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Jayce Build Guide by Preminance

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Preminance

Ticket 'Outta elo Hell - A Top/Mid Jayce Guide [UPDATED BUIL

Preminance Last updated on October 15, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

Guide Top


What's up, guys? This is my first MOBAFire guide (or forum-related guide for that matter)... so if it doesn't look pretty, I'm sorry!

But! This doesn't mean that I don't know what I'm doing; everything I put in this guide is from my knowledge of the game and personal experiences of playing Jayce (and solo top). So far, he is my favorite solo-topper to play: "Why?" you ask? Well, let's find out!

"Old" Jayce vs "New" Jayce

With the introduction of Essence Reaver, Jayce has found a new role in the current meta... instead of being the usual poke champ (just sit back and e+q until their team is low enough for yours to engage)... he is now an assassin. That's right... you'll be right up there in the ranks with Akali, Zed and LeBlanc! Not only does Jayce have an undoubtedly strong laning phase... he now has the ability to instantly kill carries with a single w (in cannon form)! However, after testing Jayce with both Essence Reaver and The Bloodthirster and from data from other high-elo players (and Jayce mains)... The Bloodthirster outclasses Essence Reaver, so building BT over ER is the better option! Refer to the items labeled "New Jayce" (at the top) for purchase order and the full build! Refer to the section titled "Playing New Jayce" to see how this all works, and remember to have fun! Thanks for reading.

What makes Jayce different from the rest?

A fairly simple question... with a fairly simple response. Honestly, the 9001% legit response is that HE DOESN'T FALL-OFF! Ever! No matter the circumstance, with this build, you'll be not only useful but excel in the overall game- (that means you'll carry!) Also... he has a gun AND a freakin' huge hammer, why wouldn't you choose him?

PLEASE leave some feedback! I need to know what to improve/add to this guide and make it better, so tell me anything I forgot or something you'd like to see. Thanks!

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Pros / Cons

The fact that Jayce has 2 different skill-sets might make him seem a little overwhelming to some... and this part is to tell you that it's worth learning him! And he's actually quite easy to pick-up :p


+ Massive harass and easy last-hitting in lane
+ Excels at 1v1s
+ VERY fun to play :D
+ Great escape/chase
+ Built-in mana regen to his autoattacks! That means SPAM SPAM SPAM!
+ Overall just freakin' amazing :)


- Very skill-dependent
- Little sustain early game (keep 'dem pots!)
- His main counter in lane is sustain, so champions like Warwick or Udyr would be hard to get kills on (so in that case, just farm :D)

Guide Top

Runes / Masteries / Summoner Spells


These are the recommended runes that I believe Jayce works the best with:

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

So now, I'll list the runes+masteries manually and explain why I have them and any substitutes.

/\ = Recommended rune
~~ = Alternative rune

greater mark of armor penetration


/\ Flat AD x 9 : These provide you with the greatest early-game damage and easily win you level 1 or 2 trades. They are absolutely the best choice of marks in the current meta of "late game" tops such as Jax or Ryze because of their large power-spike early on.


/\ Flat Armor x 9 : Cuz if someone plays an AP character top... it's gg for them.

~~ Flat Hp x 9 : Since our man Jayce doesn't quite grasp the concept of regeneration, these don't hurt for an option. (They make him less squishy = less reliant on hp pots in laning phase.)


/\ M.R per-level x 9 : Since the only other thing you'll be getting that gives MR are your precious, precious merc. treads, you're gonna need these once teh t3am fightz start.

~~ Flat mana regen x 9 : LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL totally joking... mana regen is the LAST thing you'd ever want on Jayce. EVER. Just break out the hammer lmao.


/\ Flat AD. x 3 : Makes last-hitting a breeze during laning and gives you the extra harass, too. I STRONGLY recommend these over the alternative.

~~ Move Speed x 3 : I'm only adding these as an alternative because, as everyone should know by now, MOVE SPEED QUINTS ARE NEVER BAD! They give you the extra chase you need to secure the kill, or give you that extra escape to run away from the big bad wolf who suddenly flash-ulted you. BUT... Jayce has not one, but TWO move speed buffs naturally (his E while in cannon-mode and his R.) Please get AD :p


Here are my recommended masteries for Jayce:


21 down the offensive tree is pretty much standard for any bruiser. Taking the points in Sorcery gives you a little more liability for escaping ganks/harassing with your skills. Jayce is probably one of the only champions I'd take Expose Weakness , Spell Weaving AND Blade Weaving on, because he can easily keep all 3 effects on at the same time, once you get comfortable with his kit.

