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Sett Build Guide by SettVEVO



Updated on September 24, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SettVEVO Build Guide By SettVEVO 23 0 17,393 Views 3 Comments
23 0 17,393 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SettVEVO Sett Build Guide By SettVEVO Updated on September 24, 2022
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Runes: Against Melee

1 2 3 4
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
99% of the time
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide



What's up
Hey I'm SettVEVO, I'm a Sett Main ever since I started playing LoL again at the end of 2020 since stopping in 2015. The reason I play him is how fun he is and i think that is the main reason you should play any champion or any game in general, it's to have fun.

So why Sett?

Well, Sett is a Jack of All Trades Top Laner who is good at everything but not the best. He is a great all rounder champion and a good champion to main because of it.
He has multiple pros and shares cons of any other juggernaut.

  • Really fun to play
  • Insane teamfighter
  • Always useful
  • Flex pick (top,mid,support)
  • Great Anti Tank Champion
  • Good duelist
  • Great engage
  • Great peeler
  • Good tank
  • Good scaling
  • Massive TRUE damage

  • Easily kiteable
  • Need to make the most out of his spells to be effective
  • Weak without his W
  • Long Cooldowns
  • No poke
  • Very vulnerable when CC'd

Sett starts the game being better than everyone else, with his passive he will win most level 1 fights, and has great sustain with it as well. He is a great duelist and most champions prefer to run away from him than get close. Being able to survive most all ins due to his W shield and natural tankiness makes him a great champion to 1v2 with when the jungler comes to gank.
He is so good you can dominate with him all game if you play him well and to his strengths.

On the other hand though, Sett suffers against those who look to trade shortly, people who can get in and get out before he can even use his grit, junglers will gank and hover around as a means to not get a haymaker to the face. With no poke in lane he depends on the enemy to make a mistake so he can punish rather than being able to get free damage himself unless you use your W for poke which is a huge mistake. He has his tools and with very long cooldowns means he has to use them in the most effective way possible, not missing any of them will win you the trade but even missing just one can turn it around.

A great thing about Sett is his versatility he doesn't need to stick to a single build to be effective. You're ahead in game? Go Gore into more damage. You're losing lane? Go tank and build Frostfire into Titanic. A lot of melees on their team? Go BORK to duel even better than you already can. And at the end of everything Sett will always be useful because of his massive W true damage, AOE stun on his E and enemy health scaling ult.
Unlike his builds he really doesn't vary his runes that much in top lane.
You will take Conqueror 99% of the time unless it is a ranged matchup, where you can take Fleet Footwork if you struggle.


His best keystone as he will always be punching in duels and teamfights stacking it quickly, as well as being tanky enough to survive extended trades the extra damage and healing it gives makes it better than anything else you could use with him.


Lethal Tempo is alright on Sett the only problem is people don't stand around and take your AAs, but on some situations it might help more than Conqueror, in my opinion the best rune when going against Yasuo or Yone.

When taking Conqueror you will always take Triumph this is a no contest, it is the best rune for Sett the other two don't even compare, insane healing in teamfight as well as a huge reason for winning 1v2s as Sett, and as a cherry on top gives 20 gold extra for each kill, actually OP.

Now to make actual decisions Legend: Alacrity or Legend: Tenacity?
This just really depends on both the enemy comp and what your build would be, if they have heavy cc and ap yeah you will want tenacity but if you like you can cheat and go alacrity with mercs, you can even replace tenacity with going unflinching on the second tree. It depends on what you want, I really appreciate the attack speed from alacrity so it is my go-to.

Last Stand is a very good rune that synergises really well with Sett, you will be low after using your W and the extra damage from it will help a lot on closing the trades.

Demolish is really good if you want to snowball with Sett, he already takes towers fast but this makes turrets die in seconds. As well as helping you get plates early game this rune is essential if you want to splitpush and pressure the map as effectively as you can.

