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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Foshkey


Foshkey Last updated on April 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Defense: 15

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 15

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Mordekaiser is, by far, my favorite champion to play. Why is this? Because, while not explicitly over powered, Mordekaiser can become unkillable with the right items.

This build aims to maximize health, health regen, speed, magic resist, armor, and damage in that order. I used to suggest to rush a Warmog's Armor, but noticing how much health you get out of how much it costs, I don't think it's worth it. Instead, rush a Sunfire for about half the health, but more armor and damage.

Why did I make this build when there are hundreds of other Mordekaiser builds? Because I went through the list and I did not find my favorite build. I thought that I might as well create my own.

So this is Unstoppakaiser. I strongly suggest that you at least try this build before you criticize. From mid-game on, you will not die (unless, of course, all five enemy champs unleash everything on you). If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments.

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What is Mordekaiser?

What is Mordekaiser? is he a mage? a tank? dps? carry? support?

He doesn't have any CC to be classified as a tank ( Amumu has massive snare, Rammus, Shen, and Galio have taunt, etc.) He lacks the damage needed to be a mage. And his attack damage is much too low to be considered a dps/carry. And to be a support, you have to support other champs in some way (CC, heal). So what the hell is Mordekaiser?

Mordekaiser is what I like to call a Soak. My definition of a Soak is a champion that puts out enough damage that enemy champions have to attack him, while having enough survivability to survive such an attack. He falls into the same category as Dr. Mundo, Singed, Sion, Garen, etc. While not fully tanks, they have enough durability to be one. Makes sense?

Perfect place for Mordekaiser
The perfect balance of a team for Mordekaiser to fit in well is one Tank, two Physical DPS (one could be swapped with a Support), and one Mage. Better yet if there's a jungler.

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Pros / Cons

-You cannot be killed from mid-game on.
-At base speed, he has the same speed as Ashe w/ Boots of Speed and activated Ghost.
-Your team will most likely never get aced because you'll still be alive
-Rarely ever has to go back to spawn.
-Use dying as an excuse to buy more items and get back into the game even stronger.
-Can easily take mid or solo 1v2.

-Somewhat requires mid or solo lane (you can still lane with a partner, but you'll be less effective).
-Fairly squishy early game.
-Doesn't have a lot of damage output.
-Absolutely no CC (sadface)

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Runes are always preference to the player. I will be discussing a few rune combinations that I find useful for my Unstoppakaiser build.

Magic Penetration x9
These make sense. Mordekaiser puts out mostly magic damage; this will give a better kick.

Armor x9
I actually tried flat armor marks with regen yellows, flat MR blues, and I found out that they're actually decent. Try these out sometime.

Greater Seal of Vigor Heath Regeneration x9
I really like these because Mordekaiser has no way to regen his health after using his skills (his skills require health)early game. These + Regrowth Pendant will allow you to stay at 95% health early game.

Dodge x9
These + Nimbleness on your mastery tree is just flat out hilarious to me. Dodge, and you get a speed boost. Weeeeee! Plus, it's nice to take absolutely no damage from an auto-attack.

Armor x9
For you cheap people (205 IP a rune). This will boost your early game armor, giving you a little less squish.

Greater Seal of Vitality Health/lvl x9
Goes well with Force of Nature's passive.

CD/lvl x9
Always nice to use your abilities even more. More skills = more damage = more winning = more Charlie Sheen.

CD x9
Same reason as above, only more geared towards early game.

Magic Resist / lvl x9
Provides you with even more MR late game, making those enemy mages weep as they try to pelt you with their pitiful spells.

Magic Resist x9
Making those enemy mages weep before they have a chance to surrender.

Ability Power / lvl x9
You are a mage. Use that Ability Power!

Speed x3
I trolololol whenever I'm up against a Karthus mid and I have these bad boys and boots. If that Karthus is any less than amazing, he cannot hit me with his q. These make speedakaiser, but they are quite expensive. If you don't have the IP, I'll give you a few other suggestions.

Health x3
They're the same price as speed quints, but they are a little more popular. This will make you a little less squishy early game. I recommend this to anybody that's trying out Mordekaiser for the first time.

Magic Penetration x3
The only other suggestion I'll make. This will give you even a bigger kick in your magic spells and giving you a greater boost in your Iron Man.

