrowth: This one might be a little more open to different approaches and consideration. I prefer overgrowth because it adds to our HP pool, which makes us even tankier and synergizes with our other high defensive stats. Unflinching seems like an overdose since we already have built in slow resistance and in most games will go for Mercury's Treads as well. Revitalize can be an option if you have alot of shields and heals in your team.

  • Zombie Ward: I‘ve taken the Domination path here rather than Precision as most other Sejuani players do. Playing as Jungle , I love Zombie Ward for the additional vision control it allows, especially when combined with Oracle Lens. We can acvtively abuse it to know exactly where the enemy jungler is and make better decisions wether and when to counter gank, invade or cross-map-play.
  • Ultimate Hunter: Our ultimate ability Glacial Prison is one of the most reliable hard engage tools the game has to offer. It has a huge range, is not too hard to hit, completely stuns down its main target and slows down everyone else in a pretty big area. Getting extra cooldown on it feels really nice and allows to force favourable engages and picks more often.

  • Precision: As stated above, most Sejuani-Players use this set as their secondary runes. Most widespread to pick up here are Triumph and Legend: Alacrity. The first gives us access to some sustain whenever an enemy dies in the fight. However, I find Sejuani to be tanky enough and the only place where I really miss sustain would be in duels against the enemy jungler, Triumph does not help us here. Legend: Alacrity gives some attack speed which means faster Permafrost-Stacks. In early game you won't notice the 3%, in late game your jungle clearing is fast enough without it and in teamfights you can only procc your stacks once, we can do that fast enough with Winter's Wrath or the help of other melee champions.


Ninja Tabi > vs. basic attacks
As described in the notes within the build section, I only recommend these boots when you really do not need any tenacity, i.e. there‘s no or hardly any hard CC in the enemy team, but alot of AD/auto attackers. Even when the enemy team is AD-heavy, as long as there his hard CC, I prefer Mercury's Treads, since there are more than enough substitutes for the Ninja Tabi.

Mercury's Treads > vs. crowd control
In 98% of my games I run these. I consider it to be one of the best MR item in the game, simply because its the only item that really gives tenacity (outside of Quicksilver Sash, which is not for us tanks). Not being pinned down by hard CC is essential not only for squishies. Who will protect your carry when you're rooted in place?


Stalker's Blade > Default
This is our default option when it comes to upgrading our Smite. While it might seem overkill to get yet another slow into our kit, it can really help at times to keep fleeing enemies in range for a second Arctic Assault or as an additional gap-closer until we can land a Winter's Wrath.

Skirmisher's Sabre > vs. Bruiser/Duelists
If you‘re concerned about a strong duelist like Udyr or Master Yi invading and pushing you away from your camps and want to get an extra edge against them, Challenging Smite can do that job. Though you‘re usually strong enough to contest the monster kills without it, else you can just peel away and go for a cross-map.

Randuin‘s Omen > vs. Crit
This will often times be the 3rd item (e.g. after finishing Enchantment: Cinderhulk). However, in the current meta there are quite some ADCs who do not build much crit, so it might be viable to delay or even skip it. A good approach here is to get Cloth Armor and Giant's Belt early on and if you do not see or expect crit soon, finish any other item first.

Iceborn Gauntlet > when ahead
This is a great option both when you had a good start in the early game as well as when skipping Randuin's Omen. It offers a nice amount of armor and adds another lingering slow and a bit more burst to our kit, which gives us more punch when duelling squishies.

Frozen Heart > vs. autoattacker
This item is one of the major reasons why I dont value Ninja Tabi remotely as much as Mercury's Treads. If you‘re up against autoattackers, the unique aura it applies does not only protect yourself, but your whole team. Autoattackers are not only ADCs, but also champions like Master Yi, Jax or Kayle.

Thornmail > vs. autoattacker
Also a very much viable option against squishy autoattackers (people like Jax won't notice it), though somewhat less gimmicky for your team. I only pick this up if I dont need MR at all, but another armor item.

