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Top [10.16] "Steel is Stronger" - Complete Urgot guide

Top [10.16] "Steel is Stronger" - Complete Urgot guide

Updated on August 23, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stiwy Build Guide By Stiwy 8 0 13,753 Views 6 Comments
8 0 13,753 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Stiwy Build Guide By Stiwy Updated on August 23, 2020
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Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Bone Plating
Shield Bash

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[10.16] "Steel is Stronger" - Complete Urgot guide

By Stiwy
> About
> Why Urgot
> Changes
> Pros / Cons
> Stats
> Abilities
> Powerspikes
> Runes
> Summoner Spells
> Team Comp
> Items
> Gameplay
> Strategy
So, not much to say about me, i am Stiwy, i play this game mostly for fun and my favourite and most played lane is Top.
I wrote this guide to give people a complete compendium of Urgot with matchups, item exlpanation and how to play the game.
"But why should i play this champion ?" - you may ask.
Well, first of all, right now Urgot is strong in the meta and can beat a lot of meta toplaners.
Secondly, Urgot is very simple so you will not have to spend hours and hours and hours only to learn him and you can focus more on macro play (aka the strategic part of the game).
SO, if you like big immortal juggernauts and executing people, this is the right place for you.
Patch 10.14 the guide is created.
Mid Patch 10.14 the first full version of the guide is published
Patch 10.15 Lilia released (deciding if i have to put her or not in the matchups).Swain, fiddle, gragas, shen and irelia changes (their position in the threat list could change). No direct changes to Urgot. Updated some parts of the guide.
Mid Patch 10.15 Oh Boy, big changes coming next patch.
Mid Patch 10.16 Made some improvements to the item section and probably there will be changes to the difficulty of some matchups too.Small changes coming for next patch, if the Aatrox buff doesn't help him, he will probabbly get his threat level lowered.
> Good all-in potential
> Safe poke
> Scales well
> Dueling potential

Right now Urgot is very present in the meta because he can destroy most of the melee toplaners, and, if he can't beat them in lane he will eventually outscale them and become an unstoppable force.
Thanks to his E- Disdain, Urgot has the ability to start a fight whenever he likes by taking the opponent and flingin him in the opposite direction, doing so will also close the enemy's escape routes and force them to fight.
Urgot is very good in 1 V 1 because of his ult- Fear Beyond Death but still is a very valuable teamfighter.
> low mobility
> gets bullied by ranged champs
> overall weak early game
> needs to reach his powerspikes
> is listed as ranged
Urgot's biggest weakness is his lack of movement. The only real mobility Urgot has his Disdain but you can't just throw it randomly or your already small mana pool will be drained in no time. This first point ties perfectly with the second : Urgot is unable to reach most of the ranged toplaners and he needs help to take them down. Urgot's 1 to 8 levels aren't necessary the worst in the game, they are just mediocre. But, the most annoying problem is that Urgot is listed as a ranged champ (but he just plays as a melee one) so he gets all the debuffs that come with it such as the ones on Conqueror, Death's Dance and Blade of the Ruined King.
This section is only to give you an idea of how Urgot scales and is for people who like reading and interpreting numbers.
I have marked it as a spoiler because i know it's not very interesting.
ECHOING FLAMES (Passive): Urgot's six legs each contain a shotgun that covers a precise area of 60 degrees. When you attack someone in the direction of a charged shotgun, he will take physical damage and the shotgun starts reloading.
This is where a lot of Urgot's damage comes from, basically when your attacks and your W hit someone unlucky enough to be in front of one of your cannons, you shot at him. Each leg has it's own relaod timer, and the time goes down as you level up.At level 1 the cooldown is 30 seconds, so you will not be able to use it very often but at level 13 the cooldown is 2.5 seconds, so by the time you have circled around somebody, your cannons will be ready again.



