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Ezreal Build Guide by Ex Vi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ex Vi

AD Ezreal - Like a Sirr!

Ex Vi Last updated on March 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Guide Top

Season 3 Official start!

Thank you for reading the largest and most in-depth Ezreal build on MobaFire!

I've noticed that this guide is very advanced and in-depth indeed.
But the BB code is rather poor due to the fact this guide is so big.
So this month I want to spend in improving the overal graphics on the guide.
I'll start off by making banners for every section and I'll make a flashy runes and mastery section. This is going to be a hard task for sure since I have too much information.
I might be removing some information I don't like or is a little outdated.
I will keep you informed. In the meantime, enhance your play by reading trough this guide!

Ex Vi.

Special thanks

  • I found a great guide on how to write guides by jhoijhoi. Mainly because of the awesome way she writes guides I decided to do my guide just like her. So the entire layout is made possible thanks to jhoijhoi.
    I also used her fantastic line dividers. Yellow ones because I can.
    A big thank you to you!.
    You can check out her great guide on how to make guides Over here!

Guide Top

Who is Ex Vi

    My name is Tristan Weber in real life.
    I am 20 years old.
    Currently into my second year of studying Art & Technology - Game Creation and Producing.
    I play LoL since the start of 2011 and I really like the game.
    Before I started playing LoL I played Heroes of Newerth quite a long time.
    Eventually I stopped playing it frequently and shifted to different MOBA's.
    I tried bloodline champions and played that for a few months, and actually started playing DOTA 1 for one of the first times in my life (really =P). Shortly after I tried Dota 2. After a good year of trying several MOBA's I slipped back to League of Legends.
    I remain faithful to League of Legends because of the fantastic gameplay and experiences you get while playing the game.

  • Who is your favorite champion ?
    My all time favorite champion is Ezreal.
    Ezreal is a champion that is skillshot based for the full 100%.
    Nothing will be "luck" when you kill something with Ezzie.
    Ezreal is considered one of the most, if not THE most challenging champion to master. Completely mastering Ezreal could take years of intense playing.
    The bonus of his hard mastery is the fact that he can be seriously dangerous to any currently existing champion out there in the League.
    The diversity of this, and the incredible range of skill between good and bad Ezreal players, along with the very active play style that is required for Ez, makes him very interesting to play with.

  • Are you pro, what is your ELO ?
    My ELO is currently 1633 (not verified here). So I'm not awfully bad nor awfully good either. I know the mechanics and I claim to be 'good' enough to be writing guides about this game.
    In my opinion you don't have to be prodigially talented in order to gain the right to write a guide about a champion you really like. As long as you have done your homework about the Champ, and you play well with it at your own skill level, then you should feel free to write a guide and teach other players about your experience in playing your champ!.

    As for the build, I think this is the best build you can wish for when playing ranked AD Ezreal. Everything has been calculated. Previous issues and errors found by loving people that read and comment this guide have been taken into account and are dealt with accordingly.
    So this is all you need to start shining with Ezreal!.

    Have fun reading my guide.
    If there are any questions, feel free to contact me in game or to PM me here =).

    Ex Vi

Guide Top

Why should I read your guide

  • Reading this guide out of all Ez guides ? why..
    Because this is the best guide there is when playing AD Carry Ezreal Ranked.
    I have deeply researched every single mastery and every single rune for Ezreal.
    With the results I have made a custom rune page and a custom item build that works perfectly for me, and with some training, for you too!.

  • What is the main focus of this build ?
    The build is focussed on early lane domination.
    If you can manage to force the enemy AD carry to hug his tower for the entire laning phase, then this build has reached his goal. This build is giving you a good damage and armor boost early on so that the enemy Graves or Vayne will be quite suprised about the damage you deal. Also, there is a bit of armor pen and magic resist per level embedded in the build, so that you will be a strong late game too. It will help you snowball trough the game.

  • Your own Ezreal Mastery.... what ?! 0_o
    Apart from that I have made an own summary of me playing Ezreal.
    Everything I've done according to Ezreal is noted there.
    You can improve your gameplay solely by reading that section of the guide.
    I call it, the Ezreal Mastery Progress Tracker.
    Quite Catchy huh ? ;)

Well, I could talk a lot longer, but it is better for you to read a bit of content that matters. Nobody likes a guide that is longer than an international train eh? =).

Guide Top

O rly, Smartcasting?!

Before I kick in with the build I would strongly recommend enabling smart-casting.

  • What is Smart-Casting?, are you high ?
    Normally you press the Q or W or E or R and then click somewhere on the map to cast it.
    With smart casting you can leave this so called 'clicking' part out.
    Smart-casting enables you to cast an ability by only pressing a button.
    Practically you point your mouse cursor on an area where you want your ability to shoot at, press a button, and it is done.

    So for example, when I want to shoot my Q with Ezreal,
    I just move my mouse cursor towards an enemy champion, and then I just press the Q button.
    It will automatically cast my Mystic Shot towards my cursor
    (which is aimed on a champion).

    I found a nice video that perfectly explains everything.
    Take the four minutes to figure this out,
    it greatly enhances your gameplay, i guarantee you.
    I would recommend you to change it in a custom game though.
    You really have to get used to it a little when it is your first time.
Thanks to Melogrunty (nickstanovic on youtube) for the video tutorial

Guide Top

Ezreal's Pros and Cons

Ezreal Pro's
  • ++ strong early and late game
  • + good burst damage
  • + kites like a sir
  • + globally ranged ultimate
  • + strong carrying potential
  • + countering most ad carry's
  • ++ greatly under-estimated
  • ++ applies on-hit effects
  • ++ Great legendary skin!

Ezreal Cons
  • -- extremely hard to play well
  • - pretty vulnerable
  • - pushing power equal to a girl..
  • --- 3350 RP for the legend skin..
  • - is going to be focussed hard

Guide Top

Ezreal's Abilities


mouse-over the icon to see the ability details
  • Rising Spell Force
    This is Ezreal's really nice AD carry passive.
    For every ability that hits an enemy, your attackspeed increases by 10% for 6 seconds.
    The count down of the buff resets every time you add a stack to it.
    The max amount of stacks is 5. When using your and and hit at least 2/3 enemy Champions while shooting them together, you can instantly get your 5 stacks of .


mouse-over the icon to see the ability details
  • Mystic Shot
    The skill you are going to spam like no tomorrow.
    With the item build stated above you are going to deal a LOT of damage with it.
    It is a fast skillshot nuke that has many purposes.

  • Check bushes:
    Due to its low mana cost you can check bushes without risking to face check it.
    When shooting your you hear a ZZZZING!.
    When you hear a BANG! shortly after, you know you have to get the heck outta there.
    This can save a lot of lifes including your own!

  • Cooldown lowering:
    Every time you hit a champion OR minion with mystic shot,
    it decreases the cooldown of ALL your spells by 1 second.
    So when you used your ult, try to hit enemy units as much as possible to regain it!

  • Invis spotting:
    Your even hits invisible units.
    That way you can check for an invisible in a bush for example.
    You WONT be able to hit wards anymore, they changed that months ago..

  • Kiting:
    Run away --> --> run some more --> == EPIC.
    And when you have your phage (which gives you a slow) you can start kiting for real.
    Your mystic shot applies on-hit effects which means it acts the same like an auto attack.
    When you hit your when carrying a it has a chance to apply a slow.
    That way you can harass them while an opponent is slowly chasing you for example.
    Just keep hitting him with that long range .
    When you keep dealing him damage while he can't harm you he will eventually stop and turn around. That is when you suddenly swap to 'attack' modus and slap the living day light out of the enemy. The hunter becomes hunted ^^.

    I have found a video that will show you exactly what is meant with kiting.
    kiting starts at 00:25
    With thanks to (FirstAnathema on youtube) for this video about kiting


mouse-over the icon to see the ability details
  • Essence Flux
    The handicapped brother of your .
    It is the same except it has a LONGER cooldown, LESS range, LESS damage later on, a tad more mana cost and applies NO on-hit effects.
    Since the new nerf on Ezreal this skill NO LONGER reduces attack speed on opponents. Luckily, this skill is still buffing the attack speed on your allies.
    Once maxed, it can give up to 40% attack speed for 5 seconds on any of your allies.

  • Check bushes:
    You can also check bushes with this skill.
    When you shoot your you hear a SWOOSH.
    For every SWOOSH you hear after shooting it, an enemy unit is hiding.
    So when you want to know how many enemies are hiding in the bushes,
    then it will be better to use over .
    However, if you want to play it safe, it is better to use your after all.
    Since has less range, you do get dangerously close to the bushes..

  • Team Fighting:
    is great to use in teamfights.
    Be sure to hit both your allies AND your enemies in order to get the biggest advantage.
    Since every enemy champion you hit will increase the amount of stacks on your Rising Spell Force. It won't debuff enemies anymore, but it will still buff your allies.
    +40% attack speed for 5 seconds for your allies is really epic and could definitely decide a teamfight.

  • Kiting:
    Since the last nerf it has become a pretty numb skill when kiting.
    It used to debuff the attack speed of your chaser, which was nice.
    But now it only deals damage. I guess if you have enough mana to spam this on your pursuer aswell, it could be "viable".


mouse-over the icon to see the ability details
  • Arcane Shift
    This ability is what makes Ezreal... Ezreal.
    Whenever you get ganked, you to your tower and you will be safe.
    It is as strong as , PLUS it fires a homing missle to the nearest target.
    But it is a good idea NOT to initiate with this unless you really cant get a kill without it.
    Because if is on cooldown,
    you will not be able to flash away unless you have your up.
    In short, without having either or off cooldown, you are vulnerable. This should be avoided as much as possible.
    The popular "feeder Ezreal" meme got his existence because people did not abide to this simple rule..

