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Amumu Build Guide by LeonardDaQuirm

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LeonardDaQuirm

Amumu: How to win friends and influence teamfights (S3)

LeonardDaQuirm Last updated on July 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is a different take on the usual Amumu jungler builds you will find. I'm sure many will miss the Sunfire Cape and WTFBBQ? about my utility tree masteries. But please continue to read and then criticize as I have given reasons for my choices in later chapters.

There are three areas that Amumu builds will have to find a compromise on:

  • Damage
  • Tankiness
  • Crowd Control (CC)

You cannot maximize all three so you will have to set priorities on what side of Amumu you want to strengthen. This build focuses on CC first and a sensible balance between damage and tankiness.

To strenthen Amumus crowd control side, I focus on getting Cooldown Reduction (CDR) and items with CC. That way, Amumu will contribute even more to teamfights than he already does by being able to control the flow of a teamfight by strategically moving around and disabling enemy champions.

I dont think it is wise to neglect damage on Amumu altogether as you want the enemy team to actually have to focus you. This is why this build is for an AP Offtank Amumu. If the enemy team lets you survive for too long, you deal lots of damage, if they focus you, you can take a beating or two, protecting your teams' squishy carries that way. If you want even more damage, I also included a Glass Cannon build, but I dont recommend it.

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Pros / Cons

+ quite tanky
+ great ganking after lvl 6
+ deals lots and lots of damage
+ can burst down an ad carry heavily if you get that bandage toss on him
+ Nice CC with Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy
+ initiation and game changing ultimate

- very squishy early game
- blue buff dependent
- counterjungled easily
- should not force ganking early - you need to farm XP in your jungle
- only so-so ganks pre-6
- Bandage Toss needs practice as it has a small delay and is a rather slow skill shot

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Mark of Armor

Rune choices are straigth forward. For Marks, you get Greater Mark of Armor. The rune page should from level 1 to 6 get you as safe as possible. Getting these marks will balance out most of the tankiness loss that comes from taking the utility masteries instead of the defense masteries. Alternatively, get Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for greater damage output later on. These won't help you in the jungle though.

As Seals, you ought to take Greater Seal of Armor for your early jungling. You cannot jungle without them.

For Glyphs, I like to get Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. These will add a lot of magic resistance when it actually matters - after your initial jungle run. Until then, you would only need armor or to run away from an invading jungler. If you are very scared, you can take Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for flat magic resistance. The scaling runes are better from level 9 on. You can also mix them to your liking.

For Quintessences, I like to get Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed. Together with your masteries, you now have an additional 10% movement speed (8% when in combat). This will help early on as you clear faster and you can run away from Counter-Jungling enemies better. They also help you in ganks and teamfights to stay close to your enemies so you can apply Despair, Tantrum and Cursed Touch. Alternatively, you can get Greater Quintessence of Armor or Greater Quintessence of Health to strengthen your weak early game.

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I like the new season 3 utility tree a lot more than the new season 3 defense tree as you cannot get CDR from the defense tree anymore. The utility tree now offers 4 things that I very much like when playing Amumu:

Spoiler: Click to view

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Startup Items

With this builds' masteries, you gain 2 free items, a Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation and an Explorer's Ward.

Do not underestimate this item as it is basically a half red potion plus some free mana. It might let you farm that extra wolves camp for money and xp early on or let you survive a clash with the enemy jungler with those 13 HP left that sends the enemy into fits of rage.

This is an awesome item because it does not cost you valuable starting money. You need all the health pots you can get for your first jungle run so you can't really spare any money to actually buy wards. This lets you have one for scouting for Counter-Jungling. I've put possible uses in the jungling section.

The startup item for the jungler. Lets you actually deal sufficient damage early on to be able to clear camps efficiently. Even more important now that they've changed the jungle (again) so that the main monster is so much more tougher. You need those basic attacks to take them down, the small ones usually die a lot faster to your Despair and Tantrum.

You need these to jungle properly. Use them whenever you fall too far in health. DO NOT BE CHEAP. Nothing is worse than running through your jungle with 2 health bars left and meeting the enemy jungler. Usually you wont even be able to escape fast enough with that little health left.

First Recall

This is your new Philosopher's Stone, upgrade your Machete to this as quick as possible. It lets you farm your jungle for so much longer without blue buff.

