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Master Yi General Guide by Andalea

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Andalea

AD Yi (What Teamwork?)

Andalea Last updated on December 25, 2012
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Hallo dere (:D), and welcome to my AD Yi guide. This is my first guide ever, so it's probably not going to go really in depth, but it should give you a good first look at the champion. I got Yi about 2 weeks into starting LoL, and I really began to love him. I looked up a couple of guides on him, but I couldn't really find anything that suited me. I just started playing around with items and then one game I got a pentakill (:o). I decided to remember the build I used for that game and then refined it into what you see here.

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Pros and Cons


    You have a strong (ish) early game
    If you get fed enough you become an unstoppable killing machine
    Good duelist (can 1v1 most champs)
    Squishy like hell
    Weak against CC (snares, stuns, knockups)

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Runes are fairly standard.

For marks I take armor pen, because why not.
For quints I take armor pen, because again why not. Also I avoid AD quints because with armor pen quints, you ignore most of an enemy's starting armor, giving you a pretty good advantage. Besides, you have your E skill, which gives you a passive AD bonus.
For seals and glyphs, I take attack speed. This is sorta weird, I guess, but there is rationale behind it. A lot of AD champs have abilities that scale with AD, but Master Yi's abilities only scale off of AP.
Another viable option for glyphs and seals would be armor and mres, crit chance, or AD/lvl, but I really like the extra AS, which can be a life saver early on.

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Skill Sequence

I take points in Highlander whenever possible, obviously, because it's your ulti.
I max Wuju Style asap because it's just such a strong boost to your AD, which is why I go for early attack speed with this build rather than more AD.
I max Alpha Strike afterwards because it's a pretty useful damage tool, and has a good amount of utility if you know how to use it right.
I max Meditate last because it's only really useful if your opponent is tower-diving you without any CC. It heals a really negligible amount of health if you don't build AP Yi.

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Double Strike:
Does what it says on the tin, builds up stacks every time you AA. After 7 stacks, you hit twice on your next AA. This is also why we get 2 Phantom Dancers: to proc this skill as much as possible.

Alpha Strike:
This spell is pretty good at harass, because of its deceptively long range. If there is a group of 3 or fewer minions, and an enemy champ standing behind them, you can just alpha strike the minions, and the champ will get hit (might take a while getting used to the range of it). It also provides quite a bit of utility in that you don't actually exist during the animation. So if you think that that pesky little Lux is going to fire off her ulti, then time Alpha Strike is in its animation when the laser fires. You can also use it as an escape, if you keep an enemy minion behind you. If you start getting chased, you can put some extra distance between your enemy and you by alpha striking the minion that's closest to your base.

This spell isn't really useful on AD Yi. It heals a tiny amount and costs quite a bit of mana. If you must, take a point in it at level 4. It's only real use is either: when you're level 18 and you're between team fights, or when the enemy team is trying to tower-dive you and has no hard CCs. It provides you with a massive armor and mres buff, so you just sit there under the tower while they try (key word there) to kill you. If you do this, make sure you damage them with an AA when they're about to die, so you get some gold for it.

Wuju Style:
One of the best passive AD boosts in the game, imo. Extremely strong early game for both last-hitting and harassing. Just get your 7 stacks of Double Strike, and then activate E and hit the enemy champ. They'll take around 200 or something damage. Not bad for just an auto-attack.

Highlander, oh, Highlander. Master Yi wouldn't be Yi without this beauty. The move speed buff is amazing for chasing or escaping. You also can't be slowed, so that's even more chasing/escaping power. The attack speed buff is just amazing, plain amazing. To boot, if you kill somebody, then it's cooldown refreshes! And not just it's cooldown, but your other spells too! Just kill somebody with AAs and then Alpha Strike to somebody else and kill them. Repeat as necessary.
Just remember one thing with Highlander: You don't have to refresh it every time you use it. I mean It's wonderful if the cooldown gets refreshed, but do you really want to risk death, just so you can refresh your cooldown? If you waste it, don't try to make something of it, just go with it.

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Summoner Spells

I love this spell. If your opponent forces you out of lane, just b and teleport back. If you're splitpushing and your team is dying, teleport in and own their faces.

Not too sure about this one. It has saved me in a pinch a few times though. I use this early on when I'm weaker, and then late-game to get help get in without taking too much damage.

Not bad, but you only really want to choose this if you're against an AD carry who can own your face.

There are better options, but Ghost does have one thing going for it. Highlander + Ghost = NO ESCAPE

Self-Explanatory. Take it if you want. I find it doesn't really save me too often. I suppose, though, it could help you engage pretty easily.

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Berserker's Greaves:
There really aren't any other boots to go for. Attack speed and movement speed, that's what you need.

Phantom Dancer:
A lot of Attack Speed, a lot of crit chance, and a bit of move speed. Need I say more? Get two of these, you almost definitely want 2.

Infinity Edge:
Massive AD boost, crit chance, and 250% damage on crits? Yes please.

the Bloodthirster:
Same amount of flat AD as Infinity Edge, but it gives you lifesteal, and more AD and lifesteal for every kill you get (minions included).

