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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Super Xendlar

Alistar & Heimerdinger - A Rare Strong Bot Lane

Super Xendlar Last updated on April 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So what is this Alistar + Heim is about? What we aim for?

Hello there everyone. This duo is not an experimental thing for us. We have been using it for some time already, but it was for our fun only. In these days people begin to use Ad-buiding champions in mid, so we thought our build will be more viable than ever before. So here we are to share it with you guys, hope you like and use it.

This guide will provide you a new fun way to play League of Legends. No role is determined with strict rules, so dont be shy and open your mind to new ideas! Hope you enjoy! Please leave a comment if you like or believe you can improve our guide. It is our first attempt to write a guide, and your support is important to us.

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Logic behind this build, what do we need for a viable alistar+heim duo?

This build is about pushing and unforgiving those who dares to engage your team, or clearing your way to tear down enemy turrets.

If you have an AD Mid Laner in your team, you can use this build with your premade at bot. Heimerdinger will be the APC(Ability Power Carry)and Alistar will be The Protector. With minion waves, heim's turrets, and both of you guys Damage/Crowd Control/Disable it will be a really effective.

Any ad champion can be mid with this build. if you afraid with lack of ADC, your team can pick Miss Fortune, Ashe vs to mid. if you dont care if it is a ranged AD or not, Zed, Kha'Zix and champions like that can also go mid.

Why is it important to have an Ad Mid laner in your team? Simply think about your team fights. Your team will have heim as APC, SUPP as alistar, so you will also need attack damage based ability user in your team. If you dont have a good attack damage dealer in your team, your build will fail cause of being magic damage dealing oriented. Having an AD mid in your team will help you balance this. So this is the logic behind, its all about balancing the damage type in team fights.

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Getting serious, what we do, how we do? Laning and team fights:

Alistar+ Heimerdinger is not classic laners. You dont avoid pushing, you dont need jungler like other adc+support bots do.

You should push bot lane, save your own minions till they get collected by enemy turret. Enemy adc will surely miss some minions while tower works hard to prevent minions from moving furthermore. This is annoying for enemy bot laners. You can expect engages from them, cause hugging tower is annoying and they will request aid from their own allies. Generally, you should not be afraid of being ganged, cause Heimerdinger+ Alistar at their best when they force their enemy to engage in. Most of the times, just let them come and stand your ground. If they engage, disable them with Alistar's Q-E abilities, Heimerdinger's Blind ability and watch turrets doing their job. If battle is not going well, you have your Alistar's W to fall back.

In early game, you will not be really good at this, so in first minutes you may want to be extra carefull.

As time passes by you will get better and better. When Heimerdinger builds Zhonya's Hourglass and Alistar has his ulti for use, the tactic above told will be an absoloute death trap for those who dares to come near. You can bait enemy, or just keep pushing easyly.

When you take down the bot lane's first turret, start to help other lanes to take down other first turrets. Keeping pushing in bot wont end very good since your team-mates are still in their own lane and cant come to help you when you get gangs by enemy. Think about it, you are far from your friends and closer to your enemies. Every good team will want to finish you off as quicker as possible cause threatining second tower is a real problem. So, i reccomend you again, just go other lanes to push instead of your lanes second tower.

But what if your other team mates also get their enemies first turret down before you do in your own lane? Well that happens very rarely, but you should also consider this scenario. Let me tell you what you should be doing: stay in your lane. Yes. Just stay in your lane till that enemy tower goes down. Leaving laning phase without taking down the first tower is a bad idea.

When the laning phase ends, team fights will begin.

In Team fights, your team will become a serious threat. If everyone stays near to you, and you guys push lanes together, then it will be the biggest danger your enemy will ever see. They cant engage, and if they do, they will regret doing this if you play smart. You can always look for hunting ones that are lone while doing that by the way.

However there is a problem that can happen in any phase of the game: they can try to backdoor or quickpush. If your team mates can stop enemies backdoor or quickpush attempts, or help you to tear down turrets faster then enemy pushers-backdoorers do, it means this problem is also solved and youa re good to go.