You want to start ganking and to gank you need to stay in Cursed Touch with the enemy. To do so, you need to be faster than them. The close you can get to Bandage Toss, the easier it is to hit and the faster you are, the easier it is to apply Despair to the enemy all the time and be in range to spam Tantrum. Upgrading these to Mercury's Treads is the first priority for your next recall.

This is a nice item on the way to Mercury's Treads and helps you with ganking mid or an AP top by reducing incoming damage. Buy if you have sufficient money.

These are nice to regain health while not having any good healing option yet. Use the rest of your money on these. Use them whenever necessary.

Early to Mid Game

Get these ASAP. More movement speed and tenacity help you stay in Cursed Touch, magic resistance makes you more durable until other items and your rune page provide for more of it.

Here's where the magic begins. This grants you A LOT of sustain while jungling, much needed CDR AND amplified damage. Your ganks now have become so much more fearsome and the item is really cheap, costing only 1.3k gold to upgrade from your Spirit Stone.

Almost any guide you will read will either ignore or condemn Spell Vamp on Amumu. Here's my explanation why I think Spell Vamp is underrated on Amumu:
Spoiler: Click to view

If you have money left, buy one of these. You might run out of mana on a longer run and this might give you that mana to do that life-saving bandage toss or deal the killing blow on a gank. It's just 35gp ;-)

Mid-late Game Items

This item is extremely cheap for the stats you gain. You gain some armor, mana and CDR, exactly what you need at this point in the game. You do not have to upgrade this til later, other items are more important to buy first.

This item is awesome for Amumu as it gives all 3 things he needs: damage, cc and tankiness. Your tears are now permanently slowing any enemy close to you. The health you gain from this item will really help you out surviving longer fights and the AP will amplify your damage A LOT.

Only get this item when nobody in your team has it, or the aura effect will be wasted. This adds lots and lots of damage and survivability to you. With the reduced aura ranges of offensive auras, you will be more perfectly suited for this item than for most AP carries as you will usually be in the middle of the enemy team so you apply the aura debuff to most or all of the enemies. Together with your Greater Mark of Magic Penetration and your Cursed Touch, you will be able to ignore most magic resistance enemy players will usually have in mid game. Remember that magic penetration can reduce the enemies' magic resistance below 0 so you cannot have too much of it ;-)


There is a surge for more AD mids right now, so if you are the only AP champ on your team or someone else on your team got Abyssal Mask, you should get Twin Shadows instead. It gives similar stats except for the aura, even more CC, a very nice movement speed bonus and is a good deal cheaper.

Build this item out of your Glacial Shroud. Great counter to AA-based champions. Adds some more CDR and more armor and reduces the enemies' attack speed. Attack speed has been made a lot more expensive in Season 3 so this aura debuff will hurt a lot. The added CDR will put you at 36% CDR, so basically maxed out. You dont really need the additional mana at this point in the game though, but you wont have to worry much that spamming your skills and that running Despair might deplete your mana.

Item choices

In most games, you probably won't be able to finish your build, so these items aren't actually as important. These items heavily depend on your team composition and the enemies' team composition.

If you want more tankiness in general

A very nice item which gives you everything in terms of survivability and actually helps your team a lot too. Many supports will want to buy this item so watch what they're building and ask them. Try to avoid having two of those on your team as the aura will only apply once to your team mates. Communication is often more important than raw skill! You might want to get it anyways when the enemy team deals extremely much magic damage. The aura can be applied to twice to you, one from your team mate and one from you and this item adds 60 magic resist, more than any other item in the game anyways, as well as some nice health and armor too. Your team mate with the [[Runic Bulwark] will also receive the double aura buff.

Add almost 1k health to your hp bar. Second best choice of the general defense items.

If the enemy team has a lot (or fed) auto-attacks based champions

Yes, build it and punish them! You deal lots of sustained damage so they HAVE to attack you. This item wil punish them hard. If they try to ignore you, they get melted away by your damage and if they focus you, you punish them directly and take damage away from other team members. DO NOT build this if the enemy team only has that 1 not too fed AD carry as it will not be efficient. You want the enemy AD carry to attack you and not your team members.

If the enemy team has a lot of magic damage

This will negate A LOT of the enemies' damage as well as add health too. Awesome item if the enemy team has like 3 AP champions.

You will waste 6% CDR with this item, but add health and a good chunk of magic resistance. Also amplifies your Spell Vamp.

