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Viktor Build Guide by Agarol

AP Carry Viktor - Rise of the Machine

By Agarol | Updated on December 21, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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One minute of your attention first


Please guys, I ask you to take some minutes of dedication for reading, analizing, using in-game and then giving feedbacks about this guide. Don't downvote/flame/troll it without testing this guide. And please don't make prejudgements without reading the entire guide too. If you got questions about any of my choices, be it about skill preference, item, gameplay, whatever: feel free to ask about it.
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Hello guys! I am Agarol, and I present you my humble, first guide for this amazing champion, Viktor, The Machine Herald.

My main purpose with this guide is to see more Viktor players around. I just can't understand how such an amazing, fun champion is so poorly used!! This isn't acceptable!!

I already played more than 400 matchs with him, and tried almost every item combination for him, as well as his role in-game, and i'm certain that this guide will show you how to make best use of his skills.

Here i'll emphasize the amazing and unexplored Burst power of Viktor, and the right way to poke your enemies at safe with his , the main skill we'll be using in this guide.

Also, i play Viktor at mid, because he can and will creep really fast and occasionally get kills sooner, wich allows him to buy his itens earlier, take down the enemy's mid turret and then help the other lanes.

I mainly play 5x5 matchs, so i'll do a chapter for Dominion and Twisted Treeline with viktor ONLY if you guys really want.

I'll use many videos and pics to make easier to see how things work. I'll add new ones if needed, so if you guys didn't clearly understand something in this guide and wants to see it in game, just ask and i'll try to show if possible. Also, sorry for the quality of the videos, my PC isn't that great haha. And FRAPS videos are just TOO HUGE, even a 5 sec video..
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03/15/12 - 1000 viewers in two days! Nice!
03/15/12 - The machine is rising!! Second place in the Top 10 Viktor's Guides in two days too!!
03/15/12 - Changed some things in my build - greater seal of replenishment instead of Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration and Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power instead of Greater Glyph of Ability Power.
03/17/12 - Added Sion, Mordekaiser, Malzahar, Fiddlesticks and Swain to "Champions that can give Viktor hard times" chapter.
03/17/12 - The Machine has raised!! First place at Viktor's Top 10 guides! Really, really thanks for all who helped me achieve this goal so soon!!!
03/18/12 - Dropped from first to second place T.T. Still very good imo, but i'll do my best to return to the top once again!
03/23/12 - Changed Ionian Boots of Lucidity for Sorcerer's Shoes at the Cheat Sheet and the chapter "Items Choice". The reason to do so is explained in the same chapter.
04/08/2012 - Changed Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power for Greater Glyph of Magic Resist and Boots and 3x Health Potion for ranked games.
05/05/12 - Once again, First place at Viktor's Top 10 guides! I'm really happy to know that more people are enjoying playing with Viktor, and i really expect more and more to start playing with him from now on! I hope my guide are being helpfull for those seeking tips on how to play with this amazing champion! And please, help me maintain the guide in the first place, please!
08/17/12 - Guys, i received a nice idea and i would like to share it with you guys and ask for your cooperation, if you'd like: send me pics with your scores playing as Viktor. But please, send the ones with A LOT of matches with Vik please, not just one or two. I'll add to the guide in a new section the better ones and, obv, give all due credit to the player!
12/14/12 - I did some changes in the guide, minor things. I'll start testing the itens from Season 3 now, since Viktor were absent due to his vacantion at Russia (JK, his presence in-game was causing some glitch were Annie couldn't put points in her Ultimate) and have just returned to continue his long march for progress.
01/05/13 - Today the guide reached...


I never thought this guide could be this popular! Thx guys!!!
07/24/13 - I'll be doing some changes in the guide, mostly at Runes and Itens Section because i feel it can be greatly improved. Wait for it!
07/24/13 - Ok I did some major changes to the Runes section. The old ones were way too simple and didn't explain how to deal with all kinds of matchups you can find at mid lane. I'll change some things in the Item Section later.
11/27/13 - Today the guide reached


. I'm crying right now!!! THX ALL OF YOU! T.T

04/22/14 - I've been adding things to the guide often (i just forget to come here and post it hahaha). Well, before i forget again,i added new hints and strategy to almost all enemies in the Chapter 17: "Enemies: how to deal with them." so you guys know what to do against a especific match-up. If i'm missing something, just let me know!

09/12/14 - I believe that some of you guys are aware that Viktor's going through some changes at PBE right now. I'm extremelly excited about how he'll come at the end of the tests, and i'll update the guide as soon as i feel confident about what i think about his "new" gameplay. Stay tunned!

12/21/14 - After being AFK for A LOT OF TIME i'm back! Please don't report me T.T there are strong motives for this absence... Anyway, i'll update the guide to help you guys with our new, evolved Viktor!! Don't miss it!
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Pros and Cons


+ Godly Burst Dmg AoE;
+ Nice AP ratio;
+ His Death Ray can poke enemies at a really safe distance;
+ His ultimate, Chaos Storm, cause silence for 0,5 sec, which can be useful against chanelling champions like Nunu & Willump, Fiddlesticks, Katarina, etc. It also follow stealthy units;
+ Great tool for escapes and also help in solo/team fights with his Gravity Field;
+ Will have easy time creeping with Death Ray, which allows the jungler to feel free to help top and bot more often and do the jungle at peace.


