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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Fiora Build Guide by SwiftOblivion

Top (9.5) Talent, Honor, and Discipline! Swift's Fiora Guide

Top (9.5) Talent, Honor, and Discipline! Swift's Fiora Guide

Updated on March 12, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SwiftOblivion Build Guide By SwiftOblivion 343 10 699,717 Views 15 Comments
343 10 699,717 Views 15 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SwiftOblivion Fiora Build Guide By SwiftOblivion Updated on March 12, 2019
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Runes: Recommended

1 2 3
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
Mid-Late game pressure
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

(9.5) Talent, Honor, and Discipline! Swift's Fiora Guide

By SwiftOblivion
Table of Contents

Here is a little menu of all of the sections in the guide! If you want to read through all of it, Thank you!
If not, just choose your desired section and enjoy!

Video Guide
Hello everyone and welcome to my revamped Season 9 Fiora Guide! It is not only mine, but all of the information used has been reviewed and approved by other Fiora mains from all across discord. These range from Hoyin, Giraffe Hugs, Azurean, Bretteuse, and the rest of the House Laurent Discord! Who can also be found here:
I started playing her around the beginning of season 7 and have loved playing her ever since. I may be a high plat player looking to climb to diamond and beyond but I believe people can still learn at least something from other players no matter the elo. With that being said, I have over 600K Mastery Points on Fiora so I am confident that I have enough experience to share with you on this champ. I finished season 7 with a 56% winrate on Fiora with 275 ranked games played and Season 8 with a 59% winrate with 237 games.
Why choose Fiora?
Fiora is one of my favorite if not my favorite champion in the game and many of you may wonder why that is exactly? First off, I love Fiora as a character, her attitude in-game and how she steps up to any challenge without hesitation speaks to me. As far as the champ herself, I love her kit because it screams outplay potential. Fiora is a champion that rewards the player for putting more time into playing her. If you are looking for a champ that with enough time you can completely control a game and 1v9 if played correctly, Fiora is the one. All of this stuff is anecdotal at best but it is just a piece of the guide for me to gush over my favorite champ!
Pros / Cons

+ Outplay Potential
+ Great at dueling 1v1 or 1v2's
+ Great split-pusher
+ Helpful in teamfights with ultimate heal
+ Versatile in Item builds
+ Skill expressive champ
+ Scales great into late game even without early game success


- A bit weak early against most champs
- Squishy without proper items
- Mid game mana problems with Q
- Easily shutdown if focused early
- Struggles vs teams with abundant CC
- No CC, provides little utility if behind
- Requires vast knowledge of the game and matchups to be played properly
No point in calling this a guide if I don't showcase Fiora's abilities for you all; right? I'll be taking you through Fiora's abilities one by one explaining what they do, what their purpose is, and a video demonstration of the ability. Lets get started, shall we?

Duelist's Dance - Passive

Fiora identifies the Vitals of nearby enemy champions, marked as an arc around themselves. Vitals take 0.5 seconds to identify and linger for 15 seconds. After a Vital is triggered or times out, Fiora identifies a new one on her target. Basic attacks and damaging abilities against a Vital trigger it to deal 2.5% (+ 4.5% per 100 bonus AD) of target's maximum health bonus true damage, heal Fiora for a flat 40 - 115hp (based on level) and grant her 20% / 30% / 40% / 50% bonus movement speed that decays over 1.75 seconds. This is where most of your tank shredding comes from. The more AD you build, the more true damage you deal once you proc a vital. Popping as many vitals as possible during a trade or an all-in is going to be your main priority because of its scaling damage and sustain.

To some of you, Fiora's vitals seem to spawn at random. I am here to tell you that is false! There is actually a pattern at which Fiora's vitals spawn and it goes like this. The vital will spawn either LEFT or DOWN, and then either UP or RIGHT. You can see this in the video below as the vitals alternate from one choice to the other. This is helpful when trying to outplay or visualize a fight as you can predict where a vital is going to spawn when you go for trades or an All-in.

Lunge - Q

Cost: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 Mana
Cooldown: 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 / 8 Seconds

Fiora dashes a short distance in the target direction, then stabs a nearby enemy if one is present, moving into attack range of them. Stabbing an enemy reduces Lunge's cooldown by 60%. The stab deals 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 (+ 95 / 100 / 105 / 110 / 115% bonus AD) physical damage, applies on-hit effects, and prioritizes Vitals facing Fiora, followed by enemies who would die to the strike, and finally the nearest target (prioritizing champions). This is your main poking, trading, and mobility tool. This ability not only applies spellblade procs from Trinity Force but also allows you to reposition to proc your Duelist's Dance vitals. Be sure to land this as the cooldown is especially long during the early game which leaves you with no form of engage or escape. This will be the ability you max first.

