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Thresh Build Guide by MrLazyDude

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrLazyDude

Thresh Guide With New Runes Reforged Made By 300 K Thresh

MrLazyDude Last updated on December 8, 2017
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The Thresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Thresh Build

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Aftershock
LoL Rune: Font of Life
Font of Life
LoL Rune: Conditioning
LoL Rune: Second Wind
Second Wind

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Cheap Shot
Cheap Shot
LoL Rune: Ghost Poro
Ghost Poro

+15-135 Health (at levels 1-18) and +9 ability power or +5 attack damage, adaptive

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Support Role
Ranked #20 in
Support Role
Win 51%
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Threats to Thresh with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Bard You can actally cancel his journey with your hook and he can be very squishy to kill before his early game and his heal is very weak if its not charged and has no shield. Also when he is collecting chimes it is a good chance to kill their adc.
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This is a new Thresh guide that has been turned from s7 to the new s8, so dont panic this guide has been edited to match s8!!!

Also thanks so much for viewing this guide as we are almost at 45 views!

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About me

Hey, my name is MrLazyDude, I am a thresh main on the OCE server (feel free to add). I have played this beast for a long time, and from the time Riot released mastery points I have reached about rank 150-ish on the mastery points leader boards for OCE -

Thresh was one of the first champions I felt that had a lot of control at bot lane and in the whole game it self, and is a fun champion to play and master!

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About Thresh

Thresh - Thresh is a support champion, and usually supports champions, peel the ADC and DPS's in team fights. However Thresh, in team fights looks for picks and engages even if your team has a Malphite. It is so easy to get free kills by landing your Death Sentence then following up to finish the kill. However, Thresh can peel the ADC and DPS's by CCing them away and using him items and his Dark Passage can save his allies.

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Pros/Cons for thresh and if you follow this guide

Continuously scaling armor and AP through passive.
Good chase potential
Lots of cc and very good cc with slows, displacements, knock ups.
Good escape ability - Dark Passage
Low ban rate
Long ranged hook
Death Sentence cd reduced if landed
Easily to pick out targets
Lots of cd from cd scaling runes

Quite tanky
lots of peel
New runes reforged gives him good stats!

Not much burst or damage.
No dashes.
Death Sentence can be hard to land against champs with lots of mobility.
If you miss Death Sentence that leaves you to not having a cd reduction on Death Sentence, which can be hard to then make a play, also the CD on Death Sentence will be long, thereofore if the opponents have burst it will be trouble.

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Runes Reforged basically Runes/Masteries - Resolve

Oh gosh, new runes reforged thing, but here are the runes they are probs the best you can get for Thresh


Aftershock vs Grasp of the Undying vs Guardian

Aftershock is better as it is most similar to the old Courage of the Colossus , but as it gives you a Leona W effect that makes you more tanky and do dmg when you immobilize them it is better than the heal of Grasp of the Undying or one of the Guardian effect that Thresh can't proc as he cant cast a spell on someone.

Font of Life vs Demolish vs Unflinching

The heal from Font of Life is better than a charged AA for tower dmg or for slow resistance and tendency from Unflinching, as you can only proc Unflinching when you use a summoner spell like Flash. And there is a less chance you would need to have slow resistance or tendency as you are Flashing to make a play or to Flashing over a wall, so Flashing to escape in lane straight wards wouldn't happen as much. And when you do flash in lane you probably don't need the stats as you usually just flash to under tower then your safe.

Conditioning vs mirror shiell vs Iron Skin

Conditioning gives you a permanent stat after 10 mins which is better than, having increased armor when you heal even if its a consumable, as Thresh's kit does not have much heals, and the armor is temporarily unlike armor and mr from Conditioning which also gives mr resists and armor resist. Also mirror shiell doesn't give permanent stats too so go Conditioning over them all.

second wind size=60]

Second Wind vs Revitalize vs Overgrowth

Second Wind's sustain is better than the heal and shield buff from Revitalize as Thresh doesn't have any heals but has a shield that is more of a escape ability. Also Overgrowth isn't as good as the sustain as the permanent health you get isn't really needed as Thresh is more of engage and won't need the bonus hp to go to their front line and do dmg as he is just more of a engager, however the bonus permanent hp might help him survive if he does get caught which could be swapped for Second Wind but I think that Second Wind is better.