- Like every Mage, he is very squishy;
- Mana hungry if you're spamming his skills without wisdom;
- Walks very slow;
- Kinda hard to master his Death Ray;
- Needs to pay attention to his ultimate Chaos Storm, because you'll need to control the cloud while using your other skills to make full use of his potencial.
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Our main Mastery Tree will be this one:

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In this section I'll be explaining what runes I've been using so far, and have ALWAYS been successful against whatever kind of team comp I'm facing.



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

This is a more aggressive rune set. It helps Viktor to do more dmg early game, and provides him with a nice mana regen for his scaling mana issues throughout the match. Good when you're confident of yourself or against some passive champions like Veigar.



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

This rune set is really great against those AD Casters at mid ( Talon , Kha'Zix , Zed, Pantheon, Jayce for example) and if you're kinda afraid of their jungler's gank (if they're AD, ofc). Also helps to lower minion dmg and enemy champion's auto-attack harass.



Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

The last set of runes is indicated to lower the dmg and soften your life against those high burst / high mobility / harassers like LeBlanc , Kassadin, Ahri or Lux. Works very well against AP MID / AP JUNGLER combo and, of course, a team full of AP champions.
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Skill Sequence: what should we priorize

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

As cited before, the main skill used in this guide will be Death Ray, so we will be priorizing its use, maximizing it ASAP (of course, apart from the ultimate).

One early point at Gravity Field so you can escape that nasty early ganks. Maximize it last.

Siphon Power will be our second priority in this guide. A nice skill that cause a lot of dmg and returns 40% of the dmg dealt as an shield.
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Why i prefer Death Ray instead of Power Tra... err Siphon Power

At this Section i, with the pre-rework Viktor, explained why i would level Death Ray first instead of Siphon Power. The second skill was just... not THAT good at all. Yeah, it provided shield along with nice dmg. But Death Ray was safer, stronger and longer (with AoE) than Siphon Power, and basically that's the reason i always leveled the laz0r first.

Well, things heva changed a lot!

The iconic lazer still remains as my favorite skill on Viktor. With the upgrade from the hex core now it lost the old DoT (Damage over Time) and now leaves a trail of fire that explodes after the lazer. The dmg itself is higher than before, and is even better as a wave clear too. But now the enemy champions will have a little bit time to dodge, if not the lazer, at least the aftershock. Still, a extremelly powerfull skill imo.

But changes happned to our old friend Siphon Power!! Changes that made it a EXTREMELLY usefull and powerfull skill! I'm glad to say that Viktor is a real monster at mid right now!

Why, you ask?

His kit is mpw solid with the recent rework, but mostly because of Siphon Power. It has now a longer range than before (wich was really ****, because you needed to come WAY too close to use it, and thus becoming vulnerable to retaliation). And even if it deal WAAAAY less dmg than before, now turns your AD into Magic Damage and uses 50% of your AP onto the next AA (auto attack) damage! Jesus, that hurt SO F*KING MUCH! It's like he has 3 skills with only two! Oh, i forgot to mention: the shield is INSTANT now. OH i another thing: it's upgraded version gives a ****load of mov. speed (30%). Is that enough for you? Huh? HUH?

That being said and explained, i STILL level Death Ray first, instead of Siphon Power. Why? Because Viktor now is now a irritant, extremelly annoying champ to have to deal with.

-> If you're winning your lane you'll bully the **** out of your foe. He can't do nothing against the enormous range of the lazer (but be carefull for ganks);

-> If you're losing then all you have to do is align the creeps and destroy then with a single lazer (sometimes a AA is also needed to finish the job) at a safe distance. Do that and run to your jungle's "strange birds nest" and kill them too. Repeat. Money rolling, exp and levels ahead and in no time you're ahead of your enemy.

IN summary: you'll be extremelly strong from the beginning or you become that in no time.

BUT sometimes i level Siphon Power earlier. And it's when i'm facing melee champs, such as Zed, Talon, Kha'zix. Now that the shield is instant, the skill became extremelly usefull against these annoying guys. Just Q + AA then and chunk their HP out of your way.
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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I strongly recommend these one:

Flash - Viktor is kinda slow, and you don't want to be caught in a hard situation, like a gank, a team fight were you are being focused, etc. Also, you can and MUST use it in a aggressive way, surprising that low hp enemy champ and bursting him.

Ignite - because it synergise very, very well with your ultimate and is a nice finisher of opponents.

Also, another nice options would be:

Ghost - As said earlier, Viktor is a slow champ, so this skill is very usefull for him in many ways like chasing oponents or just escaping from pursuers.

Clarity - A nice mana recharge that helps you stay in lane more time.

Teleport - You can go B without worries: because you're already back! You can also do some unexpected ganks by teleporting to a ward and surprising your enemy, or defend an unprotected turret.
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Items Choice

Well, for some time this guide suggested that you got boots + 3 health pots. Well, NO MORE! You can now start with your friendly Doran's Ring AND 2 pots. It will help A LOT since it gives Viktor that mana regen so needed, also a plus HP and Ap that is always nice.

Second, why should i rush the Hex Core MK-1 so soon? Well, my friend, once you get this item, the lane for your enemy is pretty sure OVER. It's the item that provides a HUGE, HUGE power spike. Your Death Ray dmg will just skyrocket. It provides, also, a nice boost of AP, Mana and, more important, the passive effect of your Death Ray, Aftershock will help you creep faster, easier and safer. Also, your harass will be even more letal. With this item and your ultimate , cobined with Ignite will wipe any foe for sure.

