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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Yasuo Build Guide by EvilOranges

Middle There is only Death - In Depth Yasuo Guide for Patch 9.18

Middle There is only Death - In Depth Yasuo Guide for Patch 9.18

Updated on September 22, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilOranges Build Guide By EvilOranges 36 5 36,292 Views 0 Comments
36 5 36,292 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilOranges Yasuo Build Guide By EvilOranges Updated on September 22, 2019
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Runes: Cut them down (Standard)

1 2 3 4
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

There is only Death - In Depth Yasuo Guide for Patch 9.18

By EvilOranges

Hello everyone! I'm EvilOranges, and this is my Yasuo mid guide. As a obligitory mastery 7 Yasuo main, I would like to take the time to share all my knowledge with you about the drunk ionian swordsman! I hope you enjoy my guide, and would greatly appreciate any feedback you have. Feel free to leave any comments with questions regarding anything!

Thank you all for taking the time to read my Yasuo guide!
Why Play Yasuo

Yasuo - Drunk Swordsman
Melee, Mobile, Tons of damage, AD (Carry?), Mid/Top or Bot if you really gotta do that

Synergy: Knockups
Laning: Can't get hit, can almost always hit you.
Speciality: Murdering you indiscriminately

Why play Yasuo? Yasuo is a melee ADC, which is great for people who like high mobility and high damage but is slightly squishy. He is amazing at deleting any champion with his damage, but when played sub-par can easily become that 0-20 Yasuo that feeds your Masters promos. He is a champion that when mastered, is extremely effective and fun at the same time.

+ Insane damage
+ High mobility
+ Versitile with builds
+ Snowballs very easily
+ Good engage
+ High CC, utility, and damage

Yasuo is a champion that when used to his full potential can 1v9 carry a game. He has high damage, decent tankyness and survivability with lifesteal, insane mobility, good CC, and waveclear. There is a reason why the enemy Yasuo will smash your team, and that is because the champion is designed to be a feast or famine champion. He can do everything when ahead, and not much when behind. That being said, a single teamfight can let a 0-5 Yasuo snowball and become relevant again.

- Very unforgiving (more puns!) in terms of mistakes
- Feast or Famine champion
- Vulnerable to CC
- Item reliant

Yasuo as a champion has almost no flaws. If you can play him perfectly he has damage, CC, utility, mobility, splitpush, teamfight, and skirmish ability, and everything in between. A huge part of playing Yasuo is the player, and that is why I am writing this guide. Knowing how and when to itemize against certain champions, knowing matchups inside out, knowing which CC will kill you and which won't, this all comes with skill.
  • Conqueror: My rune of choice. It gives you great all-in potential, is great vs any matchup that isn't very poke-based, and scales very well. It isn't nearly as good as it used to, as there have been so many nerfs. Regardless, a E-AA-Q-AA-Q combo will full stack it, and reseting autos makes it even faster.

    Take Conqueror in toplane or vs a matchup that you can all-in easily/are spell reliant with high cooldowns. (Someone spell reliant would be like a Lux, who relies on her Q Light Binding and E Lucent Singularity to deal damage.)
  • Fleet Footwork: The rune where you just want to survive lane. This is for matchups that are auto/poke heavy and where you have a hard time getting in range to trade back. Fleet doesn't scale that well, but because of Yasuo's scaling this allows you to be useful later on.

    Take Fleet Footwork into matchups with poke and heavy CC like Malzahar, Annie, or Heimerdinger.
  • Triumph: Due to Yasuo's playstyle of getting in and out quickly, and towerdiving often, Triumph helps you snowball a lot and prevents you from dying in a 1 for 1. A triumph proc saves you a lot, and the bonus 20 gold isn't noticeable, but regardless a nice cherry on top.