  • Wall Jumping:
    Just like flash, is capable of jumping over pretty big walls.
    Because of the latest nerf on you can jump just as far with arcane shift.
    Just make sure to HUG that wall if you want to jump over it.
    When you are too far away from the wall you will jump against it instead of over it.
    Dont let Ezreal auto-mutilate himself with his !.

  • Invis Hunting:
    The homing missle you can shoot when casting ,
    also targets invisible champions that are in range at the location you jump to.
    So for example, when you are chasing an invisible opponent,
    just jump in the direction you have seen him/her for the last time.
    When the homing missle off of Arcane Shift hits something, look at the direction it went and shoot a Mystic Shot towards the enemy champion as soon as possible.
    It may even kill the opponent when he/she is very low on health.

  • Bush Checking:
    Know that will also target enemy champions inside the bush if you jump in FRONT of the bush.
    So you dont neccesarily have to jump inside it for to hit something with the homing missle.

  • Kiting:
    When a pursuer gets a little too close to you, you can use your to get some range between him and you.
    And when you are about to get killed, just use your to jump over a wall.
    If you think you've harassed him enough to take the risk and turn around for an all out brawl, then by any means do so!. Suddenly switching to attack modus by opening aggressive with your Arcane Shift might do the trick.


mouse-over the icon to see the ability details
  • Trueshot Barrage
    An enemy has been slain. == EPICKER THAN EPIC.

    This skill is your long range sniping tool.
    When you see an enemy champion running towards his base like a little girl,
    you start calculating his movement speed (which goes automatically eventually),
    It can cross the entire map and goes trough units.So you can hit and damage the entire team if you want to.

    Do note that it loses 8% of its total damage for every unit it passes trough.
    So when you are mid, and you see someone running with low hp at the end of that mid lane,
    you probably wont kill it when their entire team and two enemy minion waves are in front of your target.
    It will always hit for a minimum of 30% off the total damage though.
    A good thing to know is, that once you are channeling your ultimate, it cannot be stopped.
    By noone. Even if you get stunned or knocked back, you will still channel your ultimate.
    Your ult is immune for control impairing effects.
  • When to use
    The best time to use this is when a teamfight is about to break loose.
    Both teams will rush towards one spot to begin the team fight, not too careful about their positioning.
    This is where perfect line or square/circle shaped formations start to occur.
    That is when you blast your and your trough it.
    That way you will buff your allies, and eat a good chunk of the opponents HP.
    Apart from that it gives the maximum amount of stacks on your .
    This is a great start for you in a teamfight since your attack speed will be HUGE.

  • Sniping
    You can also decide to wait using it untill a teamfight is over and you still live.
    Then you can use your to sniper someone from a long distance erasing that big smile on his stupid face.
    I don't recommend this though. It is much better to hit everyone during a teamfight
    and get your passive maxed to do some mean auto-attacking.

    Here is a video about two guys with some nasty sniping skills
    Note that they use to double check before they snipe.
    After some practice it is possible to snipe without . They got some awsum sniping skills though. The Ability usage will be discussed next!.
    Many thanks go out to PepsiDrinker and Swizzy0 for making the ossim sniper compilation ^^)

Guide Top

Ezreal Ability Leveling

Ezreal Ability Builds

There are a few skill builds that can be followed with Ezreal.
It depends a little on what you want in a certain match.
Since the latest nerfs to Essence Flux a strange situation has been formed.
Essence Flux is either obsolete or a must-have to skill early game.
In short, don't skill it at all, or max it out as fast as possible.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Explanation
    This was once a very passive build for Ezreal, focussing on Arcane Shift in order to lower the cooldown so that there might be a chance to use this skill twice during a desperate escape.
    But now, after the Ezreal nerf and the Season 3 patch, it has become the skill build to use.
    Arcane Shift increases in damage every level, lowers with 2 cooldown each time, and the mana cost won't change at all, so this skill is perfect for leveling. Mystic Shot will remain our first skill to bush check and to harass with. Also, since this skill reduces cooldowns from other spells upon hit, you want to max this a.s.a.p too in order to keep your CD as low as possible. A second reason why to max this first is because of the low cooldown on Mystic Shot itself.
    This way you can last hit minions from a safe distance if you can't afford to get close.
  • Post nerf Meta build
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Explanation
    This is something I thought of myself.
    I won't doubt many of you have already tried this. To be honest, I haven't tried this myself yet but I will do soon enough. Theoretically this seems viable since the only purpose of this skill is to chunk some damage and to increase the movement speed.Example: if your support is Leona or Nunu you can let (leona for example) jump on the enemy carry, while you throw an Essence Flux trough Leona and the enemy, dealing damage and buffing leona to land some more last hits. Lets be honest, there won't be a moment that this skill is more useful than pre 10 minutes in the game, when we look at dealing damage with it aswell.

    So you can consider this build the new Aggressive build for Ezreal.

  • I am not satisfied with either of the two builds
    If you have something that works better for you, by any means, use it.
    However, above everything, I would level your to 5 as fast as possible.
    I think this is the best skill to level early cause it doesn't cost any more mana when you level it up.
    Also, the damage increases significantly while the cooldown decreases 2 seconds each level!.
    And you will need this skill to deal damage or to get away. Low cooldowns are a must!.

    And obviously you take levels in respectively at level 6, 11 and 16.
    The rest of the skills are probably a matter of preference. However, I would suggest you to skill once at the very least ;).

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Fighting with Ezreal: battle Combo's and Ability usage

Fighting with Ezreal, The noble art of Auto attacking and Ability Usage!

  • Harassing : Auto Attacking
    Lets assume you are laning against a Vayne on the bot lane.
    You are just farming a bit and now you want to harass the enemy Vayne.
    Now if vayne is behind his minions, there is no way you can hit her with your Mystic Shot or Arcane Shift. If you max out Essence Flux as early as possible, then you can harass with this when Vayne is trying to hide behind minions.

    However, if you did not skill Essence Flux you will have to rely on auto attacking the Vayne in order to harass her. Don't just run towards her and attack her blindly, because a good enemy AD carry will cleverly retaliate. There are a few tips for auto attacking enemy champions.

    Autoattack Tip 1:
    Attack vayne from the bushes. If the bush next to Vayne is not warded, and the support is not bothering you, AND you currently don't have any minions to last hit or your farm is better anyway, then go in that bush, come out of the bush, hit Vayne, and go back in the bush, repeat this.
    If you make sure that you do not attack Vayne while you are inside the bush, Vayne won't be able to harass you back. Cause every time you harass her you step back in the cover of the bush.
    This is great for harassing Vayne with a minimal retaliation.

    Autoattack Tip 2:
    If their support is camping in the bush or it is warded, option one will become useless.
    Another option is to abuse the fact that their AD Carry is farming.
    In order to do this well, you need to pay attention to his minions.
    When the enemy Vayne is about to last hit a minion, you quickly auto attack Vayne.
    Vayne then has to decide whether to auto attack you back or to last hit the enemy.
    If he hits you back, then he lost a minion he wanted to last hit in the first place.
    If he chooses the minion, it means a free harass for you.
    Using this method can be dangerously effective.

    Autoattack Tip 3:
    This third tip can be used with the first and second tip if possible.
    Whenever you target an enemy champion to issue the order 'auto attack him', the enemy minions wave will react and go aggressive on you. Keep this in mind when auto attacking the enemy.
    If you, in order to auto attack the enemy Vayne have to walk trough their minion wave, then it is not smart to auto attack, because you will definitely be hit by the enemy minion wave.
    So the trick here is to wait until the enemy minion wave is out of your range when you auto attack vayne. They will still go aggressive for a split second, but if you did it right the minion wave is too far away to actually damage you. Also keep this in mind when Vayne is trying to auto attack you. If you notice your minion wave is hitting him because of it, just attack back. The damage exchange will be beneficial for you that way.

  • Harassing with Abilities
    Apart from auto attacking, Ezreal has a perfect line of abilities to quickly burst an enemy champion. Lets imagine a Graves this time, on the botlane, laning against you.
    Apart from harassing you should always keep an eye out for an opportunity to hit the enemy carry (or any other role) with one of your abilities. This opportunity can be just a fraction of a second, so your reaction speed should be very good. The better the enemy ad carry, the less opportunities you will have. But you will notice your chance while playing.
    This is your opportunity : Graves getting in target range for your Mystic Shot or Arcane Shift. Whenever it is in range for your mystic shot, shoot it immediately, it is a strong harass ability. Now for your Arcane Shift, only use this when you have some vision on the minimap, cause you will waste an escape mechanism to harass and position yourself for a Mystic Shot.
    There are many opportunities to harass with these skills.

    I will eventually post video's with examples about what I define as 'opportunities'.
    I am dead certain that this will greatly help you out, stay tuned. I'm working on it.

  • Ezreal Combo's
    Basic Combo
    (E) -> -> (W) + (Q).
    Initiate aggressively with your arcane shift to position yourself properly, then try launching one auto attack for extra damage and then spam your W and Q, following up with some more auto attacks with your passive Rising Spell Force up to 3 stacks. Also, because you save your Mystic Shot untill after you've shot your W and E, it will decrease the cooldown.
    Same goes for the Haste Combo described below.

