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Zac Build Guide by SkellyBirb

Middle [10.25] AP Zac: Long Range One Shots Before They Can Move

Middle [10.25] AP Zac: Long Range One Shots Before They Can Move

Updated on December 28, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SkellyBirb Build Guide By SkellyBirb 6 2 169,918 Views 0 Comments
6 2 169,918 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SkellyBirb Zac Build Guide By SkellyBirb Updated on December 28, 2020
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Zac
    AP Zac Mid
  • LoL Champion: Zac
    AP Zac Jungle

Runes: Electrocute + Precision

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[10.25] AP Zac: Long Range One Shots Before They Can Move

By SkellyBirb
Who Am I?
My name is SkellyBirb, and I play on the NA server under the name "Hextech KogMaw". I was low gold in Season 9 and am constantly testing out builds in normals for my own playstyle. I've come to enjoy League the most by playing a lot of different off-meta builds and created my MOBAFire guides to share them. A lot of these builds I would suggest playing in normals, however if you master them they can definitely be a good situational pick in ranked depending on match ups. However, I would avoid first picking these in ranked, and for some of these builds, I'd avoid entirely in ranked.
Why AP Zac?
Zac works really well building full AP, as most of his abilities still scale with it. His Elastic Slingshot scales with a whopping 90% of your AP. His W Unstable Matter will do an extra 2% of the enemies' max health per 100 AP. His Q Stretching Strikes isn't that great, but it still has 30% AP Scaling. Finally, his ultimate Let's Bounce! has 40% AP scaling per bounce, but does half to each enemy hit. If you hit all 4 bounces on an enemy, it has 100% AP Scaling. It's a ton of fun to play AP Zac and it is still viable, which is why I'd highly suggest giving it a try.
Pros & Cons


-Tons of Burst
-Great Crowd Control
-Can still build tanky
-Tons of range to gank with Elastic Slingshot
-Quite mobile for a normally tank
-Tons of Fun


-Much more squishy than a full tank build
-Long cool downs on Stretching Strikes and Elastic Slingshot early game
-Team reliant after you use all of your abilities


Electrocute - I take Electrocute most of the time because you don't have to rely on stacking it like you do with Dark Harvest, and it is extremely easy to combo an enemy if you land Elastic Slingshot. It completely destroys squishies and you don't need to rely on them being low to make use of it.

Dark Harvest - This is a good option as it still gives you a lot of burst, but it just feels less reliable. If you do snowball with it and get a lot of stacks, this very well could be better than Electrocute though.

Aftershock - This is mostly used because the extra armor and magic resist it gives you. If you're playing a bruiser build, it'll let you stay alive a lot longer as you won't even get as much burst from domination but will get some extra from armor and magic resist with aftershock.

Conqueror - This gives you a lot of damage and sustain in long fights, which is why it works great with Riftmaker and Demonic Embrace

Domination Options

Cheap Shot - This gives true damage and can be a viable option, but it doesn't give you the magic pen for your burst that Sudden Impact would give you.

Sudden Impact - The magic pen you gain from this is super useful when ganking with Elastic Slingshot as it will last your entire combo.

Eyeball Collection - This is pretty standard and is the only one I take. You want to gank a lot and try to stack it as fast as possible.

Ravenous Hunter - This is a solid choice for healing, but the largest issue is that you rely on bursting enemies so once your abilities are down it won't do much for you and you generally won't get much health since you'll be going in with full health.

Ingenious Hunter - This is pretty much mostly useful for Hextech Rocketbelt to help you burst down enemies more often.

Ultimate Hunter - I normally take this as you're ultimate is extremely useful and having it off cooldown faster can be a huge gamechanger.

Resolve Options

Demolish - Good for splitting or taking turrets

Font of Life - Good for team fights to keep your allies alive

Conditioning - Good for long fights where the armor adds up.

Bone Plating - Good for anti-burst, especially early game.

Overgrowth - Good for farming and stacking a lot of health.

Revitalize - Good with a lot of healing and shielding on your team.

Unflinching - Good against heavy crowd control.

Precision Options

Triumph - More healing in team fights when you get kills and assists to help keep you alive.

Legend: Tenacity - Good for a lot of crowd control

Coup de Grace - Good for bursting down enemies and cleaning up.

Last Stand - Good with Riftmaker, Demonic Embrace, and Conqueror to keep dealing damage and healing more in team fights.