    Take Triumph in most scenarios, especially with Conqueror.
  • Coup de Grace: Just in general you will use this more than the other 2. You could go Cut Down if there are a lot of tanks on the other team, but in general Coup de Grace is more versatile and better in terms of stats.
  • Ravenous Hunter: Ravenous Hunter is a great scaling rune that when combined with Conqueror gives you a good amount of healing even without items. If you stack it up fully you can easily skip Bloodthirster or other lifesteal items for an early tank item like Sterak's Gage.
  • Demolish: This is the rune I take if I don't need any other rune. It makes taking towers and tower plates so much easier, and is a good rune for splitpushing.
Way of the Wanderer (Passive): Way of the Wanderer is a double passive. The first part is Yasuo gains double crit chance, but deals 10 percent less damage per crit. The second part is when Yasuo moves around, he generates flow (the grey bar). When he takes damage from a champion or monster, he activates his flow to create a shield equal to that amount (100-510) for up to a second. This is really good against poke and the shield is really good lategame against burst combos.

Steel Tempest (Q): Steel Tempest is the bread part of Yasuo's bread and butter. He stikes forward in a straight line, dealing damage to enemies hit. The cooldown is not modified by CDR, but by attack speed. Steel Tempest also applies on-hit effects, such as Crits and Lifesteal.

Secondly, your 3rd Q within a short duration fires a tornado instead, that also applies on-hit effects and knocks enemies up. It has a much longer range.

Lastly, when you cast your Steel Tempest with your E Sweeping Blade it will strike all enemies in a circle rather than a straight line.

Wind Wall (W):
Wind Wall is one of Yasuo's signiture abilities. Yasuo generates a wall from his current location that slowly drifts in front of him, then stops. This wall blocks ALMOST ALL ranged abilities. From Lux Light Bindings to Katarinas Death Lotus to even Braums Glacial Fissure gets blocked by it. That being said, it is on a high cooldown. Used well it can turn the tide of a fight or even a game.

Sweeping Blade (E): Sweeping Blade is the butter to Steel Tempests bread. It allows you to dash a fixed distance through a minion, monster, or champion. That unit cannot be dashed through for 10-6 seconds (based on level). This gives Yasuo a broken amount of mobility, and gives him amazing dueling near minions. Each E stacks the next E's damage by 25 percent each time, giving it up to 150% damage.

As stated before, if Q Steel Tempest is cast during E Sweeping Blade it will cast in a circle.

Last Breath (R): Last Breath is what rounds out Yasuo's kit and is what allow him to be a 1v9 champion. He blinks to a "nearby" (very far distance) enemy champion that is airborne, suspends them in the air for 1 extra second, and deals a massive amount of damage. It is best used against multiple targets.

In addition, Yasuo gains max flow (free shield) and 50% armor penetration on his crits for 15 seconds, which is massive against tanks, and at increasing his tankiness.

Ability Tips and Tricks
Way of the Wanderer Perfect for trading. The flow part of the passive is important because a)enemies will often overextend to pop it with an auto and b)gives you the upper hand in trading. This happens because the shield lets you either tank one of their abilities or make them wait 1 second for your shield to go down in order to trade back. When you have this up you should look to trade or all in, as it gives you a huge advantage.

Steel Tempest Straight line AOE skillshot. Your Q should be used often to either kill minions at long range, or cancel your autos. You do this by AA'ing, then as your damage goes through immediately cast Steel Tempest to get the most damage in.

Wind Wall Nothing will hit me. Wind wall can block almost all ranged abilities. If you are up against someone who has a key CC ability that sets up their combo (e.g. Ahri's Charm or Lux's Light Binding), you should wait to windwall those abilities. You can also cancel the Q Steel Tempest animation during the E-Q combo with your W, so it shows essentially that you are just dashing, but when in reality you are E-Q'ing with a Wind Wall on top of it. (More in the combos section).

Sweeping Blade Nothing will hit me numero deux. Sweeping Blade allows you to dash through minions and champions. Stand behind if you want to engage, and stand beside the wave if you want to dodge. Standing behind the wave means you can dash forward through the minions, and standing to the side means you can dash horizontally to avoid skillshots.

Your Sweeping Blade also deals increasing damage, so make sure if you can, to dash through 1-2 minions first, then dash onto the champion. If they are standing in the wave, do not dash onto them. Use Sweeping Blade after they use flash or a mobility ability to gapclose afterwards.

