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Amumu Build Guide by 6PoolHater

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 6PoolHater

Absolute Armageddon Amumu - Era of Nautilus!

6PoolHater Last updated on March 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction from 6PoolHater, the Master Amumu

Greetings fellow Amumu summoners, I'm 6poolhater or known as Charles "Pacey" Monfort in some places. Welcome to my Amumu build that combines AP and tankiness perfectly. I have played Amumu for over 400 games for a year and have won 95% of my matches (including customs and Co-op VS ai), so I'm going to share my build idea. This build is one of the really cool Amumu guides.

For the note, this guide contains as little WALL OF TEXTS as possible.

Why we should play Amumu?

The point is this--When attempting to win, you need to take a character that has the capability to do something unfair. Shaco is known for a pathetic late-game, but his extreme mobility and damage in the early stages of the game means you may not get that far. You don't need to learn all of the commonly banned heroes, but making sure you're picking Zilean, Tryndamere, or Nocturne instead of Veigar, Teemo or Nunu will only help your chances of succeeding. Quote taken from SwordsDance, platinum progamer.

Amumu is, without a doubt, the best tank in the game. There is nothing he couldn't do in term of team utilities and tanking. He is bsurdly tanky, but he still dishes out ridiculous damage with AoE abilities and auras. He has one of the most gamebreaking ultimate in the entire game, stunning enemies in the big curse circle. This is why people call him as a "Teamfight InstaWin Button".

You are free to comment and vote my guide, but remember try to use it first before voting and commenting.

So, without any further ado, I present to you dear readers, my A.A.A.- Absolute Armageddon Amumu guide. I hope you guys enjoy my effort!

-- Thanks for 200K views! Yeah! --

***For someone who needs to understand some abbreviations/terms, read here: LoL terminology***

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The 5 paths of the Sad Mummy

For this section, I included 5 great Amumu builds (updates per patch) for situations and roles as follow:

Build #1 - AP-Aura offtank Amumu which is the core of my guide that is focusing on. It gives nice AP offensive powers , and also gives you much tankiness you need.

Build #2 - Full tank Amumu which is the most used build for him. It makes you near immortal with over 10,000 effective health. It lacks some utility and damage however.

Build #3 - Aura-CDR support Amumu is the build that focuses on supporting auras from Aegis of the Legion, Will of the Ancients and Soul Shroud. 40% CDR will make sure that Curse of the Sad Mummy will be off CD everytime you need it.

Build #4 - Amumusainbolt is the build that utilizes enemy's lack of CC and speed to give you advantage from AoE Despair and rylai's slow. It also gives your team a massive initiation boost and deals lots of damage.

Build #5 - Dominion Amumu is the build that is used in dominion. It focuses on pure tankiness to be a Taker-Initiator, the role being a support of a main taker, rip their CP up with ultimate, and win.

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Precious Pros and Critical Cons of Amumu

Amumu, like all champions, has his strength and weakness. Every champion excels at some point and is weak at other points. The main feature of my build is to Strengthen the pros and neutralize the cons. Let's have a look!

Pros / Cons

+ Superb teamfights and gamebreaking ultimate.
+ Immortal late game.
+ Very tanky, also with ridiculous damage.
+ Gives your team many utility (MR reduction, Stun, snare, slow, auras, etc.
+ Farm effectively with Despair
and Tantrum.
+ Sustained and fast jungler with
powerful ganks.

- Hard to master Bandage Toss.
- Weak early game 1v1.
- Bad mana sustain pre- philosopher's stone
- Squishier compared to full tank build.
- Run out of mana quickly if you spam Tantrum.
- Susceptible to Counter-jungling .

If you want to know more about jungling Amumu pros and cons, read Hanaho's guide

What do you need to be a good Amumu?

1.Team Playing
  • Craft team and working on composition nicely
  • Know the limit of your allies and you
  • Have good communication and information
  • Know everything about their junglers

2.Personal Skills
  • Adapt to the situation well
  • Have keen sense of Map Awareness
  • Know the Baiting and Forcing technique
  • Have good understanding of Tank role and initiation
  • Land skillshots 95% of the time

3.Good Mentality
  • Know how to be the leader and follower
  • Have hope and perseverance
  • Can lead his team to victory
  • Be calm when there's peace, be fierce during the battle
  • Be unpredictable

  • Pay respect to your enemies and your teammates.
  • Refrain from using racial words and rude words
  • Do not shout at other teammates.
  • Do not use sarcasm!
  • Try your best, no rage and flaming

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Customizing the Mummy : Masteries

Mastery Explanations

0-21-9, The Best setup for Amumu

Tier 1: summoner’s resolve is for additional gold from Smite. Magic resist and Armor masteries to ensure maximum survivability. Tough Skin to unlock Bladed Armor , a very awesome mastery.

Tier 2: Durability for late game health that is important to your tanking ability.

Tier 3 : Bladed Armor to clear jungle very fast. veteran’s scar for early game health.

Tier 4 : Initiator to increase your spped for initiation. (Captain obvious FTW)

Tier 5 : Honor Guard for extensive tanking during mid-late game, it can save your life a lot of time.

Tier 6 : Juggernaut is one of the best mastey ingame. 10 percent tenacity and 3 percent bonus health? OP!

Tier 1: summoner’s insight, more flash, more kills and less deaths. Expanded Mind to increase the abysmal mana pool he has.

Tier 2 : Quickness to increase MORE speed to him.

Tier 3 : Runic Affinity for more blue buffs. More blue buffs = More ulti and more Bandage Toss = more kills = more gold = more chance for victory XD.

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Customizing the Mummy : Runes




Greater Quintessence of Health

Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Mark of Armor

  • Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: The only great mark on Amumu. Although it doesn't helps in the jungle, it can penetrate the magic resistance of ganking phase. It will be useful later when people didn't realize you do so much damage and have penetration.
  • Greater Mark of Armor:These runes are the only other marks for him. It makes his jungle easier, but doesn't help him much after that. Considering Amumu is a mid-late champ, this rune is not that practical.

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration


Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction


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Customizing the Mummy : Summoner Spells

  • New Amumu: Ghost& Smite
  • High Amumu: Flash& Smite

    Great Spells

    High true damage to minions and monsters
    Essential in the jungle. Can be used to secure buffs, speed up the jungle, steal buffs/dragon/baron, etc. There are many things you can do with it. Without this, Amumu cannot jungle at all.