Conditioning is an alright rune that helps you scale better, not really my favorite and I would only advise to take it if you expect a no win no lose lane. If you're going BORK this can help your defenses a lil bit.

Second Wind this is a god send to any ranged/poke matchup, it makes Voli passive heal you, Teemo is much less scary with this on and it will save your life plenty of times cause it combos well with your passive regen. If you take this take it with D Shield and you will survive anything as long as you use them well.

Bone Plating a great rune for trading. A bad rune for taking free poke. Take it against heavy traders, use it wisely, the enemies want to pop it first before going all in, what you can do is start a trade when it is in the middle of coming up again that way it will always block some autos.

Overgrowth good rune for scaling as it gives you a little more damage for W with its extra health, take it if you expect a boring lane and don't need revitalize or unflinching.

Revitalize It is a good rune as it amplifies your shield and any healing you have, take it if you don't really see yourself using demolish or unflinching that much.

Unflinching A great rune if you lack tenacity, you will use this a lot better than other champions as you want to get rid of CC when low ASAP to use your W.

Taking Attack Speed is a no brainer as Sett feels bad without any AS and AAs are his most consistent source of damage.
Take armor or magic reist depending on the enemy laner being mostly AP or AD. Keep in mind their jungler as well, say you are going against a Voli taking armor seems nice but if their jungler is Lillia. I would take magic resist as Voli still does magic damage and Lillia too. Vice versa if it's a Voli/Kayn than taking armor is better.


You will use this rarely, but it is really good against ranged champions or slippery champions like Akali, it is unfair burst that will make your opponent cry. I don't really like taking it top as conqueror is so good for teamfights but if you need it for lane use it, it helps in small skirmishes as well.

Cheap Shot is good for even more burst and surprising your enemy with damage, you will probably get a kill cause they will underestimate you.

Taste of Blood pairs well with second wind and D Shield to become even more unpokeable, so much healing and regen will make ranged poke obsolete.

Eyeball Collection the only good rune on second row for Sett, it is straightforward just more damage for you.

Relentless Hunter In my opinion the best of the third row, being able to get to places faster is what Sett needs to make more of an impact on the map

You can take the resolve runes from the conquerer page, or if you think you don't need them then taking Triumph and Legend: Tenacity is good too. The Stats don't change no matter what keystone you go.
Sett's autoattacks alternate between a left and right punch, the right hook coming faster and dealing more damage than the left. This is the reason you win early levels. Sett also regenerates more health based on missing health. This passive makes him a monster in early game and might take a bit of getting used to, just always think of it as Sett always throwing a 1-2 punch, it's good to know that his second punch also has increased range.
Knuckle Down amplifies Sett's next two basic attacks, doing percentage max health damage and both punches have increased autoattack range, also giving you movement speed when running towards an enemy. The most consistent source of damage aside from your regular autoattacks, note that unlike most champions to get the most dps you want to wait to reset until after Sett throws his right hook, instead of just his left, that way you will punch the target 4 times in rapid succession. Do not underestimate the extra range, I can't remember how many times an enemy flashes too late for my second Q attack to still go through.
Haymaker is what everybody thinks about when they think of Sett, his most important ability to hit, Sett passively stores damage taken as grit, once you activate your W he will shield himself based on how much grit he has and using part of his grit as damage he will return in the form of a massive punch dealing true damage in the sweet spot. Some say it is hard to hit, it's more like easy to dodge, but if you play Sett well you will make it undodgeable. A huge tip you have to know is you can flash during the cast time to redirect the haymaker, which is huge if used correctly.
Facebreaker is an extremely important ability to use well, Sett pulls all enemies on opposite sides from him stunning all of them if he has atleast 1 enemy on each side,this can be a minion or even jungle monsters. This is the ability that can make haymaker undodgeable, this is the most important ability to use correctly in trades and makes you have to position differently than you normally would. The way it is used is the difference between a good Sett player and a Great one. It might seem hard to hit first, thinking of aiming 2 points at the same time, but it is simple if you look at it this way, you will pull what you are aiming at, and opposite to what you are aiming at. Which means instead of aiming at 2 positions at once, simply move Sett in between two enemies and aim at one, you will stun both. Now something you might not know is it actually has a longer range if you angle it differently, you can find it explained better in xPetu's Sett video, but due to triangles and how they work if you tilt Sett's E it will actually have longer reach than just aiming normally.
The Show Stopper is one of the most fun abilities to use in the game. Sett suplexes an enemy champion taking them forward a fixed distance. Once they land it deals damage to the affected enemy and anyone in the landing area its damage is related to how much bonus hp the target had, it also massively slows everyone in the area of effect. This ability makes Sett a teamfight god, using the enemy tanks build against them, as well as making the enemy team an easy target for big AOE ults like Orianna's or Annie's, there is so much potential with it, but you have to know how to use it, the best advice I can give is trying it out in the practice tool, have a feel for its range and how much damage is done to the enemies depending on where you land. This ult is really versatile, you can use it for peel, engage, disengage, escaping you can take a page from Lee Sin'sbook and flash behind the adc so you take them to your team, and you can use it to suplex your target to your tower. Know that if you are close enough to a wall you can actually jump it with your target. Example below:

