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Thresh Build Guide by Walmart Bagger

AD Carry Thresh - The Unexpected ADC. (Updates coming!)

AD Carry Thresh - The Unexpected ADC. (Updates coming!)

Updated on May 5, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Walmart Bagger Build Guide By Walmart Bagger 28 16 425,477 Views 55 Comments
28 16 425,477 Views 55 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Walmart Bagger Thresh Build Guide By Walmart Bagger Updated on May 5, 2014
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Thresh
    Two hit Wonder!
  • LoL Champion: Thresh
    On-Hit Tank!
  • LoL Champion: Thresh
    DO NOT USE YET! Still being te



Hey, Walmart Bagger here. Been playing League for some time now, as of this guide I have roughly 650 wins normal. This is my first guide and suggestions are always welcomed. if you want to comment on something you disagree with or dislike. Please do so, but make it constructive so I can fix the guide if I agree with :). Please enjoy a different view on the new champion :)

SPECIAL THANKS to jhoijhoi for the template.

Build 1 offers straight damage.
Build 2 offers a bit more defensive build with the ability to toggle on Muramana for extra damage.
Build 3 offers an attack speed/multi target attack. With your Passive from Death Sentence+ Malady, combined with high attack speed will grant 700 melee crits + roughly 400 damage from magic damage. For a combined total of 1100 damage per hit with a 1.7 attack speed at endgame! (Roughly 150-175 souls gathered)

Test it before you knock it!

A strong CC support is recommended. Alistar, Blitzcrank, Leona or Lulu.

Volibear is PREFERED! He really is an amazing support for Thresh. His CC + hp regen allows him to stay in lane while you go back to buy.

Sorry for not updating recently, moving for a job and won't be able to for a bit!

Enjoy this great video showing ADC Thresh, by Akeheel on Youtube!
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Did the guide work for you? Post your screen caps! If it didn't, please comment and explain who you were up against and what went wrong!

Build 1 Wins/losses
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Build two Wins/losses
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Build three wins/losses
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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ High Q damage for harassing and finishing of enemies on white hits
+ With a few item tweaks, you can play ADC or damage support.
+ Lantern can guarantee a kill and an escape from tower dives.
+ Great for assisting in ganks and shutting down enemy champions.
+ Gain armor from souls, making you a somewhat tanky ADC
+ Thresh has a nice CC kit + Strong damage capabilities
+ With his passive to gain AP/armor, building into adc maximizes his damage.

- I find myself constantly focused.
- Weak VS AP, souls only grant armor and this guide offers no strong MR.
- A lot of people don't know how to use your Dark Passage and will die.
- Requires a strong CC support to be able to be played well.
- Your moves will stop your auto attacks, which can get you killed.
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Flash: A must for any ADC, this will save your life when all hope is lost.

Ignite: Kill secured, or if used early to ensure you win the fight!

Cleanse: More survivability, good for removing enemy slows, such as Exhaust. Not recommended for those with slow reflexes.

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Build One:(Two Hit Wonder!)

Build Two:(on-Hit Sustain/tank)

Build Three:(AS/Shred)
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Build One:(Two Hit Wonder!)

Build Two: (On-Hit Sustain/tank)

Build Three: (AS/Shred)
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Start with level 1 Death Sentence(Q) is a must, for that early harass ability. You'll be maxing this ability first. Followed closely by your E ( Flay), one point in Dark Passage (W) will be enough early on and should be taken at level 4, or if you suspect an early gank or want to gank early, then level 3. As always, level your ult " The Box" at each opportunity.

Your Q should be saved to either initiate a fight, followed by your E to knock them up and slow them for 1.5secs. Or as a tool to grab a running enemy. Depending on your support, you may never need to initiate. With Leona/ Volibear/ Nunu & Willump or Blitzcrank, you're golden. You can use your Q to guarantee a kill from a running enemy, remember though, Thresh completely stops to cast Q so an enemy just at the edge of it will get away.
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Ability Explanation

Ability Explanation

  • Damnation: Is an interesting passive. Thresh doesn't gain any armor per level. Instead when you're within a range of 1900 from a dying minion or champion, a soul may spawn. Souls will always spawn on large minions or champions, but randomly spawn from lesser minions. Enemies cannot see the souls if they cannot see you, so don't worry about giving away a possible gank from a soul spawn.
  • Death Sentence (Q): With Death Sentence, the longer you take in between attacks will increase the damage dealt. You'll notice a buff that will start green, then slowly turn to a yellow, then orange and finally a dark red. At that stage of the buff, your next attack will deal the strongest extra magic damage. So remember this and use this to harass the enemy. Remember that most ADC's do not have such a strong on hit effect and it will grant you a lead in most hit for hit harass exchanges.

    The on use effect of Death Sentence will cause Thresh to throw out his chain to catch an enemy. Almost like Blitzcrank's pull, he completely shuts them down will under the effect. Thresh will pull the target towards him in two tugs if Death Sentence is not reactivated. If reactivated, Thresh will jump to his snared target and land directly behind them.
  • Dark Passage (W): Thresh throws out his offhand lantern to shield any allies that walk into or it lands onto. Allies can also RIGHT CLICK the lantern to be instantly pulled to Thresh's location. This shield is great for helping a teammate survive Ignite or to save allies from impossible situations.