Teleports to cursor
The most overpowered spell ever.It can be used to position your ulti and chase. It can also be used to escape of steal buffs/baron. If there are no problems with your brain, grab this.

Run faster and can run through creeps
This is picked when their team runs fast. Better than flash in that case.
very useless to initiate to initiate with, because you will be ****ed by a ****load of CC and you won't be able to get in the middle of them.

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Armageddon Ablities

Ability Explanation

Bandage Toss: :One of Amumu's best utility ability. It is a skillshot stun which can travel across the wall and deals TONS OF DAMAGE.
It has 100% AP scaling, which makes it a reliable burst skill. Early/Mid game this skill is used for utility aspects, so we level up this skill last.
Tips and Tricks
  • In the middle of Bandage Toss, you can activate your other skills. This is useful when using Bandage toss and Despair to quickly clear a camp.
  • Bandage Toss can be used to escape in the jungle by tossing it to the camps. This strategy also make your clear time faster if you have Blue Buff.
  • If you get out of battle, don't try to Bandage Toss back into the fray. Most of the times your teammate will already go back and you will be left for dead!
  • Use this skill to setup your ultimate. Bandage toss into their team and pop your ultimate for maximum damage and CC.

Despair: Your powerful AoE damaging ability. Since it deals health percentage damage,you should use this to tanks so that they get hurted hard.
If you have 200-300 AP, it's like having AoE Madred's Bloodrazor on your own! Start maxing this mid-game, when your enemies start to stack health.

Tips and Tricks
  • Only toggle this continuously when you are fighting, have blue buff, or in late game.
  • Use this ability to chase low health enemies. It has more range than Tantrum and more accurate than Bandage Toss in some situations.
  • Use this like poison gas for escaping, it will create the "Don't chase singed" mentality in their minds.
  • This ability can melt Baron Nashor and Dragon's health really fast. Use this wisely.

Tantrum: This ability is one of things that make Amumu so powerful. Firstly the passive parts reduce damage from minions by 10, which is very useful for farming and jungling.
The second part is a little nuke that can be spammed if your enemies/minions focus you. This ability has 50% AP scaling, so it scales pretty well into late game. Max this ability first, considering the -minion damage utility and burst.
Tips and Tricks
  • Use this when you are in the middle of teamfight and everyone focuses you. Late game it is effective because mana cost stays at 50 per use.
  • When using Tantrum to clear minion waves, run in the front of your minions to recieves maximum aggro from enemy minions, thus making Tantrum spammable.
  • This ability make jungling and farming a breeze. Utilize it to the best!

Ultimate - Curse of the Sad Mummy: This is what defines Amumu and seperates good one from the bad one. It is a gamebreaking ultimate that snares all enemies in your
Hieroglyphic Seal for 2 seconds, unable to attack or move. This ability is really powerful, because it has 100% AP scaling and very big AoE range. The cooldown is abysmal 170-130 second, so save this to use in inportant teamfights or chases.
The best part of this ultimate is that it allows your team's ultimate to chain in your seal, so AoE team + Amumu is an OP team.
Tips and Tricks
  • This ability does not stop channelling ability, so don't hope to use it VS Katarina, Nunu or Fiddlesticks while they use ultimates.
  • This ability should not be used to catch 1 enemy, except that enemy is fed and/or have snowball items( Mejai's Soulstealer).
  • Use Flash and Bandage Toss to position this ulti to hit as much enemies as possible.
  • If you are going to lose the game, force teamfight and use this ultimate, you can easily turn the tides of the game and win.

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Absolute Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

To jungle with Amumu, you need to max Tantrum first because it is high burst damage and also reduces flat damage. After that max your ulti, level it at level 6,11 and 16. After ulti and Tantrum level up Despair since Bandage Toss is a one-point wonder and it is also better to get Bandage Toss late game, since the mana cost is high and you will get frozen heart around lvl 17-18.

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Amumu's Army of Awesome Armors - The Items

Full Build

  • :500 Health, 80 AP, Slow effect - This item is beast for Amumu. It gives you a lot of bulk, AP for your abilities and GIVES YOU SLOWING TEARS!!!!!! It has amazing synergy with Abyssal Mask because you can deal more damage near the enemies.
  • : 70 AP, 57 Magic resist, Reduce MR by 20
    - This item is great in that it gives you both Magic Resist (always good for a tank) and flat magic resist reduction to your enemies. I say that the magic resist from the Scepter is too good to pass up. In addition, Abyssal Scepter greatly helps out a magic-damage heavy team.
  • : 45 Armor, 450 Heath, 35 MDPS - This will speed jungling up greatly, as well as giving you needed bulk. If you're up against a team consisting of mainly magic damage users, you may want to get the Giant's Belt before the Chain Vest. This item synergizes extremely well with your Despair, and it is considered core on every AP Amumu ever.
  • : 25 MR, 2 Enhanced MS, 35 Tenacity - are the boots you should get almost every game. They give you decent magic resistance, which is great since you don't get any MR items early game, as well as reducing most CCs by a significant amount. These are basically the best boots for a functioning Amumu to have.
  • : 375 Health and Mana, 50 MR, Spell shield - It is a great item all around for blocking spells from any source. The extra mana will improve your staying power without the Golem buff, and you'll also love those 2-3 levels you spend jungling after having bought Catalyst. If you find yourself taking a pounding from magic hits, you can get Negatron Cloak before Catalyst.
  • : 99 Armor, 500 mana, -20% AS aura, 20% CDR The cooldown reduction combined with the Golem buff brings you well over the 40% CDR cap. The extra mana lets you spam spells longer without relying on the Golem. Finally, you get 99 extra armor, which is always fantastic against physical DPS.

Core Items - The Deathly Hallows

The three perfect items for Amumu. Rylai give you lot of health and slowing tears. The slowing part damage is further amplified from Sunfire Cape's AoE. Abyssal scepter increases all of his damage and synchronizes with your Passive and MPen runes. Rylai's health become more effective health from Cape and Abyssal's resistances. Rylai and abyssal gives 150 AP for the activation of Despair bonus. The 3 items give you like 1000 health, 60 MR and 50 MR for just <9000 gold. It is the best item combos in this game, tie for the famous Metagolem (TriAtMogMerc). Any Amumu which have all 3 hallows will become the master of death, near invincibility and superb damage.

Gold Per 10 (GP10) Items

philosopher's stone

The two GP10 items are cheap and effective, gives you a lot of money to buy wards, and can be upgraded to shurelya's reverie and Randuin's Omen respectively. You can sell these GP10 items if you are in need of money or the game has dragged more than 30 minute. Remember that you can no more stack GP10 items, so don't use 2 times Philosopher's stone or HoG!

