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Akali Build Guide by Neltarionsama

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neltarionsama

Akali Jungle - Deadly Mantis [6.7]

Neltarionsama Last updated on April 16, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

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Patch 6.7

Updated almost everything (only jungle kung fu is outdated)

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Hello Akali jungler wannabes.

Akali is currently a Top(low/high elo) and Mid(low elo) champion but she can jungle as well.

Generally I prefer going Top with her but if top is taken I would go for the jungle as higher Elo mid laners are not forgiving(on harras) and make little mistakes. Another thing is that you will get ganked like there is no tomorrow if you go mid as Akali post Gold Elo.

Rushing Visage tends to fix mid lane match ups a bit but leaves you weak against the rest of the enemy team.

The reason I'm making this guide is because I find the other Akali jungle guides lacking and/or wrong. (No names but a full gameplay video on another guide gave me cancer. There were +20 things he could have done and won with flying colors. Only his mechanics were decent.)

Akali was very good jungler (literally unknown OP tier) at the begining of season 5 back when they released Magus (80 AP and 20% CDR jungle item I totally loved) but then all the jungle items became less slot efficient for her as of recently.
(1050gold for jungle only stats over 850 previously)

Currently the only enchantment that kind of works is Enchantment: Warrior but honestly taking another item is preferable over investing in the enchantment early.

Akali needs a lot of AP early (atleast 120AP) to get her burst for ganks.

If you spend on pure AD early you will have next to zero burst.

Meanwhile by the time you benefit from AD enough to make it worth spending that 1600 gold (you need at least 300AP to make the most of 1600 gold 60AD with your Twin Disciplines) it won't be slot efficient.

You need to get the best of both worlds but AP scales better early and once you have it and some AS the AD will scale better late.

Taking an enchantment early is a bad investment!
Especially when you can sell the tracker to get a power spike from an item with an Akali worthy passive early!

You need to know what you are aiming for inside your team compilation and get passives/attributes that will best benefit your teamfights:

Slowing Rylai's Crystal Scepter,
Reducing MR Abyssal Mask,
Returning DMG Thornmail,
healing like insane Will of the Ancients
or Breaking tanks/towers/dragons Guinsoo's Rageblade

Akali wants as much fighter stats and passives as she can get and having a ~2600tish gold item that spends 1050 on jungle only stats + some vision is not an option.

Please do read the notes I placed on items in the build section.
(My apologies that they are so long)
They explain in details how to get what you are best aiming for.

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Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

These are the best possible runes and masteries for a jungle akali without a shred of doubt.
The only change I would recommend is taking Feast over Double Edged Sword if you don't feel confident in your jungle kung fu (see chapter Creeping/Jungling)

+ Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration gives you 8 Armor Pen as early as lvl 2 (Thats an extra ~7% DMG on the monster camps that all have 1600HP and over. Some monsters have very low armor(0-10 armor) and some pen is wasted on them (you get to do pure damage) but the ones that do have armor, have little (10-20) of it and will loose a lot of their HP. So a small amount of penetration is extremely effective on jungle camps.
(If you don't know how armor/mr/penetration work visit this section of my akali top guide)
3.1 MR pen runes + Precision will also give you good early ~3.5% more magic DMG in fights before the enemy team builds MR. (Then it will go down to about ~1.5%)

6.75 flat AD from runes will let you clear the jungle reasonably fast the 1st and 2nd time.
It will also scale very well in the late game being an extra 1% Spellvamp and ~10 DMG to your AA when you get your AP high enough.

+ will turn into a 11 AD at lvl 10 and then 19.72 AD at lvl 18. Later in the game AD becomes extremely strong as it is spellvamp and the bigger portion of what you turn into DMG.
You will be getting a healthy 1.1 AD/level and 0.8 AP/level which also starts to help in the jungle as soon as you are on 2nd clear (lvl 3-4).

1.5 AP/level glyphs is better than 10.71 Flat AP.
Now you are probably wondering how this is possible considering we are in the jungle where every stat point helps?

