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Blitzcrank Build Guide by OFCR

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OFCR

We're Bringing D0nger Back (Season 6) All Positions [WIP]

OFCR Last updated on September 6, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey everyone! My name is OFCR, I've been playing League Of Legends since early season 3. I've specialized in strange meta's that continuously win games and have always had great results. I first wanted to play blitz when I saw how underplayed he was, In this guide we will focus on Blitzcrank. One of the O.G's of old Rito. As well as the more up to date Blitzcrank meta.

And a big importance to this build, don't discredit it the moment you lose a game with it. After all there's a reason pros build so strangely, yet do so well. It's skill.

It's only 16 seconds 'til another enemy goes down!

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O.G D0nger Explanation/How2Play

This gives you the tankyness you require as well as giving you the early and late game advantage of damage. And is the oldest blitz ;)

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IT'S ALIVE!! Explanation/How2Play

I prefer the extra armor and magic resist along with CD for Quick grabs and survivability late game and early game.

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The Terminator Explanation/How2Play

This is a middle build that will give you all the necessary stats, Mana/Health/Armor/Magic Resist/Ability Power/Damage/Burst An optional item to the build is to just go straight for Zz'rot Portal, Zz'rot is optional and not a part of the real build. But is very helpful if you are losing your lane. Although you should probably hold onto the Zz'rot if you got it. Good protections and laning for late game.

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Definitely Not Blitzcrank In The Jungle Explanation/How2Play

This I found out by accident, and I can tell you exactly how this works.

Master Yi's R
Blitcrank's W

As you can see, Master Yi's R is almost Identical to Blitzcrank's W, Except the amazing fact is. Blitzcrank's W has a solid lead of 45% Movement speed. He is a dangerous chaser. And with a knock up that LITERALLY Doubles Blitzcrank's damage.. This is easily twice as good as yi's E. And a problem Yi has is either getting kited, or not being able to engage easily. With Blitzcrank, he has every single thing that Yi doesn't have. And is tankier and more useful. Infact Blitzcrank has a silence which can absolutely DESTROY mages. Blitzcrank is an assassin at birth.

It's time to bring him back to his former glory

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As for masteries:

*Wanderer > This is very helpful for roaming. But I've actually found this to be perfect for chasing and escaping. For example you've grabbed but they manage to get away. With wanderer and mobility boots you can easily catch up and re-grab to kill.

*Secret Stash > This is extremely helpful early game. For example I've used this to get a boost of mana quickly and managed to get enough mana to get a grab at the right moment and get a kill.

*Merciless > This is insanely helpful early as well as late game. It really boosts your 1v1 dueling. (Yes Blitzcrank can actually duel!)

*Bandit > Insanely good early game as well as late game. easily a lot of my vision ward money is gained from this


*Fury > The attackspeed animation seriously assists your Q>E game. Attackspeed decreases your endlag on hits. So you can quickly run ahead or run away depending on the situation after your combo. And helps you lead into your ultimate combo > Q>E>R

*Feast> You may find this to be an odd choice, but this actually will insanely help your early game as well as late for this specific reason. It will work with your relic. So while healing yourself and your teammate with the relic. You are also gaining the feast as an added bonus 20 hp. (THIS SERIOUSLY HELPS!)

*Natural Talent > This will intensely help your late and early game.

*Oppressor > This will help out your Q>E game a lot.

*Battering Blows > Your E does damage based on your Attack damage by 200% This will help you out a lot.

*Deathfire Touch > Now this is actually quite a special mastery for this insane fact. It will work with your E. SO It will do 60% of your attack damage as well as the 200% you get from your E. (WHICH IS INSANELY GOOD FOR DAMAGE!!)

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*Zz'rot Portal > Now this may seem like a weird build, but I guarantee you will be building this for almost all your supports. (I've actually tried this with tons of supports and has been working out every time) This is actually a great first buy as I've been seeing in the past games.
(even for other supports!) Usually how I use this is by the time I can afford it. I place it under my tower so my adc and I can roam and still make cash. It's an INSANELY broken item because I'm also making passive money with my relic and the void portal, while being able to split push a lane and not actually be there. Plus it gives necessary protections to still be a viable first choice!