Sweeping Blade is also a fixed distance dash. This means the closer you stand to the minion/champion you will dash through the further you will go behind it. A max range E will leave you on top of the unit, and a close range E will propel you a lot further. When chasing, you want to walk close to a minion, then dash, and repeat. It is faster this way.

Yasuo's E also lets you move through the jungle really easily. You can cross Krugs , Raptors , Wolves , and Gromp easily, which can help with chasing or escapes. This will be covered in a later section, walldashes. (Will be added soon! Stay tuned)

Last Breath Is it the leaf's only purpose to fall? The ultimate gives you a lot of room for outplays. In general, you want to use Last Breath as late as possible so they are CC'd for longer. Before you ult, make sure to auto them before ulting, as it is a free auto. However, ult immediately if you will die from DOT (damage over time) such as Ignite or Teemo poison, as the flow will shield you from the damage.

Last Breath also positions you behind your target from where you ulted. So if you are in front of them, you will blink behind them. If you are behind them, you will blink in front of them.

If you are ulting someone under a turret, Last Breath will try to position you outside of the turret range. This makes diving pretty easy on Yasuo, but don't try and do it if the junglers nearby.
Summoner Spells

FLASH: Flash is self explanitory. It helps with engage, disengage, gives you outplay potential, and is just a solid summoner spell in general. Make sure to check out the flash combo (beyblade) below!
Ignite: Even though Ignite was nerfed a few patches ago, it still gives you an insane amount ofo kill pressure in lane. The grevious wounds it applies also prevents any suprise heals. Overall, this is a must have summoner spell if you want to win lane.
Cleanse: I usually only take this vs matchups that don't require Quicksilver Sash, but still have CC. This would be Annie and Lissandra. Not Malzahar, because Cleanse does not remove the suppression from Nether Grasp.

Starting Items

Doran's Blade is an amazing starter item on Yasuo. Not only does it provide a solid amount of AD and health, it also provides you with lifesteal, giving you a solid balance of sustain, hp, and damage. It is an all around good item.

Doran's Shield is the alternative starting item. It gives you much more sustain and more health compared to Doran's Blade. It is great into AD poke matchups such as Jayce, and is best taken top with the amount of bruisers and AD champions.

Core Items

Statikk Shiv is the new first item on Yasuo. Due to the Phantom Dancer nerfs in patch 9.3, and the Statikk Shiv buffs, Statikk gives you almost all the attack speed you need, amazing waveclear, more damage, and some movement speed which translates to Sweeping Blade dash speed. All around, this is a great item that works whenever you are even or ahead.

You take Phantom Dancer only when you are behind. The nerfs in 9.3 nerfed its attack speed, removed his Ghosting passive and passive movement speed, and made it more restrictive. The shield on it now is underwhelming at best, and if you wanted an anti-AP option a Hexdrinker is a much better option. Take it only against heavy AD teams and you are behind.

Due to Yasuo's Way of the Wanderer passive doubling crit chance, Infinity Edge and Statikk Shiv (or Phantom Dancer) will give you 100% crit chance. Your Q Steel Tempest can also crit, so this is perfect. The build path is also very good, as B.F. Sword gives you solid AD, and Cloak of Agility gives you 90% crit chance with Statikk Shiv.

Lifesteal Items

80 AD, 20% lifesteal, AND a built in Overheal shield! This item is perfect when you want to become "tankier" while doing much more damage. If you only built this item, you would heal for 16 for each unit hit. Great all-around lifesteal item that thrives vs tanky and dps teams.
Death's Dance is extremely powerful against burst damage. You sacrifice some lifesteal for the anti-burst passive, which takes 30 percent of the damage and changes it to damage over time. However, you don't use the 10% CDR, and the lifesteal is reduced to 5 percent if you hit multiple units with Steel Tempest or E-Q. As a result, this is more of an early skirmish item or late game splitpush item, where you are more likely to 1v1 or 2v2.

