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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Fan22

Top The Monster of the Void [11.22] Cho'Gath Top guide

Top The Monster of the Void [11.22] Cho'Gath Top guide

Updated on November 6, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fan22 Build Guide By Fan22 107 13 353,142 Views 8 Comments
107 13 353,142 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Fan22 Cho'Gath Build Guide By Fan22 Updated on November 6, 2021
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  • LoL Champion: Cho'Gath
    Top lane Cho'Gath
  • LoL Champion: Cho'Gath
    Jungle Cho'Gath

Runes: Grasp setup #1 (For most matches)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Grasp of the Undying

Legend: Tenacity
Presence of Mind

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2
Recommended spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Ability Order Level up order R > E > W > Q

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Champion Build Guide

The Monster of the Void [11.22] Cho'Gath Top guide

By Fan22
Hello, this is my second guide in here, feedback and comments are aprecciated to improve this guide!

Who i am? Im Fan22, a standard player who plays tanks, bruisers and mages, i play on the LAS server, and aside from that i don't have lots of achievements on league...

English it's not my main language, so there can be some ortography or typing errors, if you see them please comment them!

Aside from that theres not much left to say from me, lets see Cho'gath devouring thing :D
Why Cho'gath?

+Easy to use
+Good sustain in lane with Carnivore
+You can Oneshot squishys with R just going Full Tank
+You are useful even when behind, thanks to the free Health your Ultimate gives.
+Capable of carriying as a tank
+Good CC (silence, knockup and slow)
+ Feast deals a lot of True damage ,and gives permanent HP
+Late game you are unkillable with 4K of Health or even more!
+Good at securing Objectives with Feast
+Can go AP and still be a tank

-Weak in the early game
-Needs time to scale and to get Feast Stacks (atleast 6)
-Without your team enemies can easiliy kill you past mid-game
-Get's countered by true damague and damage based on %Max Health
- Cho'Gath suffers from kiting (ex: Tristana)
- Rupture it's easy to dodge and it's your only ability to catch up enemies
-Very inmobile and vulnerable to ganks
-Without items or Flash its hard to engage

Cho'Gath its a good pick, either as a Tank or as an AP assasin/bruiser. Even though his kit it's really old it still works really well into modern league.
Feast gives you very high single target burst and also let's you have around 3K or 4k of Health, with just 1 or 2 items, making you ultra hard to kill without being really feed.

I think that Cho'Gath Kit it's very fun to use, especially his R which deals a lot of damage and lets you be a Giant unkillable monster in the late game.
He is also very versatile in builds and can adapt to whatever your team needs, and his kit it's really useful for a lot of situations and gives good utility, especially his Q and W which can heavily disrupt/shutdown very feed enemies, concretelly those with high mobility or that spam abilities like: Yasuo Jax Camille Zed Qiyana, etc...

Cho'Gath is not really complicated to play, this also means that your opponents always know what you want to do, and your basic combo it's always something like this: Q + W + E + AA + R.

In general Cho'Gath it's a really good and fun tank with a unique Ult that also offers a lot of utility.
Passive Carnivore
When Cho'Gath kills a unit or destroys a structure, he recovers 20 - 71(+2.83 each level) Health and 3.5 - 7.75(+0.25 each level) Mana.

Notes]: * Cho'Gath's passive gives him a lot of sustain in lane, and a little in the late game, helping you to stay in lane in the early game.
Theres no much secret to it, you kill something and it regenerates health and mana.

Q Rupture
Cho'gath Ruptures the ground at the target location, after a delay of 0.5 seconds he gains sight of the area and Knocks up Enemies for 1 second and deals80 - 300 (+100% of ability power) magic damage, after the Knock up enemies are slowed by 60% for 1.5 seconds.

