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Thresh Build Guide by support_diff

Support The Only Thresh Guide You Will Need

Support The Only Thresh Guide You Will Need

Updated on November 22, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author support_diff Build Guide By support_diff 69 5 168,257 Views 8 Comments
69 5 168,257 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author support_diff Thresh Build Guide By support_diff Updated on November 22, 2023
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Runes: Glacial Augment

1 2 3
Glacial Augment
Hextech Flashtraption
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Bone Plating

+8 Ability Haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

The Only Thresh Guide You Will Need

By support_diff
I am Support_diff, a league of legends player and currently a support main though I have mained every role during my gaming career. I made this guide to be the most perfect Thresh guide there is or will be.
I will try to update this guide whenever I can and will also answer your questions as soon as I see them.
I have also created guides for Ashe, Blitzcrank, Pantheon, Xerath, Varus Teemo and Shaco and I am now working on some other guides, which will also be mostly in-depth guides for support champions. I am trying to make my guides as perfect as possible, so if you have a suggestion for a chapter or something else, I am all ears.
Hopefully you enjoy this guide and also learn to play Thresh!
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What You Will Learn

From this amazing guide, you will learn:

  • Different types of matchups and how hard they are to win
  • What items you should buy in different situations
  • What runes to use
  • What summoner spells to use and when
  • Why you don't want to play with Ezreal
  • Where to place your wards
  • What abilities to upgrade and when
  • The most useful combos
  • Overall things about playing Thresh
About Thresh

about Thresh

Thresh is a support, that is not a tank, not an enchanter and definetely not Yuumi. It fits in the engage supports class, which includes champions like Rell, Blitzcrank and Leona. Thresh players are well respected among adc mains, and for a good reason.
A good Thresh with a good adc (not Ezreal) will destroy enemies and carry the game. Thresh can get the adc ( Draven for example) fed early, so he can carry at mid- and lategame. Thresh has always been a strong support pick and is that to this day. Playing Thresh is a great fun when you know the basics, and the playmaking options are endless.
Here I will list some of the things a good Thresh player can do:
  • save your adc with your Dark Passage in almost any situations
  • hook enemies to your team (your Q's name is Death Sentence for a good reason)
  • look cool when doing nothing special
  • win botlane
  • stack his passive so no one can kill him



+ good engage
+ fun to play
+ hard to gank due to Dark Passage
+ huge playmaking potential
+ can carry the adc


- immobile
- high skill ceiling
- depends on hitting your hooks
- can't play with any adc ( Ezreal and other beta goblins)
- can be easily counterpicked


Thresh is such a great champion, with a good engage, but can be easily counter picked. It is a really hard champion to play, but really fun and rewarding once you learn it. The playmaking possibilities are endless and it is always a good pick in ranked and casual play. Thresh players are respected by the adc players that hope to this day that they will get a good thresh support. If you want to learn a support that is fun to play and will always be a strong pick, then Thresh is the right champion for you!

Glacial Augment Runepage

Glacial augment

Glacial Augment is a very good keystone for Thresh because it slows enemies when you hook and reduce their damage against your allies. Inspiration is very good for Thresh in general because it makes you much more unpredictable laner, which leads to more hooks landed and more enemies killed.

Hextech flashtraption

Hextech Flashtraption is the best choice here because it makes your playmaking easier when the enemies don't have wards in every bottom bush (because you have destroyed them). You can camp in a bush, use Hextech Flashtraption to other and land a hook. Simple, isn't it? Some people prefer Perfect Timing, but I see no reason to pick it.

Biscuit delivery

Biscuit Delivery is a decent rune for all botlane champions that use mana, because with the cookies you can stay on the lane longer than you normally would. They recover your health and mana, and you don't have to wait 14 minutes to get them like Perfect Timing. You can hook more freely without thinking about your mana too much.

Cosmic insight

Cosmic Insight is the best option here, because it makes your summoner spells' cooldowns smaller, including your Hextech Flashtraption. If you buy items with actives, like Locket of the Iron Solari, Redemption or Randuin's Omen (and you will, they are all good items), this rune is for you.

Bone Plating

Bone Plating is a great option for Thresh as it can save you from a lot of damage even in the early game. Second Wind is also good because the heal is very nice when playing against a poke support or adc, but I prefer Bone Plating.


Unflinching is the best choice here for Thresh because you need tenacity to survive, and you need it more than health ( Overgrowth), even though it has an infinite scale. You already have your passive, you don't need another one. Overgrowth is a viable pick if the enemy team has little to no cc, but that is pretty unlikely to happen.