Tanky Items

Sterak's Gage gives you extra health and a massive shield when against any bit of burst. It also gives you 50% of your current AD as bonus AD, so really this gives you health, AD, and a shield. The synergy with Phantom Dancer isn't good, because the shields stack most of the time. You will most likely never use the full Sterak's Gage shield anyways, so the PD passive is wasted.

Frozen Mallet is a little like Sterak's Gage, but gives more health and on average less AD. It also swaps Sterak's shield passive for a slow effect that is great both at peeling for carries and chasing down enemy carries. For refrence, build this in the same scenarios when you build Hextech G.L.P. or Rylai's Crystal Scepter on mages. Yasuo is able to use the passive often as it also procs on his Q Steel Tempest.

This is great against enemy ADC's or crit-based champions like Tryndamere and Master Yi. The slow active on this item also helps you chase down ADC's. The armor and hp also increase your tankiness, but keep in mind that it doesn't give any AD. I typically build this 4th, after Statikk Shiv, Infinity Edge, and a lifesteal item or Sterak's Gage that gives me AD.
All around great item that can save your life. Gives you tankiness, a little AD, and a passive that revives you. Use when you have a shutdown gold, or you are being focused by the enemy team.
The only reason you should be building this is because you want the tankiness and armor, but don't need the anti-crit portion of Randuin's Omen. It does increase your movespeed and in extension your Sweeping Blade dash speed.

AP/CC defensive items

Great against burst AP champions such as LeBlanc or Fizz, as the shield and MR can really mess up their oneshot combo. I take it either after Berserker's Greaves or after Statikk Shiv against burst matchups.

Upgrade this LAST. There is not point early, as you don't use the 10% CDR, and an extra 1950 gold for 35 AD and 20 MR, plus the passive is not worth it. Stick with Hexdrinker until you complete your build.

Buy Quicksilver Sash against major CC that will shut you down, such as Malzahars Nether Grasp and Lissandras Glacial Prison. CC is your worst enemy as Yasuo, as it locks you out of your damage, mobility, and lifesteal.

Like Maw of Malmortius, upgrade this close to last. I do it before upgrading Hexdrinker, because of the lifesteal, but Quicksilver Sash does it's job well until very late in the game.

A great MR item, but you don't need the extra attack speed. It is good for waveclear when behind though. The on-hit damage plus healing at low HP is decently good. I rarely take this now, but when I am behind I will take it, as it is somewhat cheap and gives 50 MR.

Armor pen/Anti tank items

B.O.R.K is great against high health champions. It also gives AD and lifesteal, plus a slowing damaging passive. Good against tanks such as Maokai and Cho'Gath.
L.D.R. gives a solid amount of armor pen (35%). Combined with the (50%) armor pen after casting Last Breath, you can deal almost true damage to tanks.
Use this against Volibear and Dr. Mundo specifically. You don't need the armor pen against Vladimir and Soraka, just build Executioner's Calling against them.

Boot Options

THE boots on Yasuo. It gives you movement speed and most importantly attack speed, which allows you to cast Q more often.

A boot option for multiple AD champions. Use when the whole enemy team is AD, and/or you are facing an AD champion such as Irelia, Jayce, etc.

Mercury's treads help against HEAVY cc teams, and vs heavy AP. Usually I don't build this because I would have taken Cleanse or built Quicksilver Sash. Up to personal preference. That being said, it is extremely good against mages with cc such as Annie.

Laning Vs. Ranged

Ranged matchups, most often are the straightforward matchups. These are the matchups that you can use your Wind Wall the best in. Analyse the matchup to see which abilities you can Windwall. Let's take the Ahri matchup for example. Which of her abilities will you windwall?

Which of these abilities would you windwall?

Orb of Deception?



The correct answer is her E, Charm. This is because it has CC and damage boosts her other abilities. It is also on a long cooldown, so you can punish her for a longer duration. More of these matchups will be put below in the next section.