This item is really nice. It adds a good chunk of magic resistance and ability power, movement speed and an awesome CC active that is awesome for chase-initiations: two or three of the enemies have overextended a little, you pop the active and can get close enough to Bandage Toss in to get a kill or two. You might want to get this instead of the Abyssal Mask.

If your team needs more damage

Awesome item for Amumu as you will apply the magic damage DoT constantly. Esspecially awesome in combination with your Rylai's Crystal Scepter as the slow will double the damage from the DoT. You scale well with AP and you gain magic penetration and some health too. Best damage item to get for damage. It is esspecially good to build when the enemy team has a lot of magic resist. In a normal game, this is my final item.

This item will give you more damage. A LOT. More damage means more Spell Vamp so you indirectly gain some survivability too. I would not buy this in most games as it is very expensive and there are other, better choices as you do not actually stack that much ability power to abuse its passive.

A very fun AP item that adds a nice chunk of armor as well. The active part can cause a lot of confusion on the enemy team and your Despair keeps running while you are invulnerable. Definately an option to consider if your team severely lacks magic damage.

This item gives you some good stats, but it is quite expensive for what it gives you. 6% of the CDR is wasted , the mana regeneration from this item isn't all that important and a bit of an overkill. 60 AP isn't doing that much, 40 magic resist is nice but not huge. I wouldnt buy this one, except when you really want to stack magic resist. Situational or when you're afraid you run out of mana in team fights. You could use this item instead of the Abyssal Mask if another team member already picked up that item.

I had this item in my standard build first but had to realize (thx to the comments) that it wont work as well as I thought it did. This item is still awesome though. Upgrading to the Iceborn Gauntlet will let you follow your enemies, whereever they may go. The slowing field overrides the slow from Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Many people fail to notice that Amumu actually scales pretty well in damage per level (he has the 4th highest attack damage/lvl in the game), and you want to use your basic attacks anyways to apply Cursed Touch. Get this item instead of Frozen Heart can spare the tankiness for more damage and a double slow.

This potion nets you some AP and 10% CDR for 3 minutes for only 250 gold. Buy it to cap your CDR and add some damage to your spells, but be careful: If you tend to die a lot and you're behind on gold, don't buy this item as you might waste 250 gold every few minutes. Better save the money for the other items.

If your team needs more map awareness

This item lets you place 3 free wards around the map. It also adds some nice health. This way, when your team needs more map awareness or your team in general does not ward sufficiently (for example when your team has no real support because you are running a kill lane on bot), you will have used the item spot well. Get it the Sightstone after your Glacial Shroud and upgrade it later.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Cursed Touch (Passive)

Do not underestimate this ability. It decreases the enemies magic resistance by 15/20/25. It will amplify your damage quite nicely on those enemies you attack AND amplify any magic damage they receive from your team mates. This usually means byebye for their ad carry if you can get a hold () on him.

Bandage Toss (Q)

This is your initiation skill. Learn to use it by heart. It takes a lot of experience to aim well and some luck too. I'd use smart cast as it is a lot faster to aim. It pulls you towards and enemy and stuns them for 1 second, as well as dealing a significant amount of damage to the enemy.
  • It is a lot easier to hit an enemy if they run directly towards or away from you so you might want to get behind or in front of them to have a better chance to hit.
  • Bandage Toss can hit minions and monsters so dont try to hit an enemy champion behind minions. You might use it anyways if your main goal is to close the gap to the enemy, not to actually stun them. This can be the case when you are initiating a team fight and want to catch the whole enemy team in your ultimate Curse of the Sad Mummy.
  • You can use Bandage Toss to jump over walls. Use this while farming your jungle and when you want to initiate a team fight or want to gank.

Despair (W)

You start with this item as it will deal more damage over time to the blue buff golem than Tantrum would. It will also deal nice damage to tanks because of the %health scaling. Don't underestimate the amount of damage this will deal over a prolongued fight. Leave it at level 1 until Tantrum is maxed. Then alternate leveling it with Bandage Toss.

Tantrum (E)

Your main farming skill. This will reduce incoming attack damage by a flat amount, as well as deal significant damage to enemies nearby. Very spammable on higher levels and with CDR as it gets a 0.5s reduction for every basic attack on you. When you (safely) farm a minion wave in a lane, run ahead of your own minion wave to get full minion attention. "Collect" the melee minions so they run after you towards the caster minions so you can damage them all at the same time. Then just spam it every second to kill the wave very quickly while preserving mana.