    Haste Combo
    (E) -> (W) + (Q).
    Used to rapidly throw your Essence Flux after you positioned yourself to give the enemy no time to react at all. This is achieved by leaving out the auto attack in between.

    Delay Combo
    (Q) -> (E) + (W).
    This is the most successive combo. If your Q hits, then quickly assault with E and W.
    This combo is the most safe one and ensures the most damage because you have the ability to wait for a Q to hit. also, after completing the combo, you will have your Mystic Shot off of cooldown already to deliver a second one. However, since you use your Mystic Shot first you will miss out on one second coldown for the rest of your spells if the second mystic shot misses.

    Preserved Combo
    (W) -> (Q)
    This combo is not dealing a lot of damage, but it is a safe and passive combination.
    You now have the choice to harass him again with a combo including Arcane Shift if you want to, or use the preserved arcane shift to get away safely.

  • Any exceptions with these combinations ?
    Yes, if you feel that a different combo might be better in your situation, feel free to use that one. Again, the combo's I have mentioned are combo's I personally use. If you have a great combo that would be a waste not to share with the community, feel free to tell me, and I will add it.

  • Fighting during a teamfight
    Well, you absolutely don't want to be in the middle of a teamfight, for you will be focussed.
    Your role is to deal as much damage as possible while standing out of focus behind a couple of dem tanks ^^.
    So stay behind your team a little and wait for an initiation from either of the 2 sides.
    After the initiation, run in with your team while buffing them with Essence Flux, and start fighting.
    You Always focus their enemy AD carry, or when not possible, other damage dealers.
    Because once their damage dealers are dead you will definetely win it.
    If you absolutely can't hold focus without dieing yourself, then just hit the nearest enemy target in order to deal as much damage as possible while staying alive.
    During the teamfight, always look for a good opportunity to shoot your .
    Never shoot it instantly. You need to be sure to hit at least 2/5 targets with it.
    Don't forget to hit allied AND enemy champions with your .
    It won't debuff your enemies anymore, but since it still counts as a 'hit', your Rising Spell Force will increase in stacks.
    If you feel you are getting focussed, use your or to get at the edge of a team battle instantly (out of focus behind your teammates).
    When you still have an escape mechanism ready and the team fight is still going, get back in and continue. When you are getting focussed again, just use your last resort escape mechanism to get out of focus once more. For many AD Carries a double flash is a luxury they cannot afford, so you'd better make use of it !.
    However, if your team is losing it, just get out for real.. for Ezreal..
    If there is no opportunity to shoot your trueshot barrage during a teamfight, keep it.
    Just wait for the end of a team fight to snipe someone down, or preserve it to attempt a dragon/baron steal if the enemy team is going for it.

    Also, when your is on cooldown, DO NOT USE early in a teamfight with aggressive purposes. Use it as a finisher when it is clear you are winning, or as an escaper when you are losing. You can Arcane Shift away from the fight at any time you like, just stay alive and deal damage!.

  • What about my Trueshot Barrage 1v1 fights ?
    Oh, about your in 1v1 combat, its better to use it after the fight.
    When you got him on low health and you take time to channel your ultimate,
    it is easy for the enemy to dodge it, since he will be focussed on you and thus he is looking at your Champion. No way you are going to hit him.
    In a teamfight they won't look for your ult specifically,
    since they got 4 other opposing champions to deal with.

    In 1v1, fight with him, and chase him until you kill him.
    If you think you might die if you chase him any further, and he has less than 300 hp,
    Run back a bit, hide in the bushes, and throw your after him.
    Since you are in the bushes he wont see it coming.
    Chances are big you will hit him if you got a good aim.

    Also, when you catch someone on low HP, you can also try to suprise him.
    Throw your Mystic Shot on his face to make him low enough to snipe.
    Now instantly throw your Trueshot Barrage after it.
    Chances are decent that you will catch him off guard, never expecting your ult to be thrown right after you shot your Q.

    What I also tend to do a lot is starting a 1v1 fight without using my ult.
    Then when I start to lose, I run into a bush while he is coming after me.
    Inside the bush I channel my ,
    and blast it point blanc on his stupid face.
    Chances are he did not calculate the ultimate properly.
    Many enemies I killed misjudged Ezreal for his burst damage output.
    This could get you quite some kills.

Guide Top

Runes & Masteries



Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

This is what I generally take for AD carry champions.
The build has been customized by me personally.
Well, the only thing I changed is the balance between armor pen and damage..
This will make you last hitting much better than full armor pen on the marks.
Also, you most likely out damage the enemy AD Carry now.

I will go a little more in-depth about the runes.
3x Greater Quintessence of Strength
One quint gives you 2.25 attack damage.
The three of them together will give you a whopping 6.75 == 6.8 attack damage.
You will need these runes to make last hitting a little easier early game.
That is why we go for flat damage increase.
Solely for early game <3.

9x Greater Glyph of Shielding
Magic Resist is not very important early game since the enemy AD Carry will not be shooting too much AP towards you. And it is not necessary to put flat magic resist runes on just for the enemy support.
So early game you don't really need the flat magic resist.

However, mid and late game you might get focussed down by an AP carry before you can even react. That is why we add magic resist per level, to have a good boost of resist mid/late game.
It gives you the privilege to survive an AP burst aimed on you long enough to spam your or/and to get to da choppa!.

9x Greater Seal of Resilience
This in combination with the extra armor from your masteries, will give you..
9x 1.41 armor = 12.69 + 6 = 18.69 == 18.70 Armor fresh from the spawn.
It will give you a great lane advantage against the enemy AD carry.
1/4 of all incoming damage from the minions and the ad carry will be negated.
It also makes your more beneficial cause it takes them a longer time to get you lower in HP, because of your high armor.

4x Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Mark of Desolation
Armor penetration, always good..
Makes you hit minions and enemy champions a little harder.

Your masteries give 6 armor pen and 10% Armor penetration.
The 7 armor pen from this rune set will make it 13 armor pen in total.
The average champion at level 1 has 30 Armor, which gives around 20% - 25% damage reduction.
Now when you hit him, your flat armor pen will remove 13 of his armor.
After that the percentage armor pen removes another 10% of his armor.
This would mean : 30 armor - 13 = 17 armor - 1.7(10%) = around 15 armor left.
In total 15 armor is equal to 12% damage reduction instead of 24% reduction with 30 armor.
This reduction will remain strong the entire game, it will not wear off, unlike flat attack damage. This is the reason I still put a bit of armor penetration in so that you won't lose potential damage because of your attack damage sinking in.

But, then why not buying full Armor Pen ?
Buying full armor pen, or full attack damage, is generally not a good idea.
With full armor pen you don't deal enough damage early on to properly last hit minions.
Apart from that the enemy AD carry will hit you a lot harder.
Going full AD gives you more attack damage to last hit minions, but you won't have enough armor penetration for the attack damage to be effective.
That is why a balance of armor penetration and attack damage is the best idea.
The runes enhance each other.

5x Greater Mark of Strength
5 mark of strength runes will spice up your damage even more.
Together with the quintessence runes you will get an extra 11 attack damage.
It is great for harassing enemy carries and last hitting minions.
The reason I only reccommend 5 of these runes can be read at the Greater mark of desolation explanation.



What I tried here is balancing a good damage output with survivabillity (armor & health).
You have the full 21 points in the offensive masteries with 9 points in defense.
Instead of more cooldown I put two points in .
It is another 4 damage against minions to improve the last hitting.
I can't stress how important farming is as an AD carry.
Below are all the benefits displayed you get from having this mastery.

    +3 Attack damage
    +4 Attack damage versus minions and monsters (better than taking )
    +4% Attack speed
    +10% Armor penetration
    +1.5% Damage
    3% Lifesteal
    6 Armor penetration
    6% Damage dealt to targets below 40% (stronger ulti & great for last hitting)
    AP and AD increase by 5 when using


    +2 Magic Resist
    +6 Armor
    +6 Health per level (108 Health at champion level 18)
    +30 Health
So the masteries displayed here are yet another helping tool to make you very strong during early game.
This is all you need to force the enemy carry to tower hug and to dominate the lane.
Its much better than taking runes per level (which would allow their carry to farm).
Make sure to use the earlygame power to make his farming difficult or at least use it to make your own farm count!.

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Ezreal's Items

Itembuild NOT in sync with the build listed on top of the guide. UPDATE commencing soon.

  • Ezreal's Items:
    The item-build Ezreal is using is globally discussed. Everyone is recommending a different way towards a unanimous end result. Allthough there are more end results possible now after the season 3 patch because of a dozen new items that can be used. There are not that much final builds available and fitting in the meta, but there are a LOT of ways to get to the final build...

    First I will show you the final itembuild for Ezreal, then I will show you the corebuild, and last but not least I will show you the build order of the corebuild.
    After some brief explanation about the corebuild I will then lead you into the many ways of building towards a maxed Ezreal =).

    Ezreal's maxed out Itembuild

    Core Build

  • Why this core build?
    We choose because they are cheap and because they give Ezreal more attack speed. is the best solution for practically any AD Carry around. is very important for surviving long enough in a lane. When the enemy AD Carry is having a and you don't, you are definitely going to lose your damage exchanges. That is why this is a core item.
    will be discussed in the pre-core build section.
    But it basically gives you some crucial early on stats which benefit the AD Carry.

    is the #1 starting item for Ezreal.
    gives you survivability, damage, movement speed, critical strikes and (the most important feature with ), some termendous on-hit effects when using your .
    The gives Ezreal a chance based slow on both his auto attacks and his . The gives Ezreal a 100% (150% on ) basic attack bonus with his auto attack after every ability used. Additionally, his , which applies on-hit effects adds this damage bonus on the damage of the . This makes the total damage of your Q --> ( + 150% basic damage]). The is giving you additional crit chance and movement speed.

