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League of Legends Build Guide Author BigRed

Twisted Damage

BigRed Last updated on May 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build and i would love constructive critisism and it is very appreiciated. I would suggest reading items section as i explain the importance of the order and the explanation section. People posting i suck an i dont know what im talking about and that my mothers a ***** you are wasting you time as i will ignore you and im better than you because u have a tiny manhood :).

I have been playing LOL casually for the last 5 months and TF has been a champion I've picked up often. I have been playing around with different builds and I've had a lot of success with AD/attack speed TF. ONE THING!!!! I DID NOT JUST SAY AD WAS THE BEST WAY TO PLAY TF. I CANNOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH!!!I!!!!!!!!! I have just had more success as AD. AP TF is in fact fantastic, BURST DAMAGE GALORE!!! I prefer AD simple as that. This is how I play him so if you are thinking of trying him out I think this build is a good start. He is a very flexible champion as he can play hybrid, AD, attack speed, AP/attack speed, AP, and even support. So toying around with u can play him the way you want and have possibility for success.

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So this rune build is a little strange but i can justify it. The Greater Mark of Desolation are standard but u can also go if you prefer but it wont be as useful in my opinion early game and i figure your going to be close to the attack speed cap late game but i don't have any math to justify that. The flat health from is to compliment the 3 and with the 100 extra health from gives you 227 extra health at beginning of the Don't get mana regen seals because any TF player knows through a couple blue cards from and your good to go. Seals can be any defensive seal you want though.

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...Not much to say here.

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OK down to the nitty gritty, the items. I start with a like most people. I've tried grabbing a but TF damage is to low early game so i grab Doran's Blade instead. Next i grab simply because i like being able to escape sticky situations like ganks. Although if they don't have a jungler (which means they probably suck) or you have wards or have good map awareness then you can grab them later. Next is up to you in item choices. You can go which i suggest highly because it i think is the best attack speed item in the game and its magic damage is like a twin of stacked decks passive effect. You can also go if you think you need more attack damage but i highly suggest sucking it up and going for the sword. After that an interesting item to grab is but don't build any farther than that you will get rid of it after laneing phase. Ill explain that later. Next after pull off some ganks ill try and grab some attack power whatever you can get, at best . I then grab . This of course situational and if you already have a i would probably prioritize since locking up enemy characters with Gold Card is less important since you have officially become a threat with the amount of damage you can deal out now. Don't get me wrong gold card is still important and the best card in MOST situations, but you'll notice your not screwed if you accidentally pull out a blue or red card. Boots of course are completely situational. I don't usually get since I roll 90% of the time. But if you roll for that help with first blood that we all love so much. Immediately ill get a so that if you get focused you don't have to run all the time and you can start grabbing lizard buff. Why lizard? again ill get into that later. I'll then get a as i build into . This item is simply fantastic. I'll then get either a or first one then the other, again situational. OK if your still somehow playing the next item is that iceing on the cake and is situational.

    Grab a 2nd
for survivabilitey and add another 100 attack power.
A 2nd will almost cap your crit chance and make you hard to catch and run from.
If your fighting a tank giving you trouble or a team with a few toughs/offtanks then your best bet is .
Grab if you like the item, i personally don't.

If you still have managed not to win grab any item to replace it's damage is pretty unnoticable at this point. Switch to any item that you prefer it really doesn't matter. If you didn't grab a 2nd then I suggest that. Here's items I've found myself useing. , , , .

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Defensive items.

Banshee's Vail Yea we have all been there your just a little out of place and TIBBERS INCINERATE STUN!!!!DEATH. Perfect item for just about anyone if your going against champions reliant on spell combos or nukes.

A cool new item that I've tried. It isn't all to effective against a TEAM of cc but against someone with a long CC ( , ) it's my new favorite item.

Compliments and you attack quickly so the magic resist builds quickly.

Ok most people might say its a waste and useing this on someone like TF is a waste....that is simply not true. Anyone who realies on auto attacks for damage should be countered with this.

Like this item but can do the same thing but better. Well this item can get rid of ALL debuffs but thats realy situational.

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Skill Sequence

Ok now possibly the most important part of the build. skills. Grab first if your in a solo lane as most enemies will be aggressive. If your paired with a tank or a disabler or better both you can grab stacked deck because 55 extra damage on each 4th attack is great for first blood. I have to warn people PaC() is not as good as u might think. People think when they see that attack damage on PaC it scales with attack damage. It doesn't that attack damage represents your current attack damage from items and such so it does no more damage than an auto attack except for the bonus damage each card has. If that doesn't make sense leave a comment and I'll try to explain better. So that said should be first priority and then PaC and then .

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Summoner Spells

OK next is a kind of controversial choice. I as TF run and . People say that cleanse is for tanks only...i disagree TF is not at all short on escape mechanics but TF can be burned down quickly if they catch you, it's saved my butt countless times. Ghost is quite obvious, people learn quickly not to stand near you when you have gold or red card locked in so some speed if they are over extended can net you a lot of kills.


A favorite of many and some people can't play without it.
Love it.
LOVE it.

Again a favorite of many as it helps with first blood and people with will hate you.
Newer players are attracted to this but it loses its effectiveness very quickly.
Ok then.

I only really see on support and tanks and I've only used once so can't say it's good or bad but i don't think it's for TF.
Umm see above.
Umm never used didn't know it existed. sounds like a very specific spell. I think would go well with but not TF as much.
Umm i wouldn't say that this is not at all usable by him, and a double teleport sounds nice for pushing. You'll find this only happens a couple times a game though.

Please just don't....
I'm going to leave that for support. Plus your can be used for the same purpose.
Can we sign a petition to get this removed from the game please?
Umm.....Blue card?

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Pros / Cons

TF is great at burning down single targets.
A very short CD on his CC.
Consistent damage output.
His passive will net an extra 1k+ gold for your team.
2nd best ganker in the game maybe the best and your not a jungler.
Cool Voice

Less burst damage than AP.
Reliant on auto attacks so blinds and is extremely annoying.
Item reliant so if your not getting kills and keeping control on dragon it's not going to be fun for you.
A little team reliant.
Less than amazing early game with his bad base damage.
1v2 situations can end very tragically for you...just run.

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Ok this is where I'll respond to questions in comments to explain my choices and to explain some things I promised to explain in my item selection. This build I made sure to have people focus on order of skills and purchase of items.

Many AD characters rush as there 2nd or 3rd core item...why?
Getting is very important. Having better crits is useless if your not critting more often than 1/4 times. This has very few exceptions( , , etc.)

I mentioned grabbing . It's like this. Get your and ready for the extra bonus damage on your next attack. then activate and pick the proper card which also procs . Um...KABOOM close to half health gone in one shot in most situations.

K next is the and lizard. Due to TF's bad base damage you need some expensive attack damage items. Although you can prolong this by getting some life steal and the true damage from the lizard buff is great along with the slow. grab blue card when using pick a card unless there near a turret or focusing you hard. Blue card does the best damage of all cards. This requires a bit more skill to pull off but is very effective.

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Activity Log.

Guide is up.5/15/11

Adding Deffensive items. 5/17/11