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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Shyvana Build Guide by Violzandre

Jungle [8.24] My Dear High Damage Shyvana (Irregular playing style)

Jungle [8.24] My Dear High Damage Shyvana (Irregular playing style)

Updated on January 25, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Violzandre Build Guide By Violzandre 89 9 240,553 Views 9 Comments
89 9 240,553 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Violzandre Shyvana Build Guide By Violzandre Updated on January 25, 2019
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Runes: Long Duration Fights!

1 2 3 4 5
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Ghost Poro
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2
Chilling Smite
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[8.24] My Dear High Damage Shyvana (Irregular playing style)

By Violzandre
1. Introduction
Hello! I'm "The Shyvana" an OTP Shyvana obviously, my real name is Fabian but my friends call me "Fabisho"

I'm still updating this guide, it's "complete" but it can be better.

I started playing in season 1 with another accounts but I never was a skillfull player, I'm only good making good decisions, that's why I main "Easy" champs.
Actually I'm Platinum4, but I did a new account because to be honest, I'm not more a OTP Shyvana and I wanted to start again, without flaming and insulting my teammates (Yeah, I wasn't very friendly, it's very annoying when everyone insults you because you don't use a champ like everyone)

When I started using this champ in season 4 I saw their skills and stats and they aren't the best stats for a "Tank" champion, like my teammates said.
¿Where is the cc? ¿And the slows? ¿Dashs? ¿Something? Only Dragonborn and Dragon's Descent give her a little amount of maximum hp and defenses, but that's literally for a "Fighter" champion.

But, what items can fit well with this champ? with her Twin Bite she can reset her autoattack and with her Flame Breath, every autoattack do damage based in a percentage of the enemy maximum hp, and her Twin Bite cooldown can be reduced by their autoattacks, so, I thought that she can be like a Master Yi, doing damage based in the number of hits, but also in the enemy maximum hp.

Guinsoo's Rageblade? Obligatory
Blade of the Ruined King? Obviously
The atk spd is necessary.

Of course this items were different, I used a build of critical hits and all that stuff, but with every change and patches, now I'm here with this build, always trying to get the 2.5 atk spd and using the Lethal tempo to surpass it, like the old good Kog'Maw.

Here you have, a versatile high damage champ, with a good speed that can use a Frozen Mallet to slow their enemies, a Trinity Force or a Black Cleaver to get more movement speed, with the best atk speed, and deleting tanks and papers equally.

(Like Warwick, Nunu & Willump, Shaco, Kindred, etc)
If you were afraid of playing a Shyvana vs Jax, forget that fear and just try this build.

Still, this is a easy-to-follow guide, not a detailed book or something, it's for beginners and old shyvana players that doesn't tryied to build her this way.
If you want a guide more detailed you can see others in mobafire, but I consider that I put everything that someone need to get at least to platinum easily and to understand how this works, and that's what you need to do, if you understand why a Shyvana with like 150 dmg can delete a Warwick with 300, my job is done and you'll be fine modifying as you wish the build that I suggest.
2. Pros / Cons

1-Easy to use
2-Very strong
3-Fast farming
4-Good objectives control
5-Versatile builds
6-There are just a few threats to her
7-Badass Dragon


1-She doesn't have much cc
2-Your teammates can insult you if you follow my guide, I'm sorry ;_;
3. Team Composition (Synergies / Counters)
How you can see, you need a Tank in the team that can receive the enemy cc like a Sion or someone who can stun the enemy team or do something like that, a good option is Nami, this is for increasing the time you have to do damage without problems.
You need too someone that can start the teamfight, like a Malphite or a Maokai
If you have an ADC doing dmg meanwhile, and someone that do AP damage, everything will be fine, it's simple.

Every champ that can keep distance, poke you and cancel your autoattacks (like Jax, Teemo, Graves, Ezreal, Caitlyn, etc) can be a headache, you must be near them and hitting.
If you doesn't have a good amount of maximum HP and someone can delete you, that's dangerous too, some champs that can do this are Evelynn and Malphite if he is full ap.
4. Runes
Okay, priorities:

1- Lethal Tempo, with this we can get a lot of attack speed and we are using a badass dragon that ALWAYS gets the level advantage, so it's very useful in a build that depends on the number of hits that you can do.