Aftershock runepage


Aftershock is a great rune which provides you much more armor when going for an all-in and also deals some damage in the end of the effect. The resistance bonus also scales with your passive very well. Guardian is also a great keystone, and the next runepage is Guardian runes.

Font of Life

Font of Life is a great rune for Thresh because of the healing it provides for your adc. I would never even think about picking another rune from this row, as Font of Life is much better than the others. Thresh has two very good cc abilities, so it shoudn't be to hard to proc it.

Bone Plating

Bone Plating is a very good rune in the laning phase but works also well in the mid- and lategame. It provides you tankiness against champions with high burst damage ( Lucian for example). A lot of Thresh' counters are champions with high burst which makes this rune incredibly good.


Unflinching is the best choice here for Thresh because you need tenacity to survive, and you need it more than health ( Overgrowth), even though it has an infinite scale. You already have your passive, you don't need another one. Overgrowth is a viable pick if the enemy team has little to no cc, but that is pretty unlikely to happen.

Hextech flashtraption

Hextech Flashtraption is the best choice here because it makes your playmaking easier when the enemies don't have wards in every bottom bush (because you have destroyed them). You can camp in a bush, use Hextech Flashtraption to other and land a hook. Simple, isn't it? Some people prefer Perfect Timing, but I see no reason to pick it.

Biscuit delivery

Biscuit Delivery is a decent rune for all botlane champions that use mana, because with the cookies you can stay on the lane longer than you normally would. They recover your health and mana, and you don't have to wait 14 minutes to get them like Perfect Timing. You can hook more freely without thinking about your mana too much.

Guardian Runepage


Guardian is a very good keystone for Thresh, because it makes your trades and all-ins much safer and better overall. I like Aftershock more, because youu can tank very much damage at all stages of the game with it, but you can choose yourself what you like the most.

Font of Life

Font of Life is a great rune for Thresh because of the healing it provides for your adc. I would never even think about picking another rune from this row, as Font of Life is much better than the others. Thresh has two very good cc abilities, so it shoudn't be to hard to proc it.

Bone Plating

Bone Plating is a very good rune in the laning phase but works also well in the mid- and lategame. It provides you tankiness against champions with high burst damage ( Lucian for example). A lot of Thresh' counters are champions with high burst which makes this rune incredibly good.


Unflinching is the best choice here for Thresh because you need tenacity to survive, and you need it more than health ( Overgrowth), even though it has an infinite scale. You already have your passive, you don't need another one. Overgrowth is a viable pick if the enemy team has little to no cc, but that is pretty unlikely to happen.

Hextech flashtraption

Hextech Flashtraption is the best choice here because it makes your playmaking easier when the enemies don't have wards in every bottom bush (because you have destroyed them). You can camp in a bush, use Hextech Flashtraption to other and land a hook. Simple, isn't it? Some people prefer Perfect Timing, but I see no reason to pick it.

Biscuit delivery

Biscuit Delivery is a decent rune for all botlane champions that use mana, because with the cookies you can stay on the lane longer than you normally would. They recover your health and mana, and you don't have to wait 14 minutes to get them like Perfect Timing. You can hook more freely without thinking about your mana too much.
Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Flash is a must to take for most of champions, and Thresh is one of them. With Flash you can escape or make a good-looking play every 5 minutes, and you can keep making the plays after that with Hextech Flashtraption.
Ignite is nearly every time the best option for second summoner spell, as it gives grievous wounds to the target, which prevent it from healing much, very good against Aatrox and other healer champions. The damage is also surprisingly high.
Exhaust is a really good summoner spells, especially at early all-ins and late game fights. If the enemy team has a really fed Katarina, exhausting her will chomp 30% of her damage. If the enemy team has many champions with high burst damage, I suggest you to take Exhaust.
Don't get me wrong, I don't suggest you to take Heal, but there is one situation when you should take it. If you see a matchup with adc like Kai'Sa and a support without much cc, your adc should take Heal. If they don't, pick it yourself, as you already have Exhaust or Ignite in the bot duo.


Evenshroud is my favorite item for Thresh, because the damage buff you give to your team is just enormous. The passive is way too good right now, so use it before it gets nerfed. The mythic passive is also decent as you always need more resistances when playing a support like Thresh.

Locket of the Iron Solari

Locket of the Iron Solari isn't my favorite item for Thresh or any other champion at all. But its passive is a nice add to your team's teamfighting, as it can grant up to 11 armor and magic resistance for everyone near you. Evenshroud is better in my opinion and I usually build it.

