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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Fan22

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The Monster of the Void [10.21] Cho'Gath Top

By Fan22 | Updated on October 18, 2020
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  • LoL Champion: Cho'Gath
    Top lane Cho'Gath
  • LoL Champion: Cho'Gath
    Mid lane Cho'Gath
  • LoL Champion: Cho'Gath
    Jungle Cho'Gath

Runes: Tank Runes #1

1 2 3 4
Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2
Standard summoners
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Ranked #38 in
Top Lane
Win 50%
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Ability Order Glacial Skills sequence 1#

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Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

The Monster of the Void [10.21] Cho'Gath Top

By Fan22
for some reason mobafire bugged and most of the guide chapters have been deleted, and i cant re-make it, probably in a future when the new items go live i will. :(
Introduction Back to Top
¡Hello, this is my second guide here, so feedback and comments are really aprecciated to improve this Guide! :D

¿Who i am?

Im Fan22, a standard Player who likes to play off-meta builds. I play on the LAS server, i also play rankeds and i Mainly use: Jax , Nasus , Singed , Maokai , Malphite , Tryndamere , Cho'Gath(duh) and Blitzcrank.

Keep in mind that for me im just an averague Cho'Gath player, but im triying to get better at him and the game, also English it´s not my main language, so there can be ortography errors, if you see one please comment it to improve this guide :D

Aside from that theres not much left to say from me, lets see Cho gath devouring things and stuff!
¿Why Cho'gath? Back to Top

+Easy to pick up
+Extreme sustain with Carnivore
+Can Oneshot squishys just with R going Full Tank
+Can be usefull even when behind thanks to his Ultimate giving additional HP
+Insane Oneshots going Full AP
+Very versatile on builds and runes, can go almost any item!
+Good CC and a silence
+Your R Feast deals True damage and gives additional HP
+You can Adapt to whatever your team needs
+Late game you are unkillable with 4k hp or more

-Needs Items for being useful, and some to time to Scale and get Feast Stacks
-You relie in your team when going Tank.
-Struggles against true damague and armor & magic penetration
-You are Countered by % Max Hp damage
-Can be kited easiliy
-Q its easy to dodge
-Inmobile without a Righteous Glory or
Dead Man's Plate
-Weak in early game and when extremely behind

Cho'Gath its a really good pick, either as a Tank or as an AP mage or AP bruiser. Your R gives you good damage and the ability to have 3k or 4k of HP with just 1 or 2 items, making you ultra hard to kill. I think that Cho'Gath Kit it's very fun to use and his versatility makes him good in any situation and gives lots of experimentation value with builds.
He is also not really complicated to play (wich can be very punishing in High Elo).
Cho'Gath not only can OneShot people going full tank just using R, but he also provides lots of CC with Q, W, and a slow with % Max hp damage on his E, and that also paired up whit a high sustain passive.
Abilities Back to Top
Cho'Gath Abilites

Passive Carnivore
Whenever Cho'Gath kills a unit, he recovers 20 - 71 (+2.83 each level) Health and 3.5 - 7.75 Mana (+0.25 each level).

Tips: Chos passive gives him a lot of sustain in lane, and even in late game.
Carnivore can be used even in turrets and other "living" things like Malzahar void creatures.

Q Rupture
Ruptures the ground at target location. After a delay of 0.5 seconds enemies are launched into the air for 1 second, dealt 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+100% of ability power) magic damage, and have their movement speed slowed by 60% for 1.5 seconds after the rupture.

Tips: This ability is good for poking and disengaging an enemy, this is your main damage dealing ability when going
AP Cho'Gath, remember to use rupture to get into an enemys meele range and OneShot him with the W + E + R combo.
Rupture can also be used to cancel channelings and TP, and since it is an airborne, it means that it cannot be reduced by tenacity or purified with cleanse.

W Feral Scream
After 0.5 seconds, Cho'Gath screams in a cone in front of him, silencing enemies for 1.6 / 1.7 / 1.8 / 1.9 / 2 seconds and dealing 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+70% of ability power) magic damage.

Tips: This ability can cancel channelings like your Q.
Feral Scream its a really good ability not only beacuse it silences but it is also complicated to dodge and deals a Lot of damage, especially when going AP items. Against high moblity champions in lane we max either W or E first, since Q can be dodged.

E Vorpal Spikes
Cho'Gath's next 3 basic attacks have 50 bonus range and launch a volley of spikes in a line, dealing 22 / 37 / 52 / 67 / 82 (+30% of ability power) (+ 3% of target's maximum health) and (+ 0.5% per Feast stack) magic damage and applying a 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50% slow that decays over 1.5 seconds to enemies hit.

Vorpal Spikes resets Cho'Gath's autoattack timer.

Tips: As the description says, this ability not only deals a lot of the enemys max HP as magic damage, but also it resets your AA timer, meaning you can autoattack and cast E and land another AA, this litte trick can enhance your damage a lot, and it also lets you apply your E much faster.

R Feast
After 0.5 seconds, Cho'Gath devours an enemy unit, dealing 300 / 475 / 650 (+50% of ability power) (+10% of bonus health) true damage.
Against non-champion units (dragon, herald, baron, monsters and minions) the base damage is increased to 1000.
If the target is killed with Feast, Cho'Gath grows, gaining 80 / 120 / 160 extra health. Each stack of Feast gives Cho'Gath 4.9 / 6.2 / 7.5 attack range, up to 49 / 62 / 75 bonus range and additional size.

Cho'Gath can only gain 6 stacks of Feast from minions and non-epic monsters, but Feast can stack infinitely on Champions, Dragons, and Epic Monsters.

Tips: This amazing ability can, in sort, deal true damage based on a base quantity + your AP and extra health, if you kill someone you get Additional Health.
Always try to preserve your Ultimate when fighting for objectives since it deals 1000 true damage plus your AP and extra HP.
Meaning that you can secure a dragon or a baron really easy, this is why having Tp its really useful, so that you can TP bot and help in a Dragon fight and prevent it from being stealed.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Fan22
Fan22 Cho'Gath Guide
The Monster of the Void [10.21] Cho'Gath Top
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