Notes: *This ability is very good for poking and disengaging.
*Use Rupture if you want to get into meele range of an enemy, and remember it's the only thing you have to catch up an enemy, so if you fail it you can't do much.
* Rupture can be used to cancel Channelings, Teleport and Shen's Ultimate, and since it's a knockup, it cannot be reduced by tenacity or purified with Cleanse which makes it a very useful form of CC, and the best in your Kit.

W Feral Scream
After a 0.5 seconds delay Cho'Gath screams in a cone in front of him, silencing enemies for 1.6 - 2 seconds and dealing
75 - 275 (+70% of ability power) magic damage.

Notes: This ability can also cancel Channelings, like your Rupture.
Feral Scream it's a really good ability, not only because it silences enemies, but i's also hard to dodge and deals decent damage.
Against high moblity champions like Yasuo, or in lanes where you aren't gonna trade with Autos, you should max W first since Q it's easily dodgeable, and also because the silence makes them unable to use their mobility or cast any summoner spells.

E Vorpal Spikes
Cho'Gath's next 3 basic attacks have 50 bonus range and launch a volley of spikes in a line, dealing 22 - 82 (+30% of ability power) (+ 3% of the target's maximum health) and (+ 0.5% per Feast stack) magic damage and applying a 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50% slow that decays over 1.5 seconds to enemies hit.
Vorpal Spikes resets Cho'Gath's autoattack timer.

Notes: As the description says, this ability not only deals a lot of the enemy max HP, but it also resets your basic AA timer, meaning that you can AA and cast E and inmediately land another AA for extra damage.
This litte trick can enhance your damage in short trades, and even better if combined with Hail of Blades wich lets you apply your Vorpal Spikes much faster.
Since it has a very low mana and CD cost it's a good ability to push the wave without wasting too much mana.
The cooldown timer only starts when the effect times out or when you use all 3 attacks, so always try to use all 3 attacks to put Vorpal Spikes on cooldown sooner.

R Feast
After 0.5 seconds, Cho'Gath devours an enemy and deals 300/475/650 (+50% of ability power) (+10% of Bonus health) true damage.
Against non-champion units (Dragon, Herald, Baron, Pets, Monsters and Minions) the base damage it's increased to 1000.

If the target is killed Cho'Gath gains a stack of Feast, and Cho'Gath obtains 80/120/160 additional Health (based on ult level).
Each stack of Feast gives Cho'Gath 4.9/6.2/7.5 attack range, up to a maximum of 49/62/75 bonus range and additional size.

Cho'Gath can only gain 6 stacks of Feast from Minions and Non-epic monsters, but Feast can stack infinitely on Champions and Epic Monsters.

Notes: This Ability deals a lot true damage and scales with your AP and Bonus Health, it's a very good execute ability and its what makes Cho'Gath good, making him a kind of Tank-Assasin without having to really any Damage or AP item.

*Always try to preserve your Ultimate when fighting for an objective, because it deals 1000 additional true damage to objectives + scaling damage, the only champ that can rival it's damage is Nunu & Willump's Consume.
This is why Teleport it's so useful, you can Teleport to Bot lane and help in a Dragon fight and prevent it from being taken by the enemy team, stealing or securing it for your team.
*A detail about Feast it's that all of it's effects Increase when we Level up R (on levels 6/11/16 respectivelly), the bonuses increased are: The extra HP you gain from Feast stacks, additional Attack Range, size, and the True damage.
Items & runes
Before we talk about Cho'Gath items & runes i want to give a short explanation about his itemization.

On Cho'Gath you mainly want items that give Health, resistances and Cdr.
And secondaily Utility and engage items (Ex: Knight's Vow and Dead Man's Plate).
Cdr is very good to have your spells back up quicker with in turn means more CC during fights, and having Feast on really low CD allows you to use it agressivelly in skirmishes without really 'wasting' it since you will probably have it back up for the next fight.

Cho'Gath Bonus HP from his ultimate allows him to go straight for resistances and even AP items without losing tankyness, which is why low or no hp items like Randuin's Omen Frozen Heart or Gargoyle Stoneplate are so good on Cho.

