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Vladimir Build Guide by Alexwolf

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alexwolf

AD Jungle Vladimir Guide. Carry yourself to Diamond Elo!

Alexwolf Last updated on July 1, 2014
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Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

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Hello. I am Alexwolf and this here is my very notorious and deadly, AD Jungle build. It carried me straight to Diamond Elo, as you can see by my ranked stats.

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So, a lot of you might be thinking: AD Jungle Vlad? This guy is a ****ing troll or straight up idiot. That could never possibly work!

But see my friends, that is where you are wrong. Take a peer into this guide if you are curious as to how this build actually works. We play him jungle instead of bot because you are more safe in the jungle to be honest. But this works bot lane too, though enemy team might poke you down and destroy you.

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Pros / Cons

- Very high DPS lategame, pretty much an ADC
- Sanguine Pool, A nice escape move that makes you untargetable.
- Hemoplague, ult that amplifies damage in an AOE, allows for good team fights.
- Transfusion is good for jungle early game.

- Not as good as standard AP Vladimir
- Crimson Pact Passive is rather useless due to the fact you will not be building health/AP, and then you get AP, a useless stat if you build health.
- Can be tough to jungle early on if you do not have right runes or do not get a good leash.
- Kit is not best suited for jungle
- no gap closer for ganks, but ganks can still be pulled off.

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Masteries do not need to be gone over in detail too much. We do a typical 21/9/0 page, but picking up the two jungling masteries on the defense tree: Tough Skin and Bladed Armor These are some typical masteries for AD Junglers and these will work on Vladimir

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Quints and Marks: For Quints and Marks, we are taking Flat AD. They help you last hit in the jungle and contribute to your overall early game damage.

Seals: For Seals we take 5 health and 4 armor. The health because you need it for the jungle, since your abilities use health. And the 4 armor for just some defenses. You can swap out the 4 armor for more health if you are having trouble, but 5 health runes should be plenty enough.

Glyphs For Glyphs we take flat MR, just for defense against early AP.

This is my rune page for AD Jungle Vladimir

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Ghost We take this on Vladimir so you can stick to targets better, they will be running away and cowering in fear at the Blood Mans Deeps.

Smite Pretty standard for all junglers. You need it for early game. As well as objectives such as Baron or Dragon.


Flash Not as good for sticking to targets as Ghost, but allows to escape easier if you get caught out.

Teleport For those mad nasty Nexus steals.

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Skill Sequence

Crimson Pact: Okay, so this is probably the best part of using AD Vlad. Since you are building AD, we are rendering our passive, Crimson Pact, Completely useless! Since you are building no AP, you will gain no health. And even if you do build health, you will gain AP. Which will be another useless stat since we are building AD and armor pent.

Transfusion: We take this at level 1 to prevent blood man from dying. It gives you back some health and does fairly decent damage. Sanguine Pool is not a good way to deal damage to jungle creeps, and then Tides of Blood uses health, which might set you back on your first jungle clear, so go with Transfusion, it is the obvious choice. Max this first

Sanguine Pool: This move is not too good for Jungling, but it makes you untargetable and has a slow. So it can save you in situations or slow somebody down during a gank. We max this move last. Take a point into at level 3 if you intend to gank.

[Tides of Blood]]: This move helps you clear the jungle pretty fast. Try not to spam it too hard early on because it costs health. Max this move second.

Hemoplague: Now this is REALLY the best part about AD Vlad. When you use your ult on somebody, people take amplified damage. It does not matter what source or damage type, but they just take amplified damage and afterwards blows up dealing some damage with a mark. The whole strat of AD Vlad is you play him as an ADC, but this ult will help you do even more DPS, or commonly referred to as, "The Deeps." Take a point in this whenever possible.

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Hunter's Machete Health Potion x5: We start with these, typical for any Jungler. Depending on how well of a leash you got, due to Transfusion you won't be so far behind in health combined with your health potions, due to the fact that your abilities use health. Transfusion will keep you alive.

As soon as you can, rush a Spirit Stone, Boots of Speed,and then finish it into Spirit of the Elder Lizard. Spirit of the Elder Lizard will help your damage as well as clear times in the jungle. You should rush your Boots of Speed and Spirit Stone on your first back, then work toward Spirit of the Elder Lizard.

After your Spirit of the Elder Lizard, start working toward your The Bloodthirster A lot of people do not realize this, but The Bloodthirster is the best item in the game on Vladimir. Blood man has a secret interaction and passive with the Blood sword. When Blood Man and Blood Sword combine, he gains 200 AD, 50 armor pent, and 20% Lifesteal. The Blood Sword is Blood Mans weapon, it belongs to him. Everybody on summoners rift is simply using cheap knock offs.

Next, you rush a Last Whisper for armor pent, cuz people will be building mad armor against you. After this, you can go two ways: Build Defensive, or build more damage.

Damage route: Infinity Edge and Youmuu's Ghostblade for crits, more armor pen, and a nice active. Phantom Dancer is also good on Vlad. If you want attack speed, choose Phantom Dancer and one of the other two items mentioned above.

Defensive route: Randuin's Omen and Banshee's Veil. If you feel you are getting bursted too hard, build a Guardian Angel.

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Creeping / Jungling

This guide will not go over how to jungle or jungle pathings in general. If you are an inexperienced jungler, stay away from AD Jungle Vlad. Stay VERY FAR AWAY. If you think you can get an early gank off with vlad, go for it and try to rush level 3 as fast as possible by doing something like Blue > Wraiths or Wolfs > Red.

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Unique Skills

Transfusion is what lets you get away with using Vladimir in the jungle. It helps you sustain very well.

Hemoplague is what makes this build so worth it. The 12% Amplified damage is insane, and not only will you be dealing damage, but this goes for anybody on your team. This ult wins team fights and in turn, wins games. Try to hit as many people with it as you can!