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Warwick Build Guide by KillyOne



Updated on August 21, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KillyOne Build Guide By KillyOne 6 0 18,251 Views 0 Comments
6 0 18,251 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KillyOne Warwick Build Guide By KillyOne Updated on August 21, 2020
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Runes: Main Build

Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


Summoner Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide


By KillyOne
Hi, I'm KillyOne and I make guides to help you climb from the pits of Iron, Bronze, Silver and into the light of Gold. Jokes aside my guides are aimed to help people get to their first Gold milestone and build a mindset to improve further on your own.

I've been playing League for over 6 years and counting, I've learned quite a bit over the years and would like to share what I know in hopes of helping other players improve and climb the ranks.

My goal is to help players learn the fundamentals of a champion and how to best utilize it in lower ranks. One champion can be played much differently depending on what rank you play. What works in Diamond is probably not going to work in Bronze and vice versa. Hence why this series focuses on lower ranks, playstyle and mentality of players in these ranks.

I will do my best to keep this guide up to date with the latest League patch, but it may take a few days after the patch hits the Live servers for this guide to be updated.

I appreciate criticism that you might have about this guide, so feel free to leave it in the discussion section and I'll do my best to improve it.

Check out my YouTube!
Follow me on Twitch!

That's enough pep talk and self promotion, let's get to the guide!
I am not going to go into the Lore of the champion, for that you will have to visit Universe of LoL or someone like Necrit. But what i will go over is things that will matter in your ranked games.

Warwick is one of the easiest jungle champions to pickup and learn. His abilities are relatively straight forward making them easy to memorize, no need to worry about long and complicated tooltip boxes or secret abilities (just my long and complicated guide to worry about heeHEE).

Warwick is also a very consistent champion, what i mean by this is that he rarely gets buffed or nerfed from patch to patch and when he does it's usually not a significant change. In the last 10 years he had only 1 major change and that was his rework. I have also played the old Warwick for many years before he got reworked and i can tell you, Warwick is still Warwick! Thats just another reason why I recommend him to new junglers and everyone who wants to have a consistent champion they can always fall back to.

Being relatively straight forward champion, allows you to pick him up quickly and start seeing the results in your games improve. Warwick let's you focus on what matters most, the game (objectives, ganks, pressure, farm, etc). He won't hold you back with weird hitboxes or hard to execute abilities, once you get a hold of him, you can focus on your game! I do recommend you try him out in practice and then a dozen Normal game's, don't jump straight into Ranked after reading this guide (cause if you do It's on you!).


Eternal Hunger - Passive - This is Warwick's passive sustain ability. It gives your auto attacks extra damage, but not a whole lot. The best part of this passive kicks in once you hit 50% on your health bar. Now your auto attacks heal for the same amount as the bonus damage they deal. When your health bar drops to 25% and lower, your healing is increased by 150%. This means the lower you get, the harder you become to kill as long as you keep auto attacking your enemy.

Jaws of the Beast - Q - As the name would suggest Warwick takes a bite out his opponents and neutral monsters. Dealing damage and healing himself in the process. This is the strongest damage ability that Warwick has in his kit. It is also the most versatile ability allowing you to damage, heal and stick onto your enemy if you hold down Q. The ability to stick to champions makes for some good outplay potential and makes you harder to kite. Held down Q will make Warwick stick onto enemies when they use abilities like Flash, Teleport (yes even teleport!), Shunpo, Sonic Wave etc, as long as you time it correctly!
Worth mentioning is that this ability also applies on hit effects and what is more important is that it is an Auto Attack Reset. Meaning you can Auto Attack -> Q Jaws of the Beast -> Auto Attack in quick succession for a burst of damage.

Blood Hunt - W - Another powerful ability that lets you sniff out low health enemy champions on the map. Gain movement speed when moving in the direction of a low health enemy champion and massive attack speed buff when fighting ANY low health target (jungle monsters included). This is just the W passive! The active ability lets you sniff out ANY enemy champion regardless of their health and then Blood Hunt the nearest!

Primal Howl - E - You must be thinking to yourself by now, "WOW Warwick has so much sustain, surely he doesn't need more. Right?", well... Meet Warwick's E! The ability that reduces all incoming damage and at the end of its channel FEARS the enemy champions around you! Yes this ability makes you even more difficult to kill, especially in 1v1 duels. Combine this with Warwicks already amazing sustain abilities and you can see why he is one of the strongest early to mid game junglers and what makes him so good to climb with.

Infinite Duress - R - Finally we come to Warwicks ultimate ability, the Infinite Duress! This ability allows you to jump onto an enemy champion, lock them (and you) in place and deal damage to them (also applies on hit effects). Movement speed gives extra distance to your jump, synergizing really well with your Blood Hunt. Please do keep in mind that this is a skill shot and increased movement speed can make it harder to hit, especially since your movement speed can be really inconsistent due to your Blood Hunt passive.