The 9 in defense is key in early-trading vs your opponent - the damage mitigation from Block and Unyielding is very helpful and can ultimately win you a level 1 trade, thus giving you an advantage straight off-the-bat!

As for

Summoner Spells

Generally (99.9% of games) I take the ever-so-common Flash /Ignite combo. However, there are some spells that are worth mentioning as replacements.

Utility Spell

Here are your options for your first (utility) spell:


Now that you know your options, here's why I take Flash over Ghost:

Flash lets you INSTANTLY chase for that kill we were talking about earlier and INSTANTLY get away from the wolf... compared to Ghost that GRADUALLY does both. See the difference? And, do I have to re-iterate that Jayce is a freakin' track-star already? But, if you STILL think it's absolutely necessary, then fine. Take Ghost.

Since you NEVER want to play a solo-top without any form of escape ( Jayce has a lot of movement speed, sure, but he doesn't have a real escape method like Caitlyn's 90 Caliber Net.), either Flash or Ghost are necessary. However, an aggressive spell like Ignite is NOT necessary at all. This is why Teleport is a viable option; simply replace it with an aggressive spell you would've taken like Ignite or Exhaust.

Pro Tip on Teleport

Teleport has the unique ability of transporting your character (after a channel) to any allied sight ward, Vision Ward, structure, or minion. And... this DOES work on things such as Teemo's Noxious Trap too! So if you see that your bottom/mid lane is having some trouble and their aggressors are pushing the lane, go ahead and Teleport on down to get some free kills!

Aggressive Spell

Now that you've decided on a utility spell, let's look at the options for the aggressive ones:


Ignite lets you DO MOAR DAMAGE to the target while Exhaust GRADUALLY slows them down and lets you laugh as they do no damage for 3 seconds. Which do you want? Cuz in this situation it's up to you... I'd take either, but prefer Ignite cuz I'm always on-fire when I play Jayce (see what I did there?)

As for Barrier, you may be asking, "Why the hell is it under the aggressive spell category?" Well, I'm putting Barrier under the aggressive spells because the ONLY reason you'd EVER take it on Jayce is for THIS reason:

To bait someone to either tower dive you, or to engage on you.

What I mean is if you're at about ~300 hp at level 6 and you're laning against a Riven who has ~500 hp at the same level, chances are she's gonna try and kill you. If you have Barrier, then you can WAIT FOR HER to engage on YOU (don't be stupid), pop your Barrier after a few hits, she ults... and you've won the fight. Final words on Barrier: "It's all about dem big plays 'doe!"


Utterly useless. Why? Well, what you're saying is you want to come back to life... just to die again? Cool, you're also about to get reported for feeding.

Did you think you were jungling?


You're so fast already... if you use this, you're just gonna get Infected Cleaver'd again in 4 secs anyway rofl.

Jayce has ABSOLUTELY no mana problems. There is no point behind this spell.

Were you planning on pushing a tower with your new friend you made (or should I say... Promote'd)?

You're not the support, silly :p

Guide Top

Skill Sequence / Explanation

This section is a quick briefing on Jayce's skills as well as why you should rank them the way I propose.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


Jayce's abilities are on SEPERATE cooldowns for the corresponding weapon he has out! This means that if you're in cannon mode and use your Q, as long as you haven't used it in hammer mode (if it's off cooldown), you can IMMEDIATELY use it when you switch weapons! Pretty freakin' awesome, right?

Jayce's passive is that whenever he transforms between his cannon and hammer, he ignores unit collision and gets a quick move-speed buff. All there is to say 'bout that one.

Jayce's first ability is: (hammer) He jumps to a target, dealing an AoE damage-slow. (cannon) He fires a skill-shot AoE nuke that has a fairly small blast-radius. However, its damage (ESPECIALLY when used in-sync with his E) makes up for its lack of size. And it scales off AD, woo! MAX THIS FIRST! This is your main-damage output in the laning phase (in both the cannon and hammer mode) because you'll be focusing on buying your Tear of the Goddess

Jayce's second ability is: (hammer) He becomes electric-man, shocking people in a circle around him for a few seconds. This is AMAZING damage when in a 1v1 with someone or just chillin', farming creeps. And, the added-benefit to it is that you gain mana for EACH AUTO-ATTACK while holding your hammer! Truly amazing. (cannon) He "hyper-charges" his gun to shoot off 3 pulsed rounds. At ranks 1+2 they deal less damage than regular auto attacks, but once you get to rank 3 OHHHH BABYYYYY, does the damage come out! MAX THIS SECOND!

