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Riven Build Guide by SrMolinv

Top [13.23] ⚔️ HOW to CARRY with RIVEN TOP ⚔️

Top [13.23] ⚔️ HOW to CARRY with RIVEN TOP ⚔️

Updated on November 28, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SrMolinv Build Guide By SrMolinv 141 10 248,403 Views 6 Comments
141 10 248,403 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SrMolinv Riven Build Guide By SrMolinv Updated on November 28, 2023
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Runes: Main runes

1 2 3 4
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Nimbus Cloak

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Flash + ignite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Strong all in when you buy any of this
When you buy cleaver
When you have 20/40 stacks
Laning phase
Against all in lanes
Against hard/ranged lanes
Viable items
Core item (Kinda)
Against a lot of healing (Bad Item)
Agaisnt AP threat
Against A LOT of shields (3 or +)
Against LOTS of true damage
If they have TANKY champions
Best offensive option
REALLY Situational
If you build it, build it 4th item (Bad)
Dont know if its good after nerfs
When you need it, you will know it
vs Heavy AD champs (autos)
vs LOTS of CC (not AP)

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[13.23] ⚔️ HOW to CARRY with RIVEN TOP ⚔️

By SrMolinv

Hello, im Molina , a Riven Onetrick that plays on EUW server. Currently Master Tier. I played Riven since season 5 and I reached Master Tier for the first time in Season 8 (Playing lethality Riven). I quit the game after that but now im back and I will be streaming and uploading content in my socials:

(Click on any banners to go to my social)

Feel free to ask any question. If you dont have a Mobafire account I have a section on my Discord dedicated to answer ALL of your Riven questions.

If you are interested in learning Riven this is your guide. I tried almost everything with Riven during a lot of time and I want to show you what i learned in this guide. Its a time saving one if you go through it.

This section is exclusive for Riven's new build after all her items have changed.

When you build Goredrinker, you are not that tanky and you barely do damage.

Right now the best Riven build consists of going full damage.

You have two options:

Goredrinker Build

You mainly want this build when:

- Your enemy laner is a hard early game bully (Renekton)
- Enemy team has enough melee champions for you land a 3 man Goredrinker on every fight. (Darius, Olaf, Sylas)
- You feel like you need to frontlane for your team.


- This build makes you really tanky, but gets highly countered by DPS champions.
- I would consider this build SITUATIONAL

Full damage

Firstly, you will want to rush Ravenous Hydra as your first item.
The reason to do this is because this item is only good when fully charged.
Gives a lot of AD and some sustain + insane waveclear.

(You can go Black Cleaver first if you decide its a good purchase, but I think Hydra > Eclipse rush)

As your second item, you will want to build either Eclipse or Black Cleaver, depending on the enemy team's composition. If the enemy team has a lot of armor, then you should go for Black Cleaver. On the other hand, if they have squishy champions, then Eclipse would be a better option. Both items provide you with a good amount of damage, as well as some additional utility.

For your third item, you will want to build the item you didn't buy before. So, if you went for Eclipse as your second item, then you should build Black Cleaver as your third item and vice versa. This will help you get the most out of your item build and ensure that you have a well-rounded set of stats.

As your fourth item, you can either go for Serylda's Grudge or a defensive item, depending on the enemy team's damage type. If the enemy team has a lot of AD champions, then Guardian Angel would be a good option.
On the other hand, if they have a lot of AP champions, then Maw of Malmortius would be a better choice.

This build allows you to deal insane damage, but you will be really squishy. Play it at your own risk, and have fun.

Moved this section to my Discord server so i can keep it up to date with the Patches/Changes. Make sure you join to not miss anything.

Riven, the Exile
Riven is a champion that has been in the game for many years and since she has been in the game she almost never had any time where she is unplayable. She can adapt to different Metas and succeed in them. She has a really complete kit that even up to this date has inspired other champions to be like her (Aatrox, Sylas, K'Sante...)