    So in short, with you can push Ezreal's mobility and kiting abilities to the limit.
    I personally don't know a champion that would benefit more from Trinity Force than Ezreal.
    It is like the item is made for him. If you are a good Ezreal player you can duel fiercly once you have this item.

    Build sequence towards your Core

  • Starting Items

  • why?
    Because you will need the extra speed to have a good balance between harassing the enemy opponents while not missing out on any farm. Because you need them to be able to get away from an incoming enemy jungle gank, or to help your own jungler while he is ganking the botlane.
    Not having these boots might result into an unexpected death on your side or a failed kill attempt during a gank of your own side. The 3x will help you staying healthy during the laning phase.

    There is some discussion about buying a as a starting item instead.
    Well because of the reason I mentioned above it is not wise to do so.
    You will be too slow, and apart from that the poor lifesteal on will not be able to sustain you once the enemy team is starting to commonly harass you (which they will when they notice you got yourself a ).
    You might counter this argument with "but I have a as support".
    That still doesn't give you more movement speed, and will not have the mana to keep patching you up. It is better to preserve the mana she has for when you actually need it, which will be a lot less frequent if you buy boots and health pots instead of a doran's blade.

  • Pre-Core build

  • Why?
    This is what I personally do. Firstly I buy 2x .
    Then I buy my and then I finish my .
    But it mostly depends on how many gold I have when I go back (or when I died).
    The sequence in what you buy doesn't matter that much.
    When you are getting yourself two you are trying to get an early advantage against the enemy AD Carry. Instead of saving the money for a bigger and stronger item, you spend it to buy some stats right freaking now!. You will now temporarily be stronger than an AD Carry that is saving up for a b.f. sword for example. So as you can see this is situational. If the enemy AD Carry is buying it is strongly advised to imitate him in that part.

    Just make sure that you buy your 2x dorans blade first, and buy your earlier when you notice your opponent bought one.

  • Finishing your Core-build

    > > >

  • And why?
    You want to have your up first because of the extra HP it gives. That is the only reason to be honest. and would've given you damage, but it wouldn't be giving you any health. gives you damage AND that desired health.
    Now you are a little more tanky to be able to survive that gank on you or that burst from the enemy AP champion from mid.

    Next up is . Whether you get yourself a or a is not that important as getting yourself an early . But the reason why I put first is because of the termendous extra damage you get. Also, I notice that I'm having quite some mana issues around this time which can be solved with that .

    is next. This one will give you that extra movement speed and critical strike damage. Since it does not give any damage directly, I thought it was good to put this in last. Now both your and will benefit from this.

    And now you have your core-build finished.
    Next up I will discuss on how to progress into your end build.

    Build sequence towards your Finished item-build

  • What to buy?
    Now this is where the hard part starts. There are like, 8/9 different ways of doing this, and there are many situations in which it can differ even more. But basically it depends on three different factors.

    1. An AP heavy team.
    The enemy team is AP heavy when their mid is having a good lane, getting decently fed, and when they have an AP champion on top aswell, something like , , or . With two or more farmed AP champions on their team you might want to alter your build a little.
    I will mark an AP Heavy team with this --> (APh)

    2. An AD heavy team
    Their AD Carry is doing great, their solo top is a pure AD farmed and fed monster, and their jungle is a heavy AD champion too. 3 AD Champions hurt like hell. AD heavy teams are marked with --> (ADh)

    3. A mixed enemy team
    When they don't have much difference between AP and AD balance you can just maintain a generic build. This build is the one that I mentioned as the final itembuild for Ezreal.
    I also mentioned it on top of this guide. That one you can use if the enemy team is not too one sided when concerning AP or AD. A mixed team is marked with --> (MIXED)

    Finishing the itembuild

  • So what's next ?
    So assume you have your core-build finished, and their team is (MIXED).
    So you now figured out they don't have a lot of strength differences between AD and AP.
    Now the next thing to look at is, how fast am I killing them right now ? and how fast will I kill them in 10 / 20 minutes. If their team is really tanky already, and you are having a hard time killing them right now, you must go for the following item :

  • Whyyy?
    This item shreds Armor like a sirr ^^.
    The only blockade between you dealing a lot of damage to your opponents is the fact that they stacked a ****load of Armor. immediately solves that problem for you.

    Apart from this, there might be a match in which you easily kill them after you finished your core build, but a little later in the game it is getting harder and harder.
    In a situation like this it is not neccesary to rush a .
    Instead you could do something like this :


  • But why putting in instead of
    Well, your works exceedingly better with a lot of flat AD. And gives you the most flat AD out of all items, hence we buy this first.
    Although, it remains a matter of preference to be honest. If you really prefer a over go ahead and do it.

    Now we have our core, a and a .
    Now you could start asking yourself the following questions :
    "Am I dieing really fast during teamfights", "Am I actually able to deal damage before I die?". If the answer on the first question is yes, then it would be wise to buy this :

  • But Whyyy!
    GA gives you a LOT of survivability. It gives you a good amount of magic resistance and armor, but it also grants you revival upon death every 5 minutes. So when you are getting focussed down by the enemy team, you will come back alive to fight again. This is great for when you are being focussed.

    Now if the answer on the second question is yes, it would be great to buy this :

  • OMG why!
    You are able to deal damage, so why not increasing your damage so that you can kill them even faster ?. It is perfect. Oh if you already had you would be buying a here.

    and POOF! there is your finished item-build. And the good part about it is that you thought about it during the battle!. This is how you should be making your item builds all the time!.
    There is no single guide on mobafire that can explain you THE perfect one-way build order.
    I tried to teach you how you can figure out what to buy yourself, and you should develop this new thing I taught you even further.

    This was just an example on how you would tackle an item-build sequence from core to finish.
    There are many more ways.. I don't even know them all myself.

    AP and AD heavy enemy teams

  • But there is more!
    So we now know how to build when we are facing a (MIXED) team.
    But what do you have to buy when you face an (APh) or (ADh) team ?. Ill tell ya =D.

    Behold : two alternative finished builds for (APh) and (ADh) teams.



    Fighting against an APh team

  • Countering AP Heavy Teams (building towards a maxed APh build)
    So lets assume you have your core build finished. Ask yourself this question :
    "I am getting bursted down but can I still deal enough damage before I die ?".
    If the answer on that question is yes, which would mean you don't get bursted to death instantly, start buying this item :

  • Why?
    This item will give you a good amount of damage needed as an AD Carry while protecting you against nasty AP bursts. It provides you with 36 magic resist and a 400 HP shield once you start to get low. Additionally you gain +1 AD every 2.5% health missing.

    So again, with this item you get some minor AP protection while still getting enough damage with it to keep your AD Carry role going.

    Now, if your answer on that question is NO (which will mean you do get insta bursted without being able to deal any damage) then we have a small problem.
    You could still be adding damage items to your build, but if you are unable to deal any damage because you get bursted down anyway, you will need a protective item.
    You can choose two items here :


    The guardian angel should be bought when there is still a decent threat of enemy AD Champions OR when a is not enough to keep you alive.
    The guardian angel will then give you a second chance to deal damage after the enemy AP carries spammed all their burst abilities on you.

    The Banshee's veil should be bought when their AD's are barely a threat to you.
    The spell blocking passive of banshee's is amazing against strong bursters.
    Apart from that it gives you a lot of resistance and a good amount of HP and mana.
    I would normally choose this item over GA when they are really AP heavy.

    You can even buy them BOTH if it is still not enough to keep you alive during a teamfight. But this is highly uncommon, and doing so will severely cripple your damage output in comparison to a normal AD Carry. But if you don't have another choise you are forced to buy them both. After all it is better to stay alive and deal damage (or die while multiple AP bursts are thrown on you) rather than getting bursted down instantly with one single spell.

    After buying one of these items (or both) I would still advise you to go for a just to be on the safe side. With two magic resist items there is no way you won't survive a burst (in most situations)

  • But with what normal build items should I replace these anti-AP items ?
    Well, that... depends. If the AP casters are not building any Armor, you could leave out the for your for example, or any other item.
    The second item can be placed on the slot where you normally buy .
    The only other item would be a on that place.

    If you only take the and the , then you still got room for your and . The damage loss will then be minimal while you still deal enough damage to defeat anyone in the game very quickly. Should you buy all three AP items i mentioned, you will only have place for one more AD item. It is then highly recommended to keep your because this is the biggest damage dealing item in the game for an AD Carry. Besides, your is practically doing the same things concerning damage as your , just without the lifesteal.

  • Countering AD Heavy Teams (building towards a maxed ADh build)
    There is not much difference compared to the (MIXED) build in an AD heavy build. The only difference is the build order and we introduce one new item : the Madred's Bloodrazor. I do have to tell you that the (MIXED) version of Ezreal's item build is already pretty anti AD. This build is swapping the for a . This is not always a good idea, but I will see it as a situational decision.

    So again, lets assume you finished your core build. Ask yourself this question :

    "Am I able to drop an opponents HP at all ?!"

    If the answer is no, then you will need your as fast as possible in order to keep dealing damage. If they are still hard to damage after that and they stack a downright insanely high amount of armor you are forced to swap your for a . You will have less flat damage but more armor penetration which will be beneficial.

    Now another question is present to determine your next item :

    "Am I getting focussed by AD champions a lot during a teamfight and do they kill me stupidly fast ?".

