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Vel'Koz Build Guide by AMP2010

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AMP2010

7.20 | Vel'Koz: Deconstructing Mid & Support

AMP2010 Last updated on October 13, 2017
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R


12 Ferocity
















18 Cunning
















0 Resolve
















Threats to Vel'Koz with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Malzahar Use your Void Rift (W) to proc his passive and look to follow with small combos. Eventually you can look to kill him with Lifeform Disintergration Ray (R) but make sure he isn't in range to use Nether Grasp (R) on you and cancel you.
Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol's requirement to be up close and personal to execute trades with you is easy to exploit. Tectonic Disruption (E) can be very useful for this specific opponent also since the knock-away can ensure his stars don't get in range. Heal is an appropriate summoner spell for this match-up.
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DISCLAIMER: All chapters below are generally angled towards the Mid Lane, where my expertise lies.
However, a significant portion of the information can probably be taken to the bot lane as Support.

This guide is updated every patch, come back every now and then to see what's changed and what's new.

Vel'Koz, the artillery mage of the void. The tritopus that holds significant burst, constant damage, long range and fun gameplay. I've disintegrated all the items, runes, masteries, abilities, combos, pros, cons, summoner spells, gameplay and more, I am here to present my findings. I hope I can bring the knowledge I've developed to you so you can disintegrate just like me. I've done the damage calculations, practising and the research, now let's get into the guide...

What is it like to play Vel'Koz?

Personal champion preference is something that always varies. You’ll find a one-trick for any champion in the game. However, there are some specific aspects to Vel’Koz that make him especially stimulating. The most notorious element of Vel’Koz (barring tentacle “fan art”) is the geometry games that Plasma Fission creates. In a way, using Plasma Fission effectively is like a mini-game – adapting to the movements of the enemy in the moment and over time to be rewarded with a nice chunk of damage and a potent slow. Even Vel’Koz cannot escape the plague that is the 3-hit-passive. Despite its cliché nature there’s no doubt that proccing Organic Deconstruction is stimulating. Regardless of the psychological details, if a player enjoys the likes of Brand, Lux, Xerath, Ziggs and so on there’s a chance Vel’Koz may tickle their fancy.

I started my League of Legends journey in late Season 4 (November 2014). I began as a support main, playing Soraka until about level 13. At this point I managed to save enough of my Influence Points to purchase Vel'Koz. I haven't stopped playing Vel'Koz since. I began in the support position but slowly evolved into a mid lane main. In Season 5 I tilted my way to Silver V. In Season 6 I utilised my experience with Vel'Koz and climbed to Platinum V. Vel'Koz truly has helped me grow as a player, and now nothing makes me more passionate in League of Legends than educating and discussing The Eye of the Void.
My Account: VelKunt
Region: Oceania

Feel free to add me and ask to join my Vel'Koz club Master of Vel'Koz with the tag 3.141 or Pi/2 Radian Geometry (Mathematics Reference) with the tag 69°.

Add me if you have any queries or alike!

Contact Me:

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Patch Updates

This chapter analyses how Vel'Koz is effected by recent Patch Updates - directly or indirectly

Patch 6.24

Patch 7.1

Patch 7.2

Patch 7.3

Patch 7.4

Patch 7.5

Patch 7.6

Patch 7.7

Patch 7.8


Patch 7.10

Patch 7.11

Patch 7.12

Patch 7.13

Patch 7.14

Patch 7.15

Patch 7.16

Patch 7.17

Patch 7.18

Patch 7.19

Patch 7.20

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Pros & Cons

Vel'Koz has a range of clear pros & cons. Consider whether your playstyle is optimal for his strengths and can deal with his weaknesses...


  • High Damage Overall
  • High Levels of True Damage
  • Strong Kill Pressure in Lane
  • Long Range
  • Low Cooldown Poke
  • Large Lined AOE (Area of Effect)
  • Strong Slow
  • Can kite effectively
  • Falling slightly behind doesn't render you useless
  • Satisfying and Fun to Play


  • Immobile
  • Squishy
  • Full Skillshot Kit
  • Minimal CC to peel for self outside of a small suspension (similar to knock-up)
  • Ultimate takes 2.5 seconds to complete it's channel which can put you in danger
  • Several abilities require CC to hit reliably
  • Even more immobile when using ultimate
  • Has a suspension ability, not a knock-up. Can be reduced/nullified by tenacity or cleanses
  • Long Cooldown on suspension ability (similar to knock-up)

Vel’Koz harbours very accentuated strengths and weaknesses. Each can be exploited by the Vel’Koz player and Vel’Koz’s opponents. Damage output is easily one of his most valuable and noticeable strengths. His kit brings a hybrid of high base damages, reasonable ability power scalings and ability to poke effectively. On top of this approximately 23% of his damage output comes in the form of true damage.