Shurelya's Battlesong

Shurelya's Battlesong grants allies who click your lantern movement speed (you get the boost too), but I really don't recommend building it. It is not the best option for any situation, there is always a better option. It isn't very good in high elo where you should mostly build meta items, and it is also not good in low elo where people don't click your lantern as much.

Radiant Virtue

Radiant Virtue is a very underrated item for supports like Thresh. Its passive makes your team's teamfighting more stable and healthier. Radiant Virtue's mythic passive also scales with the real passive, which is a very nice thing especially in late game.

Zeke's Convergence

Zeke's Convergence is one of the best items for engage supports like Thresh as it provides your adc more damage and the stats of the item itself are very good (armor, ability haste, health, mana). Most of the players build this item second or third and I recommend you to become one of them.

Knight's Vow

Knight's Vow works similarly to Zeke's Convergence and is as good as it. Zeke's Convergence provides damage, but Knight's Vow provides survivability to your adc. Adc's are

known to be very squishy and are easily bullied by the assassins like Rengar. This item is not going to change that fact, but it gives the adc a chance to survive and is also good when you attach yourself to a hypercarry with it.


Redemption is the most overpowered item in the game right now. Just look at the active. The healing is too good to be real by itself but it also deals 10% max health damage, so you can deal 1000 damage to a fed Cho'Gath by just pressing one button, as an engage support.

Abyssal Mask

Abyssal Mask is a very good item if your team has a lot of magic damage, or if the enemies have a lot of magic damage. The passive is pretty good at 2v2's but excels at teamfights.

Anethema's Chains

Anathema's Chains is a very good item, but it only works if the enemy team has one fed supercarry like Nasus or Katarina. It is very cheap considering that you get 650 health and 20 ability haste for 2500 gold.

Force of Nature

Force of Nature is an exceptionally good tank item against a team comp with high magic damage, because it provides a 25% magic damage reduction when you have been in a fight for a while, which is a real game-changer in team fights.

Gargoyle Stoneplate

Gargoyle Stoneplate is one of the best tank items in the game, as it gives you 60 armor and magic resist, 15 ability haste , passive that can provide up to 25% more armor and magic resist in a fight and an active that gives you an enormous shield when playing a tank champion. I really like this item even though the active won't be so useful with Thresh as it is on other tanky champions.

Randuin's Omen

Randuin's Omen is a good item against a team comp with many auto attack champions like Tristana and Akshan. It provides 60 armor and 400 health, which is vary much for an item that has 2 passives and a very good active, especially for champions like Thresh.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a very underrated item for supports like Thresh as it has a simple passive and it provides a good amount of ability power and health. The passive is amazing as it slows enemies hit by your abilities by 30%, which increases the probability to kill the enemy significantly.

Sunfire Aegis

Sunfire Aegis is a great item for Thresh because it makes you damage input higher in teamfights and also increases its own damage by up to 60%. The price isn't high (2700 gold for 500 health and 50 armor), so it is a very good item especially against a team with high physical damage.


Thornmail is a very good item and the best antiheal item in my opinion, at least for Thresh. It makes you more tanky and counters champions with high healing ( Warwick for example). it only costs 2700 gold so it is not very expensive even though it is not only a support item.

Warmog's Armor

Warmog's Armor is the tankiest item in the game. 800 health and 200% base health regeneration, more than any other item. It is very good with items that scale with health like Sunfire Aegis and Gargoyle Stoneplate. It provides a lot of survivability for you and is an amazing item for any tanky champions. Even though Thresh doesn't make the best use of it, it's still worth buying sometimes when you already have items that scale with health or just want to be tankier.
Stealth Ward is the basic ward that you place and it shows the area around it for 90-120 seconds based on champion level. You will start with it and keep it until you get your support item upgraded.Then you will change it to Oracle Lens. Before you change it, make sure to use your remaining Stealth Wards if there is a good ward spot without a ward near you.
Oracle Lens is the trinket you will change your Stealth Ward to. When used, it reveals the wards and traps around it for 10 seconds. Wards will also be disabled, lingering for 2 seconds after no longer being revealed. Use it wisely, because it can be a real game-changer when used right, if enemies don't have sight to baron for example.
Farsight Alteration isn't really a popular trinket option as it is visible to enemies and only has 1 health, but is a viable choice for the following reasons: Lasts forever if not destroyed, does not count towards the ward limit, has a range of 4000 (very big) and has lower cooldown than Stealth Ward.
Control Ward is the most valuable trinket in the game. It costs 75 gold, but is definetely worth the price. They reveal area like Stealth Ward, reveal Stealth Wards and traps and disables them like Oracle Lens and last forever like Farsight Alteration. You can place them in important places like river bush or tribush, or put them to other places with a high probability of having an enemy ward nearby to reveal them instead of using Oracle Lens (dragon pit for example). I suggest you to buy one or two of them every time you go back to base, because they are so important source of vision.