    If your answer is yes, then you probably know the answer already, --> .

    So that concludes the possible item builds with Ezreal.
    As you can see there are many of them, and they can change according to the circumstances in the game. Again, the best way to build your champion is to look at what you need right now.
    Do you need to survive ?, buy survivable items. You don't deal enough damage ?, then find the cause of this. If it is their armor, buy some armor pen items. If it is your bad damage, farm some more and buy a good item that is buying a lot of damage. Getting burst by AP ?, buy magic resistance etc etc etc. Look alive when building your champ and always try to counter the biggest damage output on you.

    If you need any more help on this subject, feel free to leave a message or PM me with your question.
    That's it for the item build, next up I will discuss the summoner spells.

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Ezreal's Summoner Spells

We have the "Ideal summoner spells for AD carry Ez"
We have the "Situational summoner spells for AD carry Ez"
And last but not least, "Stoo00pid summoner spells for AD carry Ez"

Ideal summoner spells for AD carry Ez

  • Flash
    Flash is still the best summoner spell in game (in my honest opinion).
    When Ez has that on cooldown he can still resort to .
    Only use this as a last resort though.
    When you are certain you can get a kill with it, go for it.
    Also, when you are certain you will die if you don't use it, GO FOR IT.
    This is my #1 recommendation to you. Always have this spell !

  • Exhaust
    A very good item when sitting botlane with your support.
    You have to be certain that either you or the support has exhaust.
    With the right mastery it gives an extra magic resist and armor reduction by 10.
    This is the #1 spell to fight against the enemy carry.
    If the support takes exhaust, you take ignite.

  • Ignite
    For the readers that know this guide for quite some time already, yes.. you have noticed it well, I swapped for . I played Ezreal with and for a long time, but when I climbed to 1400 elo, people suddenly started to laugh at me when I took with Ezreal. They explained me I had to play Ezreal purely aggressive, and they said will help you ensure a kill. I figured they were right, and now, I got ignite as my second main summonner spell. Very very viable for Ezreal. Many other AD Champions that are less good at dueling or are less aggressive don't have this skill as their main spell and take instead.

    Take and .
    And your support should take and .
    Its the best summoner spell setup for an ad carry bot.
    If the support takes and he will become too vulnerable for ganks and aggressive behaviour on the botlane.
    Since you are very aggressive you will need the ignite to ensure a kill on the botlane.
    It is better than in most cases since this guide is not focussed on passive laning, but on aggressive laning. Hence the .
    If the bot lane is having Heal regeneration interrupting spells like Tristana and Miss Fortune you will HAVE to take to get the most out of your botlane.

    Situational summoner spells for AD carry Ez

  • Heal
    When the support gets this skill and heals you,
    it will only give you 50% of the amount healed.
    When you carry it, and heal yourself. It gives you the full 100%.
    That's why it is better for the support to take exhaust while you carry a heal with you.
    Since exhaust won't change a bit whether you carry it or the support.
    But since Ezreal is more the Aggressive type, it is better to go on him.
    If you choose to lane passively, focussing on farming alone, and the enemy bot lane does not have heal reducing abilities, you can choose to take .
    I have used as a main summonner spell for a long time. But that was before I climbed up to 1400 elo and people laughed at me for using <3.

  • Clairvoyance
    Clairvoyance is a really strong summoner spell, but not for Ezreal.
    Usually the support takes CV and scouts for you.
    You could take this spell however, to double check a nearly dead enemy champion.
    When double checking you can launch a perfect shot with your .
    This is more for the inexperienced Ezreal players though.
    But I guess its not completely useless on Ezreal if your support doesn't take it..

  • Ghost
    It is probably a matter of preference between and .
    I personally prefer . And I know the majority does.
    Flash allows you to jump away to completely avoid a gank or to get out of one.
    With ghost you can avoid one too, but getting out of a gank is a bit harder.
    If they can stun you they can all keep up with your speed, and you will die.
    Take this when they barely have CC (which is rare in a ranked match).
    In that case it will be better to take to chase them down.

  • Teleport
    Teleport can be good for Ezreal.
    But usually the solo top takes teleport to get back at his lane faster.
    And you need a and a way more than you need a teleport.
    Besides, your support is sustaining you anyway.

    It wouldn't be a wrong spell to use for Ezreal, but when you are playing him bot, it definitely is...

    There is a pretty cool trick with Teleport for Ezreal.
    When you recall to your base and an enemy is bashing a tower somewhere,
    you can shoot your ult at it.
    In the meantime you teleport on that tower.
    When hits, the enemy champion will be like :
    "oh **** im hurt, RUN FORRREST RUN!".
    That is when you just finished teleporting. Now you can go finish him off.
    That way your ulti didnt cost any mana and you got a kill and a few minions out of it.
    but STILL I wouldn't pick teleport when you are sitting bot,
    cause you got better summoner spells for Ezreal than teleport..

  • Cleanse
    I personally never used cleanse before, but it is a pretty good skill.
    When they have a shiiitload of CC you will be very happy with a cleanse.
    For it will negate any form of Crowd Control(cc).
    For example Sion's stun, or the ulti from Malzahar.
    Press cleanse and you are free to run away.
    I don't recommend this skill when sitting bot lane though.
    Yes.. only take this when they have long stuns like Ashe's arrow.
    Or malzahars or galio's ulti.
    And even then.. for bot lane, wouldn't you be better off with a nice heal ?.

    Stuuupid summoner spells for AD carry Ezreal

  • Promote
    Why on earth would you take promote ? to push a little harder ?.
    Its completely useless for Ezreal, and probably for every other champion..
    It makes a siege unit a little stronger... F*CK YES!! >.>
    Not worth it considering the ridiculous cooldown for 3 minutes.

  • Clarity
    Clarity is a no go on Ezreal bot.
    While it is not as useless as promote, its still a sore waste when you take it.
    Ezreal doesn't have that much mana issues early game and nearly no issues late game.
    And if you are a beginner at playing Ezreal, you could always get yourself a .
    Don't take this at all.

  • Surge
    I was doubting about this one.
    It nearly earned a place among the situational spells, but I still put it here.
    Because, after some thinking it actually sucks big time on Ezreal ad.
    It gives you a termendous attackspeed for a while,
    but Ezreal already has a good attackspeed with his passive .
    Surge also gives you some ability power when activated.
    But what in the world do you want with ability power as an ad carry ?.
    In short, its pointless for Ezreal. Might be good for other ad carries, but not for Ez.

  • Revive
    Probably the most useless spell in the entire game. either or .
    When you see someone carrying one of these two they are either trolling or ******ed.
    It instantly summons you back at the summoner platform, and you get some bonus health.
    What did you gain ?, a little more HP for 2 minutes and you saved 10 - 60 seconds of death.

    The extra HP is inviting you to play even more reckless causing you to die again.
    Now you have no revive cause the darn cooldown IS OVER 9000 (9 min).
    In that time you could use (for example) a at least twice.
    Only that would've saved you over 80 seconds of walking back to towers.
    You could've used your heal and your flash 3 times,
    and could exhaust someone 3x in that time.
    In short, UUUUUSELESS.

  • Garrison
    This is for dominion only.
    And even there, it sucks when playing Ezreal, since you will be out capturing points all day instead of protecting one.

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Playing Ezreal

At first i will be showing you a really good Ezreal montage
I do heavily disagree on his item build though.
He is shaping it like a generic AD pubstomping build.
However, he is a great Ezreal player.
You can learn a lot from this vid on how to play Ezreal. (more than I can with just words).
He will kite like a baws, and steal baron buffs with his ulti.
Also he has some really nice uses of trough walls to kill an enemy champion.
It is all possible. Watch and Learn.
What I loved the most in the video is what happens at 09.11 minutes in. truely epic
11.03 is pretty funny too xD.

Special thanks to Burado (bradlezboy on youtube) for the video montage.

So how to play Ezreal (with words)

Im still going to give you a "how to get trough a game" explanation with just words.
I might add a video tutorial of me playing a match with Ezreal later on.
  • Game time 00:03, location: summoner platform
    Ooookay, time to grab your or your and 3x , smile to your support and take a walk to the bot lane.
    When you have a jungler that wants to go for your red, be sure to guard and leash/damage the golem for him, it will really help your jungler out.
    As a reward you get him to gank top mid and bot lanes faster.

  • Game time 02:10, location: bot tower
    Your support should be placing some wards now so that you dont get ganked.
    The first thing you want to do is to secure the place.
    Make sure nobody is hiding in the bush at the river and on your left side.
    Remember to check bushes with your . It is better than letting your face check it only to get ripped to pieces by the enemy waiting in the bush.

    Now the farming starts.
    Only last hit of course, there is no need to auto attack and push the lane unnecessarily.

  • Tips:
    When they push you really hard, try to tank the minions (your support should) so that they don't get into tower range until your new fresh wave of minions can block their movement instead.
    That way you won't lose ranged minion kills because towers kill them.

    Also, when you have nothing to last hit at the moment, and the enemy AD Carry has a few minions he can last hit, just try auto attacking him. He will either ignore the farm and hit you back, or take the minions anyway, which would result in some free harrassing for your benefit.

  • More Tips
    By the way, when a melee minion with full hp gets into tower range, wait with attacking it until the tower shot him twice. After the second shot you can last hit it without a problem.
    As for ranged minions on full health, let your support hit it once AND let the tower hit it once. That way you can last hit it. If you only let the tower hit it once the minion will have too much health left to last hit during the first 5 minutes.
    When you got your this problem is solved right away.

