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If you could have an item named after you

Creator: Atarios October 30, 2011 2:41am
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<Altruistic Artist>
JEFFY40HANDS's Forum Avatar
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Aug 10th, 2010
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Nothing wrong with IMBA.

But I doubt Jhoi's is the ONLY item. Then again it's not an agressive item, it's a support item mostly....Kinda hard to make a support oriented item IMBA IMO.
IceCreamy's Forum Avatar
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Aug 14th, 2011
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IceCreamy's IceCold Item (yes I know, ****py item name, but I can't think up of a good one >_<)

Glacial Shroud + Phage + 800 gold

+ 20 AD
+ 350 HP
+ 50 Armor
+ 450 Mana

Unique Passive: 15 % CDR.
Unique Passive: Your basic attacks have a 30% chance to slow your target's Movement Speed by 35% for 3 seconds.
Unique passive: Reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies by 10 %.

Come come offtanks :D


IceCreamy's Needlessly Large Lamp

Mana Manipulator + Needlessly Large Rod + 500 gold

60 AP

Unique Aura: Nearby allies gain 8 mana per 5 seconds.
Unique Aura: Nearby allies gain 30 AP.

I would totally buy this on a lot of AP champs.

IceCreamy's Infinite Deathcap

Infinity Edge + Rabadon's Deathcap + 500 gold

+ 85 AD
+ 150 AP
+ 30 % Crit Chance

Unique Passive: Increases ability power by 20 % (does not stack with Rabadon's Deathcap).
Unique Passive: Increases attack damage by 20 %.
Unique Passive: Increases Crit Strike Damage by 40 % (does not stack with Infinity Edge).

OP for hybrid champs xD

DuffTime wrote:
ok ok plz carry me omg
i was only waiting for you to ask

Temzilla wrote:
Too hot to be icecream.

Luther3000 wrote:
He looks like a hair gel advert on legs

Toshabi wrote:
Icecreamy, with hair as slick and smooth as the ocean waves of Cocobana
Fox Rage
Fox Rage's Forum Avatar
Jun 24th, 2010
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TheJohn wrote:

John's Flag

Zeke's Harbinger + Madred's Bloodrazor + 500 gold

Yeah, a bloody green hand holding a flag.

70 AS
30 armor
30 AD

UNIQUE Aura: Gives nearby allied Champions 35% Lifesteal, 35% Attack Speed, and 50 health regen per 5 seconds. Reduces the Armor and MR of nearby enemy champions by 45. On hit, deals Magic Damage equal to 10% of the target's maximum Health. 1200 range.
UNIQUE Active: Raise the morale of nearby aliies, giving them 50% AS and MovSpeed, while enemies lose the same amount of AS and MovSpeed.

OP item, nerf hard.

Another idea:

Set of the ruler (my ingame name is HELLruler)

Randuin's Omen + Youmuu's Ghostblade + Shurelya's Battlesong + Deathfire Grasp

+130 armor
+850 health
+80 health regeneration
+50 mana regeneration
+50 attack damage
+35% critical strike chance
+80 ability power

UNIQUE Passive: 65% CDR
UNIQUE Passive: 20% chance on being hit by an auto attack to slow the attacker's movement and attack speed by 65% for 5 seconds
UNIQUE Passive: +40 armor penetration

UNIQUE Active:
  • Slows movement speed and attack speed of surrounding units by 70% for 2 seconds
  • Gain +100% attack speed and +50% movement speed for 4 seconds
  • Nearby champions gain 50% movement speed for 3 seconds
  • Deals magic damage to nearby enemy champions equal to 40% of their current health with a minimum of 450 damage. 1200 range
  • Attacking enemies or being hit increases the duration of buffs for 0.5 seconds to a maximum of 10 seconds. 1 minute cooldown

I think I'm playing HoN too much and bringing OP ideas.

Jonh's so awesome, that even 40% CDR ain't enough for him! 65% is way better! ( I don't want to see Kogmaw with the Jonh's flag >.>)

+rep me and you'll get good karma, wich means you won't be reincarnated into a rock! Isn't that awesome?

But yes this idea has been discussed more than Pam Anderson's tits in a plastic surgeons office.
GrandmasterD's Forum Avatar
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Sep 26th, 2011
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The Grandmaster's Legacy

builds from: Fiendish Codex + Hextech Revolver + Giant's Belt + 945g (4500g total)

+80 Ability Power
+10 Mana Regeneration
+500 Health

UNIQUE PASSIVE: +20% Spell Vamp, +15% Cooldown Reduction.
UNIQUE ACTIVE: Resets all cooldowns of an enemy champion's abilities as if they have just been used. This effect has an 120 second cooldown.
GrandmasterD's Forum Avatar
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Sep 26th, 2011
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Another one:

Iron Boots

builds from: Boots + Ruby Crystal + 225g (1050g total)

EDIT: +200 Health

UNIQUE PASSIVE: Enhanced movement 2
UNIQUE PASSIVE: Reduces the duration of knockups by 25%. Reduces the distance of knockbacks by 30%.
caucheka's Forum Avatar
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May 18th, 2010
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how much health does it have? probably just 200?
I like things that make me feel stupid. - Ken Levine
Rozsud3k's Forum Avatar
Jun 29th, 2011
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Rozsudek's Judgement

B. F. Sword + Needlessly Large Rod + 750 gold

50 Attack Damage
100 Ability Power

UNIQUE Passive: Gain an additional 5 Physical Damage and 20 Ability Power for each Champion Kill and 2 Physical Damage and 10 Ability Power for each Champion Assist. Maximum 50 Physical Damage and 200 Ability Power.

UNIQUE Active: Deals [Bonus Item AD + Bonus Item AP] true damage to target enemy champion. Bonus Attack Damage and Ability Power is lost until the Cooldown of this item is refreshed. 120s Cooldown.

I don't even
Adeori's Forum Avatar
Dec 27th, 2010
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The Silent symphony

Mana Manipulator + Philosopher's stone

UNIQUE passive : Gives nearby allies an additional 15 mana regen and 18 health regen.

UNIQUE active : Nearby enemies are damaged for 150 damage, and are silenced for 1 second.

Since I play a lot of solo tops and supports, this item seems like it would be perfect for both. It's great for sustaining, and also the active is a great lifesaver - And also a good counter to Katarina, Malzahar, Fiddlesticks, Warwick etc.
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GrimmFate's Forum Avatar
Aug 22nd, 2011
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Grimm Fate

Executioner's Calling + Bilgewater Cutlass + 425 gold (or just 3.5k gold)

45 Attack damage
20% Critical Chance
25% Life Steal
Unique Passive: On hit cause 10 damage per second for 8 seconds
Unique Active: Deals 225 Magic damage lowers targets movement speed and healing by 50% 60 second Cool Down.
Nighthawk's Forum Avatar
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Dec 7th, 2010
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Grimm whats the anime in your sig?

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