You also want to make sure to keep track of cooldowns, especially of major CC or mobility abilities. Lets say your laning against a Lux. As soon as she uses her Q Light Binding early game, you have a 13 second window to trade or all-in her. Usually, if you are against an easy matchup like Lux, you can go in immediately after they cast it, because she can only damage you with her E Lucent Singularity, which really isn't that scary.

With ranged matchups, you want to get as close as possible. Stand at the side of the wave against enemies with waveclear, and stand in the wave against someone who doesn't. A good positioning allows you to dash either through the wave, or in and out of the wave. You don't want to stand in the wave vs an Xerath because he will just Q and W you along with the wave. By standing at the side of the wave, you force him to focus either the wave or you. When engaging on him, you can use your Sweeping Blade sideways to dodge his E Shocking Orb. Generally, you don't want to dash straight towards them. This allows them to hit any key abilities such as Ahri's Charm, Viktor's Death Ray, or Syndra's Scatter the Weak.
Laning vs Melee

Melee in midlane mostly includes assassins, and the occasional Irelia or Camille if you are Korean challenger. Because they are somewhat similar, I will just talk about assassins.

These matchups are harder because they are a lot more unpredictable and more snowbally. Similar to the ranged matchups, you want to analyze the enemies abilities.

Let's say you are against an Akali. What do you want to Wind Wall?

Five Point Strike?

Shuriken Flip?

The answer is Shuriken Flip. This is because this is her only engage ability before level 6. Akali will win a trade set on her own terms, which is why you want to control her trading patterns.

With melee champions, you have to identify your powerspikes and the enemies powerspikes. You have to identify first at which levels and which items you spike at, then compare to the enemies level and items. For example, against Zed, you win level 2, but he wins level 3, because he has access to his W-E-Q combo that procs Electrocute. You also lose level 6 because his ultimate is point and click, where yours needs setup time and can be dodged by his W Living Shadow. Compare that with Ekko, where you lose on your traditionally strong level 2 powerspike but win on level 3 powerspike because you can Wind Wall his Timewinder and deny both his passive and his Electrocute proc. More in-depth analysis below. (Coming soon)

This is also a good spot to poke with your Q. You win whenever you initiate a trade where they are distracted or locked in their CS animation. This allows you to get a quick Q or E-AA-Q combo onto them and dashing back out. Whenever they go in for a CS, try to poke them with a Q. Do this enough, and they will take a suprising amount of damage. It also gives a stack of Conqueror, so if you poke them and they don't respond, you can go in if their cooldowns are down.

These are your 2 item powerspikes. Statikk Shiv gives you an insane amount of waveclear, damage, attack speed, and movement speed. Basically, with this item you can easily skirmish or look to dive with Last Breath available. Infinity Edge gives you insane damage when completed, but the build path with Cloak of Agility gives you 90 percent crit chance, so the powerspike is less noticeable than before, when you had to complete the item for 100 percent crit, but it is still really good for damage.

Abuse Statikk Shiv powerspike by shoving and roaming. Ideally, if you don't die and farm well, you should get this around 11-12 minutes along with Berserker's Greaves, allowing you to constantly E-Q the wave with Statikk Shiv passive, pushing extremely easily. Try and roam as much as you can, but if all your lanes are pushed in and you can't dive in another lane, you can look to dive in mid. Make sure the jungler isn't there, otherwise you burn your Last Breath and possible Ignite or Flash. To dive, shove the wave as hard as you can, then as they are farming the 5-6 minions poke them with your Q. Do this 1-2 times so they are around half hp, then charge up tornado. Launch it at them, then ult and Ignite. Spam Q as you land so it will automatically AA-Q after ult animation is finished. For Infinity Edge powerspike you can duel nearly anybody, and you work wonders in both teamfights and skirmishes. Do things knowing you have the damage, but don't run in because you don't have any tankiness or survivability.

