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Sion Build Guide by Dexter854

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dexter854

|Ultimate| Best Ad Sion Build |S4||Very In-Depth||Diamond 1|

Dexter854 Last updated on June 20, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey Guys, Its Dexter
I've been playing Sion for about 12 months. I've experimented with almost every type of build with him and finally came to a consensus. I put together this guide to prove how Ad Sion can be viable in S4. When was the last time you played vs. Ad Sion? Level 3 games? Well now with this guide you can unexpectedly pick Sion to surprise your opponents with his lane domination. I don't usually play Sion in ranked because I get a lot of **** for picking him unless I can pick him as a counter. But I play him in normals all the time. PLEASE COMMENT ON ANY SUGGESTIONS OR QUESTIONS. I LOVE ANSWERING QUESTIONS YOU HAVE!!! Also, get Lumberjack Sion because it actually feels better with his mechanics. The weapon he uses is more precise and you know exactly when the attack animation will register.
I am still improving this guide and adding new content and fixing old content. Some stuff is kinda S3 like the team comps but you will get the idea. Give me a month; I have finals and then I will have time to add new things.
NOTE: You need to be decent at farming or you cannot play Sion.
Also, Don't forget to read the Notes that are with the items, they help A LOT!
**UPDATE** due to a recent Riot post, Sion will be getting reworked. It has been fun making this guide and giving people the right way(s) to play Sion. I will not continue to update the guide until the new Sion comes out. :)

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Psychology playing Sion

This part will explain how Sion should be played.
- Sion Isn't for everyone, You may enjoy Sion if you play Nasus or Riven or even Udyr
- with Sion, try to appear really strong by harassing as much as you can early game and dishing out damage. Give your lane opponent an idea of your damage so they don't think that they can bully you
- Sion has a really strong all-in levels 1-6, use it.
- Sion is meant to be played as a hypercarry bruiser, not a hypercarry ADC. If you build him like an adc, all the enemy team has to do is burst you. So build tank and it will make the other team be hesitant to drop CC on you.

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Pros and Cons

-Establishes lane domination easily
-Very good trading potential
-Easy to last hit with
-High early game damage with Enrage
-Scales well off CS
-Can 1v1 anyone at level 6
-Easy to cs under tower with.
-You are unexpected by your enemies to go AD until you get into loading screen.

-Item dependent
-Mana problems early if abilities are spammed
-VERY hard to master
-Gets camped in high elo
-Low Attack Speed
-Getting rework S4 :(

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  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed: You can take 2 of these and 1 Attack Damage Quint in order to benefit from big hits and still good attack speed.
  • greater mark of Armor Penetration: You will need these for Mid Game to go along with your high damage because you don't have any abilities that scale off AD. You will also find these useful when hitting early game rocks like Malphite
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: This is pretty standard, I have seen people swap these out for attack speed and magic resist per level. Anything really works for Glyphs as long as it somehow benefits Sion.
  • Greater Seal of Health: With this you can start long sword or cloth and be able to start your build instead of buying Doran's. And early game health is more beneficial than early game Armor, and there is some math behind it too.

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Now this is the part everyone likes to F*ck up.

Alright feel free to argue with me on these, but I have done a lot of tests


This item will make your crits hit like a truck. But this items is 3800 gold and will cost you an arm and a leg. If you do get Infinity edge, you must have an item that gives attack speed to go along with it (best option is Statikk Shiv). You may also consider buying Blade of the Ruined King to add stick potential. However, these are 2 very expensive items.

Many people would argue that Blade of the Ruined King is a bad item on Sion. However, besides crit chance, this item gives Sion every stat he needs. It will allow Sion to stick to enemies and 1v1. This items is considered on many bruisers. This items is to be used in conjunction with your ultimate in order to provide a moment of utter prosperity and free reign.