Sett has a variety of combos depending on what trade he wants to take, these are his most common ones. The passive icon represents two basic autos.

Easy 1-2-3-4 Combo

> > >
This is the most basic combo he has for short trades, just a stun and an autoreset, but it does great damage and is easy to pull off. If you didn't stun with E then you should instead use Q to empower the first attacks as they will walk away before you have a chance to autoreset.

Haymaker Combo

> > > >
This is for when you want a little bit more damage in your combo, you can use this if you have some grit, but is very risky to use if you can't disengage right after as I've said before Sett without W is weak unless the enemy is really low.

You're coming to me? Combo

> > > > >
This is used when the enemy actually wants to fight you, i.e. long trades, you want to use your facebreaker once your grit is really high or completely full, if you don't have enough grit after the auto reset than you can just keep autoing until you have enough grit and continue with the combo. You HAVE TO STUN with it to guarantee the haymaker damage, as if they dodge it with a dash or flash it might mean the end of you. This will usually kill people at the end of everything or leave them with almost no health.

The Boss Special

> > > > > >
It is the same as above, but you will finish with your ult instead of AAs, "NOW FOR THE FINISH". Use it when you know your ult will kill them, they will want to flash but it will be too late.

The teamfighting Combo

> > > > > >
This is the most common combo you will use in a teamfight, you want to start with Q to get the speed boost towards your enemies, hopefully ulting a chunky tank, you will land on their team and use E to stun all of them, and then using a high grit W to explode the most important enemies (usually the adc). After that you are an AA machine until your cooldowns come back up. Example below of what Sett can set up with his abilities:

Sett has a variety of items he can choose from it is important to know what they do and how to use them, I will highlight some of the more important ones


Stridebreaker is not what it used to be, I dont use this item, I feel it makes you too squishy as it doesnt give anything defensive but health, unlike Goredrinker which gives you its active and omnivamp. It will help you if you need to stick to targets but I wouldn't recommend Stridebreaker at the moment.

This item is great if you are going tank Sett. Iceborn Gauntlet is a very underrated item for Sett that he uses really really well. I once heard Autolykus, a challenger Sett main, say on stream that Sett needs stickiness and I can't agree more, with only his E to pull people back it is so easy to run away from him but once he has Iceborn Gauntlet it is not the case. I used to run Sunfire Aegis or Turbo Chemtank if I was going a tanky Sett route but I definitely believe Iceborn Gauntlet is the best of the three, being cheaper than Sunfire as well as it's unique passive of slowing on AAs it gives Sett what he needs to keep enemies close and away from his teammates, just like he wants. I build this if I'm losing my lane or we just need a tank in the team in general. You can take this even if you're winning if you like. Take Titanic 2nd item as you will be missing some damage.
And late game with Elixir of Iron Sett's ****in HUGE.