Frozen Mallet:
Thought you were good at chasing without this? People are gonna get even more scared. It gives you a bit of survivability, a bit of extra AD, and a super troll passive slow.

The Black Cleaver:
Armor penetration, armor shred, AD, and health. Overall, pretty good, seeing as how you'll be applying the maximum 4 stacks of armor shred pretty quickly.

Last Whisper:
Gives AD, and a lot of armor pen. This is only better than the Black Cleaver if they have a LOT of armor.

Mercurial Scimitar/ Banshee's Veil:
The Scimitar gives you a Cleanse ability, and the Veil gives you a Spell Shield. Use if you're getting focused by a lot of magic damage.

Maw of Malmortius:
Again, use if you are getting focused by AP champs. Also it gives you more AD when you're low on health.

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Not much to say here. I'll just give some tips and then the golden rule.

Tip - farming under the tower: Let the tower hit an undamaged melee creep twice, and hit it. You should get the last-hit. The caster creeps are harder. Early on in the game, hit them once, let the tower hit them, and hit them again. Or just let the tower hit them once and then hit them till they die (about twice).
Tip - don't push the lane: Only hit the creeps when they are on low health.
Tip - push the lane: If you're really confident in your skills, push the lane and use your Alpha Strike to farm.


That being said, don't foolishly walk up to somebody and whacking them. That'll get you killed. Farm everything, but within reason.

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In a team fight, you have one of three roles:

1) Assassinating targets that get out of position. Hide in a brush nearby, Alpha Strike to them, turn on Highlander and Wuju Style, and kill them. If you brought flash, just flash out of there. If not, then just try and kill everyone else.

2) Cleanup duty. Help out in the fight, but top priority is staying alive. After the Teamfight, if you won (which is likely), then go and use Highlander to clean up the mess.

3) Fodder. If you have been doing terribly, then wait for your team to start going. Then Alpha Strike into the enemy and turn on Highlander and Wuju Style. Now try to kill the squishiest enemy champion within a reasonable range. Then again, if you've been doing terribly, just try and farm in the jungle as much as possible.

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A bit on AP Yi ..

Skill Order: R>Q>W>E
Item Order: Doran's Ring > Kage's Lucky Pick > Sorcerer's Shoes > Needlessly Large Rod > Rabodan's Deathcap > Sheen > Lichbane > Needlessly Large Rod > Deathfire Grasp > Abyssal Mask > Situational last item pick (I tend to go for the Zhonya's Hourglass)

Teleport: Helps you stay in lane; it allows for some manner of splitpushing.
Ignite: Get's you early kills.

Early Game: Farm and Harass using Alpha Strike. If you get ganked use the Alpha Strike escape and then Meditate underneath your tower.
Mid Game: Roam and Assassinate ****
Late Game: Become a force to be reckoned with in team fights.
Use your DFG to deal an initial amount of damage to a target. Then Alpha Strike to them and AA them once. Now turn on Highlander, AA them, turn on Wuju Style, AA them, and then if they're still not dead, then Meditate until Alpha Strike is back up.

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Thanks to ..

A big thanks to RiotGamesInc, who gives us this amazing game for free :).
A big thanks to my friend, *****mushrooms, who got me into this game (darn you).
A big thanks to you, the reader, for reading this thing that I accidentally wrote when I was logged off.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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Also ..

Yeah so some of you have been saying that this is a troll build.

I suppose that you can say it is, but this is what I use and i normally go something around 22/12 sometimes something like 27/5. I know AD Yi isn't as viable as AP Yi, and really isn't too useful in team fights, but as a backdoorer, he keeps the focus shifting. Also, while he can be shut down by CC, two things: AP Yi is also shut down by CC, although admittedly not as much, and you can avoid this by camping in a brush. I only really do this when I'm backdooring and I've taken the inhibitor. You go back to your nearest brush and b. If you see them coming for you, then it's a simple matter of starting to attack them right when they enter the brush. What if they put a ward in the brush, you say? Well, then, you can alpha strike to them and it'll have almost the same effect of surprise. Plus, they'll have used up one item slot for the ward, and, as a great duelist, you can easily take out a squishy in 4-5 hits, which will happen in around 2 seconds. If you're dueling a tank, then chances are they won't be doing too much damage to you. If the tank CCs you, you can just lifesteal back everything.

You notice how this guide is called "Screw Teamwork"? Yeah. Screw Teamwork. You're AD Yi, possibly one of the best (I know this is a sore point for a lot of people, so notice how I say "possibly one of the best", and not "the best") 1v1 duelists in the game, once he gets into the late game. You can kill squishies in 4-6 hits, with all your items. You can outmatch pretty much any tank (Except for this one time, there was this Rammus with like 2 thornmmails). If you get CC'd by a caster, then you probably could have dodged it with an Alpha Strike juke.

This is a Troll Build. But it works. I don't need you telling me what I already know. I just need to know how to improve the troll build.


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