CORROSIVE CHARGE (Q): Urgot shoots an explosive charge to a selected location, damagin and slowing everyone inside the area of the impact.
This is how you can poke your opponents, but you can also use this ability to start a fight since its slow allows you to land your Disdain and Fear Beyond Death by giving the opponent small chances of dodging (or you can just burn his flash/escape ability).
In hard matchups you can use Corrosive Charge to last hit the cannon or groups of minions and remain in a safe position.
Remember that you can use your Q as an escape tool too if you can predict the movement of the guys that are chasing you.



PURGE (W): Urgot starts attacking the nearest enemy for 4 second, with 3.0 attack speed . While your W is active Urgot gets a ghosting effect ( walk through minions) and his movement speed is reduced.
To make this simple, you just start shooting at whatever comes in range at a high attack speed and you can choose the target by using your other abilities.
The target of your W is the last enemy hit wiyh your abilites, so if you need to shoot at an anemy champion, you have to hit him with Q, E or R to be sure.
You max this ability first beacause at max rank it becomes free and can be kept active for an unlimited amount of time.During Purge you can not autoattack.
When you cast your other abilities, Purge temporarly stops but the animation time is added to the overall duration so that it always lasts exactly 4 seconds.


DISAIN (E): Urgot gains a shield and dashes in a direction, when he hits an enemy champion, the dash stops and the enemy is flinged in the opposite direction and stunned.
Disdain works both as an engage and a disengage. If an enemy comes too near you can activate this ability, if you succed you will get a good trade or even a kill most of the times. If you need to disengage just throw your E in the opposite direction or just do it for the shield to avoid burst damage.
Your E interrupts channelings (like Katarina and Xerath's ult) so keep this in mind during fights because you can save your team if you act correctly.
Disdain CAN NOT cross terrains.


FEAR BEYOND DEATH (R): Urgot fires a drill that stops after hitting an enemy chammpion, dealing damage and slowing him. For the next 4 seconds, if the target falls below 25% maximum health he is suppresed and, after a 1.5 seconds channeling, executed and nearby enemies are feared.
WOW, this ability is really amazing, basically, if the enemy you hit falls below 25% health, he is automatically killed. Nice, isn't it ?.
If you are 1 v 1, your opponent is playing with 3/4 of his health and if you are teamfighting you can eliminate priority targets and get a big fear effect that can lead you to victory.



Urgot has three points in the game where he becomes significantly stronger :
Level 6 : here you unlock your ultimate, this means that you can start dealing with tanks and easy matchups.
Level 9 : here you should have your W maxed, and this grants you a nice damage output, giving you a chanc to fight lane bullies and hard matchups.
Level 13 : Here, your shotguns have 2.5 seconds of cooldown so you can actually kill almost anyone in a 1 v 1 battle.

FLASH: Fantastic summoner spell on Urgot. It allows you to get out of risky situation while also giving you engage potential with Flash + Disdain. You can also Flash into the enemy team for a big fear from your ult.
GHOST: A nice alternative to Flash. It gives you less escape ability but better chase potential and with the mid-season 10 buffs this spell has received you can have Ghost last for a whole teamfight. It is also great to proc your passive more efficiently
TELEPORT: Typical summoner spell for toplaners. Great to go back to lane if something goes wrong or do some clutch plays in botlane or reach your team while splitpushing. I don't think Ignite is very useful on Urgot because your ult already does a great job when you have to end your opponents' life.
Now it's time to talk about runes.