Vel'Koz's main other strength is range. His Plasma Fission can reach 1521 units away. To put that into perspective, Lux’s Light Binding (Q) reaches only 1175 units. At this range, he can catch enemies with slows and high damage skills. On many occasions Vel’Koz can take someone from full health with ease up to 1521 units away. However, to manipulate such a range takes some practice.

A Vel’Koz player can be their own enemy. Every ability he possesses is a skillshot, leaving a lot of success up to player skill. If all or some key abilities are used without fruition, then Vel’Koz has nothing to save him from opponents barring summoner spells. Often only practised Vel’Koz players can execute the patience and precision that is necessary to ensure missing skillshots is not a crippling aspect to their gameplay. This unreliability is an inherent weakness of Vel’Koz – however on the bright-side it is the reason he can be balanced with so much damage output at his disposal. To unleash so much power though takes great positioning.

Positioning is a key element of Vel’Koz that is integral to surviving all phases of the game. With low defences statistics-wise and ability-wise, bad positioning can put the Eye of the Void to death in an instant. Although Tectonic Disruption’s knock-away aspect can be potent for self-peeling it’s a skillshot that can be dodged with ease. Beyond this ability there isn’t any hard crowd-control to protect Vel’Koz nor is there any mobility spells that can get him out of a sticky situation. Vel’Koz’s best teamfighting tool, Life Form Disintegration Ray also causes Vel’Koz to root himself. This requires impeccable positioning to cast effectively since he cannot reposition easily and it’s a cancellable channel. Thankfully, due to his long range he can often reside in the backline’s safety. To further protect him his kiting ability is also very potent with high slows, potential knock-backs combined with AoE. Don’t get complacent though, plenty of assassins and alike can bypass your self-peeling tools at hand with their extreme mobility.

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Vel'Koz's Abilities

Organic Deconstruction

"PASSIVE: Vel'Koz's abilities deconstruct enemies every time they are hit, stacking up to 3 times. The third stack consumes them all, dealing bonus true damage."
  • A stack is applied to an enemy everytime they are damaged by an ability.
  • Stacks can be applied on multiple targets at once.
  • Stacks do expire after a small time, but can be extended by using basic attacks upon the target.
  • Upon reaching 3 stacks on a target they are hit with a chunk of true damage.
  • With a full combo, 7 stacks can be applied (9 if Void Rift is cast twice on the target).
  • Scales with level and ability power (33-169 + 50% AP).
  • Helps pierce through both tanks and squishies.
  • Considered to be a single target ability (for spellvamp).

Plasma Fission

"FIRST ACTIVE: Vel'Koz fires an energy bolt in a line, stopping at the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage and slowing by 70% for a few seconds, decaying over the duration. After a 0.25 second delay, and while the bolt is in the air, Vel'Koz can reactivate Plasma Fission.

SECOND ACTIVE: Vel'Koz splits the energy bolt in two, each firing in opposite directions perpendicular to the original bolt's trajectory as well as copying its effects.

The initial bolt splits automatically upon reaching maximum range or upon hitting an enemy unit. Plasma Fission restores mana per target killed."
  • Splits at 90 degrees in each direction upon maximum range or collision with enemies.
  • Can be reactivated to split early.
  • The ability must have travelled at least ~500 units before it can be reactivated.
  • Secondary bolts have a slightly further travelling distance (1100 units)
  • Angling at 46.33 degrees allows the ability to reach maximum range (increases range from 1050 to 1520.69 units) [See Calculations in Chapter Below].
  • Can be used to kill three minions at once, a great farming tool.
  • Gives you 50% mana cost reduction per minion kill. With the maximum being three, it can return 50% of the mana cost.
  • The slow it gives is very strong, this is to be used to slow down opponents before following up with harder abilities like Tectonic Disruption.
  • Can be animation cancelled with Flash (See Ability Combos Chapter Below for more Information).
  • Slow is much more potent than the 20% slow provided by your ultimate, try to hit them with this first to ensure the full beam hits them.
  • Slow decays.
  • The primary bolt is considered to be single target damage.
  • The secondary splitting bolts are considered to be AOE (Area of Effect) damage.
  • Can be angled around Wind Wall effectively.
  • 60% AP Scaling.