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Runes Reforged basically Runes/Masteries part 2 - Domination


I wont go over all the runes vs the selected runes, as you can only pick 2 out of 9 of the options in this area.

Go cheap shot - Cheap Shot gives you true damage, why is this needed? Well Thresh lacks damage, so this true damage buff can hide his weakness a bit, also this helps with harass in laning phase.

Ghost poro - Lastly, go Ghost Poro as it will help you escape as it gives you vision in a brush you have been in, this also can be helpful as if you don't have a ward, you can walk to tri bush and get vision.

These runes might be changed in the future, as it is only pre season and who knows if riot is going to change, remove , nerf, or buff any runes.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite - is definitely Thresh's most taken summoner spell as he is usually a very aggressive laner to vs. Also as it is ardent censer meta even with the recent nerfs, Ignite is still good to reduce the healing of the enemies like, Soraka, Sona and even the heal summoner spell of the adc or support.

exhaust - Exhaust is good against team comps with lost of burst like Zed, Akali and Kayn. As it reduces damage and it also slows a target which allows you to hit them with your Death Sentence or walk up and Flay them etc. easier.

- Flash - is the other summoner spell you must go with Ignite or Exhaust is flash, doesn't really need a explanation but, it helps with escaping, engaging and so much more. so make sure to use this.

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Skill Sequence

Don't start anything until you know what you are going to do, Death Sentence for invade, if someone is already caught go Dark Passage or passive laning go Flay. However, you can still go Death Sentence for laning and Flay for invading, but usually the typical start is Flay.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Q - [[death sentence]]

Death Sentence - is the ability that everyone just called the, "hook", but it is the ability that makes Thresh so highly rated, picked and banned in patches like the current 7.22

Death Sentence is a ability where Thresh throws his scythe out in the direction you are aiming. This is Thresh's Q ability. If Death Sentence lands the hooked champion will be pulled towards you and stunned for up to 1.5 seconds. After the 1.5 second CC you have about 0.3 - 0.5 to use to death leap, which is Thresh's seconds cast of Q. This will make Thresh leap to the hooked target and will follow the target even if they dash away, flashed away etc. If you decide to use death leap before the stun and pull timer ends it will stop the stun and pull.

Things to know -
Cool down - 20, 18, 16, 14, 12 and reduced by 3 seconds if landed.
Thresh can't attack if he has hooked a champion but when if you decide to follow he can attack again when he lands or you will be able to attack again when the death leap timer is gone.
Mana cost - 80
Magic Damage - 80, 120, 160, 200, 240 and scales 50% AP (very op AP if you ever try)
Stun and pull time from hook - 1.5 seconds and less than that if he decided to use {[death leap]] before the timer of the stun and pull ends.

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W - [[Dark passage]]

Dark Passage - Thresh's W ability which is known as the "lantern" is no doubt one of leagues best escape moves ever.

The only catch is that Thresh cant use it to escape (unless the shield helps him escape), however when Dark Passage is used, you should aim it a ally when they need to escape. Your allies probably know what it does, but when you use Dark Passage thresh will throw lantern, and it gives your ally the option to right-click it and you ally will travel to you. This ability is very broken with a very long rage. If Thresh walks out of the range, the lantern will return to Thresh, giving him a shield. [Dark passage]] is also counted as a terrain when placed down, so your allies or you can tp to it.

Things to know:
Minion will not aggro you if you place a lantern on you and walk next to them without hitting them.
Shield straight - 60, 100, 140, 180, 220 and goes up due to amount of souls collected, 1 more stats for every 1 soul collected.
Cooldown - 22, 20.5, 19, 17.5, 16
If you throw your lantern to souls it will collect it.
Range - 1500 units.
Rick click to use the lantern (allies).
If the enemy places a control ward, ward (that can be seen due to under tower), oracle lens etc.) on the lantern your ally cannot rick-click the lantern.
Also a champion can block the lantern so your allies cant rick-click it.