Most of the time I run Conqueror on Warwick, It's an overall good choice on him and works well with all the attack speed buffs his kit provides. Some people like to run Press the Attack, but that is more single target focused and it does more damage in shorter period of time due to its proc damage, but I find Conqueror to be better for prolonged fights.

Triumph is the best secondary rune you can go for, 90% of the time. It gives you those clutch heals after you get a kill or assist that can mean the difference between surviving and dying, or most importantly between winning or losing a teamfight, objective, etc.

Legend: Alacrity works really well with Conqueror and your passive Eternal Hunger. More attack speed is almost always the way to go on Warwick that's why I run this rune most of the time. Sometimes, when enemy team has extremely crowd control (CC) heavy team, I will pick Legend: Tenacity. Other than that, Legend: Alacrity is the way to go on Warwick.

After a lot of testing I found that Coup de Grace Is overall better than Last Stand on Warwick. The damage numbers are just consistently higher with Coup de Grace sometimes by up to 50% and that Is the main reason I use it. You could try using Last Stand yourself and see If it works better for you. Other than that, just stick with Coup de Grace.

This rune is just really good at absorbing damage, quite a lot of damage adds up over the course of the game, you might not even notice it until you check the stats after the game. Since Warwick like to chase fights, you will find this rune very useful and especially cause in low elo people like to fight a lot.

This rune is incredibly good on Warwick it just works so well with your passive Eternal Hunger and your W passive Blood Hunt. It increases your already good healing even further and making you harder to kill the lower health you have, which can catch your opponents of guard since they won't expect you to be so hard to kill while u only have 200-300 health left. For me this rune averages about 2000 healing per match, which is just insane since this is healing done from this rune ALONE, not counting other sources of healing, like your Eternal Hunger and Jaws of the Beast.

Offense: +10% Attack Speed
Flex: +9 Adaptive Force
Defense: +15-90 Health


I only run Flash and Smite on Warwick jungle , these are the best spells for Warwick in the current meta. Ghost Teleport are largely negated by the fact that Blood Hunt passive is so good at chasing people down already. I find no real reason to run other summoner spells on him other than just experimenting.

I don't think this needs much explaining, It's the best mobility spell all around and for Warwick It's no exception.

Currently you are forced to take smite as a jungler, there Is no real choice here. You simply lose too much experience by not going smite and you are unable to buy jungle items without smite.

Before you go further I have provided a link to an Item Set file that you can import to your client. This will add the Item build every time you play Warwick and it also provides the build order and a couple of notes to help you out.


How to Import Item Sets?

Spoiler: Click to view

How this looks like in game?

Spoiler: Click to view


My personal buying preference on Warwick, is to not finish items early on. I prioritize buying core items like Tiamat, Sheen and Jaurim's Fist before finishing a complete item (exception being upgraded boots). As you can see in the spoiler images below, the first item i complete depends on the situation of the match. If I have to deal with a lot of magic damage I prioritize magic resist like Spirit Visage and Mercury's Treads. If I need armor I will prioritize Thornmail and Ninja Tabi. Likewise if I don't have to worry too much about enemy damage and I just want to build more damage for myself, I will go for Iceborn Gauntlet and Titanic Hydra first.

Spoiler: Click to view

Some might find this approach to a build silly, but I find that it works really well for me, since none of the completed items give you the best stats early on. For example you will be hard pressed to find Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk to be really useful early game without your Titanic Hydra completed as none of Warwick abilities scale with HP on their own.

These are you starting items and there isn't much to say about these. Hunter's Machete Is required in order to earn extra experience from jungle monsters, so you HAVE to take it. Rejuvenation Bead on the other hand is not a must have item, but it is the best choice item, since it builds into Tiamat and your sustain is already good enough so you don't need Health Potion or Refillable Potion early.


Ideally you would buy these on your first back to base along side Tiamat, but if you have enough for Tiamat I recommend buying that item first over Boots because your W Blood Hunt provides enough movement speed bonus for early game. You will upgrade Boots into either Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi depending on what type of an enemy team comp are you playing against.

This is THE most important early item for Warwick! It speeds up your jungle clears massively, which in turn allows you to gank more and counter jungle more. Don't underestimate the importance of Tiamat because I know buying Sheen can be tempting especially when you start of with a few kills early game. You will build this into a Titanic Hydra later in the game.

Speaking of the culprit, the Sheen, this item is good on Warwick mainly because it works with your Q Jaws of the Beast and makes it deal quite a bit more damage. It also provides cooldown which is quite nice to have on Warwick. You will build this into Iceborn Gauntlet later in the game.

Generally speaking, it doesn't matter which of these two core items you go first. They both build into Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk and that is the item you actually want to have as soon as you can.