Void Rift

"ACTIVE: Vel'Koz opens a rift to the void that cuts through the ground in a line, dealing magic damage and leaving behind a trail. After a 0.25 seconds delay, the entire trail detonates, dealing magic damage to enemies standing upon it."
  • Has two charges.
  • There is a 2 second cooldown between Void Rift casts if there are two charges avaliable.
  • Has two bursts of damage.
  • The second burst is stronger.
  • Has no cast time.
  • Can be cast at the same time as other basic abilities. However, not during basic attacks.
  • Blocked by Wind Wall and Unbreakable.
  • Both bursts apply a stack of Organic Deconstruction.
  • Useful to the break spellshields of Sivir, Malzahar, Banshee's Veil, etc. as it is high range, has no CC and has low damage.
  • 15% AP Scaling on the first burst.
  • 25% AP Scaling on the second burst.

Tectonic Disruption

"ACTIVE: Vel'Koz hurls a disruptive anomaly at the target location, dealing magic damage and suspending enemies hit for 0.75 seconds. Enemies close to Vel'Koz at the time of impact are also slightly knocked back."
  • Knocks enemies away from the position Vel'Koz was at during cast if enemies are close.
  • Is a suspension not a knock-up.
  • Can be reduced/nullified by tenacity and cleanses (eg. Cleanse and Quicksilver Sash).
  • Suspends for 0.75 seconds at all ranks.
  • Blocked by Wind Wall.
  • Gives vision in fog of war.
  • By far your weakest ability in terms of total damage.
  • 30% AP Scaling.
  • Can be animation cancelled with Flash (See Ability Combos Chapter Below for more Information).

Lifeform Disintegration Ray

"PASSIVE: Proccing Organic Deconstruction on enemies marks them as Researched for 7 seconds. Basic attacks and ability damage will refresh this duration.

ACTIVE: Vel'Koz channels for 2.5 seconds and projects an energy beam in a line. The ray's trajectory updates itself over the duration to face the cursor. Reactivating Lifeform Disintegration Ray immediately ends its effects.

The ray deals magic damage in 0.25 seconds intervals to enemies caught in its wake, and slows them by 20% for 1 second. A Organic Deconstruction stack is applied every 0.7 seconds to enemies hit, up to 3 stacks. Researched enemies take true damage instead."
  • All enemies who have been hit with 3 stacks of Organic Deconstruction recently are marked as researched. Your ultimate applies full true damage to these targets. The researched debuff can be extended by ability or basic attack contact with the target.
  • Applies a stack of Organic Deconstruction every 0.7 seconds.
  • Therefore an enemy must be hit by the beam at 0.7 seconds, 1.4 seconds and then 2.1 seconds into the channel to apply 3 Organic Deconstruction stacks.
  • Reaching 3 stacks of Organic Deconstruction and procing your passive during the ultimate instantly changes the beam's damage output to true damage.
  • Applies damage in ticks.
  • Applies a 20% slow for 1 second (refreshed on each tick of damage).
  • Care that enemies can flash behind you and nullify your ultimate completely.
  • It is a channel, meaning it can be interrupted by many abilities like Chaos Storm or Null Sphere.
  • Vel'Koz cannot rotate instantly.
  • Vel'Koz rotates slowly during channel.
  • Not blocked by Wind Wall.
  • Some summoner spells used during the channel cancel it early (eg. Ignite or Exhaust. Others like Barrier or Heal will not.)
  • Has a high base damage, with a 125% AP scaling.
  • Can be animation cancelled with Flash (See Ability Combos Chapter Below for more Information).

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Ability Combos & Usage

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Ability Skill Sequence Analysis

There's a lot of debate regarding Vel'Koz's ideal ability skill sequence. The community is often split on whether to max Plasma Fission or Void Rift. Turns out it isn't as black & white as this...


Ability Rundown

Plasma Fission is the more offensive of the two spells. It's your primary long range harass and pick tool. Rank 5 provides a decaying slow of 70% over 2.6 seconds as opposed to 1 second and at rank 1. This is a large factor in the value of Plasma Fission maxing since it often is the set-up for the rest of your combo. Some of the value is lost since this spell has a static cooldown of 7 seconds over all ranks (Note: Cooldown Reduction is a valuable item & rune stat for this reason).

Void Rift is the defensive yet controlling option. This is your bread & butter for waveclear. Void Rift's recharge time does in fact decrease per each rank, however rank 5 still only gets it to 15 seconds from 20. It isn't as bad as it sounds however with two charges usually readily available.