With Riven you can win almost every lane and if you dont win you can go even in most and still be super useful in the fights. Mana problems are not a thing on this champion(she doesnt have mana), her build is based on cooldown reduction and it makes her really funny to play when you reach that point. You can spam your abilities and once you control her kit you have a HIGH potential to carry games in any elo.(SoloQ)

She can build a lot of different items, have different roles in a teamfight. Its a champion that can do so many things to win games. Thats why OTP's never get bored of her.

1. The cooldown of the 3 casts starts with the first Q. Its important to always keep that in mind to surprise people
2. Each Q can be used to give a faster auto attack than usual.

3. The third Q can be used to jump walls, and even more important to cut distance on corners. Jumping corners can take Riven to the next level of cheesy plays/great escapes.

4. You can use 3rd Q to drop minion aggro.

5. The way you position your mouse during Riven Q matters. If we point with the mouse in a direction it goes through, if we hover the mouse on the enenemy it targets him. This is really game changing on Riven gameplay.

You can use it to drop minion agro.

E Allows you to cancel animations and Doublecast

You can use E combined with Q3 to secure Walljumps.

Useful to trade close to enemys tower.

You extend the W area by doing this correctly.

To cancel the ult animation (not be locked in the animation)

R increases the range of the auto attacks, Q, W, and E shield is bigger.

You can do R flash to reposition your R or to surprise enemies.


Against most bruisers or easy matchups always take this page


Against tanks or matchups you cant kill this rune page is the best

  • Nimbus Cloak
  • Nimbus Cloak: Best choice for Riven on Sorcery when you have Ignite . It helps to kite melees, helps to chase and offers a powerful early game. Might be hard at the start because you need to learn how to use it.
  • Nullifying Orb
  • Nullifying Orb: is useful when entire topside (Toplaner/Jungler/Midlaner) is heavy magic damage. It has more value now since Riven cant rush Maw of Malmortius anymore. Pick it into AP Top and Jungler too!
  • Transcendence
  • Transcendence: is the STRONGEST choice on this tree for Riven with the item changes in Patch 13.1B this rune is kinda of a MUST HAVE most games.
  • Gathering Storm
  • Gathering Storm: is your best choice when you play with Teleport This rune will only be useful if the game goes past 20-30 minutes. If you want some early strenght you could go for Scorch but this rune becomes more useless as the game goes on.


Pick this Rune Tree into Hard Matchups
  • Revitalize
  • Revitalize: If you dont need Unflinching its a really good option when enemy can poke you. It applies to Goredrinker and helps your E shield.
  • Overgrowth
  • Overgrowth: When you dont pick Revitalize this is the last option. Compared to the rest i think its the worst unless you TRULY NEED the HP (Would be rare)

Its the best item in general terms but theres sometimes when you can pick something different. Generally the best item on Riven. If you doubt on what to pick, Goredrinker is the choice.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Not sure of how good this item will be after the nerfs, needs some testing. Stick to Eclipse as it is more well rounded than this item. But I guess for snowball Youmuu's Ghostblade can help you more.

After the Changes in 13.1B is a good item for Riven. Superior to Goredrinker in terms of damage and depending of the comp in mitigating damage with the shield. Best option in paper but its HARD to play it

Divine Sunderer (BAD)
This item has nothing to do against Eclipse , build path is bad and the stats are bad for Riven at this point.

All Items, ordered from A-Z.

You can press Ctrl + F and type the name of an item to quickly find it.

Anathema's Chains
The item itself its good, some Riven players buy it but I havent tried enough to tell. Will update if I find any good scenario to pick this over other items.

Axiom Arc
This item works on Riven, but its not optimal. You only want this item if you are smurfing and want to have fun. Otherwise please dont build it.

B. F. Sword
Most efficient AD-Gold Item, only useful if you want to build Guardian Angel since Spear of Shojin is a bad item for Riven.

Black Cleaver
This item is extremely good on Riven. You can stack it quickly, the only problem is the build path (Inferior compared to the full item). You can rush this item against double tank topside on enemy team if your jungler is an AD champion too.

Caulfield's Warhammer
Offers what Riven needs the most. Always good to stack Ability Haste.

Chain Vest
This item is only good if you need armor and you are building Guardian Angel / Death's Dance or you are close to buy it. Otherwise dont.