These are the best ward placements in the laning phase in my opinion as they provide vision to the most important places of the bot-side map like dragon pit, tribush, river bush and bottom bushes. You will be a lot harder to gank by enemy jungler because you know before they try to gank you and have time to retreat. If you are playing on the red side and the enemy team has Kayn, Zac or Shaco, I suggest you to ward the tri-bush looking bush near your gromp so they can't just jump on you without you knowing.


These ward placements are better after the laning phase has ended, because they provide very much vision control to the map and makes it harder for the enemy team to collect objectives, because there is always a control ward on dragon and rift herald or baron nashor . Your team will more easily control the teamfights and splitpushing with these wards.



Damnation is Thresh' infinitely stacking passive. Thresh doesn't gain armor when leveling up. Instead, whenever an enemy unit dies near Thresh, they have a chance to drop a soul. Thresh can collect the soul by approaching them or throwing Dark Passage nearby. Every soul gathered by Thresh grant him 1 armor and 1 ability power. This passive makes [thresh]] more tanky in the late game against attack damage champions and adds some damage to his abilities with the ability power.


Death sentence

When people think about Thresh, the first thing they remember is probably Death Sentence. This is Thresh' main engage ability and is also a very good ability overall.When used, Thresh throws his scythe, stunning and pulling to him the enemy unit hit for 1,5 seconds. if he hits an enemy, the cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds. Recast: Thresh leaps to the enemy he has hooked. This is very good to get your adc close to enemy with Dark Passage.


Dark Passage

Dark Passage is in my opinion the ability that makes Thresh so special. The fact you can teleport an ally to you is very good, and it could even be your ultimate (I'm happy it isn't).You can save your adc very easily when the enemy jungler is trying to gank you, and also make them have better follow-up to your hook as they will be next to you when the fight starts. This is also the reason why Thresh is good with adc's with high burst damage.



Flay is important part of Thresh' combo as it throws the enemies close to you or away from you, depending on the situation. It sweeps the enemies to the location of your cursor, so be sure to use it well. Otherwise, you might die or lose a kill for a small misplay. It's passive gives some damage to your attacks, which is pretty good at any point of the game.


The Box

The Box is your ultimate. Like the name says, it is a box. It has pretty good ability power ratio, and slows enemies hit by 99% for a second, which technically means that they are rooted for the duration. It is very good in teamfights, as it does really nice damage when used correctly and is a huge AoE slow for the enemy team. Your team will hit their skillshots every time they use them, which means that you won the teamfight already.
Ability orders
Ability order number 1:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Ability order number 2:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I don't have much to say here because you will always max your Death Sentence first and Flay second. This is just the best order as your Death Sentence has a high cooldown and upgrading it is more important than upgrading Flay. If you invade at level 1, you have to take your Death Sentence first, but if you don't, it is better to take Flay first as it has a good passive and is good at disengaging the enemies if they try to fight at level 1.
Trading Patterns/Combos

Thresh is not very easy champion but the combos can be learned easily if you know what you are doing. In this chapter I am trying to teach you the basic combos you should use. If you think I'm missing some important combo, tell me in the comments and I will add it here if I think it's useful. I have only included the most useful ones here, no weird flash combos with Zhonya's Hourglass and mastery ping.


This is a very basic combo you will mostly use on level 2 when you only have your Death Sentence and Flay available. Though this is a very basic combo, it can deal some very lethal damage to your enemies. You basically hook an enemy, recast your hook to get to them and sweep them to your adc.


This is one of my favorite combos for Thresh, as it makes good use of all your basic abilities. You Q an enemy, throw your W to your adc while the enemy is stunned and then Q2 to him. Your adc should click your W at this time and you are really close to the enemy. Then you use your E to get the enemy to you and your adc so he is easily killed. Really nice combo and not hard to learn. If the adc doesn't click the lantern, you can freely be furious to him.


