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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Harbringer91

Warwick - The Many Faces of

Harbringer91 Last updated on March 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey MOBAFIRE patrons. Harbringer91 here bringing you the many faces of warwick. This is my first build on MOBAFIRE so I am open to constructive criticism and suggestions. I will try to keep the wall of text down. Make a note and vote!

The first build is my typical 5v5 jungle AD warwick. This contains the means to help a primarily ad ally team. The second build is my 5v5 jungle AS magic proc build with magic resist reduction for a primarily caster or magic damage ally team. The third build is my 3v3 warwick build. Finally there is a valid way to go AP warwick, which is the fourth build.

This guide is designed to look at different ways to build and play Warwick. It is intended for people who have a general understanding of Warwick and are looking for new ways to play him. Tell me what you think and vote!

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greater mark of desolation Greater Seal of Evasion Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction greater quintessence of desolation
For AD warwick it is best to go armor penetration marks and quintessences, and cooldown per level glyphs. The dodge seals are my personal favorite, especially for jungling, but if you feel that another seal would be appropriate then go for it.

Build 2
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Greater Seal of Evasion Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration
This is along the same lines as the AD build but with magic penetration instead. The play style is similar so I would still encourage the dodge runes and cooldown glyphs.

Build 3
This has the same runes as the AD build because it is also an AD build. Imagine that.

Build 4
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Greater Seal of Evasion Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration
This is the same as build two except that it cuts out the cooldown glyphs for AP glyphs as you will get all of your cd from items.

The penetration runes are the most important part of these builds. If you are looking to play warwick and do well, push those runes first to get him going.

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The generally accepted build for jungling warwick is 20/0/10. This gives him considerable damage output for the monsters, and gets him bonus experience and extended neutral buffs from the utility tree. Some people argue that you should go defensive tree for WW to make jungling easier, but i almost never dip below half health while jungling, so its not a big issue.

For the 3v3 warwick, i go 21/9/0, getting armor, dodge and MR from the defensive tree. Buffs aren't the main play of 3v3, so going for those masteries is not as useful.

For AP warwick it is the typical tanky caster build of 9/21/0. This gives him survivability and the necessary magic pen.

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Summoner Spells

If you are jungling you obviously take smite. This is a versatile minion killer, and by level 18 can one shot cannon minions. Don't forget to use it late game, as improved smite gets you extra gold each time.

Flash is another versatile spell. Use it to get away, use it to chase, use it to jump over walls, so on and so forth. I usually take it as my second spell, but if you aren't comfortable with it then there are other spells for you.

Cleanse is a good choice if you are afraid of cc. CC can ruin Warwick's day, as it prevents his lifestealing tanking ability. Take this if you are prone to being focused and dont forget its there. NOTE: Cleanse does not cure other summoner spells. Ignite will still burn and prevent healing.

Ignite is another spell which is useful if you are facing other heavy lifesteal enemies such as Master Yi with a bloodthirster, Sion with his ultimate on, or Mundo. Outside of that, Warwick should never rely on ignite to get kills. he's better and can easily do 100 damage before they get to their turret.

Fortify is good for saving turrets, plus the passive ability of bonus damage to minions helps jungle early on. I don't take it because as Warwick you don't need it to jungle, and a good team shouldn't rely on fortify, but should instead have good map awareness and keep all lanes free.

Teleport can be used if you want to get around the map more quickly for saving towers or ganking, but I feel that it leaves him vulnerable with few escape routes when it comes to being focused.


Ghost is unnecessary as you have your e skill so chasing isn't an issue. Heal is unnecessary as your q spell heals you for about the same amount as the spell. Clairvoyance is best taken by a support character, and revive is just revive. Exhaust is uesful, but the slow from red buff doesn't cost you a slot in your spells and works just as well. I will take exhaust in 3v3 battles, but outside of that red buff beats the spell. Clarity is also made obsolete in the jungle by blue buff. the only situation for clarity is for AP Warwick when you have another jungle on your team. Even then it is probably unnecessary after you build the Rod of Ages.

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Warwick's Abilities


Warwick's passive is essentially a built in lifesteal. This is what makes him such a great jungler from lvl 1 and such a great 3v3 fighter. Each hit on a target will heal Warwick 5/10/15 health, with succesive hits healing him more. With spirit visage this passive gives him about 50 health on each hit at level 18, which is ridiculous given his AS at the end of these builds.