  • Early Game
    Focus on last hitting mainly, and try to position yourself so that you can hit an enemy champion with your . That way their carry has to constantly change his positioning to avoid being whacked by an annoying Ezreal.
    Just keep pressuring him and keep making unexpected moves, like harassing.
    This might be making him miss some last hits, and he will be forced to use or 's mana to get healed.

    Whenever you get him low enough, check the mini map for a possible presence of their jungler.
    If you don't see him, ask your support to CV on a possible location he might be at, or ask your own jungler to do a little drive by. When it is perfectly safe but your jungler is busy, you can always try to kill the enemy AD carry without the help of your jungler.
    Just position yourself so that you can jump in with (assuming you still have your off cooldown).
    You can also walk in the bush and try to flank him.
    That way there won't be any minions blocking the path.
    Anyway, once you are certain your will hit him, go for it.
    Initiate as I explained in the guide.
    Always take a peek at the minimap for a possible gank from their or your jungler to help, and keep looking at your HP bar. When you or your support is about to die, use your heal.
    When their jungler is coming, immediately flash away from the enemy and retreat.

    When you hit level 6, announce it to your team mates, and keep an eye out for low hp champions. That way you can snipe them down ^^.
    If one of your allied champions died and is losing the tower because of a huge push, dont hesitate to shoot your ulti to hurt/kill the minion wave and to harass the enemy champion that is pushing there. That way you will save the tower from a beating.
    You can only do this when you are sure you don't have to use your ulti for the next minute.

    Now, if you severely dominate the lane, you should not push their tower down.
    As long as that tower stands, either their ad carry and support or their jungler are forced to defend it. (otherwise they lose a tower).
    Besides, when they are dead, the tower is eating their minions (and thus their gold and expoints). When the first tower is down, their AD Carry can farm on their half of the map, which is not cool at all.
    Also, by keeping their tower alive while you win the lane, you force their jungler to babysit (constantly keep an eye ) on the bot lane because you and your support are owning their ad carry and support.
    That way mid and top no longer have to fear for ganks.
    You do have to call a miss when the jungler is gone though when he is babysitting.
    Yea, the better it goes, the more urgent it is to keep their tower alive.
    If they are clever, and give up on their tower, just kill it as soon as possible and start farming some more in your/their jungle, or back up mid and top lane.
    If someone is asking you to gank, just go there and help out a little.

  • Mid Game
    You should keep the farming up at all times.
    Whenever there is no team fight, look for a spot to farm and go there.
    Keep an eye on their baron and dragon too. The support should have warded both these spots.
    Whenever they are attempting to get dragon or baron, go there with your entire team and stop it. If you are unable to stop them in time or if they would win the team fight for sure, try to hit it with your .
    During teamfights, do as I told you in the ability explanation a little up in this guide.
    YOU SHOULDNT DIE. Always favor safety above kills.
    If you think you can kill someone but you will probably die with him, DONT DO IT.
    Unless you can get yourself a firstblood/shut down.

  • Late game
    Especially late game, I cant stress it more, DOO NOOOT DIEEE.
    When you die, the game is probably over.
    Cause one ace could mean such a devastating push that they can easily get to your nexus and obliterate it. It is key to stay together lategame, have the entire f*cking map warded and read all their movements. Whenever there is someone of them walking alone, go there, slap the **** out of it, and start pushing since its 5vs4.
    That is the way to win.
    Also keep all your lanes pushed. =)

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Ezreal Lane Matchups

Ezreal is a pretty strong AD Carry, but like every other champion there are opponents that are strong versus Ezreal and opponents that are weak versus Ez.
In this section I will discuss the effectiveness of Ezreal towards certain opponents.
There are too many champions to talk in-depth about, so at the end of this section I have placed a list with counters off of ( The champions I am going to explain in-depth are the AD Carries that are very common.

  • How will I know what is good and what is bad for Ezreal to play against ?
    In order to give you a good impression of how tough or how easy a certain champion is against Ezreal, I have made a scale that differs from 1 to 5, of whom 1 being a very easy matchup and 5 being very hard to deal with.

    1 = Easy
    2 = Normal
    3 = Challenging
    4 = Tough
    5 = Really Tough

  • Vayne - The Night Hunter

    Challenging (-3-)
    Vayne is typically a champion that has to be maintained untill the end.
    The problem with Vayne is that she can snowball you very hard once she starts winning her lane. It would be wise to go aggressive on her during the lane phase. The most important thing is to have more farm than her. Don't let her farm too much.
    Now depending on her support and depending on your support you should try to kill her before she hits level 6, just to make the advantage a little bigger.
    If she somehow manages to get before you get and she decides to fight you, chances are big you will die because of it.
    So in short, farm harder than her, and constantly harass her in order to contain her. Lane dominance is of utmost importance against Vayne. Especially early game Ezreal is better in dueling than Vayne, so it shouldn't be that hard to control her. Just make sure you do it before she gets the chance to outlevel/farm you.
    Vayne is challenging to play against because you have to pay a lot of attention to her abilities and because she is a very strong late game carry that can easily snowball.

  • Tips
    If vayne has shot you twice you will have two stacks of on you.
    The third one will deal a termendous amount of damage.
    Make sure that you stay back a little untill the stacks of are gone.

    If vayne is using her and runs towards you to hit you with it, just walk back and wait for her to get in a good position for you to hit your . Your range on your Q is longer than Vayne's auto attack. So you can actually kite her here.

    If vayne is having a heavy CC support like , or , make sure to stay away from the wall. Her can blast you against the wall and stun you. This will stop you from flashing away, so that aint cool ^^.
    If she uses that skill when not standing next to a wall it will only push you back which is a lot better.

  • Graves - The Outlaw

    Tough (-4-)
    Graves is considered a "counter" to Ezreal, which is partially true.
    But this does not make it impossible to beat.
    When playing against a Graves I am always scared to gain lane dominance with him because of his incredibly strong burst with his . Graves also has his passive and his to out do you in attack speed and resistance. These three elements make it very hard to win duels against Graves. The remedy against him is quite simple to explain :
    if he initiates on you, just run, you won't win it. This is because a good graves will initiate you when his passive has gathered a good amount of resistance.
    His late game equals that of Ezreal, but because of your longer ranged abilities and your great kiting potential you will be able to beat him in a duel later on.
    So just focus on getting yourself nice and fat with farm, and challenge him later on.
    If you really have to fight him, don't fight long duels with him.
    Just jump in, spam your skills on him, and then go out again to wait for the cooldowns to reset. That way you can get him low and go for the kill eventually.

  • Tips
    Graves his is a really big pain for you. Once standing in it you can't see a damn thing, which is not very beneficial for your skillshots. It might be a good idea to have your ready to immediately jump in and out of combat with it once it has put his smoke screen down.

    The closer graves is to you, the more damage he can do. Normally a graves will towards you and shoot a point blank in your face. To avoid this, just stay out of his range. If you can manage to get him on max range of your Q, he won't be able to hit you at all. What you can also try (very aggressive), is to let him quickdraw towards you. Then when he does that, walk towards him, and jump behind him to avoid his incoming buckshot. That way you will have the advantage and it might kill him.

  • Corki - The Daring Bombardier

    Really Tough (-5-)
    Okay, Corki is for the most opposing AD Carries, a walking death-omen.
    This champion is a champ I consider overpowered. Corki is good at practically everything. Especially his damage is completely out of this world. If you would put a corki and an Ezreal with the exact same items together for a non-moving dps duel, Ezreal would be dead while Corki would've only lost 25% of his HP. When you are matched against a Corki, don't you ever dare using for you will die when trying to duel him early on.
    The only time in the game you can try to duel him head on is early game pre level 6.
    This is where you might win a duel against him.
    But after that Corki is just a better AD Carry than Ezreal right now.
    The only way to win is to keep farming and try to harass him.
    Maybe if you are just playing better, you can get him low enough to duel him.
    Playing against Corki will require the maximum amount of skill you have with Ezreal, and it will require twice as much dueling skills than the opposing summonner that controls Corki.

  • Tips
    If corki is using his , just get out of his sight, it will shred your Armor faster than an Anti tank grenade.

    If you look for a possible chance to duel him, wait untill he makes a mistake.
    For example, using his , his or his to clear minions or to get somewhere faster other than initiating on you. If he misses either of these skills, it increases your chance of winning a duel drastically.

    If you are dueling him, KEEP MOVING.
    Just hit, and move, hit and move, while spamming your abilities too.
    If you do that, Corki might miss a missle barrage or two.
    This can be very deciding conform the outcome of the duel.

  • Ashe - The Frost Archer

    Easy -(1)-
    Ashe is one of the easiest champions to play against as an AD carry Ezreal.
    There are only two things you have to remember, and if you do that, Ashe won't be much of a problem the entire game. Your late game scaling equals that of Ashe, but you have far superior mobility. It is even possible to dodge her with your . Even if she farmed more than you did, you can still beat Ashe when you know how to abuse Ezreal's kiting abilities to the max. So how to kill her : You just go semi Aggressive against Ashe. Trade damage with her, and once you think you are ready, jump on her and spam everything you have. Especially when her support is a passive type, you can immediately control the lane pre level 6.

  • Tips
    When walking to your lane at the very beginning of the game, Ashe her passive called will make her first hit be a guaranteed critical hit. So make sure to stay away from her a little until she has launched her first shot on a minion.

    Ashe is one of the few champions that likes to wait for you in the bushes at the bot lane, because of Ashe her. Just check it with a . If they are there, just wait for them to come out, or keep poking till they do ^^.

