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Trundle Build Guide by TheStormHerald

Top Trundle Top Trollball Guide (Patch 7.9)

Top Trundle Top Trollball Guide (Patch 7.9)

Updated on May 12, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheStormHerald Build Guide By TheStormHerald 73,675 Views 0 Comments
73,675 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheStormHerald Trundle Build Guide By TheStormHerald Updated on May 12, 2017
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About Me

You can skip this if you want!

Hi! I'm StormHerald. I have been playing League since season 4. I mostly play in the Garena PH server (I know, so toxic.) but I have tried NA though left because of connectivity and server location issues. The highest I've ever reached was Masters (in my old account, which got hacked) I'm currently Platinum 1 in my primary account, and Silver 2 in my secondary one. Trundle is my favorite champion, I may not be the best Trundle player, but I am confident I can succeed in teaching you all I know about the champion. This is also my first guide so, hooray to me!

Also, Like our facebook page: OnLeague where we sometimes hold RP giveaways for Garena PH, NA, EUNE and OC servers!
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Welcome to the Trundle Trollball guide! whether it's your first time playing Trundle or about to have the nth number of game with him, I have your back!

Trundle is a very flexible and strong champion overall. His kit is balanced and allows him to not only deal massive amounts of damage and kill anyone who gets in his way, but also rewards him greatly for doing so! he is easy to learn, flexible, has kill potential and can turn around duels with his ultimate Subjugate!

This build requires trundle to do almost everything right at the early game, from CS to items. but if you manage to do it you will be able to easily stomp your enemies later!

It's time to troll!
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Why Trundle Top?

Trundle's strength comes in snowballing, he has to get ahead to become useful later on. going trundle top allows him to immediately build his core item, Trinity Force. Jungle is still viable but having the need to buy a smite item first makes trundle more weak in the early game. Stalker's Blade - Warrior or Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior is the most bought smite item for trundle, both give a decent amount of ad but their smite effect isn't really as impactfull as a trundle with a trinity force using Chomp. a lot of other junglers can also overpower trundle easily and have a better early game waveclear. his ganks might seem powerful if you just think of it, having the Pillar of Ice + Frozen Domain combo, but since he has no massive damage output you will need to rely on your ally to kill the enemy laner.
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Pros / Cons

+ Excellent lane sustainability
+ Can chase easily
+ Capable of carrying
+ High Damage Potential
- Can easily be shut down with hard CC
- Easily kited
- Mistakes are punished hard
- Weak pre-6
- Needs to get ahead
- Countered early game by Ignite
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

These runes are yet to be further tested upon, but they provide a good advantage in varied situations.
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Fury -is the better choice, though Sorcery is still viable, it wears off late game.

Fresh Blood -gives you an advantage in trades early game, Feast is quite useless since trundle's passive heals him, and Expose Weakness is inefficient on him.

Vampirism -allows trundle to gain a bit of health on Chomp because of it's high base damage. Natural Talent is also viable but makes him weaker early game.

Battle Trance -gives you the best damage increase without having any other risk.

Battering Blows -because trundle scales with Attack Damage.


Unyielding -is more efficient than Recovery because his passive already takes care of it.

Tough Skin -allows trundle to win more trades

Runic Armor -increases lane sustain and goes well with trundle's passive

Fearless -defends trundle against burst damage

Keystone mastery:

Fervor of Battle -goes extremely well with this build and trundle's kit overall.

other viable options:
Warlord's Bloodlust -the bonus movement speed and lifesteal makes trundle stick to opponents easily

Stormraider's Surge -If you very confident in your positioning, this will reward you very well.

Thunderlord's Decree -gives you more damage output and allows you to easily kill squishies

Grasp of the Undying-only take this if you are going full tank. it's so ineffective as a keystone mastery overall because of it's little impact and also takes too long to proc. plus it deals magic damage which won't synergize well with trundle.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

basically max Q- Chomp > W- Frozen Domain > E- Pillar of Ice > R- Subjugate
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Starting Items:

Corrupting Potion - Very useful item for trundle overall, can help him even up to the mid game.