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Items For Alistar

1---- Sight WardX2

This is how you start with Alistar The Big Buddy. 2 wards for river bush + tribush for real deal ranked games-high early gang threat, or to just 1 ward to river at first minutes and another 1 following first ward. Rejuvenation Bead + Faerie Charm is a MUST for our start, since they are base items for building Philosopher's Stone which is very important for gold gain per sec and regen for staying in lane longer.

2---- Philosopher's StoneKage's Lucky PickSight Ward

Rushing gold items is a must for our build cause Alistar+ Heimerdinger team show their real power when they reach mid game. Early game means gold rush items+ some green wards+ few purple wards for you, and yeah, if you can manage to kill or do assist while in early game, you can even buy basic boots too. "How much ward should i buy?" some of you may ask. Well, it always depends on need, number changes game to game. Sometimes you want some extra wards for dragon, sometimes you want to be prepared againts ninja gangs, and sometimes you need to buy more pink wards just in case for a evelyn or shaco gang. Number of wards is up to you, buy more if only your team needs more.

3---- Philosopher's StoneKage's Lucky Pick

This is your mid game build! After rushing your two gold items, you quickly rush for Runic Bulwark and Mercury's Treads(or Ninja Tabi. If there is 4 or 5 attack damage champions on enemy team you may find building ninja tabi more usefull).

Runic Bulwark makes you, your little buddy Heim and minions around him harder to die, and this is what exactly you need for pushing and ground-defending. Without Runic Bulwark, this build fails. Runic Bulwark is our core item for our build. I strongly reccomend for you to get this one in everygame no matter who you are dealing with.

4---- Philosopher's Stone

Things getting better every moment? Your team crushed their team? Then this is what you build with Kage's Lucky Pick Same goes for our last item, Abyssal Mask It is the best item for you if you guys are in a good situation and if the game is not finished yet. In reallity, so few games will last that long for you to build 6th item Abyssal Mask

5---- Philosopher's StoneShard of True Ice

Things are not very much bright yet? Then you will want to keep gold per sec bonus of your Kage's Lucky Pick as long as you can. Mid-Late game is your time to build your items, you dont farm creeps, you dont get kills usually, so gold per sec bonuses is all you got. Keep bonuses up for buying more items.

6---- If you want to build different then me, then i can reccomend these items for you. You want to be more effective? You can get Sheen for Trinity Force. You want to be effective but also more supportive for your team? Get Rylai's Crystal Scepter, more AP more HP and applying slow to your enemies? Good enough to buy!(:

Or maybe you need HP with last item and Abyssal Mask is not providing enough tankyness for youç You can get Randuin's Omen or Spirit Visage, depending on your need of armor or magic-ressist.

Late game and you need to buy wards still? You can't fill your 6th space because you need to buy wards? Get a Sightstone, then improve it to Ruby Sightstone

You dont need gold per sec much, and you look for beign more supportive? Your Philosopher's Stone can transform into Shurelya's Reverie that has a good active for use. The movespeed bonus, if you use it wisely, will be really usefull for a lot of situations(For chasing, for falling back, or simply for you to get near to the enemy champions faster).

Banner of Command is also good item. If you want to push harder then before, this is what you need.

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Items For Heimy


For being more sustainable, for higher HP to survive fights, for Mana Regen passive and for higher turret damage, this is the perfect start item for Alistar+ Heimerdinger bot.


You should be able to buy those at your first return. Seeker's Armguard is perfect for its armor againts enemy ADC, perfect for its ability power for stronger hits. Boots of Speed are always nice, but you dont really need to rush upgrade on it. A small amount of mobility increase will be enough. Remember: We dont need to flee or chase much.


This what you get when you return again. If you have more gold, you can build Sorcerer's Shoes, and if you have still more you can also pick some HP and Mana Potions, depending of your choice.


When you get your Zhonya's Hourglass, you will be twice effective thanks to its great passive.

5---- Rylia's Crystal Scepter

If game is not finished by now, then you build those.

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Some Scores

We already won some serious amounts of ranked games including high elo ones.

photos upload

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Future Plans and Updates

With help of LoLReplay, we will provide some videos about detailed tactics you can use. We will also apply some visiual upgrades such as coding, texting and in-game-images. Date for the first major update is May 3. Stay in tune if you like and want to see more!


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