Ahhh Blade of the Ruined King, insanely broken item on a lot of champs but changing the active that it used to have to a passive that only activates once you hit an enemy 3 times really changed this item for Sett. It isn't hard to hit an enemy 3 times as Sett, what is hard is getting to them in the first place, not being able to use this on them to steal their movement speed really hurt Sett. But it still is the monster it always was when you're actually punching, insane percentage health damage on each autoattack, with great offensive stats that Sett really likes like attack speed, lifesteal and damage. The only thing it's missing to make it perfect is health, but it must be balanced so it doesn't. This item is now really depending on what playstyle you want to take with Sett. It isn't good for teamfights like Goredrinker and Iceborn Gauntlet. But it is really good for dueling other melees, it actually is the best for that. So if you are going against a duel heavy volatile lane or expect the game where they have 3+ melees to be a CQC fest then take this blade and you will win all duels with it. It's great for splitpushing as you now come from being good at dueling to being great at dueling.

Goredrinker is the most versatile mythic Sett can take, with the active and omnivamp it has as well as all the ability haste it provides it makes Sett not rely that much on his W as he can still turn fights due to all the healing it gives. As of the durability patch I belive being in the fight longer is the best way Sett can win and this is the best mythic for that. It synergizes well with his W as it gives a lot of AD and HP, pair it with Titanic Hydra and you will be doing so much damage and tanking more than you think. This is currently the best mythic for Sett.

This item is good for splitpushing but I don't like it as it doesn't help Sett in teamfights as much as other items can, and you can't really rely on teammates not dying while you splitpush.


There are two options when it goes to antiheal, the best option depends on the situation, both item upgrades help Sett a lot as Chempunk Chainsword gives Sett damage and health his favorite stats for W damage. And Thornmail is not bad to upgrade


Now Executioner's Calling is the most consistent way of applying anti-heal to an enemy as Sett does physical damage with all his abilities. The damage on top is really nice as well, use it when the enemy doesn't autoattack as much, goes really well with Iceborn Gauntlet rush as you will appreciate the extra damage. Some champions Executioner's Calling is better against include Aatrox, Mordekaiser, Sylas. Bramble Vest used to be such a beast of an item that it had to be nerfed, I don't take it that much as antiheal in general has been nerfed as well as bramble, but if you struggle you can take it into Fiora if you'd like.


Yes, Sterak's Gage used to get its own section, it was just that good. Now that Sterak's isn't the same it has given Sett more options for his 2nd item, but this item ain't bad, just not good early into the game, it is a decent last item if you don't know how to finish your build off.


Now what this item gives is perfect for Sett, MASSIVE HP, DAMAGE and bonus damage from bonus HP. It's a match made in heaven, now that Sterak's isn't the go-to 2nd item on Sett this is very recommended on Sett, gives you everything you need, go titanic 2nd always unless you absolutely need something defensive.



Death's Dance is a busted item against ad and just good for carrying in general, you will usually get it if ahead as the tankiness and damage it offers is great and ability haste just allows Sett to have his W back up sooner giving him more options to fight.

Thornmail was one of the best armor items out there, but as antiheal was nerfed thornmail doesn't dominate as much as it did, which isn't bad as Randuins is very good against AA heavy team comps. Wouldn't recommend taking thornmail now in days.

Randuin's Omen is very underrated against crit teams, it is great to peel your team with and gives you a lot of tankiness, a good 4th item but since games don't last long you might not see this item that much.

Dead Man's Plate is the item to get if you are getting kited a lot.


Maw of Malmortius is a great item against AP burst, like other items in the build it gives some healing and ability haste as well as damage making great on Sett.

Spirit Visage is a very good item on Sett as it synergizes well with him, it just has been completely overshadowed by Force of Nature.

Force of Nature is the best item against dps magic damage teams, the movement speed as well gives Sett what he really wants when going against that team comp.