Sure 10 AP on lvl 1 will help a lot more than 1.5AP and on lvl2 more than 3AP.

10AP is going to give you 9 DMG on Q which is a big deal on lvl 1 and 2 but will not help you kill an extra camp that has 1600HP or more.... (trust me on this)

Just wait till lvl 7 and all of a sudden 7x1.53=10.71AP from scaling (They even out. It's magic!)
By lvl 7 you get the same 9DMG on Q. The you start getting 3 extra DMG on it for every 2 level ups afterwards for choosing the better runes.

At lvl 18 you will have an extra 18AP (damn I'm having a numbergasm)
This translates to 16.5 extra dmg to Q, 9 Extra DMG to R, 6 Extra DMG on E and 3% Bonus magic DMG on AA extra.
All of it for free just by not going flat for that pittance of extra damage in your first 6 min of the game.
You may think this is not a lot but lategame combo is something like Spinning leaf hurricane >link to the other guide for combo info< where the amount of times abilities are used is insane.

Mind you being a jungler you will not have access to the Spinning leaf hurricane normally (unless you did very well on gold and were able to continue buying DMG instead of tankiness)
but you will be able to do something similar in 7 sec. (lets call it just Leaf Hurricane as there will be less spinning.)

It comes down to:
Flat AP = 9DMG on Q(Access at lvl1) and 5DMG on R(Access at lvl 6), 4DMG on E(access at lvl2) and 1.7%Magic DMG AAs (Access lvl1)
Scaling AP = (14.3% of flat AP lvl 1 +14.3% every level after) = Everything Flat AP gives (Access at lvl 7) + (Extra 10-180 DMG in teamfights access level 7 onward)

Is it worth it? To go "Yolo mate I Q for 9 DMG more" at lvl 1?
How is this going to help you to kill a 1600 monster camp when you can do 4Q-s at best (with tons of pro jungle kung fu kiting) Do you really think it will make a difference? Do you really think it's worth it?
No it's not! Being a jungler it's all about teamfight presence! Being Akali is all about the mid game!

Seriously never take flat AP!
Akali is strongest between level 7 and 16 (Mid and early late game) and falls of after. By the time you start making plays this 1.19AP per rune is completely useless.

The two and only exceptions to this rule are:
  • That you are playing a mid laner with good AP ratios that is hoping to poke and harras the enemy out of lane early.
  • you are a support with AP scaling shield/heals and need good early presence on bot lane.

Unfortunately this guide is for Akali and she has neither ranged harras nor heals or shields and is a ****py support (lightly put) so never go flat AP.

I set the seals up so they give 1 armor and 4 HP per level.
The real reason for this is that I like round numbers.
The meaningful reason is better scaling later while being healthy in the jungle even early.

(You will be able to clear 1 more camp at best with flat everything runes early but have to walk for 20 sec to get to that extra camp so just trust me in saying that it's pointless to take them. Just recall like a pro and get your Hunter's Talisman so you earn more XP from the camps)

Important info on scaling HP
The HP from scaling seals comes as a heal every time you Level UP.
It is different for Max HP gained with attribute bonuses.
You gain 85 max HP attribute bonus per level as Akali but the heal is less if your HP bar is lower than max.
Meanwhile with scaling HP runes it's the full heal of what they increase your HP with. (if you ever wondered why the pros prefer them this is the undocumented mathematical reason for it)

This is the main reason you should always try to level up with as close to max HP as possible when going akali jungle!

Never clear a camp that will level you up with low HP early in the game.

If you are 20% HP you will heal for 4+(0.2x85)=21HP and if you leveled up with 80%HP math is: 4+(0.8x85)=72HP.
Extra 51HP for you to go and slay more camps or gank with just for staying healthy before you leveled up.
You can now see how the %Max HP you are on when leveling up can greatly affects what you can do as a jungler.

Note to beginners (not yet lvl 30 or full runes):

Guys Akali is not really suitable to jungle unless you are level 30 with access to the above runes. If you are just starting league you must play her in lane until you get to level 30 as she does not have enough DMG and sustain to jungle reliably without full masteries and runes.