This is your basic full combo with Thresh. You can use it in most situations to secure a kill, even if the enemy was really fed. It includes much cc, which gives your team time to kill the enemy. Only thing you have to do right is to land the hook, then it will be easy. You will throw your W to your allies, Q2 to the enemy, E the enemy to your team and use your ult to prevent them from escaping.
=easy matchup
=average matchup
=hard matchup
Morgana is the only champion you should ban because she counters your hook and makes you completely useless. I never play against Morgana because I always ban her, so I don't have any info how to win her. If you can bait her spellshield, the fight is winnable. Morgana also has an extremely good disengage so you can't do much against her.
I love to play against Yuumi as she really isn't a champion and is always attached to her adc. You will only have one target to hook and no hard disengage from support, so this is a really easy matchup. Try to all-in her adc with yours, as she can't do anything when her healing isn't enough. Play aggressively but be aware of her ult's gank setup.
Twitch really isn't a hard or easy matchup as there are many harder ones but also easier ones. His stealth can be really annoying, but if it's on cooldown, he is immobile and easy kill. Twitch is a lategame carry so don't feed him or you will have a terrible game and your day is ruined. Twitch also deals a lot of damage early so be aware of his E's cooldown.
Jhin should be an easy win. An immobile champion that surprisingly often plays with Yuumi. That is not the case. He can put some really annoying flowers in the bushes and root you when you step on them. His attack damage scales with crit and attack speed, and his fourth shot hits like a truck. Usually you win him, but a good Jhin can be a serious enemy to anyone.
Xayah is one of my favorite adc's in the game, and an adc I would like to get as Thresh. She can root you with her E if you try to use your second Q and deals really serious damage. Her poke is also annoying as she can auto attack you through minions nearly all the time. Her ult is a good disengage, she becomes untargettable and throws some feathers to root you with.
Aphelios is a weird adc. Many players don't know how his kit works. I'll teach you the basics. Aphelios has 5 different guns. Green has a long range and the purple one can root you if he hits you. Otherwise he is an immobile adc with very limited cc (gravitum Q which is the purple gun ability I told about) so he is an easy matchup and very easy to hook.
Sivir is a very underrated champion. She has a great wave clear speed even in the early game, has a decent poke and is very hard to hook because she has her spellshield. She can also catch anyone with the movement speed of her passive and ult. Try to hook her when her spellshield is on a cooldown, she is pretty easy to kill then.
Janna is an immobile support, which is always very good for Thresh. She also doesn't deal massive damage, which is also great. But she will use her tornados every damn second when she is near to a bush or even if she isn't. Stay safe from the tornados and you should be fine. Her ult is also a very good disengage, so don't E him behind you and your adc when you are near to the enemy tower and she has her ult up.
Sona is a weird champion as her all abilities except her ult is a circle, which makes them very easy to use. She is immobile (for me speed boost doesn't make a champion mobile) so she is not a too hard matchup for Thresh. If you hook her, she might survive due to his shield and movement speed boost, but can also die if you deal enough damage fast enough.
Alistar is a very good support, but very underrated especially in low elo, where people don't understand how his kit works. If you Q2 him or his adc, he can just push you far away, and if your adc is close to him, he can knock them up and stun them. Alistar also has a great heal due to his passive. I don't think you should invade him with 3 champions, 4 makes it possible to not get stomped by his team.
Braum can be a serious threat to you if pairred with an adc like Lucian as he fills Alistar's passive in no time and kills you. He is not easy to kill, so target his adc if you just can. Never invade Braum or the game will be over at 2 minutes.
Bard is the most unique champion on the rift, as he is a support that naturally needs to be somewhere else due to his passive. He will be often gone, and when he is, try to hook on the enemy adc as they really can't 1v2 or even escape ( Ezreal can). Bard is also a very good champion and can deal a huge amount of damage with his passive. Don't get hit by his Q and you should be okay.
Senna is a really good support and one of my favourite champions in the game. She is an infinitely stacking champion (the best of them in my opinion) but is kind of helpless in the early game when she doesn't have 1000 attack range. Try to avoid getting hit by her W and you should be fine. She is easy to kill as you can easily hook her and she also doesn't have much health.
Draven is the absolute king of the laning phase. His damage from level 1 to level 18 is just too much to most of the champions. His Q just makes his autoattacks much stronger and he can also knock you away and run you to death. His only imaginable weakness is that he has to catch his axes. When you see one dropping to an area that is easily hooked, predict his movement, put his Q on a cooldown with your Q and try to kill him with your adc.
I personally hate Ezreal. It's a champion made for those who are too scared to take a fair 1v1 and fight like a normal player. Instead, he has his E, which is basically a Flash that can have a 14 second cooldown when maxed out, even less with ability haste. He also doesn't have to be near minions to kill them, he can just use his Q from under his own tower. He can't kill you or your adc, but is very hard to kill. Try to get him to waste his E and it is possible to kill him.