Waveclear/Map Pressure

The most prominent factor in this debate is waveclear ability. Void Rift is no doubt the best waveclear option. However maxed Plasma Fission has underestimated waveclear. When used in conjunction with Tectonic Disruption, minion waves can be cleared in the same, if not, similar timings as maxed Void Rift. An easy thing to forget when it comes to waveclearing with Vel'Koz is that Organic Deconstruction does a lot of the damage. Due to Organic Deconstruction maxing Plasma Fission is still viable when it comes to waveclearing. In summary, Void Rift investment provides great waveclear. However, Plasma Fission max only has a little less waveclearing ability.

Damage per Second (DPS)

FIGURE: Total damage output of rank 5 Plasma Fission vs. rank 5 Void Rift cast off cooldown over 30 seconds. This data is simulated with 130 ability power and 20% cooldown reduction.
In terms of offensive use, Void Rift and Plasma Fission do about the same damage across all respective ranks. At rank 5, Void Rift's total base damage only exceeds Plasma Fission's Rank 5 damage by 35. Yet Plasma Fission does have a total ability power scaling 20% higher. With ability power factored it, each spell outputs similar total damage. The DPS of each can be calculated by analysing the cooldowns of each ability. The figure above demonstrates that despite their similar individual damage output, over time their cooldowns become rather impactful. For the most part, the damage output over time for Plasma Fission and Void Rift is almost equal (indicated by the figure’s green shading). However, in the first few seconds Void Rift is significantly more damaging due to the ability to cast two charges within 1.5 seconds of each other. Beyond the 16 second mark, Plasma Fission then takes the throne. Its cooldown is significantly lower than its counterpart’s recharge cooldown, and so over time it pumps out more DPS. In extended fights or poking scenarios, despite Void Rift’s charge system, Plasma Fission should deliver higher DPS due to its lower cooldown. In much shorter encounters, Void Rift’s charge mechanism should cement it as the better alternative in terms of damage. Keep in mind that if 2 charges of Void Rift are not available, Plasma Fission would do significantly more DPS.

Ability Advantage Summary

Overall, Plasma Fission can be maxed for good waveclear, effective utility and best DPS. Void Rift can be maxed for great waveclear and reasonable DPS. I have come to the conclusion that whether you max Plasma Fission or Void Rift first comes down to game circumstances, personal playstyle and level of play.

When to Max What

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of maxing each spell, here is when and where to max either one. It comes down to a multitude of factors.

Game Circumstances

Lane Match-Up
A defining element in what is best is your lane opponent. Take into account your opponent's waveclear, your kill pressure and their kill pressure. If your opponent can match your waveclear, gain pressure and control by maxing Void Rift. Otherwise you can max Plasma Fission for combat by getting the extra utility and damage. If you have kill pressure on the enemy feel free to amplify it further with Plasma Fission max. Otherwise if the enemy has kill threat on you, feel free to max Void Rift for waveclear to shove and roam elsewhere. This can also apply to match-ups where neither member has much kill threat on the other.

Bot Lane Rotational Status
Bot lane status is also an important factor to consider. Bot lane often transitions leads into mid lane pushes. If your ADC and Support are winning lane it's likely they will shift towards mid lane to push. Adjust your skill point sequence to take this into account. Put more points into Plasma Fission to siege more effectively. More importantly, if your bot lane is losing and the enemy team is likely to siege your mid lane begin to invest in Void Rift. This will allow you to defend much easier with a significant amount of waveclear. This can also apply to top lane advantages/disadvantages but not very often.

Team Compositions
Team Compositions also play a part in the matter:
  • If your team is a poke composition and you are not negatively impacted by doing so, max Plasma Fission for extra damage in your poke.
  • If the enemy team has champions you need to kite, invest in Plasma Fission for the extra slow duration. If you have bought or are planning on buying Rylai's Crystal Scepter then Void Rift
  • If the enemy team is defensively itemised against you and/or there are multiple tanks you might want to invest in Void Rift since poking isn't going to be very effective and the two blasts of damage are great at applying stacks of Organic Deconstruction for true damage.


Some players are about lane dominance. Others are about supporting the entire map. Some are in between. Each playstyle alters one's preference out of maxing Plasma Fission or Void Rift. Lane dominators can opt more for the combat of Plasma Fission maxing. Roamers are recommended to max Void Rift for the ability to shove and move elsewhere on the map. People who harbour a mix of these playstyles can mix and match ability skill sequences how they wish or what's most appropriate according to the game circumstances (discussed earlier).

Level of Play

The higher your level of play, the more the macro game is exploited/controlled. Waveclear and the ability to apply pressure by controlling minion waves is crucial in higher ranks. For this reason Void Rift maxing becomes more and more valuable the higher one's rank. At about Platinum and higher is where this starts to come into effect. Lower elos likely won’t utilise minion wave pressure effectively with maxed Void Rift. For this reason, Plasma Fission is good to max at these elos because it sacrifices some control for combat.