Items on Tanks are adapted every game based on the enemy team comp and yours. Your item path can change a lot from a game to another, so don't take all i say in this guide too linearly, and always adapt your items to what you think suits better the match.

All tank mythics have Bami's Cinder on them, the Inmolate passive helps to clear waves and deals some AoE damage.

Turbo Chemtank

It's a good item for Cho'Gath that helps him with his lack of engage and mobility, and the slow helps to catch up enemies when you go in.
Cho'Gath main problem is mobility and engage, Rupture it's good to catch enemies, but most of the time it isn't enough to catch enemies or iniate fights against really High moblity/Hard CC champs like: Ahri Lulu Ryze Vayne, etc... Overall it's a good mythic that gives you more utility and works really well in most matches, especially since Cho already has a lot of damage and tankyness in his kit.
The extra AH or CDR is nice for Cho'Gath, having more often your abilities is very useful and let's you CC enemies more often.

Frostfire Gauntlet

Frostfire gauntlet synergizes very well with Cho'Gath, the slow of Frostfire it's really good for staying on top of an enemy and chasing, the slow also scales with your Bonus health.
it's very useful for not getting kited once you get into an enemy, the only problem it's that it overlaps with your E slow, which is why this item it's mostly bought just because of the mythic passive sinergy with Cho'Gath's kit.

The mythic passive is super good for Cho'Gath since his whole Kit revolves around Health and the extra size is a cool extra which helps to block abilities for your team.

Sunfire Aegis

Sunfire gives a lot of damage for extended fights, and since you are really tanky you can stay alive for plenty of time in a teamfight.
Since Cho'Gath tends to have a lot HP and inmolate scales with HP, the burn can deal a lot of damage by mid-late game if you are able to get all stacks and attack someone.

This item it's very good into melee comps that like Extended or Sustained fights, specially if they are inmobile.
Because if you can't fight them in meele range or they kite you, then Sunfire Aegis it's not really useful.

The mythic passive gives you 5% additional tenacity, making you harder to disable or stop in teamfights. And because you are huge and very tanky tenacity it's really good because it compensates for your low mobility and because you are get hit by abilities as Cho'Gath a lot.

Plated Steelcaps

Steelcaps are really good against a team composed of mostly AD champs or Autoattackers, they can be bought very early on to counter those kind of champs, for example: Lucian, Jinx, Jax, Tryndamere, Sett, Irelia, Fiora.

Mercury's Treads

Merc's are good against a mostly AP team comp or against champs with hard CC, for example: Lulu, Maokai, Brand, Morgana, Ryze, Thresh, Leona, etc...
Although they give MR, the main reason to get Mercury tread's it's for the additional tenacity, not for the MR.


This item it's technically situational, but due to the fact that there are so many champions with healings, or that rely on autoattacks, and the fact that it works very well in a tank like Cho'Gath makes it a very common item on him.
Something about Thornmail grievous wounds is that the only way you can apply the 60% healing reduction it's with your Q Rupture since it's the only inmobilizing spell Cho'Gath has, wich as you know it's easy to dodge or miss.

Force of Nature

Force of Nature it's a nice MR item that works on Cho'Gath very well even if there arent champions like Cassiopeia or Ryze in the enemy team, because of the high amounts of MR this item provides, and the movement speed.

I like more Force of Nature than Abyssal Mask or Spirit Visage because it gives more MR and movement speed, which helps with Cho'Gath mobility problems a little bit.

Randuin's Omen

After 3 or 4 items and stacking feast randuins damage reduction on attacks it's very powerful and useful.
The active slows nearby enemies by 99% for 0.25 seconds and reduces their AD by 10% and critical strike damage by 20% for 4 seconds.
Since you will be frontiling for your team the reduced physical damage it's really useful.