Understanding Matchups

As you can see, I have not listed all the champions here, because I think it's pointless. If you understand the types of adc's and supports, you will also understand if Thresh is good against them or not.
The hardest adc matchups against Thresh are champions with great damage and early game kill potential. Thresh can't kill them because whatever you do, they are going to win the trade with their damage.
The easiest types of adc's to win are champions who have weak early game, no mobility and no disengage. They will be easy to win early game and also at late game if they are stomped early.
When thinking about supports, the difficulty of the matchup isn't so much support type depending as they can be really different as champions but both are the same level of difficulty to win against.
I think the main feature these champions have in common is good disengage, as it will make your game a lot harder when you have to think carefully when it is the time to go for a hook (when they don't have their disengage abilities up).
The easiest supports to lane against as Thresh are supports with no mobility, no disengage and not a lot of health so they are easier to capture.
=good synergy
=average synergy
=bad synergy
Draven is an absolute beast early game, which is really good for you as you need an adc with high damage to kill the enemies. He can deal enormous damage with his axes and run the enemies down. If you hit a hook, the enemy will die.
Lucian is a great early game champion just like Draven as his passive makes his trading damage very good at level 3. If you play well with a Lucian, he can definitely carry the late game for you. Most people think that Lucian is weak at late game, but I think that is definitely not the case.
No matter how much I talk about it, there are so many Thresh players that waste 30 minutes of their life to play a game with Ezreal adc. He has literally zero synergies with you as he can't deal damage fast and doesn't have any follow-up to your hook. It's better to dodge than to play with Ezreal.
Samira is known for her ability to take pentakill after pentakill with her ult and somehow win every game. Well, she is a really hard champion to play in my opinion, as her combos are the thing that give her the ult and the pentas. Samira is a great adc with Thresh because one of her passives works really well with cc supports like Thresh.
Tristana is one of the best adc's in the game as she has great damage, waveclear and escaping. She can follow your hooks really well and kill the enemies with her bomb. Additionally, if you sweep an enemy behind you and Tristana, she can ult the enemy to your tower, which is a really nice and stylish way to kill an enemy.

Understanding Synergies

Again, I have not listed all the synergies or even all types of adc's, because there is no point of listing average supports because only things you need to know are what you should play with and what you shouldn't play with.
Thresh is a good support for most of adc's as he provides them safety due to his W and engage due to his combos.
The best type of adc's for Thresh are simply the ones that deal the most damage. If your adc doesn't win all-ins against the enemies, you can't play as a duo.
Thresh is too good at all-ins to play with an adc like Ezreal. When you have Ezy as your adc, your combos don't end well as you will take damage pointlessly while your adc is trying to do any damage to the enemies.
But when you have Draven as your adc, you will win every single trade you can have early, as his damage is too much for any bottom duo starting from level 1. When Draven gets fed, he can easily carry the game for your team.

Before The Game Starts

Most guides start the gameplay from the beginning of the game, but I want to make this one differently. If you don't know what to ban, when to pick Thresh and when not to, what runes you should take, what summoner spells to take, the game will end before it has even started. The first thing. When the bans are revealed, look at the enemy supports position (the support is usually the one that bans support champion) and try to take a pick position after them. Thresh can be easily countered if you pick before the enemy support. If the enemy picks champions that counter you hard (the threat levels in total are 8-10 (you can check them from the guides threats part)) you just should not pick Thresh as you will lose the lane because you can't do anything. Check the enemy supports counters and pick some of them if you know how to play them. When you know your matchups and you are going to play Thresh, the next thing to check is the runes. If the matchup isn't too good at fighting, I suggest you to take Glacial Augment as it secures kills better than any other rune you use. It is the best option most of the time but not always. If the enemy has adc like Tristana, which can deal huge damage to you and make you lose trades only by shooting you, you should take Aftershock. It provides you so much tankiness after hitting your Q or E that the Tristana is not a problem any more. It also deals some (not much) damage, which is nice especially in the early all-ins. Don't go for an all-in if you don't have your Aftershock ready as you will lose in the most scenarios. Then take a look at your summoner spells. If the enemies have champions with high burst damage (even at late game) like Katarina, Rengar and Twitch, you should take Exhaust. It is also great against adc's like Tristana and Samira as they usually deal all the damage in their bot duo. If they don't have champions with high burst damage or solo damage dealers (champions that play with supports like Thresh), you should take Ignite. Ignite is a good source of damage in the early fights as the damage can kill an escaping enemy. It also gives the target grievous wounds (they counter healing) so if the enemy team has champion like Aatrox, just Ignite him in team fights because without the heal he will die quickly.