This is Warwick's healing skill and also has excellent damage output. It does magic damage based on AP, or health percentage of the opponent, whichever is greater, and heals him for that amount. AP Warwick takes full advantage of this ability and its 100% AP ratio to deal insane nuke damage and also heal himself in the process.


This is what makes Warwick dangerous as well as helping boost his AD team members. The AS boost helps in all phases of the game from jungling to ganking to turret killing. Build 2 uses this skill to max AS at 2.5 attacks per second.


Warwick's catch phrase: "It's only fun if they run." This ability makes chasing, fleeing, and kiting extremely easy with increased movement speed. Be sure to turn it off when preparing for a gank, as it will make your presence known if you forget to turn it off. Toggle it back on when you get them below half. When in the opponent's jungle keep it on. You may just find an enemy jungler with low health. At the very least you'll scare the **** out of them and slow their leveling.


This is Warwick's ultimate. it wreck's squishy's and can hold them still for your team to kill them instantly while you pound them into submission. It also stacks on hit procs from black cleaver or malady with each hit. In 1v1 fights do not open with this. Instead wait for lower health so that you can heal with the increased lifesteal that comes with the ability.

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I hope to keep this section from being a wall of text, so if it seems skimpy please let me know.

Jungle 5v5 build core

This is the standard beginning for any jungler. I take only four health potions because thanks to Warwick's passive, he is probably the highest health jungler in the game. I usually don't use one of them and end up selling it in mid game, but it is nice to have it in case of a jungle gank.

This is the rest of that standard 5v5 jungle build. The razor's make clearing the jungle easier than counting to three, especially with the w skill helping increase the proc chances per second. Spirit visage is what i get next, as it works well with warwick's natural lifesteal as well as with his q skill. It is the only defensive item he needs, as for warwick, the best defense is a good offense. Finally, Madred's bloodrazor is the single most important item for warwick. After getting it you are on the fast track to becoming legendary, winning 3v1's, soloing baron, and winning the game.

AD divergence

Here is the rest of the AD build following the beginning of the jungle build. The upgraded boots can be purchased during the building of spirit visage for the purposes of ganking and such. Obviously you should get mercury treads instead if the enemy team is heavy on CC. The Black Cleaver is what will help you're AD teammates if you open on a target and they follow as it lower's the target's armor. Infinity edge makes you hit like a truck every time, and the Bloodthirster too. Immediately after getting the vampiric scepter for the bloodthirster you are able to solo baron. Strategy for this will be mentioned later. Another possibility for this build is to replace the Infinity Edge with a Tiamat. I have not tested it yet, but the implications in a teamfight could be interesting indeed.

AS/Magic Proc Divergence

This is my personal favorite build as it maxes out your attack speed at the 2.5 cap and makes opponents rage when you kill three of them while they focused you and never went below half health. The on hit procs from malady and sword of the divine work seamlessly with madreds bloodrazor wit devastating results. Plus your caster teammates will love you as the opponents magic resist drops by 24, which represents a considerable percentage of increased damage. Do not forget to use SotD's active when killing tanks or dodge *****s like Jax. Again, this build allows for you to solo baron after getting the lifesteal component of bloodthirster. Strategy is included in a later section. Advantages of this build include its relatively lower cost, and its survivability.

3v3 build

This is my build for warwick in a 3v3 fight, and it works devastatingly well. I have been in a position where I almost solo'ed the entire enemy team while one of my teammates had disconnected and the other was useless to fight. If the team is tankier, e.g. two or three of them have more than three thousand hp, I usually go for madred's bloodrazor again to shred through the health. This means that frozen mallet should be replaced by Bloodthirster (or stark's fervor if you have another AD member on your team) to get that lifesteal back. Only get wit's end if two or three of your opponents are mana users, or it will be a waste. You can choose any other AS item that fits well with the build or your team. Stark's fervor is an excellent example.
NOTE: Wit's End is also effective against energy users such as Akali or Kennen.