Your level 2 powerspike with Steel Tempest and Sweeping Blade is one of the strongest level 2s in the game for midlane, behind Talon and maybe Ekko. Therefore, let the wave push, prep 1 stack of Steel Tempest and as soon as you hit level 2 go in, as long as the opponent doesn't have a massive wave advantage, and aren't Talon or Ekko. With Conqueror and Ignite, you should be able to chunk them out of lane, or even kill them. Level 6 powerspike is also really powerful, but be careful who you go in on. Someone like a Zed, Akali or a good LeBlanc can dismantle you if you miss tornado or they dodge it with Living Shadow, Twilight Shroud and Perfect Execution, and Distortion respectively. Make sure to play safe until you know you can all in. Sometimes it is worth ulting but not killing them to chunk them out of lane so you can back for Zeal or even Statikk Shiv, which should happen around that time.

For level 2, prepare by letting the enemy laner push the wave from level 1, so you can dash through minions to all in. If they don't do this, you can hardshove level 1, so the wave bounces back to you around level 2-3, which is fine vs many mage matchups with 1 CC ability (e.g. Lux, Ahri, Vel'Koz, etc.). For level 6, prep by pushing or letting them push, depending if your jungler is nearby to dive or not. Alternatively, roam to try and get a double Last Breath botlane or help out your toplaner.
Lane Control

Rule 1: Don't push the wave

Pushing the wave is usually seen as a cardinal sin on Yasuo. Only push if your opponent is out of lane, or you want to roam or back. Pushing limits your mobility with Sweeping Blade, because you can't dash under tower, and it also makes you extremely vulnerable to ganks. It might be tempting to constantly E-Q the wave, but don't do this. I suggest you use the tip of your Q when farming from a distance, so you only hit one minion. Something that gives away whether or not you are good at Yasuo or not is how you approach the lane, and whether or not you push.

Rule 2: Push Smart

This might seem counter-intuitive and contradict rule 1, but pushing smart can deny CS and bounce the wave back to you. Try and push in most scenarios when your opponent has left lane, whether to buy or to roam. By pushing here, you deny your opponent CS and provide an opportunity to either roam or back yourself, and have the wave slowly pushing back to you as you come back. You can also push 1-2 levels ahead of your powerspike but before their powerspike. This looks like pushing at level 1 against a Lux so the tower and the next wave will push back to you when you are level 2-3, allowing for an all in.

Rule 3: Trade whenever you have an advantage.

This may not be strictly under wave management, but it is under lane control. Yasuo likes to take close trades where he can use Ignite and fast E-Q combos to take down an enemy. Generally, trade when you have 2 or more stacks of Conqueror, have a health advantage, have an item advantage, level advantage, or more minions. This allows you to chunk them down or at least get a favorable trade. Many players, especially at low elos will run, allowing you to deal a significant amount of damage when they are running. This also sets up your jungler to easily come by and kill your laner.

Lane control and wave management is by far the hardest tecnique to grasp on Yasuo. Its a double edged sword, where if you manage the wave well, you can open up all-in opportunities and jungle ganks, but if you fail, you will be camped and lose out on CS and kills.
Yasuo is a great roam champion. Due to the nature of his kit and how easily he can use E-Q's to take down multiple targets, and a double knockup ultimate is pretty simple to get, roaming bot is a great choice. Roaming top can also happen if Rift Herald is up, and your top laner needs a roam.

Generally, you want to roam whenever you have the chance. As soon as you see your laner recall, push your wave into their tower. It helps if it is a slow push, but not so slow that it doesn't crash into the tower. Do this by clearing all the caster minions, and 1-2 melee minions. After, you leave lane and roam.

A good roam can get you or your teammates back into the game. A lead is useless if you don't use it. If you get a solokill and barely take any damage back, you can instantly push, then roam bot to blow their summoner spells or get a kill or 2.

You also should analyse bot lane and top lane's situation. Are they pushed to their tower? Can you dive them? Do they have flash? What CC do they have? These are all things to keep in mind. Maybe roaming bot into a Thresh Vayne isn't that smart of an idea, because they have great cc and damage to lock you down and kill you.

Yasuo can take many roles in teamfights. Generally though, you want to fight in skirmishes (2v2, 3v3, etc.) because you don't get focused and blown up instantly.