When the game is in the loading screen, think about one thing. Invading. Can you invade the enemy team? If the enemy team has Alistar or Braum support, don't invade. If the enemy team has good shaco jungle, you shouldn't invade, as he has a box in the invading routes and you will fail the invade most of the times. If your team has a lot of level 1 cc ( Lux or Neeko mid) like you do, it is a good idea to invade. When invading, take your Death Sentence at level 1 as it can secure your team a kill easily. When you see an enemy, hook them, and they will die or at least burn their Flash. If there are no enemies, you should leash your jungler with the buff like you would do when you don't invade. You need to tell your team before you go for an invade, so they can join you. You should have at least 4 guys in the invade for it to become succesful, because a 3v3 in the enemy jungle isn't always the best idea. If you succeeded at invading (your adc got a kill and isn't low) go to your lane and farm, as the enemies have needed to recall and you can push the wave before your adc recalls to buy some items. Your adc now has better creep score, a kill, and is nearly level 2. When he comes back, you will have level 2 already, and you can all-in the enemies with your Q+Q2+E combo as you deal much more damage than the enemy bot duo.

Laning Phase

When thinking about a part of the game that is the most important for you and your adc, nearly everyone will say that laning phase is the one (and they are right). During the laning phase, you should secure your adc some kills, save him from the enemy junglers ganks, provide vision to your team with wards, secure dragons for your team, possibly roam at other lanes and try to take enemy turrets down. If you get all of them done, your team will win the game most of the times. Let's start from the most important one, the kills. You have an amazing kit to secure kills as Thresh, so you should make the best use possible out of it. Firstly, you (most of the time) need to land a combo on the enemy to get a kill (check them from the "trading patterns/combos" chapter) as your adc needs some time to kill the enemy, no matter what champion they play. Try to surprise enemies with your Flash and Hextech Flashtraption and then land a hook on them. If your adc is one of the green level synergies (you can check them from the "synergies" chapter), he will kill the enemy. Really. With his burst damage and your cc you can kill the enemies easily. If the adc is Ezreal, close your computer and go do something else. When you have secured a couple kills for your adc, he is so fed that you probably will win the game. Now for the second part, saving your adc from the enemy junglers ganks. When the enemy jungler comes, you are the one who needs to get away (weird, isn't it?). When you are not in danger anymore, throw your lantern to your adc, so he will be saved too. This works most of the time, as the adc can play some time to get you away from the enemies. You can also hook (don't use Q2) the enemy jungler to stun them so they can't get to you or your adc or E them away for the same reason. Now, providing vision. Check the "trinkets&warding" chapter as it has the best ward spots. Firstly, you have your support item, which makes it possible to you to execute minions to get gold for you and your adc. When you have gained 500 gold, you get a warding active to the item. When you get the wards, use your normal trinkets (if you still have them) to some good ward spots, recall and take Oracle Lens instead. Now you can both place and destroy wards. Always when you recall, remember to buy some Control Wards as they are better than normal wards and pretty cheap (check the whole explanation in the "trinkets&warding" chapter). Now to securing dragons for your team. Dragons are one of the things you should not miss, or if you do, it will cause some serious damage to your team for the rest of the game, as they give permanent stat buffs. Dragons are located in the bottom side of the map, so as a bottom laner you should take care of having a ward in the dragon pit to make sure that the enemy team doesn't take it without you even realizing. You can't take duo dragons with your adc at the early game, so you need your jungler. When you see your jungler pathing towards botlane, try to hit the enemy minions as much as you can to push the wave fast, and then tell your jungler that you should take the dragon. If you have your Oracle Lens up, scan the dragon pit before going in. You should have a ward behind the dragonpit if that is enemy jungle, river bush if the enemies are on the lane when you go for drake and somewhere about at blue buff if that is enemy jungle. You can't do too much damage to the dragon, so hit it with auto attacks and walk around it in the case enemies are coming to steal the dragon. With this tactic you should be able to secure the dragon for your team most of the times. Now I will talk about roaming and destroying enemy turrets. Roaming is important as a support for many reasons, but I think the best reason is to get your midlaner fed. When you have a fed midlaner, the teamfights are usually much easier than if you had to survive with a 2/3/2 Talon as your midlaner. Additionally, you will disturb the enemy midlaners csing and make their playing much harder. Taking turrets is a great thing to do as before 14 minutes you get quite an amount of gold lead for doing a little bit of damage to the enemy turrets. For both roaming and taking turrets, it is best to push the wave first (must for taking turrets) and they are even more effective if the enemies are away (yet again this is pretty much a must when taking turrets), as if you are roaming, you need to know that your adc will not die during the time you are away. Also, if one or both of the enemies have suspiciously disappeared, remember to ping it.