Statikk Shiv is an item many people would argue to be the most gold efficient core item in the game. The Avarice blade that you buy during the laning phase will quickly give you the funds to buy the Statikk Shiv. This item also features a passive that will help you burst. The 100 magic damage you get after 100 easy stacks will allow you to burst. If you by any chance crit the 100 magic damage, you will do about 500 mixed damage on that first auto attack. With your Q and W damage, you would have dealt 800 damage on your first combo ( Q-W-Auto Attack). With Cannibalism and Blade of the Ruined King active, you will finish off the enemy in a matter of seconds. This item is never a bad choice early to mid game.

This item has received a lot of popularity because of its association with Sion's lifesteal from Cannibalism. With Ravenous Hydra, Sion can lifesteal huge amounts every auto attack. It can be used for burst, waveclear, lifesteal, and AoE. However this item leaves you with no attack speed, no crit chance, and vulnerability to being kited. To compensate, you would need to buy a zephyr

Phantom Dancer has always been the stereotypical AD Sion item for its innate Crit Chance and attack speed. There is nothing wrong with this item, and infact its solely preference. But the major problem is the expense of the item and the little utility it gives ( Statikk Shiv gives waveclear, Ravenous Hydra gives Waveclear AoE, etc.). Most would argue that this item is not for season 4.

Zephyr is a good item on Sion because of the inherent mobility it gives. The tenacity combined with the movement speed gives Sion the fluidity he needs. It's also important to buy Hydra with this because this item compensates for the little Speed (both attack and move speed) that Hydra doesn't give.

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Summona spells

===Ghost Is meant for Teamfights and chasing down their Adc or Apc. Or for chasing down pesky Runners. I take ghost on Sion because It helps me all in during the laning phase. At level 6 or 7 i pop all my cds and tower dive, usually getting a kill. I like to get my opponent to 3/4 or half hp before i all in. Ghost is also useful for team fights. try to not get focused by their adc. when their team or your team engages ghost into their team and try to stun their adc if they are close. IF THEIR ADC IS TOO FAR BACK DO NOT TRY TO CHASE THEM. YOU WILL GET PEELED EASILY.can take ghost on sion since he doesn't have any natural stick. Also you take swap out Ignite for Exhaust. The new Exhaust buffs make it viable. But note that the enemy team will automatically know that you are going AD.
===I like teleport because it allows you to, 1) Farm in lane without missing waves 2) Teleport to drag for a team fight, 3) split push, and 4) defend turrets. If you will have a hard lane or their is a shen, or maybe just because you are more comfortable with this summoner spell. Its a good option, don't hesitate to take it if you feel the need to take it. If you are one of those REALLY aggressive players, then you might want to take ignite for kill potential. But if you wanna play chill Sion, then take Teleport.

===Flash is decent on Sion, You can escape an early gank and get finishing blows on opponents when they aren't expecting it. But its not good for sticking to enemies. Flash could be taken with ghost, which is better for late game, but Sion needs the early game ignite to pick up kills.
===Only get Cleanse if you know the enemy team will cc you hard. Eg. Nautilus, Vayne, Nasus, Thresh.

===decent spell on Sion. Will help you stick to adc or your laner. Even will help peel for your adc. this can be replaced for cleanse if you know the enemy team has a lot of cc. Also Exhaust + Ghost will give you the ultimate sticking power. Though with Botrk you will not need exhaust because of Botrk's active.

===Ignite gives you the early game pressure and aggressiveness that Sion will greatly benefit from. Ignite is used on almost every laner and will help you when you ALL IN. Take this spell on any healer, sustain, or squishy opponent. This spell can be swapped out for flash or tp if needed.