It is possible to do after you are summoner level 18 by getting as many flat AD marks + flat armor seals + scaling AP glyphs + flat AD quints. You also will buy Hunter's Talisman as your first item instead of the Hunter's Machete (for better sustain but worse clear time). Then you focus on cunning tree first but instead of Assassin you take Secret Stash . And any extra points would go to the ferocity tree as before. But seriously don't jungle as akali before your summoner is lvl 30 as the struggle is real.
Clear time is horrible...

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Here we go again.
I don't want to repeat everything from my Top lane guide so I will just explain why we don't want any enchantments.

Starting items:

You get Hunter's Machete for clear + sustain + 15 EXP on camp. (Getting talisman 1st will hurt your clear times but keep you slightly healthier overall)
3x Health Potion - sustain.
Warding Totem - Vision/Safety

1st Back:

Hunter's Talisman Neccessary if you want to clear without loosing HP
(monsters start doing a lot more DMG on 2nd clear.)
Long Sword 10 AD will help a lot in the jungle but do less in a gank.
Amplifying Tome 20AP will let you do a decent DMG if you do gank. (Keep in mind you are lvl 4-6 so your ganks still do suck unless you have red and could get to them to AA)
Tracker's Knife This has no merrit towards clear or ganks. (350 gold spend on wards + extra sustain in jungle) You can get this if your team is doing well. Ward for them so they can push safely and continue power farming.
Health Potion - sustain (not really needed if you jungle kung fu but get them if you want to clear faster with no kite so you reach lvl 6 sooner)

2nd Back:

Hextech Revolver best thing to buy but expensive. (After 2nd clear you will normally have 800-960 gold if you didn't gank.)
Vampiric Scepter cheaper version. Will make you immortal in the jungle clears (same as revolver) but do less for your burst in ganks.
+ Tracker's Knife If you didn't already have it take it. You will need the extra wards to set up vision for dragons/heralds or put deep wards in enemy jungle so you have more information on where the enemy jungler is.

12-14 minute:

Hextech Gunblade 1st big item.

Now lets make it clear why we don't get an enchantment 1st item which is what 95% of all junglers do as they are gold efficient right? (No it's wrong!)

I already explained why the Enchantment: Warrior doesn't work (1600 gold for 60AD and 10% CDR) which is great 10% spellvamp if we actually did any DMG with our spells....
Don't get me wrong it's an awesomely cheap power spike if you had 300 AP before getting it.

Meanwhile I left the item that is most worshiped by Akali junglers who do not do their math homework without shedding any light on it.

I'm talking about the Enchantment: Runic Echoes. Your most worshiped item is simply a cheap jungle clear item that does little in fights.
Lets visit the wiki for it shall we?

I don't even need to explain how Gunblade dominates that enchantment.

  • The Active of Gunblade will result in roughly Triple (quadra after 200 AP) the Echo proc DMG and slow targets. (Not AoE but that in my books is good cause it's more heal)
  • The 40AD and 80AP and 15% DRAIN - ANY DMG you do will heal you! Be it from masteries to other items + AAs (passive part of it as well) + your Q + E + R

Make it 10 times better when dueling/ganking. Your clear will also be almost as fast since your E starts going on low CD and Scales extremely well with AD(60%) and AP(40%).

Gunblade costs 3400 gold compared to a 1600 gold enchantment but you actually need to have earned only 3400+1050=4450 Gold to get it. Build path for it is easy - letting you keep up in great measure with the Echo enchantment while you gather the gold for your power spike.

And it will cost you only 2665 gold once you have the tracker as your very first item since you can sell the tracker.

I prefer to keep the wards and extra EXP early but I won't hesitate in getting rid of tracker if I can get my gunblade finished with the extra 700 gold on that recall, when in need of my combat stats urgently.

You are a jungler so you will have to spend 1050 Gold on tracker to get the jungle clears early.

This is mandatory but upgrading it is not.

By selling it you loose just 315 for building it in the first place. Just think of it as a discard-able sightstone/flask when jungling.