Riposte - W

Cost: 50 Mana
Cooldown: 24 / 22 / 20 / 18 / 16 Seconds

Fiora readies to strike in a target direction, becoming invulnerable to all damage and CC (other than turret damage) for the next 0.75 seconds. Fiora is immobile while this ability is being cast. After a 0.75 second cast time, Fiora stabs her sword forward, dealing 90 / 130 / 170 / 210 / 250 (+ 100% AP) magic damage to enemies in the targeted direction. The first enemy champion struck has their attack speed and movement speed slowed by 50% for 1.5 seconds. If Fiora parries at least one immobilizing effect, Riposte will stun the target for 1.5 seconds instead. This is Fiora's signature ability. It allows you to turn almost any fight as long as you time your Riposte correctly. Hold onto this ability until a situation arises where you need to use it to either turn an unfavorable fight or save your life. Do NOT use it for any source of damage unless you are 99% sure it will kill when it connects. This will be the ability you max last. This ability can also be used in conjunction with your Lunge!

Bladework - E

Cost: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 Mana
Cooldown: 13 / 11 / 9 / 7 / 5 Seconds

Fiora's next two auto attacks within the next 4 seconds gain 25 bonus range and 50% bonus attack speed. The first auto attack can never critically strike, but will slow its target by 30% for 1 second, while the second auto attack is guaranteed to critically strike for a modified 160 / 170 / 180 / 190 / 200% Critical Damage. This ability also acts as an auto attack reset. This is one of Fiora's biggest trading tools. This not only packs in a great deal of damage through the modified crits and auto attack resets, but also allows her to stick onto her target without having to use her Lunge or Flash. Use this when you want to slow down your target and extend a trade or make it easier to reposition for a vital. Don't forget that this ability also extends your auto attack range. It's not by much but it can come in handy in close trades. This will be the ability you max second.

Grand Challenge - R

Cost: 100 Mana
Cooldown: 110 / 90 / 70 Seconds

Whenever this ability is leveled up, Duelist's Dance's bonus movement speed on vital procs increases. Fiora targets an enemy champion for 8 seconds revealing all 4 of their vitals. This creates an area around the target where Fiora gains movement speed while around them. New vitals from Duelist's Dance do not spawn while this ultimate is in effect. If Fiora pops at least one Vital before her target dies, or triggers all four, she creates a Victory Zone that heals all allied champions within it for 80 / 110 / 140hp (+ 60% bonus AD} per second. The duration of the Victory Zone last 2 - 5 Seconds based on the # of Vitals hit. Fiora's ultimate is a game changer. It does a ridiculous amount of damage on top of healing Fiora for an extended period of time. This ability can easily turn a 1v1 or a teamfight if you are able to activate the heal which becomes much more potent the more bonus AD you build.

How to Splitpush as Fiora
One of the most important parts of the game you need to learn when playing Fiora is knowing how to splitpush properly. Thankfully, I have made a video explaining splitpushing in many different aspects from the concept of it and how it looks when it is done successfully! Be sure to drop a like if you thought it was useful and timestamps are in the description!

Runes/Summoner Spells
New Runes, new information, and that means lots of potential choices! Lets get the summoner spells out of the way first. Even though Teleport recently had an additional minute added to its cooldown, it is still a great option on Fiora. With that being said, Ignite is also good option for the additional kill pressure in lane although it isn't necessary to find success in the laning phase. lastly, Exhaust is okay if you are struggling against lane dominant matchups. Now we can start talking about the runes I chose specifically on the guide. These are the runes I take in every game that I play and I'll explain why.

Conqueror Rune Setup

First, the reworked Conqueror is a decent keystone on Fiora. The true damage it grants on top of Fiora's true damage built into her kit, it makes her a tank's worst nightmare late game. In the early game, Kleptomancy and
Grasp of the Undying are better options. (More info Below) Next in the rune page is Triumph. I usually take it because it is really strong when fighting an outnumbered fight as it can turn the tables on a fight especially when at low health. Next is choosing between Legend: Alacrity and Legend: Bloodline. The former is a quality of life rune as it makes CS-ing easier and allows for a bit of extra attack speed in the scenario that you don't build
Trinity Force. The latter gives us some lifesteal and dueling power in the mid game. Last in the Precision tree is Coup de Grace as it helps with taking down low health enemies and especially when we are in those close situations when we need to get our Grand Challenge off.

