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Amumu Build Guide by Metabreakerperson

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Metabreakerperson

Amumu -The Happy Mage Mummy and his tears of joy(re-update c

Metabreakerperson Last updated on August 9, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Full AP Amumu top is a very uncommon meta used, and Amumu is known to be tanky jungler rather than an AP mage champion playing in top lane. It seems like a troll pick, and trust me it isn't, but late game Amumu is a force of destruction that cannot be stopped. All of Amumu's spells scales with AP,does a ton of damage,extreme sustain if spellvamp is built and has burst and has a great way to initiate in teamfights, but you'll have to sacrifice the tankiness in order to play as a full AP mage . The mechanics of AP Amumu might seem unusual to most Amumu players, but read through the guide to find what your looking for, I hope you look forward to reading this guide and enjoyed reading, if not please comment in the discussion section of the guide to help me improve this guide on my way of utilizing full AP Amumu in top.This will be re-updated soon. Thank you. 8)

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Pros / Cons

.Full AP Amumu is able to do a massive amount of damage since all his abilities scale with AP, he does the most damage and happens to be most effective during the phases of late game when you have your full AP build.
.AP Amumu provides CC ,which comes in handy for kills and escape situations,along with a heavy damage output from his ultimate ability Curse of the Sad Mummy that scales 0.8 of total AP, and his Bandage Toss that does a maximum damage of 0.7 of your total AP.
.Amumu's W Despair takes away health in percentage per second ,so it does a lot of damage aswell,keep in mind if you wanna try this build, your combo should be Bandage Toss with Despair activated, then Curse of the Sad Mummy, followed up with a Tantrum or 2,and if you're doing that ability combo with very low health,forget tantrum and just activate Zhonya's Hourglass, because Despair will only take away their hp for the duration they are trapped in the snare effect from Curse of the Sad Mummy and Amumu will sustain from the damage done to receive health after doing that full ability combination.
.Amumu can take on just about every other AP mage 1v1 late game (exept for Mordekaiser Hue Hue Hue) and burst them down with his full combo,this includes a possibility of mid lane foes such as Akali, Katarina, Malzahar, Heimerdinger and sometimes even Kassadin if he snared before he can Riftwalk out of that situation.
. Amumu's passive Cursed Touch reduces magic resist, the debuff increases and refreshes with each basic attack so it becomes easier to penetrate through their magic resist.
. Amumu's abilities go great with spellvamp items such as Will of the Ancients,which provides so much sustain it helps in lane and in low health situations, at some phases in the game when you play as AP Amumu ,you have around 40 percent hp of your maximum health,you can just use Bandage Toss with your Despair activated and follow up with your e which is your Tantrum ability to get back to 90 percent health or even max health,if you're utilized with enough AP.

.Very difficult to maintain farm early game, which can create a problem earning gold for items and experience to level up.
.Full Ap Amumu is very squishy without his usual tank build
.This meta should be used best if your team has another pure tank/initial tank.
.Too reliant on mana, and early mana costs are too high.
.Bad at farming,unless mana problems are briefly covered.
.Full AP Amumu top requires a sufficient amount of ganks (often around 3-4 ganks) in order to survive until AP Amumu reaches level 8, where he becomes more flexible to fight isolated against the opposing top laner.
.Full AP Amumu requires a source of little tankiness which can come from items such as Liandry's Torment and Rylai's Crystal Scepter where both useful items provide tankiness, AP and extra effects (slows/extra damage taken by maximum health per second), but Amumu does need tankiness for survival.

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Counters and Match-ups

Here are all the counters and matchups you are likely to see at top lane:

-Fair Matchup- Aatrox is a hard champion to lane against,with the sustain he has from Blood Thirst and his passive Blood Well is just a huge pain in the *** late game, not to mention his Dark Flight,which can be used to attack and escape. Amumu vs Aatrox late game Amumu is most likely to win Aatrox with and without his passive,and evenif Aatrox stacks up on MR and damage items such as the Maw of Malmortius or Mercury's Treads ,Amumu will still have the upper hand and win this duel against the opposing Aatrox.

-Fair Matchup- Akali top isn't usually seen,but this is one of the rare times Akali is the greater laning champion early game. Late game has a lot of burst which is definitely OP if built with more spellvamp from items stacked with her passive Twin Disciplines ,but as the game progresses Amumu becomes harder to kill and he will have sustain too if spellvamp is built with this meta. So with full combos,Amumu does more damage is likely to kill Akali with full build late game, despite Akali's insane burst damage, Amumu's CC effects and extreme skill damage will be too much to endure for Akali and full AP mage Amumu will win this battle, and that is if bandage tossed isn't juked, then that means Amumu would either have to wait for it to finish CD or die still trying to duel Akali without a stun that can prevent her from attacking him and bursting him dead.

-Counter- Cho'Gath is a hard matchup mostly because he just has to last hit minions for sustain,his abilities provide a lot of CC that can be can be used to help in teamfights, attempt an escape, or to save a teammate/yourself from death.The CC provided is the knock up given from Rupture and the silence from Feral Scream, but late game he doesn't do damage including Cho'Gath's ultimate Feast which gives 150 hp per stack and 6 stacks being the maximum,but Cho'Gath can do a lot of damage he is building AP Cho'Gath,and even with full AP Cho'Gath , Amumu can still kick his *** late game because of the burst and spell damage and constant sustain from spellvamp.If full AP Cho'Gath activates his full combo, he can get Amumu very low,but the sustain+spell damage+spell vamp with the activation of Zhonya's Hourglass will be enough to keep him alive and full tank Cho'Gath can easily be stopped because despair takes health in percent over seconds, Amumu's ult Curse of the Sad Mummy will snare the enemy Cho'Gath and slowly kill him as his hp is taken away in loads.