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Honestly, this is also preference to the player. I'll go through a few favorite sets.

Funky, I know, but hear me out. Your goal is to maximize speed in your Utility Tree, while not excessively spending points to get cooldown. Make sure you don't spend your points on anything mana related, with Perseverance as an exception.

Spend the rest in Defense, taking Nimbleness, and hit anything else you like.

Props to Canonized for suggesting this to me via his Singed build.

Maximize your cooldown, while taking the spell penetration in your Offensive. Pretty strait-forward. This is what I used to recommend to newbie Mordekaiser players.

Same as above, only more geared towards defense and grabbing that Nimbleness that I find so hilarious.

This is, after all, a defensive build. Defensive masteries could make you even more unstoppable, right? True enough, but I think anything besides what I have marked out in my 0/15/15 Defense is useless.

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Summoner Spells

I always take Ignite and Ghost. There are no greater summoner spells to take with Mordekaiser.

Ignite syncs very well with your ult. Get used to how much damage this combo does, because it is the most effective way to finish an enemy. But don't waste your ignite if you don't need it.

Ghost is one of my favorite summoner spells. Provides a good speed boost to your already speedy Mordekaiser. Use it for escape, chasing, getting to the team fight, chasing down an enemy, etc.

I always recommend this summoner spell. There is no greater way of saving a turret or ally. It's an effective way of map control. But you're so speedy that you don't need this spell.

Clarity is really, really, useful for the la-- nope, just kidding.

Flash is a fun little summoner spell. If I ask you to come up with a list of useful ways to use this spell, you'll probably return with a list that ends with "etc."

Your CC if you want one. However, the mastery is pretty much a must-have, so go ahead and take one point out of the defense tree and throw it into Cripple.

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Iron Man (Passive)
The second bar no longer hinders (like mana does), but now buffs your champion. This is your defense against harassment, your shield against burst damage, your extra health in a team fight. I love this passive for its defensive capabilities.

Mace of Spades (Hotkey: Q)
I've seen builds that absolutely maximizes the potential of this ability. If built right, you can deal well over 1000 damage in one swing with this spell ( Lich Bane with Hextech Gunblade). However, for this build, it's just another ability that does more damage. This spell also resets the attack timer, so you can attack, hit q right away, and attack right after the initial attack.

Creeping Death (Hotkey: W)
Get good with that Alt key! This is one of those few allied skills that you can cast on any ally within a given range. If you didn't know already, hitting Alt+W will instantly cast Creeping Death on yourself, not needing the self-clicking. I suggest getting used to this self-casting system. As far as the skill itself, it adds a nice DoT (Damage over Time) and a defensive buff.

Siphon of Destruction (Hotkey: E)
Behold, the ultimate farming tool. Use this to kill off minions, buffing up your Iron Man, and harassing the enemy. Typically, I don't like pushing, because of a possible gank while I'm at the enemy turret. So, I don't like using this on the whole minion wave. If I can, I'll use it to last-hit minions. Only when I suspect an incoming harassment do I use Siphon of Destruction on an entire minion wave.

Children of the Grave (Ultimate; Hotkey: R)
Syncs well with Ignite.This will be your curse to the enemy champions. Let them know that if they die, they will only serve to further benefit your team. This changes team fights to 6v4, this changes a harassing idiot to a valuable puppet, this changes their enemy tank to your enemy tank for turrets.
Also, know that you can control your puppet by holding the Alt key and right-clicking (Get good with that Alt key!). Sadly, it doesn't use any abilities, but it still counts as a champion, not a minion. More on this in the Strategy section

This is really just preference to the player. I find that Siphon of Destruction is the best farming tool, so I level that first.

After that, I've tried everything. Creeping Death before Mace of Spades, vice versa, a mixture of the two. I've come to the conclusion that it honestly doesn't matter; you simply do the same amount of damage.

So for the sake of this build and the point of maxing defense, I chose Creeping Death for second, leaving Mace of Spades last.

Of course, always pick your ultimate, Children of the Grave, whenever it comes up.

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No doubt I'm going to be severely criticized for this section. Please, constructive criticism, at least.