Next is your Sorcerer's Shoes. When i idealized this guide and for some time i liked to use Ionian Boots of Lucidity, that combined with the Blue Buff, Elixir of Brilliance and the Sorcery mastery would give me 40% CD reduction, which results in skills very often. But I came to realize one thing: THIIS IS A BURST VIKTOR'S GUIDE! It's just a MUST for every burst mage to use Sorcerer's Shoes and maximize his damage, because he's supposed to do a lot of it! And you'll still have a good CD reduction from all the other factors i mentioned before.

I like to build Chalice of Harmony because it halve the problems with mana that Viktor has.
Also it will be upgraded later into the REALLY NICE item Athene's Unholy Grail, that gives CDR, a LOT of mana regen, MR and nice AP.

Next: Rabadon's Deathcap. Pretty self-explanatory. A must for any mage, even more for burst ones. When purchased you'll be a terrible threat to every enemy champion! But tanks can be hard to take down(well, depending on how they're playing, not even they!)

Void Staff is our next pick. At this point they will be, if smart, building some MR. Well, so what? With this item, Arcane Knowledge and your Greater Mark of Magic Penetration you will pierce any MR they have and, by doing so, still doing a nice damage to them.

Now Lich Bane. THIS IS THE ITEM GUYS. It provides everything Viktor needs. More AP, which means more damage, more Mana so he can use more skills, more moviment speed cause he's slow and most of all, a GODLY passive. Every time you use a skill your next basic attack will deal an additional 50 + 75% of your AP as magic damage in your next melee attack. You're a burst mage, so you need as much dmg as possible! And, if you combine the passive from this item with what your Siphon Power do... In the late game, in a enemy with low MR you just cause around 1.200 k damage! ONE F*KING THOUSAND AND TWO HUNDRED! At least that's what i'm causing in the enemy marksman and/or mage. But even against tanker guys will do a colossal amout of dmg!

Zhonya's Hourglass - Very nice AP, some armor for survivability and a very nice active skill. You should buy it if the enemy team are targeting you A LOT in team fights and even more if you're facing a AD Caster at mid (Khazix, Talon, Zed, etc.). In this last case, you should rush this item ASAP.

Lastly (it doesn't mean you shouldn't upgrade earlier, btw. Your call) upgrade your boots with Enchantment: Alacrity. Why? The only other really usefull option would be enchantment: furor]. With the first one you will always have a little boost of movement speed for Viktor, what is actually really nice for him! And if you add the 30% of mov. speed from the upgraded [[siphon power you'll just run like Usain Bolt! If needed, instead grab a Enchantment: Homeguard, it'll make your trips a lot faster and help you join the fray ASAP.

Other nice and situational items would be:

Rod of Ages - nice item, provides HP, AP and Mana. But lack passive effects, and if you're playing really safe you will see that's not really necessary.

Hextech Revolver - Nice item, that provides Spell Vamp. Some guys like to use it with Viktor. I just don't like it, since i would lose better itens to put this one. If you guys want to use this, you should then upgrade to Will of the Ancients when possible.

Deathfire Grasp - Great item for any burst! Provides CD reduction, AP, mana regen and GODLY active skill! The reason why i don't use it is because you have enough burst, and it's aoe. As soon as you face any champion you will make them instant dead/low on life, and if you're at team fights, considering you skills are mostly AoE you will make them lose a lot HP, so the active skill of Deathfire Grasp will lose lots of it's power. And you shouldn't buy it just to face tankers: this is not your task! It got nerfed recently, so it's even less of an option to have;

Abyssal Mask - If you're facing an AP at mid or/and jungler (or if their whole team is building AP) and are being very harassed you may want to buy first a Negatron Cloak and then upgrade it to Abyssal Mask later. The Magic Pen helps a lot too against everyone!

Morello's Evil Tome - Nice AP, mana regen and CD reduction. Get it if you're facing champions like Swain or Vladimir at mid, or the enemy team have lots of life steal/spellvamp items/skills.

Archangel's Staff - Nice AP, mana regen and mana pool. But Viktor don't use skills randomly like Ryze, Nidalee, Ziggs, so he can't stack the mana provided by this item that fast.

Any other itens i strongly don't recommend. Unless you are being VERY focused. Then you might consider Guardian Angel or Banshee's Veil. Nothing more, nothing less.
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The right way to use your Death Ray

Well, this guides revolves in the use of basically one skill: Death Ray. It does great dmg, and with Augment: Death will burn opponents. But some may find a little or completely hard to hit enemies with it, so I'll share with you guys a nice trick I developed while playing him (because I, too, was having problems to use it well). Instead of just selecting the skill and then clicking where you want the laser to go, try selecting the skill, clicking in the start point from where the laser will be shoot and DRAG to where you want it to go. It's really easy doing it like this!

Also, another key to use it like a boss is being unpredictable: don't just fire it from the same place always. Use it up>down, down>up, sraight... Don't let the opponent find a way to dodge it just because you shoot it from the same place always. Death Ray can be shoot while in moviment, and can even be done while you're running away from someone. Since it has no animation when you shoot it, getting them unprepared will always work!

Like this!


Your Death Ray can reveal the path through which it passes, so use it always to see if there are enemies lurking in grasses, check if there is Blue/Dragon/Baron and if they're doing it at that moment.

I see what you did there Jarvan.

Here i could steal Baron while the other team was killing it:

Haters gonna hate

And here's a video of how Death Ray can save you from being ganked and even get you some easy kills. The moment i saw Fizz lurking in that grass I used everything I got the fastest I could so that he couldn't jump over the wall.

Sup Fizz!
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How to use efficiently your Gravity Field

You have a powerful and useful skill in your hands, but sometimes it is a little hard to use it the right way:

Your always helpful Gravity Field ! Treat him well!