    A summonner skilled enough to snipe with Ashe her ulti from long range, can be a really big pain since the amount of stun will be enormous. Whenever you see Ashe launching her ulti towards something on the map, immediately call and blink your team so that they can react on it.

  • Miss Fortune - The Bounty Hunter

    Normal (-2-)
    Miss Fortune is not too hard to beat, but you have to be way more careful than when you would lane against Ashe for example. She is considered a semi-counter to Ezreal, but I think that is rubbish. Miss Fortune is certainly not the easiest champion, but certainly not the hardest either.
    You definitely shouldn't try to beat her when she is more farmed than you are, and when you are more farmed, she can still beat you because of her . Also, she is devastating early game. Using a summonner spell against her is useless aswell for she will decrease the healing rate by 50% with her . The best thing to do is outfarming her, and to make sure she can't snowball away from you.
    If you can keep close to her, she will be easy to beat at around 20 minutes in when you initiate on her. You have a very large burst on Ezreal that will slice trough Miss Fortune in no time. So early game she might be a little annoying, but mid/late game she is of no threat of you as long as you stay away from her .
    Since it is not too hard to keep close to her, I decided to give this matchup a normal (2).

  • Tips
    Try not to stand in front of your support or vice versa, for her will hit both of you if you do. Also tell your support not to stand in front of you when you are nearly dead, for she might flash in range of your support and use her .

    When you are forced into close combat with her, dueling it to the death, keep your up to dodge her with. If you can do this you will have a very very big advantage over her and you will most likely win the fight.

  • Kog'maw - The Mouth of the Abyss

    Tough (-4-)
    Kog'maw, is... very annoying. I can't count anymore how many times I died because of his irritating passive called icathian suprise.
    Ezreal is (out of own experience) a tad stronger than Kog'Maw when it comes to dueling.
    The problem is that you die shortly after you killed him because of his passive.. yay!.
    No,.. dueling is not the problem with this nasty critter. The problem is his excellent harassing capabilities. With his and at level 6 his he is much better at harassing than you are. In fact, he can kill you without being touched if he does it right. Because he greatly outranges and harasses you with his abilities, and because of his passive, he is practically countering you in everything you do. The only thing you can do against him, is going head on and duel him. Late game you will be stronger than Kog'maw if you can get to him.

  • Tips
    If you duel him, always try to keep either your or your up so that you can get away from his icathian suprise after he dies. If you really have to use both of your escape mechanism's to kill him, then do it, but otherwise, don't.

    Early on, Kog'maw is much more mana intensive than you are.
    Try to make him waste his mana. Kog'maw tends to activate his long range skill once he thinks you go aggressive on him, just play around with him and make him waste some mana. If he is out of mana it will be no problem for you to beat him.

  • Tristana - The Megling Gunner

    Challenging (-3-)
    Tristana is quite suprisingly harder than I expected. Just like Ezreal she has some good mobillity, but apart from that, she is also having an excellent range on her basic attacks.
    Her passive called is increasing her basic attack range.
    At level 12 she effectively outranges with her basic attacks.
    This means that later in the game, you won't be able to kite Tristana as well as you would kite other champions. Apart from that she can close the gap with her .
    Tristana is just like . You have to maintain her during the laning phase, outfarming her there, and then beat her mid game, where she will be weaker than you.
    Late game her range is just too big. To beat her late game, just have more kills and be more farmed than her.

  • Tips
    Early game, pre level 6, you are much stronger than Tristana.
    It would be wise to try and kill her then. One death means you can snowball enough to gain the lane dominance for the rest of the laning phase.

    Do not shoot your barrage if she is still having her .
    Wait for her to jump while running away from you, and then launch a clean shot.
    Also, if her support is aggressive, she can immediately jump in to help her support.
    The good thing is, you can do the same. In fact, you are even more aggressively built. So I would say, get that dominance now that you still can!.

  • Caitlyn - The Sheriff of Piltover

    Easy -(1)-
    Ezreal utterly obliterates Caitlyn, period.
    I personally consider Caitlyn to be the weakest AD Carry in the League at the moment.
    In fact, I doubt if it is even a viable pick as of now.
    You are stronger than her early game, mid game and late game.
    Once you hit like level 4, you can start going very aggressive and just take that lane dominance. This should be a piece of cake, although it depends a little on her support.

  • Tips
    Allthough she is easy to beat, you do have to be carefull with your positioning.
    You don't want to be in her range for too long when you don't plan on dueling her anyway.
    She might be no match for you, but she is actually a pretty good harasser.
    Her passive can deal quite some damage to you once you have caught a couple of them.

    If you are somehow mortally wounded and you notice Caitlyn channeling her ultimate called on you, get behind your support as fast as possible (or any other champion that is around). Even if your support dies, it doesn't matter. Rather the support dead than the AD Carry. Caitlyn's ultimate is unable to pass trough champions.

    Her will immobilize you for 1.5 seconds.
    She usually puts a couple of these in the bushes and on the lane.
    Once you start getting low a little, and you are forced to go back to the safety of your own tower, you might step on this trap. You really don't want that, cause that might mean your death. So the tip : whenever you see a trap while you are not in direct danger, just step on it. It is better to step on it now than stepping on it when you are being chased by the enemy botlane including their jungler!. If you are not sustaining enough, ask your support to step on it.

  • Missed a champion match-up ?
    If you missed a champion match-up you are interested about, PM me and I will add it to this list. Below this text I have added Ezreal's LoLcounter page for you guys.
    Use this if I couldn't tell you enough about the enemy AD Carrys or when you just don't trust me <3.

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Proof of Concept

  • Is your build working ?
    Now the great moment has arrived.
    Does this build work ?.
    Well, I went out to play 6 games with Ezreal (with this build ofcourse).
    And this is the result :

A wild match appeared....
Ex Vi uses build...
It was super effective...
Match fainted!

Shortly after I did my latest patch for this guide I received match history trough a PM on mobafire from a guy called zackgamer100
His match history is looking amazing, and all the time he used my build.

Special thanks to zackgamer100, another very good Ezreal player!

A little later another great guy called Smeekta sent me his results with Ezreal. Thank you for your submission Smeekta, very nice scores!.

Now, over here we have a ranked game played by Strangerdangr.
He carried this game with Ezreal, with my build, on a well respected 1343 ELO.

And last but not least, we have a couple of games with Ezreal.
It is a screenshot from by none other than angerofangel.
7 Matches won in a row, I would say, job very well done my friend!

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Ezreal Mastery Progress Tracker

  • What Dafuq is this?
    Ezreal is incredibly hard to master.
    It could take years to fully understand Ezreal.
    I have been playing Ezreal for a good year now and I can still learn a lot more about him.
    I hope I can speed up your own progress in mastering Ezrael by revealing all that I have done while playing Ezreal. All the ideology that I found working with Ezreal and all the builds and spells I used for him will be displayed in my EMPT ©.

    Yes.. my "Ezreal Mastery Progress Tracker" is nothing more than my personal progression with Ezreal.
    I think it can help other people understanding Ezreal a little better.
    Someone might see something in here that reminds them of how they are/were playing Ezreal, or they might see something that is absolutely stupid so that they won't make the same mistake when they start playing Ezreal.
    By showing you my ridiculous builds and summoner spell combi's,
    added with a little story at how hard I failed back then,
    should give you guys some great pointers.
    I'm embarassing myself for your benefit !! =P

    Do note this is experimental.
    It was something I thought out when I was reeeeeeally tired..
    And I was pretty drunk..

    Is any of this helping ?.

    Ezreal Mastery Progress Tracker

  • The First 50 games, my first month playing Ezreal
    I used to play him AP back then.
    It was before Ezreal's AP ratio's got nerfed insanely hard.
    My summonner spells were and .
    I was behaving reckless as hell. I couldn't farm for a bit (auto attacking) and constantly died because I initiated with my .
    Ghost couldn't help me cause I popped it whenever I respawned at my base...
    After 30 minutes my farm was like 70 minion kills, I really couldn't farm back then.
    I did use a decent item build though,
    it was something like this : , , , , .
    The build was not bad, but it was me who had absolutely no experience in playing Ezreal, nor playing LoL. I didn't know his limits, I had no idea when to get out and when to fight, I was just plain bad...
    And I failed for taking ghost and Clarity too..
    I mean come on.. while having a .

  • between 50 - 150 games with Ezreal
    My skill with Ezreal improved quite a bit at that time.
    I was still AP with the same build, but I changed my summonner spells to and . I slowly became skilled at sniping with my .
    I always checked with my CV before I shot my ulti. Eventually I started shooting my ult first, and then throwing a CV after it to see the impact, just to force myself in getting better at shooting a .
    That went wrong for quite a lot of times.

    I grew more feeling and insight with Ezreal when laning on the mid or bot lane.
    This is also when I started using smartcasting.
    That failed hard because I wasn't used to it.
    I ended up missing skillshots I would normally hit.
    What I tried was to stop using my so often to last hit creeps with, and tried to do it with auto attacks. Of course this failed hard with my AP build, and I was still very bad at last hitting, so I stopped doing that.
    Back then I played very risky too because I had a flash and an arcane shift.
    That would usually result in kills because I could blink twice.
    But that resulted in my flash being on cooldown very often.
    I got used to so much that I didn't think about playing careful.
    So whenever my flash was on cooldown, I died quite often.
    I did start to learn the limits of Ezreal, which was a good thing.