Gargoyle Stoneplate is actually really good, but not as a first item, more like a 5th or 6th, which means it is really rare as most games nowadays are short.


This disgusting item is a crime against Sett players, it makes you useless, pray you don't get the enemy building this against you as it cripples Sett in everyway. But you can actually use it yourself against shield heavy teams such as Karma, Kai'Sa, and if you really hate Mordekaiser you can buy it if he is ulting you a lot in teamfights. Just hope the enemy doesn't know Serpent's Fang exists and you will live to see Momma again.

This item is a good 3rd item on Sett as it is cheap and offers good enough stats, if you need antiheal go this.

Hullbreaker is a good item if you want to splitpush with Sett, I just don't play that way so I can't write about the item that much, I will say that the item does its job when you want it.

Anathema's Chains is a good item if they have just one carry who is just melting you, being able to reduce 30% damage from them is pretty good and the health just gives more damage to Haymaker, it also can be good if you are going against an enemy splitpusher who is also running it.


elixer of wrath Elixir of Wrath is the elixir you want to take when you are dominating and are a huge threat to the enemy team, basically a win more elixir, very good on Sett if you can take advantage of it.

Elixir of Iron is always the safest choice for Sett, giving you tenacity and some health is great. It makes you huge so you tank more from your team and the trail it leaves behind speeds your teammates which is really needed as it is very common for Sett go in and his teammates slowly try to go in with him.

These are the options when playing Sett:

Flash isn't an option, it is a requierement, there is a reason it is the most OP summoner spell of all of them, it can do so much, it can save your butt, you can be aggresive with it (my favorite way to use it) and with Sett it allows him to change his ult angle in an instant. As well as insec just like our boy Lee Sin. Couple that with the fact that you can flash when casting W it is too good to not have on you. Take it 100% of the time.

TELEPORT: Teleport is still a good summoner spell even after the changes as having a global TP will always be good, imo ignite is better as you have more authority in your lane and allows you to snowball better and carry games solo as well. But TP is not a bad choice if you don't think you'll smash laning phase or just prefer having that option.
IGNITE: The new best summoner option for Sett, gives you crazy kill potential early and now that antiheal is nerfed is a consistent way to apply antiheal to the target that needs it. This makes Sett into an even bigger monster in lane and you usually get a kill pre 6 with this summoner.
GHOST: I don't really use this unless i'm going Sett Mid, the movement speed is nice to stick to targets but unlike someone like Darius, Sett doesn't have a slow or constant cc to keep an enemy from running away from him, although you can fix that by running Iceborn Gauntlet, you can take it if you think you won't use TP or ignite well and you think you'll get kited a lot.

In this section I will teach you my playstyle and how to play Sett in different stages of the game, from early to late.


So like I said before Sett starts the game being better than anyone else.This means you need to take advantage of the fact that you win most level 1 fights. DO NOT LEVEL UP ANY ABILITY IMMEDIATELY as every game is different you need to have a good spell for every situation, most of the time it will be your Facebreaker but still just in case only level the spell up once you need it. You want to start by having BD energy and run to cover your junglers top entrance then, if anybody (who is alone) comes by you start punching them, instinctively if they are melee they will autoattack in retaliation, keep punching, once he gets scared pull in him before he leaves. This will pop a flash or just kill him. You want to be in the bushes near here:
If they don't come it's ok you are defending your jungler's stuff which is good.

Obviously if you guys are invading then help, your E can stun multiple people if you get in the middle of everybody and even just pulling someone can pop their flash or kill them.

Once laning phase actually starts you want to look at the matchup to see if you can be aggresive, most of the time you can, so just CS and start punching the enemy when they get close to CS, if they retaliate don't stop punching, walk them down until they are almost out of range of your E hitting them and a minion, pull them back in with the stun included and punch some more. They will be really low and might flash if scared enough. Or just die if they don't want to waste flash. If that couldn't happen for X reason then it's okay, you get more powerful as you level up. The enemy will respect you, as you will win every trade. Don't expect people like this Garen down here:


Notice that in that clip I was always mindful of my positioning, moving to be in between Garen and the minions to land the stun to guarantee my Haymaker.

