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Viego Build Guide by SlippStream

Support [11.8] "We Were Beautiful, Once..." Viego Support

Support [11.8] "We Were Beautiful, Once..." Viego Support

Updated on April 20, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SlippStream Build Guide By SlippStream 25 5 48,893 Views 3 Comments
25 5 48,893 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SlippStream Viego Build Guide By SlippStream Updated on April 20, 2021
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Viego
  • LoL Champion: Viego

Runes: Aftershock

1 2 3
Font of Life
Bone Plating

Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

[11.8] "We Were Beautiful, Once..." Viego Support

By SlippStream

Hi! I am a support main and I've been playing since about halfway through season 9. I've been playing off-meta supports for a while trying to find a hidden gem, and I think Viego fits that mould. I enjoy supports like Pyke and Sett, and Viego falls in that category of support.

I also have a guide for Senna support. Check it out here.
Viego was designed to be a jungler. A dps-heavy brusier/assassin that dives into backlines and carefully dismantles team comps. Knowing this, you may be thinking "what can Viego bring to a team as a support?" And luckily for you, I'm here to answer that.

Viego has a strong laning phase with powerful burst damage and incredible all-ins. His teamfights are probably his weakest points, but he always provides his team value with his passive. Likewise, He can itemize to enable his team's engages and ditch those items once they are no long useful by possessing an enemy. Viego clicked with me in a way that not many supports have, but he also comes with a pretty steep learning curve. He's not an easy one to just pick up, so if you're looking for someone with Viego's type of kit, may I recommend Pyke or Sett. They come with similar playstyles, and are easier entry points.


  • High Damage
  • Solid burst trades
  • Built-in sustain
  • High skill ceiling
  • Massive single-target dps
  • Fun to play
  • Unknown matchup for most supports
  • Can win entire fights off of one pick


  • Squishy
  • Weak to CC
  • Low utility
  • High skill floor
  • Can accidentally steal kills
  • Struggles if team can't get kills
Flash is the most self-explanatory summoner spell, you'll always take it. It can be weaved into a combo, or just blown if you take an engage you shouldn't have.
Very rarely will I find myself taking Heal, but I will if my ADC wants to take some other summoner. Make sure you're within range of your ADC when you use it, and don't forget about the movement speed it gives when chasing or running away.
By far the most popular option, Ignite is the standard for supports. It helps you top off your pressure in all-in's so you can secure kills or dampen healing. Into heal-heavy botlanes, it's a good companion to Executioner's Calling.
If I'm up against an all-in ADC like Tristana or Draven, I opt for Exhaust instead of Ignite. Exhaust's 650 range negates the early-game problem with Ignite, giving you more room to position at the edge of your attack range, and giving you an upper hand in a skirmish if you Exhaust their ADC.
As Viego, you generally have a few options for your runes. Unlike most champions, where you would select runes based on how your champion will play into the enemy champions, Viego picks his runes based on how the enemy champions play into the enemy champions. For example, against a Nautilus, Ornn, or Sejuani, Electrocute will almost never come into play when possessing them; however, Aftershock would. Remember that Sovereign's Domination takes their abilities and items, not their runes. It's important to stay flexible.

Picking keystones for Viego is tricky, because whatever he takes needs to be flexible enough to work against and with any enemy champions. Electrocute is a high-damage option that gives Viego an easy trade in lane ( Spectral Maw -> AA with Blade of the Ruined King passive), and a general catchall damage option for his possessions. You can also go for Hail of Blades if up against an auto-attack heavy team.
Taste of Blood gives you a little bit extra healing during laning phase so you don't get pushed out of lane, also works with any champion. Sudden Impact can be considered for the lethality off of Spectral Maw, but it generally applies to fewer champions in possessions.
Eyeball Collection works best here because of Viego's need to play aggressively and ability to roam & secure takedowns around the map. If you find yourself clearing lots of vision, you can also try Zombie Ward for a safer playstyle.
Lastly in the main tree, we take Ravenous Hunter. The extra healing helps a lot, even if you build tank; staying alive in fights long enough to use Sovereign's Domination , and keeping yourself alive in possessions is crucial. You can take Relentless Hunter if you need raw roaming power, but your teamfights will suffer.

Taking Electrocute gives Viego a lot of extra damage, but as a melee support, he's vulnerable to poke and naturally squishy. To counteract this, we take Bone Plating, letting Viego take some extra hits during his all-ins.
Revitalize juices up your heals, especially when you're low. It's a great bit of extra sustain, and gives you utility when you kill your opponent support, as many have heals and shields.

Aftershock is a pretty reliable keystone. In lane, it works to make you sturdier in trades you initial with Spectral Maw. In teamfights, it relies on enemy CC potential to be useful, unless you land Spectral Maw before a possession. I generally only take this keystone into a team with decent hard CC, but you can take it without if you just need some inherent tankiness.
Font of Life allows your adc to heal off of your engages, and can give you a lot of teamfight sustain if you can possess a champion with AOE CC. You can also pick Demolish if you're confident in your early game or are against very little CC.
Bone Plating lets you take worse trades and come out healthier. Your engages often leave you exposed, so it's nice to have the backup damage reduction. On that note, try not to engage unless Bone Plating is up, you'll take more damage and might risk too much.
Finally, we take Revitalize as a way to supercharge our engage healing. Blade of the Ruined King's passive healing is core to your skirmishes and is what most of your healing will come from. Also, if you possess a healing or shielding support, you can get a bit more out of them.