Conqueror is the best rune for Urgot right now because he can stack it really fast thanks to his W and the healing this rune provides in mid/late game is absurd.
Usually, you want to take conqueror in matchups where you want long extended trades (against tanks for example) or if you are just waiting for late game because, out of laning phase, Conqueror is far better than the other three choices.
Press the Attack is also really good if you want more kill potential during laning phase or if you can't afford long trades (for example if you are up against an Aatrox or Darius).
When Purge is up it takes you just a second to activate PTA so you can hit and run.
I prefere Conqueror over this because PTA does not give you sustain and is less useful when teamfights happen, but it's your personal choice what tho run and when.
Fleet Footwork and Lethal Tempo are not viable options on Urgot (and if you are wondering, no, lethal tempo does not work on your W, so you can't reach 6.0 attack speed :( ).
Triumph is just better than the other two because Presence of Mind and Overheal don't really give youu much help.
Legend: Tenacity is my choice here because you don't want to find yourself stuck for too long in a Lux or Morgana'a Q during a fight. Tenacity is really valuable on a Juggernaut like Urgot because you are the frontline and don't want to be stuck in CCs. If the enemy team does not have CC you can opt for Legend: Bloodline and have even more lifesteal.
For the bonuses, just take whatever you need for that game. If you see yourself not reaching 40% CDR many times, just take the 10% bonus cooldown reduction in the first row.
The Resolve tree has many interesting runes to offer. In the first row, Shield Bash offers the most value, since every time you use your E, your next attack deals bonus damage. You can take Demolish if you feel like you can force your opponent out of lane.
The second rune varies from matchup to matchup but usually you take Conditioning when you want to scale as a tank, Second Wind if your opponents has heavy poke ( Teemo, Lucian) and Bone Plating in almost all Tank/Bruiser matchups because Urgot likes to all-in opponents and this rune can make you a bit more hard to kill.
Overgowth and Revitalize can be good choices but i usually go for Bone Plating and Shield Bash 90% of the times.
There are other good options for Urgot and you can choose your secondary tree according to what your playstile is and what you like the most.
I have seen some Urots running Grasp of the Undying but actually i do not like that keystone on Urgot because it's nerfed for ranged champions and does not provide sustain and kill potential as the other keystones.
The Inspiration tree offers the Biscuit Delivery and Approach Velocity combination, which is not bad at all and you can try it if you are against a champions that likes to run away (EG. Akali or Vladimir) and ranged champions.
The Sorcery tree offers Nimbus Cloak, a perfect rune for Urgot as it will save you from ganks very often and further improves your Ghost and Teleport.
If you go for Nimbus Cloak grab Transcendence or Gathering Storm.
Last, the Domination tree with Taste of Blood, Sudden Impact, Cheap Shot and Ravenous Hunter but i never really used any of these.
There aren't really situations where you don't want Urgot in your team, as he can build full tank and become a giant wall or itemize some AD items if there are other tanks.
The only situation where you can avoid picking Urgot is when your team already has a tank ( Braum or Thresh supports) and lacks AP, in that case you can opt for Mordekaiser or Vladimir.
The ideal teammates for Urgot are the more CC oriented ones as they can give you free Q, E and R hits or can concatenate their CCs after your E for a full lockdown.
Lulu is great as you cun just run into the enemy team without fear of being oneshotted.
Yuumi gives you great sustain and you two together can hold enemy team with no problems.
Urgot's build is very variable and, after your two core items you have a huge choice to adapt to the enemy team.
Cull This is basically a 0 gold items, because it costs 450 but gives you 1 gold for each minion kill (up to 100 gold) and, after you get 100 gold, the items loses this passive and gives you an additional 350 gold.
Buy this item when you want to farm and don't need to be more aggressive.
For example, if you are up aginst a Maokai or Ornn you can start Cull but still be able to kill them after level 6.
Doran's Blade Good aggressive item to start with.A small lifesteal and 80 bonus health are not so bad and you get some early kills by playing aggressive. If you have to back with less than 900 gold i suggest you to still pick up Cull.
This item is useful against bruisers like Garen or Renekton if you want to play aggressive.
The overall healing at early levels is lower than the one given by Cull but the 80 bonus health is very good.
Doran's Shield Buy this in ranged matchups, where you know you will be poked a lot ( Teemo, Lucian etc), so you can get a nice healing from the item's passive.
You can buy Corrupting Potion instead of D.Shield if you want to have more trade potential but less defensiveness. If you want to buy Corruption, i suggest to take Biscuit Delivery and Time Warp Tonic in the secondary tree.
Black Cleaver This should be your first item. Bonus Health is always good, 20% CDR is busted, the Phage passive allows you to chase opponents and the armor shred allows you to destroy tanks.
Black Cleaver's passive triggers every time you deal damage to the enemy and stacks up to 6 times, reducing the enemy armor for 24% at max stacks, with your W you can fully trigger this in 2 seconds.
This item is great if you are in a lane vs. tanks and bruisers as a first item, but if you're up against a mage or assassin and want to prioritize defensive items you can still buy this later as it will still be useful when teamfighting.