Mythic Items

Hextech Rocketbelt - This item is the updated Hextech Protobelt, which is what was core on my AP Zac before the item rework. This is my go to for a burst build as it provides you mobility and lets you chase down enemies.

Night Harvester - This is good for AOE Burst as it has a cooldown for each enemy champion, so it could be good if you can get to a squishy backline and burst them all. Needs more testing, but I think Hextech Rocketbelt is better.

Riftmaker - This item can be absolutely insane in long fights as it gives you a bit of sustain from damage and combined with Demonic Embrace you can be pretty tanky while dealing a lot of damage, even if you went full tank after.


Sorcerer's Shoes - Best for burst, but if you can't survive to deal the damage, you might not want these.

Plated Steelcaps - Good against AD damage if you're struggling to survive.

Mercury's Treads - Great against a lot of CC and magic damage.

Early Game Situational Items

Oblivion Orb - This is great against a lot of healing because it applies Grievous Wounds and is cheap.

Seeker's Armguard - This gives you 30 AP and 15 Armor, and stacks up to 45 Armor for only 900 gold. Great if you are facing AD early and are taking too much damage but don't want to push back your core too much.

Verdant Barrier - This can give you 25 AP and 25 Magic Resist, stacking up to 55 Magic Resist for 1200 gold. It's a bit expensive, but if you need to survive AP Burst it's probably your best option.

Spectre's Cowl - If you want Visage later and are going a bruiser build, this can be good early against magic damage.

Bramble Vest - 800 gold for armor and grievous wounds. This can be really good if you need to apply it early and are going bruiser.

Mejai's Soulstealer - This is good if you are ahead as it is upgraded from Dark Seal which is the suggested starting item. It can give you 125 AP and 10% Movement Speed if fully stacked, as well as it now giving a bit of health instead of mana. It also counts as a Legendary Item so it gives you bonus stats based on your mythic item.

Situational Items

Demonic Embrace - This gives you AP and Health, but it also gives you a percent health burn and also armor and magic resist. This can be great for a bruiser or assassin that needs a bit of survivability but also wants to get off a lot of damage.

Horizon Focus - This can activate from immobilizing an enemy, which Zac can do plenty of. This will give you 100 AP and 10% increased damage after you E in if you land it. It can be great for burst, but doesn't help you survive. Great when ahead, weak when behind.

Rabadon's Deathcap - More AP and burst. Great late game when you have a lot of AP or if you can afford to buy it. It's extremely expensive, but gives you a ton of damage.

Morellonomicon - Grievous wounds item with AP and Health. Overall good against a lot of healing.

Zhonya's Hourglass - Good against AD Burst or possibly burst in general because of the passive. AP, Armor, Ability Haste, and Survivability. It's usually a good choice for an AP Assassin or possibly bruiser because you get armor and damage.

Void Staff - Magic Pen, good to burst tanks a bit, but probably won't kill them entirely. Really cheap for a lot of magic pen.

Banshee's Veil Good against AP Burst or champions like Blitzcrank who have one ability that can really mess you up from far range.

Bruiser Situationals

Warmog's Armor - Lots of survivability and regen so you don't have to back if it pushes you over 3,000 health.

Force of Nature - Great in long lasting fights against a lot of mages.

Spirit Visage - Great if you have other sources of healing and need magic resist.

Dead Man's Plate - You get a lot of mobility with this as well as armor and health.

Abyssal Mask - Great if you have a lot of damage outside you and you need magic resist.

Thornmail - Great to apply grievous wounds while getting armor and health.

Gargoyle Stoneplate - Great teamfight item to get a ton of health, armor, and magic resist. Only good very late game now due to the hefty price and the fact it's only good in team fights which are common late game.

Randuin's Omen - Good against critical, but a lot of crit champions right now are weak and this item isn't that necessary anymore.
Thanks for Reading!
Thanks for taking a look at my guide. I'd love to hear if you tried it out and how it went, as well as any additional feedback. If you have any other item suggestions that aren't included in my build, I'd love to hear them and test them out. If they work well, I'd likely add them to my guide. I also would appreciate votes and comments that help me improve the guide and show how how like or disliked the guide is!
League of Legends Build Guide Author SkellyBirb
SkellyBirb Zac Guide
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[10.25] AP Zac: Long Range One Shots Before They Can Move

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