Curse of the Sad Mummy (R)

Your signature skill and your main ganking tool together with Bandage Toss. Huge snare that stops any enemy movement and auto-attacks, while they can still cast spells and use their skills (if they dont involve movement) for 2 seconds. It will also deal some nice damage on higher levels so it is part of your burst to take down a squishy enemy when you are initiating. Use this skill together with other champions ultimates like Miss Fortune's Bullet Time or Annie's Summon: Tibbers to quickly melt entire teams as your ultimate prevents their escape.

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This is straight forward. You need Smite to be able to jungle in the beginning and you SHOULD get Flash for teamfights, escaping Counter-Junglers early on or securing a kill on a gank.

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Buy your starting items as fast as possible and head to the river side bush on your blue buff side in mid to scout for a possible invasion. Don't do this if the enemy team has a Blitzcrank who might grab you and get you killed. Only do this if you're quick at the start or you could run into the enemy team sitting there. RUN IF YOU SEE THEM COMING. RUN AMUMU, RUN! Switch to blueless/counter-invasion jungling.
PS: Don't pick your first skill too early, Tantrum is a lot better to clear the smaller camps with, so if you get invaded hard, it might be the better starting option.

Depending on your enemies, you need to secure help from your allies to secure your jungle. Ask your allies nicely to come help you when you spot an enemy in your jungle. In return, warn them when you spot an enemy going for a gank somewhere.

Jungle Route

Step 1:

Blue Buff Golems - Have atleast your mid damage the Ancient Golem and focus all your attacks on him. Smite the Ancient Golem to get the blue buff and then clear the young Lizards. You should get a level up after this step. Use health potions when necessary.

Step 2:

Wolves camp - Focus the big one, toggle Despair and spam Tantrum.

Step 3a:

Wraiths camp - Toggle Despair and spam Tantrum while attacking the Bigger Wraith.

Step 3b:

OPTIONAL Ward the wraith entrance with your Explorer's Ward if you expect the enemy jungler trying to steal your red buff or set up a trap.

Step 4:

Red Buff Lizards - Focus the Big Lizard, toggle on Despair and spam Tantrum. Use Smite to get the red buff.

Step 5:

Wolves Camp is easier than the golem camp at this point.

Step 6:

Wraiths camp. You should get level 4 around now.

Step 7:

Bandage toss into the Big Golem Camp and clear it with smite.

This of course is the ideal route. You might get invaded or counterjungled. depending on your health, recall now to finish your spirit stone or continue with wolves -> wraiths -> golems. While I wouldn't recommend a real gank before your first recall, you might have to help defending a turret when a team mate is forced to recall. Take the chance to get a nice experience boost, but don't be greedy with the farming. Esspecially on mid, you might get killed under your turret when you try to farm too aggressively in front of the turret. Better sit close to it and gather the XP. Remember: Level 6 is your primary goal, not getting lots of money.

Blue-less jungling

If you loose the blue buff to an invasion, you can either counter-invade their blue buff (get help from mid and the corresponding lane) or proceed without blue buff and take your red buff to reach level 2. You need both Despair and Tantrum to clear efficiently so you need one of the two buffs simply for the experience they yield to gain a level. With only Despair even the Wraiths Camp will melt your health a lot (and take ages). Don't be afraid to use your smite til 6:00 into the game on the Big Golem camp (you should save smite after 6:00 for the blue buff respawn). You might also want to farm some XP from lanes by sitting close by if you are far behind.

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You are playing Amumu and you are very squishy early on. Intelligent enemies will know that and they will try to steal your money and experience in your jungle or even kill you there. There are several things that you can do to help against that:

  • clear quickly when camps respawn
  • warding entrances to your jungle
  • having team mates to help with fighting intruders
  • know where you can use Bandage Toss to jump over walls

Do not try to fight 1 on 1, even when you seem to have a health advantage. Almost every enemy jungler will be able to kill you until you are past level 6. Spam your skills until your blue buff runs out to clear fast. Use Bandage Toss to navigate your jungle quicker and to escape. Concentrate on farming, not ganking. Most of the time you will waste your time when trying ganks before level 6 and you don't want any more risk on your early game than absolutely necessary. Ganks are OK when you see a perfect opportunity (as in enemy laner pushes recklessly) or a lane totally looses and needs relieve urgently. You can also end your jungle run with a "failed" gank, trying to burn Flash on the enemy laner. This will make future ganks on this lane easier.