Sunfire Cape
Boots of Swiftness
Force of Nature

Look at this core build and think about it for a bit. What do you see? I see as much health I'll ever need, health regen off the charts, speedy beyond belief, armor from the suns, and magic resist to boot. Of course, it is a very expensive core build, but nonetheless, an effective core build.

Sunfire Cape
Any soak/offtank player knows the beauty of this item. This item is always a good idea for a soak. For Mordekaiser, it syncs well with Creeping Death, and provides armor as defense against those AD Carries. Probably one of my favorite items, since I'm a fan of Garen.

Force of Nature
No doubt my favorite item for Mordekaiser, mostly because of the health regen. This syncs very well with health from Warmog's Armor, making your health regen fly. With these two items alone, you will be able to regen your entire health bar in about 30 seconds (not necessarily tested, going off of experience).
This item also adds in a speed boost, very nice. Oh, and magic resist. Have fun!

Boots of Swiftness
My favorite boots for this build. I like the speed it provides, and it won't slow you down when you're in combat like Boots of Mobility. The only reason why I would take these instead of Mercury's Treads is because slows won't effect you that much; you'll still be so fast that you can escape almost any slow. However, you're susceptible to Stuns and Suppressions.

Sorcerer's Shoes
Since Mordekaiser's AP ratios are not that great, Magic Penetration is always really nice. This is generally my second choice when the enemy team doesn't have much CC.

Mercury's Treads
Always nice if the enemy team is full of stuns and suppressions, your worst enemy. Plus, it has that nice amount of Magic Resist. However, if the enemy team only has slows, then I just go with Boots of Swiftness.

Secondary Items (last three slots)
Spirit Visage
I will always recommend this item to a Soak champion. For only 1550g, You receive health, cooldown, magic resist, and makes your ridiculous health regen even more ridiculous. However, when it gets really late into the game, it seems that this item just takes up an extra space. I generally swap this out with a more expensive and useful item later on.

Zhonya's Hourglass
I saw this on another Mordekaiser and I thought to myself, Hmm... that's a good idea. So, props to you, random Mordekaiser (whom I cannot remember). This gives a nice balance of armor and AP, while throwing in a useful active ability.

Randuin's Omen
I love this item against any AD/AS carry on the other team. Use the active during a team fight, and you'll shut down any AD/AS carry on the enemy team. It provides a nice amount of armor, with a little bit of health and health regen, exactly what we're looking for on Mordekaiser.

Warmog's Armor
On any other champion, I hate this item, I honestly do. And, it was recently changed even more to my disfavor. However, Mordekaiser rocks this item and exploits it more than any other champion. You'll be able to farm up the bonus health and health regen in less than 10 minutes, a small enough amount of time.

Hextech Gunblade
I've seen this item work too good on Mordekaiser for me to not ignore it. At first, I was like... What the hell are you building? But when I saw how much damage Mace of Spades deals with this item, I nearly ****ped my metal pants. I suggest reading up on Mace of Spades and Hextech Gunblade and reading how well they sync together. Plus, it provides a nice CC active useful for chasing down anybody.

Lich Bane
This also helps your Mace of Spades. However, don't get this item if you don't have any other AP items. But it gives a really nice speed boost and more magic resist.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Mordekaiser doesn't have CC, and he's a mage. This is a good item on him for these reasons. Plus, it adds a nice amount of health. However, your ult is the only single-target spell that slows the target 15%, not 35%. Yes, Riot changed it specifically for that spell.

Frozen Mallet
Rylai's Crystal Scepter just sometimes doesn't slow enough. It's only 15% on all of Mordekaiser's spells, which isn't that significant. This is a full 50%. I like combining this with Rylai's Crystal Scepter in Crowd Control Kaiser.

Rabadon's Deathcap
A favored item among mage fanatics. I thoroughly enjoy this item when I want extra DPS, and works very well with Mejai's Soulstealer. However, I like Zhonya's Hourglass better for the armor.

Mejai's Soulstealer
Yes, I avoided putting this item on this build in the early stages because I was so into going for defense, not offense. However, since you don't die so much, this is a quite viable item on Mordekaiser. Take it, love it, and match it with Rabadon's Deathcap to become Boomakaiser.

That's pretty much it on any recommended secondary items. If you have any other suggestions, let me know.