First Back:

Boots + Sheen - do not recall without having enough gold for these! (1350g) these will be your first power spike. it will even at times give you enough damage output to kill your lane opponent once you get back.

Core Item:

Trinity Force - the core item for just about any trundle build. all the stats and passives improve every bit of trundle.

Boots Upgrade:

Boots of Swiftness - if enemy team is full of slows

Mercury's Treads - if enemy team is full of hard CC's

Ninja Tabi - if enemy laner is basic attack dependent (ex. Xin Zhao, Tryndamere, Yasuo) or the enemy ADR is snowballing.

Mobility Boots - If you like to roam, or if you did not take Teleport

Berserker's Greaves - a fun item to use but I don't usually build this in ranked games as the other upgrades are far more better.

Next Items:

Blade of the Ruined King the new BotRK stats make it a much better item for trundle, the AD and active will help you to be more sticky.

Death's Dance Synergizes well with trundle, and gives him more survivability.

Dead Man's Plate out of combat movespeed + the passive allows you to initiate easier.

Spirit Visage more healing + magic resist will help you deal with the AP Champs.
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Early Game

If your ally jungler needs leash at blue, don't be afraid to use Chomp, it has a low mana cost and using it one or two times won't hurt.

Now in lane, the best thing to do for trundle is to freeze the lane just outside turret range bu just last hitting minions. If you can, punish your enemy laner from CS'ing by using Chomp when he tries to last hit. immediately run back once you do, because this will aggro the nearby enemy minions.

If the enemy laner is passive, keep on last hitting minions. If the enemy laner is aggressive, try to trade carefully. If you are confident that you can win trades, go for it. but be careful of enemy minions for they can easily drain your health. do not try to kill your enemy laner unless you have the clear advantage.

Once you have your sheen and boots already, it's time to go aggressive. If your enemy laner has more kill potential than you, stay under turret and try to ask for a gank. If you are confident you can kill your enemy laner, try to poke him by using Chomp when he gets near. If the enemy laner is at below 50-60% health and you have enough health and mana yourself, don't be afraid to try to kill him. make sure that you have wards at the river brush. you can use a basic attack, then quickly follow up with a Chomp, then a Frozen Domain, if the enemy laner responds to your trade, use your ultimate Subjugate if necessary. then when they stop Auto Attacking, quickly use Pillar of Ice right behind them.

If you already have trinity force and still have the corrupting potion, you can easily solo the rift herald. I do it mostly 2 minutes before it expires.


By now you should have Trinity Force, Boots of Swiftness (or any other boots upgrade), and Blade of the Ruined King or Dead Man's Plate/ Spirit Visage.

If you have already destroyed your enemy laner's turret, help your allies push theirs. if you are not ahead, try to farm minions carefully. do not try to go for kills anymore unless there are team clashes or an ally needs help. always go for objectives.

Late game

you should have a full build by now. Elixir of Wrath and Elixir of Iron are good upgrades for trundle.

Objectives, objectives, objectives. don't try to go to the jungle to farm that blue or red, you don't need it. help your team capture objectives to win. If you are still behind, it will be hard for trundle to help unless he has full build. try to get more gold by farming minions.

Team Clash

Your job in team clash is not to dive in, your job is to protect the damage dealers and kill the priority targets.

Use your ultimate on the enemy with the highest armor and magic resist, basically their tank is the best one to use your ultimate on so you can steal their resistances and heal yourself better. Try to kill the squishiest damage dealer. you can use your Pillar of Ice either in front of the enemy adr or behind your target. if you think you are being kited and focused at, quickly escape and try to peel the tank instead. also make sure to help your team mates that are being focused at by using Chomp and Pillar of Ice. always use Frozen Domain when in a clash.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheStormHerald
TheStormHerald Trundle Guide
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Trundle Top Trollball Guide (Patch 7.9)

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