2-The attack speed that we get with this runes if you're using my favorite build it's 2.5 (the maximum) without activating Lethal Tempo, so you need LIFESTEAL to keep you alive in the fights and give you some sustain in the jungle at low levels. Anyway, if you think that you doesn't need that lifesteal and you want to choose the attack speed from Legend: Alacrity, or the movement speed from Relentless Hunter, go ahead, I use them sometimes.

3-Okay, if you have the attack speed and the lifesteal, our third priority is the damage, obviously with our stats, using a little more of damage can do a winning machine that can heal himself more and kill faster, so, with our non-impressive maximum hp, the Coup de Grace is a good option.

But while you use Lethal Tempo, I would be glad if you try different runes, trying to accommodate them to your playing style.

Lethal Tempo is the base of my build, because you need to hit VERY fast.

If you want to try other runes, try to go for this, I suggest that in this order:

1-Attack speed
2-Movement speed
5-Maximum hp
6-Tenacity (Resistance against "cc" or "crowd control")
7-Armor and magic resistance

Good options are Legend: Alacrity, Legend: Tenacity, Last Stand, Absolute Focus, Gathering Storm, Waterwalking, Celerity, Relentless Hunter, Eyeball Collection, Future's Market, Approach Velocity, Biscuit Delivery, Bone Plating, Revitalize, Conditioning, Overgrowth, Unflinching, and even Demolish can be a good option to help more in lanes.

There are a lot of choices, so, I wont put all of them here, It's more enjoyable playing and trying different runes and builds in game!!
5. Spells

Chilling Smite: Choose this if you can easily kill the enemy jungler in early or midgame and you want to prevent him from escaping.
Or if you think that you can gank better with this, it depends on your style playing.

Challenging Smite: Use this if the enenmy jungler it's a little stronger than you and you want to fight back anyway.
Think twice before choosing this smite, because if the enemy jungler (or team) is much stronger than you, the other smite can help you to escape too.
Indeed, I use more the other smite usually.

Other Spell:

Flash: The most used spell, a good escape or pursuit route, it can be helpfull but if you're sure about this, you can choose other options.

Ghost: You can use this if you need a good movement speed to escape from a Talon, a Kayn, or some champs, you need to be careful with your escape routes especially before you get level 6 because without flash or Dragon's Descent , you'll be in danger if you try to counterjungle, or if the enemy team try with an ambush.

Ignite: More damage but less escape or pursuit options, this is for fighting enemies with a lot of lifesteal or life regeneration, be careful if you use this spell.

Exhaust: I don't recommend this but it's an option, maybe to gank better or something.
6. Abilities
1-You need to increase Burnout first because that's the principal damage source to clear the jungle and farming it's the key to win every match with Shyvana.

2-Then you start to raise the Twin Bite because we´re going to abuse this ability, to do more hits faster and do, of course, more damage.

3-The maximum life percentage damage of your Flame Breath doesn't change at all and that's the only reason we use it with this build, that's why we don't raise this ability in second place like others do.

(As you can see, this build depends of number of hits that you do, by your Flame Breath and the abilities of our core items, that's why the damage from Flame Breath and Burnout are just a little extra damage that we don't consider much when we are fighting other champions, we only consider that damage when we are clearing waves of minions or the jungle)

(From Flame Breath, when we are fighting a enemy champion, we consider more than anything the maximum life percentage damage that we do with number of hits)
7. Explanation of this build
I'll try to be quick explaining how it works and how to use it.

Okay, the cc and the poke are threats for you, that's why you have Dragon's Descent, you need to catch the enemy and boom, with your lifesteal and mediocre defensive stats you'll be fine, you can splitpush or play with your teammates in a teamfight, meanwhile the enemy team will try to kill your adc, you'll be doing the REAL damage.