Both the passive and the active are insane on Cho'Gath due to your innate tankyness with Feast, making you really hard to kill even for the most feed adc. It also works decently into bruisers since the active reduces AD, helping you to protect your team if they engage on them by using randuin's active.

Gargoyle Stoneplate

Gargoyle it's a very good item that gives an %Armor and %MR increase when receiving damage, it's active gives you a BIG shield that scales really hard with Max Health but decays very quickly.

The Active and Passive helps to survive Teamfights and Burst damage, the quantity of armor and MR it gives both from stats and from the passive helps a lot since you will get focused in teamfights, this item makes you harder to take down, especially the with the shield.
Since Cho'Gath already has lot of Health you can buy this item earlier than other champs because once you have enough Health you need more resistances, and Gargoyles fills that need very well.

DeadMan's Plate

Deadman's give additional engage potential and gives some nice but not much armor and HP, and MS.
The extra movement speed and the passive helps Cho'Gath to catch enemies and move more around the map, it also gives some nice extra damage and a slow on your next attack.

If you dont need to engage much you should look for more beefier items since Deadmans tankiness has been heaviliy nerfed this season, giving very little HP and armor.

Warmog's Armor

Warmogs it's one of the best items for Cho'Gath and one of the best options as a last tank items, even tough it can be purchased earlier, it only gives raw Health, that's why it's a better purchase later on after you get your Core items.

Warmogs gives 800 Health, it helps to be really tanky in the late game, and it's passive gives insane sustain in late game, wich helps to recover from fights or towerdives, it's especially good against poke mages because whenever theres a fight they will poke you and your team before you even start a teamfight, and the sustain let's you recover from their poke or after a fight without having to go back to base.
Aside from the sustainit gives, the 800 health it provides has good sinergy with Feast, considerably increasing it's damage while making you really tanky.

-Remember that Warmogs can backfire you if the enemy team builds items like: Blade of the Ruined King or Liandry's Anguish, or if they have some form of %Max Health damage, because you are increasing Their damage against you.


Grasp of the Undying is a perfect rune for Cho'Gath and synergyzes with him really well, it deals extra damage based on our Max health and grants additional Health and heals us when we prock it.
The bonus health it gives ends up giving us a good amount of HP by the mid-game and more in the late-game.
But also the damage is very powerful in the early game, during a trade
Grasp of the Undying + Vorpal Spikes does a lot of damage with just
1 or 2 autos, and in the late this rune gives a good amount of HP and damage.
Since Cho'Gath stacks a lot of health Grasp ends up doing a lot more damage than you would expect.

Demolish deals a burst of damage to turrets that scales with your Max Health.
Because you stack a lot of HP this rune does massive damage to turrets into the mid-late game.
It's useful for taking turrets platings and destroying towers, since Cho doesnt have tools to easily take down turrets, during the mid-game demolish really helps to take them down.

Conditioning it's very good for scaling and gives us free armor and MR, and it also increases a % of them.
With some Feast stacks and this rune active you get really tanky, tough this rune doesn't help in the early game since it actives at 12 minutes.

Second Wind is really good in lanes where we are constantly getting harrased or poked by the enemy, for example Gangplank or Teemo.

Bone Plating it's good against Early game champions, reducing their overall damage in short trades.
The reduced damage it's very good for short trades and for getting Grasp of the Undying procks without taking too much damage.
Remember to try and fight your opponent only when Bone Plating it's up.
In the late game this rune it's also good, making you harder to kill and reducing the burst damage you receive.

Overgrowth synergyzes very well with Cho'Gath because of the additional Health it grants and because as Cho'Gath you are gonna get a lot of items with Health, making you a lot tanquier in the late game. And when you get 120 minions or monsters deaths, you also increase a % of your Max health.

Revitalize works fairly well on Cho'Gath because of Carnivore, Grasp of the Undying , and because it amplifies Gargoyle Stoneplate shield.