Adapting to the Abyss - Situational Alternative Items

LOL 40 Health per 5 Sec, 76 Magic Resist, 8 Movement Speed. The extra movement speed combined with the Initiator and Quickness is amazing. Just because of that and even the health regen which with Nasus' large health pool is also very good. The magic resist shouldn't be forgotten, as it is a very nice addition to your resistances. A great item on all tanks, and commonly alternate with Banshee's Veil due to it's health regeneration statistics. LOL

LOL 100 Armor, returns 30% of physical damage dealt by enemies. This item is very useful for fighting fed AD carries, such as Tryndamere, Master Yi or Ashe. It really makes enemy carry sick to attack you, you might feel as they do no damage at all. Beware that you should not just buy this item when they have 5 AD team. Buying thornmail when they are not fed will just draw fire from you to your teammates. Use it at your teammate's risk. LOL

LOL 68 Armor, 38 MR, Second life with 750 health This item is late-game oriented, when dying can costs your team a game. You are very suited with this item due to the fact that you regenerate your health fast. You also deals AoE damage, so if enemies surround you while you are reviving, you can punish them with your Tantrum and Despair damage. Note that you should buy this item as the fifth or sixth item. LOL

LOL 56 MR, Remove All CC from you. Your own Cleanse! Use this to counter ultimates that cause suppression: Warwick, Malzahar, Skarner. It really has no restricted usage, but it's best used to counter a suppression ult, as Banshee's veil + smart positioning is probably better for the purposes of avoiding regular CC. LOL

LOL 1350 Health, 45 Health regen per 5 sec. Absolutely awesome item for every tanks in the game. It boots your survivability and health to the astronomical level, when all enemies fear to even touch you. Rush this item when they have a lot of true damager champions ( EG [[vayne) or high Armor/MR penetration champions. Usually get it after your main resistance items. You will learn to love this. LOL

shurelya's reverie LOL 330 Health, 30 Health Per 5 Sec, 15 Mana Per 5 Sec. UNIQUE Passive: Reduces ability cooldowns by 15%. UNIQUE Active: Nearby champions gain 40% movement speed for 3 seconds (60 second cooldown). This item is the great item to build from philosopher's stone, it offers high CDR and movespeed to boost your team's initiation and chasing. Definitely grab this instead of Banshee's Veil if enemy have little or no CC. LOL shurelya's reverie

LOL 75 Armor, 350 Health, 25 Health Per 5 Sec. Passive: 5% Cooldown Reduction and 20% chance on being hit to slow the attacker's movement and attack speed by 35% for 3 seconds. Active: Slows movement speeds and attack speeds of surrounding units by 35% . This item is really good, because it can be built from Heart of Gold and it grants you lots of armor. The active is best used in clusters of enemy team to slow them as much as possible. You should get this when they can take them into their fray, like Singed, Blitzcrank or Skarner. LOL

LOL AP items for facerolling. Only get these bad boys if you are completely winning. These 2 items boost your damage to they sky for the fact that you have very high scaling abilities and you can also stack AP quite fast and easily. Don't get AP items if your team are super squishy or lack a practical tank. LOL

LOL Enhanced Movespeed 3 or 15% CDR. The alternative boots are useful if your enemies does not have lots of CC, these boots gives you MS to chase and gives you many utility. Don't bother with these boots if you play ranked game. LOL

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Jungling like Jamaica runner!

Amumu is a very strong, tanky initiator for a team. His ability to turn a teamfight around is nearly unprecedented. His bandage toss also allows a lot of room for skill in juking and locking down a target. While he isn't the best at deflecting someone in his house, he is a late game dominator and will win many teamfights with his ultimate.

Difficulty: 8
Speed: 7
Sustain: 3
Ganking: 8
Deflection: 4
Counter: 4
Late Game: 10

Amumu does not snowball
Amumu is ok at farming

After Patch, jungling Amumu is really good considering the new jungle changes. With this patch, there are no longer superior jungle, because it got annihilated with that patch. And now, my dear readers, I present to you the real Amumu jungle path to level 4 in 4 minutes!

Starting Items - Regrowth Pendant and a Health Potion

Skill Sequence - Despair - Tantrum - Tantrum - Bandage Toss

Step-by-step jungling

1. Go to wolf camp, at 1.40 toggle up Despair and autoattack them down. Always focus the big wolf first.

2. Let your teammate leash blue for you. Pop a Health Potion. Toggle up Despair as soon as possible and smite the golem. Autoattack down the leftover lizards. You will get Level 2, put point in Tantrum

3. Use Despair and Tantrum to kill the wraiths camp.

4. Go back to clear wolf camp. You will get to level 3, so level up Tantrum.

5. Clear the Lizard Elder camp. Smite the big lizard.

6. Kill the double golem camp. You will get level 4, so put a point in Bandage Toss.

7. Go clear wraiths and wolf camp again, you will have around 750G now. Recall.

8. Buy philosopher's stone and Boots of Speed.

9. Gank any lane or continue jungling to level 6.

Who to face in the jungle and how to beat them

GGGGGGG Cho'gath is a very sustainable and durable jungler due to his Feast and Carnivore abilities. You can fight him only before he has Feast, or he will eat you alow. He has excellent camp stealing tactic from his ultimate and he is very good snowball jungler. He has mediocre gank through.

GGGGGGG The always full health jungler. He can solo dragon early and has high 1v1 early capabilities. You can only kill him if he let his guard down or Terrify is on CD, because with blue fiddlesticks is very hard to fight with. He have problems with small camps, such as Wraiths and Wolves, so use this as advantage to steal his double golems or lizard to starve his important EXP.

GGGGGGG Gankplank jungle fast and gank fast. He is at low health without blue, because his Remove Scurvy has very long CD. Beware of his Parrrley, as he can kite you with the slow and his MS buff. Try to fight him in melee range and don't counter jungle him if you can, since he is a strong kiter and have global ultimate.

GGGGGGG A decent jungler but stronger at solo top. He focuses on his Demacian Standard
+ Dragon Strike combo to clear camps fast, so he have low mana pool and terrible 1v1 early game. as it is hard for him to gank without it and he has a ****load of escapes and utility. Your ultimate is still better than his though.

GGGGGGG Lee sin is a very dangerous jungler due to his utility and burst damage. Try to not countejungle him. Don't run in a straight line to avoid from being hit by his Sonic Wave. He has good ganks but poor mid-game due to his needs for big items. Shut him down in early-mid game or he will get FrAtMogs and become bajesus harder to kill.