But, like every shyvana, you can't just go in 5 minutes and win a match, this isn't that simple, you need to farm!!! It's the most important task for you, it's like a Master Yi charging the old devourer (if you don't know what is it, it was a jungle item that was "loaded" with your farm)
You need to get advantage of level and abuse of your speed clearing the jungle, you need your core items and everything will be fine.
Get the advantage, try to snowball, and voilá, easy win.

Like your base stats are your only defenses if you use my favorite build, you need to kill the dragons the faster you can to get defenses from Dragonborn and, in any case, be a little more careful against AP enemies.

Don't be too tryhard!!! This champ isn't about being a Korean proplayer that can Flash you in the face and use mechanics from a Zed or a Riven to appear like the mvp in the LCS, this champ is about making good decisions and not wasting your time ganking without helping in the lane, dying, trying a imposible counterjungle and that stuff.

You need to calm down and ignore the tilted dudes that ask for a imposible gank at the start of the match or literally everytime.
Gank when you're sure about it, farm in good routes, and don't waste your time dancing or something while you see the enemy jungler, intimidating him meanwhile nobody is farming.
8. My favorite route
1-Go to the red buff

2-Go to the birds, use a good E to hit almost everyone and give every little bird two hits, it should be enough, kill the big bird.

3-Go to the rift scuttler, if there's the enemy jungler, don't be too risky and you can try to steal the scuttler or go to your golems, maybe gank mid, or even go to the another scuttler.

After farming to get like 630 gold, go back to the base and purchase the jungler item (at this moment, depending of the enemy team, you need to choose the chilling or the challenging smite)

After that, just go to your jungle and farm more, try to counterjungle when you can if the enemy jungler isn't a threat, gank when you're sure about that, and get the advantage.

IMPORTANT: some dudes can try to steal your Blue buff, it's normal, you just need to ward the enemy Blue buff at 1:10 (GO WITH YOUR TEAM, BE CAREFUL) and ask to your team for a ward in your Blue buff, use the Ghost poro and your wards to track the enemy jungler and counterjungle him when you need or when you can, if he try to steal your Blue, you steal his Blue, simple, "eye for an eye" (?

Ah, if you steal his Blue buff, you can try to steal his Wolves and his Gromp (The thing that's like a giant frog), it's very common that the enemy jungler steals only your Blue buff and maybe your Gromp, but he wont be in his Blue soon, so, steal everything and you'll get a little advantage (cause, probably you still have YOUR Wolves), and that's how you win, with that "little advantages".
9. Objectives
Okay, you have Dragonborn that gives you 5 armor and magic resistance by every drake that your team defeat, and you get a 10% bonus damage to every dragon. With a build that doesn't care much about defensive items, you need to take advantage of this ability. As defenses increase, the percentage of damage they block increases less and less, that's why it's enough with 100 armor, but the magic resistance is very low (60) and that's why you need to be careful with AP enemies.
Anyway, increasing this stats without buying items and getting some buffs it's great for you and your team, especially when with the elder dragon you increase that buffs in a 50% and get extra damage by every drake that your team defeated, that's why this is one of your principal objectives.
There are some tips to know how you should be killing the dragons, when, and why.

1-The mountain drake it's one of the most importants dragons because it gives you help to get other objectives like the baron and the towers, if your team is trying to play with splitpush and avoiding the teamfights, it's very helpful.

2-The cloud drake it's one that can help a lot in every match, the movement speed that it gives can help your teammates to escape from enemy ganks, from teamfights or bad trades, pursuit enemies in disadvantage, and to go lane by lane farming and pushing, or even for your jungle clear speed, you NEED this drake.

3-The infernal drake helps a lot in late, isn't impressive in early because the percentage is low, but it scale with your damage, that's very high in, obviously, late game.
If your team is for forcing fights or lategame, defeat (or steal) this drake almost at all costs.