Now we have the secondary tree and I personally recommend Sorcery with Transcendence and Gathering Storm. This is the secondary page you should look to take every single game. This is due to the fact that the Sorcery is more valuable in terms of stats the later the game goes while Resolve loses value the longer the game goes. My reasoning for the runes I chose in the Sorcery tree is as follows. Transcendence is much better now for Fiora because of how much CDR we gain from our final build. With this much CDR, it is best to convert that to as much damage as possible rather than waste it. While Gathering Storm is great since as Fiora, you want the game to go late anyways so that you get your item power spikes. I will restate this once more, ALWAYS TAKE THIS SECONDARY!

Lastly, when it comes to stat bonuses, if you chose Legend: Alacrity in your rune page, go for +10 Adaptive Damage in both the first and second choice while choosing either Armor or Magic resist depending on the matchup. If you chose to go for Legend: Bloodline or did not go Precision primary, go for the 9% attack speed and +10 Adaptive Damage to make up for the lost Attack speed.

Kleptomancy Rune Setup

With Kleptomancy getting buffed recently to where you can proc it twice off of one ability, it has become a more viable option for Fiora to take when Conqueror is not needed. You should go this rune page in matchups where it is more difficult to get on top of the enemy and where accelerating you item power spikes is more beneficial than the true damage that Conqueror would provide. Examples are
Gangplank, Camille, Kennen, Kayle etc. Next you want to take Magical Footwear for efficiency, Biscuit Delivery for some sustain, and lastly Cosmic Insight for more CDR. Some of you might have guessed already but yes, Sorcery secondary as well.

Grasp of the Undying Rune Setup

Last is the Grasp of the Undying rune page setup which is an all around great keystone that you can take into any matchup. It is a great keystone for Fiora and works especially well into more difficult matchups such as
Renekton. It is mainly for sustaining through difficult lanes seeing as this runes' efficiency falls off the later the game goes, the opposite of Conqueror. When we go down this primary, we go for Demolish for the extra splitpush power, Bone Plating for a bit a defense during trade heavy lanes, and Revitalize for better healing with Sorcery secondary of course!

Sorcery Tree Choices

Starting off with the Sorcery Tree, Manaflow Band is an okay option considering Fiora has the tendency to run low on Mana in the mid-game after a few skirmishes but other options are much more efficient so it is essentially pointless.
Nullifying Orb is not bad, just some insurance in AP matchups if you tend to struggle with them like
Heimerdinger. Now, Nimbus Cloak is a decent choice if you are against champs that are hard to stick to normally with just your
Grand Challenge movement speed. Examples of these would be
Teemo, Malphite, Nasus etc. Celerity is no where near as good of an option anymore because it no longer grants AD with movement speed and it is not as efficient as Transcendence. Absolute Focus is useful for when you secure a lead but again not as useful as Transcendence.
Scorch is fine if you want to have a stronger presence in the early game rather than the late game but you are playing
Fiora so you want the game to go late anyways. Lastly, Waterwalking is pretty much useless unless you roam a bit.

Precision Tree Choices

Going down the Precision tree, Overheal is a pretty good choice on Fiora due to the recent buffs considering you naturally build lifesteal in your items anyway. Next is any of the "Legend" runes. Both Legend: Tenacity and
Legend: Alacrity are good choices as Tenacity works well against teams with a lot of CC or pick potential in the mid to late game while Alacrity feeds into Fiora's effective use of attack speed. Some of the matchups that I would recommend taking Legend: Tenacity against would be against champions such as
Renekton, Pantheon, Kennen, etc. Champions with CC that allows them to follow up on combos. With the amount of lifesteal that Fiora naturally builds through items, Last Stand is practically useless on her, never take it unless you play at low hp often. Cut Down on the other hand is viable but only against teams with an abnormal amount of tanks.