I've seen some guys using it too early in the battle, or comming way to close to the enemy to cast it and harass them, misplacing it when running from somebody. You're doing it wrong guys! NEVER start a fight using Gravity Field. The time for this skill to actually stun your foe are enough, in the majority of the cases, for him to just leave the area in which was placed, be it by simply walking by, dashing, blinking... The only moment when you have to start a fight with Gravity Field is if the enemy has some sort of Gap Closer skill.

Consider this exemple: the enemy is Katarina, she got some kills and farmed quite well and probably is confident of herself. She'll try to use Shunpo on you and ult right? Well, let her come to you, use Gravity Field upon YOURSELF and then RELEASE THE KRA... err, your full combo at her. She'll most likely die, and even if not will still be stunned and receiving damage from your Chaos Storm and auto-attacks. Then watch her dying or trying to flash away from you desperately!

Another nice way to use Gravity Field to prevent enemies from fleeing the battle. You have enough range to cast it beyong walls, even in the fog, so calculate where the opponent will go through and use there.

Like this. I knew that I would not be able to chase that Soraka and maybe even my buddies, so I placed Gravity Field where she was going to pass through. Bingo!

Also, like that example with Katarina, use your opponents skills against themselves. For this you have to know how each skill from your enemy works and wait until the right moment to use Gravity Field correctly.

Poor Jarvan!

Here I met Sejuani exiting our jungle after stealing our blue buff. Knowing she would try to dash and escape, I placed Gravity Field in her route and released the rest of my skills, ensuring the kill and the blue buff too. She didn't get stunned there, but was slowed enough to receive all damage from my skills.

Of course, always use it to prevent being ganked by someone. The right place to use Gravity Field in this kind of situation is where you're going to pass through and at same time between you and the ganker. This way he will have to walk at the area of the skill if he want to reach you.

And this is why I get that early point in Gravity Field. Nasty Skarner...

Another gank that luckily I could survive.

They see me rollin', they hatin'
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Skill combo: HOLY **** HOW DID I DIED?

Bursting with Viktor is so much fun! He does it so fast that the enemies will not even get a chance to land one skill or attack you. Also, the silence caused by Chaos Storm will prevent them from flashing away or healing themselves.

Your combo completely relies in your speed to do it. You have to use your skills AS FAST AS YOU CAN so the enemy will die without even understand wtf happened or why his skills/summoner spells didn't worked. You can't give them any way to retaliate you or flee. Here's how it should be done:

A little note: in this video, that I recorded in the beginning of 2013, there was a kind of glitch in Viktor's Ultimate, in which, for some reason, the ultimate's damage would proc two times intead of once. When I started playing with Viktor, I even thought that this was an peculiarity of the skill, but it wasn't. And a long ago this glitch was corrected. Just to make sure for those who keeps telling me that I was "using" the ultimates glitch (which is impossible, because there's no way to "use" it by my own will: it just happenned to proc two dmgs with one skill activation)

The sequence is:

>> >> >>

Or just: E >> Q >> R >> Your Ignite hotkey


Careful to not miss the Death Ray and Chaos Storm, cause if you do so you're screwed!!

...Some may be asking "Why he didn't use Gravity Field? Is he crazy!?" Well, i dont't use it becase you don't need it!! You can burst your enemy so strong and so fast that your enemy will just die. Simple and clean. If you try to land Gravity Field they'll flee using flash, ghost or some blink/dash skill, and you'll lose your surprise element. So, if you can do the combo REALLY fast you don't need to use Gravity Field. Save it for the case if your target have someone with him, or if you're being chased after used all your skills. Above this chapter there is some efficient ways to use your Gravity Field.

Note that in the video above I used Gravity Field first. I did this because I didn't knew Pantheon would be in that grass, so I instinctively used it to prevent being stunned and receiving damage.
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Why i play aggressively with Viktor?

I play Viktor in a very aggressive way. I try to dominate the lane as soon as possible, I like to feel the enemy scared of me, miss last hits trying to dodge my Death Ray, tower-hug... But why? There is more than just negate him gold and exp and feel almighty at mid.

With this kind of playstyle I let our jungler feel free to gank another lanes more often and do his/her jungle at ease.

Some may think that this would be a waste of a jungler's capacity and the possibilities he/she could offer by ganking. And more, some may think that it's a very risky playstyle, since i can be ganked more often by playing so aggressively.

I somewhat agree. But if you really garantee yourself at mid, harassing and don't being harassed, playing aggressive but paying atention for mias and putting wards in your jungle right you will never need ganks anyways and never be ganked too. This doesn't mean your jungler can't gank mid. He can and should do, if needed. You're just letting him in a comfortable situation to prioritize top if needed, help bot lane that sometimes and even very often suffer hard times, do the jungle, counter-jungle the enemy jungler, etc.
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How to Terminate your enemies: laning with Viktor

******EARLY GAME******

As said earlier, Viktor is a burst mage, but you cant just go spamming skills like some crazy guy. And you can't deal TONS OF DMG out of blue without any or low AP, like LeBlanc. So, how you should play with Viktor?