Death's Dance Your second core item. Death's Dance transforms you into an unkillable monster.
The item gives you both armor and magic resistance PLUS a bleeding passive that stores some of the damage you take and applies it over time and, to top it all it heals you for a portion of the damage you deal (ability damage included).
I usually don't go for Death's Dance first because it does not give you extra health and leaves you preety frail. Buy DD first only if you are either snowballing or playing really defensive.
I build thiss item 99% of my games, usually as second or third item.

Ninja Tabi > ARMOR
You take these boots when you the enemy team is heavy AD or has some autoattack based champions (almost every ADC, Fiora, Renekton etc.).
Mercury's Treads > TENACITY
If you feel like the enemy team can CC you forever ( Morgana, Lux, Ashe) grab these shoes to add more tenacity to your kit.
Righteous Glory It gives you some Health, mana and armor .
But the actual great part of Turbo Chemtank is it's active, a movement speed buff coupled with a shockwave that slows enemies around you.
Build this item if you need a way to enage your enemies better, if you are only looking for armor don't buy this.
Thornmail Gives you 250 Health and 80 armor .
Build Thornmail when you need armor and also need to reuce the healing of enemy champions because the passive applies grevious wounds (40% healing reduction) to whoever attacks you. It's second passive also reduces enemies' attack speed .
Build this if you have problems with enemy ADC or if you want to counter heavy autoattackers like Master Yi and Jax
Spirit Visage : 450 Health + Magic Resistance , good in AP matchup. The real deal is the passive which improves all your healing by 30%, working very well with Conqueror and Death's Dance. Actuallly, you can buy this just for the passive, but it is useful against mages.
You should build visage AFTER you get Death's Dance because the improved healing passive is wasted before.
Guardian Angel : Armor and some attack damage . The passive gives you a free resurrection every 5 minutes, buy as last item if you feel like you are an easy kill and want more survivability. For some reasons Purge will be deactivated when you ressurect, just be aware of this.
Adaptive Helm : buy this item only if you are going for a full anti mage build or if there are AP caìhampions that spam the same ability/type of damage. Great against Cassiopeia, Katarina, Teemo's poison, Brand's burn, Mordekaiser's passive and Vladimir's Q (i'm sure there are others but i can't remind who).

Randuin's Omen gives you 70 armor and his passive reduces damage taken from critical hits while also reduces enemies' attack speed .
Buy Randuin when there are enemies who rely on critical hits (like Jhin and Yasuo or when yo are going for a full armor build. The active ability also slows all nearby enemies when activated.

Frozen Mallet buy this if you need 700 more health and some more attack damage . It is also good when you want to kite enemy champions (for example Darius and Renekton because each of your autoattacks will now apply a slowing effect on hit.Remember that, aside of bonus health this item doesn't provide any defensive stats. This item is also good if your team already has 2 or more tanks and you want to go a little bit more aggressive.
Gargoyle Stoneplate grants you 40 armor and magic resistance but its true power are the effects. The passive gives you 40 bonus armor and magic resistance if at least 3 enemies are near and the active gives you 40% more health while reducing damage (your healt is actually DOUBLED if 3 or plus enemies are near).Build this in a teamfight heavy game or if the enemy team has split damage (for example, if the enemy team is composed by 1 ADC, 1 AD assasin, 2 mages and a tank).