Inspiration Tree Choices

When choosing runes in the Inspiration Tree you have a few options. Perfect Timing is a potential choice when compared to Magical Footwear. Hextech Flashtraption on the other hand is useless on Fiora. Future's Market is a great option when you want to accelerate your build even more so I definitely recommend swapping Biscuit Delivery for this if you feel like you don't need the sustain. Minion Dematerializer isn't that useful on Fiora considering we build a
Ravenous Hydra every game. Lastly, Approach Velocity is bad and Time Warp Tonic can be useful in conjunction with Biscuit Delivery but if you don't have it, just don't take it then.

Resolve Tree Choices

There are only a few choices in the Resolve Tree that even work for Fiora so let me explain why I haven't chosen these and when they can be chosen. Font of Life is not efficient at all on her and Shield Bash can only be activated while using Overheal. Conditioning and Second Wind are both great substitutes for Bone Plating it just depends on the situation. If you are playing an uneventful lane such as
Singed or Tahm Kench, go for Conditioning. If you are just gonna get poked down in matchups such as Teemo and Vladimir, then Second Wind is your best bet! Finally, Overgrowth is okay but has very minimal effects as well as Unflinching unless you are playing against a poke enemy team comp where Flash is almost required to get on top of them like Janna, Xerath, and Jinx etc.

Domination Tree Choices

I preface this by saying that the Domination tree is the least efficient tree for Fiora. It is to be rarely used as a Secondary tree and never as a Primary because of what other trees offer. To start off, Taste of Blood is okay in harder lanes because this gives you more sustain and lowers the chance of you getting pushed out of lane. Sudden Impact has very little penetration early so not really worth. Any of the vision runes are okay but from best to worst it would have to be Ghost Poro for its increase in damage when in enemy territory and that is where you will be most of the game if you are splitpushing. Zombie Ward because it allows for more vision control which helps in preventing the jungler getting effective ganks off of our lane. Lastly Eyeball Collection because it takes way too long to ramp up and be any sort of useful when compared to the other two.

Last we get to the Hunter runes. Ravenous Hunter only helps with our Grand Challenge heal and Riposte but nothing else. Ingenious Hunter lowers our trinket and
Tiamat/ Ravenous Hydra cooldown which can be useful but overall pointless. Relentless Hunter gives us out of combat movement speed for roams and pressure ganks. Last but not least, Ultimate Hunter lowers the cooldown on our ultimate which can be quite useful in certain situations.
Starting Items

- Doran's Blade, Corrupting Potion, or Doran's Shield?

Typically you want to start the game with Doran's Blade because it provides us with great dueling stats and allows us to sustain in lane through our vitals and auto-attacks. Another option is Corrupting Potion can be picked into any matchup and works just as well as Doran's Blade. This option works especially well against matchups that trade often, have decent sustain, or poke matchups that do not have Damage Over Time (DOT). Lastly, Doran's Shield is okay but not as good as the previous options. It is specifically used against poke matchups such as Teemo or any other champs that deal damage over time in laning phase. Corrupting Potion is essentially the same thing but grants you more agency over the lane with extra mana and burn damage.

First Back

- Tiamat, Phage, or Hexdrinker?

Typically, you want to go for enough gold to have Tiamat on your first back. This gives us good AD, waveclear, an auto-attack reset, and HP regen for when we get back into lane. If you don't have enough gold on your first back for Tiamat, it is fine to go for a few Long Swords or a Pickaxe if you want the extra damage when it comes to trading and healing off of Duelist's Dance. In matchups where early game you need either movement speed or some extra HP on top of your damage, Phage is the way to go. Examples are Jayce, Jax, Renekton {who took Conqueror) etc. If you are laning against an AP matchup such as Vladimir, Heimerdinger, or Teemo, start building Hexdrinker first instead of a Ravenous Hydra for the magic resistance. After Hexdrinker is done, go straight into Ravenous Hydra.


- Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi? Boots of Swiftness?

If you're against a team that relies heavily on auto attacks or AD to damage you, go for Ninja Tabi. If the enemy team has pretty good AP damage with some CC, go for Mercury's Treads. It is also a great buy against lanes such as Kennen and Teemo specifically. If you're not sure, go for Mercury's Treads because the tenacity and magic resist they provide benefits us more considering the lack of MR items in our final build. If you feel like you're ahead and want to either roam more or catch up to your enemies, don't be afraid to take Boots of Swiftness which are a decent pick up as well.

Delayed Ravenous Build

- Tiamat into Phage, Death's Dance, Trinity Force, Then Ravenous Hydra.