GGGGGGG Malphite is very bulky jungler with 3 CCs for ganking. He is the bane for all AD fighters, especially ranged. He has bad 1v1 early game without blue, take that as advantage. He cannot gank so effectively before 6 through. You can counter jungle him because of his slow MS and bad chase with low rank of seismic shards. Your % Damage and tankiness will beat malphite down.

GGGGGGG Noct is one of the best jungler because of his super ganking ultimate and snowballing hard. so it is harder for him to gank, because he is squishy and is a melee champ. Stall time for his level 6, or one of your teammates will die for sure.
A skilled nocturne will know to use his Shroud of Darkness to stop your ultimate, so pay attention and poke on him in teamfights to force his shield.

GGGGGGG Nunu is the ultimate conter-jungler. He can eat your camp and run away. You can nearly not chasing him because he have slow and Blood Boil forever if he got Blue buff. Try to beat him in jungle, ward inportant places. If you can prevent Nunu from shining early he will become a ****py slowbot with zero damage in late game.

GGGGGGG Olaf is one of the fastest jungler in the game. His passive and Vicious Strikes mean that he have to jugnle at low health, so use that to your advantage! Ward his red, which is crucial to hisganking nontheless than Undertow. He has lowest health while doing Red, so Bandage Toss in and kill him. Don't let Olaf become fed or he will be the Unstoppable Immortal Viking. Don't let that happen.

GGGGGGG Shyvana is a really strong jungler with lots of damage and 1v1 capabilities early is very high. Try to not even invade her at all or you will be ripped apart by her. She has MS buff and on-hit doublehit. She is not strong at ganking if she don't have red, so try to use that as your advantage. She also doesn't need blue.

GGGGGGG Skarner is one of the most OP jungler in the game along with udyr and trundle. He is exceptional at 1v1 skirmishes because of his spammable Crystal Slash and permaslow from it. He also has self-sustain heal. His ultimate, Impale, is very dangerous. Try to not mess him at all, since you will die.

GGGGGGG IF you jungle against him, go at blue first and fast before shaco arrives, his Jack In The Box can rape you hard if you are late. He has plenty of escapes, including the infamous Deceive. Try to not fight him. Instead care for his strong counter jungle and killing power. He can gank at very early levels, you might want to get out of the jungle fast and kill this bastard before he starts snowballing early.

GGGGGGG This troll is very good at stopping counter jungle with his kit of MS buffs and that **** pillar. Don't 1v1 with him if possible, he has Rabid Bite which mean you deal much less damage to him. Try to stick with team, he is somewhat weak in teamfights but OP in little skirmishes in jungle, because his pillar can stop poeple from running. Be caseful and aware, because he will Agony you surely for lots of resistances.

GGGGGGG Let your support clairvoyance his stance at the beginning. If he goes for Phoenix Stance, he will be very strong and bulky in teamfights but worse in 1v1 or skirmishes. You can counter jungle him that way by getting his blue, but remember Udyr is not much blue dependant. If he goes for Tiger Stance, he has incredible burst and high damage but slow and anti-carry style in teamfight. Don't counterjungle him if he go Tiger or you WILL die.

GGGGGGG Warwick has natural lifesteal and bulkiness, making him a very sustainied jungler and one of the best. He can start from anywhere with any item he want, through early blue dependant. Try to steal his blue so his jungle will got struck. Beware to not fight early with him, because of sustain and Hungering Strike's high damage. If he got Infinite Duress, make sure he targeted you and not the carry. If he focuses the carry, just Bandage Toss him out of his ultimate.

GGGGGGG Xin is very good at ganking, he can gank right from level 2 with Audacious Charge and Three Talon Strike. He doesn't need blue because of his incredibly low mana cost. Focus on him in teamfight and don't let him attack you with Crescent Sweep. You will be hurt a lot because of his % damage from the utlimate.

Good Luck!

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Wonderous Wardings and Hardcore Hooks!

Wonderous Warding!

"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure."
-Rowena Ravenclaw
This picture represents where to ward. Red points are essential wards (Dragon/Baron).

Green points are warded to prevent ganking on lanes.

Yellow points are counter-jungle wards, used to steal blue/red from enemy junglers.

Blue points are warded to counter split pushers or escapers.

Remember, when you have your spare moneys, buy wards.

Hardcore Hookers!

What will you do if you get chased in the jungle and have no enemies to juke on?
Bandage Toss the neutral minions! I have tried these routes much in normal games and it works well. Note that the Red line is the line of your toss and Brown zone represents the standing zone.

This is another image for zoomed-up hookings. Updated 11 December 2011.

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Let's be friends! - Best Friends and Worst Enemies

Best friends

Amumu fits well with many teams, but the best effective is teams with high AoE burst and some sustainability.

Solo Top:

He is one of the gods of solo top. High sustainability and great farm. In teamfight he can drop hie The Equalizer across enemy's team and then flamethrower 1 target to death.

Wow, the prince of solo top. High damage, great sustainability and tanky like Amumu. His ulti combined with you will make all the enemies cry "WTF? Why I cannot move?"

Riven is very effective solo top, because she has no costs and she also is a very good farmer. Her AoE jumps will ensure that your ultimate is useful. She also scales to late game very nice like Amumu.


IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR!!!!! Just QER and then PENTA. (LOL what a rhyme)She needs to be able to land her skills which can be made easier by using your ulti. She rocks mid game where you are also strong. My teammates also mained Lux too, and his skill for her is godlike, winning most of the time when paired with Amumu. He can also protect her squishy *** through the fires and flames!

His cage + your ultimate = win. His Dark Matter is hard to land in normal circumstances, but your ulti will guarantee the 1-hit KO meteor. Your ultimate is very good for him to land the full combo without wasting the Event Horizon.

Yes, your yordle fellow who is also known as the King of AoE His ulti plus yours = perma stun in teamfights and he love tanky teammates, so he don't have to buy much survivabilitiy items for maximize damage. Good with poking also with his Thundering Shuriken. Overall a very strong pick.

New yordle cousin with his awesome shark! He has high AoE damage along with superpower burst. His chum the water is great when combined with your ultimate, which guarantees the shark/ killer whale/ whatever can hit bunch of enemies.