When looking to trade you always want to position in the enemies minion wave, very backwards advice compared to what you usually want on any other champion, but Sett can do this cause:
[*] It makes it much easier to stun with Facebreaker when in the middle of the minion wave
[*] You will tank a lot of minion aggro with your Haymaker shield


This makes it so you will be invading the enemies space, and enemy jungler does not like that, so you will be ganked, I advise you to ward early to see it coming, and while you CS think if you can 1v2 and get a kill or not. If no, just run when jungler comes, if yes think about who is the easiest to kill, usually will be the jungler as he will have a lower level than you.

Now when the jungler comes, run at him, start punching him immediately he will be surprised to the fact that you have balls, he will attack back, get grit and position yourself between the toplaner and jungler and use a Facebreaker Haymaker to finish the jungler off, if unfortunately he doesn't die he probably will flash so depending on your position on the map flash to kill him or flash away towards your tower if needed.

Example of best case scenario when getting ganked:


Sett is really good tower diver due to his Haymaker's massive shield, so if an enemy is low under tower, call your jungler for an easy dive. I suggest you have target champions only set up on a button so no mistakes happen during the towerdive.

Now when you towerdive alone you have to have a reason to do it other than just killing the enemy, unless he is actually free towerdiving is always a huge risk and the reward should be huge if it is successful, you really want to have Flash to do it just in case you need it. DO NOT towerdive if they have flash and you don't.

When to towerdive?
You tower dive when:
    You know the enemy will die with any of your combos
    You have built a huge wave and they will not only die but also lose 2+ waves worth of gold and EXP
    You know their jungler can't help
    Your jungler is good at towerdiving and wants to do it with you

Now any of those reasons is good enough to do it but you need to set it up, with a huge minion wave and knowing which summoner's and cooldowns the enemy has up. Don't towerdive without atleast 1 wave under their tower.

The reason you want the huge wave is because not only is it easier to dive someone taking 50 hits from your minions, even if you die after killing the enemy, it still is better for you as they will miss more gold and exp.

This is a good towerdive because: I'm two levels over Darius, I have my summoner's (in this case Flash, Ignite), I have a huge wave under his tower, I noticed he used his Decimate an ability that gives him massive healing and his Apprehend his only hard CC ability, I know where his jungler is, and I am confident I can kill him.


Now this is the biggest mistake an enemy jungler can make on you unless they are Elise, Sett is one of the best to resist tower dives due to what I call Stallers basically it is any ability a champion has to stall their death. And Sett has 3 of them, his Haymaker, his Facebreaker, his The Show Stopper and flash is there(hopefully) just in case you need it. Throw in your Pit Grit passive regen that increases based on missing health.


Sett is great at scuttle fights due to his damage early so if you can you should always go to help, but don't sacrifice a huge wave for a potential kill, it isn't worth, always ping your jungler what you are thinking to avoid any possible deaths or tilts.


Now you want to freeze against your opponent to deny him from CS but unfortunately when Sett takes a trade he hits minions with his Haymaker and Facebreaker so he will usually break the freeze after a trade. You want to build a huge slowpush so you have time to invade their JG, you can look up how to do it if you need to, once you have your massive wave under their tower go ward their red if you are on blue side, or ward their blue if you are on red side. This will help your laners know where the enemy jungler is as well as set up so he can be killed when doing his camps.


Now all of that was for the earlier levels although the same applies here, now that you are level 6 you can be even more aggro due to your ult being a huge undodgeable damage ability, unlocking The Boss Special. At this point you can also look for TPs for botlane, but only if you have your ultimate up, the wave is set up correctly and if your botlane warded deep for you. It is a very high risk high reward maneuver as it can ruin your lane or tilt your enemy.