Unflinching it's a situational rune, but if you are against a high CC teamcomp, this runes it's very valuable.
The extra tenacity and slow resistance helps a lot against CC and slows, and this values increase the lower your Health is, wich makes you harder to neutralize. It's really useful in teamfights since people will CC you for ages without letting you do anything.

Triumph restores HP and gives some gold when you get a takedown, it's a very good rune that helps to somehow stay alive in clutch situations.
In Teamfights the HP restore helps to survive when you get focused or after you kill someone.
And Carnivore also gets procked on kills, these 2 little healings combined can get you out of though fights alive.
Remember you restore a % of your missing health, meaning that if you are about to die this rune healing it's very decent.

Presence of Mind has been recently reworked in S11, and now it's very good and more reliable in the laning phase.

When we damage an enemy champion we gain additional additional mana regeneration, so if we poke or fight an enemy you can regen mana. The only problem it's that you have to deal damage to an enemy, and in some matchups (ex: Darius) you can't really do that, only with Q and maybe W.
It also restores a % of your mana when getting a takedown, and restoring mana it's very useful in teamfights.

Legend: Alacrity gives extra attack speed, wich it's useful for Cho'Gath since you can use land more attacks, helps to use Vorpal Spikes and Sunfire Aegis, tough it isn't that good on a tank. Only recommended if you don't need extra tenacity.

Legend: Tenacity it's a good option (probably the best) in the precision tree, extra Tenacity it's always useful to reduce the duration of CC and slows, because you are very slow and the only ability you have to catch up an enemy it's your Q, being CC'ed for less time helps to frontline and be harder to neutralize for the enemy.
Laning phase & Tips
Early Game

In the early game you should try to lock to prock Grasp of the Undying when you can and farm, farming it's very important on Cho'Gath. Not only because of the gold but also to use your passive Carnivore, if you can't farm because you are behind or you can't trade with your opponent wait until the wave crashes on your tower and farm, or use Q to farm minions from the distance, remember to be nearby minions to get Exp. even if you miss CS.
In the first levels i recommend playing passive and poking with Rupture Q and traading with the Vorpal Spikes E + Grasp of the Undying combo until you hit level 6, where your power increases considerably.
There are champs wich you can play a little more agresive and force them to farm under tower by constantly pushing or trading every time you have Grasp of the Undying up, procking it on Cho using Vorpal Spikes it''s vey e***y and deals a surprising amount of damage in the early game, but these strategies don't work very well in hard matchups (Sett, Darius, etc...).

Once you hit 6 and have Feast you have 2 options, 1- Wait until the enemy it's low enough and kill him with Feast to get a stack,
or 2- you instantly eat a Minion to get a stack.

I recommend doing the second option against champs that destroy you in the early game, the extra HP you get it's always useful to get tanquier.

We Max Vorpal Spikes first because it gives a lot of damage and has low cooldown and a slow, and every point on E increases the slow and reduces the cooldown, Vorpal Spikes increases your trading power in lane.
We max Feral Scream second because of the damage and necause putting points on it increases the silence duration to 2 seconds when completely maxed, and reduces the cooldown.
We max Rupture last because we only increase the damage with every point we put on it, and W and E offer better things with every point we put on them, though you can max Rupture first if you plan on poking the enemy with a Doran's Ring, this is very good when you can't trade trade at all (Ex: Darius).

A good trick for Cho'Gath that is very effective against mobile champions in any stage of the game, and very punishing in the early game, it's the W + Q combo, this is because the silence doesn't let the enemy use their spells or any type of mobility (including Flash), wich makes hitting them with Rupture a lot easier.

Champs wich this combo is useful against: Fiora (this combo let's you use Q without letting her block it with Riposte) Camille Fizz Qiyana Zed Vayne.

Mid Game

In the mid game Cho'Gath starts to scale and slowly become a high treath for the enemy team because of your tankiness and damage. You will also probably have your mythic and finished boots by then.