Many other Fiora mains and I have come to the conclusion that a potential build that you could go in the current meta is the Tiamat rush into Phage, Death's Dance, and Trinity Force all before finishing your Ravenous Hydra. It is true that Ravenous Hydra is an essential item on Fiora, but the raw damage and CDR that both Death's Dance and Trinity Force provide is incredibly strong right now. I highly recommend trying this build once you've gotten used to playing Fiora. It should only be run with Conqueror as your keystone.


- Ravenous Hydra, Mercury's Treads, Trinity Force, or Black Cleaver?

Recently, I have found that Trinity Force works pretty well with this build considering how often our Lunge is off cooldown. We can essentially get the spellblade proc off with every Lunge which can be amazing in terms of damage. This gives us 20% CDR, some HP, Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and it also gives us some mana which can come in handy considering Fiora has the potential to have some mana issues during the mid game because of her Lunge taking 40 Mana at max rank. Black Cleaver is also a great choice as Fiora can stack the percentage armor shred pretty quickly. The only time you should build Black Cleaver is against comps with 3 or more tanks or if you are behind a tank such as Malphite because Trinity Force does enough damage on its own to make up for the lost armor shred.

Offensive Item

- Death's Dance, Spear of Shojin, Sterak's Gage, or Bloodthirster?

Without a doubt the most efficient item that you can build on Fiora after her core items is Death's Dance. It provides a bleed effect for 30% of damage taken, gives 10% CDR, and heals for 15% of ALL damage dealt (True Damage included).
Spear of Shojin is essentially a nerfed version of Essence Reaver for Fiora. It is still a good item, but just not a first-item buy anymore. Spear of Shojin's passive giving more CDR after procing Grand Challenge, it is great for dueling.
Sterak's Gage is a good bruiser item because it is a safe and affordable option that can be used in multiple situations when dealing with enemy assassins or team comps with a great deal of burst or CC. It also grants Bonus AD which feeds into all of Fiora's ability scalings. Lastly, caution when buying Bloodthirster as it is an item that I and many other
Fiora players rarely ever build so keep that in mind. Only build this when extremely ahead or you took Overheal.

Magic Resist

- Maw of Malmortius, Mercurial Scimitar, Spirit Visage, or Adaptive Helm?

If you chose to go for a Hexdrinker early on, the Maw of Malmortius is the most cost efficient option for the 10% CDR. It is great if you are looking to deal more damage rather than going for more survivability through tank stats. On the other hand, Mercurial Scimitar is an item exclusively used against teams with heavy CC such as Malzahar. The stats are good but typically, you just want a Quicksilver Sash and sit on it until the end game and finish another important item such as a Guardian Angel. Lastly, you could pick up a Spirit Visage because it give us a good deal of MR, HP, and 10% CDR. It also increases all healing done by 30% so it synergizes well with Fiora's vital procs and Grand Challenge heal. Couple this with Ravenous Hydra and Death's Dance and as long as you auto attack, Fiora becomes nearly unkillable. Lastly, Adaptive Helm is only an item that you want to build against champions such as Cassiopeia when they are extremely fed. Other than that, you should never really build this item.


- Guardian Angel, Iceborn Gauntlet, Dead Man's Plate, or Randuin's Omen?

With Guardian Angel being changed to more of a bruiser item with its armor and attack damage, it has become a signature item on many fighters. Fiora benefits a lot from this item so don't be afraid to even build this 3rd or 4th item on her if needed. If you want a bit of extra damage and slow against opponents who try to escape, Iceborn Gauntlet is a good option and works well against matchups like Gangplank. Dead Man's Plate is an okay armor item but isn't build that often when the previous two options are available. As a last resort, if you want more Armor or if someone on the enemy team is doing a lot of Critical Damage, such as a Draven, you can consider picking up Randuin's Omen.

Final Build

- Ravenous Hydra, Trinity Force, Mercury's Treads, Death's Dance, Spear of Shojin, and Guardian Angel.

This is my personal end game build that I would usually aim for in most if not all of my games. My reasoning behind this is that Ravenous Hydra is your main item that you should always build every game. Trinity Force is better damage wise than Black Cleaver unless there are 3 or more tanks on the enemy team. Mercury's Treads are great for their tenacity. Death's Dance gives a great amount of AD, CDR, and damage reduction to sustain in fights. Spear of Shojin gives you more AD, CDR, and HP plus the passive that gives you more CDR while using your ultimate to sustain through fights and amplify our damage. Lastly, Guardian Angel is a great item for Brusiers as it gives good AD, Armor, and Revive.