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E - [[Flay]]

Flay - Thresh's E ability, Flay is very good for combos and can be used for things like a Yasuo Last Breath, as it counts as a knock up. Flay, Thresh's E ability, can move a enemy champion - displacement which also knocks up the target in a direction. To push a enemy in the direction you want just place E with your cursor in that direction. This will slow the sweeped targets for 1 second.

Passive - When Thresh is not using auto attacks on a enemy unit his auto attack damage will charge up, this can help with getting minions with relic as the execution passive on relic does not apply to Thresh's ranged auto attacks.

Things to know :
Bonus Magic damage - 80, 110, 140, 170 and scales a whopping 200% ad. Bonus magic damage is gotten from collected souls
Magic Damage - 65, 95, 125, 155, 185 and scales 40% AP
Slow - 20, 25, 30, 35, 40
Cooldown - 9 seconds

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R - [[The Box]]

The Box - Threshs' W ability, aka the best slow ever in league, this ability literally a box, when used [[thresh] will put down 5 walls that create a box, this ability is create to trap a opponent as if they try to escape, the wall hit will break, and it will deal magic damage and are slowed for 2 seconds by a lot, like very slow. If a opponent is hitting any other wall, they will be slowed for 1 second and take no damage if it isn't the first take. Each wall last for 0.5 seconds.

Things to know:
Magic damage - 250, 400, 550
Cost - 100 Mana
Effect radius - 450
Cooldown - 140, 120, 100 seconds.

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Passive - [[damnation]]

Damnation - [thresh]]'s passive, Damnation will drop souls of dead enemy units to the ground and allows Thresh to collect them.

Innate: Enemies that die near Thresh will drop a soul for 8 seconds, he cant either collect the soul dropped using his Dark Passage - W or walking to the soul to collect it. Every soul collected will grant thresh 0.75 AP and 0.75 bonus armor permanently. Also Thresh's Flay - E will have bonus magic damage by on every soul collected and Thresh's Dark Passage will get bonus shield strength for every soul collected (permanently grants them these stats for both abilities).

Champions and large enemies like barons, dragons, rift heralds and big monsters will drop 1 soul Garenteed, however small minions and other monsters like laning minions, small jungle camps will only rarely drop a soul, on a 33% drop rate. All allies can see souls, and enemies can only see the souls if they can see Thresh

Things to know:
When killing Nunu & Willump he and his yeti will drop 2 souls due to him and his yeti.
However when killing Sejuani only 1 soul will drop despite their being 2 things, Sejuani and her boar.

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Warding Spots

Learn warding spots through this picture guide I made

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Items - starting

relid shield Best gold starting item for Thresh, as it works towards the bonus out of combat shield when reached 650 gold earned from relic shield. Also the sustain in lane and gold every 10 seconds you get along with the health stat is very good.

Ancient Coin is the second best option as starting gold item for Thresh, it drops gold as a RNG when a minion dies, it usually gives more gold than relic. This item fills Thresh massive mana usage with the mana it gives back. It can also be used to used to catch enemies and look for a play with the finishing item.

Health Potion - No explanation really needed, you can't really get anything to start off with after you buy ur gold items, it gives good sustain and 3 of this at the start helps with trading with the enemy adc.

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Items - First backs

is the upgraded item of Relic Shield, no explanation really needed, you should get this as you are working towards face of the mountain, but you don't want to rush face of the mountain till later.

Working towards your upgraded boots, and faster to go places. No explanation really needed, it's just a good item to get early too.

Sightstone is a very important item to get as it gives you 4 wards put down (max 3 active wards). Thus, it gives you vision. So it helps you avoid ganks, know where enemies are, also allows you to get Sweeping Lens, to clear vision too as you won't need the 4th slot to be a ward. You reset with 4 wards when you go back to base.

mobility boots This item helps with roaming, going places too with increased MS, warding safer so you can run away if spotted, also MS works well with Thresh.

Sweeping lens helps you clear vision as you should already have your Sightstone, or if you don't, you can get this as it has a cd for it to be ready to use. So when the cd is done you can get your Sightstone. Get this at level 6ish.