This is a good early core item as it gives you damage and some HP while it also keeps stacking HP until you buy Titanic Hydra.

Really good defensive item, especially in situations where you have to deal with fed enemy ad champion or ad heavy team. It is a better choice than Warden's Mail due to its healing reduction passive when someone auto attacks you. You want to build this into Thornmail later in the game. Also since Executioner's Calling is a really unfitting item on Warwick, Bramble Vest is going to be your main source of healing reduction against teams that have healing supports Soraka or champions like Vladimir, Olaf, Sylas, etc.

Another good core item, buy this instead of Bramble Vest if you are dealing with ap heavy enemy team or a fed ap champion. You will upgrade this to Spirit Visage when you earn enough gold.


These are generally the best boots to go for if you are facing CC and AP heavy teams. They offer some magic resistance and good tenacity which helps reduce CC effects on you. You can finish them before Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk if you need some cheap magic resistance.
Opposite to Mercury's Treads when the enemy team is ad heavy and or has a fed ad champion that you have to deal with, just pick Ninja Tabi. The armor and damage reduction they provide is quite good for a pair of boots. Like Mercury's Treads you can finish Ninja Tabi before Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk if you need early armor.

Overall the best jungle item for this Warwick build as It boosts the stats on your Titanic Hydra while also giving you extra health and health scaling. It isn't necessary to build this item first on Warwick, its often better to build Titanic Hydra before this item as it will give you more damage while also giving you health. But you do still want Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk as it scales better the longer the game goes on due to the % health passive.
The Bami's Cinder passive is there too, but its not why you buy this item for, its just a nice bonus... sometimes.

When I first thought of adding this item into my build, I didn't think i would like it at all. But the more I played it, the more I started to like it and now prefer it over Trinity Force. It doesn't give you as much damage as Trinity Force and raw stats, but it does give you a nice slow and some good armor, along side cooldown reduction. The slow is unexpectedly good on Warwick, allowing you to stick onto your enemies more and subsequently lay more auto attacks and deal more damage to them. Or just allow your team to put down more damage onto the slowed target, which you can further combo with your ultimate Infinite Duress to get someone out of a teamfight completely. I build this item after my boots and Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk, but if i am dealing with AP heavy teams I opt for Spirit Visage first.

A really good magic resist item that also increases your heals and gives cooldown reduction. I generally don't finish this item very early unless I deal with AP heavy teams. This can be your 4th or 5th item most of the time, try to build Iceborn Gauntlet or Titanic Hydra before this item. But as I mentioned, if you deal with AP heavy teams, then its okay to build this item earlier.

This is your main armor item when you deal against ad heavy teams or fed ad carries and champions like Yasuo. This should be your 3rd item at most and should always have Iceborn Gauntlet before you finish Thornmail. Even if the enemy team has a really strong ad champion, most of the time Bramble Vest is going to be okay along side Iceborn Gauntlet. So there is no rush in completing Thornmail. Completing it does still make sense as it provides better armor and a passive that reduces attack speed of anyone who attacks you, not to mention healing reduction that Bramble Vest provides carries over to Thornmail.

This is the main damage item on Warwick, it provides you with all your heart desires. Health, damage, AOE and scaling! I often finish Iceborn Gauntlet and 1 defensive item before finishing Titanic Hydra. But if you are to buy this item before a defensive item make sure you get Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk after it because it will buff your Titanic Hydra damage.

Quick tip: Titanic Hydra like Tiamat (and Ravenous Hydra for that matter) reset your auto attacks. This means you can Auto Attack -> Tiamat active -> Auto Attack for a quick burst of damage. You can also follow this up with your Q Jaws of the Beast Auto Attack Reset (mentioned earlier in the guide) before or after the combo sequence. This will do maximum combo damage and can surprise your opponent.


Many people (myself included) love this item on Warwick and understandably so, It is still a viable item on him especially if you and your team are ahead and snowballing. Don't hesitate too much if you find yourself in a situation where you think Trinity Force is a better option than Iceborn Gauntlet. Just get it and roll with the punches.
Perfect example where Trinity Force is a good option is when you are ahead, but your team is behind and can't put down their damage in team fights because they get obliterated by fed Katarina and Malphite combo.
Spoiler: Click to view

This is not a bad item, its just that for me, other items work better. If you are buying this item you should also have Trinity Force, as these two work well together. However you could replace Thornmail with this item in rare situations, where for example enemy team doesn't have any significant ad dealers. Sterak's Gage also works nice with Titanic Hydra, so it is a viable option in certain situation where armor or magic resistance are not of utmost importance.



