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Rengar Build Guide by CattoNuts

Top [11.1] The Chad Rengar Top Guide

Top [11.1] The Chad Rengar Top Guide

Updated on January 26, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CattoNuts Build Guide By CattoNuts 46 4 133,074 Views 0 Comments
46 4 133,074 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CattoNuts Rengar Build Guide By CattoNuts Updated on January 26, 2021
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Runes: Conqueror

1 2 3
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[11.1] The Chad Rengar Top Guide

By CattoNuts


Hi, I'm CattoUniverse, currently Platinum 4 on NA. I play a lot of Rengar Top, but is flexible on any lanes/champions. This is one of my few guides so I'll try my best to be as informative as possible. When I started Rengar top lane, I was struggling with how few streamers and guides there were for him because most mains play 'em jungle. I now got quite familiar with the champ so I'm making a (hopefully) in-depth guide to assist aspiring Rengar Top players. Don't hesitate to leave comments as well as questions in the Discussion section.

Here's my OP.GG
Pros and Cons

- Oppressive early game

- Excells in trades and pressure

- Versatile playstyle

- High outplay potential

- Great mechanics, fun champion

- Unexpected damage

Rengar can be a bit mechanically challenging, so it’s quite fun getting to learn the champion, his match-up play styles, and try out different items on him. His early game is when he strikes best with an incredibly strong pre-6 kit. Enemies who have not played against Rengar in the top lane will have a hard time realizing how much damage you do. With a pushing wave, full health, full Unseen Predator stack, and Conqueror, no jungler can win as a skilled Rengar player will easily outplay a 1v2. Definitely a super fun pick.

- Many hard match-ups

- Usual target for ganks

- Bramble vest

- Useless if behind

That said, summoners can run into quite some trouble against certain match-ups like Shen or Maokai, where they deal a **** ton of damages to you, but you can’t seem to scratch them even a little bit. Also, his early power will be his undoing, as enemy mid laners and junglers will be going for your head more often. If you’re doing terribly in the laning phase, chances are you’re not going to be impacting the game much. You gotta have to sit behind and let your teammates carry, which is boring as heck. Btw, Bramble Vest is a *****.
Summoner Spells

FLASH: This one is a no-brainer. Not only can Flash get you out of sticky situations, it could also be used as a kill-confirming tool or a play-maker. You’ll find yourself needing this spell a lot in your games.
TELEPORT: With Rengar, your insane early game power does not require Ignite to snowball. Instead, grab Teleport to lower your losses when forced to recall or make vital plays on the opposite side of the map. In late game, create pressure by pushing the lane furthest from an objective, then Teleport down to finish up a team fight.
IGNITE: This will be your tool to an ultra fed kitty cat. Against lower-skilled opponents who will not expect the true power of Rengar, Ignite will definitely catch them off guard with the massive burst. That said, this could be an overkill and might not be effective as you climb up the elo ladder.



✦ Conqueror
This will be your go-to rune page for most match-ups, but if you know your champion well, Conqueror can go with ALL match-ups. From the increased outplay potential to the high sustainability in team fights, Conqueror is your best friend when talking Rengar top.


✦ Grasp of the Undying
If you're not familiar with Rengar, I suggest going for Grasp of the Undying for easier trades and more tankiness. Those short cool-down procs will surely make your opponents back down with the increased AA damage, maximum HP, and healing.


✦ Phase Rush
If against low health, pokey, speedy, and slowing ability champs ( Darius or Kayle), Phase Rush should give you an easier catching up or out-running them. If you're not confident against poke match-ups, grab Fleet Footwork for in lane sustain.


Know that Rengar was not built for Top Lane, so most of your MUs are are skill-based. For now, just know that most Tanks are harder MUs ( Bramble Vest OP), most Fighters are even MUs, most Assassins or Ranged are easier MUs ( Battle Roar heals burst). There are some exceptions to beware of in the MU section.



Goredrinker gives you everything you need as a Bruiser: Healing, survivability, health, damage, and CDR. Combined with it’s outplaying active and waveclear, this will be your 1 item power spike on Rengar. Even if you’re heading the Assassin path, Goredrinker for first item is just as good as any other lethality choices. Highly recommended.
Stridebreaker comes from the same place as Goredrinker with the similar stats and active. The only difference is that the item lets you dash up a small distance, which could be in use. Rengar has a hard time catching up others without his E and bushes, so that teeny tiny bit of gap-closing could come in handy. Synergizes well with Ravenous Hydra.
Ravenous Hydra now comes with a +20 Ability Haste, which makes it even more efficient on Rengar. You get the big damage and healing from it, and not to mention that satisfying minion clear from the item’s new unique passive. This should be a great second pick.
If you haven’t noticed, Rengar runs on healing. That’s why Spirit Visage will synergize well with his Battle Roar and lifesteal from previous items. You’d still be able to do damage while being basically unkillable on this item. Spirit Visage or Death’s Dance should be a solid third pick, and also the last item in your core.
If the enemy has low AP or a lot of bursts and chain CCs, opt for Death’s Dance instead of Spirit Visage. You get the CDR and the survivability, which is quite similar to your alternative. The item will destroy AD dealers, making them helpless considering the armor that DD gives. Great third pick.
If you’re looking to shred some armor, you’re at the right place. With high Ability Haste and decent HP + Damage, Black Cleaver is a good choice for a Bruiser. The passive will be extremely useful in extended fights, and could help your AD teammates generate more Damage onto enemies. Do keep in mind that Rengar is a snowballing champion, so this item is not optimal unless you’re a bit behind.
It’s stats are decent, got some nice armor and damage. But the real purpose of your GA purchase is the passive. You’re sick of always engaging and getting bursted down first because your team comp doesn’t have a frontline. You grab GA, jump in, resurrect, and clean up the rest of their team.
Season 11 finally allowed Support and Bruiser champions to get ahold of their own Grievous Wounds item, so why not take it. Pretty self-explanatory. You see a lot of annoying healing and lifesteal from the enemy team, you buy Chainsword
Laning Phase


As Rengar, your pre-6 is hella stronk. Look to start stacking passive when minion arrives at level one. When you're at 3 stack and your Savagery is up, go for a trade from a bush with AA+ Savagery+ Empowered Savagery. If they fall back, you fall back. If they keep trying to trade, go for it, since you get bonus attack speed from Empowered Savagery. Most low elo opponent will overlook your stacks if it's not full, and will underestimate your insane early game. Optimize trading whenever your can reach 4 stacks after jumping ( Empowered Savagery for long trade, Empowered Battle Roar for short trade). Pre-6 you can burst them from half HP with Empowered Savagery jump by having full stacks from the start ( Empowered Savagery+jump+ Bola Strike midair+ Battle Roar+ Savagery+ Empowered Savagery+ Ignite)
You'll be less likely to win 1v1 if you're not ahead after 6, so just call for ganks or use ult to roam.
Tips & Tricks


How to Cheater Recall

This here is a VOD of LS showing Sanchovies how to Cheater Recall (all credits to video creator and owner) So basically, you'd want to build up the first 2 waves of the game by clearing it slightly faster than your opponent. One the cannon wave comes, you'd have a bigger wave and more caster minions. You have to shove it in as fast as you can, using your empowered W for AOE. Immediately recall once your wave crashes into the turret and grab a Long Sword or a Doran's Blade and run back to lane. You now have an item advantage but still having relatively similar XP.
Champion Skins
League of Legends Build Guide Author CattoNuts
CattoNuts Rengar Guide
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[11.1] The Chad Rengar Top Guide

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