Level One Start

What you start level one is generally dependent on your lane opponent.

Plasma Fission can be taken into level one aggressors and weak level one champions. The projectile is much more reliable to hit than Void Rift to trade effectively with champions like Viktor who like to bully from square-one. It is also good at getting in a few cheap shots on vulnerable opponents early on.

Void Rift can be taken reliably into other match-ups. It can get an early shove on to punish champions who struggle to clear. It's also very effective into melees who can be stroked through the minions as they last-hit.

For most invades take Plasma Fission for the slow.

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Mid Item Build Analysis

Statistics to Itemise for (Ordered Best to Worst):

  • Ability Power: Provides more damage
  • Mana/Mana-Regeneration: Allows for constant ability usage
  • Cooldown Reduction: Increases poke, DPS and opportunities to fight
  • Magic Penetration: Provides more damage
  • Movement Speed: Ensures that despite Vel'Koz's immobility he can still kite enemies and roam effectively

Starting Items

  • Doran's Ring

    is simply the best all-round starting item. The significant stat that makes it more superior than other items is the mana regeneration and passive. This will allow for consistent poke throughout the laning phase. The health stat also allows you to duel better.

Core Items

  1. Morellonomicon

    is an all-round great item. The large portion of mana and ability power is perfect and the 20% cooldown reduction fits even better. As a cherry on top it's two extra passives are handy to sustain in fights and can counter healing champions. Lost Chapter is a component of this item. Lost Chapter is great value for Vel'Koz's laning to provide a portion of AP and most importantly mana sustain. Feel free to get an early 900 gold recall in for this item (preferably a bit more for Health Potions and a Control Ward).
  2. Sorcerer's Shoes

    The magic penetration may seem wasted on a true damage dealing champion, however a majority of Vel'Koz's output is magic damage and puts the boots to use.
  3. Liandry's Torment

    This is an all-rounder item for Vel'Koz. Damage calculations show that it actually adds a similar amount of damage to Luden's Echo (despite magic penetration becoming nullified with true damage - approx. a third of Vel'Koz's damage output), except it is 100 gold cheaper with easier-to-purchase components. On top of this the passive and magic penetration will shred tankier champions and health-stacking mages. This makes it a very efficient item to buy. On top of all this, it has a nice chunk of health that is just a nice thing to have. Just a generally good item to buy.

Final Options

Ordered from most useful to least useful

  • Luden's Echo

    is a great item for snowballing. Poking can be made more potent by the echo passive and the AP provided is rather significant. Vel'Koz is very immobile, the 10% movement speed stat counters this somewhat, allowing the otherwise vulnerable mage to kite and run from threats. Some like to rush this item before Morellonomicon but I'd recommend not to. Morellonomicon is a lot easier to buy early on with its multiple low cost components and early cooldown reduction. This item is a tad gold inefficient but can give Vel'Koz a significant boost in power.
  • Banshee's Veil

    Reasonable ability power, magic resist, cooldown reduction and a spell-shield. This item is a great choice against multiple forms of ability power and engage. Feel free to pick this up against most/all mages and ability power assassins.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap

    is an absolute essential. This large powerspike is mainly directed at Vel'Koz's use of Life Form Disintegration Ray. With a 125% AP scaling this large AP bonus boosts its power significantly and can start to rely less on researching targets.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass

    A superb item to give you extra cooldown reduction and survivability versus assassins.
  • Void Staff

    This may seem to be a waste since Vel'Koz pumps so much true damage but in a teamfight often opponents aren't always hit with all of the true damage and therefore the item becomes very useful. If there isn't magic resist being itemised on the enemy team avoid purchasing this.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter

    This is a notorious item in the Vel'Koz community. It's a lot worse than you'd expect. The only significance it brings is a minor slow on Void Rift (considering that all other abilities have crowd control that outclasses this item's effect). The health stat is also wasted gold value since as an artillery mage it shouldn't be purchased.
  • Mejai's Soulstealer

    Can help you snowball heavily. However, it is risky and can generally be outclassed. Pretty much just a fun item for stomp games.
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity

    Can give you extra 10% cooldown reduction to reach the cap if you are not running cooldown reduction runes or enough cooldown reduction in your current build. Also the summoner spell cooldown reduction can be of use versus threatening engage teams. Synergises well with the use of Ghost. This is low on the list not because it in itself is bad, but Sorcerer's Shoes is just better with the correct rune page.