===F*** no

===ff 20

===Stop and think. You laning or jungling? that's right you laning. F*** this spell

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Ranked Play

In a ranked game, I can't kill the other team's adc if they peel for the adc with cc. Instead I peel for my adc. When someone comes on my adc, i stun them and ulty in order to heal both me and my adc. Low elo you can probably kill the other team's adc or apc, Heck, you could pentakill. But in higher elo you will have to play a defensive role. If you pick Sion thinking you will dominate EVERY LANE, NO. Only pick Sion if you know that it will be easy to farm in your lane. I will state what lanes are easy to farm with later. When you play Ad Sion in ranked, you will also get a lot of **** from your teammates. It was like picking Tryndamere before Voyboy made it popular. Just don't focus on explaining why Ad Sion is viable. Just focus on the game. Then enemies will be very surprised to see AD Sion. Take advantage of this and play VERY aggressive.They will be surprised at how aggressive AD Sion can play. Use the brush when there is wait between the cs. Activate your w and come out of the brush, take a hit or some minion aggro before you pop the shield. Only stun them when you are sure you can get 2 auto's on them before they can fully retaliate. If you establish lane dominance, beware of ganks. If you are sure that you are safe (or you have a ward), then zone out your laner by activating w and leaving it on for 10 seconds. Before the shield explodes move away from the minions and try to explode it on the laner. Be careful to not spam W and Q. You will run out of mana.
Helpful Tips:
-Use Cryptic Gaze in between auto attacks because it does cancel your auto attack. If you practice, you can even cancel the enemies auto attack to win trades.
-Push as hard as you can levels 1-3 to get ahead in levels. You probably won't get ganked until level 2-3.
-Roam when you have ghost and try to arrange a gank with the jungler on mid lane.\
-Buy an upgraded trinket level nine to get more vision

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[*]Sion's passive is very unnoticeable in lane. But it actually does a lot. Taking about 30-50 less damage for every 2/5 auto attacks. Playing against annoying auto attackers won't be so bad.

Sion's q costs sooooo much mana. It's not worth using it in lane unless you are getting/recieving a gank. You can use q to trade but don't trade unless you're opponent commits FIRST. Don't use this ability to get 1 cs. It's not worth the mana cost. But, if you're opponent decides to deal damage to you under the turret, use your q to stun them and force them to take tower shots. You can also use q if you are getting tower dived. Stun the person tanking the tower and they are almost sure to die, unless the jungler is super tanky and/or fed. Its not practical to tower dive Sion becuase he has a shield, stun, and much lifesteal.

Sion's w is actually very useful. It costs 70 mana but most of the time, it's worth using. It shields 100 damage at level 1 and 300 at level 5. The shield amount is also equal to the magic damage it deals. This is Sion's only AOE spell. In team fights it's useless as a damage dealer; just a shield. But in lane it can help with 1.trades and 2. pushing the wave. I like to build statikk shiv first because its synergy w AOE allows for a fast wave clear. Wave clear is something Sion lacks, making it hard for him to split push. Sion also benefits from every stat on statikk shiv PERFECTLY. Max w after e in order to wave clear and sustain trades. I had some people asking me why I max this WITH Enrage. That is a good question. I max Shield with Enrage because shield will help establish lane dominance. Shield will help soak up some extra damage and output extra damage. I USED TO max E every time I could but i realized that I wasn't ABLE TO FARM with it even though it gives more damage. By putting an extra point or two in shield, I was able to establish the slightest dominance in order to farm and waveclear. Try maxing if you don't agree with me and share your thoughts.

Sions e. It's like the bread and butter of Sion. So the main obective with Sion is to get cs in order to grant Max HP. Sion's e should be maxed before w but a few extra point can be put in w for the lane trades and wave clear. Sion's e should be on MOST of the time. Cases where Sion's e shouldn't be on is when you want to lifesteal some hp back (because of you Lifesteal Quints). That should really be the only case where E shouldn't be up.