*Boots of Mobility > This is very good for Blitzcrank as it gives you the necessary speed to get in range of your enemies and quick grab. As well as escape. Mixing this with your W and Zz'rot's movement speed you can get to lanes in seconds.

*Trinity Force > This is insanely good for Blitzcrank. As it feeds and plays to all of his strong points. His passive, his needed tankiness, his needed movement speed and cooldowns. His attackspeed and damage. This is an amazing buy for blitz for second buy. And with relic and ZZ'rot Portal you will get this quicker then you think.

*Ruby Sightstone > This will insanely help your team out (as you really should know by now) But as for Blitzcrank, this can help your grab game intensely. Using it as lee uses it you can run away and ward the places you pass such as jack and jill with breadcrumbs haha. And as they chase you can choose to grab or not. This is a very helpful item all around.

*Black Cleaver The mix of this with trinity will give you 40% cooldown (which is amazing....) As well as giving an amazing armor reduction that will help your team out a lot. (This is purely situational because it does conflict with the trinity passive. But it's able to be overlooked. Most of the time I would go with frozen mallet or warmogs over this item.)

*Zeke's Harbinger > This can insanely help with teamfighting. And literally give the carry you're using it on an advantage that can possibly get a pentakill. The uses of this is insane.

*Duskblade mixed with your Q>E>R Combo can actually fully kill someone if you are confident enough. And the movement speed is an amazing bonus for Blitzcrank.

*Abyssal scepter Scepter's cooldown as well as the magic resist reduction helps a lot with teamfights and your grabs.

*Thornmail This is very good for fighting any assassins or adcs, As with your full combo bringing them (probably) to atleast 50-25% hp left. any damage they do to you is mearly killing themselves even more.

*Rapid Firecannon This is extremely good for Blitzcranks combos as well as late game. The added range gives you the option of flashing into an E and Q'ing as they run away Which pretty much keeps them inside your zone of destruction.

*Dead Man's Plate This is extremely good for chases, escapes, burst damage, and even taking down towers. as well as good CC and armor.

*RF+DMP+TF+DB+M+LE = Rapid firecannon + Dead Man's Plate + Trinity Force + DuskBlade +Muramana + Luden's Echo:
This is an insane damage build. You WILL nuke your enemies as well as still be a tanky *** problem to the enemy. I highly recommend this when fighting squishy enemies (no tanks/one weak tank) I have gotten quadra's with this build before. You will be terrifying. Best part?


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Ranked Play

I've been watching these videos, and they've seriously helped me get into the season 6 meta. These are very helpful and I seriously recommend taking a look at these for team work and etc.

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Pictures/vids of builds working/gameplay

I'm going to try to get videos of my Game play soon to help you see just how it works.^ As you can see here. I gained A LOT of CS from the Zz'rot without taking from allies > we're all middle so I Zz'rot bot for example. It's a great way to keep a lane safe, as well as not waste precious CS. All total I got atleast 1600+ gold. and kept the tower alive while we pushed mid. And since the situation called for it. I was going to sell it for guardians armor but the game already ended haha.

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Pros / Cons

*You can win most Teamfights with just a Good Grab
*Q+]E[+Passive R+][R deals very high damage
*Very Mobile champion
*Good at sieges and when you are getting sieged. (R minions at tower for easy clear)

*He's desperately in need of mana in early
*Requires someone skilled at skill shots.
*Long Cooldown on [Q] > failed grabs will hurt

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FIN (It's the end folks)

In closing it's safe to say that although easy to play, but difficult to master. Blitzcrank has become a legend of fear in the hearts of all who oppose him. Everytime his arm dislocks the sounds of fear from the enemy. He is heartless, coldblooded, and out for blood. Heimerdinger knew he made a grave mistake when he invented the steam golem..


Fear the D0ng3r.

It's BLITZCRANK! Blitzcrank, The One and Only Steam Golem