Have you seen my bear Tibbers? Yes, I have. Seen it a while ago when Amumu use his ulti and Annie dropped tibbers down in the middle of them, then I heard something like "PENTAKILL"??? not sure what is happening, but now Annie and Amumu are going out for a lunch.

Your utli will make his landing of Lay Waste so much easier, and give him time to place a good Wall of Pain. After your team's godlike teamight, you will ace them with Requiem most of the time, since Karthus is a strong DPS mage.

Bot-Ranged DPS:

Your ulti combined with her Bullet Time will evaporate at least 50% of their health, and she have good mobility for chasing and cleaning up after the main teamfight.

Yuss, double stunning ultimate! Ashe is a great kiter, but somehow she is so squishy, you are the perfect teammate of her. just one Bandage Toss can start Ashe's reign of permaslow.

Strong %based damage like you, has a positioning stun which can mess with their channel abilities. Your Bandage Toss will allow her to use Condemn better and kill faster.

He is very tough ranged DPS, which many calls OP. He is even better when he uses his smokescreen with your ulti and use his Collateral Damage to blow their carries better from your snare.

Corki excels at Missile Barrage poking and armor reduction from Gatling Gun. That will decrease enemy's defense both armor and MR from your passive. He have good teamfight capabilities from poking, harassing and phosphorous bomb.


She will make your life so easier. You will definitely love her Crescendo as it synchronizes perfectly with your ulti. She also heals you and gives you some nice Armor and MR. Perfect support.

This gay can stun enemies, reduce their armor, and make other mates fights with Radiance. You combine Bandage Toss with his Dazzle and you will get nice 4-5 sec stun. when you are low health, ghe will Imbue you for 400-500 heal. You will love him!

He is the very useful grandpa that uses time bombs. Your ultimate will let him land a lot of his nuclear bomb. Having him means you dont need Guardian Angel, cause his ulti is even better. He also have revival & haste skills.

Worst enemies

YOU.WILL.HATE.HER. When you use your Curse of the Sad Mummy and your team initiates, she will Monsoon your teams away and and use her big amount of cc on you. You need your team to use gap-closers after she uses ulti.

DARKNESSSSSSSS. "your carries have been slain". Yes, even you used Curse of the Sad Mummy, he will jump on your carry and rape him like no tomorrow. Try to assign a bodyguard on your carry with CC to protect him.

You Bandage Toss in, he Headbutt you out before you even use ulti. Bunch of CC's and 8 second near-invicibility. Can get out of your ultimate too.

Her Black Shield will rape your ultimate and you cannot gank her due to it. She is very resilient and have a powerful ultimate.

He has a lot of jumps to dodge your Bandage Toss and when you can go in the teamfight, he will IKEEE!! KICK you out.

She have annoying Rocket Jump that will make her hard to gank, and she have Buster Shot to push you out of the teamfight.

The Dream Team:

This is the example of Amumu-centered team. The main strategy is to let Amumu jungle and wreck havoc in teamfights with other AoE champion. The teammate should have a lot of CC and ****load of damage since they can freely attack enemies without being fired back because of Amumu's ultimate. They should also chase effectively and have some kind of bulk. Anyways, this team are just my preference, use your own imagination to create a good team!

**Even how much you are fed, don't think you are godlike and 1V5 please. You will not be able to kill anyone from the stacking of their CC and it might be the cause of loss for your team. XD**

Or it will end up like this:

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Terminating Tedious Teamfight

Amumu is known as "King of the Teamfights", so everyone fears him and ban him in ranked game because of this. I'll explain in-depth how to succeed at teamfight with Amumu.

Step-by-step teamfight

Assign roles and positions to your teammates, like who would be in the front or back. It's simple but deadly strategy to use. Here is the order:

YOU - In the frontmost, absorb all of their pokes.
Ranged carry - Back of you, ready to run in and bash them.
Long-Ranged Mages - In the back, ready to nuke from the long range. EG Lux, Orianna, Brand.
Short-ranged mages - With the Ranged carry in the back of you. EG Annie, Swain, Vladimir
Support - Back of carries, in order to heal them and not die.
Tanky DPS/ Anti-carry - In the same line as you and focus only thier carry.

Bravery Initiation
Start by "Go" signal, toggle up Despair, Bandage Toss to their frontmost champion, or if possible, their carry. After that look for the number of champions who would be snared by your ultimate.
Less than 3 - Flash into middle of them.
More than 3 - Proceed to next order

When your team start running towards them, immediately Curse of the Sad Mummy as much champions as possible. This will make them unable to move.

Blasting Bursties
Your mage will start to nuke their squishiest champion first. You stick with the tank to deal high percentage slow and prevent them from CCing your carry. Your ranged DPS carry will duel with their carries. Remember this is not pokemon battle or Samurai battle or Molly VS Bellatrix. You can interfere their carry and Bandage Toss him/her, killing him immediately with your carry. Supports will heal carries and it is time to move up to the next part of fight.

Cleaning the Battleground
After their carry dies, they will be disorganized and tried to run in different paths. You will need to keep track on their tanks, as he will be the best of their base defenders. Your carries kill mages and support run to safety. Try to kill them as much as possible until they retreats. If they have died more than your team, YOU WIN.

Atrocious Aces
What to do after your team aces?
-Push into their base as much as possible.
-Do map objectives (dragon/baron)
-Steal their neutral creeps and buffs.
-Get inhibitors, as they worth more than your life. With super minions
you will push 1000X better, safer and faster and can end the game quicker.
You will be the MVP.

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Victorious Leader: The Mindset

Why you gonna be the leader?

In honest truth, if you want to win and gain respect from your team, you need to be the leader. People love to be follower because it is easier and requires less skill. Amumu can be the leader, because he can change the face of the entire game by himself, requires lots of skill to use, and is a very solid champion. If you take the hardest role on people will more often than not listen to you and if you're making the right calls then you'll be winning more than not.

How to be a good Amumu leader?

First, you have to completely know about the summoner's rift.

This map is edited by me to show main objectives and advantageous zones. For amumu, the most advantageous objectives are dragon and baron teamfights, since his ulti can be used at full potential. Another important thing is to have teamfights in the jungle and not lane, since he has some problems with tower tanking and initiating in lane, unlike Rammus or Leona.

Controlling Early Game

Early game is important for Amumu to get over, because he has to deal with difficult gankings before level 6 and also weak base stats. Main point of early game is to glide to level 6 and get 2 GP5 items and boots. The successful gank is the main goal of early game.