Now ranged matchups are really fun :^). Yeah sometimes you have to deal with this. And usually it goes the same I would even throw Gnar here as well if the enemy knows how to play him. ALWAYS TAKE Doran's Shield and Second Wind. Getting used to using your Facebreaker tilted to get that little extra range goes a long way for ranged matchups, so I advise you try using it in practice tool to get a feel of how much you need to tilt it to get that extra range. The thing about ranged matchups is that you have to make a lot of mistakes to die to them, while they can usually only make one. This is crucial to know, you have to analyze both champions, Sett and the enemies. What do you have to help you? Your Facebreaker. What abilties do they have to escape you? Now that you found out, assume they do too. They will time your Facebreaker each time you use it and abuse when it's down. So don't throw it around lightly. You want to Knuckle Down towards them to get the speed boost. BUT don't use Facebreaker yet, see they will predict that you will use it and will use their dash/knockback to get away, which means if you use it early you'll barely miss. So just run at them, get them to use their escape, and after they used it wait for your Knuckle Down CD and then go back this time with your Facebreaker. Now if they don't use their ability because they want to hold it just punch them if close enough or Facebreaker if you can guarantee it hits. Once level 6 comes, your The Show Stopper can be used as a gap closer and the massive slow helps after. In the end you don't need to kill the enemy ranged toplaner if you can't as long as you didn't die everything will be okay.

EXTRA TIP. You can Facebreaker to cancel Gnar's double jump, do it AFTER he lands on you, example below. (Ignore laggy spectator mode bug).


As you have noticed I am very aggressive in the early as much as the enemy allows me to be, but you don't have to be like this exactly to win lane with Sett, you have to know your limits and know when to back off. And that I can't really teach you sometimes you just have to int to learn. And that's okay.


Nice, you've passed early and now you really get to have fun, this is when teamfights start happening, depending on how your early went, if the enemy still has his tower up you are looking to get herald to take it down, always be mindful of dragon as there will be fights for it. So keep checking your minimap and have your TP ready.

Now a lot of people especially if they are losing like to just goonsquad a lot in mid game, meaning they will send 2+ members to you if you look like you are winning, so ward deep and don't take obvious baits, if an enemy that was always running away from you now for some reason wants to fight, it's cause he has a team behind him.


Your goal in this phase is taking out all outer towers, so finish yours, then go to bot to take theirs, once you do that you can either pressure a sidelane to get attention or help your team in mid to take that tower as well. Remember, pressuring a sidelane only makes it worth if you don't die when doing it.

Now after the outer towers are down, you want to ward deep into their jungle, near red buff and blue buff, ward common entrances, in this stage you really just either catch enemies in their own jungle, or you CS while waiting for the next neutral objetive. Always be with your team cause Sett was made for teamfighting.


If you have Teleport then go to the sidelane opposite of the upcoming objective, so if it's Baron then go bot, if it's Dragon then go top. You want to count how many enemies are on the minimap if you only see one covering the lane you are pressuring then back off, you might get collapsed on, if you see 3 or more anywhere else you're safe. Once you see your teammates icons getting near enemies icons check quickly, see if a fight is happening, if not just be more aware of it as it will happen. It is always better to TP early then late.


The way you teamfight really depends on your teams wincon, and the enemy teams wincon. Not every game is the same, even though you really want to dunk the tank on their carry if yours dies in the process it isn't worth it. So you want to know who can win you the fights and how you can help them, sometimes they need to get an assassin off them, sometimes they want you to group the enemy team up. Sometimes you are the wincon which means you want to deal massive damage to everyone before you die.

Whichever it is you will understand who the wincon is after some teamfights, if you lost them try to find out why, did you go in and your adc was left alone?, maybe you went too deep and your team couldn't catch up, recognizing why you lost the teamfight is the way to win the next one. If you did win the teamfight, you also want to find out why, did you land a multi The Show Stopper Facebreaker Haymaker combo?, maybe you peeled successfully for your adc and he was able to wipe the enemy out without pressure, whatever won you that fight keep doing it until you win all teamfights or it stops working.