    When ganking, don't tower dive to kill that player with 50 hp left. Let the Jungle tower dive or if you have the right support, let them. Your W should be placed in the fight and you can safely back up whoever is diving, this will allow them to RIGHT CLICK! The lantern and be pulled back to you to safety should things go wrong or they're close to death. The shield can usually absorb a single tower blast.

    Dropping it near your tower and then moving to the edge of its range and using Death Sentence to pull an enemy to you near your bot lane bush, will allow for an almost undetectable gank with almost no time for the enemy to react.

  • Flay (E): Thresh sweeps his chain in the direction of your mouse, notice the arrows when using it to determine the direction of Flay's cast. It offers a small knock up and a 1.5 second slow. With the ability to cast it in any direction from yourself, you can pull enemies closer to your team, or push them away. Remember that Flay's range is very small, and you may be put in danger if you try to use it to save others.
  • The Box (R): Is Thresh's ult, it creates a 5 sided wall around Thresh's location. Enemies who walk into a wall take damage and are slowed by 99% for 2 secs. It can deal massive damage to single target enemies or teams if used correctly. Along with it's slow The Box can easily guarantee kills. When combined with Death Sentence or Flay. You can knock or drag the enemy player into multiple walls for added damage.
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Understand that a lot of your damage comes from your on hit effect. Stacking Attack speed will help if you find yourself unable to keep up with certain damage champions, however remember that fast attacks directly work against his passive from Death Sentence. The longer in between attacks the harder the hit. Death Sentence buff increases to the next level every 5 secs, going over a 2.0 attack speed will actually make your dps less, because the buff refreshes roughly 1 sec after your hit.

Build One:(Two Hit Wonder!)

Build Two:(On Hit Sustain/tank)
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Situational items

Sword of the Divine + Infinity Edge offer 3 guaranteed 250% crits! Imagine hitting 500+, now triple that. With his passive from Q, along with 3 strong crits. You can easily kill someone in 2-3 hits!

Blade of the Ruined King works great when facing HP stacking champions, such as Garen or Volibear.

Wit's End + Malady, though these items are not recommended in most cases without atleast some AP to actually make them worth having, when combined together or even used seperately they can offer Thresh some missing magic resist or more magic damage. Nothing like seeing 400+ hits per attack with a fast attack speed champion.
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Game play Suggestions

Thresh's Q Death Sentence is a great starter, but I strongly don't recommend it unless you can do so without forcing a bad team fight. If you've played blitz, Thresh's Pull + Knock up is very similar. The best combination to use if you do initiate a small fight or a potential team fight is. Q + E + R or Q + R + E. If you are chasing and know you will be in a dominate position by grabbing someone. Then Q + Q (reactivated) + E + R. The second Q being the jump to, I almost never use this, as this is an ADC guide and you almost never want to be on top of the target as an adc.

In none team fight ganks, it is all about position and when to use that pull. In most occasions in a one on one fight, your Q will be used to catch an opponent to initiate a fight or to stop a runner. If you find yourself losing a 1 vs 1. Your Q can give you that split second or two you may need for your Flay cooldown or team mate to help you. Remember it does deal damage but it also stops your auto attack. So using it to start or end a fight are far better than during the middle of a fight where an enemy team mate could becoming to the rescue.

When Thresh is combined with a Blitzcrank/ Leona/ Volibear or Alistar bot. Grabbing enemies with your Q, followed by a further Knock up + Slow from your Flay will almost always allow your support to get in position to further CC the enemy while you get free time to smash into them.

The best combo:
Q(Grab them) + E(Knock them into your ult range) + R (Traps them) + W(At your feet for a shield) and then start wailing on them. This will make it very hard for them to escape without Flashing and almost always guarantees a kill. Don't forget to activate your Muramana after it upgrades itself from Manamune!
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Thank you.

Thank you for reading and trying my build, I appreciate you taking the time to do so. Please feel free to comment on any good or bad aspects during your play you experienced. I'd honestly love to hear it, it helps me tweak my guide for possible situations and encounters that I might have missed.
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Changelog/To do

13Feb2013 - Added As/Shred build, still a work in progress
13Feb2013 - Added win/loss section for each build
12Feb2013 - Split primary build into two separate possible builds
10Feb2013 - Added Video by Akeheel (with permission)
05Feb2013 - Revamped guide for presentation purposes
03Feb2013 - Changed Voli to preferred Support, he has high sustain.
25Jan2013 - Angry discussion board erupts! :P
25Jan2013 - Published the first ADC guide on Mobafire

To Do:
Create separate items lists with explanations for each build.
Create strategy section for common enemy adc's.
Create custom banner.
Create game play video showing thresh strengths and proper game play.
Create screen caps of abilities for visual representation of skills.
With new win/loss section I'll need more screen captures.
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