Your absolutely first goal is to creep. But you can't just creep. You have to do it WHILE poking you enemy with occasionals Death Rays. It can be a little hard at beginning, but with some practice you'll start doing it nicely. The trick is simple: observe the creeps that are low hp, then position yourself behind then and lauch your laser in a way that it hits both creeps AND the enemy champion ahead. If possible, try to hit as many creeps as possible, even if it doesn't kill them, so you can just finish them with last hits.
Like this:

If you're doing it right, your enemy will be low hp and you will be full hp or just ok to stay in your lane. He/she will be going base, most likely. Now, if you have creeped well and got at least 1k gold, go b and upgrade your The Hex Core with Augment: Death and, if you're having hard times buy some Health Potion too. Now is when the **** hits the fan. Return lane and repeat the process earlier. The diference is that now you have already 100+ AP, you laser will be doing HIGH dmg and burning your opponent. You'll also creep VERY FASTER: just use you laser in the incomming creep wave and they'll be low/dead. Last hit the remaining ones. You now have to play, if possible, more agressively: try to land as many lasers in the enemy champion as possible.

Your enemies will start eating pots non-stop, wasting money and be scared of you. You are doing it right! Negate them money from creeping and exp if possible. But be carefull! You will be ganked, for sure. Stay alert and set wards to prevent being caught offguard. If you're doing it extremely well, are full hp, got a nice pool of mana and are confident of yourself, if you get ganked you can try to even take down your ganker with your skill combo. You will get some nice gold and, with luck, the blue buff! The jungler will also be more cautious when ganking you again later.

When possible, return base and buy your Boots, or even the Sorcerer's Shoes. Return mid and repeat the same steps above. When the enemy return base or is dead, try to push you lane and go gank some lanes in need. You can also get your or even their blue, if done fast of course. Or just try to destroy the mid turret.

******MID GAME******

Once their mid is destroyed, you're free to go wherever you want, but I recommend helping some lane. You are, for sure, doing TONS OF DMG now, and your presence will undoubtedly help destroy the remaining turrets. Just play safe: you can decimate almost anyone, but they'll be focusing you. Use your Death Ray as much as possible (but wisely) and pay attention to your surroundings and do not get caught.

Try to have blue buff always if possible, use Elixir of Brilliance and creep non-stop. Also try to get that squishy enemies off-guard and destroy them for some free gold. Buy Rabadon's Deathcap, Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Void Staff ASAP.

Once team fights start, do not be in the front!! Wait for your tanker to go and, as soon as you see all enemies gathering around him, launch and then in the center of the fight. They''ll be stunned and receiving the dmg from your ult. Keep using Death Ray to hit as many enemies as possible, and Power Transfer the ones that are trying to escape or attacking you. If you landed your ulmate right, almost every enemy champion will be half/low HP and will be easilly killed by your team. And you'll be getting some kils or, even if you did not get any kill at all, will still receive 3~5 assists.

******LATE GAME******

The rest is simple, just keep doing your job right: burst them whenever a team fight starts, kill the DMG dealers and squishy ones first, try to caught the ones fleeing, help your team whenever possible but ALWAYS PLAY SAFE!! Stay away from the center of the team fight and pay attention to those seeking you in the middle of the battle. Don't EVER wander alone, stay with your team always if possible. If you get the chance, kill your Blue or steal theirs, solo dragon, kill their jungle. Also, help cleaning lanes that are being pushed: Viktor can do this very well. Always use Elixir of Brilliance, will help you a lot with the Bonus AP and CD reduction it provides, and since you have probably finished your core itens, buy Elixir of Fortitude and Oracle's Elixir too to that nice extra health and wards revealing ability. Just make your way to their Nexus with your team and get your well deserved VIKTORY!!

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Wards: because you need them.

Playing aggressively will put you in a situation where you will be able to be ganked. And you don't want this to happen, of course. So let's see the core places in which wards can save you from that attempt of gank and let you dominate your lane at peace.

First ward is:

1 - This is a ward that is rare to be usefull, but sometimes helps prevent ganks that'll come after their jungler gank top. Instead of comming through the river he'll pass there.

Note the pink ward i set. This is a incredibly nice place to set pink wards! Most of time the enemy jungler will always pass along and won't see it. There is games that this ward stood there until we started the Baron dance (around 30 mins of game!).

2 - You can set a ward near the Wraiths camp to see when the enemy jungler is doing it. This will make and your team know where he is and get objectives more confidently or just retreat to safety, avoiding possible ganks.

This ward i set (in the brush) is nice to see ganks comming from blue, bot and from the ladder. Also prevents enemy jungler invades and enemy mid ganks at bot!

1 - Here in this brush you can set a ward to see with a little more time to react that their jungler is comming. BUT! You know that he will be comming, once he pass through it you won't know where he is anymore (until he ganks somewhere or just leaves lol). It's a nice place to set wards when doind Dragon.

These two spots are the best places to put wards imo. You can foresee ganks from every direction they may come, and just retreat for your turret's safety.

Here we have a more detailed warding placement pic. I recommend putting wards at red and blue, since you can see if there are any enemy jungler stealing your creeps/buffs!

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Enemies: how to deal with them.

NB jayce pfffff srsly dude...

It is true that Viktor can dominate mid lane with ease against all champs, but this doesn't mean they will let you do so! Some champs can counter-burst you, make you miss skills and even hit you without giving chances to counter them. Be STRONGLY carefull against:

LeBlanc - Maybe one of Viktor's major problem at mid. If you give her a chance she'll kill you without you being able to do nothing about it. Use your Death Ray as far as possible and hit her always. She'll be scared to jump on you and be more sweet. Also, in some cases it's best to lv Power Transfer first, instead of Death Ray, so you can count with the shield it provides, and this is one of those cases. Some of her monstrous dmage will be halved and make your life a little bit easier. Keep in mind that she normally can't cs well, so she'll be hunger for early kills. Ask your jungler to gank her some times and her mid~late game will be impaired A LOT. Oh, and be carefull that when she gets lv2 she'll AUTOMATICALLY try to Q>W you, causing something around half your health in dmg, so keep a safe distance ALWAYS!