Guards and Leashes

Early game, Amumu is very blue buff dependent. He is also a weak escaper and duelist in early levels. If the enemy come in 5 to blue it is GG no re, so you have to coordinate with your team to guard and scout for ganks. If the ganks is incoming, you have 2 choices.
-If your team have advantage, get your first blood.
-If your team is at disadvantage, retreat and you go start at wraiths.

The strongest guarding position is:
  • 1 person guard the middle of the river, hiding in bush to scout for ganks.
  • 1 person guard the back of the blue camp to prefent flash ganks and buff steal.
  • 1 person stay with you in blue bush to protect you from teleward ganks.
  • The last person stay at wraiths bush to prevent counter-jungling

Leashing is the process that your team get the aggro of Blue Golem ,so that you can finished it off without losing too much health. Soft leash is done if you get Cloth Armor first, but hard leash is required to start off with Regrowth Pendant.

Counter Jungling

Counter jungling is the strategy that you (and your team) decides to disrupt the jungling process of your enemy, it have many advantages including slowing down potential ganks from their team, make their jungler do a weird and gimmick mistake, give your team more money and XP, and lastly boost morale for your team and lowering theirs.

There are many methods to counter jungle effectively, here I'll include the specific counter jungle to each champion.

1. Blue-dependent jungler ( Fiddlesticks, Maokai, Shaco, Rammus, Jarvan IV)
These guys is blue dependent because they need much mana early ( Jarvan IV ), and someone needs CDR ( Fiddlesticks) so we can take advantage of this by stealing his blue and force him to lose the blue or you will get First BLood. GOing in 5 and let support ward the back of blue, then you smite steal blue and then your team move in and kill that jungler.

2."I need level 6!" junglers ( Warwick, Nocturne, Skarner, Malphite)
These guys don't have a very good ganking ablilities pre-6, if they reaches level 6 it will guarantee that one of your teammates will die or even give away First Blood. This way if you gank blue, it will gives nothing if they decides to 5v5, because these champs have strong dueling early game even without blue. The best way to counter jungle is to take his wraiths and golems so that it delays the step to the doom level 6 by about 2 minute. Remember to leave 1 wraith/golem in the camp, since they will not respawn if all of them are not killed.

3.DangerRed junglers ( Olaf, Master Yi, Tryndamere, Xin Zhao)
These guy's *** to fight after they got red, or so-called perma-slow. If they don't have red, it will be very difficult for them to execute a successful gank. The most efficient way to counter jungle is to ward their red camp and flash steal AND kill them. If they are forced out of the buff or got killed, it is your team's time to take their red! Be careful that, after you killed their jungler, you might me 3-man (mid + bot) ganked, but usually you will even win those fights because of the newly acquired red buff.

4.Counter junglers and non-buff dependents ( Udyr, Lee Sin, Riven, Trundle, Shaco)
These guys are pain in an *** to deal with, because they have cheap camp steal skills and high damage and CC potential early game. The main way to fight them is to let your support CV and ward your jungle so that you will not be killed. If they decide to counter jungle you too much, go counter jugnle them and watch them in confusion that where have you been.

First Blood

Usually in a good match where your lanes are farming peacefully, the first blood will not happen until after 5-8 minute in the game. If you follow this guide, your team will get first bloods more than all 8th grade students combined (LOL!). First blood is easy for amumu once he got his Curse of the Sad Mummy and (optional)blue buff + full health/mana.

The step is:
  • If they are not overextending, be telling your teammate to slowly retreat (remove the lane)
  • Flash if they are in middle of the lane, otherwise run to them.
  • Curse of the Sad Mummy
  • When your curse is going to end, use your Bandage Toss to the target to stun them for 1-2 seconds more.
  • If you have, apply your red buff to them to slow them. use your Despair all the time, spam Tantrum.
  • ......
  • FIRST BLOOD! This pretty much sums up the entire step. If you are going to die, retreat, your dead is not worth their first blood.

Dominating mid Game

Your mid game is usually begins once you have stopped jungling full-time and come to help pushing and killing in lanes. Amumu start his OP mode in mid game, where he can use his ultimate to kill more than 1 person.

The Dragon

He is the most coveted objectives in mid game, because killing him gives your team 1000G ahead of your enemy and also give some good EXP. Since you cannot solo dragon, your team MUST ward dragon all times until your team is ready to do it. The optimal time to do dragon and not get ganked is:

1.If there is 1 enemy down mid or bottom, group as 4 or 5 and do dragon

2.If there is 2 enemies top, have 1 ally defend top and group as 4 and do dragon.

3.If bottom is or mid has 2 or more people at 1/2 or less hit points. Have your low hp people back immediately regroup and dragon.

4.Their jungler / carry is bottom lane, we can force a dragon fight.

5.Double killed at bot and jungle. Good time to dragon since they no more have smite to steal your dragon.

Basically save smite for securing in case that enemy want to steal yours. After you got dragon go with your team and gank mid/bot as 4 or 5.

First Turrets

Getting turret early give you more map control, and then also 750 gold for your team. Taking turret means you usually have to dispose their laners first, or force them to defense tower 3v1 or 4v1. They will run away like Superman running from Kryptonite. If they don't go, dive as 4 and kill them.

The best opportunity to take turrets is when your team have successfully ganked and killed 1 or 2 laners, or you have advantage in numbers.

Annihilating Late Game

Late game is where Amumu shine the most. He essentially get all his 3 Deathly Hallows and become unstoppable tank with unreal damage. During late game, stop farming and move together as a team. Have map awareness and focus on teamfights and baiting.

Baron Nashor

The most important objective late game. It gives your team 1500 gold and superhuman buff to your team, along with around 1000 EXP. Your team should be warding baron all the time. WHen you go to slay the beast, ward the back and entrances to the baron, so that enemy cannot steal it.

Usually the time to do baron is when your team Aces or have significant champion advantage over enemy. Steal their baron at any costs when you're sure you can do it. Even if you die, you will become team leader in their opinion immidiately because of the great sacrifice and hard work.

Baiting and Forcing teamfights

These 2 things are the pinnacle of late game strategy of Amumu. You must get oracles to see if your enemy warded or not. If they ward, ignore their ward and pretend like nothing ever there. Do your baron/dragon as usual and you will get one for free, because all enemy players know the true terror of teamfighting amumu in baron/dragon pool or jungle.
Amumu take epic monster by breeze, because of his high percentage damage and natural tankiness VS monsters. He should be the one tanking baron/dragon all time unless one of your teammate have Thornmail and 3000 health or more.