Warmog's armor : i rarely build this item. You can buy this to close your full armor or full magic resistance build (in case the enemy team had the bright idea of building only one type of damage]. Overall, Warmog is not bad but i feel like there are better choices on Urgot.
Maw of Malmortius : I almost never evolve Hexdrinker into Maw, but you can consider doing it if the enemy team has bursty one shot AP champions (like Veigar or LeBlanc)
Mercurial Scimitar : same story as Malmortius, i almost never evolve Quicksilver Sash into Scimitar (unless the games last long enough for me to go full build]. This item's active effect is very very good against opponents that have strong lockdown CCs.You can cancel Mordekaiser's ult, Skarner's ult, Malzahar's ult, Morgana's Q and the list could go on.
Mortal Reminder : if you want to be able to apply grevious wounds while gaining some attack damage and armor penetration. I usually prefere going tank Urgot but this item is nice too.
If you need to be more aggresssive (if there are already 2 or more tanks in your team) you can consider building this instead of armor.
Lord Dominik's Regards can be an option if you are already going aggressive and want heavy armor penetration.
So, I have already explained "tech" items in the items section at the top of the guide so I will just summarize all here.
Spectre's Cowl against poke ap champions ( Teemo, Fiddlesticks)
Ninja Tabi and Bramble Vest against AD champions with healing ( Darius, Renekton)
Hexdrinker if you want to prevent AP chmpions from bursting you (if you are agains Akali, Ryze or LeBlanc)
Quicksilver Sash if you want to cancel some form of hard CC (you will take this item for Mordekaiser most of the times.)
Executioner's Calling if you want a more aggressive form of healing reduction.
Levels 1-6
First of all, you have an important decision to take : the starting item i have already talked about this in the itemization section so be sure to check that out.
Urgot's level 1 is actually one of the strongest in the game so be sure to abuse that agains Illaoi, Garen or other champions with weak early levels.
Remember that Urgot's mana pool is very low and you can't just spam Q and E rndomly or you will soon find yourself in a bad situation.
Urgot's level 2 is strong too, so the reasoning is the same as for level 1.
From level 3 you become significantly weaker because your full kit, compared to the kit of most toplaners is weaker in early game. That said be sure to farm safely and decide if you are in an easy matchup or an hard matchup (you can watch the threat list at the top of the guide).
If the matchup is easy you can try to engage your opponent if he gets too close, usually if you can land your E, you win the trade.
Against tanks you want to wait your level 6 before trying to all-in them, which often can lead you to an early kill.
Your Q is a great poking tool in the early stages of the game, that plus the damage from your legs (melee champions will usually take some damage when they come near to farm) will be annoying for your opponent and maybe bring him low enough for a gank or an all-in.
Remember that Urgot's laning phase is not that strong, so if you are not used to the champion just start Cull/ Doran's Shield and try to play a safe laning phase.
If you can push your opponent out of lane consider working with your jungler to get an herald because, right now it is an enormous help to win the game.
If you find yourself in an hard matchup try to play very safe, you don't want to give kills to the lane bullies out there.
Use your Q to last hit cannon minions (or groups of low health minions] from a safe distance. In this type of matchups, buying the right tech items can really make the difference between surviving laning phase or being crushed.
If the enemy is too aggressive remember your Flash + E combo that can throw wnwmies under your turret and help you secure a kill.
Don't worry if you fall 20/30 CS behind (if you need to play very safe to survive) because Urgot can easily come back from a disavantageius situation by using his ult to turn a fight over and, in general, he scales well.
Levels 7-9
After level 6, Urgot is very strong and, when his ult is not on cooldown he has very high kill potential. If your opponent is not too far ahead you can start to be more aggressive.
After level 9 there are few champions that can duel you without risks so you can start to bully your lane opponent. Remember to keep the river warded to avoid ganks because you still don't have good 1 v 2 potential due to your cannons having high cooldowns.
If you can get lane priority try to convince your jungler to come top and defeat the rift herald and place it top to get some plate gold or even a full turret, forcing the opponent out of lane.
If you are in a stall or the opponent plays too defensively you can look to make a Teleport play down in botlane.