This is now a rough estimated gold table if you powerfarm the first 14 minutes:

Starting gold 500 - 150 on pots so 350 => Machete.

(1st clear is ~830 gold with 4 camps +Red+ crab)=> Tracker can be finished. 4.5 minutes
(2nd clear is ~700 gold 4 camps+donate blue) 7 minutes (~1880gold 1050 in tracker. 2 long swords can be bought or tome + long sword)
(3rd clear is ~950 gold 4 camps+Red) 9.5 minutes (~2830 Gold so far. 1050 in tracker. Enough to buy enchantment or finish revolver and get long sword.)
(4th clear is ~900 gold 4 camps) 12 minutes(~3730 Gold so far. 1050 in tracker. Enough to get revolver + Vampiric + long sword)
(5th clear is ~1000 gold 4 camps) 14.5 minutes (~4730 Gold so far 1050 in tracker +3680 for gunblade)

This is a rough gold table if you focus on power farm(zero ganks/tax from lanes) and donate your blue buffs.

You will always attempt at least a gank or two + counter jungle so you will either have ~1000 gold more or ~1000 gold less (if you got counter jungled and killed) at minute 14 depending on what happend in game.

Example from my games:
Gold graph from loosing badly (killed on lvl 1 by enemy jungler, counter jungled a lot)

When going evenly (powerfarm 9 minutes)

When everything is going according to plan

As you can see by minute 14 you have ~4680 Gold if you focused on farming and not ganking.

1050gold will be invested in a Tracker and you can recover 735 of it. So you have ~3680 gold + tracker at minute 14. This allows you to get Gunblade and keep the tracker.

Alternatively you can get an enchantment at minute 9.
The enchantment will be a big power spike at minute 9 but considering you can get revolver + long sword which is 10AD + 40AP + 12% spellvamp. It's not going to be a lot better. You will just do some extra burst and run with 20 MS more. (And have a lot less sustain...)

Enchantment: Runic Echoes offers 60AP 7% MS and (60 base + 10% AP burst.) So ~70-100 DMG spike once or twice in a fight. And faster clear of camps (Proc on camps does ~180-250 DMG)
Which is a lot in minute 9 but scales poorly and is complete waste of gold by minute 14-20.

Warrior offers 60AD + 10%CDR That 60AD is very strong but Akali needs AP for burst early and AD for sustained DMG later in the game.

Essentially this one becomes strong after minute 20 but will make you weaker in ganks than buying AP before that and becomes slot inefficient late game (35 minutes in).

As I said you will either be 1000 Gold above this or bellow this depending on how the game went. (extremely bad games can be worse and you can snowball even more but I'm giving a realistic margins)
Here you can find some examples of mostly loosing games. You still get gunblade in 15 minutes.
Spoiler: Click to view

What you can then do at minute 14-20 is to sell the tracker for your 2nd item.

Get what your team needs and what you can afford!

If you are extremely fed (rare but it happens)
Having 3065 gold you can immediately buy Rabadon's Deathcap. Then you roam to delete every enemy on the map.

Earning 2500 gold in that time will land you a Rylai's Crystal Scepter which will brutally slow enemies in fights and let your team destroy them. The HP will make you tanky against all sources of DMG. This item is core because it offers you a lot of utility that your team can abuse.

Earning 2300 gold between 14-20 minute you can sell tracker and get Nashor's Tooth.
(This is the best way to snowball if you are mechanically sound and teams are even in gold.)

Earning 2065 will give you a choice of:
  • Spirit Visage = Unkillable to mages in teamfights in the mid game. (A fed Annie will do only ~60% of your Max HP with full combo)
  • Dead Man's Plate = Very Tanky against physical and hard to burst even with magic. You will roam a lot faster and your first AA will slow enemies (letting your team catch up and make the picks)
  • Guinsoo's Rageblade = Enemy tanks? You mean carboard right. Takes a few more hits than the paper guys....
    (This will let you kill even the sturdiest bastards once you stack it. The DMG is insane and also Guinsoo + Nashor + Gunblade + Rabbadon + Wrath elixir and you can solo baron or 2 man do it to not go very low. Once you get Guinsoo start buying Wrath elixir as the spike is well worth 500 gold and the synergy is incredible.)