On Blue Team, you should start by clearing your Red Buff ( Red Brambleback ) first. Skip the crimson raptor as they deal too much damage and you have no AOE (area of effect) clear without your Tiamat. Take Greater Murk Wolf and then your Blue Buff ( Blue Sentinel ), you can smite Blue Buff if you are low on health, if you are not, save it for rift scuttler . After Blue Buff take the Gromp to gain your level 3.

Once you are level 3, if top is gankable you should try and gank it. If its not gankable or if you did gank, contest the rift scuttler , after which you should recall and get your Tiamat if you have enough gold, else just buy components for it.

With the Tiamat you can take Crimson Raptor and your Krugs after which you should look to gank bot lane and contest rift scuttler . Once you finish this route you should seek an opportunity to gank mid lane, if possible.

Red Buff -> Greater Murk Wolf -> Blue Buff -> Gromp -> Gank -> Rift Scuttler

Spoiler: Click to view


Start by taking your Blue Buff Blue Sentinel , then Gromp and after the Greater Murk Wolf . Smite and take your Red Buff then pay your top laner a visit if possible (gank), if not move to rift scuttler then recall if there isn't much going on in lanes.

Blue Buff -> Gromp -> Greater Murk Wolf -> Smite Red Buff -> Gank -> Rift Scuttler

Spoiler: Click to view


Warwick is fairly good at invading enemy jungle and making enemy junglers life difficult. Especially if you are dealing with champions like Amumu or Sejuani, they are unfairly easy to deal with as Warwick and have no chance of fighting you without help. This being season 10 and team meta is in full swing, chances are enemy will get help from their teammates, not always from the first invade, but after the first invade tread carefully. Don't invade without proper vision or assurance that your laner will be there to help if the enemy jungler has help from his laner.

How to invade?
The idea is fairly simple, but executing it can be difficult especially if enemy jungler is expecting you to invade. What you want to do, is try and figure out your opponents starting location. Then go ahead and take YOUR buff that is diagonal from the enemy starting buff. For example, if enemy is starting Blue buff on Red team, you want to go ahead and start Blue on Blue team. After you take your first buff you move straight to the enemy buff and take it or wait for the enemy to try and take it then kill them or burn their summoner spells as they get low. Dont forget to save your Smite so you can smite their buff if needed.

You always want to be opposite of where the enemy jungler is to have the safest invades, but if you want to play it risky and try to kill your opponent in his jungle, then by all means go ahead! Practice makes perfect and Warwick has all the tools you need to execute a good invade.
This is very basic, but once you get the hang of it and become more confident in invading you will find it to be your 2nd nature on Warwick.

Keeping good vision in enemy jungle and paying attention to the spawn timers is also a step that will put you above an average Warwick player and help you keep the edge over your opponent.


There is no argument that having objective control helps you win the game and keeping control of those objectives is important during the match. Luckily Warwick has fairly easy time taking these objectives such as dragons and heralds on his own.
What makes this difficult is how your laners are doing and if you have enough map control so that your laners can help you secure the objectives.

This is why Objectives & Ganking often go hand in hand, because by helping your laners win their lane, they in return help you secure the objectives. Either by directly helping you by leashing the dragon or indirectly by having pressure in their lane so that enemy laner/s can not randomly show up while you are about to take that dragon and ruin your day.

VISION Oracle Lens Stealth Ward Control Ward

We often forget about this especially players in lower elo, but vision is really important. Knowing that your dragon pit for example is free of enemy wards can mean the difference between your dragon (or baron) being stolen or not. Imagine trying to sneak a baron and how you would feel about doing it if you had full vision control over it versus if you didn't.

I will not go into too much detail about vision control in this guide, because vision control on its own deserves a guide (hint hint). I will just give you some warding locations I use. But what you can take from this is ALWAYS CLEAR VISION IN DRAGON OR BARON PIT BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO TAKE THOSE OBJECTIVES!


Taking objectives as Blue Team
Spoiler: Click to view

Taking objectives as Red Team
Spoiler: Click to view

Have a ward in at least 2 of these locations.
Well after all that I hope you found something for yourself that will help you improve your Warwick playstyle and climb the ranks. Maybe now your match history will go from this
Spoiler: Click to view

to this
Spoiler: Click to view

Or is this only me? Anyone? Okay its just me...

Jokes aside thank you for reading through this and I wish you the best of luck in summoners rift and have a nice day.


Also drop me a follow or a sub!
This section is reserved to keep all the update logs on this guide. You do not need to read any of this, but it is here and helps keep track of the guides history.

- 22nd August, 2020 - Minor updates for patch 10.16b
- 15th August, 2020 - Some minor updates
- 5th August 2020 - Updated for patch 10.16
- 27th July 2020 - Updated for patch 10.15
- 21th July 2020 - Added more Threats and Synergy champions, also some guide polish.
- 15th July 2020 - Updated for 10.14 Patch
- 1st July 2020 - Revised and Initially released

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