Lux - WAY TOO MUCH POKE! Try to get CSs from afar, and never stay in the same place for very long. At lv6 EXTRA carefull cause she can burst you to death VERY fast!! Just focus on getting cs and once you get your hands on the Augment: Death hit her with two or 3 lazers and she'll be doomed. Still, play safe and NEVER EVER get rooted by her Light Binding or you're quite likely dead.

Orianna - She's in a really got spot right now. She causes a lot of dmg early, even with low AP, and once she gets blue it becomes REALLY annoying to stay in lane against her. Also can shield herself to lower some portion of your dmg. Try to dodge her skills, get your Augment: Death ASAP, build some Mana Regen/MR ( Athene's Unholy Grail is a very good choice here) and poke ehr from afar. Your nuke is better than her's because of it's greater reach.

Ahri - Like Morgana can creep very fast and regain health with her passive. But maybe the pricipal threat is her ultimate Spirit Rush. She will rush at any direction she wants three times. Viktor's skills are mostly used in specific place so it'll be hard to hit her sometimes, and if you miss her you will be in a hard situation... Also, care for her Charm, if she hits it you'll be very hurt..

Kassadin - Well, he just recently received a rework to his skills, and since then i've never got the chance to face him. Now his Null Sphere doesn't cause silence anymore (YAY!) but instead gives him a magic absorving shield (like Morgana's Black Shield but without the CC prevention), so always keep that in mind. Also, always remember that his passive makes him take 15% less dmg from Magic Dmg, which means you'll need to be carefull when trading skills with him. His W seems to cause a lot of dmg, but is a melee skill, so if he comes to you, punish him! His ultimate remains basically the same, so if you're gonna ask for ganks, do it pre-6.

Galio Not exactly an hard lane. It's just that he stacks MR (so you won't be causing him too much dmg) and can push his lane well. Also, his ultimate can be nasty if their jungler is nearby. If you think it's worth, build Quicksilver Sash to counter him, and aim for farm and ganking other lanes: don't bother with him if you don't have an nice gank from your jungler.

Diana - Gap closer, burst dmg and shield. Beware of her Crescent Strike, as it is her main source of poke. If you're at some distance from her, it's easy to dodge this skills simply going at her direction (the closer you're to her the harder will be to dodge). When she reaches lv6, EXTRA care for Crescent Strike since it gives one free Lunar Rush. And HIPER EXTRA care for Lunar Rush, since is her gap close skill. She'll use it when confident of her dmg or when their jungler is nearby. After Lunar Rush it's quite sure she'll follow with Moonfall to prevent you from fleeing. If she cast her ultimate on you, place Gravity Field upon yourself to counter her and deny any further dmg. Poke with Death Ray from afar.

Kha'Zix - With the advent of AD mid champions in the Season 3, the AP Casters are having some hard times. Kha'zix is, right now, a MONSTER at mid if played well. What you have to do is dodge his pokes (mainly Void Spike). Since this skill don't proc his passive anymore most players just evolve his Taste Their Fear, that cause A ****LOAD of dmg if you're far from minions and has low mana cost/Cooldown. He also have a gap closer, so never stay with low health at mid because he can burst you down REALLY fast. Build one or two Doran's Ring for a little bit health, mana sustain and stronegr poke, go for Seeker's Armguard and, if *really* necessary Ninja Tabi. Upgrade Seeker's into a Zhonya's Hourglass and you'll be in peace.

Talon - Pretty much the same as above. Care for his Rake, his main harass skill, and once you get low enough he'll try to cutthroat you and burst very fast and high enough to kill you. Get a Seeker's Armguard ASAP, 1 or 2 Doran's Ring for more mana sustain and survivability in lane and you'll be pretty much ok. Also, get a Vision Ward or an upgraded version of the red trincket (since the lv1 red trincket doesn't reveal stealth champions, only wards) and place it at the center of the lane so you and your jungler can still see him even if he use his ult Shadow Assault.

Beware of all champs that have gap close, blink or dash like abilities. It's kinda hard to hit them, and if you miss you're screwed!

The other champs can be dangerous, but not as much as the other ones:

Yasuo - his barrier will be a p*** in the ***. The fact that he got a shield by just walking around is really annoying. Also, wind barrier can be EXTREMELLY troublesome to deal with, so be carefull. Attack with AA to put his shield down, then use your skills to nuke him. Do not stay confident near your minions because he can dash to them. Also, extra care when he got his Statikk, he'll become a real monster once he do. Try to lure his wind barrier, then (if you can) burst him down). Also, when you're trading with him, do not cast your Gravity Field prematurely. He'll just dash through you, repositioning himself and rape your ***!

Vel'Koz - Care for his burst, pay attention to his passive marks upon you. When you get to lv 6, you can burst him very fast, but he also can do this to you. You can stop his ult with your Gravity Field or Chaos Storm. His Q, Plasma Fission, is a little bit hard to predict some times, so be carefull. Remember that he can hit you even if you're behind your minions if he has decent notion of geometry (and you thought you wouldn't use Math in your life huh?). He is quite fragile and slow, so poke him from distance with your Death Ray and you'll be ok.

Lulu - Care for her Glitterlance. Pay attention to Pixie, Lulu will try to mark one minion close to you (or even you)and use Glitterlance, giving less chances to dodge it. When she gets to lv6, don't get baited by her, remember that she has shield and her ultimate gives a lot of HP!! Lulu players tend to push his wave, so it's quite easy to get good ganks. BUT remember that she can Polimorph AND has a speed steroid, so use your skills wisely. Oh, and by no means, AND I MEAN IT, get overconfident against a Lulu. Always play safe.