4-The ocean drake , the perception that players have in general of this drake is interesting, they see it like an objective but sometimes doesn't think about how it can help in the game.
Okay, this is the best drake for EARLY, for the lane phase, he gives some sustain to every lane but in lategame, when it's easy for everyone go to the base or heal himself with abilities that doesn't use a lot of mana, or a Warmog's Armor, or lifesteal, this drake isn't too necessary, that's why sometimes when you're in midgame or lategame, fighting for get this objective isn't always worth, you must keep that in mind.

5-The elder dragon is one of the most important objectives in the game but it depends a lot on how many dragons you killed before, if you killed at least 4 dragons, the buff that this dragon gives you can do easily 225 true damage to your enemies if you hit them with an ability or autoattack.
This is the best objective to teams with abilities with a great range, traps, autoattacks, etc. Champions like Teemo, Caitlyn, Twitch, Jhin, Ezreal and everyone that can poke a lot, can abuse with this buff, keep that in mind because sometimes you'll need to choose between a elder dragon or a baron nashor .

6-The baron nashor , the most popular objective, one that can give the victory to an almost defeated team in difficult matches, the center of attention in the Esports.
It gives the team that kill (or steal) it a great amount of experience and gold, up to 40 AD and AP, a recall of 3 seconds, a great regeneration of mana and hp, and a buff from the nearby minions to push the lanes and destroy the towers faster.
This buff is too powerful and important, especially for teams that can't poke a lot and have strong tanks and fighters without a impressive way to cath a fast enemy team, like Shyvana, Darius, Galio, Graves, Dr. Mundo and others.
This buff is always similar (the damage buff can change a little), so you don't need to kill a lot of drakes before or something.

7- The rift herald is a midgame objective that can help your team get the tower advantage, pushing a lane and opening more routes to splitpush, doing pressure, escape and the posibility to "rotate" or leaving a lane alone more time to kill drakes, do roaming, and chasing an enemy jungler when you can see him.
It's very easy defeating this objective but you need to decide WHEN.
If you do it too early, you're going to lose farm and experience and the enemy jungler can get the advantage and even kill a drake.
But if you want to do it later, the enemy jungler can easily get it when you're in bot, farming, or too weak to fight and stop him, and the lane phase will be over a long time ago, in adittion, you can't get the bonus from destroying the turret plating after minute 14.
The rift herald can easily help to end the lane phase earlier but you should know when it helps or harms your teammates, indeed, a Nasus needs a longer lane phase when he isn't losing against the enemy top, and you, a Shyvana, need a lot of time to farm and get the core items, so it's your decition when you're going to take and use the rift herald .
Now, where are you going to use it? I't depends again on your teammates, and try to use it when you gank and kill the enemy champs in the lane (or they need to retreat), in this way you can exploit the rift herald destroying even two towers and hitting the third.

8-Turrets or Towers are important because they are a threat to you and your team when you want to move freely through the map, the enemies that need to farm like Nasus can use them to farm safely and get prepared to win the match, that's why you must judge when and where you're going to take down the enemy towers and how you're going to do it, it can be with a rift herald , with your teammates, after a good gank or pushing a abandoned lane alone.
A good way to see the map is doing a imaginary line between the active external enemy towers, everything behind that line is a dangerous zone for you and your team.

Okay, about the drakes, you need to know that after the level 4, you should be capable to do it alone, anyway you need to be sure that nobody's going to steal it, that's why you need vision in the enemy jungle and your mid and botlane should be helping you or pushing the lane.
As a Shyvana, you should kill the drakes as soon as possible, after you'r first drake you should kill them when they spawn, that's why you should prepare the jungle for that objective, avoiding the counterjungle (because the enemy jungler can lose time farming) and warding, maybe you can try a gank to get the botlane or midlane help, and removing in this way a possible threat.
If the enemy has taken the rift scuttler you can take advantage of that, you need to enter to the dragon pit jumping through the wall with the "fruit" that appears often or with Dragon's Descent, using a pink ward or the Oracle Lens to watch for enemy wards, and killing the dragon without getting in the area of the speed shrine
10. Your counters in depth
You can easily kill most of the junglers, but some of them can give you problems so I'll put here tips and guides to defeat that few dudes that can be disgusting in some matches.
And don't forget to play with your team, I'll give you tips for situations where you can't fight with help.