AP Warwick
This is still in testing for the best flow of items so I am open to suggestions.

catalyst the protector

This item build focuses on Warwick's q skill, his only AP based skill. it has a relatively low mana cost as well as a low cooldown, and a very high potential for destruction, as well as healing. Between Deathfire Grasp and Nashor's Tooth you have good mana regen as well as Maxed CDR. Nashor's also gives you AS so you aren't totally useless when q is on cooldown. Rabadon's is your straw that broke the camel's back. After that you will be able to heal yourself with q from half health. Your sequence goes q -> autoattack -> deathfire grasp -> q -> ulti -> q. If they survive that then they deserve to.

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Jungling Warwick

I am neither the first nor the best Warwick Jungler, but most importantly I am efficient and flexible. For a more complete jungling guide and jungling strategies refer to DEWO's Warwick guide "The Jungle King".
Many people make the mistake of thinking that jungler's stick to the jungle until level 6 or an easy gank is in place. If that is how you play then you are hurting your team and hurting your own progress. Situations arise where you may need to relieve a solo lane for them to heal or a lane gets over extended and represents an easy gank. Communication with your team is ESSENTIAL as a jungler. Let them know if you are coming to gank, signal who to target and let them initiate so that the opponents stay in the lane. If you try to initiate they will undoubtedly run, making the kill 3 times as hard. NEVER GANK BEFORE LEVEL 6 WITHOUT RED BUFF. The slow from red buff will help you considerably in landing the kill. At level 6 you have infinite duress which will suppress the enemy for the duration, hopefully giving your teammates time to land another stun or slow so that they cannot run.

Jungle Path
I do not start at Blue buff for the purposes of being at higher health throughout the process. Instead my path is small golems(smite), wraiths, wolves, blue golem(smite), base or assist lanes, small golems again, wraiths again, red buff. At this point you should be level 5 or 6 depending on how much time you have spent in lanes. From then on you should be warding the map, ganking where it is possible, assisting in the solo lane, and counter jungling to steal their buffs. Many people get lifesteal early on so that they can kill dragon. I find this unnecessary as it hinders your damage output as well as your spirit visage building. Without lifesteal built in I would recommend only going to dragon with spirit visage and the recurve bow component of Madreds as well as the razors of course. A buddy would be ideal as well.

Team fights
You are a dangerous killer but if you are targeted first you are dead. That is why you let your tank initiate so you are in the clear. You should target the carries first so that they cannot keep their damage output going. Infinite Duress is often enough to take a squishy like Ashe, Teemo, or Anivia below half health, which if your team has any sense, will immediately target them and they will soon be dead. After that be sure to target any other dangerous targets. Heal up with q and just destroy.

Soloing Baron
Many people laugh at me when I say i'm off to solo baron. Let me tell you that they aren't laughing for long. It is a good strategy to have Warwick solo baron IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES.
1. You have to be sure that the rest of your team will not be stupid and die in overextension.
2. You have to be sure that the other team does not know that you are soloing baron. One good enemy comes by and you are dead.
3. The enemy team is visible and unable to get to your location. Stealther's such as Twitch and eve can ruin your day, as your health will get a little low in this fight. Teleporters such as Twisted Fate and the new guy Nocturne will also hurt you bad.

If these situations are allowed for you can safely solo baron and become the legend of Warwick. It'll confuse the heck out of the enemy team when your team gets baron buff suddenly and they overrun the enemy team.

You make a viable initiator in 3v3 given your lifesteal and health. Try to stay healed with q and always be attacking someone. In my opinion Warwick is the best 3v3 champion due to his extreme DPS and survivability. 2v1's become routine double kills and you seem to be unkillable. "The big bad wolf" if you will. Be wary of ignite as it can ruin your day. If you go the route of wriggle's lantern remember to ward the map every three minutes where it is necessary.

AP Warwick
Play AP warwick as if you were a mage because you are. In a lone wolf situation (haha) kite your enemies and spam q whenever possible. Your damage output is crazy insane, plus you make excellent bait. If you are low on health, draw them out then use q to get back to half health as your opponents walk away with their tails between their legs. Don't forget about the active of Deathfire Grasp.

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I hope that this gives you some new ways to look at the big bad wolf Warwick. I know that these builds work, and I hope that you try them and that they work for you. If you have comments or suggestions please make them below!