This ability is what makes Sion's the best duelist in the game. But just because you reach level 6, doesn't mean you can 1v5 the other team. DON'T. You will get CC'D and you WILL NOT lifesteal enough. AT level 1 ulty, you only get 50% lifesteal and 50% attack speed, which is a considerable amount but ignite will deplete your resources. With most champions, you can 1v1 at level 6. You cannot 1v1 at level 6, Jax, Lee Sin, Riven, And Veigar cause he will nuke the S*** out of you. Most Ad carries can kite you super hard,so if you are up against an ADC in lane just lane swap, you will get NO CS. Anyways, Once you hit level 11, your ult gets 75% lifesteal, WHICH IS HUGE. Now you can 1v1 almost anyone with the correct items and cs. In teamfights, turn on your ult and stand next to your adc. Peel and tank for your team. The Ally healing radius is only 200 so stay very close to your adc. At level 16 it's getting into late game, you should have lots of cs and should have split pushed super hard. Your ult now has 100% lifesteal. However, you STILL cannot 1v5. at 45 minutes you can do whatever the F*** you want, but for now, you need to use your ult wisely.

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Early Game

Many people say Sion has a rough early game. But the enormous AD he gets at level 1 or 2 from his Enrage allows him to make the best trades vs AD melee champions. Don't Cryptic Gaze in order to get 1 auto (unless you've been full mana for a while and want to establish lane dominance). Save your Cryptic Gaze for when your enemy commits to a trade. Cryptic Gaze them when they attack you to force them to take minion aggro. An early gank from your jungler will almost always guarantee a kill because of your high lvl 2 attack damage and V. If you do not kill your laner it will allow you to zone out the enemy and allow you to farm. Just always ask for an EARLY GANK if possible. Play the passive lane game where you only aggro if they aggro you. otherwise just mind your own business AND CS CS CS!!!!!

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Mid Game

What to do in Mid game is dependent on 2 things.
1. Did you win your lane?
2. Is your team winning? (especially bot lane)
If you can answer yes to at least one of those questions you will most likely win. More importantly is if your team is winning. If their bot lane wins its going to be hard for you to win. But I will explain this later.
If you win your lane, good. But if you team is losing, not so good. You will need to go defend objectives rather than farm top all day. This includes going mid and defending the turret ready for a teamfight. if you have Teleport than you will be able to split push their top tower and help take drake/ defend mid turret. If you have Exhaust, Ghost, or Ignite have to stick near your team. If their bot lane gets fed, you need to itemize in order to deal with being focused by their ADC (b/c you won your lane). Build a randuins and a Botrk to have mobility in the fights. Yommu's would also be good but you would have to build more tankier with the rest of your build. Mid game is THE HARDEST for SION because your ult still doesn't do much and you have no crit damage. The only thing you will have is some tankiness(if you won your lane) and mediocre DPS. If your team knows Sion's strengths they will avoid engagements until late game. The only exception to this is if you have Ammumu. His ult synergises with you so well. I will explain more about team comps later. Try to get through mid game defending objectives and moderately farming. try to get maybe 200 cs by 30 minutes. Again you have to be good at csing in order to successfully play Sion.
If you don't win your lane, but your team is winning that's better. You can stay top and farm up while pushing tower while your team handles the objectives. If your laner starts roaming follow him. You don't want your teammates in 4v5's. But if dragon is not a threat to be taken, your team can waveclear mid tower enough to sustain until you are able to take a tower top (assuming your team picks a viable mid laner with decent wave clear, eg: Orianna, Syndra, Kassadin, Casseiopia, Mordekaiser, Zed etc.)
Mid Game is the hardest phase for Sion, try to rush the Mid game with turret pushes top.

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Late Game

(+30 minutes) Sion starts becoming deadly and adds pressure at this point. With decent farm, nobody can 1v1 you. You have the stick and the damage to take down anybody. BUY WARDS. don't facecheck because that could cost your team the game (higher-mid elo). protect your adc and soak up damage. don't go in like an assassin because you will get kited (guaranteed or your money back). You'r not immortal because you have a lot of HP. If you choose to go the tankier build then by all means tank and apply pressure to their APC and ADC. (+50 minutes) by this time you have your build complete and are getting some extra consumables and what not. Its pretty much GG at this point. You can 3 shot most people. Pick up a Guardian Angel IF YOU DIDN'T BUILD TANKY. Gaurdian angel will save you if you get kited too hard or bursted too quick. If their was an AD Zhonya's Hourglass item, You would get it, but GA does the job fine. Replace your boots for a Zephyr. no matter how late in the game, farm is still important!!!!