Chempunk Chainsword
This item is EXTREMELY BAD. The reason why is because you already get what you need by buying Executioner's Calling . Finishing the full item offers you nothing extra. Sit on the 800g component and finish the item in last place if you really need it.

Commencing Stopwatch
When building Guardian Angel this component has a lot of value. If you use it well you can survive. Bad item against Caitlyn tho

Some people dislike this item on Riven. I only recommend this item into lanes you cant kill, lanes that allow you to scale for free or if by any strange situation your lane is completely dominated before 5 minutes.

Dead Man's Plate
I dont recommend this on Riven. Bad item

Death's Dance
This item used to be God-Tier. Now its nerfed and its only good against team comps with no DPS / Onhit damage. Mainly against team with only burst.

Divine Sunderer
Unless you are going against a Super HP stacked team, Eclipse is simply better than this.

Doran's Blade
This item helps a lot during laning, maybe not as your starter item but buying it before your first item can be good sometimes. You want to buy this when you need some extra HP. Really good early game item.

Doran's Shield
If you are facing an annoying ranged champion in the toplane, this item as starter is your best friend. Against annoying melee lanes I think Longsword + 3 Pots start is better nowdays.

Duskblade of Draktharr
Riot is doing so many buffs to this item now finally is a choice. Good vs full squishy teams. Better than Youmuu unless facing certain comps.

Riven best scaling mythic without doubt. The shield feels really good, movementspeed is just okay and the % armor pen helps a lot combined with the rest of items she builds.

Edge of Night
This item is really situational. If you are starting with League or you are in low elo dont bother with this item. I buy this item 1/200 games so dont worry.

Elixir of Iron
This elixir grants you tenacity and HP. Depending on the team it can be good or even better.

Elixir of Wrath
Best elixir on Riven when you dont need more tenacity.

Essence Reaver
Dont do this bro, its bad for you

Need some testing with this item, but for now I personally dont recommend you to do this.

Executioner's Calling
Against Soraka / Divine abusers / Heavy healers (Sylas / Senna) this item is good. Sit on this component, only upgrade as your last item.

Force of Nature
I dont think this item is good unless you are facing a full AP team.

Frozen Heart
I dont think this item is good anymore because how Riven build changed

Gargoyle Stoneplate
Some Riven players like this item to secure surviving a fight. I think you should only consider this item if you go Goredrinker + Cleaver build. This item scales with HP.

Most people hate this item and I do too, but its a strong early game item. It helps you survive teamfights and works really good the more melees enemy team has. Personally I would pick this item if I can get a 3 man Goredrinker easily.

Guardian Angel
Best Offensive-Defensive Riven option by far. This item is your best friend as it secures you performing on teamfights. Only time when this item is bad is against Caitlyn .

This item helps a lot, its main Rivens item against AP threats. I recommend building it after your 3rd item. But sometimes it might be better to get it sooner, every game is different.

I dont think this item is good

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Best boots for Riven without any doubt. Cheap, they allow you to have flash and ignote more often and give you Ability Haste. I recommend buying this after your first item.

Ironspike Whip
This item is good on Riven, makes your all in really strong. Always recommend to use it combined with Windslash or combined with Q or W.

Jak'Sho, The Protean
Bad item for Riven, you dont want full defensive items on Riven mostly. Offensive - Defensive item types work better on her.

Last Whisper
When buying Serylda always focus on purchasing this first.

Liandry's Anguish
If you get unlucky team, sell all items at the end and buy this.

Lord Dominik's Regards
I dont think this item is good unless you are addicted to the Dopamine of critting. Serylda is superior on Riven

Maw of Malmortius
This item is without doubt your Go-To against AP threats. If an enemy AP carry is feed, Maw is usually worth. If enemy team has multiple AP champions, this item has a lot of value too.

Mercury's Treads
The enemy team has a lot of annoying CC you cant dodge? Buy this

Really gold efficient item for Riven. Buying this feels really good, specially if you can get it in your first/second/third recall.