Adaptive Helm > vs. DoT/Spam Mages
The absolute go-to-choice when playing against a Mage who uses damage-over-time effects or spammed abilities, such as Teemo or Cassiopeia. The flat 20% damage reduction cannot be countered by their Void Staff so you will be a real menace to them when charging into their face.

Abyssal Mask > augmenting your Mages
Got more than one AP user in your team? Then this item is more than worthy to be picked up as your MR choice. The 15% debuff from magic damage will really hurt the enemy when your Lux, Karthus and Orianna get wild.

Spirit Visage > additional MR and health
If the other two MR choices don‘t seem viable due to absence of their stated prequirements or you just need even more MR in your kit, this can be an option. It also gives us even more health, altough the regeneration passive itself is not really intresting due to our lack of sustain.

Warmog's Armor > must have
800 bonus HP and absurd out of combat regenaration? That‘s all you had to say. It synergizes extremely well since our armor and MR will be pretty high anyways and our Enchantment: Cinderhulk scales our health even higher. Sometimes it‘s the third, mostly the fourth item to complete. Keep in mind that health is our primary stat vs. true damage users.

Gargoyle Stoneplate > must have #2
Adds a decent amount of both MR and armor and gives a unique active that will boost your health to a ridiculous amount when combined with Enchantment: Cinderhulk and Warmog's Armor. Usually this one completes my build, but against a balanced enemy lineup with AD, AP and true damage it can even be bought very early on along with Warmog's Armor.

Fury of the North (Passive)


Frost Armor: Sejuani receives Frost Armor if she hasn't taken damage from enemy champions, towers or large or epic monsters in the last 12 seconds. Frost Armor lingers for 3 seconds before breaking.

Frost Armor engulfs Bristle in True Ice, becoming immune to slows and gaining 20 (+ 25% bonus armor) armor and 20 (+ 25% bonus magic resistance) magic resistance (at levels 1 / 7 / 14).

Icebreaker: Enemies stunned by Sejuani are frozen. Sejuani's next basic attack or ability against them deals 10 / 15 / 20% of their maximum health as bonus magic damage (max 300 damage against epic monsters).

Arctic Assault (Q)

RANGE: 650
COST: 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90
COOLDOWN: 17 / 15.5 / 14 / 12.5 / 11

Sejuani charges forward, knocking enemies into the air for 0.5 seconds and dealing 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+40% AP) magic damage (max 300 damage to monsters). The charge stops after colliding with an enemy champion.

Winter's Wrath (W)

COST: 65
COOLDOWN: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5

Sejuani swings her flail in a cone in the target direction, dealing 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 (+ 2% max. health) (+20% AP) physical damage to all enemies hit and knocking back minions and monsters.

She then lashes out with her flail in a straight line in the same direction, dealing an additional 30 / 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 (+ 6% max. health) (+60% AP) physical damage and applying Frost.

Permafrost (E)

RANGE: 600
COST: 55

Passive: Sejuani and nearby melee allies apply Frost with their basic attacks. Sejuani can cast Permafrost on enemies with four Frost stacks.

Active: Sejuani freezes an enemy champion or medium and bigger monster/minion, dealing 40 / 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 (+60% AP) magic damage and stunning them for 1 second. Once consumed, enemy champions cannot gain Frost for 10 / 9 / 8 seconds.

Permafrost resets Sejuani's basic attack timer.

Glacial Prison (R)

RANGE: 1175
COST: 100
COOLDOWN: 130 / 100 / 80

Sejuani throws a True Ice bola in a line, dealing 100 / 125 / 150 (+40% AP) magic damage and stunning for 1 second the first enemy champion hit.

Bolas are empowered after 400 units, increasing their damage to 150 / 250 / 350 (+80% AP) and stun duration to 1.5 seconds. Glacial Prison triggers Permafrost's per-target stun cooldown.

Empowered bolas leave behind an ice storm that lasts 2 seconds and slows enemies by 30% while inside the AoE. It explodes after a brief delay to deal 150 / 250 / 350 (+80% AP) magic damage and slows enemies by 80% for 1 second.