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You are playing the jungler so your job is to execute successful ganks to help your team mates win their lanes and get kills (and thus gold). I wouldn't advise early ganks as you are very squishy and your ganking potential is very, very mediocre. I don't want to say that it is impossible to do successful ganks before level 6, it is just harder and it will cost you valueable farming time if you are unsuccessful.
In general, ganking creates a 2vs1 or 3vs2 situation in your favor and is usually done to kill the enemy laners. It might also be done to create pressure on a lane or relieve pressure from a lane, for example to kill an enemy tower or to save yours.

Ganking preparation

When you want to gank, gather information:
  • Is one of them pushing towards your towers? If so, that might yield a kill or two as they will have a longer time to run back to their towers.
  • Try to make note on where the enemy jungler is or might be so you can either avoid ganking the lane where he is or actually go there if you feel confident that you can win the fight. Ask your laners if they saw the enemy ward certain places so you are not seen until the last possible moment.
  • Is any enemy laner missing? You dont want a gank to be turned around on you.
  • Do you have sufficient health and mana? Dont gank when you run out of mana after 1 Bandage Toss or when you can be easily killed because you have little health left.
  • Decide beforehand if you can risk a tower dive. Don't tower dive when you have no idea where the enemy jungler is or when an enemy lane champion is missing. Try to estimate how many health bars each shot of the tower takes from you so you know how long you can dive until you are killed. If possible, communicate with the lane so they know that you might tower dive so they dive with you to get the kill.

Executing a gank

There are three ways on how to gank with Amumu (with ulti).
  • You can iniate with your Bandage Toss, which can be risky as you might miss the skill shot.
  • You can wait with using that skill until you are certain you can hit it, for example if your team mate has a reliable stun they can use so you can follow up with your Bandage Toss to extend the stun. Use your ultimate Curse of the Sad Mummy if necessary (dont waste it to steal a kill that is sure already!) to prevent the enemy from getting away.
  • The third way is to actually initiate with your ultimate Curse of the Sad Mummy if you are able to get into range and then use your Bandage Toss to safely hit the enemy. Try to time it so that you have the maximum time they cannot move as this will give you the maximum time to deal damage and kill the enemy champion until they reach their tower.

In any case, toggle on Despair and spam Tantrum whenever you are in range of the enemy to deal as much damage as possible. You might want to use Flash to jump into range of an enemy champion if you see the need for it (for example to use Tantrum to deal the finishing blow). Don't waste your Flash like you dont want to waste your ultimate Curse of the Sad Mummy

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Amumu is the teamfight king. There is no other champion in the game that can match his initiation potential and teamfight control. Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy are your main teamfighting skills. You have to know how and when to use those skills. Your Despair should be toggled on and Tantrum spammed for damage output and CC, so these two arent that complicated.


  • Initiate with Bandage Toss – Your usual initiation of choice, you jump into the middle of the enemy team with your Bandage Toss and pop your ultimate.
  • Initiate by using Flash first to get closer and then Bandage Toss into the enemy team. Then pop your ultimate. → DOUBLE-DASH
  • Initiate by using Bandage Toss to jump into the enemy team and then use Flash to reposition yourself to catch as many enemies with your ultimate as possible.
  • You might want to save up Bandage Toss to disrupt an enemy ultimate if no one on your team could do so. Use Flash and keep Bandage Toss ready.

How and when to use Curse of the Sad Mummy

  • Ideally you want to catch the enemy team packed as tightly as possible so that your team can deal massive AoE damage to all at once.
  • Catch the AD Carry in your ultimate! It will prevent them from doing autoattacks, usually the main source of damage for AD carries. That means that their main defense – Life Steal – cannot be used, which leaves them helpless and extremely vulnerable.
  • Sometimes, you might want to use it to split up the enemy team so your team can create a 5vs2 or 5vs3 situation in your favor.

Teamfight Control with Bandage Toss

With Bandage Toss on such a low cooldown, if a team fight lasts longer than a few seconds, you can use it strategically to navigate on the battlefield. You can use it to
  • save a dieing team mate by stunning the attacking enemy.
  • disable/kill a squishy.
  • disrupt an enemy ultimate like Katarina's Death Lotus or Warwick's Infinite Duress.
  • keep yourself close to as many enemies as possible to maximise your AoE damage.
  • follow fleeing enemies.
  • escape if the fight is lost or you run very low in health.