Sett is a really explosive champion, what that means is that he really only goes all in, he has to commit, there is no poking, if you don't commit you will be chunked before being able to do anything. In teamfights he has two options.
1. You peel for your adc and relieve them of pressure
2. You nuke their adc before they can even react.
Sometimes you can do both at the same time and that is the dream.

But if you can't you have to choose which one will win you the teamfight, if you think you can kill their adc fast then go for it as usually your support is a peeler for your adc.


Mid game is extremely important in soloqueue as the way the teamfights go can really tilt either side, and speaking from experience tilt wins 80% of games nowadays. So pressure sidelanes, take towers, help your team and set them up for the easiest fights ever.


This became a myth, late game is so rare now, but it is really similar to mid game, except the stakes are much higher, one fight can decide the game, and the adcs are much more scary. So it's even more explosive, late game is mid game on steroids, you will play the same way you did mid game just know that mistakes hurt much more.

Warding becomes much more important as any champion can now get one shot if they get caught out.

At this stage it isn't a bad idea to try to one shot the jungler if he is squishy enough, as the objectives will be a lot more impactful, dragon soul, baron, elder dragon. Even just ulting them away when the objectives are low really can help your team secure the smite.

It's okay to try to babysit your team in this stage if you feel you need to, really any mistake from anyone can close the game out so stick together(unless you have TP) and give them hell.

Of course this is all not an opinion it is in fact a truth, and I am extremely and totally serious about this topic.

Sett's base skin is extremely clean looking no real clutter and visually appealing, it has his famous coat, his brass knuckles and his golden weirdly pointy shoes. The color scheme is very unique compared to the rest of the champions and the effects all feel powerful and well done. This skin just screams he is the Boss and that's why it's my favorite.

Sett's Obsidian Dragon skin is a really cool looking skin as the blacks and the reds really have a nice contrast, the lava effects on his fists when using Q are really nice looking as well. And the dragon on his ultimate is just insane. My only problem with the skin is sometimes clarity as its effects are so overpowering. Also its recall animation is loud AF. The chromas are the reason this skin gets an S as they really are all beautiful.

Sett's Prestige skin is nice looking and clean, pairs really well with Lee Sin Storm Dragon, this skin is an obsidian dragon chroma basically, I unfortunately don't own this one though.

Sett's Mecha Kingdoms skin is really cool looking and has good effects, the only problem I have is it feels weird on Sett. Sometimes he feels clunky when using this skin and him being in a mech feels wrong. But the chromas save this skin. I mean giant robot is always gonna be cool.

Sett's Pool Party skin is a way for Riot to make money and I have to say that it's a good way to make money. I have to say the splash is way better than the actual in game model. The effects look a little weak as well but I do like the sound effects. The flowers are a little weird since they are huge but I understand the reason for having them. I really like the chromas as they change not only clothes but also design on Sett's shirt. In the end it's shirtless Sett what more do you need.

Firecracker Sett is an okay skin but I don't like his hair style in this skin, I feel like this skin and pool party could've been much better but it's alright. Sound effects are cool enough and I like the recall. I just imagine i'm Tengen from Demon Slayer when using this skin.

Thanks so much if you read this guide.

I put a lot of effort into trying to write down my thought process and just how I approach league matches in general when playing Sett. I'm very passionate about this champion as I have the most fun playing him so I had a blast making this guide.

If you have any specific questions or just opinions in general you can comment if you want. Any constructive criticism is welcome as well.

You can catch me on my stream if you want to ask me anything directly about Sett.

Special thanks to jhoijhoi as her templates really helped making this guide not look so bland.

Thanks as well to xPetu even though he doesn't really main Sett, his passion for Shen and his videos explaining his gameplay really inspired me to make a guide like this.

Shoutout to the Sett Mains subreddit if you are interested in anything related to Sett.

Hope you have a great day.
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