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Rumble Build Guide by asunaaaa

A meme oriented Rumble Guide (updating)

By asunaaaa | Updated on April 20, 2018

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  • LoL Champion: Rumble
  • LoL Champion: Rumble
  • LoL Champion: Rumble
    Rumble in the Jungle


Arcane Comet
The Ultimate Hat

Bone Plating


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Give Ornn some love ;)
Get this after zhonya's for the cheese (i like pep
Items if you dont feel like making Cat admit anyth
Do you like attack speed?
Full magic penetration (may cause you to write wit

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I love playing , I remember my first inspiration for playing him was looking at the champion roster and saw that monster. I even heard from videos that he was a good top laner. Yeah but that's not the case today. I am young, played for only 4 months and currently in silver 2 on my first season of ranked and attempting to get gold on my first season.
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Sorcery is the best keystone on rumble. is the best keystone on rumble currently. It offers him great poke in lane and extra damage. is great too but doesn't offer as much value as . is probably the last rune that is viable on rumble. is a super aggressive rune that can actually work. I prefer in jg but that's for personal preference only.
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Should I go AD?

I mean if your having fun yes, I do not suggest doing this in a ranked game. I do have a build for this if you want to have fun with it and my friend made one in the build section. The core is , , and
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Rumble is a unique champion. He is a ap brawler without a dash. His build is unique also. You can basically go alot of items but the most important core items are , and . These are the items you should be aiming for every game as rumble. Liandry's Torment is 's best item. It offers health, ap and the passive that burns the target. Combined with scorch, this little thing is annoying as **** to deal with. is an amazing item on rumble since he can use with it. Combined with 2 stopwatches, this machine turns into solid cheese. is really good for its ap and magic penetration.
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Skill Sequence

Just max first, then next.
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when your getting chased while low on hp and you turn on him with a 70 heat combo.
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is a must have spell. The last one is up to you for personal preference.
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Rumble is a **** champion and no one should play him. Just kidding. Rumble is a unique champion with a play style like no other. Remember heat management, I've died so many times from overheating on accident at 80 heat with . Why 80 heat? This is a personal preference but I love keeping at the 70 heat mark to maximize my combo.
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Fitnessgram Pacer Test?

No, never
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Pros / Cons

Rumble is an ap brawler, he is very squishy and has to rely at the melee range of most tanks and bruisers. He is also silenced after getting in overheat. But if you maintain your heat, you can maximize your damage to the fullest. This is what the difference between a good and bad rumble is, heat management.
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Creeping / Jungling

Since you have no mana, you can spam your abilities to cs and jg. While doing that you can also harass your laner with comet while csing with q.
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Team Work

One image,
League of Legends Build Guide Author asunaaaa
asunaaaa Rumble Guide

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A meme oriented Rumble Guide (updating)