In teamfights, your goal is to rack up takedowns and possess your enemies to get their utility. Triumph gives you a burst of healing per takedown that keeps you going, especially since Sovereign's Domination keeps your percent health when leaving possessions. Also, I'll never say no to 20 free gold.
Blade of the Ruined King's cast time decreases with attack speed, along with Sovereign's Domination 's healing on possession scaling up. Since we don't focus on attack speed much in our build, we take a little bit here just to make our skirmishes smoother. You can take Legend: Tenacity if you fear enemy CC, but you will feel a bit clunkier in combat.

One of the most crucial but least talked about parts of playing support is warding. Wards can keep your team safe, help your jungler counterjungle, and contribute to securing objectives. Knowing where to place your wards and what wards to place are both essential parts about playing in the bot lane.

Get to Know Your Options

There are a lot of options in the vision toolbox on summoner's rift, and it's important to know the value of types of vision from situation to situation.

Stealth Ward

The standard ward. 3 health, 10 gold bounty, comes in for free, stealths after a second. These are best for short spurts of hard-to-detect vision, such as before objective or protecting river from ganks. Careful not to place more than 3, or you will waste vision.

Control Ward

Control wards are a situational form of vision. They have 4 hit points compared to Stealth Ward's 3, and deny vision in an area around them, but cost 75 gold and give a 30 gold bounty. They're important, and I buy a few every game, but they're not to be wasted and need to be played around.

Oracle Lens

Oracle Lens replaces your trinket and gives you a way to clear your opponent's vision without wasting Control Wards. However, I would almost never recommend starting an Oracle Lens on supports as the early vision of Stealth Ward is far stronger. However, I almost always switch over to it when I reach my first support item quest.

Farsight Alteration

Farsight Alteration is a corner case option. It allows you to place a ward from much, much further away, but it has 1 health and doesn't stealth. I recommend this if the enemy team is very good at controlling vision and the jungle is dark, or if you have low mobility and can't afford to go into the jungle to ward, or for easy deep vision.

Your First Ward

Your first ward serves only one real purpose: to catch the enemy jungler on a level 2 gank. You'll be placing it at between 1:30 and 1:45, so you can get early vision on the enemy jungler. If you're on blue side, I recommend warding in the middle of river above the bush, near the on-ramp to red side's blue jungle. If you're on red side, I recommend warding blue side's tri-brush to catch their jungler. These wards are especially important if you're against a strong early jungler like Twitch, Jarvan IV, or Shaco. Of course, don't be afraid to use your first ward to push or defend against an invade if it's advantageous to your team.
If you're not against a strong early jungler, or perhaps their jungler started on the opposite side of the map, you may consider saving your ward for an extra minute. This way, if you place it around 2:30, the ward will last until 4:00 which will be enough time to watch against all early ganks, and run up into the cooldown of your next ward.

Quick side note: you can't force your ADC to ward, a lot of them just haven't mastered warding yet in favor of wave control tactics. You just have to play around this, get a feel for how and when they ward, and use their wards to your advantage.

Laning Phase

In the laning phase, your wards should aim to prevent successful ganks by your opponents, enable successful ganks by your team, and control objectives. To this extent, I recommend jungle tracking wards if you're in a place to deep ward, as they can spot the enemy jungler and allow your jungler to counterjungle or gank the opposite side of the map.
I recommend Control Wards in your tri-brush or the river brush, depending on which ward you can more easily protect. You can also place control wards in the back of dragon pit, forcing enemies to walk into the pit to remove it, allowing your team to mount a surprise attack. Otherwise, always keep vision in river, as it's the most popular gank path. If dragon is within 60 seconds of spawning an your team values it, ward dragon pit. You may have to choose which ward you need if you don't have an upgraded support item, but prioritize objectives over river vision. You can place shallow Stealth Wards at the mouth of dragon pit to see river and dragon at once. Once you have an upgraded support item, you can start placing more specialty wards to give your team more information.

When aggressively warding on blue side, I love the spot behind the rock in red side's blue jungle that can see both gromp and the Blue Sentinel . On the red side, the brush right behind blue side's Red Brambleback can spot the jungler whether he's ganking mid or moving into river to take Rift Scuttler or counterjungle. Of course, defensively warding important parts of your jungle or the river entrances are great options if you're worried about your opponents taking your team's jungle camps or Rift Scuttler .

Mid/Late Game

Mid and late game play out very similarly to laning phase, albeit more objective-focused. Concentrate on placing vision on objectives your team values, whether that's Drake , Rift Herald , or Baron Nashor . You should have Oracle Lens by now and hopefully at least the first quest completed on your support item. You may want to start considering alternative vision options. You may need Farsight Alteration if the jungle is too dangerous to enter, and you may need more or fewer Control Wards, depending on how religiously the enemy team is clearing them.

Make sure to ward objectives 60 to 45 seconds before the monster spawns, and not too early. Stealth Wards last between 90 and 120 seconds, depending on average champion levels, so it's important that the vision remains when the objective spawns and during any resulting skirmish. Similarly, use Oracle Lens to remove any vision set up by your opponents for the objective. Remember: it is generally too dangerous to go into a visionless jungle by yourself during the late game -- take someone with you!

1/27/2021 - Guide Created
2/9/2021 - Electrocute page added to runes chapter
2/14/2021 - Aftershock page added to runes chapter
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SlippStream
SlippStream Viego Guide
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[11.8] "We Were Beautiful, Once..." Viego Support

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