Do Not Buy in any Circumstance

  • The Dark Seal (starting item)

    This provides flat mana, not mana regeneration (nor the Doran's Ring passive). This means that Vel'Koz, as an aggressive poke champion, would be very limited throughout laning. Its increase on potion healing is also somewhat wasted, as Vel'Koz isn't going to be dueling early.
  • Cloth Armor (starting item)

    There is no mana or mana regeneration, reducing the poking sustain for lane. Even in match-ups like Zed or Talon it is a waste. Vel'Koz should look to recall and pick up a Seeker's Armguard before level 6 instead. No matter how afraid you are of a match-up, you should be able to play safe enough to recall for defensive itemisation before your lane opponents level six powerspike.
  • Seraph's Embrace

    Considered to be a good buy by some Vel'Koz players, it has some benefits, but worse flaws. The idea behind it is to reach very high ability power to utilise Life Form Disintegration Ray's 125% AP scaling. However it has no cooldown reduction, which is rather crippling to Vel'Koz's playstyle, and its slow and expensive build makes Vel'Koz's strong early game worse.
  • Rod of Ages

    Very similar to Seraph's Embrace except it also has a health stat. This health stat is really just wasted gold as Vel'Koz should be playing in the backline as an artillery mage where he isn't taking damage. The ramping up stacking mechanic also delays a lot of Vel'Koz early powerspikes. The worst part of this item is the absence of cooldown reduction. I haven't even mentioned how Morellonomicon's components outclass Rod of Ages's components severely yet.
  • Athene's Unholy Grail

    Purchasing this item is just ignorant and/or idiotic. Poor AP stat, unnecessary magic resist and of course a passive that cannot be used.
  • Hextech GLP-800

    Can be useful for kiting champions, being tankier and having more utility however it doesn't fit the statistics that Vel'Koz needs well and is outclassed by Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
  • Hextech Protobelt-01

    The active is limited by Vel'Koz's artillery playstyle since it can easily put him in danger and using it as an escape is very inefficient gold-wise. The stats are also not great with health and a low AP value.

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Summoner Spells

S Tier

  • Flash - An essential. Excellent gapcloser, escape and much more.

A Tier

Defensive versatile spells are the best secondary summoner spells. As an artillery mage, as long as Vel'Koz is safe he's pumping out large amounts of damage - these spells ensure this happens. Note that these spells are self-cast too and as a result do not interfere with Vel'Koz's large range.
  • Barrier - Generally safest option. Shields for a lot. Take specifically into Ignite and sometimes Morellonomicon users since the Grievious Wounds reduce the effectiveness of heals.
  • Heal - Great for helping out teammates with the heal like your jungler. Take into match-ups where the movement speed buff can assist you (like into Viktor, where the movement speed can make escaping from his zones of control ( Gravity Field & Chaos Storm) easier).

B Tier

These spells are more situational rather than useful in all situations.
  • Ghost - This spell can be used in both defensive and offensive scenarios. The movement speed allows for effective kiting, chasing, escaping and teamfighting. This is the best of the B Tier spells, I'd consider it B+ status. If it weren't for its inability to be applied as many scenarios as the A Tier spells it would be ranked higher.
  • Exhaust - Useful for dangerous assassin match-ups during their burst combo. However, due to its low range relative to Vel'Koz's other spells it isn't entirely optimal except for Support. Note that Life Form Disintegration Ray is also cancelled by casting this spell.
  • Cleanse - A situational spell for lane match-ups that contain dangerous crowd control that can easily mean death (like Cassiopeia's Petrifying Gaze). Encouraged to be taken especially if there is more dangerous crowd control in other lanes too (like Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow). Try not to take this spell into a match-up that can be easily outplayed (don't take into Lux for her Light Binding).

C Tier

  • Teleport - Optimal if global pressure is optimal and you are lane where neither you or the enemy have kill pressure in.

D Tier

No reason to pick from this category.

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Mid Rune Page Analysis

General Rune Page (Optimal if you Survive Lane)

These marks provide you with the most damage possible. Scaling Health Seals give you defensive stats to ensure you don't die instantly. The scaling portion means that about level 7 they will provide better defense than armor or magic resist. This means that if you can survive lane they are the best option. 6 Glyphs of Scaling Cooldown Reduction give 10% cooldown reduction by level 18, usually allowing Vel'Koz to reach 40% cooldown reduction by late game with a regular build. The extra flat Magic Resist Glyphs then gives a little extra survivabilty versus AP opponents. Finally the Ability Power Quintessences give Vel'Koz a significant amount of extra damage for the early game.