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Items - Core Build

face of the mountain This item is the upgraded item of Relic Shield or/and Targon's Brace. It gives Thresh a nice shield for his team and the stats are good. This is a must item if you are going for Relic Shield build.

Locket is also a must, it gives your team a massive shield as well as giving you some really good defensive stats for a good price. So you should have 2 good cheap items that give shields and lots of stats already.

Ruby sightstone is the upgraded version of sightstone, you don't have to get it in this order, but remember to upgrade it when you are full build or before as it gives you bonus hp.

Redemption is a really broken item, especially for its price and healing.As Thresh lacks healing, also Redemption is a great item to heal your teammates. It can be used during a teamfight, before one, before the enemies burst you or your team, use it while they do they are bursting you, timing it to counter a burst, healing your team in general etc. You can aslo use this while you are dead, but if you purchase while you are dead you can't use it until the cd is of, first cd is your death timer if you have bought it when you are dead. However if you had it while you are alive then died, you can use it while your dead if its not on cd.

Knight's Vow can be bought before any of the core items, it is a ardent censer of non based healing or shielding champs. Except for the fact it doesn't boost shielding. It is a very good peeling item., it can be used on any carry, preferably on your adc unless someone else already put on on your adc, however you the sup should be the one using knights vow on the adc and the jg should pout it on another role. as you should be with your adc.

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Items - Warding

- get this at level 6

get this level 9 - upgraded Sweeping Lens, it allows you to walk around with a ward finder, unlike Sweeping Lens where you can only put it one area.

] Get this in your first backs as it allows you to get a Sweeping Lens which allows you to clear wards too.

Get this is you have spare gold, and get it whenever you can literally so op. Works like a Sweeping Lens, allows you to see wards wherever you place it but also gives you wards, and blocks vision of a enemy ward if its placed within the vision range of this item.

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Items - Situational

Righteous glory has good stats and a good ability to help chase down enemies, its a really aggressive items with very good tank stats.

This is a really situational item, it slows the enemies down, and gives your teammates a bit more burst.

This item is actually a really good option, however you shouldn't always get it but it works well against heavy cc teams. As it works like a Quicksilver Sash or Mercurial Scimitar. It cancels any stun, silence etc on yourself or any teammate. It is good as it peels your adc, and allows your adc to go for a more dmg item, since you can use Mikael's Crucible on him, however sometimes, your adc might still need to go for a Quicksilver Sash or Mercurial Scimitar even if you have one.

eye of the equinox This is very situational, I rarely or probably have never gone this on thresh. The only good thing is the gold passive, and how it contains Sightstone in its build, which allows you to go for another item if needed.

Very situational, but might be needed for pushing, which will be very rarely needed on Thresh.

Go [[warmog's armor if you really need hp stats since you buiilt a build with less hp stats and your quite squishy. Or go this if you need the passive for regen or if your team needs a more tanky champion. However very situational.

Spirit Visage is a very situational item, only reasons you may need it is because enemy team has heavy ap other than that its rarely taking on Thresh. However if you are going tanky build and the enemies have lots of ap or a ap that's carrying etc Warmog's Armor with Spirit Visage is actually a alright build.

Zz'Rot Portal is very rarely taken however it might be needed to stop super minion pushes if your team lacks the wave clear or if your team is doing something else and you need something to defend. Also it can be used for pushing but is quite rare on Thresh.

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Items - Boots and Elixir option

start of with this then build into...

which is the typically boot option for thresh for 2nd upgrade, as it gives you a lot of MS, roaming power, faster to go places, helps with warding if you have been spotted or going to ward. As when you are out of combat this item will give you extra MS.

Similar to Boots of Mobility but has slow reduction. Can be used if enemies have lots of slows.

If enemy team has lots of ad and you won't need any other types of 2nd upgrade boots.

If enemy team has lots of ap and you won't the other types of 2nd upgrade boots.

Gives you cdr, so if you are lacking cdr with your build this could be bought as your 2nd upgrade of boots. Also gives you cdr on summoner spells, so it allows you to have a bit more play making with Flash, and allows you to have either Exhaust or Ignite a bit faster.

