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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Singed Build Guide by bobthebigandbad

Troll Singed

Troll Singed

Updated on November 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author bobthebigandbad Build Guide By bobthebigandbad 22,468 Views 7 Comments
22,468 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author bobthebigandbad Singed Build Guide By bobthebigandbad Updated on November 22, 2011
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The purpose of this guide is teach everyone how to trololol as Singed. The whole point of playing Singed seems to be to run circles through the middle of team fights, laughing, throwing people all over the place, and slowing them. In other words, you should just be pissing off the other team (and possibly your own team as well). I just love how, with Singed, you can be stupidly overaggressive, but it's ok because you're Singed. Go ahead and push that lane when all are mia! Go ahead and run through their team for no apparent reason! Your Singed; that's your role.
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21 in defense - So you can be stupid and not die because of it. Do something crazy, get them to target you, let your team kill them, run safely away, and laugh.

9 in utility - Improved Ghost and Teleport then regeneration, there are few things worse than a Singed with no mana.
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Marks - Magic Penetration for some extra damage throughout the game.

Seals - Flat armor for a tankier laning phase.

Glyphs - Magic resistance/level to buff you up vs mages throughout the game.

Quints - Movement speed quints so you can charge them faster, throw them around better, and leave bigger poison trails.
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This is good for chasing someone down and for weakening someone's damage in a team fight.

This is good for initiating team fights and chasing people down. You should always have this on Singed.

Other viable spells-

Don't miss any farm, get teleport! This is great for the laning phase, since you don't waste any time running back from your base. You also don't need your jungler to cover for you with it. It's helpful throughout the game, especially if you plan on pushing a lot.

This is good just for faster initiation. Also, it can put you right next to someone for a quick surprise fling, which can be freaking funny sometimes.

This can be helpful in team fights just for some extra damage and the healing decrease. I wouldn't ever get it on Singed though.
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Starting Items

+ 2

This is the standard start on Singed. The mana is helpful for some more poison and flings and it also gives you 50 health and 2 health regen/5 from Strength of the Spirit masteries. Then, you also get some health pots, so you can farm longer before having to recall.

Other viable starts-

+ 3

This is the alternate start. With this, you are lacking in mana and only have 150 extra health from potions and 2 less health regen/5. However, the extra movement speed can be very helpful for chasing people down with ganks or retreating from ganks.
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First Shop

Catalyst the Protector +

By the time you recall, you should normally be able to afford a Catalyst the Protector and Boots of Speed. If it's going well, you may be able to complete the boots and make Mercury's Treads.
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The only thing that can stop you from running all over the place and throwing people everywhere is CC. That's why you need tenacity. The only time you shouldn't get these boots as Singed, is if for some reason the other team is lacking in CC.

Other viable boots-

- These are good vs AD-heavy teams.

- If you really don't need tenacity and you don't need to worry about the other team's AD, you may as well get these.

- If the other team doesn't have much magic resistance or your own team's mages just aren't cutting it, Sorcerer's Shoes may be a good idea.
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Core Build

You should always rush a Rod of Ages on Singed. The item was practically made for him. With Strength of the Spirit masteries and Singed's passive, it gives you around 711 health, 725 mana, 80 AP, and 7 health regen/5. These are insane statistics.

This is also a very strong item on Singed. It gives you lots of health and AP, but the best part of it is the slow. Every enemy that is damaged by your poison is slowed. This means that no one will be able to catch you (with a few exceptions) and it will harder for enemies to retreat from team fights, when you've been running around through them.
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The Build


Resistances to make you tankier for team fights. Which one you get first depends on which you need first, for obvious reasons. If the other team is very balanced in AP and AD, I would get Glacial Shroud first for the mana and CDR.


Build the Negatron Cloak and Glacial Shroud into these. Force of Nature is great since it provides you with extra speed and then lots of health regeneration. Frozen Heart is great, because it gives you some health from its mana thanks to your passive and it gives you CDR, which means more flings and slows.
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Your Last Item

I like getting a second Rod of Ages on Singed, just because it's stats are so strong. There are several other final items that go well on Singed too though.

This will eventually gives you 1400 mana. Your passive will turn this to an extra 350 health, which is pretty good. It will also give you around 111 AP. Overall, this item gives you better stats than Rod of Ages, but it takes a long time to farm the mana for them.

Note - If you plan on building an Archangel's, you should get an early Tear of the Goddess to start farming the mana. Otherwise, just getting an Archangel's at the end is a pretty ****py choice for sure.

This item will give you a good 230 AP. If you just want to hit hard and don't need to be any tankier, this is the way to go.

It is highly unlikely that you will need this item on Singed. If you want to go for epic tankiness though, this is the way to do it. It will leave you a bit weak on damage though and the other team will probably just try to ignore you, though it's always hard to ignore a Singed.

This is kind of like Warmog's, except armor and magic resistance instead of health. Warmog's will typically keep you alive longer, but Guardian Angel has an epic passive.

This is a good item to get to support your team. If your carries could use some armor and magic resistance, this can be good to get for them.
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Other Optional Items

- Sunfire Cape is a very good item on Singed, because along with armor it also gives you health and then extra damage to enemies around you. The passive works very well with running circles through the enemy team.

- If you don't need to be tankier and just want to hit harder, you can replace the Force of Nature with this.

- If the other team's mages are a problem, this can be a good choice.

- This is good just for extra CDR and the speed boost for your whole team.

- If the other teams AD carries are being a real pain, you may want to get this.

- Some spell vamp for you and your mages is pretty epic.
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Last Word of Advice

Don't build a Bloodthirster on Singed. If you do, you're taking your trolling way too seriously. Troll, but play seriously too.
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