Armour Rune Page (The Safe Alternative versus AD)

If you are facing a strong early game AD opponent (eg. Zed) that could have kill pressure on you in the early game substitute Scaling Health Seals for flat Armor Seals.

Magic Resist Rune Page (The Safe Alternative versus AP)

If you are facing a strong early game AP opponent (eg. Syndra) that could have kill pressure on you in the early game substitute the Scaling Cooldown Reduction Glyphs for extra flat Magic Resist Glyphs.

The Famous Movement Speed Rune Page (Gotta Go Fast)

If you are facing another artillery mage or kiting is going be be key versus the enemy's team composition you can take up movement speed quintessences. It may be a minor addition to your statistics but it could save your life with a little bit of fancy foot work. Mix and match your glyphs on this page to fit your situation (Scaling Ability Power, Scaling Cooldown Reduction and/or Magic Resist).

Click here to check out my current rune pages to find out exactly what I use (it may be more up to date).

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Mid Mastery Page Analysis

Ferocity Tree

Fury vs. Sorcery

As a mage, attack speed means barely anything to Vel'Koz, always pick Sorcery for its ability damage increase.

Fresh Blood vs. Feast vs. Expose Weakness

This is the most optional of all the mastery selections. Feast is reasonable for lane sustain. I personally use Fresh Blood . It isn't ideal outside of lane since often Vel'Koz wants to be out of basic attack range but during lane it could be the deciding factor in a close duel. Finally, Vel'Koz has a lot of AOE damage and Expose Weakness 's damage increase for allies can be very impactful during teamfights.

Vampirism vs. Natural Talent

Vampirism gives some minor sustain throughout laning phase. Natural Talent gives a little extra damage boost. I consider the Vampirism sustain too weak to outclass Natural Talent .

Bounty Hunter vs. Double Edged Sword vs. Battle Trance

The most important fact for this selection is that mastery's % damage increase bonuses do not effect true damage (about a third of Vel'Koz's damage output). This means that Double Edged Sword 's self sacrifice component might not always be ideal since you aren't utilising the damage output as best as possible. I think that this selection purely comes down to personal preference since each is great for different situations. Bounty Hunter is good if you roam and snowball. Double Edged Sword is good for poking but may be a tiny bit risky. Battle Trance is good for extended early game fights and teamfighting. Personally, I take Battle Trance .

Cunning Tree

Wanderer vs. Savagery

This is up to personal preference. Wanderer can be useful to roam faster and return to lane quicker. However, Savagery can make early game farming easier and shoving with basic attacks quicker. Personally I prefer Savagery for the lane control.

Runic Affinity vs. Secret Stash vs. Assassin

Secret Stash is best overall to extend lane sustain. Runic Affinity can be useful to extend the duration of blue buffs from your jungler. Assassin should become rather useless after laning phase as Vel'Koz should be grouped with teammates.

Merciless vs. Meditation

Meditation is great for all stages of the game, the mana regeneration it provides ensures especially that laning phase will be easier. Merciless can be good to an extent, but it falls short considering that the damage increase does not apply to true damage.

Greenfather's Gift vs. Bandit vs. Dangerous Game

Dangerous Game can straight up win you lane in many games by saving you in close duels. It can also heal you in a large teamfight by a lot. This heavily outweighs the weak gold generated by Bandit and the uncommon use of Greenfather's Gift .

Precision vs. Intelligence

Precision is recommended over Intelligence in the Cunning Tree as the 5% CDR increase is minimal and is calculated to provide marginally less damage over the course of a normal teamfight (where it is supposed to shine).

Keystone Mastery: Thunderlord's Decree

Vel'Koz relies on combos of abilties to proc Organic Deconstruction, as a result Thunderlord's Decree synergises very well. It also provides more AOE damage. There is no other keystone that rivals the usefulness for Vel'Koz's kit.

Do not use: Deathfire Touch

In a full combo, in every case Thunderlord's Decree will apply more damage than Deathfire Touch ever would. Some argue that it makes poking more potent, but the fact is that the AP scaling on Deathfire Touch is so low that the damage it provides is pathetic.

Do not use: Stormraider's Surge

Not only is Thunderlord's Decree just significantly better considering the damage output but Stormraider's Surge 's movement speed buff very situationally utilised since channelling Life Form Disintegration Ray roots you.

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How to generally play Vel'Koz Mid

Now that you know the technical details of Vel'Koz, you can learn about how a general Vel'Koz game plays out.

Every game is different, dependant on team compositions, players and their playstyles, etc. Take this into consideration as you read the following...