-Hard Counter- Just about all AD melee fighters/tanks counter full AP Amumu, Darius counters Amumu because of his bleed passive,his high damage, and his ult Noxian Guillotine is pretty OP. Tank Amumu can beat this Darius but full AP Amumu is just too squishy throughout the game to handle this.

-Counter - Dr. Mundo is pretty OP in lane, Dr. Mundo's Masochism a damage steroid based on how much hp hes missing, Dr. Mundo's Infected Cleaver is a low CD poke which takes a percentage based on remaining hp including it's own base damage,All of Dr. Mundo's abilities take a lot of hp but his passive Adrenaline Rush makes up for it giving very high health regen. Late game, Amumu can get Dr. Mundo to low health with his full combo,but Dr. Mundo will use Sadism to get back to like full hp and you'll just have to spam your Tantrum and stay as close as possible to Dr. Mundo in order to kill him.

-Easy Match-up- Fiora is a champion that has like 2 gap closing abilities which are Lunge and her ult Blade Waltz,but gap closers are just an easy way for Amumu to pick up the kill. I would start a Rylai's Crystal Scepter on Amumu to prevent or make it harder for Fiora to escape,and the slowing effect pretty much makes Burst of Speed a useless ability.Early Fiora has much better farming tactics in lane but Amumu has better kill potential throughout the entire game.

]-Fair Matchup- There isn't really much to say about this possible top lane duel,but Gangplank can beat full AP Amumu early because Parrrley prevents Amumu from getting any closer to Gangplank and if Amumu uses his stun+snare combo, Gangplank can use his Remove Scurvy ability to remove those cc effects from Amumu,he will also get healed from the devastating damage,but Amumu's activated Despair will be enough to kill the opposing Gangplank. Purchasing a Rylai's Crystal Scepter would go great against Gangplank's Raise Morale ,his Remove Scurvy, the slowing effect from his passive Grog Soaked Blade and Zhonya's Hourglass would prevent most of the damage from Gangplank's ult Cannon Barrage. Overall GP is an easy match-up for full AP Amumu in toplane.

-Easy Matchup- This may be surprising to some players, but yes its true, full AP Amumu counters Garen built in way,his Despair and Zhonya's Hourglass combo can deal easily with tank Garen and for full AD Garen can be dealt with easily by Amumu's full spell combo. Garen has a silence CC effect from Decisive Strike, but he will still lose if the Amumu has enough common sense to activate Despair before Garen's ability takes effect. Perseverance is good for lane survival and Courage just helps Garen survive in general,but it wouldn't be good enough to stop Amumu from getting this kill.

-Easy Matchup- Irelia is an easy match-up for Amumu in general,because Amumu can do a lot more late game dmg,threaten her in lane with his cc(unless the Irelia knows how to juke from skills) and use his constant spell vamp for sustain and to last longer than Irelia in lane.

-Fair Match-up- Jax is a melee hybrid champion that can do tons of damage,and his ultimate Grandmaster's Might makes him endure more pain so its harder to kill him. Jax can be built in different ways,and full AP Amumu beats just about all off the combonations,except for maybe full tank Jax stacking up on magic resist with a little AP to scale with Leap Strike, Empower, Counter Strike and his ult. Early in that game, Jax would probably get first blood in the first minutes of the laning phase if Jax extremely thirsty for first blood and/or gets a gank in that time, but until first back Amumu has the upper hand in this duel.

-Counter- Jayce counters full AP Amumu for a few reasons. Jayce vs Amumu during laning phase Jayce is most likely to win since Jayce can turn into a ranged champion with Mercury Cannon and back to a melee top laner with his Mercury Hammer which makes it harder for Amumu to farm with all the shifting, and his Acceleration Gateand Shock Blast combo can a ton of damage, but starting to build spellvamp items for sustain would be helpful in that situation.Full AP Amumu can't really duel with Jayce until late game,when Amumu has full build and can use his abilities for CC and easily burst down the enemy Jayce within a matter of seconds.

-Counter-When it comes to Amumu vs. Kennen, Kennen is most likely to win in most phases of the game because of Kennen's high range from Thundering Shuriken with his AA's do well for farming Kennen has a high damage output,an escape mechanism that can do damage and Slicing Maelstrom is an AoE type of ult that adds stacks to his passive Mark of the Storm for an incoming stun. Amumu can easily beat Kennen late game, and kill him before Kennen gets to activate Zhonya's Hourglass or Lightning Rush to escape, because Amumu's burst is too high to handle, Kennen can't activate Zhonya's Hourglass to block the damage becuase he would be stunned from Bandage Tossand his Lightning Rush won't be an effective escape unless Flash is also acquired to make an escape from Curse of the Sad Mummy which is followed with an activated Despair and Tantrum. While laning against counters and hard counters such as Kennen its best to start with items that can give durable sustaining and/or fixes mana problems like the Will of the Ancients. Once again, Kennen is a counter to full AP Amumu most of the game because Amumu can't really do anything unless Amumu gets first blood, or if it goes the way expect Amumu can't do anything to Kennen until the final phase of mid game where the huge damage output from full AP Amumu starts to show.