If you are struggling (the enemy have a lot more gold than you guys do) you can choose between these:
  • 1965 gold for Sunfire Cape - this will let you do a lot of damage in teamfights or to camps while getting very tanky.
  • 1600 gold for Abyssal Mask if the enemy APC is fed. The MR reduction will boost your DMG nicely if they haven't stacked MR yet. (Avoid taking this if your mid laner is already building it)
  • 1600 Thornmail Will help extremely well against fed AA reliant champions. Especially if the do mostly physical and not hybrid DMG.

Now you can notice how these defensive/offensive items have the same cost as an enchantment.

But Thornmail is 83% gold efficient without the reflection and that passive is brutal vs AA reliant AD enemy. (It also has a nice gimmick where it works with gunblade drain.)

Abyss is 103% gold efficient and will boost your entire teams Magic DMG against anyone with no MR greatly while making you very hard to one shoted with magic DMG.

WotA is 106% gold efficent (and probably will provoke the enemy to build Healing reduction items because a Q proc would return 50% of your HP at that point)

1600 can lastly get you a Enchantment: Warrior which in a very specific scenario is actually awesome:

If your team has a lot of AP champions (lets say 70% of your Team Damage is magical) and the enemy stacked MR early - get the Warrior after your Gunblade.

It will boost your physical DMG by a lot and that will not get reduced by their early built MR.
(You should probably Max E before Q in a scenario where mid and top are AP and you are jungle-ing)

When you later chain it with Nashor you will begin doing tons of damage and actually make the enchantment slot efficient till the late game.
(Where if you still haven't taken the nexus you can sell it once over 6 items for something with better stats)
It will never be a good 1st item but if you saved your tracker after getting gunblade and the enemy got tons of MR, hey why not?

Meanwhile bad Akali junglers will spend 1600 gold on 97% Gold efficient stats of Enchantment: Runic Echoes because they don't do the math.
Sure early game will be easier but you spend 1600 to get 60AP and 7% MS you benefit from. And hold hostage an entire item slot and 2600 gold in total for essentially 1581 fighting stats.
If you do the math for the whole item: 1581 / 2600 = 60% Gold efficient combat stats outside of jungle.

Congratulations, you played yourself...

Just the Stinger component alone rivals the Echo enchant in terms of combat efficiency.

Now lets compare that pathetic Enchant to Nashor's Tooth.

This will be a 1st Item comparison at level 7 just to show you how worthless Echo really is. Even if picked up early.

So essentially Nashor would cost you 3315 gold in the long run. Echo costs you 2625 in the long run.

You will need to have earned 4050 gold to purchase Nashor and keep tracker.

The item is only 2265 gold to buy if you sell the tracker. Compared to a 1625 Echo.

So when you earn an extra 2265-1625=640 gold without enchanting tracker. (one jungle run)

You get my most favorite item - Nashor. (Well after the Gunblade.)

You will have a stinger at that point (farming the Nashor) which gives 50% AS and 10% CDR and is roughly even in combat to Echo

Now what are the benefits of doing this?
Nashor gives you 1740 Gold worth of AP. This alone gives you more fighting stats than Echo.
But lets do the full math.
80AP+20%CDR+50%AS = 3590 Gold worth of fighting stats (and nothing is wasted.)

Meanwhile Echo is 60AP and 7% MS = 1581 gold of fighting stats and 640 gold leftover
(because it's cheaper so that gold will go towards next items)

3590 - 1581+640 = 1369 Gold in fighting stats earned from waiting for an extra 640 gold before shopping.
You literally are given 700 gold fighting power just for buying the better item and delaying shop for 2 minutes!
Always look for the bargain my friends. There is always something more profitable that the generic choice of action.

That is pure fighting stats.

Now lets compare the passives.
Nashors passive is a lot better than Echo:
Getting 50% AS on a lvl 7 akali will result in the following increase in attacks made per second.