In the mid game you should look to help your team and take objectives, and remember to save Feast to kill objectives, since dragon and Rift Herald are free Feast stacks that don't count for the limit of 6, and because you can easily secure them.
Remember to ward when you push waves, or go into the enemy jungle, since Cho'Gath it's really inmobile, so if you get caught by the enemy team it's very likely that you are gonna die, so always have vision or information of the enemies position when you get camps or push lanes.

Don't forget to continue to stack as fast as you can your Feast on minions or monsters, once you have eaten 6 minions or monsters you should have enough HP to be really hard to kill.

Good vision control and the usage of Control Ward can help you to hide in bushes, this helps Cho'Gathto surprise enemies since you don't have a gapclose, but if an enemy walks into the bush with no vision on it you can easily combo them with W+ Q + AA + E and kill any squishy target with Feast.
If you are feed always do this since if you pull it off you will snowball even more and even get some Feast stacks.

If you are behind try to help your team to get objectives or farm and get Exp, Cho'Gath scales very well, with some stacks and items you can still be useful to your team, unless they have something like Vayne or Fiora that outscales you.

Late Game

Here you should have around 6k or 8k of HP with around 140 armor and 120 MR or more, making you really tanky and a huge frontliner, however if the enemy also gets their items they will probably also have their anti-tank items, like Lord Dominik's Regards and Void Staff, which reduces your overall tankiness, for this reason try to always be nearby your team, because Cho'Gath can't really do much alone, altough this depends.
And you are also a lor more useful frontlining or peeling your team rathen than farming or pushing.
In teamfights use your W and Feast wiselly, they are important abilities that can deal a huge amount of damage to squishy champs, you can use it to kill the adc or support (enchanter), or to kill the enemy frontliner. If you are fighting for dragon or baron you should save your ultimate to ensure that your team gets the Objective, unless the enemy fights and you have to use it.

Cho'Gath CC it's very useful, especially his silence, for that reason always try to be nearby your team to help, if you can't help anyone ward the map and farm or push lanes.

And lastly, don't forget to get an Elixir of Iron once you get Full build, or if an important fight it's about to break out, like dragon Soul or baron .

Aside from that theres not much left i can say, generally however wins late game teamfights wins the game or gets game-winning objectives instead.


-Use your W against certain champs to prevent them from dashing or using an important ability, for example, your W prevents Fiora from using Riposte on your Q or R, this also applies to Pantheon shield (E).
This little trick its very useful for landing your Q, since the enemy can't Flash or use their skills.

Feral Scream it's useful for preventing the enemy from: Dashing, spamming abilities, using their summoner spells and active items, becoming unstoppable or untargetabble and casting important abilities.

Other champions that get screwed by your W Feral Scream are: Yasuo Zed Vayne Qiyana Camille Ryze Yone Lucian Samira Renekton Vladimir Fizz Sett(silencing him prevents him from using his W, haymaker, this can let you kill him with R before he uses it).

-Your Q, Rupture, throws the enemy in the Air, while they are Knocked up they can't do or cast anything, and it also cannot be purified.

-Your E doesnt go on cooldown until the effect ends or until you use all 3 attacks.
Vorpal Spikes also resets your autoattack timer, wich it's useful for additional damage with a quick AA + E combo. It also doesnt get affected by spellshields.

-Enemys that would die to Feast show a red 'executing indicator' in their health bar, showing you how much the damage it does and how low they have to be to kill them, but remember, this is just an indicator, meaning that if the enemy gets a shield or healing you wont kill them even if the 'execute bar' was red, altough Pyke R ignores shields...

-Your passive applies to Anything that you can kill: towers, monsters, minions, champions, and champions pet's, and the hp and mana recovery are instant.

- Cho'Gath's size factors into the wideness of the hitbox Vorpal Spikes has. External size modifiers (like: Wild Growth) contribute to this.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Fan22
Fan22 Cho'Gath Guide
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The Monster of the Void [11.22] Cho'Gath Top guide

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