Jayce's third ability is: (hammer) He knocks back a target-enemy, dealing (damage that scales with your AD) + a % of their max hp. (cannon) He deploys a fairly large-range gate that, when himself or allies pass through it, gives a move speed buff that diminishes over time. BUT! A little secret and the main reason behind this being useful at all is that, if you shoot your Q through it... it buffs it by 40%! This means it goes 40% further 40% faster, and does 40% MORE DAMAGE!!!! :D MAX THIS LAST!!

R: Mercury Cannon/Hammer

Jayce's ultimate ability is that he can transform between a short-range melee fighter to a medium range "I can hit you, but you can't hit me" fighter. But, that'd be kinda lame if that was ALL his ultimate did, right? Here's the secret: (cannon) You shred their Armor and Magic Resist by a flat amount for a period of time. This is great when you're coming back to lane; just instantly hit them and shoot a Q off for some damage. (hammer) Your next basic attack deals additional magic damage. "Well... come on, that's all we get for having a huge freakin' hammer?" Actually, nope. Here's the best benefit about it: You also gain bonus armor and magic resist! This buff lasts FOR AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THE HAMMER OUT! Amazing, right? Here are a few things to remember:
  1. It doesn't cost mana! So you don't have to worry about this ability for performing a wombo-combo.
  2. It doesn't need to be ranked up! You will automatically get "increased benefits" from it when you reach levels 6,11 and 16!
  3. The synergy with your passive is actually useful! If someone comes up to gank you, or when you're heading back to lane, use it! The quick movespeed buff WILL help.
  4. You get different abilities according to which weapon you have selected, so you MUST pay attention! If you try to use your skill-shot Q when you're on hammer-duty... well, sorry :p

Guide Top

Playing Jayce: Early Game (Farming/Harassing)

If you are familiar with the role of Solo Top at all, then you know that the team heavily depends on you to do well in order for Mid Game (team fights) to go in your favor. If you're not familiar with Solo Top, then basically this means: IT IS ALL ABOUT EARLY GAME! If you perform well in the early phase of the game, then it will carry over into Mid Game, ESPECIALLY with Jayce.

But, this also means that Early Game is the MOST IMPORTANT phase of the game as Jayce! So, there are a few key things you must do in order to secure your status as a person NOT to be reckoned with: (These are listed in order of priority)

1. Last-hitting creeps

(DO NOT push the lane to their tower until you have a Stealth Ward! I usually am safe pushing to about 1/2 way between their tower and the middle of the lane (where the creeps meet at the first wave)... but NEVER go to their tower before wards!) I recommend last-hitting in cannon mode because it's easier (you have range while most Solo Tops are melee), and you can do #2 A LOT more effectively.

2. Harassing your opponent

(This means auto-attacking them with the cannon and using the almighty E+Q= BOOOOOOOM! combo (cannon-mode.) I don't recommend trying to 1v1 a melee opponent until level 4, then you have some HUGE harass.

The Wombo-Combo

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the almighty wombo-combo! This combo is all the harass that you'd ever need in top, even enough to kill your opponent in just A SINGLE combo! So, without further adu, here it is... the Wombo-Combo!

After you perform this wombo-combo, you'll be pretty low on mana. Don't fret, though! Chances are you either killed your opponent or made them recall... so all you have to do is switch to hammer mode and auto-attack the hell outta creeps! Remember, you gain mana for each strike and the mana gained increases as you rank-up your W Lightning Field / Hyper Charge.

In order to have a successful early game, all you have to do is perform the Wombo-Combo, wash, rinse, and repeat :) That's really it. BUT! Remember your priorities!!!!!!

Farming > ATTEMPTING to kill someone (you won't ALWAYS get the kill, you cocky bastard :p)

Follow this section accordingly, and I promise that you will ALWAYS win lane during Early Game.

Guide Top

Playing Jayce: Mid/Late Game (Team Fights)

Mid Game

So... now that you've picked up a few kills, have tons of cs (cuz, you know, you didn't miss ANY cs during laning, of course...) and have most of your core items, let the Mid Game commence! From here on out, your priorities change from cs'ing in lane to paying attention to your team. Whatever your team is doing, try and be there with them. Of course, there are exceptions such as every lane (mid, jung and bot) are at Dragon and the enemies don't have any Stealth Wards. In a case SUCH AS that, stay top and farm some more. But if you're preparing to fight or need to control Dragon, head on down and help out; you do A LOT of damage. Just use your head, and everything will turn out great :)