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You cannot play Sion to his full potential without a proper team comp.
Viable Comps have immobalisers like roots, stuns, slows, fears, and knockups.
Best Team Comps

All Junglers that can lockdown a few targets are good. Supports that can be aggressive will help you get onto targets. So Leona is good synergy. Adc's that need peel or have cc will help you. Amummu and Nasus I found to be good synergy because you can duo steamrole the entire enemy team. Nasus and you become monsters late game. And when Nasus ganks its almost always a kill with your Cryptic Gaze. Teams need to have a good deal of roots and stuns benefit Sion a lot more than teams with just high AOE Damage

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ALL-IN ing

As Sion, you have the ability to pop all your Cooldowns and all in at level 6.
The way you do is simple
Death's Caress--Wait 1 second--Walk towards enemy-- Ghost-- Cannibalism--auto attack-- Cryptic Gaze--auto attack--pop Death's Caress--ignite--auto attack--auto attack--auto attack-auto attack...
If you have Blade of the Ruined King, then use it shortly after you stun them, if you have Hydra, then use it in between an auto attacks.
Note: Always Stutter Step when chasing.
This video Explains how and much more

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Lane Match-Ups

Jax is a pretty hard matchup, especially if the Jax knows what hes doing. You want to start with a Doran's shield and health potion. Focus on farming and if you can, try to harrass him when he goes to hit a creep. Be careful, however, Jax can jump you any second, so always have the tribush or river warded. Level 6, jax, being the auto attack counter he is, will most likely kill you. You can outplay him by stunning him while he has his stun so you don't get stunned, but other than that you just have to have good melee mechanics. Try to use your shield when you trade to both soak and dish out some damage. If you can't farm without him jumping on you, then you have to go take Doouble Golems (or Whites) and farm under turret. If you can successfully farm, get a gank from your jungler in order to sway the lane in your favor. Late game you might be able to kill him, but there are many variable that play into this. Build a Stattik Shiv and Blade of the Ruined King (Core Option 1), then start to build tanky. You should get about 50-65 CS by 10 minutes depending on how aggressive the Jax is.

Renekton will consistently chunk you, but shouldn't be able to kill you easily. Utilize your teleport to get back in lane without missing cs. Renekton is bound to take your tower because of his innate sustain and pushing power. You should really just focus on farming in this lane. Avoid trades and keep the lane as peaceful as possible. As you cs under your turret, the Renekton will try and use his spin move to harass. If you predict his spin move right, you can stun him under the turret and he will take 2-3 hits. If your jungler ganks this lane, Renekton won't really fall behind because he is a tank. The most important thing with this match-up is farm, rather than trades. Build core options 1, 2, or 3, but not 4 since you will need some tank in order to sustain Renekton's frequent trades. You will get about 70 CS by 10 minutes, if you can last hit properly.

Shyvana is annoying, yet manageable. Your unmatched early game attack damage will allow you to auto attack her when she goes for CS. Avoid 1v1's early because shyvana will clear you like she clears camps. If you avoid trades, this lane will be fairly easy in terms of being able to CS. At level 6, you can kill her, but she will just run away or ult away. Shyvana shouldn't take your tower unless she has jungler help, so just keep farming. You can build core option 1, 2 or 3, but no 4 because you will need to get tanky to sustain Shyvana.