Plated Steelcaps
Against a lot of auto attack based champions. This item is really broken. Something I recommend if the enemy team allows you, rush this against Tryndamere

Prowler's Claw
This item is not bad on Riven but its situational after the rework, even more than before. Against a lot of ranged champions or squishies you can have a lot of fun by building this

Quicksilver Sash
Mordekaiser / Malhazar counter.

Radiant Virtue
Need some testing, but this item is broken. Maybe for a tank Riven build. I dont recommend it for now.

Randuin's Omen
Not a fan of this on Riven, if you build it at least make sure you have enough damage already.

Ravenous Hydra
Best Offensive Riven item. If you need this item make it be your first one or second. Its only powerful when its at 20 stacks or fully stacked. Otherwise items feels normal.

Refillable Potion
Helps a lot with laning, never start this but buying this on your early recalls can help you.

Serpent's Fang
Against a lot of shield this item helps a lot. I recommend this as your 4th or 5th item. Getting it early usually messes with your Ability haste.

Serrated Dirk
Buying this gives you A LOT of damage. You can rush this if you are smurfing.

Serylda's Grudge
Cleaver is superior to this item, but both items combined are good against tanky champions (Tanks, Graves and armor stackers)

Silvermere Dawn
Situational item to counter Morde / Malhazar.

Spear of Shojin
Bad item for Riven, but if you want to build it make it your 4th or 5th/6th item.Its bad because Riven has a lot of more valuable options than this item and doesnt work that good on her.

Spirit Visage
Only worth when you have healers in your team and you need magic resist. But even then I think Maw is better. I dont recommend this unless Soraka is by your side and enemy team is full AP-ish

Sterak's Gage
Bad item on Riven. I would only build this if enemy has multiple sources of true damage like Darius + Camille / Garen. But even then I think Guardian Angel is better. I dont recommend this item.

Titanic Hydra
not good item, never do it.

Trinity Force
Bad item on Riven.

Umbral Glaive
The item itself is good, but doesnt fit Riven needs. Dont build this.

Vampiric Scepter
On other champions this works better, on Riven its bad. Buying AD is better than this, almost no sustain from this item.

Warden's Mail
This item is OP, but not for Riven. Dont do it, it will delay your main build too much.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Im really sad for this item, only strong for 1 Patch. Duskblade is better now.

Zhonya's Hourglass
This could be useful in a 50 minute game, you might agree or not. Only for experienced Riven players and I dont recommend this unless you have a plan lol

This section is exclusive for the Bruiser Items Changes in Patch 13.1B.

First of all, let me show you this graph and summarize it.

TL;DR = You need 70 Ability Haste (aprox) for Riven to be playable. But getting more is even better.

For Riven to work as a champion, she needs Ability Haste, at least 70 Ability Haste are needed (40% CDR). The Bruiser Item changes removed Ability Haste from some items, meaning we must adapt the build to that by getting Ability Haste first.

With the items changes ONE OF THIS scenarios will always be true for Riven:

- You need an item that provides A LOT of Ability Haste ( Black Cleaver / Chempunk Chainsword / etc)
- You need Ionian Boots of Lucidity
- You need Transcendence (CDR Sorcery Rune)

Based on those scenarios, you need to take a decision based on your matchup and enemy team comp.

Why? Because Riven needs the Ability Haste/Cooldown Reduction stat for her optimal playstyle.

Let me show you with numbers:

With Transcendence (CDR Rune = 10 A.H.)

Goredrinker + Ionian Boots of Lucidity + Black Cleaver = 83 Ability Haste (OK)
Eclipse + Ionian Boots of Lucidity + Black Cleaver = 75 Ability Haste (OK)

If you decide not going for any of the choices I offer, let me show what your Ability Haste would be:

With Transcendence (CDR Rune = 10 A.H.)