If you notice that your team is preparing for a team fight (such as: you're at an enemy tower getting ready to push it down), then you NEED to poke the enemy team. Jayce's poke is PHENOMENAL. All you do is (in cannon form) keep shooting your To The Skies! / Shock Blast through your Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate. Prioritize the enemy squishies (their AD and AP carries are generally the two squishies) as your targets to hit. Following this build, that should do about 500-700 damage EVERY TIME it hits. That's an INSANE amount of damage. The object of poking them down is to get them low enough so that your chances of winning the team fight you're about to have are greatly increased (if not inevitable...) or so the enemy has to back-off from whatever objective you're trying to take, and you can safely obtain your gold :)

Team Fights (Mid/Late Game)

A good question that some of you might have been asking is: "So which weapon should I use during team fights?" Well, I'm here to give the answer! Based on what you've read so far about Jayce and his abilities, I hope that some of you are guessing or contemplating which weapon, cannon or hammer, is better in a fight. The answer: both! Confused? Let me explain...

There are different circumstances for both weapons, so I'll start with the cannon. Basically, YOU are the initiator for the team fights, so what better way to do so then with your Wombo-Combo! That's right, it's still packin' a punch! But, I'm getting ahead of myself... the combo is a bit different when used for an engage. So, it would start out by using your E Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate then shooting your Q To The Skies! / Shock Blast through it (remember, you have the cannon out). "Who should I hit with the Q?" Well, everyone, of course! Just try and hit as many of the enemy team as you can with it; the more the merrier. Now that they're all missing ~250 hp or so, it's Hammer Time!

Go ahead and switch to your hammer, then proceed to find either the AD carry, or (whoever's doing better) either the AP mid or jungler.

NOTE: I'm assuming that your team is following up with you at this part, if they're not, then DO NOT engage with the hammer yet!

Now that you're ready to engage like a MAN, jump onto whoever you chose (using your Q To The Skies! / Shock Blast), activate your W Lightning Field / Hyper Charge and maul away at 'em! Remember that if it helps/if you're in position, knock (anyone) TOWARDS your team with your E Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate! It also deals A LOT of damage once you start ranking it up (20% of their max health plus base damage plus 0.3 of your AD at rank 5.)

So, now we have the issue of stragglers. If your team didn't quite manage to secure all the kills, you have the toolset to mop-up, with ease, actually. All you have to do is chase them down (remember about your various move-speed buffs), whip out the cannon, and use your E+Q combo once more. If that doesn't finish them off, proceed with the wombo-combo :D

Late Game

Late-Game and Mid-Game are basically the same... except you have to start worrying about the threats of your towers being pushed, inhibitors being destroyed, and baron being... baron'd. I'm not your teacher of LoL, so I'm not gonna tell you EXACTLY how to play the game, but I'll say this:

Just like in Mid-Game, pay attention to your team! ESPECIALLY during Late-Game, where one wrong move, or 1 person out of position means potential disaster.

REMEMBER: The Mid-Game phase is THE MOST IMPORTANT PHASE to your team! The match victor is usually determined by the outcome of the Mid-Game, so YOU need to play a heavy role in it!

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Playing New Jayce

So... what is this "new Jayce", you ask? Well, in-short, he's an assassin. I'm pretty sure this build originated in Korea (of course) and more specifically from the top Jayce player over there. Basically, all you do is win lane (cuz you're Jayce) and get Muramana as well as The Bloodthirster. After that, you just stack AD and crit (and some armor pen for late game). The Bloodthirster's raw damage coupled with the active from Muramana means that you have an absurd amount of damage in such a short amount of time, using a quick q+e combo in cannon form and doing a hammer-smash combo right after, plus mitigation against poke from the BT's shield. Pretty cool stuff!

However, this playstyle is VERY different from "old Jayce" - you no longer want to poke with your e+q as much as possible; rather, you want to just kill any and everything you see. You are now a burst champion, meaning you want to get up-close and personal with their carries and then proceed to... more or less... return to the "old" playstyle and finish off the rest of their team during fights. Jayce's damage is absolutely absurd with this build - his W in cannon form shoots BUFFED auto-attacks (more attack damage and speed) that melt anyone under 2k hp (adc and mid, anyone?) The only other difference in this playstyle is maxing your W 2nd rather than E. You will rely on your ranged skillset to win lane, not melee, and your goal is not poking before fights with E+Q, so maxing E doesn't really make sense - it is now mainly a form of defense (both in cannon [speed boost for escapes] and hammer [knockback for repositioning/escapes] forms).