Full Mordekaiser Item Builds


This is the Default Mordekaiser build that I use. It has the nice core to it, and aimed to provide armor as well, and finally some damage. This would be the first build that I would recommend to any new Mordekaiser player, just because it has a real nice balance.

Truck of Spades

By far the most expensive build I have ever made, and I have only completed this build once during a 55 minute game. However, it is well worth it. This build aims to maximize the damage of your Mace of Spades. I believe on a single hit, you can dish out around 1100 damage, a good amount for one spell. It also buffs your pet from Children of the Grave quite a bit.

Maximum Potential

On top of your health, health regen, speed, and magic resist, this will continue to improve your damage using your max health. Atma's Impaler and Phantom Dancer will add significant physical damage if the enemy team is stacking too much magic resist. You also get a nice amount of armor from Atma's Impaler and a good speed boost from Phantom Dancer.

Crowd Control Kaiser

The one bad thing about Mordekaiser is that he has absolutely no CC. This build is considerably expensive, but I'd say it's worth it. This is the only build I use on Twisted Treelines. Typically, I only choose Mordekaiser when my team has enough CC. If you really really want to play Mordekaiser on a small-CC team, or playing TT, use this build.


You asked, I listened. This is how you deal damage. You will cause so much havoc, enemies have no choice but to focus you down. Get 20 stacks, and you will truly become Unstoppakaiser.

Got another favorite complete build that uses the same core? Let me know in the comments.

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Early Game Laning
In champion select, let your team mates know that you can practically go anywhere, preferring to be solo. This will open up an opportunity for a jungler, and letting other people pick their favorite champions. Be sure there is enough CC, however, because Mordekaiser has none.

Once you're in the game, pick up a health pendant and health potion and head off to your lane. If your jungler is starting at blue buff, then be sure to guard him from any gankers coming from the Fjord. Once the golems spawn, head off to your lane. I usually just hang back for a bit until the enemy champions reveal themselves, and I occasionally head up there for a last hit.

If you're soloing 1v2, and they are trying their best to zone you out of experience, don't get too worried about it. Worst case scenario, you'll level up at the same rate as the enemy champions. And, you never want to feed, so don't attempt to get a kill. 70% of the gold you gain will be from minion farming.

If I'm sitting at a 1v1, I generally push more against the enemy champion, throwing minion waves at the enemy turret. Be sure to not push too hard, though, because an enemy jungler could come at you from anywhere. This is where wards come in handy; warding the nearby bush in the fjord will give you some extra sight.

Rarely you'll end up in a 2v2 lane. In this scenario, your job is to support your lane mate. Help them get the kills they need, while you're killing off the minions. If your partner is in trouble, be sure to cast Creeping Death on them to give them that extra shield.

Around level 5, you'll start farming more effectively, killing at least 4 minions out of the wave. You shouldn't have to go back yet, though. If you go below 50% health for some reason, pop your health potion. Also around this point, your jungler might come around for a gank. If this happens, help them any way possible, even maybe throwing your life away for your jungler. It's more important for you to die and your jungler getting a double kill than your jungler dieing.

Mid-Game Lane Defending
At this point, you're sitting around 2500g to 3000g. The name of the game here is to sit and defend as long as possible. This build is meant for you to stay away from spawn for as long as possible. However, once you reach about 3000g, I would consider going back and picking up a Warmog's Armor and Boots of Speed when you get the chance.

After you get your Warmog's you can stay away from spawn for yet another 3000g or so, assisting your team in any way possible. Your job here is to not necessarily get kills, but take the blunt of the damage from enemy champions. Some games we're still in the laning phase and I just go back to my lane, forever guarding that turret.

Most of the time, this is when team fights start brewing. In that early flirting phase where it's just poking and harassing, be sure to take any skillshots, because you're built to take damage. Be sure to always keep your Iron Man up, whether that's through harassing or using your Siphon of Destruction on minion waves.

Team Fighting
When a team fight is initiated, get in there and take any or all burst damage. Make sure you take all the burst damage. You can survive it more easily than your AD carry behind you. Cast your Siphon of Destruction on the enemy champs to get your Iron Man up, and be sure to support your melee team mate with Creeping Death. Cast Children of the Grave and Ignite on the enemy champ that is most likely going to die first. That way, you have an extra player on your team to pick off the remaining enemies.