The siege of the great fortress

After baron or dragon, you should now capitalize on sieging their base. Taking down inhibitors is important for leading the game. Why?

1. The super minions surged their base make your push much more strong.
2.It limits the choice of the enemies to defending against the super minions and pushing, since they cannot leave the base.
3.It gives your team option to do more objectives because their team is contained in the base.

So the best thing to do after inhibs, is to kill another 2 inhibs too, and 12 super minions will enter their base in 1 min! That is too much for mages/support to kill them. You can push along with these super minions and gain a swift victory.

Achieving Victory

As the leader all you want to be looking for is every advantage you can take for your team. Capitalize on every mistake the other team makes by taking towers, dragons, buffs, inhibs. If they mess up, PUNISH THEM, while also being conservative because biting off more than you can chew is a bad thing. Don't go for baron AND an inhib, that's just greedy, take one or the other, then use your new found map control to force the other one into your favor. Slow and steady wins the race I find when I lead. Take all the advantages you can get while also being cautious not to lose your current advantage because coming back when your behind is a lot harder then staying ahead by not making silly mistakes.

Go for a final push when all of your teammates have full health. Pierce their base through the inhib, nexus turrets, kill everything in sight, finally at the nexus. KIll it fast, becuase it can regen the health very quickly. If you can kill nexus fast without dying...........


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Analyzing Amumu's Weakness

"Everyone have weaknesses and flaws. If one don't, he would be an imperfect man."

This section has been added as an update to the guide. It contains some notes and measures on how to counter Amumu. Now, this may hurt some Amumu play, but then again, even Amumu players should read this in order to patch up weaknesses they may have, or in exploiting others.

The below is a listing of the options you can implement to help you counter Amumu, with a bit of my notes and experiences mixed in.

Counter Jungling

One of the most essential things Amumu need early games is level 4 and Blue Buffs. Level 4 is the level Amumu can start ganking without halting the jungle. Stealing double golems or wraiths make hsi jungle upset for a lot. Stealing blue is even better, it cripples Amumu's jungling and mana sustainability. Stealing blue is easy, just let support CV their blue, then go in and focus Amumua nd squishies or weak early game champs. Amumu cannot recovers effectively, so you can force him in a lane, the place that will send him straight to hell.

Smart Wardings

Since Amumu cannot gank from very far distances like Nocturne or Twisted Fate, he must run to the lane to close the gap for Bandage Toss. Warding the river bushes is a very good idea for countering him. Warding enemies jungle entrance and exit is also very effective, since some greedy Amumu might tend to counter jungling his enemy, but the fact that Amumu is a weak early 1v1 fighter and counter-jungler will kill him in their jungle. Warding blue is the best thing you can do ever.

Pick Harassers/Pokers

Amumu don't have self sustain from pokes unlike dr.mundo. In teamfights these pokers can stay far in the back and won't let Amumu use ultimate on them. The best pokers to counter Amumu is Lux, beacuse her Light Binding stops amumu from running into their team and she also have slow. Her magic damage is high while Amumu is a bit hard to invest in Magic resist, so use her. Ironically Lux is my brother's favorite character. :)

Teamfight Positioning

Without a doubt, the best way to **** up Amumu in teamfights. Fights when minions are nearby or pushing, so Bandage Toss is ton harder to use. Stay out of the fight and try to not stick together, so his ultimate will be much less effective. Don't focus him unless needed. If he come in and hesitate to use ultimate, use repositioning skliis to blow him out of the fight. EG Headbutt, Monsoon, Buster Shot, Explosive Cask, ETC.
Or try silencing champs, such as Cho'Gath or Kassadin. Try your best luck against the King of Teamfight!

Pick right items

Don't stack health VS Amumu. His Despair will tear through your 5 Warmog's Armor like a 6000K Heated knife through butter. Instead, stack Magic resist will reduce lots of his damage. The best item is Banshee's Veil, it can negate his ultimate and gives a lot of MR, health and mana. Buy one today!

Best solution..... Ban him!

The best way to stop amumu if you are out of wit is just ban him. It is not a strange desicion, since he was a perma-ban champ class since beta. His ultimate and tankiness would be very useful for a team, the team with Amumu will win against team without one. If your team have a chance to ban Amumu, do it!

If there are any more suggestions to counter Amumu, tell me. I'll consider it and add it if possible.

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Dementing Dominion

Amumu in dominion is, we could categorize him, and some other champs, as taker-initiators. Amumu as a solo-taker isn't very good, he can't do fast bursty damage, and the one defending will be very resistant in most cases. But if he goes with another champion, he can withstand lots of damage and stun everyone and constantly deal AoE damage to all those ones next to him. Amumu with his HP% damage is a very useful anti-tank, and should always be next to another taker -> captured ~

Pros / Cons

+ With takers, can take a CP instantly with utlimate.
+ Very bulky with right items.
+ Can absorb all damage to your carry.
+ Become an excellent defender with his tears and increased mana regen.

- Move slow, hence the Boots of Swiftness.
- Weak early game 1v1.
- Terrible damage at dominion.
- Cannot become an effective disrupter due to his slow MS.

Summoner spells:

Flash is very useful in Dominion, considered how much champions Amumu cannot outrun and many walls in the map. It is very useful to position your utlimate well.

Garrison is great, because it stops nearly all of their tower damages and can regenerte yours fast. Best used when you are going to initiate and take CP.

Ghost is used if Amumu going for other boots than Boots of Swiftness. Give him enough power to chase and escape.

Promote is nice for pushing and gives you a lot of money. Use it when you are pushing or is going to lose a tower. That minion is your best friend if Amumu don't have any.

Exhaust is for defending. Baiting enemies into capping your point and ulti then exhaust one of them is very rewarding strategy if your friends ambush.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

For runes I have to changed from 9 shielding runes to 3 warding and 6 shielding, becaus eearly game you don't go jungle and it makes early MR more useful for absorbing damage. For quintessences I grab swiftness because Amumu is very slow in dominion and it limits his ability to join fights often. It might be expensive but these runes can be use with a lot of characters, especially Singed.

Item Sequence


Odyn's Veil

Boots of Swiftness

Randuin's Omen

Force of Nature

Items are optimized for full tankiness and high resistance. Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives you ****load of health and can be amplified with resistances. Force of Nature and Randuin's Omen grants you high regeneration, given you don't have to go back to base often. Boots of Swiftness and Force of Nature will help you for movement speed.