This is the best elixir for Thresh as it gives you lots of tanky stats.

This elixir gives you a bit more ap, which scales quite well with Thresh's abilities, so go this if you feel like you need dmg or if your team lacks a bit of ap. However this is situational and preferably go Elixir of Iron.

Go this if you feel like you lack a bit of ad or aa dmg, this is situational, but go this if your team lacks a bit of ad. However preferably go Elixir of Iron.

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Gamestyle part 1 - the level 2

On level 2, Thresh is unbeatable, you should go for Death Sentence and Flay. When you got these 2 abilites, you should look for a invade, easy invade enemy champions include, Miss Fortune, Bard, [[soraka] and squishes that can't dmg you back and really less mobility champs. So just go all in level 2!!!
Even if its for a trade its worth. To prep for the all in, poke down your target, then look for a opening, you can go for a Death Sentence --> death leap or walk up Flay --> Death Sentence --> death leap if needed to death leap. Use flash to engage if necessary.

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Gamestlye part 2

Play safe when abilities r on cd and enemy jg is bot side. Always look for opening to engage, as your hook is the best engage ever. Play aggro if you are confident and have bot side warded and adc wants to do, dont play aggro while your adc is playing passive. When you are playing aggro poke, trade and the fight if you know you can win.

Playing passive or safe, you just need to farm up using relic and keep warding.

When you have mobility boots look for roams, and keep wards, you can deeps ward if you dont know ehere enemiy jg is with moblitity boots coz of the speed boost, however it is still risky, as it wont just be a chase, their bot lane could flank you, or their jg can jump to you or dash etc. However if you know their jungle is top, deep wards in their jg is safer, but leaves the enemy botlane to flank, so if you wanna be really safe, ward when bot is recalled and jg is top side.

Also sometimes, using Death Sentence first isn't the best option, Flay can be equally good.

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Going Thresh allows you to invade with the nightmare of invading, Death Sentence. To invade this is the paths you should take then hook a enemy within range for a free kill! However if they are bundled up you can go for Flay if they r close to your team. Like play by Biofrost, it wasn't a invade it was a counter invade. However the concept of what he did is similar however on a really good level.

This is a picture where I put the route of where you should invade from, on either blue side or red side. The dots indicate where you should wait for your team to group.

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More On Roaming

Always look for roams on Thresh, as soon as you get a mobility boots or even before, as your Death Sentence + Flay combo is broken or Flay + Death Sentence combo, and use Dark Passage if needed to help mid laner follow up.

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Tips and Tricks

Zone your enemy adc to prevent from farming with your Death Sentence.
Dark Passage can be used to tp as it counts as a terrain.
Death Sentence can pull a target over a terrain, like the walls surrounding mid, just don't death leap to early or it might stop the pull effect over the wall.
Flay can be used while your journey on Death Sentence
Thresh doesn't need to be standing in the direction of the way he is hooking to hook.
Dark Passage can take a ally to where you are, but there is more to it, it you flash over a wall your ally will continue to follow you.

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Death Sentence --> death leap --> Flay
The Box --> Flay --> Death Sentence
Flay --> Death Sentence --> The Box
Death Sentence (--> death leap if needed) --> Flay --> The Box

Also some cool things to do
Flash prediction with your Death Sentence
Death Sentence --> Flash back --> Dark Passage --> death leap

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Times when i have done cool stuff on thresh (dm the lee sin plays too) thes

My flash prediction montage featuring Thresh and Lee Sin -

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Why I made this guide

I have made this guide due to my liking of Thresh, also I want to help people learn how to use him.

Guide Top

My youtube channel

Slowly growing channel where I post some montages etc. also I am going to post more quality -

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Helping this guide

Please share this guide if you thought it was useful, and please give me feedback and notify me on any errors, grammatically and the game info as i am only a gold player so the game info might be wrong.

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Thanks and bibliography

Thanks so much for looking at this Thresh guide, I will update this when I do, ahaha. But thanks so much again, also I have to make sure to credit the sites that have me makes this also the players.

Sites - The wikia of Thresh, where I got lots of into from, also has other great info on other champs in league -