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Morgana Build Guide by PulseBeat_02

Jungle [10.21] Morgana Juñglê (Detailed)

By PulseBeat_02 | Updated on October 16, 2020
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Runes: Dark Harvest

1 2
Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Summoner Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Support Role
Win 50%
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Champion Build Guide

[10.21] Morgana Juñglê (Detailed)

By PulseBeat_02
Hello everybody! I am PulseBeat_02, and I have been playing Morgana for a while now. Out of all mage junglers, Morgana is arguably one of best out of them all. She is very safe (her kit allows her to live), and also her buffs made her become a jungle pick.
Pros vs. Cons Back to Top
Why is Morgana a good jungler? Well, if you take a look at her abilities and passive, it is pretty self explanatory. Morgana's passive, Soul Siphon allows her to heal for 20% of the damage that she deals to Champions, Large Minions, and Large Monsters. This means that this allows her to be healthy while clearing camps and also making ganks onto lanes. Her W, Tormented Shadow is what makes her a great jungler. It allows for her to deal 50% more damage to monsters. Plus, the current cool-down of her Tormented Shadow is reduced by 5% every time Soul Siphon activates, which when stacked up, can greatly help her place more Tormented Shadow faster. In fact, you can use this to your advantage to clear both Raptors and a Red Buff leashless. Example Here The reason why this works is because the cool-down is decreased so much from stacks gotten from both the Raptors and the Red Buff combined that it allows her to heal a ton and place multiple shadows.

However, you must note her weaknesses also. She has very large mana issues early game. Her abilities use a ton of mana, meaning that you must find a way to compensate for it. If you played Morgana before and you are experienced with her, you shouldn't need to worry about this because you already know how to conserve mana, but if you are new, you should consider starting with Blue Buff because it helps give you mana easier. In most matchups, you should always max Tormented Shadow because it helps clear jungle faster. Your ganks may suffer a bit because you aren't putting points into your Dark Binding, but in the long run it will pay off. If you want to go for early ganks though look at the other ability order, which puts 3 points into your Tormented Shadow and then puts 3 points into your Dark Binding. (And then goes back to maxing Tormented Shadow -> Dark Binding -> Black Shield). If you are contesting scuttle/objectives, make sure to keep your root and smite handy, because you will need it. Morgana is very poor in 1v1 fights early game (comparatively to other junglers).
Jungle Path Back to Top
If you are new to Morgana, you should start Blue Buff . Otherwise I wouldn't see Red Buff as an issue to start. When jungling, always optimize your farm so you can kill as many camps as you can in one run. This should be your jungle path:

Starting Blue Buff:
Blue Buff -> Gromp -> Wolves -> Red Buff -> Raptors -> Rift Scuttler

Starting Red Buff
Red Buff -> Krugs -> Raptors -> Blue Buff -> Gromp (or Wolves ) -> Rift Scuttler

Morgana will have some trouble clearing Krugs because the Medium Krug won't proc her passive, (which means her Tormented Shadow cool-down won't be decreased), so keep your smite handy. While clearing camps such as Wolves , Raptors , or Krugs , clear the biggest monster first and then clear the others. (Drop W on the whole camp, and keep auto attacking the big monster. Try to get out of the attack range of the monsters to conserve health)
Gank Paths Back to Top
You should be focusing on farm early game, because it is better in the long run. If the enemy is considerably behind, you could land a couple Dark Binding to make their life miserable and get your laner even more ahead -- however -- your ganks aren't as great until you hit level 6 power-spike. Generally what you should do is pick up a Control Ward or Oracle Lens and place it in a bush (to check for vision) and wait for them to push up. Then, you can either throw a Dark Binding from the bush or you can walk in, (throwing a binding from the bush is preferable because they can't see you). After throwing your Dark Binding, your allies should be able to CC them down. You can also use Soul Shackles then throw Dark Binding out, because your ultimate usually guarantees you to hit your binding (or you can throw it out after the stun). This will slow, root, and stun them (which is a ton of damage and also enough time for your laners to help you kill them). Keep in mind, however, never gank too much on Morgana. You are a scaling champ, and you will suffer late game if you forget to farm.
Item Builds Back to Top
Your item builds will stay similar, with Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes and Liandry's Torment being core, but it may change from time to time. Take a look at the example item builds I made above and the notes so you can see when to build them and why.
Power Spikes Back to Top
Around 10-15 minutes, you should be looking for ganks because you should already have level 6 by then and also have Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes and Sorcerer's Shoes. Your damage will be extremely high and should take out squishy champions with ease. Your main powerspikes are:

Level 6: Your ganks will be much better comparatively to pre-6 and also your combo will be usually enough to secure a kill.

Level 11: The slow for Soul Shackles has increased up to 25%!. This is a huge change and will allow you to slow your enemies even further.

Liandry's Torment: You will have the ability to take out tanks easier, and gives you 1v1 potential.

Remember to help champions that are very weak in lane early game (such as Kayle, etc).
Conclusion Back to Top
Thank you so much for reading my guide. This is my first guide, and I hope it was helpful. Comment if you want to change something!
League of Legends Build Guide Author PulseBeat_02
PulseBeat_02 Morgana Guide
[10.21] Morgana Juñglê (Detailed)
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