Role 1: Melee ADC

This is the most efficient teamfight role in most scenarios. As long as you are even or ahead, this strategy will work great. You will play like an ADC, only autoattacking and Q'ing enemies that come in range of you, or on overextended targets. Just make sure you don't get cc'd and caught. Minimize use of Sweeping Blade, lest you dash right in the middle of the enemy team and be blown up.

Role 2: Secondary Engage

This role is often taken when you have AOE knockups on your team. For example, a Malphite should be the primary engage, then you ult to keep them suspended in mid-air for longer, and allowing your team to close distance and deal their damage. This role is good whenever you have knockups. If not, you should not engage at all. The number 1 mistake I see with Yasuo is they run in 1v5, thinking they can win, but they end up looking stupid and die. Yasuo is too squishy to be the primary engage. Leave the job to your top laner or jungler. As soon as you cast R Last Breath you want to dash and windwall out, because chances are they will focus you and your primary engage. Let your team come in, and take on the role of a melee ADC.

Role 3: Peeler

This might sound stupid, but is actually extremely effective. This strategy is used when you are behind. You basically peel for your APC or ADC, whichever one needs peeling. You actually have a lot of utility with your Wind Wall blocking most CC and damage that would kill your carries. You also have a lot of damage, just no survivability. Whenever assassins or anyone tries to kill your ADC from close range, use your damage to scare them off or kill them. By doing this, you are splitting off the teamfight into a temporary 2v1 (your ADC and you) vs an assassin/bruiser. You are strongest when people run right into your damage, and skirmishes, so peeling is perfect. Only use this when behind, otherwise your engage or tank might flame you for being useless. But hey, being useless is better than being stupid and feeding right?

Role 4: Primary Engage

The reason I put this last is because this is incredibly risky. This is what Yasuo's do that ticks every good Yasuo main off, and their teammates too. The sight of a 1-12 Yasuo running into a full team with heavy CC is not a good idea. DO NOT do this unless you are extremely fed, you are extremely confident in your Wind Wall and skills in general, and you can count on your team to follow in with you. If you are going to do this (please don't), build tanky items after Statikk Shiv and Infinity Edge, such as Frozen Mallet, Randuin's Omen, and Mercurial Scimitar. If the enemy has any type of good CC (>50 percent slows, stuns, roots, grounds, knockups) you are running into your death. Try to split up the teamfight. Zone maybe the ADC and support into one side, then zone the rest of the team away. You can 1v2 probably, but not 1v5.

+ You can take objectives quickly
+ You have good mobility
+ You can 1v1 or 1v2 (whether or not you are ahead)
+ You can clear waves (using E-Q and Statikk Shiv passive
+ The enemy team is strong at 5v5 teamfights
+ Your team can 4v5

Yasuo can splitpush very well. His kit allows him to 1v1 or 1v2, he has great pushing power, and his attack speed+ Demolish lets him take towers very quickly. The only thing is he can't necessarily run if more people come. He relies on enemy minions to use his E, so don't get caught out. However, if you are ahead you can kill anyone 1v1, 1v2, or even more, and your objective control is crazy high. This will allow your team to at least take 1 objective.

- You are behind
- Your team is behind
- You are getting killed while splitpushing
- Your team is better at 5v5's
- Enemy team can out-duel you

Don't splitpush when you are behind, as you will get caught out and killed, setting you even further behind. I choose to ward and farm up rather than risk becoming completely useless. You also don't want to splitpush if you find you are getting killed every time you try. If your team has knockup synergies (e.g. Malphite R, Rhaast Kayn W) you can easily win teamfights. Therefore there isn't a reason to splitpush. If your team is behind, you should stick with them because they will get demolished in a 4v5 fight. Assist what you can and run away if the rest of your team gets wiped.
Updates+Future Plans
This guide still has a lot more in terms of gameplay! I will hopefully be adding videos/gifs along with text to help you all better!
August 14th: Spelling, minor formatting.
August 5th: Added and edited lane control section, as well as added powerspike section.
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July 5th: Hello world again! Guide created with Intro, Why play?, Pros/cons, abilities, tips and tricks, and summoner spells!
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