Goredrinker + Ionian Boots of Lucidity + Death's Dance = 68 Ability Haste (OKAY depending on the team-comp)
Eclipse + Ionian Boots of Lucidity + Maw of Malmortius = 50 Ability Haste (Really LOW for the gold spend)

Before the Bruiser Item changes every item would give you Ability Haste, now that has changed.
You need to chose your Ability Haste items early so you dont lack it later into the game.
Your options for Ability Haste by tiers are:

Tier S+
Black Cleaver = 30 Haste
Ravenous Hydra = 25 Haste
Ionian Boots of Lucidity = 20 Haste

Tier S
Serylda's Grudge = 20 Haste
Death's Dance = 15 Haste

Tier A+
Spear of Shojin = 20 Haste
Axiom Arc = 25 Haste

Tier A
Chempunk Chainsword = 25 Haste
Anathema's Chains = 20 Haste

Tier B
Essence Reaver = 20 Haste

Tier of the items might change between games, but generally speaking thats it.

Now that you know the CDR amount you need on Riven , lets talk about the builds

TL;DR: Eclipse is better than Goredrinker but Gore is more useful in the early game. Keep this in mind and see what fits your playstyle the best.

Good Build Starts

Situational Build Starts:

Second Item

Third Item

Fourth Item

Fifth Item


Replace boots

This are most jumps Riven can do in the game (including really hard ones).
Will update it as I post videos on my socials

Doing a matchup guide is probably one of the most complicated things for Riven.

Riven laning is the most important part and so are matchups.

Most of the matchups in this website will help you to start approaching them.

Some of them are outdated, but its really useful.

Credit: Rueven for the matchups & Salty Riven for the website mirror.

Its really important to not panic your shield in the early game. The difference from a good Riven to a bad one can be told by how she manages her shield to block damage.

Another really important tip is to learn how to manage cooldowns. You need to be constantly aware of when your cooldowns are up and what can yo do in the mean time. Its probably the hardest thing to master for Riven laning but you can get so many solo kills by doing it, its worth the effort it takes.

Its really important that in lanes you cant kill or snowball you make sure to collect all the resources you can. By this i mean farming and stealing jungle or collecting jungle camps that arent in the pathing your jungler is doing. Even if you dont win lane by killing someone 2 times if you build a CS advantage and keep it across the game it will help a lot as Riven.

Be really patient with abilities as Riven. For Riven to work she needs to be an aggresive laner but at the same time you need to respect enemy jungler. Always keep track of the jungler as it will tell you how to play your lane.

Early game (Laning phase):

Our objective is to never lose lane, Riven can perform into most lanes. If you cant abuse your matchup make sure to abuse her waveclear to create rooms so you can impact the map by slowpushing waves/doing a quick proxy to generate a roaming window. Once you make habit having 8/9/10 cs per minute as Riven isnt something that crazy.

Minute 0 - 1:30 | Invade timer

In this stage of the game is really important to not get cheesed by an early invade or a specific strategy. Knowing if something is going to happen can be easy sometimesm, champions like: Thresh, Blitzcrank, Morgana often invade. There are strats with Sion or Kayn top with Smite or Janna with Smite

During this timer you should also look to know where the enemy jungler is starting. It will dictate how you have to play the lane, every lane needs to be played differently depending on the teams.

Minute 1:30 - 5:00 | Set up the game plan

You might be wondering why the minute 5 is important and not 5:50 or minute 6 (When you unlock your ultimate). The answer is that at minute 5 in Toplane/Midlane tower plating falls, taking plates after minute 5 will be a lot easier. Before minute 5 is more important playing for tempo than playing for a tower plate. (By playing for tempo i mean playing for a good recall rather than greeding for hitting the tower)

In this frame of time our objective will depend of the matchups, but building a CS advantage is always the safest as Riven. Shes really strong at level 6, its really hard to survive a all-in from Riven when she has Ironspike Whip , her ultimate Blade of the Exile and Ignite

Minute 5:00 - 14:00 | Laning phase

Depending on the matchup this could be one of the best moments for Riven, if in this game stage you already managed to build an advantage its really good, otherwise if you stay even thats not bad at all as Riven builds CDR and she can get more than 45% of her cooldowns reduced. Laning is the most important stage of the game as Riven, you cant fall behind!

As soon as we hit level 6 we can consistently think of how to all-in/outplay our enemy laner or putting him in a bad position depending on our junglers pathing.

Riven is strong at this stage of the game becouse of her level 6 but becouse of the easy time she has with Ironspike Whip to waveclear, a single cooldowns rotation is more than enough to make a wave dissapear.