I know this nearly as in-depth as the "old Jayce" sections are, but I think it gets the point across. If you have any other questions on how to play Assassin Jayce, then please let me know in the comments and I will put more effort into it!

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Item Builds / Explanations - OUTDATED

Instead of making various builds for various encounters, I'll just list every item you'd want to get on Jayce and explain why (also going more into depth adding if it's an optional item or if it's necessary.)

THIS SECTION IS VERY OUTDATED! Please refer to the items listed at the top for a current-meta build (their descriptions also help.) And I am very lazy, so if I get around to updating it, it won't be for a while.

Starting Item(s)

Doran's Shield + 1 HP pot : Gives Jayce great trading potential because of the massive defense the shield gives, and also sustain, just incase you lose a few trades or get ganked.

Flask + 3 HP pots : There are two distinct times in-which you'd get this start - if your opponent has heavy harass, Elise, or if you're against a jungler that will level-2 gank you, Riven or Shyvana. Even if you're just bad at dodging harass, this wouldn't be bad to start with. The flask gives you an extra 300hp and 120 mana for laning and the health pots give you 750 hp... that equals 1050 hp and 120 mana that your opponent will have to take down before they kill you.

Core Items

Mercury's Treads: Gives Jayce one of the only sources of M.R he's gonna get early on (besides your Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resists) and... tenacity! EVERY solo-top works better with tenacity. These are definite pick-up against any enemy with a slow ( Dr. Mundo), fear ( Fiddlesticks), taunt ( Rammus), or magic damage-ability ( Jax). You'll get these boots 99.9% of the time.

Ninja Tabi : If you're getting shut-out early game by an all or mainly AD champion up top such as Pantheon or Irelia, take these boots over the Mercury's Treads.

Tear of the Goddess : Buy this guy as soon as humanly-possible... getting your Muramana is key in mid-game, so you need it sooner than later! Be sure to pick-up some damage before/when you get it though, most likely your The Brutalizer, or else you'll fall-off when trading with your opponent.

Hexdrinker - OPTIONAL ITEM : If you're against a solo top who's majority of damage comes from magic (i.e: Rumble or Vladimir, then GET THIS. It gives you some M.R plus a shield that blocks magic damage PLUS some extra AD. This should also be an option when you notice that your mid lane isn't doing too well, and you'll need its buffs.

Mid-Game/Core Items

Trinity Force : I swear, Jayce was built specifically around this item. He benefits from EVERY SINGLE buff that it gives. This will be your main damage output after laning phase is over, so get it ASAP after your early game items.

Bloodthirster : Finally! A big source of AD and that long-awaited sustain you need! Congratulations, you're gonna be 73.564% more effective now! Woo! But really, BT gives Jayce that extra AD he needs to rape even more then he already does :p

Warden's Mail : Coming in at only 1000 gold, this item's benefits are extremely cost effective! It gives tons of armor, but also slows the enemy's attack-speed, which means less hits on you, which means less damage taken! A great item against lane-bullies that rely on auto-attacks, such as Shyvana or Quinn

Randuin's Omen : Finishing the Randiun's from the Warden's Mail not only gives you bonus HP, but it improves the bonuses you got with the Warden's Mail AND adds an extra move-speed slow on-top of it all! It also has a neat activate-ability (it slows + decreases nearby enemy's damage for a few seconds.) So in other words, makes you even more tanky!

Maw of Malmoritus : If you got the Hexdrinker early, then this item is a little cheaper then normal :p However, you probably won't need the Hexdrinker in most situations, so getting this item last makes the most sense. It gives you even more AD, improves the shield that Hexdrinker gives, gives more M.R and finally, gives you an extra AD for every 2.5% of your hp that's missing!

Final Notes on Build

Overall, this build adapts Jayce into what he's meant to be: A big guy with an even bigger hammer who likes to jump into entire teams and kill them all :) In other words, it gives you some pretty large HP amounts, lots of damage (remember, your abilities will do a lot of damage NO MATTER the phase of the game!), and finally some much needed survivability from the oodles of Armor, Magic Resist, and Lifesteal.

Guide Top

Summary / Conclusion

First off, I'd like to say THANK YOU for reading this guide! Please give it a rating and leave a comment! I want feedback :)

I am occasionally updating this guide with new info. - the most recent being the "new Jayce" playstyle and build. Next up, if I get around to it, is the "Item Builds / Explanations" section. I'm so lazy... so it'll be a while ;)

Once again, thank you very much for taking the time to read over this guide, and if you choose to follow it, I guarantee your Match History will look snazzy ;)