AS base + (AS base x AS bonus(3.1% x level attribute gain + any from items) )

0.694 + { 0.694 x [ ( 7 x 0.031 ) + 0.5 ) ] } = 0.694 + [0.694 x (0.217+0.5) ] =
0.694 + (0.694 x 0.717) = 0.694 + 0.497 = 1.19 AA/Sec

So having 50% bonus AS at lvl 7 results in doing 1.19 AA/sec

Take Nashor out and it's: 0.694 + (0.694 x 0.217) = 0.694 + 0.151 = 0.845 AA/sec

In other words we do 12 AAs in 10 sec instead of 8.5 AAs. That is 3.5 AAs in 10 sec Extra from Nashor. Half the AAs for a 5 sec trade (what most duels are) and you get to do 5-6 AAs instead of 3-4 without it.

AAs with nashor do 15 base damage so if you do 5 of them in the fight you will do 5 x 15 = 75 Base damage with passive.

You are already doing 15 DMG more than the Echo base proc of 60 DMG.

Now scaling is even more brutal. At level 7 with runes/masteries and nashor you will have roughly 100AP. You will get 15% of that on all your 5 AAs. => another 75 damage. Total of 150 DMG in 5 sec.

Meanwhile Echo will get that 1 proc of 8 damage (since you will have 80AP with it)

Isn't it sad? Even if you manage to do 2 Procs of Echo in the fight it's still only 2x68=136 DMG.

Still less that the 150DMG the passive of Nashor gives on your 5 AAs.

This gap continues to increase as you buy more AP. Simply cause you start Auto attacking even faster and Nashor scales a lot better.

Now is it worth it to rush that trashy Enchant 9 minutes into the game and sacrifice your mid game powers where Akali is strongest? (lvls 11-16) All you get for it is faster jungle clear for 3 minutes before you get the gunblade and then even that is irrelevant.

After you get Gunblade and Nashor if for some reason you still have the tracker knife on you - you can get Warrior enchant. It will serve you well until the 35 minute mark but I prefer selling it and getting Nashor quicker. (Or a situational item that can help your teamfights.)

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Creeping / Jungling

Before we start on this look at the wiki entries as knowledge is power!

You wouldn't be looking at a guide if you think you know everything.
(And certainly you wouldn't have read this far. This is becoming more of a book than a guide...)
Some of you may already know this but it's always good to refresh your memory as changes are made constantly in the rift.
Wiki on EXP/Jungle/Gold

Now that we are armed with knowledge(power) we can discuss how you actually jungle as Akali.

It is best to start on your Red buff side.

Why the red side

You want to power farm pre lvl 6 as your ganks will suck balls!
Mind you that doesn't mean you should ignore bad enemy players who pushed Top/Mid/Bot to your towers in the first 3 lvls. You can burn their flashes up if you have the red and your allies in that lane has some CC.

If no dumb players are around power farm or you will be the dumb one.

Jungle Kung Fu Tactics:

How to do 1st clears effectively


From here on it's not necessary to employ major jungle kung fu tactics (you are now lvl 4) but it's always good to avoid DMG by running while waiting your CDs in the first 2 jungle clears.

However do it only once! Mindlessly running away from monsters when your CDs are down is not Jungle Kung Fu!
You pull away from the camp (in 2-3 small pulls for best results) and not a single time after reaching the max aggro range as you will have to run past the monsters while getting hit which beats the whole purpose of running and not AAing.

You stop doing this as soon as you have Hextech Revolver as kite-ing will reduce your clear speed and by revolver you have enough sustain to not loose HP to camps for not doing it.

Don't do it if it's the last camp before you recall and you are sure you can survive a full on battle as well (to save time).

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Teamwork/How to Carry from jungle/How you can't carry


Use a website like and type your name when you start games.
Check enemy runes/masteries.
If they have a lot of penetration you want resistances! If they have tons of AD and AP you want to build some HP. Also look at generally the KDA/Win rates of everyone.