This lane could either be very polar, or not polar at all. In other words, Nasus could be going for a lane dominance "Respect The Cane" playstyle, or he can just be looking to farm. If you choose to farm this lane, Nasus will become quite scary. If you choose to constantly trade, Nasus might get the advantage and out-sustain you. You have to play this lane both passively and aggressively. You need to farm, but also punish him for going for CS. You need to chunk him and push the lane so that the turret will prevent him for Q-farming. Use your high attack damage to play aggressive. Beware however, the enemy jungler will be more than happy to gank for his Nasus; war the river. Nasus will most likely build tanky, so get a Last Whisperer sooner rather than later. Also, you will need a Scimitar to cleanse his wither, otherwise you will be rendered useless in both in team fights, and in lane trades. You can build any option, but consider getting a Schimitar or a Last Whisperer. The amount of CS you get in this lane should lean towards 90, but thats if you don't trade too much. If you want to successfully shut Nasus down, then you must miss a few CS to deny him some.

You will get out harassed, and you will get out-sustained. Shen will exploit your little sustain to Vorpal Blade your a$$. Trade with Shen right after his passive is consumed by a minion. This lane is pretty easy to farm in because Shen won't be able to kill you, and you have Teleport. You can build any Core Option, but consider a Last Whisper if the Shen is a Thornmail buttf*cker. Jungler help won't do much besides slow down Shen's ability to get tanky. You should be able to get 80 CS by 10 minutes, so keep farming and you will beat Shen. Also, try to Counter-Teleport-Gank-When-Shen-Stand's United-To-Bot-Lane Gank in order to turn a the tides of the fight. If you are at Shen Turret, however, it may be beneficial to just take his turret and farm, freely, the top jungle.

You may see a lot of pro Rumbles in higher elo's. Rumble will try to kite you with his harpoons and his Movement Speed booster. With this lane, you can take ignite, but it is risky if you are not good with Sion. If you do take ignite, you will be able to all in him and kill him. When he reaches level 6, try to move out of his ult with ghost and chase him down with your Movement Speed (from ghost) and Attack Speed (from Ulty). You can build any option you want, just remember to farm up and get slightly tanky. If you take teleport, try to gank bot to rack up kills for your team. You can fight Rumble at almost any time in the game, but remember that he can kite you, and if he does, he might be able to widdle you down before you get to him. Make sure ghost is up before you all-in him, and if you don't have ignite, then try not to all-in. You should have about 60-70 cs by 10 minutes.

This lane is really no contest. You should be able to dodge his cleavers, otherwise there is no other way to counterplay him. You can trade with Mundo a lot by auto attacking him as he goes for CS. He won't get much farm and you will. I can't really explain any other way of beating him other than dodging his cleavers. If you fall behind in this match-up, just farm. You can get hit by some cleavers, but don't consistently eat them. Build a Blade of the Ruined King to counter his health stack (after you build a different core item) and try to all-in him if you can kill him. It is fairly easy to gank Mundo, so definitely call out for a free kill top. You really shouldn't miss any CS, so you should get about 80-90 CS by 10 minutes.

This lane is really annoying, but manageable. Buy some early magic resist and take ignite. With Vlad, you have to all in him or chunk him. If you can establish lane dominance, you will stay dominant. Vlad has an exception early game built-in sustain. You need to play with the bushes and avoid going in to often for CS. You will miss CS but that is okay. After the early levels, you can all-in Vlad. Use your ignite early so that he cannot heal. Ghost and use your godly mechanics. Blade of the Ruined King is also good for this match-up. You can pick any core you want but make sure to get a Blade. Predictably, you will get about 60 CS at 10 minutes.

Teemo is this little, annoying, f*ckcake that will consistently auto attack you. He will not do good burst, but over time, you will be exhausted. You cannot trade against a good teemo because he will blind you as you try and trade with him. If you do not All-in him before level 6, then you won't be able to kill him after level 6 because he will kite you. Buy a Blade of The Ruined King to keep up with this little b*tch and try to get a gank to shut teemo down. Early game, play with the bushed and try to snag some CS. If you survive early levels and post-6 mine fields, then you will be able to clean this motherf*cker in the late game. You should get about 70 CS by 10 minutes. After that you will be able to farm freely. Start a Doran's Shield to negate some of teemo's auto attack damage and get some boots earlier than usual. If you play this match-up well, you should beat him and out-scale him.