Elise - Don't let her approach you. Her Q in human form does % of your actual health, so it hurst A LOT, even more when she got more levels on it and has more AP. Care for her W (human form also) too, as that spider prioritizes champions instead of CSs. And does high dm too. And if you're low on health, go b ASAP: her spider form is really deadly to low health champions. Deny her some CS and she'll be even more useless mid/late game. Poke at distance, and if she lands a Coccon at you, just Gravity Field her when she comes (in Spider Form, most of time) and punish/kill her. Care for her Rappel, it's a nasty gap close ability that can surprise you and make an enemy gank waaay deadlier, since she can Coccon you easily.

Lee Sin - Can be quite hard to deal with him, he dows a lot of dmg early, has gap closer, shield and life steal. But just dodge his Sonic Wave staying behind your CS, poke him with Power Transfer, Death Ray and AAs and you're pretty fine. Also, care for his Safeguard / Iron Will, cause he can dash towad a minion near you and punch you to the death! Carefull with his burst dmg, and never get overconfident. Build a Seeker's Armguard early and two Doran's Ring, it will help you.

Morgana - Not hard at all. It's annoying mainly because of her shield. Just dodge her Dark Binding and you're ok. If she strangely come closer to you when she hits lv6, be carefull! She'll mostly try to Soul Shackles you, making it easy for her to use the rest of her skills AND/OR make her jungler gank deadlier and more eficient. She has an annoying sustain in lane with her passive, but nothing to worry about.

Syndra. Mostly skill shots. Dodge it and you're pretty fine. Her mana costs are a little bit high so she cna't keep using it forever. Carefull not to get stunned, it'll make easier for their jungler to reach you. Also carefull with her ult and her Q at max lv, cause it does a LOT of dmg. Some Syndras (a lot actually...) seems to use some mana regen runes and keeps spamming skills like a mothe****er Ryze! So extra carefull with these ones, pay attention to how much mana she waste with her skills and how much time she needs to replenish it without pots or blue. DO. NOT. GET. STUNNED!

Veigar - always a threat to AP users. Just dont let him stun you, and counter-burst him if he gives you the chance to do so. He's veeeeery squishy, slow walker and needs to farm a lot to be strong, so use this against him: push his wave fast and go gank or do something to help your team. Nuke him when he comes to farm and kill him if he overextend or waste his stun. Try to stay at the center of his stun so you can keep using skills and moving. But know that as the game goes on he'll become a absolute monster so mid~late game get a Banshee's Veil and KEEP ALWAY FROM HIM! his ultimate DESTROY Ap champions!

Lissandra - beware of her Ice Shard. Don't stay too near your minions to avoid taking free dmg from it. Also, pay attention for her Glacial Path, since she can use it towards you to initiate her combo. She has an nice dmg, but will insta-kill you ONLY if she have farmed and got some kills, and thus have nice itens. Otherwise poke her untill you get a chance to get the kill. Be cautious against ganks.

Gragas - Carefull with his burst. Dodge his barrels and don't bother trying to kill him 1v1 cause he'll most likely dash away from your stun/ult/lazer. Focus on getting CSs, ganking other lanes and wait for your jungler to come and gank mid. He is really annoying because of his passive, wich gives him good sustain in lane. So it would be nice to purchase a Flask to help you stay in lane as much as possible. You probably won't have any chance to roam against a Gragas, so keep farming as much as possible and follow his ganks to help your team.

Annie - experienced players will flash near you to use her combo. Pay attention to her stun marks. Also, her AA and Q have nice range, so carefull to not receive free dmg. Her W gives quite a lot of Armor and MR, so think carefully when going all-in.

Anivia - Not a real problem, unless you're being hit by her Flash Frost > Frostbite a lot. Just dodge the first, and since your Death Ray has longer reach than her skills and she has low base moviment speed, use and abuse it to poke her from a safe distance. Just carefull to not throw all your sills at her aiming for a "sure" kill and her passive is active. Also, when she gets to lv6 it's a normal thing she ults you and then Frostbite to cause double dmg (A ****LOAD OF DMG, btw), so stay at a safe distance. She's reeeeeeeeallyyyyy slow and has low base Health, so poke her a lot!

Brand - high dmg with high range. Do not be stunned by him and stay away from minions that got that fire mark upon them.Try to bait his skills, making him miss it and waste mana. Never get too cocky, he can 100-0 you quite easily. Before you go all-in, drop his health to something about 60% to make sure he'll die.

Katarina - no big deal. She'll most likely harass you with her "dagger throw" skill. If you're having problem hiting your death Ray, just level 2 or 3 points of Power Transfer first. Go to her, use PT and follow with Death Ray ASAP. She'll try to hurt you but the shield will halve some of the dmg. One both of you gets to lv6, wait for her to ult yu and use Gravity Field AND Chaos Storm upon her, following with the rest of your combo and watch her slow death xD.

Yorick - annoying summons that follow you and heal him, and his ultimate that makes him revive. Play safe and call for ganks if you need. If he goes for MR you won't do much of a thing, so just cs and try ganking if possible.

Fiddlesticks - He'll most likely start with Reap. If this is the case, try get away from your creeps, principally when there are two of one remaining, so that the crow don't bounce on you more times. Extra care when he's missing, or the last thing you'll hear will be CAWCAWCAWCAWCAW. If he tries to 1v1 you, as soon as he starts to drain you use Gravity Field on him, then DESTROY THE **********ER! Care for his E, that fear, even nerfed, can be reeally nasty if their jungler is nearby, almost always grants a kill to him.