If your Top/Mid/ADC laner has a very good KDA try to set them up for success. This doesn't mean you should just camp their lane. It can be more subtle like buying the Tracker's Knife on your 1st back and then warding for their lane. Or letting them clear a monster camp from your jungle when their lane is pushed(top/bot only).

Make anyone who listens to your calls (even after you make a bad one) and plays well into a buddy after a game.
If you want to main jungle Akali having a team that listens is more valuable then getting 400 gold First blood for free at lvl 1! Even just 1 person who listens can help.

So make sure to stack devoted players to a single role into your buddy list so you can form OP teams.
Anyone who puts all their time into mastering one role and only a few champions will be immensely better than a jack of all trades with the same amount of games.

I fear not the man who has practiced 10000 kicks once. I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times.
"Bruce Lee"

Don't get me wrong. People who played all roles have a better grasp of the game and can actually do better in teamfights but their mechanics and lane phases will be a lot weaker.

Having played a lot of mid lane when I first started league (Ahri was my 1st main) going Top taught me several things that are different about the lane compared to mid (and I just thought of it as the other solo lane for tanks to go to before that) and then when I started playing jungle I learned even more about how the game works.

Supporting also opens your eyes to how you can be useful even without doing damage.
Not in lower Elo as players there are bad and supporting them is useless.

I never learned what ADC is all about (besides feeding Akali kills) but that is because I don't play it a lot...
The conclusion is that:
It's good to have played all roles but you need to decide on something you enjoy the most(and are best at) so you can begin to master it.

The best thing about the new ranked is that even if you don't que with friends you will be able to play the roles you want.
This has improved the skill level of all games immensely. Everyone knows that when you get forced to play in a role that you are not good at (because you happened to que up with other players that main your better roles) you generally feed but once ranked became a teambuilder skill level in roles has been a lot more evenly matched and the lanes themselves are more balanced.
It is an age of the junglers. The subtle advantages they get on the lanes make all the difference.

My best advice to all of you who don't work full time is to drink coffee, play a lot and try hard!

Never surrender a ranked game!
Even if it starts badly.
The least you can do is get some kills/assists (sweet revenge) and fix your KDA if you are going to loose anyways.

Do this if you want to raise your Elo.

As funny as it sounds whenever I drink coffee my mechanics actually become quite good.

This thing boosts your reflexes more than you realize.

I make split second decisions/dodge skillshots with ease.

Which ends with trashing others easily.

Problem is again that I need coffee for my work shifts so I can't drink it just to play LoL xD. (Money comes 1st, Elo 2nd, Life 3rd... yep you give up Life if you want Elo.)

Useful stuff for when you get your dream teams.

Akali does not need the 1st blue buff. (Or the 2nd one)
You maybe noticed that playing safe has you skipping it on 1st clear and the only condition where you get one in 1st clear is when you take the enemy one. Simply to take away from them and not because you really need it.

If your Mid laner is good your best option is to ward for him and give him the blue early. A mana based mid laner that has good KDA on the champion will likely destroy his opponent with (accurate pokes/better waveclear) if given an early blue and some warding.

If your bot laners are good and you have some AP support that is hungry for mana give him the blue! Seriously a soraka/lulu/janna/brand/karma with blue is OP.
Marksmans like Ezr, Lucian, Kog, Corki and lots of other ADC-s also benefit from it greatly and will carry hard on those champs if given a good lane phase.

You will see the change in the lane power immediately! Bot has 2 trinkets so they can push more safely if they are stronger than enemy bot and still keep the jungler at bay.

The same does not hold true for a solo laner without great escape mechanics, long range poke or snowball potential.

Having the stronger bot lane will mean that their jungler will probably be occupied with his bot and have to go there (or let them suffer and tilt everyone) which opens you to counter jungle top side and set up plays there. This will then open your top laner to TP play on bot if they perform a jungler gank on your stronger lane. It's a perfect situation for your team if you can trust bot with the responsibility of not dying as then the dragon is opened.