This match-up might be, if not one of the, hardest match-ups for Sion. You have to stand back and just try to farm under turret. Hope that Ryze pushes the lane, but if he doesn't, there is nothing you can do. When you go in for CS, he will almost always chunk you. Focus on farming and do not try to trade with him. You will get out-chuncked 95 times out of a 100. use your high base health to sustain his harass. When you get low enough that he can kill you, then just back and Teleport into lane. When you you get level 6, turn on your ult and just push the wave. You should use your Teleport one between levels 1-6, and you should use your ult to push the wave and back. Now if you don't want to accept loss, you can Teleport-Gank bot. Use your ability to all-in by using it on bot lane. You may rack up some kills and/or make other lanes win. Ryze will get pretty strong at level 9, so back off. If you farm enough and get a kill or two, you will be able to kill him at level 11. If you do not farm enough and/or get kills, then you will need assistance from your jungler. Start with a Crystaline Flask as you should get about 50 CS at 10 minutes.

This lane is really hard. Darius has all the tools to kill you, including ignite, a slow, a pull, and a nuke. You need to get jungler help very early because Darius has no escapes. However, he may try and kill you or the jungler when he gets ganked. I've had it happen where he would kill both of us from his inherent damage on his Q and his destructive passive. You need to use your best judgement with this lane. If you heave health seals, then start with a Cloth Armor and 5 potions, if you don't then start with a Doran's Shield. You need extra early game health in order to sustain an All-In by Darius.

You will be essentially hitting a rock. Basically, you need to auto attack Malphite level 1-4 and use your shield to cancel his 10 second shield refresh. You will find it hard to trade with him, but he will run out of mana faster than you. you can teleport gank bot and rack up kills, but you cannot kill Malphite (maybe once with the jungler).After he gets his core items, you may need to build a Last Whisper. Try to just CS in the lane because Malphite will preferably not want to CS. You can start anything really, but just make sure that you arn't playing too aggressive and that you are farming. You need to get at least 80 CS by 10 minutes to keep up with this tankiness.

You have to take ignite in this lane and just all in Kayle every time your summoner spells are up. She will get really hard to deal with if you let her farm and harass you. So all in Kayle rather than accept harass. You can build whatever you feel necessary, but I like to build a Blade of The Ruined King against Kayle to not get kited. Kayle does insane damage, so you need to have the greatest mechanics to beat her. Use everything you got when you All-In and make sure that you don't die. If you force a flash, then you should back off if you can't chase her. Get boots fairly early and get ready to be denied some CS. You should get about 50-60 CS by 10 minutes depending on how many times you all in. You should have a kill or death (most likely a kill) by all-in. Don't be afraid to all in Kayle. Just practice your mechanics and as you get better and you will beat Kayle every time. It's all about how well you All-In.

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Farm Early game like any other champion.
Don't use any abilities to cs, unless it's Death Caress and all the minions are at 15%.
When you get Statikk Shiv:
1.Activate your Death Caress 5 seconds before you get to the minion wave attack the first 3 melee minions.
3.pop Death Caress.
4 clean up the rest of the minions (there should be about 3 minions left each only needing an auto attack)
This process should only take 5-6 seconds to clear 1 wave.

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I hope you guys understood the mechanics and concepts to playing AD Sion. He takes about 8-9 games to start winning and after that you should independently make decisions on your playstyle. You will most likely not win your first game (Unless Bot lane wins) and you will get Trash Talk from your teammates for picking AD Sion. BUT **** THEM. AD Sion NEW META. Please comment on any suggestions, Sion is very versatile and is open to many different builds. Please suggest any ideas you have in the comments. PLEASE VOTE UP AND COMMENT I LOVE TO READ COMMENTS. Thanks!