After the initial fight, there's always a follow-up chase. If your team won the initial fight, chase down the enemy champs with your ghost, if you have one. If you have enough health, take the turret hits if they go under cover of an enemy turret. Or, better yet, let your ghost take the turret hits. If your team lost the initial fight, then defend any surviving team mates. Your job is to survive and protect any friends above all else. If there's an enemy champ running away with 10hp, DO NOT go chasing after them. Stay with your team.

Late Game
If you're at the point where your team is down to their inhibitor turrets, this is where Unstoppakaiser shines. You're speedy enough to get from turret to turret, and able to take a huge amount of punishment. Your turrets are your babies, defend them like so.

But, the game doesn't usually get to that point. Most of the time you'll be in the enemy base, taking down their turrets and inhibitors. As always, above all else, protect your team mates! Take the initial blow of burst damage, take all the harassment, take all the turret hits. You're a Soak, act like one.

Using Your Ghost Pet (From Children of the Grave)
There were questions on Children of the Grave and who to ult, how to use the ghost, etc. I'll answer those questions as best as I can.

Who to ult? If I'm trying to pick quickly, I'll just ult the person who is most likely going to die. Generally this will be the enemy AD carry, usually because they are so squishy. This is not a bad thing; it can add significant DPS. However, we need to think about this a bit. Children of the Grave at lvl 3 deals 34% of the target's health without magic resist. Sure, 34% is significant, but if I were to ult another Mordekaiser using this build, it will do nothing. Don't ult tanks/offtanks unless you know they will die. To simply put out the most DPS, ult the enemy champ who has the least MR. A favorite example is Vladimir. Generally, Vlad has tons and tons of health, but no MR.

Your ghost pet from your ult will act like a meat shield mostly. You don't have much time, so be sure to use your pet. Hold down the alt key, and use it to turret dive, harrass other champions, etc. In most cases, you'll get that AD carry early in the team fight. As soon as you get your pet, Alt+Click your next target, and start taking him down as well. You need to get really good at multimanaging, because you're now controlling two champions. You can only improve this skill by practicing. Do this in custom games, Coop vs. AI, or even normal games to get good at it.

As for different types of pets, the best I can explain it is breaking it down:
Physical-DPS: What you will get 70% of the time, and the best. Get this pet as early as you can, it'll add significant DPS via auto-attack.
Tank: Not that great at all. Should be about 5% of the time. If you somehow do get this pet, these pets are great at tanking turrets, dragon, baron, etc. Not much else you can get out of these.
Mage: 25% of the time and somewhat useful. When Mordekaiser gets a pet, he gains 20% of that pet's AP and AD. This will add damage in a more indirect method (through enhanced AP and therefore, spells).

Credit towards Geistermeister for providing the idea for this section.

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In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed my Unstoppakaiser build and learned a few helpful tips from it. In writing this guide, I was able to better understand Mordekaiser and learned a few new things myself. I'm interested in what you guys have to say.

Guides are meant to benefit the players of League of Legends. It's a great place for discussion, providing new ideas, and absolutely maximizing your champion. Please, if you guys have anything to say, let the world know in the comments below. You're only benefiting the public.

Take care, and I hope to see you all out on the fields of Summoner's Rift.

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This is more for my personal use, but somebody else might have a use, which is why I'm publishing this section.

02/21/2011 - Guide started; Added in base build; Discussed Introduction, What is Mordekaiser?, Pros / Cons, Summoner Spells, and Skills (unfinished).
03/18/2011 - Finished Skills; Improved What is Mordekaiser? and Summoner Spells; Discussed Runes, Masteries, and Items (unfinished).
03/19/2011 - Guide published; Finished Items; Discussed Strategy and Summary.
03/21/2011 - Added Quintessences in the Runes section.
03/28/2011 - Added Using Your Ghost Pet to the Strategy section; added Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Frozen Mallet, Rabadon's Deathcap, Mejai's Soulstealer, Crowd Control Kaiser, and Boomakaiser to Items section.
04/06/2011 - Added a few runes. Adjusted core build (Made original build more secondary).
04/09/2011 - Mordekaiser has become obsolete in the current metagame. I've removed the requirement to comment for voting, and I'm most likely not going to make any more changes to this guide.