If your top laner is the one who carries best based on KDA go and harras for him. Top is probably the only lane where you can meaningfully gank as Akali pre level 6.

Again ward his lane. (Don't give him blue unless he is a caster with mana and building DMG early and don't give up Red as you need it a lot.)

If he is a snowballer (like Akali/Irelia/Jax etc.) getting him 2 kills/assists with no tax will mean he will pull ahead in CS by another 10-25 and then he will be able to beat up jungler and top laner alone or at least escape ganks.

Most worth top teamates to camp for are Nasus/Maokai/Shen/Malphite from tanks and Jax/Irelia/Trundle/Voli from the fighters. The reason being that they have build in CC as well as escapes/snowball potentials and good sticking so the gank has a high chance of success and worth. (We all like success)

That blue is not essential to you before you are atleast level 11.
You simply don't have the CDR to spend your energy unless you shroud and E a lot.
Ask them if they want it. Hell if you know they are good, beg them to take it!

Akali can't carry solo from jungle once you go into plat.

On top it's possible sometimes(if you are VS easy matchup and don't get camped) It's cool to be greedy from top since you actually can take a lot more gold in the long run and splitpush (beat anyone in 1vs1 duels) with teleports but when you are a jungler your role is to help defend the lanes or help siege a tower and take jungle objectives.
Actually go in the teamfights and not solo splitpushing.

100% presence if they are for dragon/baron.

This changes your itemization to something tankier than the "Ninja split pusher with near Max DMG items and 2 sec delete of enemy laner 4sec delete of nexus towers."

Don't worry diving the backline and killing priority targets is still your job but you need to be semi frontline. So you dive/kill someone but also take at least 5 sec to die so your team can pick off some of them.

You need to be tanky enough to at least not to die to the first successful CC + poke. (oneshotted after a Lux bind)

The League meta is made in such a way that you need to buy defensive items to stay relevant if you have less gold and hope that your teamates with access to more gold have build enough DMG and are skillful enough to kill their team and avoid being oneshotted.
Your other job will be to peel/burst tanks off your Carries. (Thus we build rylai/guinso)
Ideally you will want to catch someone solo while he is roaming towards where the fight is forming up.
This will make a teamfight even easier.

Don't engage if you can't open a window for your team as well.
(So you getting caught by chain CC doesn't end in your whole team dying right after 100% of the time)

Rhymes always help people remember so lets do this:

Your job as the main attraction
turns into being the distraction
this brings ultimate destruction!

Also simply 2 chained CCs in teamfights will screw you up no matter tanky you are so you need at least 1 more fed teamate to pick up the slack for you.

I do hope AP Assassins get a bit of love as the pre season gave so many buffs to control mages and AD champions and supports while the only real buff for Akali this season was rework of gunblade when you build other passives and guinsoo.

Guide Top


A lot of the things I am meant to say in the guide are already said in my Top lane guide.
If you haven't read it yet, please do visit it.
It explains a very small bit about how armor/mr/penetration/DMG/HP/AS/Vamp/Drain and the rest work.
In other words it's valuable info even if you don't main akali.
Also has a bit info on the skills (mainly odd things that not everyone knows about Twilight Shroud and Shadow Dance

If you are wondering why I didn't simply Add a jungle build to the previous guide I will just say that I want to spare people scrolling for 3 days and 3 nights through my guide if they only want to play one role Top/Jungle (as all my sections tend to get out of hand and become walls of text).

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. (When you are explaining something - hence all my pictures here)
Following that logic a video will be 25 pictures per second so in making one I will be doing 25 thousand words with a 1 sec (damn that is a lot)
I'm guessing it will be very time efficient to pass on knowledge that way.

One can't copy mechanics of another player in LoL so you probably won't learn any of that by watching me (if you try to imitate faker you will fail badly most of the time) but most of my achievements are not based on super human reflexes.

(Psst I am a bad player. Please don't tell anyone)

My mechanics are actually not that good. I just make up for it with decent decision making and a well shaped head for headbuting my keyboard in teamfights.
The Ultimate Ninjutsu I can't pass on in a guide...