Swain - Care for his Nevermove. If it hits you, try to land your Gravity Field between you and him, so that he can't come any close to use the rest of his spells on you. Also, if you don't have Ignite, it's a nice thing to buy Morello's Evil Tome since it's active effect will halve his ult's healing effect.

Karthus - just pay attention for his Lay Waste and you'll be ok.

Fizz - He keeps jumping!! Also deal significant damage. Nuke from afar, and try not to waste your skills, cause, you know, he can just ignore it jumping away. Wait for him to land THEN use it. Also, his dash is a gap closer, which means you have to, again, think carefully when you should use your skills so you don't waste it. Keep your cool, don't get nervous when he comes to you. BUT, dodge his ult by ALL COSTS! If you get hit by it, then... gray screen to you.

Sion - Care for his Cryptic Gaze and Death's Caress combo. The first can be used to let their jungle reach you and, if he's making AP, will cause high damage. Just poke when his shield is down. Not a reeeeal problem.

Mordekaiser - He can dominate mid quite well. Just harass him everytime his shield is down and even more when you purchase your Augment: Death. With the Blue buff this will be a piece of cake.

Malzahar - Easy one. Care for Malefic Visions: stay away from the last minion of your creep wave it hits. Beware for Call of the Void, it causes silence, and Null Zone. They're quite easy to dodge, though.

Xerath - Keep moving and never dodge to the same side, giving him an predictable way to hit you. Nuke him with lazers when possible and if he starts his combo on you do the same on him and try to take him down before he kills you. And care for his stuns, it's a nice way to start a incomming gank. Get a Chalice of Harmony ASAP, because his passive let him stay in lane FOREVEEER!

Viktor - Well, it can happen, right? For me happened once xD Not really much to say. Pay attention for his playstyle and find a way to win this lane. Runes/Masteries/experience/playstyle is what really counts here, so good luck.

Ziggs - just dodge his bombs. He can't keep using them forever and has high mana cost skills. BUT when he gets blue buff AND his chalice, prepare yourself for hell. The lane can become completelly ******ed as you try to dodge bombs that WON'T STOP COMING! Try to lower his health as fast as possible so you make him afraid of keep throwing bopmbs and overextending.

Zed Hmm too much mobility is always a problem for Viktor... Just try to not get harassed a lot. Poke him from afar, dodge his shurikens and you'll be allright. Care for his ult, get a Zhonya's Hourglass so you can ignore his ultimate's proc dmg (when he comes using his R, wait 1 or 2 seconds and activate Zhonya's). His W has quite high CD, so keep that in mind when going all-in or asking for ganks.
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Ranked games with Viktor

I did it! I played mainly with Viktor.


Viktor can do a very nice job at ranked games, since he can easily dominate his lane and, when team fights occour, can deal enourmous damage AoE with nice CC. I played (and will play even more from now on) some ranked games with Viktor, and I realized the following:

-> Viktor can do VERY well at rankeds, but only if you have a team with some CC and beefy champs to protect you AND to make the enemy team waste their nukes before you can enter the team fights;

-> Be EXTREMELY careful when the enemy team has Shaco, Maokai, Nautilus, Jarvan 4 as jungler. Also pay attention to the champions listed in the chapter "Champions that can give Viktor hard times". It's just above this one. Some of them tend to be A LOT more of a pain in the *** to deal with.


Sry for the image up here, one of the matches were way down there =/
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Some proofs of my success playing as Viktor with this guide

Here is some pics about what my enemies talk about me in a match, some scores, proofs that with what this guide provides you and some experience and training you'll be a beast in-game!

Just recently i found out that i was the seventh best Viktor in the BR server! Very nice, but i'll aim for the top!

Haha sry about that Fiddlesticks match, i forgot i was doing a guide LOL!

Some praise from a random Wukong

I know Leblanc, i know...
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Some proofs of the success of this guide by the hands of his readers

In this chapter i'll put some scores that you guys send to me. The best ones will be post here, and, of course, not all pics will be put here. Anyone willing to have your scores posted at this guide send me pics with your matchs!

Thank you T.M.Mocha/color]!!!

Thank you pr0_huss!!!

Thank you huxley91!!!

Thank you SniperD!!!

Thank you Arkane!!!

Thank you Sawstar!!!

Thank you Audioslave!!!
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As said in the beginning, this is my first guide. It may have some grammatical errors, different opinions and all. I am open to constructive criticism, i'll will try any changes you guys propose and, if i note that it improved the gameplay with the champion i'll change it right away and give the credits to the responsible.

PLEASE, dont flame/troll/opine aggressively. Don't downvote without reading the entire guide and testing it.

And if you liked it, let me know!! It will be a pleasure to know that all my work was worth it, and i'll be stimulated to make new guides!

PS: I do not own some of the images i used on this video (all de screenshots are mine, though). I just googled it and found some nice pics that could make this guide a lot more pretty haha! If you own or know who owns any of these pics, send me a pm and i'll give the credits properly.
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Special thanks for Touma Kamijou, who helped me with the video and image editing and opinions about the guide.

ALso, special thx to jhoijhoi, whose guide teachs Making A Guide. It helped me A LOT!!

For the players Lurryck, EyeEagle, Gargalhada, Boizo, Cabelovisk, Taktsu, SephirothBR and dashlord for the moral support!
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