With this being said, our objective will be to collect as much gold as possible and negate as much as we are allowed. Might sound like a general tip so let me give you some examples:

- If you cant kill the enemy laner, Riven can take advantage of the lane by doing a quick proxy to the incoming wave, taking a quick plate and backing (She is one of the champions that have the fastest lane returns by jumping terrain)

- Farming camps like Gromp , Krugs o Scuttle can end up meaning a great advantage into the enemy laner. Try to always look for windows or generate them yourself to collect more resorces. Farming Scuttle gives us gold, vision and a small mobility boost when in the area. You are not a jungler but your champion has a good time taking it, so when you can go for the crab.

Midgame (Laning phase is almost over):

Will depend mostly on our team, but as Riven is a hyper mobility champion she excels at quickly pushing a sidelane and hunting around for a catch or flanking a fight.(Red trinket will help a lot).

If our team is losing and you need to group with them to stop the enemies, consider the situation and go for it. But keep in mind you need to collect resources. Decision making is really important at this game stage.


Since every game and team comp is different is hard to explain what you should be doing here. All i can say is that your main objective should be to hunt people with your team, pushing sidelanes, giving/clearing vision or protecting your team mates. (Yes Riven is really good at protecting people with her stuns, damage and shield)

Riven is one of the most versatile champions in teamfights, you can:

- Flank and force the enemy carrys to run/be in a bad position.
- Kill the enemy carry.
- Peel for your carrys with your CC and damage.
- Chase enemies and chain CC them until your team can catch.
- Gain time by running/jumping walls until your team can help you.

How can you know what you should be doing? Depends on your team, for example:

You are going against a team with a lot of disengage, you already tried to go for the enemy ADC and they managed to stop you, next fight you notice you have a Vayne in your team, so you try to peel for her in fights so she can kill the tanks.

Its all about adapting and learning.

Another example:

Enemy team has a Vel'Koz, Caitlyn and Senna, you have a Yasuo. You pinged him and you know hes ready to use his ultimate, so when you see the enemies are grouped you can setup a engage (E R flash 3Q) with the Yasuo and vanish the enemy carrys with him.

Most common play as Riven in teamfights is to flank so you can clean up fights.

By this I mean being patient and waiting for enemies to burn CC or things that can annoy Riven in fights and forcing a flash or killing someone on the spot. Best scenario would be if they are low and you can score a kill before they react.




I have some Riven custom skins that I do on my own. If you want them make sure you join my discord server. I do giveaways from time to time.


Renekton (My permaban)
Early game lane bully, you can deal with him if you are experienced. Its hard. If its combined with Elise / Nidalee / Rek'Sai I truly recommend you to dodge that game. Its not going to be fun.

Annoying champion to face, has an easy time getting away from you. You can scale and be useful but laning against Kennen is boring.

Malphite currently is too broken. I understand if you ban him, the champion doesnt need a brain work.

Jayce can be really hard depending on the player, if you are fine with the rest you can ban him. But I would not ban Jayce personally.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Riven mid?

Its viable, has a lot of good matchups. If you want a section dedicated to Riven in the midlane let me know in the commnets. That it is viable doesnt mean its good and you can go Riven mid all games, she has a lot of bad matchups too!

Crit Riven?

Its fun for a normal/Ranked Flex game when ahead. But if you truly want to get Riven MAX potential... Just dont go crit.

Note: If you have any question you can ask me on my stream or in any related video on Tiktok/Youtube.

And thats it for now, this was my guide and i truly hope it helped you. If theres any question you have dont be shy to comment.

See you in the comments/my socials!

Riven in the 2v2v2v2 Mode is strong.

I reached Gladiator on the PBE and now in EUW aswell.

Edit: Currently 7.4k Elo

I will keep all the information short here so you easily understand it

A lot of good augments for her and items provide a lot of AD / Ability Haste

I will only cover the good augments for Riven, there are more Augments but you dont need to worry about them.


Until Mobafire releases a proper way to show it I will explain it shortly:

Best Augments for Riven in order (Order might change but im trying to make it accurate):
Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

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