  • 150 - 250 games with Ezreal
    This is when I finally started to get "skilled" with Ezreal.
    AP became not viable anymore (and I was sick of it anyway), so I changed to AD Ezreal.
    I stopped using because a build on mobafire told me you would become too reckless. I sort of agreed on that, not having self experience or anything... ahum..
    So I usually took and .
    This was a very good step now that I look back at it, because I started playing Ezreal entirely different because of having no Flash.

    Now that I went AD someone told me I needed to farm a lot harder and better.
    This is where I stopped auto attacking and really started last hitting minions.
    Taking things like pushing minimally and map awareness into account.
    Something snapped and suddenly I could farm pretty decently, getting 130 - 180 minions 20 minutes in a match.
    I would normally lane mid with ezreal and on several occasions top.
    At this time I started to master the smartcasting with Ezreal, and I became quite a good sniper too because I was forced to hit every without double checking with my .
    My item build was your daily hack and slash AD build.
    I was usually rushing and and without thinking about any survivability or movement speed.
    Soon after someone told me I should buy .
    I became more and more skilled with Ezreal.
    Not having an escape mechanism in your summonner spells really forces you to play a little more carefull.
    It was only a matter of time before I became lvl 30 and started to play ranked.
  • 250 - 350 games with Ezreal
    This is when I really started to distinguish myself from the bad and normal Ezreal players.
    I actually started to carry with Ezreal and I seldom was the cause of a defeat.
    Because I had no flash I became more careful, started checking bushes out of habit and demanded proper warding. It was here that I sky rocketed in skill with Ezreal.
    It was around that time when I became 'so good' with Ezreal that I decided to start solo ranked games with him.

    At that time everyone called Ezreal severely underpowered.
    Ezreal was my beloved champion so I didn't want to hear it.
    "Screw them, I will show anyone who doubts Ezreal that he is a viable champion"..
    So there I went on a magical journey in the world of "ranked games".
    I didn't have the success I imagined to have, and I lost a lot of ranked games partially because of my doing.
    Ranked games are completely different from normal games in the way people play.
    I completely under estimated my opponents.
    Even when it was not my fault we lost, i often started flaming that person down the drain which made a comeback almost impossible.
    My teamplay and behaviour were downright cruel and I blamed everyone for playing bad.
    At certain cases I was right about them playing bad, but that still doesn't make me win Ranked games.
    My ELO reached a depth of 956 ELO, and I was totally doubting everything and everyone.
    I thought I was bad, and that I had bad luck too with my team mates.
    Friends advised me to play different champions because Ezreal sucked.
    But Ezreal was the most fun champion I knew, I just loved him!.
    So that is where I started to "train" with Ezreal and started to learn from my mistakes.
    I stopped flaming, stopped pretending it was all my team's fault, and finally started to improve my own playing. I looked for builds, compared them, and looked what was the best solution.
    When team mates had problems, I helped them out.
    I tried my best to stay cool and positive for my team.
    I started to ignore flamers and completely stopped flaming people who were playing bad.
    Instead, I tried to motivate them and told them we could still win.

  • 300 - 450 games played with Ezreal
    I immediately noticed my training sessions helped a lot.
    Also my teamplaying skills improved, and I became more of the calm and gentle player that I am now.
    My ELO went back from 800-900ish to 1000+ solely because of a change in additude.

    I started playing him as a real AD carry at bot, with a support.
    I learned to use a and the support would take my what would later turn into .
    Since every AD carry used flash, I started using it again too.
    And then I suddenly noticed what I was missing all these games...
    Now that I had another escape mechanism, my results suddenly skyrocketed.
    I became nearly twice as good with Ezreal.
    I could get to 1100+ ELO without any problems, and kept going up.
    Because I trained myself to be careful with Ezreal by removing my , I now knew when to preserve an escape mechanism.

    Somewhere at that time I got stuck at 1100 - 1150 elo for quite a long period.
    It seemed that I had reached my peek.
    I knew I was a good Ezreal player, and I really was a good Ezreal player.
    I knew him in and out, but there was still something missing.
    For some reason the enemy AD carries did way more damage than I did and they all seemed more skilled.
    Now that I think back, I just didn't know when to be careful around certain champions because I just didn't know what they could do to me.
    My lack of game experience is what kept me at low ELO.
    Not the team play, not the game insight, not my skill in champions I play, just my game experience.

    But back then I was thinking that AD Carrying was not the role for me.
    Since I nearly only played Ezreal, I decided to try some other roles and champions.
    I learned to jungle, I learned to play mid, and I learned to play support.

    This is where I started playing .
    I seemed to have talent for supporting, and became potent at playing in no time.
    With the help of and a few other supports, my rating got to a height of 1250 - 1300 elo.
    I was also learning more about other champions, I started to predict movement, (getting more game insight) and just knew what champions would do to me when I did something.

  • 450 - 600+ games with Ezreal (Right now)
    There was a long time that I tried different champions.
    Because of this my overal skill in LoL improved a lot. Something I missed out because I was playing Ezreal 90% of the time. Now that I know how other champions work, now that I know more about map awareness and about being cautious, I finally had the strength to climb up to a whopping 1450 - 1500 ELO, and that is where I am right now.
    The reason I started reworking this guide is because I also became better (again) with Ezreal.
    Because I learned to play carries like and I started to play Ezreal just like I played the other two AD Carries.
    Because of that I suddenly did everything better with Ezreal. It is something I cannot explain unfortunately. But everything just seemed easier.
    Now I sometimes AD Carry with Ezreal in ranked 1450+ ELO matches and im winning some of them too, with Ezreal. As long as you play League of Legends with an open minded additude, you can become better.
    Something I have learned the last few months :
    In order to truly master a champion, you should definitely not focus on that champion.
    Start learning to know other champions, start learning to know the game, and you will get better at all champions including the champion you intended to master.
    Now with that high morale story, I end this guide ^^

  • Ending talk ='(
    I'm sorry, it seems this guide has become longer than at least three international trains..
    Well, I hope it was useful to you LoL players out there.
    If you have any questions regarding this build, or regarding Ezzie, feel free to contact me here, or even better, in game.
    I'm always up for a match!, I am Ex vi (yes, with the space inbetween).
    If you like the guide, please vote and tell me what you liked (or what not).
    The coming few days I will be replying and updating the guide according to the criticm you all give me.

    Thanks for reading,
    Take Care,
    Ex Vi.

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date uhh that would be Sunday, March 11, 8.30 AM
The glorious opening of my guide :
There you go, V0.99 Released!

Monday, March 12, 12.24 PM
I finished my Ezreal Mastery Progress Tracker.
Build is officially live now. version 1.0 released.

Wednesday, March 14, 1.25 AM
thanks to MajorLoL for pointing out my item build SUCKS TOENAILS 0_o.
It was way too long. I shortened it up a little <3

Saturday, March 17, 13.35 PM
Good morning, changed a VERY STUPID mistake..
For runes I had instead of greater mark of desolation. STUUUPID...
Thanks Chubby Baby for pointing that out.
Also corrected a grammar error in the update section.
Should I make an update section for my update section ? =#

Thursday, March 22, 16.34 PM
Changed the guide name, much more groovy now =D

Thursday, March 22, 20.25 PM
Totally changed the first two chapters of my guide.
It was very unclear. XOverLordX told me about it.
I hope this helped a little. Cheers OverLord!
I will also be correcting minor grammar errors and wrong sentence constructions.

Saturday, July 21, 21.22 PM
Ezreal build V2.0 Finished.
Thanks to jhoijhoi's guide on how to make guides.
It is a lot smoother now.
Added tonns of information.
Did some more incredible sh*t to it.

Monday, July 30, 11.41 AM
Added a 'proof of concept' section.
Now you can see that this build works!
Two more sections will be added this week,
'lane matchups' and 'warding bot'

Tuesday, August 14, 12.14 PM
Fixed some typo's in the first few sections of the guide.
Also made the ability display a little more attracting.
(played around with BB-code).
I will start writing 'lane matchups' soon.

Tuesday, August 28, 21.42 PM
Changed the sequence of attaining the core item build in my guide.
Changed my personal recommended summoner spells.
Finally added the "Match Lane-up" section describing in-dept on how to deal with opposing AD Carries. Fixed a lot of grammar errors and improved the styling in certain sections a little.
Next up will be the Warding Section. Might take a while. ^^

Saturday, October 6, 13.50 PM
Fixed a couple of typos in the guide.
Also, told in my guide to go but I still had the spell displayed. (derp..).
Also changed the build order concerning the items a little.
Now after you build a instead of .

to do list :
More in-depth information in my lane matchups.

Tuesday, October 23, 03.16 AM
I just finished reworking the Item-build section.
Many different approaches to finishing the item build for Ezreal have been added.
Also, over the course of the next few weeks I will be changing BB-code.
And the warding section will come eventually =/.

Thursday, November 1, 12.43 PM
Did a quick update on my mastery page.
Big flaw mentioned by corporal courage and tasos06
Thank you!

Wednesday, December 12, 23.20 PM
Over a month has passed since my last update.
Changed a lot of things according to the Pre season 3 patch.
Added more item builds on top, and added Ezreal combo's in my guide.
Also read my own guide and clarified some information that I deemed unclear.

Wednesday, January 16, 03.51 PM
I couldn't sleep at all so I decided to do some stuff for the guide.
The item build on top of the guide has been changed according to season 3.
I haven't changed the in-depth explanation about the items yet, coming soon ;).
Also, I added all the proof of concept i've received by respected players!.
Thank you for your contribution!.
I have a large graphic update planned for the coming few weeks.
Stay tuned!. Also the long awaited warding section will come ;).