  • Your Arctic Assault is a gap closer, a knockup (w'sup, Yasuo?) and can be used to rush over walls. If you max it, the CD becomes pretty low too, giving Sejuani good mobility.
  • Winter's Wrath has nice AoE damage, applies slows and up to two stacks of your Permafrost passive. Max out your stack generation by rotating AA > Winter's Wrath > AA, since it resets your AA animation.
  • Always try to use Permafrost on any target available for it. Also resets you AA animation. You then have 1 second to hit the target with any ability or an AA to procc your Fury of the Norths %-health damage.
  • Your Glacial Prison gets buffed bigtime when it travels more than 400 units before colliding. Using Arctic Assault not for its knockup but just to get in ulti-range is a viable way to start a surprise party (skin pls, rito!). Keep in mind here that it applies your passive and triggers the Permafrost per-target CD.
  • Applying Permafrost first and Glacial Prison second works and allows you to double-procc the %-health damage, giving Sejuani access to a surprisingly strong burst for a tank.
Jungle Pathing

As you can see, this is a pretty much basic jungle pathing with no gimmicky stuff about it. We will usually start off at the bottom side of the map, hence with the Blue Sentinel if we are on the red team or the Red Brambleback if we are on the blue team respectively. Since Sejuani doesn't have any kind of sustain and the Rift Scuttler first spawn has been delayed with the recent patch, we will want a hard pull from our bot lane and can then use our first Smite against the Gromp (red team) or Blue Sentinel (blue team).

If there are early ganking opportunities we should adjust our pathing accordingly. Sejuani is dangerous both on level 2 and level 3 due to the early access to CC and high base damage, especially when we have a meele teammate who helps stacking for our Permafrost.

Should the enemy jungler get spotted invading or ganking on the other side of the map, steal his buff and maybe even a camp on your half of the map, but keep track of his movement while you do.

While Sejuani does have good base damage with her potent combo AA > Winter's Wrath > AA > Permafrost > AA > Glacial Prison > AA, which double-triggers the %-health damage from our Fury of the North, she can only shut down squishies with that.

We have no sustain whatsoever, so once we run out of health we're pretty much done for. Alot of bruiser-style junglers have decent sustain and clearly outdamge us, which is why we usually should not try and go for extended trades against champions like that, unless we really are ahead.

Assassins will not a big problem for us once we get a bit of the fitting defense (i.e. armor against lethality users like Rengar or Kha'Zix). Still, we should focus on playing around our lanes, bringing in our massive CC and give them the lead they need to carry the teamfights.

Due to our tankiness, we are perfectly safe to probe the enemy jungle, get a bit of vision or even steal a camp. If the enemy jungle is spotted cross-map and you have priority around your lanes, feel free to invade. You should also consider using your Glacial Prison into Arctic Assault (or the other way around if needed) to set up dives in these cases.
Conclusion & Credits
Saying that this juggernaut of a champion has all the engage, peel and disengage tools a team can ever ask for concludes my Sejuani-Guide for now. I will try to maintain it with every update, at least as long as I keep actively playing her. I will also look to extend it a bit more in the near future, comprehensively explaining ganking and teamfighting.

I would like to thank jhoijhoi for her incredible Making A Guide - Guide as well as everyone who contributed their coded templates for it, especially KuuHaKu_OtgmZ, Elusive Ferret and Stoudamire, whose templates I used for this guide.
  • 11.05.2019:
    • Made abilities section a little more comprehensive.
    • Added a changelog
    • Added the jungle pathing section.
    • Added trinkets to the build.
  • 12.05.2019:
    • Extended runes section by an alternative Precision path
    • Extended descriptions in the items section
    • Fixed some grammar and spelling errors
League of Legends Build Guide Author NbClKaiZer
NbClKaiZer Sejuani Guide
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The cold does not forgive! - Sejuani Jungle Guide

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