Early Game

Vel'Koz's early game can be extremely potent if you know how use him. Too many Vel'Koz players do not take advantage of this, play passive, and therefore give the enemy a free lane to farm in. Vel'Koz has a lot of risky and poor match-ups, but if early game play is perfected even the worst match-ups can be won (eg. Zed, LeBlanc, Fizz, Yasuo.). In early game try to poke with Plasma Fission, if you can afford the mana cost use the slow it provides to follow up with the Tectonic Disruption + Void Rift combo discussed earlier. Depending on the match-up, you can shove the enemy under tower if necessary with Void Rift and Plasma Fission too.

Upon reaching level six and gaining access to Life Form Disintegration Ray your kill potential on the enemy reaches its peak. When you have poked your enemy low enough (Generally 60% health is a good starting point. However this depends on the enemy champion, their items, masteries and runes) you can look to apply a 1-2 stacks of Organic Deconstruction and follow up with Life Form Disintegration Ray which will apply extra stacks periodically to proc your passive and then your ultimate's true damage. You can do either this or research your target first and then ultimate for full damage potential (This is harder to execute but much more threatening). In some match-ups, or depending on enemy jungle pressure, at this point you wont want to fight your laner, instead push them under tower and look to roam. This is best versus high kill pressure opponents who have CC to interrupt Life Form Disintegration Ray like Fizz, or if the enemy is being camped by their jungler.

Mid Game

If you have a lead or go even in lane, you can look to continue killing your lane opponent or roaming to other lanes. Bot lane is often an opportune destination as your AOE can be useful against two laners. When ganking try to lead with Plasma Fission to get the slow to set up the rest of your combo. Firing Plasma Fission into a wall and angling it to hit the enemy can be done to make the projectile even harder to dodge. If the enemy sees your roam early, they may retreat whilst hugging the bot side wall. In this case, hold Plasma Fission until they are pressed against the wall and fire it perpendicular at it. This will split and send the secondary bolts into the enemy effectively.

If roaming isn't ideal you can continue farming constantly with your waveclear and use Control Wards and/or Sweeping Lens to set up picks from the fog of war on the enemy laner, jungler or roamer. It is recommended that you learn how to perform fake roams in which you trick your laner into thinking you are roaming, wait for them to follow and ambush them in the jungle. This is a great technique to cheese the enemy and gain a great lead over them.

Sieging/Late Game Picks

Plasma Fission can be very obnoxious for sieges, spam it at a variety of angles to poke enemies or catch them out for your team with a slow. At this point into the game, you have enough items to pick off enemies from incredible range. If you angle a Plasma Fission correctly and connect with a squishy enemy carry, you can follow with Life Form Disintegration Ray and likely kill them or take their summoner spells. Beware however, that during the 2.5 second channel time of your ultimate, the enemy team could simply engage on you can kill you.


In teamfights, stay as far back as possible as your range allows you to do so. Save Tectonic Disruption to peel assassins, bruisers and tanks off yourself or other carries unless enemies are stacked upon each other ready to be wombo combo'ed by it. Unleash Void Rift's on enemies that are CC'ed and/or grouped and if you're safe feel free to channel Life Form Disintegration Ray (this can be used to snipe the backline through their front line effectively). One of the biggest skills that you must master for teamfighting with Vel'Koz is kiting, ensuring that you are not caught yet still pumping out huge damage, this is a skill that simply comes with practise.

Vel'Koz can have access to absurd amount of true damage. As a result you have an important role on any team. Just because you might be able to kill enemy carries in a matter of moments, not every game needs you to do so to win. Depending on team compositions you will have to focus frontliners with your true damage some games, and backliners on others. It may seem to be a waste to blow Life Form Disintegration Ray on a tank, but sometimes it is necessary as you are the only one able to shred them. Or there are other times where you are simply forced to do so as the enemy backline is too passive for you to reach them and you must kill the frontliners running at you and allies.

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Maximum Plasma Fission Range Proof

Plasma Fission Lengths

Length A: 1050 units (Primary Bolt)
Length B: 1100 units (Secondary Bolt)
Length x: ??? units (Total Linear Range)

Maximum range possible

c^2 = a^2 + b^2
x^2 = A^2 + B^2
x^2 = 1050^2 + 1100^2
x^2= 1102500 + 1210000
x= √(1102500 + 1210000)
x= √(1102500 + 1210000)

x= 1520.69 units at maximum ⁡range.

Angle at which to obtain this maximum range


θ=46.33° is the angle at which Plasma Fission is fired at to reach maximum range.

Thank you for reading my guide, eye'll see you on the rift!