Thornmail and Odyn's Veil will reflect al their damage on you back, since in Summoner's rift they won't focus target with Thornmail, but here they are forced to either attack you or loss a CP. Overall, it gives you 300 Armor, 250 MR and 500 health. 'Nuff said. GG.


Early Game

In the bubble before starting, tell you teammates the plan and strategy. The best is 4-0-1 (4 top 1 bot) because the top one if=s very important CP. You will go bottom in the beginning because fo your tankiness. When teh game start, capture bottom point then farm. Defend your point until you hit level 6, then send "true" tanker to defend bot, and you roam with the taker. Capture enemy's top CP by curse of teh sad mummy, then camp there since you are very bulky and they will fear to dive you and carry.

Mid game

This is when either nexus hit around 300 HP. You wll start ganking CP and defend yours. Use bandage toos to disrupt enemy capturers from distance, use Despair and spam Tantrum. At this point you get your Warmog's Armor and start raking kills & assists to maximize it health bonus. Run around and stay alert. Stick to the carries.
Give relics to important champion in your team. Disrupt their relic capture.

Late Game

This is when a nexus have 125 health or less. Stop prioritizing on champion kills, since kills after 125 doesn't give them nexus damage. Instead, focus on keeping 3 CPs and defend them, kiling anyone who dared to capture your point. Be calm, cool and unpredictable. You will win the game and everyone will fears you as the Immortal Amumu.

This concludes the dominion part. IF you want to read more about dominion, go to
The best dominion guide for everyone by Zemaizas

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You question here, my answer here!

Frequently Asked Questions

*Your question here.

-My answer here.

*Why I don't take Rod of Ages?

Simply, because it is slow to charge and it slow down your time for getting your three deathly hallows (Core Items). Also it's not so useful for amumu which Rylai's Crystal Scepter is so better to rush it.

*Should he jungle from blue first?

Of cause, why not! The reason I don't take that route here is, you need a goodleash on your golem, which is hard for people to do in normal and solo queue. Also you might have to recall if something go wrong at double golems, which actually happens to me in a normal game.

You NEED to take that route if they have a strong counter jungler, EG Shaco or Warwick. You will be blue stolen if you use my route, and you will be a pile of useless OOM mummy.

*Why Amumu doesn't lane?

There is a reason, anything that junglers can do better should be done in the jungle. Amumu have excellent leveling in the jungle, along with unlimited mana from blue buff. You also have very strong ganks throughout the laning phase.

What laning Amumu can do?
  • Get harassed constantly by ranged champions.
  • Out of mana so quickly.
  • Cannot land Bandage Toss efficiently since you have no element of surprise.
  • Bad farming, weak 2v2 fights and terrible AA early game.
  • ETC.... a lot that I can't list them all.[/color]

Most player hates laning Amumu and I'm also the one. It destroys all the purpose of usefulness and full farming. Go jungle Amumu!

*Why don't you get Madred's Razors? I thought all melee junglers should get it.

Realize that your primary source of damage comes not from your autoattacks, but from the magic damage inflicted by Despair and Tantrum. You don't need Madred's Razors because it won't contribute that much damage, and both of the items it builds into are not suitable for Amumu.

* Banshee's Veil or Force of Nature?

Well, my build included Banshee's Veil because it gives your needed bulk and decent MR, most importantly it gives you A FREAKING SPELL SHIELD. You cannot initiate while being stun and constantly suppressed by enemies, so Banshee's Veil is Amumu's best friend.

However, Force of Nature is still awesome! You need to take this item when they have fed AP carry instead of Banshee's Veil. The extra MS synchronizes perfectly with your slowing tears. Use it when they have little to no CC.

*Why his jungling feels too easy to be disrupted with the amounts of Lee Sins, Udyrs, Skarners, Trundles, etc of nowadays.

Amumu should not be picked all times if you find yourself VS these champions. They will counter jungle and kill him like no tomorrow. You just play your superior jungler to beat those guys. Communication and clairvoyance are your best friends.

*How often is amumu banned in your ranked games?

About 20-35% of all bans. Usually in draft solo queue, people are too underestimating amumu, and think rammus are more worth a ban. He is usually second or third picked, sincethe first pick should be Mages.

*Why you are named 6poolhater?

Because the first day that I play sc2, I go 4v4 and finds myself versus 4 randoms. Then we scouted like 1 minute late and 6 pools from all 4 enemy roflstomp us. I swear my teammates are in practice league.

If you have any questions, PM me. I will answer them and may write that question in this section if I finds it interesting and important!

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Amumu's Almighty Hall of Legends

Here are my match history. feel free to see the build's power!

This is for example.
For full lists of match history, check here.

I'll add more soon as possible. Thanks for waiting.

New section - ranked stats (Note that I never duo or premade in ranked just solo, hence average match stat XD)
December 11, 2011

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Truthfully Thanks :)

The first thanks is for Acemio, o0 Loading 0o, Banelings oh, LAFVIRUS and all my friends who help me make the guide and play with me for researches.

The second is for Zemaizas, Freddy Shopan, Rys Aberdeen and Hanaho for providing me with useful informations to make an excellent guide.

The third is for Riot Games, for creating a really good and addicting game.

The fourth is for JhoiJhoi (****) , who have motivated me to create this Amumu guide and become Number one amumu. She lends her linerShe is selfless and kind, always help me when I have problems, and gained respect from our Mobafire Community. I'm really glad I met her.

The last and the most important is for my Father, Mother and my Aunt. They help me for grammar, attitude, emotion control, morality, and corrections for my fault. I'm really grateful to them and I wish I can return the gratitude somedays.

There are many inspirations I take from, but the most important is from LoL wiki and mobafire. Thanks!

Finally, thanks to Don't feed channel!

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Epically Epilogue

Respect the Primordial Golden God of Amumu
So here concludes my Amumu guide. I hope everyone use it will and got great results. If you failed, try, try, try again. You will only be a good Amumu when you practice. Never gives up, don't surrender, have hope, think positive and creative!!!

I somewhat too obsessed with amumu over the last year, because he alone gives me over 200-300 wins and I never ceased to play him. He is the definition of the true tank that can live forever and deals superb damage.

Playing Amumu needs patience. You cannot play aggressively like Riven or Tryndamere to be good with him. Instead, play defensive and initiate when it have some opportunity. Do not rage and shout at other teammates. Most of time it is your fault.
Wish all your guys good luck in the game with my guide. May Christs and saints bless you all.

See you on the Summoner's rift and Crystal Scar! Goodbye!

-Sincerely, 6Poolhater, The Master Amumu

The End, GG WP