1-He will gank a lot more than you, in that case, go to his jungle and steal everything, use your trinkets and wards and the ghost poro to track him and sabotage his ganks.
2-Farm and buy the core items without the Guinsoo's Rageblade, instead of it, buy lifesteal like a Death's Dance and some maximum hp item like a Frozen Mallet, I know that Thornmail inflicts grievous wounds, but if you minimize the number of hits against Rammus, wait till his Defensive Ball Curl ends, and get more lifesteal, you can kill him without problems.
3-You always can get some Tenacity, try to change your runes using Legend: Tenacity and Unflinching, buying in game the Mercury's Treads, or even a Mercurial Scimitar, if you do that, you can forget about his Frenzying Taunt and everything will be easier for you.

1-Avoid stealing his jungle if you don't know exactly where he is, because he's probably faster than you and with his stun, you can't kill him in early game, farm and get armor, maximum hp, lifesteal and maybe tenacity, you can try with more defensive runes like Bone Plating and Unflinching, be careful when you decide to use Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads (I recommend ninja tabi, but the enemy team can be 4 AP and a Udyr, or maybe an unusual AP udyr, ¿who knows?)
2-If you can, use your Dragon's Descent when he's going to stun you, in that way you're flying meanwhile you're stuned and you can apply some cc, get the improved versions of your abilities and some hp, it's a good way to get a lot of advantage in the fight.
3- Thornmail!!! it's a very good defense against champions like Udyr, Jax, Master Yi and everyone that do a high number of hits and have a great lifesteal or healing.

1-Don't fight him if it's not necessary, you can easily evade his counterjungle (or gank other lanes if he is in top)
2-Get the advantage of farm/kills and get maximum hp and lifesteal, a Frozen Mallet, a Thornmail, or a Ninja Tabi are good options.
3-Fighting him, try to wait untill he uses Counter Strike (evade it lol, or you can use Dragon's Descent in the right moment like I explained against Udyr) and then you can do a nice barbecue with his head.

1-You can't win if you don't have some magic resistance items (because your magic resistance base stat is too low, so, get the Mercury's Treads if you're going to fight against teemo
2-Get the Maw of Malmortius, it's necessary
3-When he use Blinding Dart, you'll have like 2.5 seconds to approach (even, you could use Dragon's Descent) and after that, you need to delete him in the next 5.5 seconds and heal yourself with your lifesteal, if he uses Zhonya's Hourglass, just run, you can't win that fight.
4-Be careful with the Noxious Trap, use your pinks and that stuff.

1-You simply can't win against him in early, you can kill problematic enemy junglers if you use good your Stealth Ward and you find them with low hp in his jungle but it will not happen against a Graves, you only can try to farm faster than him and use your Stealth Ward to help your teammates avoiding ganks, try to track Graves!!!
2-Avoid fighting him alone, you surely can win a 1 vs 1 against him IN MIDGAME OR LATEGAME, indeed, playing with your teammates will be crucial to win matches against Graves.
3-Get a more defensive runes or items, the most important thing with Shyvana is farming and building you faster than anyone in the match, if you need to go defensive sometimes it's okay, you can use this build without Lethal Tempo for example, you can change everything of this build, but if you keep it in mind, you'll know when you can go with another option of agressive build, and when you need to use a standard build with Titanic Hydra and all that stuff that other guides recommend.
4-Get movility, rush some boots, even the Boots of Swiftness are a great option against him, try to steal his red buffs and he will not be able to catch you.
11. Feedback
I'm not good doing guides, this is my first guide and I don't know how to put images and all that stuff, also I'm not good with english (I'm from Chile, I speak spanish)
But I'm a decent jungler that main champs like Evelynn, Kayn, Rammus, Elise and more.
I'll be doing more guides and if you want to ask me anything about them or discuss something, I'll be glad.

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