Middle game

When the laning phase ends, middle game starts. You are now stronger, because you have got your passive stacks and your first item, boots, and you also have your support item's warding active ready so it is easier to you to provide vision to your team. In the middle game, your main goal is to make your adc even stronger and more fed, so they can carry you at the late game. If you haven't lost any turrets or dragons, your game is already going pretty well because if you lose a turret or a dragon, the damage is permanent, kills don't matter as much as long as the enemies don't get really fed.

Late Game

Late game is, as the name is, the last part of the game. Always games don't get this far, because someone might surrender before the game gets to this point. At late game, you have like 100 passive stacks, which makes you really strong against attack damage champions and also provides your abilities some really nice bonus damage. In the late game, everything will go around team fights. There is nearly always a team fight when the dragon spawns, and when someone is trying to push mid too far (sometimes the game looks like aram in mid lane). When you go into a teamfight, you need to make sure that it really is worth it. If the fight is going to be 5v4 for your team, it usually is definitely worth it, but if the enemy team has more guys up, you should slowly retreat from the enemies if the fight is not at dragon or baron. When the fight starts, try to hook someone from the enemy team to your team (though not a tank) so the fight will become a 5v4. If you can land a second hook, Q2 to the enemy, throw lantern to some melee champion, sweep as many champions you can to your team with your E and ult as many champions you can. At this point, your teammates have had time to land all their skillshots, do the best damage they can and kill the enemies. Maybe I oversimplified this a bit but that's how it works for the most of the time. If your team wins the teamfights, you have enough time to end the game. Remember to provide vision, especially to dragon and baron pits, so the enemy team can't surprise you with a dragon when your team is peacefully farming at somewhere else.
Game Goals

Game Goals

If you don't have other goals in the game than winning, your progress as a player can be much slower. These goals are optimal, and it is nearly impossible to reach every of them in a single game unless you are winning the botlane easily. Try to get closer to the goals as you play, and you will see progress in no time. There are no goals before 10 minutes because I think that the early levels are very unpredictable and different from other points in the game.

10 minutes:

  • 4 kills+assists
  • 0-2 deaths
  • about 50% kill participation
  • 1 roam, if you have had time
  • 1500 damage dealt
  • 2000 gold
  • achieved support item's warding passive
  • you are level 5/6
  • 1 dragon killed
  • 4 wards placed
  • oracle lens taken
  • 1-2 control wards placed

20 minutes:

  • 9 kills+assists
  • 0-4 deaths
  • about 50% kill participation
  • 2 succesful roams (lead to a kill)
  • 4000 damage done
  • 5500 gold
  • support item fully upgraded
  • level 9
  • 1-2 dragons killed
  • team has destroyed 2 towers
  • 15 wards placed
  • 4 wards destroyed
  • at least 4 control wards placed

30 minutes:

  • 16 kills+assists
  • 0-6 deaths
  • about 55% kill participation
  • 8000 gold
  • level 13
  • 2-3 dragons killed
  • team has destroyed 5 towers
  • 30 wards placed
  • 7 wards destroyed
  • 8-10 control wards placed

After the Game:

  • 2 vision/minute
  • gold lead (any)
  • 2,5 kda
  • 50% kill participation
In this chapter, I will ask questions about things I told you would learn about in this guide. I don't remember any other guide that has a quiz, so I made one myself.

The Quiz:

What type of adc is the hardest counter to you?
the right answer

What item you should buy against a team with high healing?
the right answer

What are the 3 viable keystones for Thresh?
the right answer

When you should use Exhaust?
the right answer

Why you shouldn't play with Ezreal?
the right answer

What are the 2 most important places to ward in the laning phase?
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What ability you should max out first?
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What is the best combo at level 3?
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The End
I really enjoyed making this guide, hopefully you learned something new and will have fun while playing Thresh. If you liked the guide, hit the like button!
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