Below is what our stats should look like by end game with my build but there are a few things I would like to point out. First, we have 492 AD. 24 of this AD is coming from Transcendence while 48 of this AD is coming from Gathering Storm considering this screenshot was taken in practice tool Post-40 min. Then we have a good amount of Armor and decent amount of Magic Resist which on top of our
Death's Dance's bleed effect is enough to keep us alive with our HP pool of 2.5K. All of this together gives us a build that not only deals an insane amount of damage but is well equipped to deal with anything the enemy team tries to throw at us.

This is the general gameplan you want to follow when playing Fiora throughout all stages of the game! If you follow this with slight adaptations depending on the game state, you will only need to rely on your decision-making and skills to carry you to victory!

Laning Phase

Typically, when laning as Fiora, your job is to CS as efficiently as possible while going for Vital procs on your enemy laner as often as possible. Depending on the matchup, you will be able to get fewer/more Duelist's Dance procs off. The more you do this, the more control you have over how the lane state is. Once you establish dominance in lane, freeze the wave as close to you tower as possible and harass with your Lunge to deny CS against the enemy laner. This way you have more room to chase once you level up your Grand Challenge. You could also shove the wave into the enemy tower and Q poke from the outer tower range and use your Duelist's Dance movement speed to escape tower aggro.

Mid-Game Transition

At this stage of the game, you want to focus on getting your item power spikes such as
Trinity Force, Death's Dance etc. You will do so by splitpushing against your enemy laner if you came out of lane ahead. Refer to the video above to see how to splitpush effectively or feel free to look at the matchup videos down below for a more in-game example.

Late Game Closeout

Once we have gotten to this stage of the game, typically the 35-40 Min Mark, you have become one of the most difficult splitpushers for your a team to deal with. Your damage with your items is unparalleled at this point so use that to your advantage not only by fighting but creating pressure. Your presence on the map and potential threat you pose is also a tool you must use when trying to close out a game either by spliting by yourself or grouping with your team via flanking. Play around objectives and try to draw pressure to yourself and away from the enemy team and you should be golden! Survive as long as you can and you've done your job!
In-Depth Matchups
Sometimes words aren't enough to explain how a matchup goes. That's the thought that went through my mind time and time again when making this guide. So, I've decided to make Full-Length Commentary videos on each matchup shown on the "Matchups" Section of this guide! Down below you will see videos for every single champ on the list with me talking about the matchup and how to play it at length for all of you who are particularly struggling in a matchup or would like to see how it is played. I will keep this updated until I have a video for every single matchup! Be sure to check out the video and leave a comment if you came from MobaFire!

Currently Being Updated! Check back Later!

VS. Darius

Darius Matchup Videos

VS. Karma

Karma Matchup Videos

VS. Malphite

Malphite Matchup Videos

VS. Quinn

Quinn Matchup Videos

VS. Renekton

Renekton Matchup Videos

VS. Riven

Riven Matchup Videos

VS. Rumble

Rumble Matchup Videos

VS. Singed

Singed Matchup Videos

VS. Udyr

Udyr Matchup Videos

VS. Veigar

Veigar Matchup Videos

One of the Main tips that I can give you is Fiora's Fast combo.


This is your main damage combo and the one you will be using most often throughout the game! It is the combo with the highest DPS that doesn't require your ultimate. Here's a video that demonstrates the combo!

Another trick is being able to Riposte while Mid-Q. This is what I hinted at earlier when I talked about using your W mid- Lunge! This allows you to lunge while being under the effects of our Riposte so you can soak up any CC or damage and redirect it to back. Also, If you attempt to auto attack while you perform this combo, as long as your Lunge lands, your auto attack will always go through! It's not used that often but useful whenever the situation arises!

That's my guide to playing Fiora! My favorite champ currently in League of Legends! She has an amazing kit with wonderful outplay potential and is a champ that once you learn you will love and have fun with for months to come. As some of you might have guessed this is in fact my first guide I'm attempting to make so if any of you have any advice when it comes to improving future guides or any other suggestions be sure to leave a comment or message me to let me know! I'd love to hear what any of your thoughts are on Fiora, the Guide itself, or anything that comes to mind! I'd also like to give credit to OumaShuDesign on DeviantArt for creating the Project: Fiora Banner that I used during this guide. Give Credit where Credit is due! Good luck and have fun playing Fiora and hopefully you gain some Elo while you're at it my friend!

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