Levels 10-18
Now, you are a monster.
You can choose to be a splitpusher or a teamfighter now.
If you see that your squad can resist in a 4 v 5 situation, just go on a sidelane and start pushing waves to the enemy towers. If you splitpush remember to get at least a Control Ward (and blue trinket, if you like it) to have an idea of what happens around you.
Urgot is not the best splitpusher in the game, it's true, but still they can't send just a person to fight you or it will be useless.
By splitpushing on the opposite side of the current major objective (Drake or Baron) you give the enemy team a choice : send 2 to 3 people to stop you but let half of their team alone against yours OR give up the turrets to try to save a dragon/baron ?.
In both cases, if the splitpush is executed correctly it brings great advantages to your team.
If you are not too sure of your power, you can start to push waves and, when you see the enemies coming Teleport to your team and force an objective while the guys that came for you realize what you have done.
A good combination to keep in mind if you feel more like a splitpusher than a teamfighter is Nimbus Cloak rune + Ghost, those 2 effects togheter will save your life a lot.
If your team is weaker than the other you have to stay with them and be the frontliner.
DON'T start teamfights only for the kills, be sure that, in case of victory, you and your team can take an advantage (towers, inibhs, dragons, baron).
Teamfighting is risky, and losing a fight can cost the game so be sure that there is always a reason to fight before engaging because, you can even be 10 kill behind the enemy team but a Baron or Elder Drake can turn the game around.
You are not the one that shoudld start a fight because you want to keep your Disdain for the right moment, so be sure that the member of your team with some engage decides when to start (good examples of engages are Zoe's E and Ashe's ult).
If your team lacks engage you can buy a Turbo Chemtank and do it yourself.

Remember this ugly mess up here ?
I hope you don't BUT even if you do, don't worry, he is now a piece of the past (he was actually one of the ugliest champions back then XD).
In the past, Urgot was a marksman and saw some play in the botlane and i had the bright idea to try to do it now.
SO, please, take your popcorns and witness the creation of URGBOT .
What i am trying to do here is to abuse the attack speed from W to maximize some on-hit items out there plus the nice AD ratios Urgot has on its abilites.
I have not decided a precise build yet so i will just list the items I am trying :
- Manamune to repair some of Urgot's mana issues and, when completed into Muramana it grants some nice damage output. You can just buy Tear of the Goddess and let it stack while completing your second item if you prefere.
- Essence Reaver has some nice AD bonus and the on-hit mana regen is cool but the critical hit percent is wasted so I am not really sure abiut this.
- Black Cleaver or Trinity Force the Rage passive that makes you faster is really needed and the 20% CDR helps, take Cleaver into tank matchups and trinity versus squishies.
- Frozen Mallet the slow is REALLY REALLY good, i am sure this item will go into the final build.
- Boots of Swiftness to mitigate the slow from Purge
- Maw of Malmortius if you're against AP burst
- Blade of the Ruined King for some nice damage and lifesteal.
- Bloodthirster great lifesteal and a shield to improve your survival. I am rushing this after Manamune atm.
- Death's Dance still testing
I don't really like the lethality package but you are free to try.

For runes i am going with :
Fleet Footwork to farm safely and have a little sustain
Presence of Mind to sinergize with Manamune, but Triumph can be good too
Legend: Bloodline to have lifesteal later.
Coup de Grace to make last blows on enemies more effective.

[nimbus cloak]] and Gathering Storm because these are the runes that most adc take right now. I am considering to throw in a Transcendence to have more CDR.

To make the most out of this build your support (possibly your premade, so that you can have some collaboration) has to pick an engage/CC heavy champ (like Nautilus, Blitzcrank or Leona) and look for engages when possible.
If you can chain your E after their CC you are preety sure to get a kill. If there are no chances to engage just try to farm as best as you can and exit laning phase.
After you have some items and are after level 9, enemy melee champs and assasins will have an hard time dueling you because Urgot has some innate tanky stats.
The gameplay then is the one of any typical ADC, but with some little less range.
I am still experimenitng with this build and, after some more experience I will come back and update this section.
With this build i am having a blast of fresh air and fun and a positive winrate (to be honest, i am testing the build in draft, so the winrate is not accurate, but still i don't find too difficut to compete with the meta ADCs right now).
My guide ends here, feel free to ask questions in the comments if you need clarifications or just want to talk.

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